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cM^.CiiJ2.Q.a..iM.. 1907 


,.<..^%^, Copy 






flDattbews' Hmcrican Hrmoune 


Blue Book. 


LONDON, Eng : 

Printed for the Editor by Chas. Mitchell, 

4, West Harding Street, 

Fetter Lane, 






^.. .y...y ..y...y...^...y y,,.-y...~y ^,...y f ■'> ^ " X, 


Sole agents, U.S.A. iwYVYYtrTiy i » 

The GORHAM company, New York and London. 


Edited and Published by JOHM •.MT'^MEWS, g.^dvn: 94,.ei>artccry Lane, London, England. 

••• *•• 


"There is a moral and philosophical respect for our 
ancestors which elevates the character and improves 

OF THOSE WHO COME AFTER IP," — Daniel Wi'bstrr. 



''^^be Hmecican armoury anC) Blue 1EfOo\{ 

^1 is now so well established as a time-honoured Record 

of Armigerous Families in the United States of America 
that this New Edition needs no apologia pro vita sua, 
nor any statement either of its well-known attributes and aims, 
or of the means adopted by the Editor to render it a faithful 
exponent of American Ancestry and Heraldry, points which have 
all been dealt with at length in the Prefaces to earlier Editions. 

In certain features, however, the New Edition may claim a 
higher place than those which have preceded it, as the Editor has 
given greater detail of lineage, and has added " Armorial Addenda," 
making the work historically comprehensive by grouping at the 
end of the Volume such Arms, not being in the body of the 
work, as are now used in America by descendants of those 
Armigeri to whose names, arranged in lexicographical order, the 
Arms are severally attached. 

The Supplementary List will be of interest to a wider section 
of the American people than the other part of the work, and 
it is hoped that its inclusion in the Armoury will prompt many 
to supply the Editor with the necessary details of their lineage to 
enable him to locate them in the body of the Work. 

The detailed lineage from the earliest known ancestor, now 
for the first time made a general feature, serves a double 
purpose, for it not only establishes the claim that has always 
been made for the Work that it is a trustworthy Record, but will 
doubtless often enable an enquirer seeking to elaborate his pedigree, 
whether on the one side of the Atlantic or the other, to recognize 
some ancestor among the various lineages, and so get into com- 
munication with a collateral member of his family in a position 
to afford him valuable information as to his own descent. 



93 & 94, Chaxcery Laxe, 

londox, w.c, exglaxd, 

J a /I It dry, njoj. 



ABBEY, see Freeman ... 


ADAMS, Henry 



AGNEW, Hon. Park ... 





AKERLY, Robert 



ALDEN, John 



ALOIS, Owen F 


ALBRO, Rev. Addis ... 


AIXER ION, Isaac ... 



ALLING, Roger 



ALMEY, Willey H. ... 


AI.SOPP, Joseph 



AMBLER, Richard ... 



AMES, Major Azel, M.D. 


AMORY, Charles W. ... 


AM ORY, Jonathan ... 



AN ABLE, Eliphalet N. 












APPLETON, Samuel ... 



APTHORP, Charles ... 



ARNOLD, see Phillips . 


ASH HURST, Richard 



ATHERTON, Humphrey 





ATLEE, see Corlies ... 


ATWILL, James W. ... 



AUSTIN, Col. Eugene K. 


AUSTIN, Richard 



AVERY, Frank M. ... 


BACKUS, Rev. Clarence W. ... 





B,\GLEY, see Bigelow 


BAINBRIDGE, Christoph 




BAKER, Rev. William O. 


BALCH, Thomas W. ... 


BALDWIN, Edward .. 





BALDWIN, Orville D. 


BALDWIN, Townscnd B. 


BANGS, Edward 



BANKS, James 






BARCLAY, Sackett M. 

« • • • . . 





BARNES, Stephen 






















BARRY, Llewellvn ... . 
BART LETT, Robert ... 
BARTLETT, Richard ... 

BARTON, Edward R 

BARTON, Dr. John ... 

BASCOM, George J 

BATT, William & Thomas 

BAYARD, Peter 

BEALL, Col. Ninian ... 
BEARE, see Mickel - Salton- 


BECKWITH, Mrs. Leonard F. 
BEEKMAN, Lt. Wilhelmus 


BEELEN, De, see Gazzam 

BELCHER, Andrew ... Add. 


BELLINGHAM, Gov. Richard 

BELLOWS, Rev. Johnson M. ... 

BEN HAM, John Add. 

BENJAMIN, John ... Add. 
BENJAMIN, Mrs. Samuel N. .. 

BENNETT, Daniel C 

BERNARD, Gov. Francis 

BETTS, Thomas 

BEVAN, Horace C. ... 

BIBBY, Thomas 

BIDDLE, William 

BIGELOW, Rev. Frank H 
BIGELOW, Melville, M. . 

BIRNIE, James 

BLAKE, Joseph A., M.D. 

BLAKE, William 

BLAKE, William P. ... 
BLEECKER, Jan J. ... 

BLIVEN, Edward 

BLOSS, James O 

BLOSSOM, Benjamin 
BLOUNT, see Carritt 
BOARDMAN, Albert B. 
BOERUM,Capt. William 

BOLLES, Joseph 

BONNER, Robert E. ... 
BONYTHON, Richard 
BOORAEM, Robert E. 
BOSTON, Jacob 





Joseph .\. 



























1 1 




BOSTWICK, Arthur ... Add. ii 

BOUTKLLK, James ... Add. ii 

BOWKX, Richard... ... Add. ii 

BOWKS, Nicholas Add. ii 

BOWIE, Howards., M.D loS 

BOYD, John Add. 12 

BRADHURST, Augustus M. ... 30 

BRADFORD, Gov. \\illiam Add. 12 

BRADLEY, Cyrus S 94 

BRADSTREET,Gov. SimonAdd. 12 

BRADSTREET, see Taylor ... 134 

BRADSIREET, see Partridge 62 

BREESE, Sydney Add. 12 

BRENT, Giles Add. 12 

BRENTON, Gov. WilHam Add. 12 

BRERETON, Thomas J 32 

BRETT, Francis Add. 13 

BREWER, Daniel Add. 13 

BREWSTER see Jackson 116 

BREWSTER, see Cox 11 

BREWSTER, Harry 1 154 

BREWSTER, Henry C 225 

BREWSTER, Samuel D 123 

BREWSTER, \Vadsvvorth J. ... 109 

BRICE, John Add. 13 

BRIGGS, Walter \dd. 13 

BRIGHT, Henry Add. 13 

BRISCOE, Capt. William D. ... 107 

BROCKE IT, Mrs. Albert D. ... 119 

BROM FIELD, Edward .. Add. 13 

BROOKE, George S 189 

BROOKS, Henry Add. 14 

BROOKS, James G. C 232 

BROOME, George C 206 

BROTHERTON, see Howard... 230 

BROUGHTON, John ... Add. 14 

BROWN. Edward M 205 

BROWNE, John Vdd. 14 

BROWNE, Nathaniel ... Add. 14 

BROWNELL, see BuRNHAM .. 29 

BRUEN, see Baldwin 131 

BRUEN, Obadiah Add. 14 

BRUN, Le, see Parsons 210 

B RUNE, Frederick W. .Add. 14 

BRYANT, William S., M.D. ... 37 

BL'LKLEY, Rev. Peter... Add. 15 

BURCH, Thomas H., M.D 183 

B r R L E I G H , George W. Add. 1 5 

BURNHAM, Thomas B 29 

BLRRAGE, John Add. 15 

B U RR AG E, see M arti x . . . 16 

BURRO WES, William Add. 15 

BL'RT, Stephen S., M.D 40 

BURWELL, see Hayes 160 

BURWELL, Major Lewis Add. 15 


BUSH, John Add. 15 

BUSHN ELL, Francis ... Add. 16 

BUSHNELL, see Brewster .. 154 

BUSSEY, George Add. 16 

BUTLER, Thomas ... Add. 16 

BUTLER, Thomas ... Add. 16 

BYINGTON, Charles S 68 

CABELL, see Ruggles 

CABELL, Capt. William Add. 
CADWALADER, Charles E., 



CALYERT, Charles B 

CAMPBELL, Duncan ... Add. 
CAMPBELL, see Hendrick ... 
CANDEE, Zaccheus ... Add. 
CANFIELD, Thomas ... Add. 
CAPEN, Bernard ..." ... Add. 
CAREY, Samuel T. ... Add. 
CARLETON, Edward ... Add. 

CARLETON, see Moore 


CARPENTER, Timothy Add. 
CARPENTER, William ... Add. 
CARR (KERRj, William Add. 


CARROLL, Charles ... Add. 

CARROLL, William S 

C.\RROxN, De, see Read 

CARTER, Charles S., M.D. ... 

CARTER, Oscar C.S 

CHAFFEE, Thomas ... Add. 
CHANCELLOR, Capt. Richard 

CHANDLER, Major Job Add. 
CHANDLER, William Add. 

CHAPMAN, Robert ... Add. 

CHASE, Aquala Add. 

CHASE, William Add. 

CHASE, Walter G., M.D 

CHAUNCEY, Rev. Charles Add. 
CHECKLEY, Col. Samuel Add. 
CHENOWETH, Ale.xander C. ... 
CHESTER, Leonard ... Add. 

CHEW, John Add. 

CHILDS, Daniel B 

CHRISTMAS, Charles H. 
CHRYSTIE, William F. 
CHL'RCHILL, William H 
CHUTE, Lionel Add. 

















-'3 1 













CLARK, John Add. 20 

CLARKE, George . ... Add. 20 
CLARKSON, Matthew .Vdd. 21 

CLAIBORNE, Col. William Add. 21 

CLAY, Robert \dd. 21 

CLEVELAND, Moses Add. 21 

CLINTON, Col. Charles Add. 21 

CLINTON, Charles W 157 

CLOTHIER, Isaac H 16 


COCH RAN, Thos. cV" John Add. 
COCHRANE, see Barclay ... 
COFFIN, Tristram ... Add. 

COLCOCK, Charles J 

COLES, EduardO 

COLES, Henry R. R 

CO LEY, Samuel Add. 

COLGATE, Bowles 

COLGATE, William 

COLLINS, Clarence I 

COLLINS, Edward ... Add. 
COLLYNGE, see F'airbanks .. 
COMS rOCK, Christopher Add. 

CO MTE, see Sellers 

CONE, Robert B 

COOK, Edward \dd. 

COOK, Henry F 

COOKE, see Blossom 

COOKE, Georg-e \dd. 

COOKE, Jay, Jr 

COOPER, Henry D 

COPE, Porter F 

CORBUSIER, Lt.-Col. William 


CORLIES, Mrs. Samuel F 



COSBY, Rr.-Adml. Frank C. . 

COX, Jacob D 

CRADOCK, Rev. Thomas Add. 

CRANE, Jasper Add. 


CROMBIE, William M 

CROSS, Arthur D 

CROSSLAND, see Calvert ... 
CROSSM.\N, Robert ... Add. 

C Add. 

CUNNINGHAM, Andrew Add. 
CURRIER, Mrs. Joseph H. A. ... 

CURTIS, William E 

CURWEN,Capt. George Add. 


CUTHBERT, Thomas... Add. 
CUTLER, John Add. 

















1 1 











DACRE, see Howard . 

DANA, Charles 

DANCY, Frank B 

DALE, Horace H 

DAVENPORT, William B. ... 

DAVIDSON, Sylvanus M 

DAVIE, John Add. 

DAVIES, William G 

DAVIS, Rr.-Adml. Charles H. .. 

DAVIS, Joseph 

DAWKINS, Walter I... 

DAY, Robert 

De BARRY, Adolphe 

De BEELEN, see Gazzam 

De CARRON, see Read 

DELAFIELD, John ... Add. 
De la FONTAINE, Rev. Peter 


DELANO, Philip Add. 

De la VERGNE, Col. Hughes J. 

DELCAMBRE, .\lfred P 

De LUZE, Louis P. ... Add. 
DENISON, Willian ... Add. 

DENNIS, Rodney S 

DEVOTION, Edward... Add. 
De PEYSTER, Gen. John W. ... 

De WITT, see Sellers 

De W'OLF, Edwin A 

De ZENG, Frederick A. Add. 
D I GOES, Gov. Edward Add. 

DIODATI, William ... Add. 
DISBROW, Samuel ... Add. 

DODD, Edward Add. 

DODGE, John H. P 

DODGE, Walter P 

DODGE, William E 

DONGAN, Gov. Thomas Add. 

DORCY, Lt. Ben. H 

DORR, Edward Add. 

DOTY, Paul A. 1 

DOUGHTY, Francis E., M.D... 

DOUGLAS, Curtis N 

D'OYLEY (Marquis), John H. E. 

D'OYLEY (Marchioness) 

DRAKE, John Add. 

DRAPER, Capt. James Add. 

DRAPER, William F 

DUANE, Anthony Add. 

Du BO IS, Louis Add. 

DUDLEY, Col. Edgar S 

DUER, Maj.-Gen. William Add. 
DUFFIELD, George ... Add. 

DUKE, Richard T. W. Jr 












































DUMMER, Lt.-Gov. W 




Dl^NMORE, Larrv ... 



DUNXRI.L, Rev. William 

N. ... 





DYER, Louis 


EAGER, William 



EAMES, Thomas 



EARDELEV, Daniel ... 



EAREE, Henrv M. 


ECKLEV, Rev. Joseph ... 



EDDY, Charles H. 


EDMONDS, Richard H. 


EEELES, Major Samuel 



EGERTON, Tomas ... 



EGLESTON, Bagot ... 



E [.DREDGE, Major Edw; 

ird H. 


ELDREDGE, Mrs. Edward H.... 


ELIOT, John 



ELL ICOTT, Eugene ... 


ELLI MAN, James B. . 



ELKINS, Hon. Stephen B. 


ELLIOT, Daniel G. ... 


EL WOOD, Richard ... 



FILY, Joshua 



EMERSON, Thomas ... 



EMERY, John . 



EMMET, Dr. Thomas ... 



EMMONS, Samuel F. ... 


EVANS, Henr>- 


EVANS, James, M.D. ... 


EVANS, Lott 



EYRE, George 



FAIRBANKS, Rev. Hiram F. .. 




FAIRFAX, Rev. Bryan 






FALLS, Alexander 



FARMER, Robert A. ... 



FARWELL, Henry ... 










FEARN, John 



FENNER, Capt. Arthur 



FENWICK, George ... 



FENWICK, sec Sellers 


FERGUSON, James ... 



FERRIS, Morris P. ... 


FIELD, Robert 



FINDLEY, William L... 


FISH, see Benjamin ... 

. . • 


FISKE, Louis S 


FISKE, Stephen 

FITCH, Capt. Thomas ... Add. 


FLINT, Charles R 

FLOYD, Charles H 

FONTAINE, Rev. Peter De La 


FOOTE, John C 

FORBUSH, Daniel .. Add. 

FORSYTH, John Add. 

FOSTER, James Add. 

FOULKE, see Mansfield 

FOULKE, William 

FOWLER, Thomas P 


FRANKLIN, Dr. Benjamin, Add. 

FRAZER, John .\dd. 

FRAZER, Dr. Persifor 

FREEMAN, see Griffith 


FREEMAN, George W 


FRY, John Add. 

FULLER, Lt. Thomas .. Add. 









G ALLAH ER, William B 
GALLATIN, Albert E. 
GARRARD, see Glenn 
GASTON, \\'illiam A. 

GAY, John 

GAYER, William . ... 
GAZZAM, Edwin \an 
GEDNEY, John .. 
GEER, Walter 
GEORGE, Josias J. 
GERRISH, Capt. Will 
GIBBS, see Linxard 
GIBSON, John ... 
GILBERT, Charles P. 
GILBERT, James H. 
GILBERT, see Powel 
GILES, Stephens W. 
OILMAN, Daniel C. 
GILPIN, Joseph ... 
GLENN, Garrard ... 
GLENN, Mrs. John T. 
GLIDDEN, Lt.-Col. John M 
GOODRICH, William .. 
GOODWIN, see Morgan . 
GOOKIN, Col. Charles 


GORGE, Sir Ferdinando 

GOULD, Charles A 

GOVE, Edward 



















-» -» 



























GRANGER, Alfred H. .. 


GRANT, see Rice 





GREEN LEES, William 






GREGOR\', Henry ... 



GREYSTOKE, see Howard ... 


GRIFFITH, William H. 


GRISCOM, Clement A. 

• . • . . • 


GRISWOLD, George ... 


GROSS, Capt. Samuel E. 


GUILD, John 



HALE, Robert 



H.VLE, see Shafper 


HALL, Georg-e E 


H.VLL, Harry A 


HALLOWELL, see Rice 


HALSEV, Frederic R. ... 


H AM BLETON, William 






HAMILTON, Capt. John 



HAMILTON, Rev. Ezekiel B. ... 


HAN BURY, William ... 



HANCOCK, William ... 



HAND, John 



H.\ RE, see Powell 



HARE, Robert 






HARRISON, Nathaniel 



HART, Henry G 


HARWOOD, John ... 






HASKELL, Frank W.... 


HASTINGS, Thomas ... 



HAWP:S, Edmund 



HAWKES, George W.... 



HAWLEY, Joseph 



HA^', see Colcock 

. . . ... 


HA\ES, Harry E. 


HAYNES.Gov. John ... 



HAZARD, Thomas ... 



HENDRICK, Mrs. Calvin 

S. ... 


H EN D RICK, Calvin W. 


HENRY, William H. ... 

. * • • • • 


HENSH AW, Joshua ... 



HERN DON, William ... 











HILL, John P 


HILL, William ... 



HILL, Rev. William B. 

. . • ... 



, , ... 


HILLHOUSE, James ... 



HINCKLEY Samuel ... Add. 41 

HINTON, Thomas ... Add. 41 

HIRST, Barton C, M.D 137 

HITCHCOCK, Luke ... Add. 41 

HITE, see Paine 5 

HO AD LEY, William ... Add. 41 

HOARE, John Add. 42 

HOB.\RT, see Smith 209 

HODGE, William Add. 42 

HOFFMAN, Col. Martinus Add. 42 

HOLDEN, Justinian ... Add. 42 

HOLDER, Charles F 166 

HOLLINGSWORTH, Ellis ... 189 

HOLLINS, William ... Add. 42 

HOLMES, Edwin B 117 

HOLYOKE, Rev. Edward Add. 42 

HOPKINS, Stephen .. Add. 43 

HORWTTZ, Miss Caroline N. ... 227 

HORWITZ, Dr. Jonathan Add. 43 

HOUGH, Richard Add. 43 

HOUGHTON. Ralph .. Add. 43 

HOWARD, Abraham ... Add. 43 

HOW.\RD, Georg-e 230 

HOW.\RD, Thomas ... Add. 44 

HOWE, Herbert M., M.D 121 

HOWELL, Edward ... Add. 43 

HOWES, Rev. Reuben W 59 

HOWLAND, see Smith 74 

HOWLAND, Daniel W 82 

HUBBARD, Add. 44 

HUBBELL, Richard ... Add. 44 

HUIDEKOPER, Frederic W. .. 114 

HUIE, William H.T 108 

HULL, George Add. 44 

HUME, Robert D 125 

HUNLOCK, Add. 44 

HUNTER, Capt. David Add. 44 

HUNTINGTON, Simon Add. 45 

HURD, Charles R 172 

HURRY, Edmund A 119 

HUTCHINS, John ... Add. 45 

HUTCHINSON, Richard Add. 45 

HYATT, Franks 73 

HYDE, see Slade 3 

HYDE, James N., M.D 193 

IRWIN, Gen. Bernard J. D. ... loi 

IRWIN, Dudley M 3 

ISHAM, Ralph 53 

IVES, Chauncey 15 

JACKSON, James H., M.D. ... 116 

JAFFREY, George ... Add. 45 

JANES, William Add. 45 

JAQUET, see Sellers 7 





JAUDON, Peter 



LEEDS, Richard 



JEFFREY, William ... 



LEETE, Gov. William ... 






LEGGETT, Francis H. . 


JENKINS, Edmund F. 


LEONARD, Clarence E. . 


JENNINGS, Albert G. 


LEON ARD, Rt. Rev. Bp. W 

m. A. 


JESUP, Morris K 


LEVERING, Eugene ... . 





LEVERING, see Smith 


JOHNS, Richard 



LEWIS, Clifford 


JOHNSON, Edward ... 


LEWIS, Silas W 





LINDLY, Francis 



JOHNSON, Dr. John .. 





JOHNSON, Robert ... 



LINNARD, George B. 


JOHNSTON, see Powell . 




JONES, E.Clarence ... . 

. . • • • 


LITTLE, Thomas 



JONES, Richmond I 




JONES, Walter R.T 


LIVINGSTON, Gov. William 

JOSSILYN, Henry ... 





JUDD, Orrin R 


LLOYD, see Carritt 


JUDSON, see Brewster 


LLOYD, see Smith ... . 


JUDSON, William P. ... 


LOCKWOOD, Hanford N 
LOGAN. Major John A. . 



KANE, Capt. Robert ... 



LORD, Thomas 






LOWELL, Rev. Delmar R 


KAY, Nathaniel 



LOWNDES, Charles ... 



KEAYNE, Capt. Robert 



LUDLOW, Banyer ... . 


KELLEY, Thomas 



LUDLOW, Roger 



KEMPER, Andrew C, M.D. .. 


LUDWELL, Philip ... 



KENDALL, Thomas ... 


LYMAN, Henry D. ... 


KENDALL, William B. 


KERR, William 



M'CALLA, John 



KIMBALL, Richard ... 



McCLARY, Andrew ... 



KING, Major Rufus ... 



McClelland, Robert 



KIP, Hendrick H 



McCLURE, Alexander K. 


KIPSHAVEN, see Sellei 



McCLURE, see Bellows 


KITTELLE, Joachim 





KNIGHT, Edward C, Jr. 





KNOWLTON, see Griffith ... 


McDowell, see Spitzer 



KNO WLTON, Col.'Ihoma.^ 

,, Add. 


MACDONALD, see D'Oyley ... 


KUHNP; Percival 


MacDUFFIE, Daniel ... 



KUNKEL, Robert S. ... 

. • ... 


Mcelroy, ciayton ... 





LANE, Georg-e ... ... 



MACKENZIE, Alexander W. ... 


LAN'SING, Garrit F. ... 





La SERRE, Jean P. ... 



McCLEAN, George H. 


LATHAME, see Phillips 



M AGRUDER. Hon. Benjamin D. 


LATHROP, Bryan ... 


MAI LLET, see Sellers . 


L.\TTING, Richard ... 



MAITLAND, David .. 



LAWRENCE, Henry ... 



MANN, Edward 



LAWTON, Thomas ... 



MANIERRE, William R. 


LEARNED, Edwin J. ... 


MANNING, see Rice .. 


LEARNED, William L. 


MANNING, William ... 



Le BRL'N, see Parsons 



MANSFIELD, Mrs. Walter D. 

1 1 




M ANTON, see Van Santvoord 


LEDYARD, see Sargent 


MA PES, Charles V. ... 


LEE, Col. Richard 



MARKHAM, Daniel ... 







MARSH, Henry D. ... 
MARTIN, George C. ... 
MARTIN, Robert C. - 
MASCARKN, Jean P. . 
MATHER, Rev. Richard 
MAY, James R., M.D. .. 

MAYK, John 

MENG, see Smith 

MEREDITH, see Read 

MERIWETHER, Hunter M. ... 


MERRILL, Erederick J. H. 

MESIER, Louis 

MESSINGER, Henry... Add. 
METCALE, Michael .. Add. 

Andrew H 

MILHAU, Cssar M. ... Add. 

MILLET, Josiah B 

MILNE, David Add. 

MILNER, Thomas Add. 

MINER, Hon. Charles A 

MINOT, Jesse 

MOFFAT, R. Burnham 

MOFFETT, Joseph ... Add 
MONTGOMERY, William Add. 

MOORE, Mrs. Edwin K 

MORGAN, James L 

MORGAN, J. Pierpont 

MORRIS, Anthony 

MORRIS, Richard 

MORRIS, Robert C. ... 
MORSE, Waldo, G. ... 
MORTON, George 
MORTON, Henry S. ... 
MOSELEY, Rev. Samuel 

MOTT, Robert G 

MOWBRA\',see Howard 

MUMFORD, Thomas... Add 


.. i6 

NEILL, Hon. Richard R. .. 
NELSON, Thomas 
NEWBERRY, see Smith .. 
NEWHALL, Charles L. .. 
NEWTON, Thomas ... 
NICHOLAS, Dr. George 
NICHOLSON, Christopher 
NICHOLSON, Robert... 

NICOLE, De Lancey 

NORRIS, Isaac 

NORTON, George 

NOURSE, see Brockett . 
NOYES, James A 





























... 1 40 


Add. 56 

. ... 119 

. ... 124 






OAKLEY, Samuel 


OFFLEY, David 

OGDEN, see Smith 

OLIVER, Charles A., M.D. 

O'NEILL, John 

OSGOOD, Capt. John .. 
OTIS, Edward O., M.D. . 

OTIS, John 


OWSLEY, Capt. Thomas 


Add. 57 
. ... 185 
Add. 57 


... 24 

Add. 57 

... 165 

Add. 57 

Add. 57 


Add. 57 
Add. 58 
Add. 58 


PAGE, Col. John . .. 
PAGET, Almeric, H. .. 
PAINE, Mrs. Gordon P 

PAINE, Moses 

PAINE, William 

PALMER, Thomas 

PALMER, Walter 

PALMES, Edward 
PARKER, Neilson, T. .. 
PARKER, William 


PARSONS, Albert R. .. 
PARSONS, Jo.seph 
PARSONS, William .. 
PARSONS, Mrs. William E. .. 
PARTRIDGE, Edward L., M.D 





PAYNE, William ... 
PEA BODY, Francis 
PEASE, Robert ... 
PECK, George, M.D. 
PECK, William E... 
PELHAM, Herbert 
PELL, Frederick A. 
PELL, Howland ... 





PENHALLOW, Samuel Add. 
PENROSE, Bartholomew Add. 
PEPPERRELL, see Salter ... 
PEPPERRELL, see Wheeler ... 

PERKINS, John Add. 

PEROT, Jacques Add. 

PERRINE, William ... Add. 

PERUZZI,.see Eldredge 

PETER, Robert Add. 

PE'lERS, William R 



PHILIPPIN, see Sellers 

PHIPPEN, David Add. 

PHIPPS, see Blake ... ... 43. 




























PIATT, John Add. 6i 

PIERREPONT, Henry E. ... 38 
PINCHON, William ... Add. 62 
PITCHER, Andrew ... .\dd. 62 

PITT, Mary Add. 62 

PITKIN, see Rogers 78, 229 

PLACE, Barker 197 

PLUMB, Henry B 162 

PLYMPTON, Gilbert M 61 

POE, John Add. 62 

POLE, Capt. William ... Add. 62 
POLLOCK, Charles ... Add. 62 

POMEROY, George E loi 

POND, Edwin W 61 

POOLP:, Capt. Edward Add. 63 

POOR, Mrs. Edward E 49 

POORE, John Add. 63 

POPHAM, George ... Add. 63 

PORTER, Alexander S 156 

PORTER, Hon. William W. ... 19 

PORTER, see Coles 134 

POWELL, Robert J. Hare- ... 126 

PRATT, William Add. 6;^ 

PREBLE, Abraham ... Add. 63 
PRESTON, James .. Add. 63 

PRICE, see Carritt 57 

PRIME, Ralph E 52 

PROVOOST, David ... Add. 64 

PRUYN, John Van S. L 48 

PUMPELLV, Jean .. Add. 64 

PUTNAM, John .\dd. 64 

PYNCHON, William .. Add. 62 
PYNE, John \dd. 64 

QUINCY, Miss Mary P. 


RALLI, Pandia C 92 

RANDOLPH, Col. William Add. 64 

RANKIN, Henry Add. 64 

READ, Charles A 4 

READ, Major Harmon P 69 

READ, Mrs. Harmon P 177 

REICHERT, Johann .. Add. 65 

REN WICK. William C 42 

RHINELANDER, Philip 145 

RHINELANDER, T. J. Oakley 99 

RHOADS, John Add. 65 

RHODES, John F 215 

RICE, Mrs. William P s'l 

RICH, Thomas Add. 65 

RICHARDS, Johann ... Add. 65 

RICHARDS, Jeremiah 147 

RICHARDSON, Thomas Add. 65 

RICHMOND, Adelbert G. ... 164 

RU^GELEY, Henry ... Add. 65 





















eodore i 
















. . • 






• • ■ 


RIDGWAY, Richard ... 


ROBINSON, George .. 
ROBINSON, Rowland 
ROCK WOOD, Charles G. 

RODES, John 

RODRIC;UE, see Tisdall 

ROGERS, James 

ROGERS, James S 

ROGERS, Mrs. Talbot M. .. 


ROOSEVELT, President Theodore 

ROSE, see Ruggles 

ROSS, see Read 

ROSS, see Currier 

ROSSE, Rev. John 

ROWLAND, Rev. Henry J. 


RUGGLES, Charles H. 
RUGGLES, Mrs. Charles H 


RUGGLES, Mrs. Henry S. 


RYAN, see Ruggles 

SACKETT, Col. Henry W. ... 106 

S.\LTER, William M 133 

SALTONSTALL, Dudley M. .. 219 
SALTONSTALL, see Mickle-S. 221 
SANDERS, Thomas ... Add. 67 

SANDS, James T 99 

SARGENT, Mrs. Dudley A. ... 217 
SARGENT, William ... Add. 67 
SATTERLEE, Capt. William 

Add. 67 
SAVAGE, Capt. Thomas Add. 67 
SCHENCK, Roelof & Jan. M. 

.\dd. 68 

SCHIEFFELIN, Eugene 175 

SCHIEFFELIN, George R. ...127 
SCHINDEL, Capt. Samuel J. B. 151 
SCHUYLER, Philip P. van Add. 68 
SCREVEN, Rev. William Add. 68 
SC UDDER, Rev. Henry T. ... 21 

SE.\BURY, Frederick C 8 

SEAMAN, Louis L., M.D 19 

SEARS, Richard Add. 68 

SELLERS, Edwin J 7 

SEWELL, Robert van V 143 

SEWELL, Wynn R 169 

SEYMOUR, Rt. Rev. Bp. Geo. F. 216 
SHAFFER, Newton M., M.D. ... 120 
SHAPLEIGH, Major Nicholas 

Add. 68 






SHRD, Daniel 

SHELDON, Isaac .. . 
SHEPARD, Charles N. 
SHERBURNE, see Whipple 

SHERD, Daniel 

SHERlMAN, John . ... 
SHIELDS, Rev. Charles W 
SHIPPEN, Edward, M.D. 


SHOEMAKER, Henry F. . 

SHORT, Clement 

SHORT, see Carritt ... 
SHUFELDT, Robert W. 

SILL, John 

SKELTON, Rev. Samuel 
SKINNER, Henry W... 
SLADE. Mrs. William G. 


SLOCUM, Anthony ... 
SLOCUM, see Rogers 

SMITH, George 

SMITH, James C 

SMITH, Robert H 

SMITH, Hon. Thomas G 

SMITH, see Rice 


SOHIER, William D 

SOHIER, see Bryant 

SOUTHER, Charles E 

SOUTHWORTH, see Griffith 

SPENCER, Horatic, M.D 

SPENCER, Selden P 

SPITZER. Gen. Ceilan, M 

SPOTSWOOD, Gen. Alexander 

STANDISH, Capt. Miles Add. 


STANSBURY, see Mansfield 


Add. 68 



Add. 68 

Add. 69 

... 89 

. ... 22 

• - "5 
. ... 109 





STEBBING, Rowland ... 

STEELE, George 


STERLING, David ... 
STETSON, Robert 
STEVENS, Benjamin ... 


STEVENS, Rev. Charles E. 
STOCKTON, Richard .. . 
STOCKTON, Lt. Richard 
STODDARD, Francis R. . 

STOKES, James 

STONE, Joseph 

STONE, William 

. 78, 229 
Add. 70 
. ... 199 
. ... 209 

• •■• 74 

• ■•• 51 
. 167 

. ... 90 

• ■•• 37 
. ... 152 





















STONRR, Stanley 

STORRS, Samuel 

STORY, Col. Joseph G. 

STOWE, John 


STRYKER, Thomas H. 


STURGIS, Edward 


SUMNER, Edward A 

SUMNER, Rr.-Adml. George W 

SUSE, Frederick E 

SUTTON, Rev. Joseph F 

SUYDAM, Heyndrycke R. 
SWIFT, Edwin E., M.D. 
SYLVESTER, Nathaniel 
SYLVESTER, see Smith 
SYMONDS, Samuel ... 





. 202 













TABER, Philip Add. 

TAINTOR, Charles ... Add. 

TALCOTT, Miss Mary K 

TALL ANT, Mrs. Waker S. 
TALMAGE, Thomas ... Add. 
TAYLOR, Capt. Washington I. 
TEACKLE, Rev. Thomas Add. 

TEMPLE, Robert Add. 

TEN-BROECK, Major Dirck 

THACHER, Tomas & Ant. Add. 

THAYER, William H 

THEOBALD, Clement 
THOMAS, Douglas H. 
THOMAS, Isaac R. .. 


THOMAS. Ronald 

THOMPSON, Frederick D. 
THOMPSON, Henry B. .. 
THOMPSON, Rev. John 
THOMPSON, Norman F. ., 
THORNDIKE, John ... 
TICKNOR, William ... 
TI ERN AN, Charles B. 
TILDEN, Nathaniel ... 
TILGHMAN, Dr. Richard 
TIM PSON, Thomas ... 
TISDALL, Fitzgerald ... 
TISDALL, Mrs. Fitzgerald 
TODD, Christopher .. Add. 76 

TODD, Henry A 

TOMPKINS, Hamikon B 

TOVVNE, William Add. 

TOWNSEND, see Irwin 

TOWNSEND, Thomas Add. ^6 


































TRACY, Thomas 

TRENCHARD, Edward .. 

TRUMAN, Henry H 

TUCK, Robert 

TU TTTE, John 

TYLER, Edward R 

TYNG, Edward 

UNDE'RHILL, see Coles .. 
UNDERHILL, Capt. John 

USHER, Col. John 



Add. 76 

. . . 2tK) 









Add. 81 





VANN, Irving G 



VAN VORST, see Sewell 
VAN WYCK, Cornelius B. Add. 
VASSALL, William ... Add 
VAUGHAN, see Merrick .. ... 

VAUGHAN, see Rice 

VEAZEY, Duncan 

VEAZEY, Isaac P 

VERNON, Daniel Add. 

VON SAHLER, Abraham Add. 
VOSE, Robert 

W' ADSWORTH, Chris. 

WAIT, Horatio I 

WALDRON, Richard .. 
WALMSLE\', Thomas 
WALTER, Thomas ... 
WALTON, Capt. William 
WALWORTH, William 

WARD, Andrew H 

WARD, Count Reginald H. 
WARNER, Hon. John De W. 




WARREN, Arthur .. Add. 

WARREN, Charles E 

W^ARREN, see Baldwin 

WARREN, see Howard .. 
WARREN, see Tall ant . 
WASHBURN, John ... 
WATTS, see De Peystr ... 
WAYNE, see Sellers... 
WEAVER, Thomas ... 
WEBB, William S., M.D. 
W^EBSTER, Gov. John... 

WEED, John 

W^EED, Henry F 

WEIR, Robert 

WELD, Capt. Joseph ... 
WELLES, Gov. Thomas 

























WELLS, Ebenezer 

WELLS, Edward 

WENDEL, Civert J. •• Add. 

WENTWORTH, William Add. 

WEST, Robert Add. 



WE'TMORE, Major William B. 

WH.\RTON, Thomas .. Add. 

WHEELER, Everett P 

WHEELER, Moses Add. 

WHEELER, Gen. Joseph 

WHEELOCK, W^illiam E., M.D. 



WHIPPLE, Major Charles W. 

WHISTLER, Major .. Add. 












WHISTLER,Lt.-Col. Garland N. 127 

78, 229 
Add. 82 

WHITE, see Rogers 

WHITE, John 

WHITE, Elder John 
WHITING, Frances 


WHITON, Thomas ... Add. 
WILBUR, Samuel .. Add. 

WTLG US, Samuel Add. 

WILKINS, John Add. 


W ILLARD, Major Simon Add. 
WILLET, Capt. Thomas Add. 
WILLIAMS, Gen. Otho H. Add. 
WILLL\MS, see Phillips 
WILLIAMS, Robert ... Add. 
WILLIS, George Add. 






WILLOUGHBY, Lt. HughDeL 122 


Royal W^ arrant Holde 

WILSON, Harold 
WTLSON, Rev. John 
WILSON, Dr. Robert ., 
WTLSON, Col. William 

WTSTAR, Gen. Isaac J 

WISTER, Rodman 

WITT, see Sellers 

W^OLCOTT, Hon. Roger 

WOLCO'TT, see McElroy 
WOLVERLON, Charles Add. 
WOODBURY, Andrew Add. 
WOODFORD, Thomas Add. 
WOODWARD, Charles Add. 

WOODWARD, William 

WORTHINGTON, George ... 

WRIGHT, William 
WRIGHT, Samuel 
WYATT, James ... 

YOUNG, Gen. Robert 
YOUNG, Bridget . 

RS," at end of Volume. 










Matthews' Hmevican Hrmoiu\? 


Blue TBooh. 

*-^ of Washington, D.C. (Son of Theodore 
Roosevelt, and Martha Bulloch, a descendant of 
Archibald Bulloch, the first Revol. Gov. of Georgia. 
— Descended from Klaas Martensezen Van Roose- 
velt, from Zeeland, Holland, settled in New 
Amsterdam 1649, m Jannetje Samuels-Thomas). 

Born at N.Y. City, Oct. 27, 1858 ; succeeded to the 
U.S. Presidency Sept. 1901, inaugurated Mar. 
4,1905; Grad. Harvard Univ. 1880; LL.D. 
Columbia Univ., 1899; LL.D. Hope College, 
1901 ; LL.D. Yale, 1901 ; LL.D, Harvard, 
1902; Gov. of New York, 1898-1900; Mem. 
N.Y. State Assembly, 1882-83-84 ; Lieut, and 
Capt. 8th Regt. N.G.S.N.Y., 1884-88; U.S. 

Civil Commr., 1889-94; Police Commr. N.Y., 1895; Assist. -Sec. of 
the U.S. Navy, 1897-98; Col. ist Regt. U.S.V. Cavalry (Rough 
Riders), Santiago de Cuba, Spanish-American War; in (istly) 
Oct. 27, 1880, Alice Hathaway Lee; m (andly) Dec. 2, 1886, Edith 
Kermit, Carow. 

{By 1st m.) 
i. Alice Lee, m Feb. 17, 1906, Nicholas Longworth. 

[By 2nd m.) 
i. Theodore, b Sept. 13, 1887. iv. Quentin, /; Nov. 19, 1S97. 

ii. Kermit, b Oct. 10, i88g. i. Ethel C. 

iii. Archibald B., b April 17, 1894. 

Arms — Argent, on a mount vert, a rose bush with three roses in full bloom proper. 
Crest — Three ostrich feathers per pale gules and argent. 
Motto — Qui plantavit curabit. 

Residences — Washington, D.C. ; " Sagamore Hill," Oyster Bay, L.I. 

Clubs — Union League, Republican, Century, Harvard, Seawanhaka Corinthian 
Yacht, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Boone and Crockett. 

Societies — N.Y. Genealogical, Holland, Military and Naval Order of the Spanish 
War, Santiago, Sons of the American Re\olution 

ni>nttbe\v9* Bincrican Brmour^ 


^ of Troy (Son of Hon. George van 
Santvoord, 1819-63, in Elizabeth, da. of Peter van 
Schaack, LL.D., /// Dorcas Manton, lineal descdt. 
of Dr. Thbs. Manton, tutor to Lord Bolingbroke ; 
son of Rev. Staats, 1790- 1882 ; son of Cornelius Z., 
1757-1845; son of Zeger, 1733-1813 ; son of Rev. 
Cornelius van Santvoord, 1686- 1752, of Manhattan, 
1718, Grad. Leyden Univ. Holland, vi Hannah 
Staats, of Schenectady). 

Boyii at Troy, N.Y., Dec. 17, 1858; Grad. Union 
Coll. 1878 A.B. LL.B. ; Vice-Pres. Albany 
Law School ; Pres. Security Trust Co. ; 
///Jan. 4, 1888, Caroline H. Shields. 

i. George, h Aug. 5, 1891. iii. Richard Staats, h Jan. 31, 

ii. John Griswold, i Feb. 24, 1895. i^- Alex. Seymour, h Oct. 23, 
i. Edith. ii. Virginia. iii. Agnes. 

Arms — (Manton) Argent, on a cross engrailed azure five garbs or. 
Crest — A unicorn sejant or, resting the dexter paw against a tree. 


Residences — Washington Park, Troy N.Y. ; "Thirteen Gables," Bennington, Vt. 

Clnhs — University, Reform, National Arts. 

Societies — Vice-Pres. Holland Society, St. Nicholas Society. 

-'- of New Brunswick, New Jersey, (Son of Thos. 
F. B.Parker, of N.Y. ,i 1827,/// 1856, Julia Caesarine, 
eldest da. of John Neilson and Anna I. (Ovington) 
Taylor ; son of Thos. J. \\'., /; 1794 ; son of Rev. 
Thomas, 1753-1800, M.A., \'icar of Churchain, 
Glouc. ; son of Rev. Thomas, 1725-1800, M.A., 
Rector of Welsh Bicknor, Glouc. ; son of John ; 
son of John, 1624-94; son of Richard, 1 578-1 642 ; 
son of John Parker of Barnwood, Gloucestershire, 
Eng. — Also descd. from Thomas Taylor, of 
Littlington, Bedfordshire, Eng., h 1530). 

Bor)i at Brooklyn, N.Y., June 9, i860 ; ;// (i) Oct. 
10, 1888, Ellen E. Porter (deed.); m (2) Nov. 
21, 1905, Anna C. Benedict, of New York. 

Arms — Sable, a buck passant argent between three pheons or within a 
engrailed of the second pellettee. 

Crest — A cubit arm erect habited sable cuff argent the hand proper gr 
stag's horn gules. • Motto — Esto quod esse videris. 

asping a 

Residence — 98 College Avenue, New BrnuswiLk, N.J. 

C/»''S— Union, Arts Club ol" N.Y. .S/c/c/i— Sons of the American Revolution. 

anJ) Blue Bool^. 


^ of Buffalo, N.Y. (Son of Dudley Marvin Irwin 

of Fulton, N.Y. ; great grandson of William Irwin 

of Antrim, in {life Townsend) of Mass., a 

descendant of Thomas, of Lynn, Mass. 1635, son 
of Henry Townsend, of Gedding, Suffolk, Eng.). 

Born at Fulton N.Y. June 10, i860; Grain Com- 
mission and Shipping Agent ; Graduated M.A. 
Lafayette College; in December 14, i.Sg2, 
Jeannie A. Marsh. 

i. Theodore Hevwood. 
ii. Dudley M. 
i. Katherine Townsend. 
ii. Gwendolyn Reeder. 

Arms — Arf<ent, a mural crown gules between three holly leaves vert. 
Crest — A dexter hand issuing;; out of a cloud holdin,t( a thistle proper. 
Motto — Nemo me impune lacessit. 

Arms (Townsend) — A/:ure, a chevrou eruiine between three escallops or. 
Crest — A stag passant proper. 

Residence — 316 Summer Street, Buffalo, New York. 

(tubs— GTolier of New York Countrv, Buffalo, University, Ellicott of Buffalo. 

SLADE, Mrs. EMMA MALEEN {ncc Hardy), 
of N.Y. City (Da. of Walter Hardy, 1815-7S, 
in Ruth M. Clark, 1823-1902 ; son of Samuel, 1781- 
1852, in Mary Hardy ; son of William Hardy, of 
Tewkesbury, Mass., who in 1778, Hannah, da. of 
Samuel Hyde, 1719-75; son of Jonathan, 1674- 
1731 ; son of Jonathan, 1655-1731 ; son of Jonathan 
Hyde, h 1626 ; d at Newton, Mass., 171 1). 

Born at Lowell, Mass. ; Founder of the Nat. Soc. 
of New Eng. Women ; Pres. of the Nat. Soc. 
of U.S. Daurs, of 1812 ; Pres. of U.S. Daurs ; 
Daurs. of N.Y. State; in Feb. 22, 1871, 
WilHam Gerry, son of Wm. Jennings Slade, 
and Mary A., da of Thos. Gerry. 

i. Harriet Anderson, m Dec. 5, 1900, William Murray Crombie. 

^{,.„,s — (Hyde) Azure, on a chevrou or, three fleurs-de-lis of the first, between 
three lozenges voided. Crest— A lion's head erased ppr. 

Residence— i ^2 West 871)1 Street, New York City. 

Club — Woman's. 

Socicties—O\d Planters. Founders and Patriots, Colonial Dames. Daiigliters of 
the Amer. Rev.. Uaiirs. of tlie Rev., I' S. Daurs. of 1.S12. New Eng. Women, 
Geueal. and Biogl. of N.^■.. Ijiswich Hist., Washington Mem Assn.. Dams, 
of Colonial Governors. 

fll>attbew)5' anicrican Hrmour^ 


-■-^ of Reads Island (Son of Charles A. Read 
1812-82, ;// Charlotte L, Reed ; son of John Reed 
[Jacob Reed J 1 784-1 871, of Woburn ; son of Amos, 
1 754- 1 8 1 2 ; son oi Jacob 1 7 1 4- 1 804 ; son of Timothy, 
1678-1758; son of George, 1629-1706; son of 
William Reed, 1587-1656, b at Newcastle-on-Tyne, 
Eng., probably son of Thomas Reed, of Brocket 
Hall, settled at Woburn, Mass., 1635). 

Born at Boston, Mass., July 25, 1839 ; in June 30, 
1882, Ellen Arvilla, da. of Anthony Jones 
and Sarah Ann (Hamilton) Hatfield. 

i. Charles Albert, b and d April 6, 1886. 
ii. Charles Albert, Jr. b June 14, 1887. 
iii. Norman Hatfield, b Jan. 17, 1891. 

i. Helen. iii. Ellen Elizabeth, h and d Feb. 1895. 


Charlotte Louisa. 

Arms — Gules, a saltire between four garbs or. 

Crest — On the stump of a tree vert a falcon rising belled and jessed or. 

Motto — Cedant arma togae. 

Residence— Rea.ds Island, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass. 

Clubs — Essex County, Manchester Yacht, Appalachian Mountain, Art. 

Societies— Asso. Mem. Grand Army of the Republic, Mass. Horticultural, New 

Eng. Hist, and Geneal., F. and A. Soc. of Masons, J.O. of O.F., and 

Nat. Geographic, &c. 

^^■^ of Springfield, Mass. (Eldest son of Daniel 
J. Marsh, b 1837, Trea. Springfield 5 Cent. Savings 
Bank, Pres. Park Comn., ;;/ Harriet M,, da. of 
Noah D. Gay, of Springfield ; son of Michael, 
1 790- 1 847 ; son of John, 1753-1817; son of Capt. 
Hezekiah, 1720-91 ; son of Capt. John, 1668-1744 ; 
Son of John, 1643-1727 ; son of John, 1618-88, 
in Anne, da. of Gov. John Webster of Ct.; son of 
John Marsh, 1589-1627, of Braintree, Essex, Eng.). 

Born at Springfield, March 15, 1865 ' Mem. of the 

City Gov., 1 896-1901 ; six years Treasurer of 

Springfield Canoe Club; m (i) March 16,- 

1896, Anna F. Lillis ; d i8g8; m (2) May 20, 

1903, Edith S. Hall. 

i. John Atherton, b Jan. 7, 1897. 
i. Elizabeth, b Dec. 16, 1904. 

Arms — Gules, a horse's head couped between three cross-crosslets fitchee argent. 
Crest — A griffin's head argent, ducally gorged and chained, primrose in beak or. 
Motto — Nil desperandum. 

Residiiice — g Buckingham Place, Springfield, Mass. 

Cliihs — Nayasset, Springfield Country, Springfield Canoe, American Canoe Assn. 

Societies — Colonial Wars, Sons of the American Revolution, Loyal Legion. 

anb Blue Booh. 


pAINE, Mrs. EMMA VAUGHN (nee Thompson), 
-'■ of Baltimore, Md. (da. of Joseph Hamilton 
Thompson of Nashville, Tenn. [descended on the 
maternal side from William, Duke of Hamilton, 
1 2 15, and also from Gerret Van Sweringen, who 
settled at New Castle, Del. 1657],/* 1853, w Ella, 
d 1896, da. of Michael Vaughn, 1829-97, son of 
David Vaughn, 1772-1836, who m Sarah, da. of 
Joshua Thomas, d 1794, who 111 Nancy, da. of John 
Overall [lineal descendant of the father of John 
Overall, Ld. Bishop of Norwich, 1618], who 
m Sarah, da. of Paul Froman of Penna, 1732, who 
m Elizabeth, da. of Baron Jost Hite (Heydt), 1685- 
1760, who settled at the New Platz region of New 
York, 1732, having secured a grant of 140,000 acres 
of land, becoming the first settler of the Schenan- 
doah Valley, Virginia). 

Born at Nashville, Tenn. ; m May 5, 1897, Gordon Paxton Paine, of 
Baltimore, Md. 

i. Gordon Paxton, Jr., b March 4, 1903. 

Anns — (For Hite) Argent, two bars azure charged with three millrinds. 

Crest — A garb of wheat. 

Residences — 200 E. Preston Street, Baltimore, Md.; Nashville, Tenn. 

of N.Y. City (Son of George Colgate, of 
N.Y. City, b November 2, 1797, d May 14, 1842, 
in December 29, 1824, Jane, b February 20, 1830, 
d September 22, 1866, daughter of Cornelius and 
Elizabeth (Thompson) Cauldwell, of Birmingham, 
England, and later of New York ; son of Robert 
Colgate, of Filston, Seven Oaks, Kent, England, 
b September 11, 1758, d in America, July 20, 
1826, m Sarah Bowles, b March 26, 1780, 
d December 16, 1847 ; son of John Colgate, of 
Seven Oaks, b December 18, 1727, d January 13, 
1801 ; son of Stephen Colgate of Horsham, 
County Sussex, England, b 1703, d 1764, his wife 
Martha, b 1701, d 1776). 

Boyn at New York City, March 27, 184 1. 

Aynts — Argent, a chevron between three escallops sable. 

Crest — A demi-wolf rampant holding in the dexter paw a sword proper 

Motto — Omne bonum desuper. 

Residences — 5 East 82nd Street, New York ; Litchfield, Connecticut. 
C/((65— Metropolitan of New York; Sanctum and Litchfield, Connecticut 

m>attbe\x>0' american armoury 

of Charleston S.C. (Son, by 2nd w., of Charles 
|. Colcock, 1820-91, originator of Charleston and 
Savannah R.R., Col. 3rd S.C.Cav. in C.S.A., 
III (i) Mary C. Heyward, ;// (2) Lucy F. Horton, 
;// (3) Agnes Bostick ; son of Thomas H., 1797-1851, 
/// Eliza M., grand-da. of Col. A. H. Hay; son of 
Chas. Jones, 1771-1839, Judge of the Court of 
Appeals of S.C, ;// Mary Woodward Hutson, [5th 
in descent from Dr. H. Woodward, 6th from Col. 
|ohn Godrey and James Stanyarne, 4th from Henry 
Gigniliat] ; son of Hon. John Colcock 1744-82, 
Sec. of the Privy Council, ;// Millicent, da. of 
Joseph Jones ; son of Capt. John Colcock, b Essex, 
Eng., of Charleston 1730, d 1756). 
Born at Bonnie Doon, S.C, Jan. 17, 1S32 ; Principal of The Porter Mil. 

Acad. ; a Phi Beta Kappa of Union Univ. N.Y. ; Grad., 1S75, C.E. ; 

III D3C. 5, 1883, Patti Lee, da. of Samuel Hay of Barnwell, S.C. 

i. Samuel Hay, b 1884, d 1885. ii. Errol Hay. 

A r /It ;—{lia.y) Argent, three inescutcheons within a bordure nebule gules. 
Crest — A hand proper holding an ox 3'oke bows gules. 

Resi.lences — The Porter Mil. Acad , Charleston ; Boiling Springs Barnwell, Co., S.C. 
Club — Commercial. Societies — S.C. Historical, Sons of the Revolution. 

of Asbury Park (Son of Capt. Jonathan 
Minot, of Asbury Park, b July 18, 1838, ;// Helen, 
da. of David Berry and Jane A. (Owens) Beatson, 
of N.Y. ; son of Jonathan, 1797-1876; son of Jesse, 
1759-1828; son of Jonathan, 1723-1806 ; son of 
Jonathan ; son of Jonathan ; son of James, b 1659 ; 
son of James Minott, 1628-76, of Dorchester. 
Mass.,J« 1653, Hannah, da. of Colonel I. Stoughton, 
son of George, i 1594, settled at Dorchester; son 
of Thomas Minot, of Saffron Walden, Essex). 

Born at N.Y. City, June 21, 1870; Assist. Cashier 
Asbury Park and Ocean Grove Bank ; 
m Jan. i, 1895, Lela V., da. of Gould D. and Marg. A. (Long) Jellifit, 

A rms—Aznre, two chevronels dancette argent, in chief a label of three points gules. 
Crest — A cross and three stars gules. 
.^/(i//y— Ad astra per aspera. 

A'tiJi/i./ui;— Asbury Park, Monmouth Co., N.J. 
SoLiety — bons ol the American Revolution. 

an^i BluelBoof^. 

of Phila. (Son of David Wampole Sellers, 
of the Phila. Bar, and Anna Francis Jaquett. — 
Descd. from Philipp Henrich Soller, of Weinheim, 
Germany, who settled in Penna., 1727; Franc^-ois 
Jaquet, of Geneva, Switzerland, Mem. of the 
Council of Two Hundred, 1546-72 ; Jean Paul 
Jaquet, of Nuremberg, Governor of Delaware, 
1655-57; Lieut. Joseph Jaquett, of New Castle Co., 
Dela., killed at the battle on Long Island, Aug. 27, 
1776 ; Rev. Joseph Jaquett, d i86g ; Jean Philippin, 
of Geneva, Switzerland, Syndic, 1535-52 ; Dr. 
Tymen Stidham, of Hammell, Sweden, who came 
to Delaware 1654 i" the expedition of Governor 
Rising ; Dr. Francis Joseph Pfeiffer, of Germany, 
d at Phila., 1804; Henry Stretcher, M. of Col. 

Assembly; Thos. Fenwick, Registrar of Wills, H. Sheriff, Judge; Simon 
Kollock, Judge, H. Sheriff and M. of Col. Assembly ; Hercules Shepheard, 
Judge and M. of Col. Assembly ; John Avery, Cap. of Infy. and Pres. 
Judge ; Alexr. Draper, M. of Col. Assembly; John Kipshaven, Judge and 
M. of Col. Assembly ; and Capt. Anth. Wayne, grandfather of General 
Anthony Wayne). 

Born at Phila. July 25, 1865 ; A.B., Univ. of Penna., June 15, 1886, A.M. 
and LL.B., June 5, 1889 ; admitted to the Phile. Bar June 15, 1889 ; 
in June 6, 1894, Blanche Bingham, da. of Michael Ehret, of Phila. 

i. Ellen Jaquett. 


Arms — Quarterly : Lst, coupe, au i d'azur a une colombes ess, d'argent, pose sur un 
tertre de sin ; au 2 d'or plain demasse (Jaquet of Nuremberg) ; 2nd, d'azur au 
chev. ace. en chef de deux etoiles (5) en p. d'un croiss., le tout d'argent (Jaquet 
of Geneva); 3rd, gules a un tertre de trois coupeaux de sin, somme de deux 
palmes adossees d'argent 1 Philippinj ; 4th, d'argent a deux pals se 
gules, une bande d'azure brochante sur le lout, au chef d'a^ur 
chargee de trois etoiles (51 d'argent (Comte) ; 5th, d'argent a un coeur 
enflamme a dextre, soutenu d'an echafaudage, et une main, mouv. de la p., 
brandissant un marteau dans la direction du coeur, le tout au nat. (Maiilet); 
6th, de sin. a un lievre courant, poursuivi d'un levrier, tons deux en chef, et un 
chien braque courant en p., levant la tete vers le lievre, le tout d'argent (De 
Witt) ; 7th, gules, a phoenix argent in flames proper (Fenwick) ; 8th, d'or au 
saut alese de sable, les extremites arrondies (Kipshaven) ; gth. gules, a chevron 
ermine, botween three.inside gauntlets or (Wayne). 

Crest — Cq^. cour. un homme, iss., barbu et portant moustaches, hab. d'un ecartele 
d'azur et d'or, au rabat d'argent, coiffe, d'un bonnet pointu d'azur retr. d'or, 
tenant de sa main dextre etendue un sabre en pal, son poing gauche repos 
sur la hanche. Mantling — D'or et d'azur. 

Residence — 1830, Pine Street, Philadelphia. 

C/«/;5— Racquet, Univ., Univ. Barge, Phila. Country Club, Country of Atlantic City. 

6"ot-/t'/'/e.s-— Colonial of Pa., Descdts. of Colonial Govs., Founders and Patriots of Am., 
Cincinnati, Sons of the Rev., Am. Wars, Loyal Legion, Hist, of Pa., Genea- 
logical of Pa., Buffalo Hist., Pa. German, etc. 


riDattbew^' Bmcncan annouv^ 

of Brooklyn (Son of Alexander Seabuiy of 
Brooklyn 1821-96, in 1848, Lydia Briggs 1826-96, 
da. of Abraham and Lydia (Shaw) Manchester of 
Westport Mass. ; son of Capt. Benjamin 1776- 1857 ; 
son of Capt. Gideon Seabury 1747-1827; son of 
Capt. Benjamin 1708-73 ; son of Lieut. Joseph 
1678-1755 ; son of Dr. Samuel 1640-81, of Duxbury 
Mass., Dep. Gov. and Asst. of Plymouth Colony, 
;// Martha Pabodie, grand-da. of John Alden and 
Priscilla Molines, passengers on the "Mayflower" 
1620 ; son of John Seabury, from Devonshire to 
Boston, 1630, d in Barbadoes). 

Born at Brooklyn N.Y. July 2, 1849; Grad. Polytechnic Inst. Brooklyn 
i86g ; ni April 23, 1885, Sarah Augusta, da. of Col. Andrew A. 
Bremner and Maria, da. of David Case of Goshen N.Y. 

Arms — Argent, a fesse engrailed between three ibexes passant sable. 

Crest — An ibex as in Arms. Motto — Supera alta tenere. 

Residences — 414 Grand Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. ; Westport Harbor, Mass. 

Clubs — Crescent Athletic, Lincoln, Young Republican, Royal Arcanum, Poly- 
technic, Union League. 

Societies — Mayflower Descendants, Colonial Wars, Sons of the Am. Revolution. 
Baronial Order of Runnemede. 

of Baltimore, Md. (Son of Eugene Levering, 
1819-70, ;// Ann S., da. of Joshua Walker of 
Baltimore. — Descended from W'igard Levering, 
b at Gemen, Germany, 1648, settled in Roxborough, 
Pa., 1685; son of Rosier Levering, of Mulheim, 
Germany, and Elizabeth Van de Walle. The 
family descend from John de Leveryng, b 1250, at 
Leverington, Cambridgeshire, Eng.). 

Born at Baltimore, Md., Sept. 12, 1845 ; Prest. 
National Bank of Commerce ; INIem. of the Bd. 
of Trustees of John Hopkins Univ. ; w Jan. 
23, 1868, Mary E. Armstrong of Baltimore. 


i. Eugene, Jr., b July 13, 1869, m Nov. 14, 1895, Adelaide Gary, 
i. Mary Armstrong, ;;/ March 15, 1905, Rev. Jos. H. Robinson. 


Anns — Azure, three hares in pale argent. 
Crest — A hare as in Arms. 

Motto — Ducit amor patriae. 

Residence — 1308 Eutaw Place, Baltimore, Maryland. 
Club — Baltimore Country. 

anb Blue 'Boo\\. 

of N.Y. City (Son of John A. Sumner, 1825, 
m Helen, 1831-72, da. of Merrit and Mary (Moulton) 
Brooks, of Rome, N.Y. — Descd. from Wm. Sumner, 
who served throughout Revol. War, and from 
Wm. Sumner, of Dorchester, Mass., Dep. Gen. 
Ct., 1666. — Also on the maternal side from Baron 
John IMoulton, tniip William ist). 

Bom at Rome, N.Y. Nov. 3, 1856 ; Grad. Wesln. 
Univ. B.A. 1878, M.A. 1880 ; Grad. Yale 
Univ. igo2, M.A. ; 5 yrs. Principal Gilder- 
sleeve Prep. Sch. ; Mem. of N.Y. Bar, 1885 ; 
Adm. to U.S. Sup. Ct., 1888 ; m Jan. 29, 1885, 

Martha Dickenson. 

i. Robert Brooks, b Nov. 3, 1888 (deceased). 
ii. Richard Erle, 6 June 13, i8gi. i. Margaret Helen 

Anns — Ermine, two chevrons gules. 

Crest — A lion's head erased ar.i^ent, ducally gorged or. 

Motto — In medio tutissimus ibis. 

Residence — 213 1 Broadway, New York City. 

Clubs— ^.Y. Yacht, N.Y. Athletic, W. S. Republican, Yale, Sachems' H'd^Yacht. 

Societies — Sons of the Am. Revol., New Eng. of N.Y., NY. State Bar Assn., Grant 

Monument Assn., Psi Upsilon, Am. Bar Assn., Amer. Geographical. 

of N.Y. City (Son of Benjamin Martin 
1797-1852, of Knox, N.Y., /// Sarah 1799-1882, da. 
of Robert and Miriam (Blodgett) Coates, of Knox ; 
son of Thomas 1759-1830, served in Revol. War; 
son of Benjamin 1734-1814; son of John 1674-1757 ; 
son of John Martyn b Feb. 22, 1634, settled at 
Swansea, Mass. before 1658, m 1671, Joanna 
Esten ; son of Edward Martyn of Ottery St. 
Mary, Exeter, Devonshire, ;// June 14, 1632, 
Judith Upham, of Bicton, Devon). 

Born at Knox, Albany Co., N.Y., April 10, 1823 ; 
d June, 1906; admitted to the Bar at Albany, 
N.Y., and Washington, D.C., 1840; ;;/ Jan. 31, 1854, Julia Marvin, 
d Aug. 28, 1899, da. of Azor Taber of Albany, N.Y. and Sarah, da. 
of Maj.-Gen. Paul Todd. 

i. Susan Taber, in Sept. i, 1906, Frederick Allien, of N.Y. City. 

Arms — Argent, two bars gules. 

Crest — An estoil of sixteen points gules. Motto — Sure and steadfast. 

Residence — (Family) South Hill, Riverdale, New York City. 


fIDatthews* antericau Brmour\> 

of Baltimore, Md. (Son of Philip Thomas 
George, b 1815, in 1846, Ellen, da. of Josias 
Jenkins, of Long Green, Md. ; son of William E., 
b 1785, m Sara Ellicott ; son of Robert, ;// Ann 
Edmondson ; son of Joseph; son of Robert George, 
came from London 1682, of Langford Manor, Kent 
Co., Md., i6go). 

Born at Long Green, Balto. Co., Md., Mar. g, 1853 ; 
Grad. at Rock Hill Coll., 1871 ; m Sept. 
25, 1878, Amelia Jenkins, of Kentucky. 

i. William Edmonson, b 1883, d 1887. 
ii. Andrew Ellicott, b Oct. 7, 1889. 
i. Ellen Elizabeth. 

ii. Sarah Harvey. 

Anns — Argent, a fesse gules between three falcons volant azure beaked and 

inembered or. 
Crest — A demi-hound sable collared or, ears and legs argent. 
Motto — Magna est Veritas et prevalebit. 

Residence — Ellendale, Long Green, Balto Co., Md. 

Clubs — Maryland. Baltimore, Elkridge Fox Hunting, Green Spring Valley Hunt. 
Baltimore Country, Baltimore Golf, Baltimore V'acht, Bachelors' Cotillion. 

of N.Y. City (Son of John Bogert Pell, of 
N.Y., sea captain, 1800-82, /// 1830 Susan Augusta, 
d 1883, da. of Benjamin Aycrigg of N.Y. ; son 
of William 1762-1815, m Elizabeth Bogert; son 
of John 1728-82, ;;/ Sarah Byranck; son of 
Samuel, d 1695, '" Margaretta Wessells ; son 
of William, d 1747, ni Elizabeth Van Tuyl; son of 
Samuel Pell, of New York 1673, /// Deborah 
Williams ; son of William ; son of Alexander 
of Boothby Pagnal Co. Lincoln; son of John of 
Huntingdon; son of Thomas; son of Richard 
of Elkington, Northants ; son of John ; son of 
Richard ; son of Thomas ; son of William Pell 
of Water Willoughby, Lincolnshire). 

Born in N.Y. City May 23, 1840; Counsellor-at-Law ; Grad. Princeton 
Univ. 1871. 

Arms — Argent, a bend between two mullets pierced sable. 
Crest— On a mural coronet or a mullet pierced sable. 

Residence — Lakewood, N.J. 

Clubs — -University, Princeton, and Reform. 

SotiV/u'i— Colonial Wars, Sons of the Revolution, New York Historical. 

anb Blue Bool^. 


of Cleveland, Ohio (Eldest son of Hon. 
Jacob Dolson Cox, 1828-igoo, of Cincinnati, U.S. 
Senator, i860, Biig.-Gen. 0.\M., 1861, Gov. of 
Ohio, 1866-68, Sec. of the Interior, 1869-70, Con- 
gressman from Toledo, 1876, Dean of Cincinnati 
Law Sch., i88o-g8, /// 184.9, Helen, da, of Charles 
G. Finney, of Oberlin ; son of Jacob Dolson Cox, 
who /// Thedia, da. of Joseph Kenyon, son of Payne 
Kenyon, who iii Thedia, da. of Rev. Nathan 
Howard, who /// Lucy, da. of Clement Minor, who 
m Abigail, da. of Ezekiel Turner, son of John 
Turner, who /// Mary, grand-da. of Elder William 
Brewster, 1566-1664). 
Born at Warren, Ohio, May 15, 1852; ;// Oct. 9, 1878, Ellen, da. of 

Judge Saml. B. Prentiss, and Jane Atwood Russell, of East 

Haddam, Conn. 

i. Samuel Houghton, /; July 3, 18S0. i. Jkanettk Prentiss. 

ii. Jacob Dolson, b Nov. i, 1881. 

Anus — (Brewster) Sable, a chevron ermine between three estoiles argent. 
Crest — A bear's head erased azure. Motto — Verite soyez ma garde. 

Residence — 925 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. Clubs — Euclid, Union. 

Societies — Am. Soc. of Mech. Engineers, Loyal Legion, Mayflower Descendants. 

]\/r ANSFIELD, Mrs. MAY (ncc Stansbury), 
•^*-'- of San Francisco, Cal. Da. of John 
Skelton (and Mary A. Monaghan) Stansbury, 
d June 24, 1879, in Napa City, Cal. — Descended 
from Tobias Stanborrough, who came from 
Norfolk Eng. to Baltimore, Md. 1668, a descend- 
ant of Jonas Stanbery, whose tomb is in London. 
Also descended from Edward and Eleanor (Hugh) 
Foulke, from Wales to Pennsylvania 1698J. 

Bovi! at Sacramento, Cal., in Walter Damon 
Marisfield, a descendant of Sir John 
Mansfield, J. P., Master of the Minories, and 
Oueen's Surveyor, who died in England, 

^nus— (Stansbury or Steynbury) Per pale argent and or, a lion rampant per 

fesse gules and sable 
Cfcst — A lion rampant. 

Arms— (Foulke) Vert a chevron between three wolves' heads, erased argent. 

Crest — A wolf's head erased. 

Muttoes—'' Rlaidd Rhudd ar y Blaen " ; "Consequitur quod cwnque petit." 

Residence — California Hotel, San Francisco, California. 

Societies— Colonial Dames of Amer., Historic-Genealogical of California, United 
Daughters of the Confederacy. 


fin)attbew)6' atnericau Hnnouri? 

ofBaltimore (Son of Chas. E. Hill, of Balto., 
h 1848, Lawyer, Assist. Prof. U.S. Naval Acad., 
1871-75, Lecturer Med. Jur. S. Homoeop. College, 
Balto., /;/ 1875, Kate W. Clayton ; son of Rev, 
J. Bancroft, 1796-1864; son of Rev. Ebenezer, 
1 766- 1 854 ; son of Samuel, 1716-98; son of Capt. 
Samuel, 1671-1755; son of Capt. Ralph, d 1695; 
son of Ralph Hill, of Plymouth, Mass., 1638). 

Born at Annapolis, Md., May 2, 1879 ; Lawyer ; 
A.B. Johns Hopkins Univ., 1900 ; LL.B. 
Harvard Univ., 1903 ; Assist, in Government, 
Harvard Univ., 1902-3; Mem, Boston and 
Balto. Bars; 2nd Lieutenant, 4th I.M.N.G. 

Arms — Gules, a saltire vair between four mullets argent. 

Crest — A demi-leopard argent spotted of all colours, ducally gorged or. 

Motto — Per Deum et ferrum obtinui. 



-2120 North Charles Street, Balto., 
Hillsborough Co., N.H. 
Clubs — Maryland, Jr. Cotillion, Harvard of Md. 
Union League. 

Societies — Maryland Historical, Alpha Delta Phi, Balto. ; Phi Delta Phi, Harvard ; 
Colonial Wars, American Historical Association. 

; " Tamaracks," Temple, 
Balto. Country, Athletic, 

of N.Y. City (Son of Edwin D. Swift 
1825-1901, Phys. and Health Officer of Hamden, 
Ct.,m Sarah L., 1826-65, da. of Elisha Punderson ; 
son of Augustus B., 1793- 1862 ; son of Philo 
1762-1838; son of Genl. Heman 1733-1814; son 
of Jabez 1700-67; son of Jireh 1665-1749; son of 
William 1627-1705; son of William Swift of 
Sandwich, Mass., d 1643; his son Edward was 
apprenticed to George Andrews, citizen of London). 

Born at Hamden, Ct., Mar. 23, 1855 ; Assist. Phys. 
to Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital ; Grad. 
N.Y. Univ. Medical Coll. M.D. 18S0; w; Oct. 
28, 1891, Virginie M. Bancroft, da. of Achille 
Francois and Elizabeth F. Migeon 

i. Elizabeth Migeon. 


Arms — Or, a chevron vair between three bucks in full course ppr. 
Crest— A demi-buck in the mouth a honeysuckle ppr 
Motto — Festina lente. 

Residences — 112 West 8ist Street, N.Y. City ; Thousand Islands. 
Clubs — Republican, Colonial, 

Societies — N.Y. Academy of Medicine, N.Y. County Medical, Medical of Greater 
N.V., Soua of the Revolution. 

an^ Blue 'Boo]h 


T OGAN, Major JOHN A., U.S.A. (deceased), 
-^— ' of Youngstown, O. (Only son of the Hon. 
Maj.-Gen. John Alexander Logan, U.S.V., War of 
the Rebellion, U.S. Senator, b Feb. 12, 1826, 
d Dec. 26, 1886, 111 Mary Simmerson, da. of John 
Marion and Elizabeth (Fountain) Cunningham ; 
son of Dr. John Logan, of Co. Monaghan, Ireland, 
m Elizabeth Jenkins, of South Carolina, sister of 
Alexander Jenkins, Lieut. -Gov. of Illinois). 

Born at Carbondale, 111., July 24, 1865 ; late Major 
and Assist. -Adj. -Gen. U.S. Volunteers during 
the Spanish- American War, May 12, i8g8 — 
May 16, 1899; Major 33rd Inf. U.S.A.; 
killed in action while leading his battalion, 
Nov. II, 1899, '^sar San Jacinto, Philippines; in Mar. 22, 1887, 
Edith, da. of Chauncey H. and Louise (Baldwin) Andrews, of 
Youngstown, Ohio. 

i. John Alexander (3rd), b February 9, 1890. 

i. Mary Louise. ii. Edith. 

Arms — Or, three passion nails sable, their points in a heart gules. 
Crest — A bugle-horn, stringed proper. 
Motto — In hoc majorum virtus. 

Residence — (Family) Gloan Lodge, Oriole Farms, Youngstown, Ohio. 


' "^ of Bennington Centre, Vt. (Son of George 
Worthington, 1813-71, of Cleveland, O., ;// 1840, 
Maria Cushman, da. of Reuben Harmon and 
Amanda (Cushman) Blackmer of Dorset, Vt. ; 
son of Ralph, 1778- 1828, in Clarissa Clark; son of 
John, 1744-83, ni Abigail Wright; son of Elijah, 
1716-64, w Mary Welles ; son of William, 1670-1753, 
ni Mehitable Graver, widow of Richard Morton ; 
son of Nicholas Worthington from Lancashire, 
Eng., to Saybrook, 1649, settled at Hatfield, Ct., 
m (i) Mrs. Sarah Bunce, vi (2) Susanna). 

Born at Cleveland, O., Aug. 8, 1854 "> Brown Univ. 

Providence R.I. Class 1877 ; in Oct. 12, 1880, 

Lily Marie, da. of John Wesley and Altia (Downer) Smith of 

Albany, N.Y. 

i. George, h July 10, 1890. 

Arms — Argent, three dung forks sable. 

Crest — A goat statent argent, holding in its mouth an oak branch vert. 

Motto — Virtnte dignus avorum. 

Residences — Bennington Centre, Vt. ; Cleveland, Ohio. 

Clubs — Union of Cleveland; Ekwanok Country of Manchester Vt., Island Golf 

Troy, N.Y. ; Mt. Anthony Country of Bennington, Vt. 
Societies — Sons of the Am, Revo., Mayflower Descendants, Colonial Wars. 


flDattbewe' Bnicrican Brmour^ 

of N.Y. City (Only Son of Loring Gilbert, of 
N.Y. City, and Washington, D.C., b 1832, d 1895, 
III 1855, Caroline Clementine, da. of Laurence 
Echebury, and Caroline Monte, his wife. — Des- 
cended from John Gilbert, 2nd son of Giles Gilbert, 
of Bridgewater, Somerset, Eng., being of the same 
family as Sir Humphrey Gilbert, who was born in 
Devonshire, 1539, and to whom a patent to colonize 
North xVmerica was granted by Queen Elizabeth. 
John Gilbert originally settled in Dorchester, Mass., 
but later moved to Taunton, Mass., where he d 165-1.. 
He was one of the first two men to represent 
Taunton at the Great and Genl. Court ; Com- 
manded the Yarmouth Military Company, serving in 
the wars against the Indians ; his grandson, Eleazer 
Gilbert, was an officer in King Philip's War ; through his grandmother, 
Rachel Warner, Mr. Gilbert is descended from Daniel Warner (1666- 1754), 
who served in the expedition against Fort William Henry in 1757, and 
whose son, Joseph Warner, commanded a company on that expedition ; 
his son, Capt. Elijah Warner, served during the War of the Revolution ; 
Daniel Warner was a grandson of Andrew Warner, who came from 
England in 1632, and settled in Cambridge, Mass. ; Capt. Joseph Warner, 
;;/ Submit Wells {b 1742), through whom Mr. Gilbert is descended from 
Capt. William Allis {d 1678), who had a company at the Falls Fight in 
1676, and from Capt. William Allis (1642-91), who was in the Deerfield 
Fight in i6go ; Capt. John Allis, ni Mary, da. of Thomas Meekins, of 
Braintree, Mass., Deputy to General Court, 1644; he settled in Boston 
in 1634, having come over in the ship " Griffin " ; he is also descended 
through this line from John Webster, who was /; in Warwickshire, Eng., 
and became Colonial Gov. of Con. 1656 ; later he was one of the founders 
of Hadley, Mass.). 

Born in N.Y. City, Aug. 29, 1861 ; jh Sept. 14, 1896, Florence Cecil, da. of 
Theodore Moss, and Octavia Stephens Ashley, da. of P. V. Husted 
and Emeline Stephens Ashley. 


i. Dudley Pierrepont, /; Mar. 21, 1898. 
i. Vera Pierrepont. 

A nns — Artrent on a chevron sable three roses of the field. 

Crest — A squirrel cracking a nnt proper, 

Motto — Tenax propositi. 

Residence — 33 Riverside Drive, New York City. 

Clubs — Metropolitan, Riding, Racquet, Union League, Ardsley Country, Lawyers 

Societies — Colonial Wars, Sons of the Rev., New Eng., Fine Arts, Municipal Arts, 
Nat. Sculpture, Fel. of Amer. Inst, of Archit., Archit. League, Veteran and 
Charter Meui. of Squadron A Cav. N.G.S.N.Y., Meuiber of Chauiber of 
Couiuierce, N.Y. Cit\-. 

nn^ Blue 1Boo\\, 



-L of Chambersburg (Son of Chauncey P. Ives, 

1807-72, of Lansingburg, N.Y., ni Charlotte 
Brownell, da. of John Stewart, of Waterford, 
N.Y. — Descd. from WiUiam Ives, from London on 
ship "Truelove," 1635, one of the proprietors of 
New Haven, Ct., 1639, d 1648. Also 9th in descent 
from Major Simon Willard, 1605-76, one of the 
founders of Concord, Mass., Dep. to Gen. Court, 
1636-54, Commissioner of Boundary between Mass. 
and N.H., 1652, Govr.'s Asst., 1654-76 ; Comdr. -in- 
Chief of the Expedition against Ninagret, 1665. 
Also 9th from John Whitney, 1589- 1673, S^-' 
grandson of Sir Robert Whitney). 

Born at Lansingburg, N.Y., Sept. 10, 1841 ; in Oct. 2, 1872, EmmaS., da. 
of Edmund Culbertson, M.D., Pres. Chambersburg Nat. Bank, by 
Ellen Harlan, da. of Judge James J. Kennedy. 

i. Chauncey Pelton, b December 8, 1883. 
i. Ellen Culbertson, m W^entworth G. Hare, 
ii. Charlotte Brownell, m. John Risley Putnam. 

Arms — Argent, a chevron between three Moors' heads couped sal)le. 
Crest — A blackamoor's head. 

Residence — Brooklyn, New York. 


of N.Y. City (Eldest son of W^m. Aug. 
Crombie, of N.Y., A.D.C., with rank of Colonel, on 
staff of Gov. Ormsbee, of Vermont, b April 20, 
1844, /// 1868, Sarah Elizabeth, da. of Hon, Orlando 
Dana Murray, of Nashua, N.H. ; son of Samuel, 
b 1814-79, of Concord, N.H. ; son of John, b 1770 ; 
son of James, ist Lt. Baldwin's Reg., N.H. Militia ; 
son of John Crombie, from the North of Ireland, 
settled in Londonderry, N.H., 1720; vi 1721, 
Joan, da. of Hugh Rankin, from Co. Antrim, who 
settled in Londonderry, N.H., 1723). 

Born at Burlington, Vt., Nov. 6, 1871, Mem. " Sq. 
A," N.G.N.Y., "Troop A," U.S. Vols, in 
Spanish-Am. War ; Grad. Univ. of Vermont, 
Ph.B., 1893 ! '" Dec. 5, 1900, *Harriet Anderson Slade, of N.Y 

Anus — Vert, a cross botonnee argent, on a chief of the last a lion passant gules 
Crest — A denii-lion rampant guardant or, holding a flenr-de-lis gules. 
Motto — Labor omnia vincit. 

^^v/-i r^ 

Residences — Bretton Hall, New York City ; Seabright, N.J. 
Club — University. 

Societies — Sons of the Amer. Rev., Sigma Phi, --Daurs. of the Amer. Rev., Daurs. 
of 1S12, Daurs. of Founders and Patriots, Nat. of New Eng. Women. 


flDattbcwii' Hmcrican Brmouri? 

of Wynnewood, Pa. (Son of Caleb Clothier, 
of Phila., Pa., 1806-81, m Hannah F. Hallowell, 
1807-55 ; son of Caleb, of Mt. Holly, N.J. ; son of 
James ; son of Henry Clothier, from Bristol, Eng., 
1714,10 Burlington, N.J.,?» Abigail Ridgway). 

Bovn at Phila., Pa., Nov. 5, 1837; m Sept. i, 1864, 
Mary Clapp,* da. of Wm. Jackson, of Phila., 
and Elizabeth Howe, da. of Enoch Clapp, a 
desct. of Roger Clapp, 1609-91. 

i. Morris, L., b July 24, 1868, m April 26, 1900, 
Lydia M. Earnshaw. 

ii. Walter, h July 16, 1874, i'^ April 2, 1902, Edith M. Ball, 
iii. Isaac H., h Nov. 12, 1875," w J^"- 7» ^903' Melinda K. Annear. 
iv. Wm. Jackson, h Sept. 27, 1881, m Feb. 21, 1906, Anita Porter. 

i. Mary J., in Nov. i, 1892, William Esher Heyl. 

ii. Elizabeth J., ;/; Apr. 30, 1895, Thomas H. P. Sailer, 
iii. Hannah H., m Dec. 27, 1898, William Isaac Hull, 
iv. Lydia Biddle ; m Oct. 24, 1903, John R. Maxwell. v. Caroline. 

Arms — Argent, a chevron betw. three escallop shells gules. 

Crest — On a cap of maintenance gules, turned up ermine an escallop shell. 

Motto — Pro patria ej usque libertate. 

Residences—'' Ballytore," Wynnewood, Penna. ; Newport, R.I. 

Clubs — U. League, Country, Merion Cricket, Radnor Hunt, N. Century^'', Acorn. 

Societies — Historical of Penna. ; -^'Colonial Dames of America, "'■Daughters of the 
American Revolution, "-■'New England Women of Pa. 

of N.Y. City (Eldest son of Richard Allen, 
Martin, M.D., 1858-90, of Phila., m 1883, Nellie, 
da. of George Castor, of Holmesburg, Pa., and 
Mary E., da. of Joseph Mills and Hannah, da. of 
Thomas Burrage, 1782-1860, who was son of John, 
1755-1822; son of William, d 1763; son of John, 
1693-1765; son of William, b 1657; son of John 
Burrage, b at Norton Subcorse, Norfolk, Eng., 
1616, settled in America, 1637, r? 1685. — Descended 
from Robert Martin, Mayor of Gahvay 1621, a 
direct descendant of Sir Oliver Martin, viva 1200). 

Born in N.Y. City, March 30, 1885; Graduated at 
Columbia Institute, 1901 ; ni Sept. 22, 1906, 
Mildred, da. of Henry W. Comegys. 

Arms — (For Burrage) Argent, three boars' heads gules. 
Crest — A boar's head gules. 

Residences — 235 W. 108th Street, New York City; Asbury Park, N.J. 

Clubs — Deal Lake Boat ; 22nd Regt. Engineers, N.G.N.Y. 

Societies — N.Y. Zoological, League of Amer. Sportsmen, Sons of the Revolution. 

au& Blue 1Boo\\, 


of Brooklyn, N.Y. (Eldest son of Julius 
Davenport, of New York City. — Descended from 
Rev. John Davenport, b Coventry, Eng., 1597; 
B.D., Oxford, 1625 ; Vicar of St. Stephen's, 
Coleman Street, London ; Founder and first 
Minister of New Haven, Ct. — In descent from 
Ormus de Dauneporte, b 1086, assumed the local 
name in Co. Chester). 

Born at New York City, March 10, 1847 ; 
Graduated at Yale University, 1867 ; Member 
of Constitutional Convention, State of New 
York, 1894; Public Administrator of Kings 
Co., N.Y., 1889-1904 ; /// Charlotte Cordelia, 
eldest da. of George F. Shepherd. 


i. Edith Hoxie, b June 8, 1870 ; d June 5, 1872. 
ii. Florence, b Nov. i, 1882 ; d May 29, 1884. 

Arms — Argent, a chevron sable between three cross crosslets fitchee of the 

Crest — A felon's head couped at the neck proper, haltered or. 
Motto — Audaces fortuna juvat. 

Residence — 201 Washington Park, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Clubs — University, Manhattan Yacht, Yale (New York), Hamilton (Brooklyn). 

of New York (Son of John Thomas Glenn, 
1844-99, of Atlanta, Georgia, Lawyer, tii April 23, 
1873, Helen Augusta, da. of William Waters 
Garrard, of Hilton, Georgia [6th in descent from 
Peter Garrard, of Lille, France, who settled in 
England 1687]; son of Luther Judson Glenn, 1818- 
86 ; son of Thomas, 1 783-1830 ; son of Duke ; son 
of Thomas ; son of Dr. John Glen, of North 
Carolina ; son of Alexander Glen, of " Longcroft," 
Linlithgow, Scotland. Mr. Glenn is descended 
on the paternal side from Thos. Reade Rootes, of 
Whitemarsh, Va. ; Colonel George Reade, who 
came to Virginia 1637 ; General Robt. Lewis, who 
came to Virginia 1635, son of Sir Edward Lewis, 
Knighted by James I., 1603 ; also, on the maternal side, from Major 
James MacGregor, who fled to Virginia when his clan was proscribed, 
d 1724, a descendant of King Robert II. of Scotland). 

Boni at Atlanta, Georgia, Aug. 7, 1878 ; Lawyer. 

Arms — Argent, a fesse gules between three martlets sable. 
Crest — A martlet sable. 
Motto — Ad Astra. 

Residence— ^cw York Chv. 


riDatthews' american armoury 

of Boston Mass. (Son of Dr. Asa Millet 
1811-93 of East Bridgewater Mass, m 1840 Huldah 
Byram. — Descended from Thomas Millet 1605-76, 
m 1635 Mary Greenway, settled at Dorchester, 
Mass. ; son of Henry Millet of Chertsey, Co. 
Surrey, gent., Attorney-at-Law in Staples Inn, 
Holborn, m Joyce, da. of John Chapman of 
Born at Bridgewater, Mass. Sept. 27, 1854 ; Grad. 

Harvard Univ. B.A. 1877 ; m Oct. 30, 1883, 

Emily Adams, da. of Samuel Foster McCleary, 

B.A., LL.B. Harvard 1841, of Boston and 

Emily Thurston, da. of Capt. James H. 



i. Hilda. ii. Elisabeth Foster. 

Arms — Argent, a fesse gules between three dragons' heads erased vert. 

Crest — Out of a mural coronet an arm in pale habited or, grasping in a glove 

argent a dragon's head erased vert. 
Motto — Manus hcec inimica tyrannis. 

Residence — 77 Mount Vernon Street, Boston, Mass. 
Clubs — Tavern, Country. 

of Baltimore, Md. (Second son of Rev. 
Richard Henry Edmonds of Norfolk, Virginia, 
1831-58, m December i, 1852, Mary Elizabeth, 
daughter of William and Mary Elizabeth (Hewitt) 
Ashley, of Norfolk, Va.). 

Born at Norfolk, Virginia, October 11, 1857; 
President Manufacturers' Record Publishing 
Co. ; Editor Manufacturers' Record ; Member 
Executive Committee and Director Inter- 
national Trust Co., Baltimore ; Director 
Alabama Consolidated Coal and Iron Co. ; 
m July 5, 1 88 1, Addie Louise, daughter of 
A. W. and Penelope J. (Healy) Field, of 
Baltimore, Md. 

Arms — Or, a chevron azure, on a canton azure a boar's head couped between 
three fleur-de-lis or. 

Crest— On a chapeau gules turned up ermine a fleur-de-lis between two wings 

Residence — Roland Park, Baltimore, Md. 

C/«6— Baltimore Country. 

Societies — Maryland Hist., Amer. Statistical Assoc, Southern Hist. Assoc, Amer. 
Assoc, for Advancement of Science. 

auD Blue 1Boo\\. 


of Philadelphia (Son of Wm. Augustus 
Porter, Judge of the Supreme Court of Penn., and 
of the Court of Alabama Claims; son of David R, 
Porter, twice Governor of the Commonwealth of 
Pennsylvania, and grandson of General Andrew 
Porter, Staft^ Officer to General George Washington. 
— Descended from Robert Porter, of Worcester 
Township, Montgomery Co., Pa., 1720). 

Born in Philadelphia, Pa., May 5, 1856 ; ex-Judge 
of the Superior Court of the Commonwealth 
of Pennsylvania ; ;;/ Mary Augusta, da. of 
Charles H. Hobart. 


i. William Hobart. ii. Andrew Wagener. 

i. Anita ; ;// February 21, igo6, William J. Clothier. 

Anns — Sable, three church bells argent ; a canton ermine. 

Crest — A portcullis argent chained or. 

Motto — Vigilentia et virtute. 

Residence — 2025 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Clubs — Union League, Lawyers, Penn, Merion. 
Society — Cincinn ati. 

of N.Y. City (Grandson of Valentine Seaman, 
M.D., who introduced vaccination into New York, 
1799, seventh in descent from Robert Livingston, 
Lord of the Manor). 

Born at Newburgh, Oct. 17, 1851 ; Grad. Cornell 
Univ. 1873 ; Jeff. Med. Coll., M.D., Univ. 
Med. Coll., N.Y., M.D. ; LL.B., Univ. of 
N.Y. Law Dep. 1884; Surg.-Maj. ist U.S. 
Vol. Engrs. in Spanish Am. War ; served in 
the Philippines 1899-1900, in the Boxer War 
1900- 1 ; with the Russians in Manchuria 1904, 
with the Japanese 1905 ; Author of " From 
Tokio through Manchuria with the Japanese," 
"The Real Triumph of Japan," "Native 
Troops in our Colonial Possessions," "The 

Social Waste of a Great City," " Medical Observations on Tropical 
Africa," "The Army Canteen"; w Fannie Blackstone, d 1895, ^ 
gt.-gt.-gd.-da. of Sir \\\ Blackstone, the eminent Jurist. 

Anns — Barry wavy of six argent and azure, a crescent or. 

Crest— A demi-seahorse salient argent. Motto — Spectemur agendo. 

Residence — 247 Fifth Avenue, New York. 

Clubs — Calumet, Lotos, Cornell, Players, Authors, Metropolitan, Pilgrims, 

Republican, Armj' and Navy, National Arts. 
Socif//>s— Founders and Patriots of Am., Col. Wars, Sons of Revol., N. and M. 

order Spanish Am. War, Army of the Philippines, U.S. Mil. Surg's.. 
Asiatic Society, Acad, of M edicine , American Assn. Advancement of Sci. 


ni>attbe\v6' anierican Brmour^ 

of Niagara Falls (Son of Benj. Haskell, of 
Bloomfield, N.J., Mem. of Brooklyn City Guard, 
1858, Asst. Adjt.-Genl. 13th Brig. N.G.S.N.Y., 
1863, Major in U.S. Service, 1863 ; Mem. Brooklyn 
Vet. Assn., b 1835; ;;/ 1861, Harriet Ells, 1840-92, 
da. of Perez S. Steele, of Brooklyn. — Descd. from 
Capt. Wm. Haskell, 1617-93, of Beverley, Mass., 
1632, Gloucester, Mass., 1643, vi Mary Tybbot ; 
Dep. Gen. Ct., Mass.). 

Born at Brooklyn, N.Y., Dec. 17, 1861 ; Pres. 
of the Carborundum Co., Niagara Falls ; 
VI June 17, 1881, Clara L., da. of John FitzG. 
and Jane L. (Riggs) Seymour, 


i. Benjamin, b Sept. 16, 1901. i. Maude Seymour, <5 1882; d 1887. 

ii. Grace Steele, b 1888 ; d 1895. 
Arms — Vaire argent and sable. 
Crest — On a mount an apple tree in fruit ppr. Motto — Vincit Veritas. 

Residence — Niagara Falls, N.Y. 

Clubs — Duquesne, Buffalo, Niagara ; Niagara Falls Country, Auto. Club of Am. 
Societies — Colonial Wars, Sons of the Amer. Revolution, Amer. Electro Chemical, 
Member of the N.Y. Chamber of Commerce. 

-^^ of Wakefield, Mass. (Second son Henry 
Bond Ruggles, of Boston, 1813-97 ; vi Mary Good- 
win, da. of Jonathan Ross, of Harrison, Me. — 
Desc'd. from Thos. Ruggles, of Roxbury, Mass., 

Born Oct. 31, 1846; m Mary Elizabeth, only child 
and heiress of the late William Ryan, of 

i. Henry, b Feb. 20, 1879 ; d Jan. 24, 1881. 
ii. Francis Dunbar, b Aug. 9, 1883. 
iii. Horace Cheney, b June 18, 1887 ; d Feb. 9, 
Emmeline. iv. Mabel Lyman. 

Mary Rosamond. v. Louisa Kingsley. 

Marguerite. vi. Alicia. 

Lucia Dalton. 
Julia Parker. 


ii. Mary Rosamond. v. Louisa Kingsley. viii. 


Anns — Quarterly, ist and 4th argent, a chevron between three roses gules ; 2nd 
and 3rd vert, a cross engr. erm. ; on an escutcheon of pretence gules a bend 
argent, thereon six holly leaves in pairs, erect, ppr. 

Crest — A tower or, inflamed proper, and pierced with four arrows in saltire points 
downward argent. Motto — Struggle. 

Residences — Boston, Wakefield, and Rockport, Mass. 
Clubs — Quannapowitt, Wakefield Park Golf. 

Societies — Sons of the Rev., Sons of the Am. Rev., Essex Inst., Am. -Irish Hist., 
Roxb'y Mil. Hist,, Old Northw. Genea., Am. Art, 

anb Blue IBool^. 



of Brooklyn, N.Y. (Son of Henry Joel Scudder, 
b at Northport, Suffolk Co., N.Y., Sept. i8, 1825 ; 
d in New York City, Feb. 10, 1886; Counsellor- 
at-Law; Member of Congress, 1873-75; great- 
grandson of Henry Scudder, 1743-1822 ; 2nd Lieut, 
in Capt. Nathaniel Piatt's Company of Minute 
Men, raised in Huntington and Smiths Town, L.I., 
April 7, 1776 ; on Staff of General Talmadge 
during Revolutionary War. — De'^cended from 
Thomas Scudder, who came from Kent and settled 
at Salem, Mass., 1630; also sixth in descent from Major Moses Mansfield, 
1639-1703, of New Haven, Conn. ; Deputy at General Court for twenty 
years ; served with distinction in Indian Wars). 

Boi'ii in New York City, Sept. 7, 1854; Graduated at Columbia College, 
1874; Rector of St. Stephen's Church, Brooklyn; m June 5, i88g, 
Margaret Mott, daughter of Jacob Weeks. 


i. Henry Holloway, b September 24, 1895. 

i. Edna Hewlett. ii. Dorothy Weeks. 

Anns — Gules, on a fesse or, three pellets, in chief as many cinquefoils argent. 

Residence — 24A, Garden PL, Brooklyn, N.Y. Clubs — University, Grolier,Col. Uni\-. 
Societies — Colonial Wars, Sons of the Rev., Col. Alumni Ass., O. Foreign Wars. 

of Philadelphia (Son of John George 
Repplier McElroy, b June 30, 1842 ; d Nov. 26, 
1890; VI Nov. 2, 1869, Anna Baldwin, b Nov. 2, 
1848 ; d Aug. 31, 1897, da. of John Clayton, Esq., 
of Philadelphia. — -Descended from Daniel McElroy, 
who settled at " The Compass," in Chester Co., 
Penna., 1778; also from Hon. Henry Wolcott, 
of Wellington, Somersetshire, Eng., also of Dor- 
chester, Mass., U.S.A., 1578-1635 ; also from 
James Clayton, of INIiddlewitch, County Chester, 
Eng., 1680). 

Born in Philadelphia, Pa. Sept. 4, 1872 ; Graduate 

of the University of Pennsylvania, 1893 ! '" Kov. 10, 1896, Margaret 
JoUiffe, elder da. of Nathaniel Bacon Crenshaw, of Philadelphia. 

i. Clayton, Jr., b Jan. 28, 1898. 
ii. Nathaniel Crenshaw, b Sept. 16, 1901. 
i, Elizabeth Jolliffe, b March 30, 1904. 

Arvis — (for Wolcott) Argent, a chevron between three cross-rooks ermine. 
Crest — A bull's head erased argent, ducally gorged, armed and ringed or. 

Residence — 2012 Pine Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Club— Mcnon Cricket. 

Societies — Penna. Historical, Sons of the Revolution, Colonial Wars. 


riDattbevvs' amcvicau Bnnour^ 

of Philadelphia (Son of Richard Shippen of 
Burlington, and Anna E. Farmer. — Descended 
from Edward Shippen, b 1639 at Hillham, Yorks., 
Eng. ; Mem. of the Ancient and Hon. Artillery 
Co. 1659; Speaker of Assembly 1695; Mem. of 
the Prov. Council of Pa. 1696-1712 ; first Mayor of 
Phila., d 1712 ; son of W. Shippen, of Methley, 

Bot'ii in New Jersey, June 18, 1826 ; iii Mary Cath., 
da. of John Rodman Paul ; Grad. Princeton 
Univ. A.M. 1845; Univ. of Penna. IM.D. ; 
Assist. Surg. U.S.N. 1849, Surg. 1861, Med. 
Dir. a. S.N. 1876; Gov. Soc. of Col. Wars 
of Pa. ; Pres. Geneal. Soc. of Pa. ; Comp. 
Loyal Legion, U.S. 

i. Anna, m George Willing, 
ii. Elizabeth, in Chas. Wheeler Barnes, 
iii. Katherine, in Frederick A. Packard, INLD. 
iv. Margaret, m Edwards S. Dunn. 
A i-ms — Argent, on a chevron gules three oak leaves gules. 
Crest -A raven holding an oak leaf gules in the beak. 

Motto — Vigilans. 

Residence — 2039 Pine Street, Philadelphia. 

Societies— Loyal Legion, Colonial Wars, Genealogical and Historical of Penna., 
Fellow College of Physicians Phila., University Club. 

of Bryn Mawr, Pa. (Eldest son of Isaac 
Norris, M.D., b 1834; "' 1862, Clara Victoria, da. 
of Lemuel Lamb, and Margaretta Carswell, his 
wife. — Descended from Isaac Norris, b in London, 
Eng., 167 1 ; d in Phila., 1735 ; Provincial Councillor 
of Pa. ; Speaker of the Assembly ; Justice for 
Phila. County ; Mayor of Philadelphia, &c. ; 
m 1693, Mary Lloyd [Lloyds of Dolobran, Mont- 
gomeryshire, Wales] , third da. of Gov. Thomas 
Lloyd, Pres. of the Council, Keeper of the Great 
Seal, Master of the Rolls, and Lieut-Governor of 
the Province). 

Born at Philadelphia, 1865; Grad. Yale Univ. Ph.B., 1885; Univ. of 

Penna. LL.B., 1S88 ; Mem. of Phila. Bar; m April 3, 1902, Harriet 

Sears, d Aug. 18, 1905, eldest da. of Caspar and Elizabeth Clark 

(Greene) Crowinshield. 

i. Marv Lloyd. 

.-i (-;«s— Argent, on a chevron gules, between three falcons' heads erased sable, a 

mullet or. 
Crest — A falcon's head erased sable. Motto — Ubique patriam renainisci. 

Residence — " Fair Hill," Bryn r^Iawr, Penna. 

anb Blue Booh. 


A MES, Major AZEL, M.D., 
-^ of Wakefield Mass. (Son of Dea. Azel 
Ames of Chelsea Mass. 1813-94; '"^ 1837 Louisa 
1806-65, da. of Lt. Humphrey Lufkin of Chester 
N.H. ; son of Capt. Azel 1783-1842 ; son of Job 
1752-1827 ; son of Daniel 1712-78; son of John 
1672-1756; son of John, b at Bridgewater Mass. 
1647- 1726; son of William Ames, h at Bruton, 
Somersetshire, Eng. 1605, d at Braintree Mass. 1654. 
Also descended from Peter Browne, Francis Cooke, 
and Richard Warren, passengers in the " Mayflower" 1620). 

Born at Chelsea Mass. Aug. 16, 1845 ; Grad. Harvard Univ. Med. School 
1871, M.D. ; Surg.-Genl. G.A.R. ; Mem. Mass. Legislature 1879; 
Mem. and Secy. Am. Public Health Assn. ; Mem. and Secy. Mass. 
Metrop. Drainage Commission ; Editor and publisher Wakefield 
"Citizen" and Montana " Live -Stock Journal"; Mem. and Secy. 
U.S. Board Surgeons, Boston, 10 years; ist Lieut. 2d La. Engineers 
U.S.A. Civil War; Acting Asst. Surg. U.S.A. ; Major and Brigade 
Surg. U.S.V. Spanish War ; Director Vaccination of Porto Rico; 
Author of " Sex in Industry," " The Work of Local Health Boards," 
" The ' Mayflower ' and her Log," " Elementary Hygiene for the 
Tropics," " Hist, of the Ames Family," " Some Sanitary Problems 
of Massachusetts," etc. ; m 1866 Sarah Dering Thomas, da. of Elijah 
and Sarah A. (Thomas) Ames of Marshfield Mass. 

i. Capt. Azel, h Jan. 3, 1871, m Bertha Lurene Morrill, 
ii. Edward Winslow, h Oct. 29, 1874, "' Milhcent Johnson; U.S. 

Charge d' Affaires, Argentine Republic and Chile, 
i. Louisa Kimball. 

Arms — Argent, on a bend cotised sable three roses of the field. 
Motto — Fama Candida rosa dulcior. 

Residences — 24 Yale Ave., Wakefield ; and " Rexhame," Marshfield, Mass. 

Clubs — Army and Navy, N.Y. City, Army and Navy, Wash D.C., Harvard Union, 

Societies — G.A.R., Loyal Legion, Legion Spanish War Veterans, Pilgrim of 
Plymouth, Amer. Hist. Assn., Webster Hist., N.E. Hist. Geneal., Harvard 
Univ., Med. -Alumni Assn., Phillips (Andover Mass.) Acad. -Alumni Assn., 
Assn. Military Surgeons of U.S., Prest.Assn. A. Asst. Surgeons U.S.A., 
Amer. Public Health Assn., Mass. Med. Soc, Middx. E. Med. Soc, Hon. 
Mem. Med. Soc. Cal. and Mich., Mem. Amer. Soc. Tropical Med., Natl. 
Geographic Soc. 


ni>attbcw6' Bincncan Bnnour\) 

T^'OYLEY, Marchioness [nee Macdonald), 
-*— ^ of Paris, France (Eldest da. and co.-h. of 
Alastair A. Macdonald, of Keppoch, Inverness, 
Scot., d Balto., Md., 1858 ; m Annie R., d 1849, da. 
of Thomas and Margaret (O'Coulter) Walsh, of 
Ireland. — Descended from Ivan I., King of the 
Isles, who ;;/ Lady Margaret Stewart, da. of 
Robert II., King of Scotland in 1370). 

Born at Baltimore; H.I.M. the Sultan of Turkey 
conferred, Nov. 7, 1898, the Grand Cross of the 
Decoration of the Chefekat ; ;// Sept. 8, 1868, 
John H. Evans D'Oyley (Marquis D'Oyley), of 
Paris. His Holiness Pope Pius IX. conferred 
upon her the Grand Cross of the Order of the 

Holy Sepulchre. 

i. Reginald Donald, h Aug. 9, 1869, d May 20, 1889. 
ii. Gilbert Raoul, h Feb. 13, 1875; in Teresa Agnes Hainsworth. 
iii. Alastair Ivan, h Feb. 2, 1880, d May 26, 1904. 

Anns — (For Macdonald) Quarter!}-, ist argent, a lion rampant; 2nd or, a hand 
in armour holding a cross-crosslet fitchee gules ; 3rd or, a lymphad sable 
sails furled; 4th vert, a salmon naiant in fesse argent. 

Cy&st — A hand in armour holding a cross-crosslet fitchee gules. 

Motto — Air Muir's air Tir. 

Residences — Manoir Sans Souci, Bellevue Seine-Oise, France ; 25, Rue Franklin, 
Paris, France. 

of Philadelphia, Pa. (Only son of George 
Powell OHver, A.M., M.D., of Philadelphia, 
b February i, 1824; d Feb. 20th, 1884, m Maria 
Louisa, 1825-99, da. of Don Pedro Nicholas 
Suarez, of Corunna, Spain. — Descended from 
Nicholas B. Oliver, who settled in the U.S.A. 

Born at Cincinnati, Ohio, December 14, 1853 "' 
Graduate of the University of Pennsylvania ; 
III June 6, 1888, Mary Schermerhorn, second 
daughter of Lewis B. Henry, of New York 



i. Norris Schermerhorn, b May 19. 1889. 
ii. Katharine Powell, b April 30, 1892. 

Arms — Ermine, on a chief sable three lions rampant argent. 
Crest — A lion's head erased ermine, collared and ringed argent. 
Motto — Animo et fide. 

Residences — 1507 Locust St., Phila., "The Elms," Concord, Mass. 

Clubs — University, Franklin Inn, National Arts. 

Soueties — Amer. -Philosophical, Loyal Legion, Foreign Wars. 

anb Blue 'Boo\\. 


of Phila. (Son of Wm. Wister of " Belfield " 

Pa., Sec. N. Pa. R.R., ;// 1826, Sarah, da. of Wm. 
Logan and Mary (Rodman) Fisher of Phila. — Desc, 
from Hans Casper Wister, of Hillsbach. Heidel- 
berg; from James Logan 1674-1751 of " Stenton," 
Phila., Sec. to W. Penn, and Acting Gov. 1736-8 ; 
from Owen Jones 1711-93, Col. Sec. and Trea. of Pa.). 

Boyn at "Belfield" Germantovvn, Aug. 10, 1844; 
in Ap. 17, 1872, "Betty, da. of Col. Sam. W. 
Black, Gov. of Neb., who /// Eliza Ann Irwin, 
and gr.-da. of Judge Tho. Mifflin and Eliza 
Walker Irwin, and of Dr. John Black , of 
Dublin University. Mrs. Rodman Wister is 
desc. from John Mackinnon, d 1759, of Mish- 
nish, I. of Mull, 14th chief, Clan MacDonald . 


i. Langhorne Harvey, Z* April 12, 1887. i. Emily, b 1885, d 1886. 

ii. Rodman Mifflin, b June 20, 1890. 

Arms — Per pale, dexter argent on a bend azure two mullets of six points argent, 
sinister lozengy argent and sable a bar or. 

Cyat — Out of a crest coronet or, on a knight's helmet full faced with necklace 
a demi-eagle wings displayed sable, in its mouth a spray of six olives. 


Residences — 1014 Spruce St., Phila., Pa., and " Shady Hill," Logan, P.O., P. A. 
Clubs —Art, Germantown C.C., Milton-on-the-James, Schu^dkill Fishing, Belfield 

C.C., Acorn. 
Societies — Colonial Wars, ''^Colonial Dames. 


-L-^ of Philadelphia (Son of Llewellyn Fite Barry 
of Phila. ; adm. Balto. Bar 1850, b 1826, ;// 1858, 
Annie, da. of Joseph Harrison of Phila. — Descended 
from John Barry, bro. of Col. Standish Barry of 
Maryland, b 1763; in descent from David Barry 
of Lemlara co. Cork, Esquire, m Catherine, da. of 
Standish Grady, Esq. This family went over to 
Ireland with Strongbow, and have been in possession 
of Lemlara since the invasion of Henry II. under 
the successive Lords Barry, the Viscts. Buttevant 
and the Earls of Barrymore). 
Born at Paris, France, Jan. 25, 1862; Grad. Univ. 

of Penn. B.S. 1884; adm. Phila. Bar July 9, 

1887 ; Mem. ist Troop Phila. City Cavalry. 
Ayms — Argent, three bars gamels gules. 
Crest — A castle argent, issuing from the top a wolf's head sable. 

Motto — Boutez en avant. ■ 

Residence— 221 South i8th Street, Philadelphia, Penna. 

Clnbs — Rittenhouse, Phila. Country, Huntingdon Valley Country, Radnor Hunt 

University N.Y., Strollers N.Y. ; Kebo Valley ; Desert Reading Rooms. 
Society — Zeta Psi Fraternity. 


HDattbcwr* Bnicrican Brinour^ 

-*- of X.Y. City (Son of Tillinghast Tompkins 
1793-1860, m Charlotte Merrill 1833-99; son of 
Gideoa 1761-1837, m Cynthia Brownell : son of 
Joseph, b 1712, m Martha Pearce : son of Samuel 
1660-1760, w Sarah Coe : son of Nathaniel 1637- 
1724, settled at Newport R.I., m 1670 Eliz. Allen;. 

Born at Brooklyn N.Y. July 30, 1843 ' Grad. 
HamUton CoU. A.B. 1865. A.M. iS58; N.Y. 
Univ. Law Sch. LL.B. 1S6S ; Trustee of 
Hamilton Coll. ; Dir. Bankers' Loan and In- 
vest. Co. ; Dir. and Sec. Redwood Lib., New- 
port ; Vice-Pres. Newport Hist. Soc. : Mem. 
Am. Hist. Assoc., &c. ; m April 20, 1876, 
rfOct. II, 1877. 


Susan L. Ledvard. 

Arms — Azure, on a chev. betw. three moorcocks close or, three crosses crosslet 

Cresi — A unicorn's head erased per fesse argent and or, armed and maned of the 
last, gorged with a chaplet of laurel vert. 

Motto — Ne magnum nisi bonum. 

Residence — i West 54th Street, N.Y. City: Newport, R.I. 
Clubs — University, GroUer. Baltasrol Golf, Newport Reading Room. 
Socutiis—Bai Assoc. N.Y., Am. Bar Assn., Colonial Wars, Colonial Order, Sons 
of th R :!., Mayflower Descendants, N.Y. Geneal. and Biograph. Soc. 

-'-^ of Atlanta Ga. (Son of ^^'illiam Francis Dancy, 
1818-60, of Tarborough N.C., m (i) 1850, Caroline 
Moye, m (2) 1858, Mary Eliza Battle; son of 
Francis Little, 1776-1848, of Edgecombe Co. N.C., 
Charlotte Sessums ; son of William, d 1776, 
son of John Dancy of Virginia). 


m Agatha Little 

Born at Tarborough N.C. Aug. 4, i860 ; Grad. Univ. 
of N. Carolina, Class 1881, A.B. ; Manager 
Georgia Sales Di\-ision Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co 
1S87, Elizabeth Hanrahan Grimes. 


i. \ViLLi.\M Grimes, b Dec. 19, iSS^. 
ii. Frank B.\ttle, b Nov. 8, 1892. 
iii. Brvan Grimes, b Oct. 7, 1894. 

i. Eliza B.attle, h Dec. 28, i883. 

..-irffu — Argent, on a bend vert three roses or. 

w Dec. 8. 

Residence — 63 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta, Ga. 
C/ui;$— Capital City, Piedmont Driving. 

Societies — Amer. .A ' r the .Advancement of Science, Ehsha Mitchell Scientidc, 

Sons ol th^. . . .aou, Pol Kappa Sigma Fraternity. 

a^^ tsiuc IBooh. 



of X.Y. City (Son of David E. Wheeler, 
1804-70, Mem. X.Y.S. Legislature ; 111 Elizabeth 
Bartlett,^/ 1811-48, da. of \Vm. and Mary Pepperrell 
(Sparhawk) Jarvis, of Weathersfield, Vt. — Des- 
cended from Gen. Sir Wm. Pepperrell, Bt., who 
com. Colonial forces at Siege of Louisbourg, 17+5). 

Boyu in X.Y. City, March 10, 1840; Grad. at N.Y. 
Coll., B.A., 1856 ; M.A., 1859 ; Harvard Univ., 
B.L., 1859 ; Chairman X.Y. City C.S. Com. ; 
m (i) Nov. 22, 1866, Lydia, L. d 1902, da. of 
Silas H. Hodges, Chairman of B. of Appeal in 
U.S. Patent Office ; in (2) April 26, 1904, Alice, 
da. of Pres. D. C. Gilman. 

i. D.wiD Everett, b Xov. 23, 1872 ; m Mabel Blanche Whitney, 
i. AxxiE Lorraine, w; Gilbert Robert Livingston, 
ii. Ethel Jarvis. iii. Winifred Fay, 1S74-96. 

iv. Constance Fuller, m June 14, 1904, Burges Johnson. 

Arms — ( Pepperrell I Argent, a chevron gales between three pineapples vert; on 

a canton, azure, a fleur-de-Us or. 
Crest — Out of a mural crown argent, with laurel leaves proper in the embrasures, 

an arm in armour embowed holding a banner argent. 

Mottoes — Peperi (above crest) ; Virtute parta tuemini. 

Residences — 735 Park Avenue, N.V. City; New Hamburgh, N.Y. 

Clubs — Century, Reform, City, Church, Down Town. 

Societies — Alpha Delta Phi, Colonial Wars, Xew York Historical, East Side 
House, Civil Service Reform, Phi Beta Kappa. 

of X.Y. City (Son of James OrviUe Bloss, of 
Rochester, X.Y. 1805-69, m 1834 Eliza Ann, 
1810-80, da. of Roswell Lockwood ; son of Joseph, 
1759-1838, m Amy Kennedy ; son of James, d 1776, 
m Ehzabsth Clough ; son of James, 1702-90; son 
of Richard, b 1639, in i683 Ann Cutler; son of 
Richard, 1623-65, sailed from Ipswich with his 
mother ?^Iary in ship " Francis," 1634, ^^- '^^■> took 
the oath at Watertown, Mass., 1652, m 1658 Micael, 
da. of Robert Jennison ; his widow m John Warren, 
son of Edmund Blosse, 1587-1681, from England 
prior to 1634, freeman at Watertown 1639 ; pro- 
bably son of Robart Blosse of Reydon, Suffolk 
[son " Edmund " mentioned in his will pr. Arch. 
Ipswich 1630], a grairdson of Thomas of Reydon, a descendant of Thomas 
Blosse, of Ipswich, d 1342). — Vide " Visitation of Suffolk," 1612. 

Born at Rochester, X.Y. Sept. 30, 1847. 

Anns — Gules, three dragons passant in pale ermine. 

Crest— k demi-angel, holding in the dexter hand a griffin's head erased 

Residence — 912 Fifth Avenue, N.Y. City, 
C.Abs — Metropolitan, Union League, N.V 


ni>attbcw6* antertcan armoury 


* ' of Twickenham (Son of Andrew H. Ward, 

1824-igoo ; m Anna H. W. Field; son of Andrew 
H., b 1784, m Sarah Henshaw, of Leicester, 7th in 
desct. from Thomas Henshaw, gent., of L'pool, 
1630; son of Thomas, b 1758; son of Mj.-Genl. 
Artemus, /) 1727; son of Nahum, /) 1684; son of 
William Ward, b 1603, of Sudbury Mass. 1639). 

Born at Newton, Mass., April 22, 1862 ; Hereditary 
Count of the Holy Roman Empire; Chancellor- 
General, Military Order, French Alliance ; 
Hereditary Companion Order of the Cincin- 
nati ; Comp. Mil. Order of Foreign Wars ; 
Lord of the Manor of North Scarle, Lincoln- 
shire ; Grand Cross Royal Order of Villa Vicusa of Portugal ; Knt. 
Comdr. de Numero, R. Order of Carlos HL ; Grand Officer Order of 
the Sun and Lion ; Knt. Comdr., R. Order of Christo ; Knt. Comdr., 
R. Order of Takova ; Coronation Medal Alphonso XHL ; Jubilee 
Medal Carol L Roumania ; Consul General for Roumania ; m Nov. 
26, 1889, Edyth, da. of Horatio Victor Newcomb, of N.Y. City. 

Arms — Azure, a cross flory or. 

Crest — A wolf's head erased proper, langued gules. 

Mottoes — (i) Non nobis solum ; (2) Sub cruce salus. 

Residence — Fulwell Park, Twickenham, Middlesex, England. 

Clubs — Union, Metropolitan of New York City ; Country of Boston, Mass. ; 

Wellington, Bath of London, Travellers of Paris. 
Societies — The Mayflower Descendants, Sons of the Revolution, Sons of the 

American Revolution. 


-*-^ {nee Mary Elizabeth Ryan), 

of Boston, Mass. (Only child and heiress of the 

late William Ryan, of Boston, Mass., b March 7, 

1823 ; d March 27, 1848 ; /;; June 9, 1846, Margaret 


Born at Boston, Mass. ; ni Henry Stoddard Ruggles, 
of Wakefield, Mass. 


i. Henry, b Feb. 20, 1879 ; d Jan. 24, 1881. 
ii. Francis Dunbar, b Aug. g, 1883. 
iii. Horace Cheney, b June 18, 1887 ; d Feb. 9, 


i. Eaimeline. v. 

ii. Mary Rosamond. vi. 

iii. Marguerite. vii. 

iv. Mabel Lyman. viii. 


LouisA Kingsley. 


Lucia Dalton. 

Julia Parker. 

(For Ryan) Gules, on a bend argent six holly leaves in pairs erect proper 

-A griffin's head. 

Motto — Malo mori quam fcedari. 

Residences — Boston, Wakefield, and Rochfort, Mass. 

Societies — Mary Washington Association, and George Washington Memorial Assn 

anb Blue :f6ook. 



of N.Y. City (Son of Frederick de Bary, 
b Frankfort-on-Main 1815, d N.Y. City 1898, 
m 1843 Julie Scherpenhausen, d 1870, of Crefeldt, 
Prussia; son of Christian, b 1775, in Sophie C. C. 
Pilgrim; son of Jean, b 1744, m Elizabeth A. 
de Stockum ; son of Issac, b 1715 ; son of Jean, 
b 1675 ; son of Francois, b 1643 ; son of Israel, 
b 1609 ; son of Pierre ; son of Louis, b Touray 
circa 1530, emigrated to Cologra 1576, settled in 
Frankfort 1583; son of Antoine, b 1492; son of 
Martin 1456; sonofJean;sonof Nicolas; sonof Gilles; 
son of Jacques ; son of Jacques ; son of Michel; son 
of Michel ; son of Brice de Bary, Chevalier 
Seigneur of Bary, b Tournay, Belgium, circa 1170). 

Bovn at Crefeldt Oct. 11, 1845, in Oct. 30, 1872, Augusta Rawson, da. of 

John R. Cecil of N.Y. City. 

i. Fritz, b Sept. 3, 1888, d 1892. 
i. Leonie, m George Dillvvyn Cross. ii. May. 

^rnis — Gules, three barbe (fish) heads, two and one argent. 
Crest — A star of six points between two eagles' wings argent 

iii. Anita. 

Residence — 5 West 52nd Street, N.Y. City. 

Clubs — Union League, Riding, N.Y. Athletic, Lawyers, Westchester Country, 
Tuxedo, Baltusrol Golf. 

of East Grinstead, Sussex (Son of Gordon W. 
Burnham, of N.Y. City, 1803-85 ; m (i) 1831, Ann 
Griswold Ives, d 1847 ; in (2) 1851, Maria Louisa 
Brov.'nell, d 1883 ; son of Jedediah 1761-1828 ; son 
of Ebenezer 1722-88 ; son of Ebenezer, b 1691 ; 
sonofjosiah 1662-92 ; son of Deacon John Burnham 
1620-94 [brother of Thos. of Hartford, Ct.], settled 
at Ipswich, Mass., 1635, a descendant of the 
Burnham's of Hatfield Court, Herefordshire). 

Born at N.Y. City, Jan. 30, 1866 ; Director of Am. 

Brass Co., Benedict and Burnham Mfg. Co., 

Waterbury Watch Co., and Am. Pin Co., etc. ; 

Chairman, Farman Auto., Co., Ltd., London; 

in (i) 1885, Agnes Havemeyer, 1867-93 ; in (2) 

Feb. 9, 1899, Edith, da. of Charles Crosland, of Huddersfield, Yorks, 

(By 1st m.) 
i. Gordon LeRoy, h Dec. 18, 1886. 

Anns — Quarterly, i and 4 gules, a chevron between three lions' heads erased or ; 

2 and 3 (Brownell), ermine, on a chevron cotised sa, three escallops or. 
Crest — A leopard's head gorged with a coronet ppr. 
Motto — Adversis major par secundis. 

Residence — Plaw Hatch, East Grinstead, Sussex. 

Clubs — Union, N.Y. Yacht, Orleans, Automobile, Sandown, Kempton, Royal 
London Yacht, Automobile (France). 


riDattbewe' amcrican Hnnour^ 

of Washington, D.C. (Son of Nathl. H. 
Emmons, 1796-1878, of Boston, /;/ 1828, Elizth.W. 
Wales, 1809-90; son of Samuel, 1755-1836 ; son of 
Samuel, 1733-1816; son of Nathl., Painter, 1703-40; 
son of Nathl., 1670-1721 ; son of Samuel, 1635-85 ; 
son of Thomas Emmons, of Newport, R.I., 1638; 
d 1664). 
Born at Boston, Mass., March 29, 1841 ; U.S. 

Geolog. Sur. ; Gen. Sec. 5th Internl. Cong, of 

Geologists, Wash., 1891 ; Grad. Harvard 

Univ. A.B., A.M., 1861 ; Ecole Imperiale des 

Mines, Paris ; Berg-Akademie Freiberg ; m (i) 

1876, Weltha A. Steeves, ^ 18S8 ; ;;/ i88g, Sophie 

Dallas, d 1896, da. of Francis Markoe, Chief 

of Diplomatic Bureau S. Dept., U.S.A., and Mary G., da. of Virgil 

Maxcy, U.S. Min. to Belgium, Solr. to U.S. Treasury; m (2) 1903 

Mrs. M. Ogden Jones (Suzanne F. Earle). 
/1m»s— Or, a chevron azure; en a canton of the second a boar's head erased 

betw. three fleur-de-lis or. 
Crest— h boar's head erased. Motto— Yvo Cristo sapiens et fidus. 

Residence— i^zi " H " Street, N W. Washington, D.C. 

Clubs— Ceninxy, University, of N.Y.; Metropolitan, Chevy Chase, of Wash. 

Societies — Nat. Acad, of Sciences, Am. Philosophical of Phila., Geol of London, 
Geo), of Am., Geol. of Wash., Wash. Acad, of Sciences, Am. Inst, of 
Mining Engrs., Colorado Scientific, Soc. des Sciences Naturelles. 

of N.Y. (Son of Henry M. Bradhurst of 
"Pinehurst," N.Y. 1822-94, ?« Mrs. Elizabeth Noyes, 
da. of Felix Tracy of Oramel, N.Y. ; son of John 
Maunsell, 1782-1855, Capt." Bradhurst's Regulars" 
War 1812, son of Saml. of Pinehurst 1749-1826, 
in N.J. Mil. Rev. \\'ar, ;// Mary, da. of Capt. Richard 
Smith H.M.S., niece of Gen. John Maunsell and 
grand-da. of Richard Stillwell of N.Y. ; son of Sam. 
1727-62; son of Samuel 1700-39, m Anna, da. of 
Hon. Thos. Pell ; son of Jonathan Broadhurst of 
Derrington Staffordshire, H. Sheriff of Albany Co. 
N.Y. 1700-2). 

Born at "Pinehurst," N.Y. Sept. 17, 1865; Edu- 
cated at Christchurch, Oxford ; ju June 24, 1893, 
Minna Evangeline Page, da. of Ch. P. Wood 
(son of Sir John Page Wood, Bt., and nephew 
of the late Lord Hatherley) of Wakes Colne 
Hall, Essex, and Minna, da. of Thos. White of Berechurch, Essex, 
and grand-da. of Sir G. H. Smith, Bart, of Upton (extinct). 

i. Christine Evangeline Minna Elizabeth. 

Arms — Azure, fretty of eight pieces, raguly or. 

Crest— A dexter arm embowed in mail holding in the hand proper a spiked club or. 

Mo^^o -Sapere et tacere. 

Resideuce—RiyenhaW Place, Essex, England. 
Society — Co\on\a.\ Order of the Acorn 

anb Blue IBool^, 


of N.Y. City (Son of Rear-Adm. Robert W. 
Shufeldt, U.S.N., 1822-85 ; m Oct. 16, 1847, Sarah 
Hutchins, d 1872, da. of the Rt. Rev. John 
Abercrombie, Rector of Christ Ch. and St. Paul's, 
of Phila. — Descended from the family of Zufeld, of 
Newburgh, N.Y., 1645). 

Born at N.Y. City, Dec. i, 1850; Naturalist and 

Author of numerous writings ; Capt.'s Sec, 

U.S. Gunboat, " Proteus," 1864 ; First Lt. Med. 

Corps. U.S.A., 1876; Capt. 1881 ; Maj., 1904; 

in Charge of Section, Comparative Anatomy, 

Army Med. Mus., 1882 ; Retired 1891 ; Hon. 

Curator Smithsonian Inst., Wash. ; Associate 

in Comparative Anatomy, U.S. Nat. Mus. ; Judge, Chicago 

Exposition; m (i) Sept. 12, 1876, Catharine, da. of Welles J. 

Babcock, of Hartford, Ct. ; (2) Sept. 4, 1895, Florence, da. of John 

W. Audubon, of N.Y. City; (3) Mar. 14, 1898, Alfhild D. Lowum, 

da. of Anders M. Evensen, of Christiana. 

i, Robert Wilson, (3rd) b June 7, 1877 ; dvoiinicd July 11, 1892. 
ii. Percy Welles, b Dec. 27, 1879. 
i. Sarah Abercrombie. ii. Catharine, d May 5, 1902, /Et. 13. 

Arms—Ov, a chevron engrailed gules between three boars' heads erased azure. 
Crest — A fox's head erased proper. i\/o«o— Semper vigilans. 

Residence — 471 West 145th St., New York City, N.Y. 

C/«is— Alpha Delta Phi, Cornell Chapter, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. 

Societies — Zoo\og\ca.\ of London ; L'AUiance Scientifique Uni\erselle de France, 
Paris ; Societa Italiana d'Antropologia, Etnologia. e Psicologia Comparata, 
Florence, Italy; Fellow Am. Ornithol. Union, U.S. Am. and British for 
Psychical Research, Am Naturalists, etc., etc. 

of Philadelphia (Son of Thomas and Emily 
(Swift) Balch of Philadelphia. — Descended from 
John Balch of Maryland 1658; 6th in descent 
from Captain Charles Willing 1710-54, who com- 
manded a Company Associated Regiment of Phila- 
delphia Foot under Colonel Abraham Taylor ; 8th 
from Edward Shippen, ist Mayor of Philadelphiaand 
Acting Governor of Pennsylvania; 9th from Acting- 
Governor Robert Brooke of Maryland). 

Born at Philadelphia, Pa. ; Graduated at Harvard 

University 1890 ; Member of the Philadelphia 


y4rms^Barry of six or, and azure ; on a bend engrailed gnles three spear heads 

Crest — A demi-griffin proper. Motto — Ubi libertas, ibi patria. 

Residence — 1412 Spruce Street, Philadelphia. 

Clubs — Philadelphia, Barge. Societies — The American Philosophical. 


fIDattbews' amcrican Hrmourv 

of Chambersburg, Pa. (Eldest son of Capt. 
Thos. J. Brereton, U.S. O. Corps, distinguished 
at West Point and in Mexican War; in 1854, 
Amelia M., da. of Hon. Harmer Denny of Pittsburgh, 
Mem. of Pa. Legislature, M.C., and of the Con- 
stitutional Convention, 1837-38, and Elizabeth F. 
O'Hara, da. of Gen. James O'Hara, U.S.O.M.G. 
[Ensign, Coldstream Gds., son of Maj. John O'Hara, 
of the Irish Brigade in France, and related to the 
O'Haras of Tyrawley, Ireland, who traced their 
ancestry to the ancient Milesian Kings of Ireland] ; 
gr.-da. of Maj. Ebenezer Denny, original mem. of 
the Soc. of the Cincinnati, distinguished in cam- 
paigns against the Indians, m Nancy, da. of Capt. John Wilkins, of 
Carlisle, Pa., a Revol'n. Officer, Aunt of Hon. Wm. Wilkins, Mem. of 
Legislature, U.S. Senator, Minr. to Russia, M.C., Sec. of War, and 
Judge of the U.S. Dis. Court ; and sister of Gen. John Wilkins, an Officer 
of the Revol., distinguished during the Whiskey Insurrection, and pro- 
minent in the history of Western Pa. Capt. Brereton was son of John A. 
Brereton, Surg. U.S.N., who served through War of 1812 on U.S. 
frigate "Congress," grandson of Thos. Brereton, who came to America 
in 1 76 1 in command of the privateer " Betty," and settled in Baltimore, 
Md. \jn 1 781, Sarah, da. of Major Thos. J. Marshall, of Col. Gist's Regt. 
of Md. Vols., descended from John Marshall, of Northampton Co., Va., 
1635"!, gt. -grandson of Thos. Brereton, of Dublin, who was descended 
from Sir W. Brereton, Lord High Marshal and Chief Justice of Ireland 
under Henry VIII. — Descended from Sir Ralph Brereton, of Brereton, 
Cheshire, temp. William Rufus, whose ancestor, Gislebert de Venables, 
came to England in the retinue of Hugh Lupus, afterwards Earl of 
Chester. The parent stem, whose head bore the title Lord Brereton of 
Leighlin since the time of Elizabeth, became extinct in 1720 ; the present 
head of the family is Major Wm. R. Brereton, of Co. Kildare, Ireland). 

Born at Pittsburg, Pa., Sept. 21, 1858; Grad. at Columbia Coll., 1879; 
Sch. of Mines, Columbia Coll., 1883 ; m Dec. 31, 1884, Frances, da. 
of Wm. H. Lindsay, and Jane Seton, niece of Archbp. Magee, of 
Dublin, and cousin of Archbp. Magee, of York, and descended in the 
eldest line from the family of Seton, one of the most ancient and 
famous of the old Scotch nobility. 


i. Thomas, & Dec. 2, 1885. iv. O'Hara Denny, /; Aug. 21, 1892. 

ii. Seton Lindsay,/) Mar. 5, 1889. i. Amelia. 

iii. Francis Marshall,/) Aug. 19, 1889. 

/I r;;;5— Argent, two bars sable. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet a bear's head proper, muzzled or. 

Motto — Opitulante Deo. 

Residence — Chambersburg, Penna. 

an^ Blue 1Boo]\, 


of Tuxedo Park (Son of Francis Ormond 
French, 1837-93 [his two gr.-fathers being Hon. 
Dan. French, Atty.-Genl. S.N.H., and Ch. Justice 
Wni. M. Richardson, Mem. of Congress, 1811-14]; 
Grad. Harvard. Univ., 1857, LL.B. 1859; admtd. 
N.Y. Bar, i860; Pres. of Manhattan Trust Co.; 
HI Ellen, da. of Hon. Amos Tuck, Mem. of Congress, 
1847-53. F. O.French had twoc'aurs., Elizth., the 
present Lady Cheylesmore, and h211en, who in Alf. 
G. Vanderbilt. — Descended from Edward French, 
/; Eng., came to Amer. 1636, an original settler of 
Salisbury, Mass.). 
Boni at Boston, Mass., July 20, 1863 ; Graduated 

Harvard Univ., 1885 ; Vice-Pres. Manhattan 

Trust Co., N.Y. ; also a Director, Northern Pacific Ry. Co., Northern 

Securities Co., and Chicago Burlington and Ouincy Ry. Co.; Dir.of C.I. 

and L.R.R. Co. ; Treas. of Knickerbr. Club ; iii Dec. 2, 1885, Pauline, 

da. of Stuyvesant LeRoy, of N.Y. 

i. Francis Ormond, b Nov. 27, 1888. i. Paulin LeRoy. 

ii. Stuyvesant LeRoy, b Aug. 19, 1895. ii. Julia Stell. 

iii. Edward Tuck, i May 3, 1899. iv. Amos Tuck, Jr., b Sept. 10, 1901. 
Arms — Azure, a chevron between three boars' heads or. 
Crest— A boar's head erased. Mo^^o— Tuebor. 

Residences — Tuxedo Park, New York ; and Chester, New Hampshire. 
Clubs— Union, Knickerbocker, Metropolitan, Tuxedo, Harvard, New Yark Yacht 
Club, Coney Island Jockey Club, Newport Reading Room, etc. 

of Brooklyn N.Y. (Son of Nathaniel OHver 
Cornwall, M.A., M.D., of Portland Ct., ;// Mary 
Ann, da. of Brackett Mortimer and Mary Ann 
(Stocking) West [descended from Francis West, 
b 1606, from Salisbury, Eng., d Duxbury, Mass. 
1692, and George Stocking in New Eng. 1633I ; 
son of David 1790- 1874, m Maria A. Attwood ; son 
of Nathaniel 1750-1823, m (i) Jerusha Foote, ;// (2) 
Anna Deming ; son of William 1727-50, in Sarah 
Shepherd; son of William 1692-1755, m Esther 

Ranny; son of William 1 671- 1747,/// Esther, gd. -da. of Andrew W^ard,Dep.- 
Gov. of Conn. 1634; son of William 1641 -91, 7« Mary Bull ; son of William, 
emigrated to New Eng. before 1633, one of the original proprietors of 
Middletown Ct., Representative in the Colonial Legislature 1654-64). 

Born at Buenos Aires, S. A., July 2, 1866; Grad. Wesleyan Univ. and 
Columbia Univ. Ph.B. 1887, M.D. 1890. 

Arms — Ermine, a lion rampant gules crowned or within a bordure engrailed 

sable bezantee. 

Residence — 1239 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Chibs — University, Invincible. 

.Sm/c-^iVs— Sons of the Am. Revnl., L.I. Hist., Chi Psi, Phi Beta Kapp.i. Am. 

Mt d Assoc, iS;c. 


riDattbcws' Bincrican Brmourv 

-*— ' of Cambridge Mass. (Son of Rev. Wm. Enos 
Bigelow of Flint Mich. 1820-1S90, in Daphne 
Florence 1824-1878, da. of Rev. Seth and Lucy 
(Hoyt) Mattison of Batavia N.Y. ; son of Job 
Gardner 1792-1838; son of Jabez 1760-1829; son of 
Jabez 1726-1808 ; son of Gersham 1701-1789 ; son 
of Joshua 1654-1745 ; son of John Bigelow of 
Watertown Mass. 1617-1703). 

In a deed dat. 1642 he is named " John Bageley," a descetidant of 
the Baguleys of Bagtdev Hall, Cheshire; emi. from Wrentham, 
Suffolk. [See pedigree throuqh other lines in Her. Coll., Lond., 
" Arundel," vol. Hi.). 

Born at Eaton Rapids Mich. Aug. 2, 1846 ; Grad, 
Univ. of Michigan, and Harvard Univ. A.B., 
LL.B., A.M., Ph.D., LL.D . ; ;;/ Nov. 10, 1898, 

Alice Bradford, da. of Geo. S. Woodman, M.D., and Jane, da. of 
Timothy Gridley, Dean of Boston Univ., Law School. 


{By 1st m.) 
i. Leslie Melville, A.B. Harvard, 1895, b 1873, ^ 1898. 
i. Ada Hawthorn, b 1870, d 1876. ii. Charlotte Gray, b 1871, d 1876. 
Arms — Or, three lozenges azure. 
Crest — A ram's head erased azure, charged with three lozenges and attired or. 

Residences — 200 Brattle Street, Cambridge, Mass. ; North Woodstock, N.H. 
Club — Hon. Mem. Athenaeum of London, 1889-94-97, 1906. 
Societies — Phi Beta Kappa, Mass. Historical. 

of New York City (Son of Isaac N. Stoddard 

1812-91, m 1836 Martha Le B. 1816-1900, da. 
of Col. John Boies and Mary H. (Le Baron) 
Thomas ; son of Col. Elijah, b 1785 ; son of Ezekiel, 
h 1762 ; son of Jeremiah, b 1738; son of Jeremiah, 
b 1709; son of Jeremiah, b 1683 ; son of Samuel, 
b 1640; son of John Stoddard, d 1661, of Hingham 
Mass. Also from Hon. William Thomas, 1573-1651. 
Asst. Gov. of Plymouth Colony 1642). 

Born at Plymouth, Mass., Jan. 26, 1844; Assessor 
and Cashier of Boston ; Trea. Sherwood 
Manufg. Co.; Banker; grad. Harvard Univ., 
A.B. 1866, A.M. 1871 ; m April 8, 1868, Mary 
F., da. of Jacob Baldwin of Boston. 

i. Francis Russell, Jr., b July 26, 1877. 

ii. Mary Baldwin, m Oct. 2, 1895, Geo. D. Yeomans, of N.Y. 

i. Martha Le Baron, 1870-90. 

Arms — Sable, three estoiles within a bordure argent. 

Crest — A demi-horse ermine environed round the body with a ducal coronet or. 

Motto — Festina lente. 

Residences — New York City ; Cedarhurst, L.I. 

Clubs — University, Boston ; Art, Boston. 

Societies — Mayflower Descendants, Colonial Wars, Sons of the American Revolu- 
tion, Pilgrim of Plymouth. 

ant) 16lue IBool^, 


of Chicago (Son of Geo. T. and Rebecca 
(Giraud) Elliot. — Desc'd from Henry Elliot, in 
K. Philip's War 1675, ^'^^ ^^ Joseph Elliot, in 
Am. 1660; 7th fr. Thos. Welles, Gov. of Ct. 1654, 
a desct. of Robt. de Welles of Essex, b 1145, son 
of Wm. de Vallibus ; 8th fr. Richd. Treat, Gov. of 
Ct. ; 4th fr. Asa Elliot, of Crown Foint 1758 ; 8th 
fr. Matthew Marvin of Hartford Ct. ; 7th fr. John 
Holliston of Mass, 1644 ; 7th. fr. William Goodrich, 
of Ct. 1660). 

Born at N.Y., Mar. 7, 1835; Sc.D., Columbia 
University ; Ex. -P. Am. Ornithologists' 
Union ; Hon. Cur. of Zoology Field Mus. 
Nat. Hist. ; Knt. C. Cr. of Italy, Fredc. of 
Wurtemburg, Chas. HI. of Spain; Knt. of 
Fran. Jos. of Austria, Albert of Saxony, &c. ; in Nov. 2, 1858, Ann 
da. of David and Ann Eliza (Mclntyre) Henderson of Albany, 


i. Margaret Henderson, ii. Clara Ogden, 7;; Kenneth R. Macpherson. 

ArjHS — Azure, a fesse or. 

Crest— Out of a ducal coronet or, a griffin's head wings endorsed sable charged 
with five hurts. Motto~Non sine Deo. 

Residences — New York City. N.Y. ; Murray Bay, Quebec, Ca. 

Club— Century of N.Y. 

Societies— Coloxrial Wars, Fel. Royal Soc. of Edin., Zool. of London and France, 
Leopoldina Carolina Acad. Germany, R. Acad. Soc. Lisbon, Acad. Nat. 
Soc. Phila., Nat. Hist. Boston, Acad. Nat. Soc. N.Y., Hon. Mem. Linn. Soc, 
N.Y. Zool. Soc, Nutt. Ornith. Club, etc., etc. 



-*- of N.Y. City (Son of Benjamin, b 1813 ; son 
of Benj., b 1783 ; son of Jessie, b 1746 ; son of 
Thomas, /; 1705 ; son of Thos., b 1678 ; son of 
Capt. Thos., son of Thos. Flint, from Wales 1642, 
settled at Salem, Mass.). 

Born at Thomaston, Me., Jan. 24, 1850 ; Grad. 
Polytechnic Inst., Brookline 1868 ; organised 
Gilchrist, Flint & Co. 1871 ; estd. W. R. 
Grace & Co. 1872, of Peru, Chili and San 
Francisco ; was instrumental in organising Am. 
Chicle Co., Natnl. Starch Co., Sloss Sheffield 
Steel and Iron Co., Am. Bobbin and Shuttle 
Co., Am. Caramel Co., Rubber Goods Mfg. 
Co., etc. ; Consul for Rep. of Chili 1876 ; Consul of Nicaragua in N.Y. 
1886; Pres. U.S. Elec. Lighting Co. 1880; of Flint & Co. 1885; 
U.S. Delegate to the Intern. Conference at Washington 1889-90 ; 
Confidential Agent of the Department of State in negotiating the first 
Reciprocity Treaty under the Aldrich Amendment, etc. ; in Emma 
Kate, da. of Joseph Ferris Simmons of N.Y. City. 

Anus — Vert, a chevron between three flint stones argent. 
Crest — An estoile or. Motto — Sine Manula. 

Residence — 4 East 36th Street, N.Y. City. 

Clubs — Century, Union, Metro., Riding, Robhins Island, Liberty Hill, Accomack, 
So. Side. N.Y. Yacht, Country, Midday, St. Stephnis, London. 


ni>attbew6* american armoury 

of N.Y. City (Eldest son of William Foulke, 
1812-88, of N.Y., b Curasao, W.I. ; in 1846 Mary 
Elizabeth, 1826-82, da. of Abram Keteltas and 
Cath. B. (Beekman) Fish ; grandson of Joseph 
Foulke, i769-i852,and Charlotte, 1785-1846 [da. of 
Pierre Louis Francis Brion and Maria Detrox, 
sister to Adml. John P. Louis Brion, ColombiaNavy]; 
gt. -grandson of Foulks, of Piscataway, N.J., mem. 
of "The N.J. Line " War of Revol., d 1799, and 
Sarah, 1733-99, da. of Joseph and Priscilla (Lang- 
stafF) Sutton ; gt.-gt. -grandson of John Foulks, of 
Easton, Talbot Co., and Cecil Co., Md., d 1752, 
and Mary, da. of John Frazier ; desc'd. from James 
Fowke, of Staffordshire — James, and his sons, 
James, Jr., and Thomas, received grants of land 
at Accomac, Va., 1664-71 — James was a desc'dt. of Roger Fowke and 
Eliz. Wybaston, of Brewood, Staff., eldest son of WilHam, said to be 
desc'd. from Fulk-Foulques, Counts of Anjou). 

Arms — ist and 4th vert, a fleur-de-lis argent; and and 3rd a chevron gnles 

between three cinquefoils azure. 
Crest — A dexter arm embowed vested vert, cuffed argent, in the hand proper an 

arrow or, feathered of the second, pheoned azure. 
Motto — Arma tuentur pacem. 

Cltibs — Union, Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht, Church. 
Societies — St. Nicholas, Colonial Wars. 

CURRIER, Mrs. NELLIE MAY {nee Ross), 
of Newburyport, Mass. (Daughter of the late 
Andrew F. Ross, of Newburyport, b June 23, 1842, 
d Oct. 26, 1898, VI Dec. 3, 1865, Jennie, da. of 
James and Rhoda (Wells) Berry. — Descended from 
Hugh Ross, of Berwick, Maine, 1725). 

Born at Scarboro', Maine ; m June 23, 1898, Joseph 
Hilton Allen Currier, of Boston, Mass. 

i. Ross Hamilton, b Dec. i, 1899. 
i. Dorothy, b March 23, 1902. 

Arms — (for Ross) Within a bordure or, charged with 
three leopards' faces gules, a field of the second 
thereon as many lions rampant argent. 

Crest — A dexter arm encased in armour wielding a sword proper 

Afo//o— Constant and true. 

Residence — 174 High Street, Newburyport, Mass. 
Society — Daughters of the American Kevcjlution, 

anb Blue Bool^. 


of N.Y, City (3rd son of Henry Bryant, M.D., 
of Boston Mass. 1820-67, Physician, Naturalist 
and Surgeon of 20th Mass. Regiment 1861, 
m Elisabeth Brimmer Sohier of the senior male 
line of the Counts de Vermandois, in the male line 
from Charlemagne. The same origin which the 
illustrious house of Saint Simon has in the female 
line. This branch of the Sohier family might, by 
the right of primogeniture, claim the now lapsed 
but proud title of the Counts de Vermandois, 
allied in ancient days with the most powerful 
families of France, and more recently in America 
with the Lamberts, an ancient (Norman-English 

and Irish) family, connected through Henry I. of France, with the very 
ancient descent of Anne of Russia; son of John, merchant, 1786-1865, 
711 Mary Cleveland Smith, daughter of the Rev. John Smith, Prof, of dead 
languages, Dartmouth College, iii Mary Cleveland ; son of Capt. (Revolu- 
tion) John 1742-1816, in Hannah Mason, daughter of Colonel (Revolution) 
David Mason, in Hannah Symmes ; he descended in the female line from 
Sir James Warr ; son of John 1718-58, in Lois Brown; son of John i68g- 
1722, in Catharine Noakes; son of William 1655-87, settled in Boston ; 
son of Edmund of Barbados, d 1661 ; son of Thomas Bryant, b in England, 
d in Barbados, W.I. 1661, in Martha Chaplain). 

Bom at Boston Mass. May 15, 1861 ; Grad. Harvard Univ. A.B. 1884, M.A. 
and M.D. 1888; specialist in ear, nose, and throat diseases; late 
Major and Brigade-Surgeon of Volunteers; /// Sept. i, 18S7, Martha 
Lyman Cox, descended in the female line from the de Peyster and 
the Lyman families, the latter allied with the Lamberts, an ancient 
Norman-English family, connected through Henry I. of France with 
the very ancient ancesty of Anne of Russia. 


i. William Sohier, b Dec. 1896. 

i. Mary Cleveland. 
ii. Elizabeth Sohier. 
iii. Alice de \'ermandois. 
iv. Julia Cox. 
V. Gladis Plantagenet. 

Arins—(ior Sohier) Gules, a mullet argent. 
Crest — A cross or, between antlers argent. 
Motto — Stella xpi duce. 

Residences—^-] W. 53rd Street, N.Y. City ; Cohassct, Mass. C/^^i— Harvard of N.Y. 
Societies — Naval and Military Order ot Span.-Anier. War, Older ui Foreign W urs 


riDattbews' amcrican annourv> 

BECKWITH, Mrs. MARGARETTA {nee Pierrepont), 
of N.Y, City (da. of Hon. Edwards Pierre- 
pont, 1813-92, of Hurst Pierrepont, N.Y., U.S. Min. 
Court of St. James ; m Margaretta, da. of Saml. 
Aug. and Margaretta (Duffield) \Villoughby of 
Brooklyn. — Descended from Rev. James Pierrepont, 
1659-1714, ]\Iinister at New Haven, Ct., m Mary 
Hooker, grand-da. of Rev. Thomas Hooker, one of 
the founders of Connecticut, 1635). 

Bovn at Brooklyn, N.Y., May 20, 1847; m June i, 
1871, Leonard Forbes Beckwith, Chief En- 
gineer of N.Y. City Telephone Company, 
b 1844, d 1895, descended from Matthew Beck- 
with, one of the first settlers of Hartford, Ct., 

566 lie. 

i. Edward, Pierrepont, h April 27, 1877. 
ii. Sidney Forbes, h Feb. 5, 1884. 

i. Marguerite, ;/; June i, 1894, P^^of. Rudolph E. Brunnow. 
ii. Mary Pierrepont. 

Arms (Beckwith) — Argent, a chevron gules fretty or, betw. three hinds' heads 

erased or ; on a chief engr. gules a saltire betw. two roses argent. 
Crest — An antelope ppr., in mouth a branch vert. 
Motto — Joie en bien. 

Residences — Garrison-on-Hudson ; Cazenovia, N.Y. 

of Brooklyn (Son of Henry E. Pierrepont, 
1808-88, in Anna M. Jay; son of Hezekiah B., 
1768-1838; sonof John, 1740-1805; son of Hezekiah, 
1712-41 ; son of the Rev. James, 1659-1714; son 
of the Hon. John, 1617-82, of Roxbury, Mass. ; 
son of James, d 1648 ; son of Sir George Pierrepont, 
of Holme-Pierrepont, Notts., Eng.). 

Bom at Brooklyn, N.Y., Dec. 9, 1845 ; Grad. 
Columbia Coll., B. A., A.M., 1867; vi Dec. 9, 
1869, Ellen, da. of Abiel A. Low, Pres. of N.Y. 
Chamber of Commerce. 


i. Henry E., Jr., b Sept. 7, 1873, d March 3, 1903. 

ii. Robert L. b Aug. 12, 1876, m Kathryn L Reed, 
iii. Rutherfurd S., b July 5, 1882. iv. Seth L., b Dec. 25, 1844. 

i. Anne L., 111 Lea Mcllvaine Luquer, of New York, 
ii. Ellen L., in R. Burnham Moffat, of New York. 

Anus — Argent, seniee of cinqucfoils gules a lion rampant sable. 
Cnst—A fox passant proper. .Uy^^o— Pie repone te. 

Residence — 216 Colunibia Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Society — Sons of the Revolution. 

Club — Hamilton. 

anb Blue 1iBoo\{, 


of N.Y. City and Sag Harbor N.Y. (Son of 
Henry Cook of London 1814-87, m Eloise A., da. of 
Benj. Huntting of Sag Harbor ; son of Harry 1784- 
1860 ; son of Wm. Ely Cook, b 1756,1^ at Brighton, 
Sussex, Eng., 1846, who is supposed to have been 
descended from Oliver Cooke of South Molton, 
Devonshire, viva 1620, who was sixth from Walter 
Cooke of Exeter, 1387). 

Boi'ii'm Brooklyn N.Y. Sept. 11, 1855; 111 Nov. 15, 
1883, Lena Marianne, da. of Joseph Fahys of 


i. Joseph Fahys, b April 25, 1888. 
ii. Henry, b Mar. 24, 1892. 
iii. Francis Howell, b Mar. g, i8gg. 
i. Edith Eloise. iii. Maria Fahys. 

ii. Madeleine Huntting. 

Arms — Ermine, on a bend cotised gules three cats-a-mountain argent. 
Crest — A demi-leopard guardant or, supporting a branch of oak fructed or. 
Motto — Tu ne cede malis sed contra audeutior ito (Virgil). 

Residences — N.Y. City; Sag Harbor, N.Y. 

Clubs — Union League, Down Town. 

Societies — Member N.Y. Chamber of Commerce, Brooklyn Inst, of Arts and 
Sciences, Colonial Wars, Sons of the Revolution, Pilgrim. 

of Southbridge) Son of Otis Newhall I7g8- 
1886, of Spencer; son of Reuben 1770-1858; son 
of Allen i743-g4; son of John i 1 714 ; son of Daniel 
1685-1760; son of Thomas 1653-1728 ; son of 
Thomas 1630-87 ; son of Thomas Newhall, d 1674, 
settled in Lynn, Mass., 1630. Also descd. from 
Richard Dana, b civ. 1617 ; William Wood, b Mat- 
lock, Eng., 1582 ; John Barnard, b 1605 ; Capt. 
Edwd. Johnson, b i^gS ; Nicholas Shapleigh, about 
1600, of Kingsweare, Devon), 

Born a.t Spencer, Mass., Oct. i, 1834; Printer for 
Admiral in U.S. Navy 1861-67; in 1866, 
Josephine E. Augusta, d 1880, da. of Thomas 
and Rebecca Robinson, alias Jose Alessandra, 
of Pensacola, Fla. 

i. Rebecca, b and d 1867. "• Mabel Alicia, b 1870, d 1871. 

iii. Florence Dana, b 1872, m April 25, i8g6, Isaac S. Thompson, of 

N.Y. City. 
Arms — Azure, three plates or, on each an ermine spot sable. 
Crest — A cross crosslet fitchee azure. Motto — Diligentia ditat. 

Residence — Southbridge, Mass. 

Societies — G.A.R., Masons, Kearsage Assn. of Naval Veterans, N.E. Hist.Genea., 
Bostonian. Sons of the Amer. Kevol., Nat. Genealogical Society, etc. 


fIDatthewe' aincrican annour^ 

of Boston (Son of W. Gaston, 1820-94, 
A.M., LL.D., Mem. of Ho. of Rep., Mass., Mem. 
Mass. State Senate, Mayor of Roxbury, and 
Boston ; Gov. of Mass., Pres. Mass. Bar Assn., 
in Louisa A., da. of Laban S. Beecher ; son of 
Alexander, 1772-1856; son of John, 1750-1805; 
son of John, b Ireland, 1703, d 1783, /// Jennet, da. 
of Rev. Alex. Thompson of Scotland ; son of John, 
b Scot., 1650, went to Ireland ; son of Jean Gaston, 
b France cir. i6oo, a Huguenot, settled in Scotland). 

Born at Roxbury, May i, 1859; Grad. Roxbury 
Lat. Sch. 1876, Harvard Univ., A.B., 1880; 
on Mil. Staff of Gov. Wm. E. Russell, 
;/; April g, 1892, May Davidson, da. of 
Hamilton D. Lockwood of Boston. 

Infant Son, b and d Aug. 31, 1893. 

William, b Nov, 12, 1896. 
iii. John, b Dec. 10, 1898. 

Anns — Chequy, argent and gules, three escallops in bend or. 
Crest — An owl sable. Motto — Fama semper vivit. 




Residences — 97 Bay State Rd, Boston; Fox Islds. Thoroughfare, Nth. Havan, Me. 
and Barre, Mass. 

Clubs — Somerset, Algonquin, Univ., Exchange, Country, Athletic, Puritan, Tennis 
and Racquet, City, Commercial, Curtis, Harvard and Metropolitan of N.V. 
Societies — Bostonian, Roxbury, Military, Mass. Bar Assn., Mass. Horticultural. 

of N.Y. City (Eldest son of Oliver Teall Burt, 
1824-87, of Syracuse, N.Y., Pres. of the Onondaga 
Solar Salt Co., Pres. of the Central City Bank, 
Vice-Pres. of the Ontario Steamboat Co., ;;/ Rebecca, 
da. of Edward and Ann (Carr) Johnston ; son of 
Aaron, 1792-1S48 ; son of Aaron, 1759-92; son of 
Aaron, 1717-92; son of Joseph, 1673-1759 ; son of 
David, 1632 go; son ol Henry Burt, who settled 
in America, circa 1635, d 1662, one of the founders 
of Springfield, Mass., 1640). 

Born at Oneida, N.Y. , Nov. i, 1850; Prof.of Medicine 

and Physical Diagnosis, N.Y.; Post Grad. Med. 

Schl.Attg. Physician N.Y. Post. Grad. Hospital; 

Hon. M.A. Yale Univ., 1890 ; Educated at 

Cornell Univ., Coll. of Phy's and Surg's, M.D., 1875, and at Roosevelt 

Hospital ; Graduated at Med. Dept. of Columbia Univ., 1875. 

Arms — Argent, on a chevron gules, betw. three bugle horns sable stringed of the 
second, as many crosses crosslet fitchc'e or. 

Crest— A bugle horn as in Arms. 

Residences—'' Hotel Astor," N.Y. City ; Newport, R.I. 

Clubs— Cornell University, Hospital Graduates. 

Societies — Colonial Wars, Sons of the Revolution, Founders and Partriols of 
America, N.Y. Academy of Medicine, Kappa Alpha. 

an^ Blue 1Boo\{, 


of Johnstown, N.Y. (Son of Hon. James M. 
Dudley, 1813-92, Mem. Com'n, Constitutional 
Amendment N.Y., in Maria, 1820-92, da. of Saml. 
and Parthena (Cline) Swartwout.— Desc'd. from 
Francis Dudley, 1640, and Roeloff Swartwout, 


Born at Oppenheim, N.Y., June 14, 1845; Grad. 

U.S. Mil. Acad., W. Point, 1870 ; Albany Law 

Sch., Union Univ. B.L.; LL.D. Univ. of Neb., 

1904 ; Lt.-Col., Judge Adv., U.S. Vols., 2nd 

Army Corps, and Div. of Cuba ; Capt., Asst.- 

Qt'mr. U.S.A. ; P.G. Comdr. Knts. Templar, 

Neb. ; Dep.-Sup., Council S. Jurisdiction A. A. 

Scot. Rite Masonry, U.S.A. ; Col. Judge Adv. 

U.S.A. ; Prof, of Law. U.S. Mil. Acad., West 

Point since 1901 ; m June 22, 1870, Mary S., 

da. of Joseph and Mary A. (Sadlier) Hillabrandt. 

Anns — Or, a lion rampant vert double queued. 

Crest— A lion's head erased. Motto— Nee gladio nee arcu. 

Residences— Johnstown, Fulton Co., N.Y. ; U.S. Army Stations. 

C/;/Js— Union League ; Army and Navv, N.Y. ; Ft. Monroe, Va. ; Ft. Leaven- 
worth, Kan.; Ft. Thomas, Ky. ; Columbus, O. ; W. Point, N.Y. 

Societies— Colonial Wars, Sons of American Revolation, War of 1812, G. A.R. Neb., 
Mil. O. Loval Legion U.S.. Naval and Mil. O. Spanish Am. War. 

of New York City, (Only son of Justus W. 
Blanchard, of Albany, N.Y. , Brig.-Gen. U.S. Vols., 
b 1811, d 1876, ni 1837, Olive Baker d 1875. — 
Descended from Thomas Blanchard, yeoman, from 
Penton, Hampshire, Eng., 1639, settled at Braintree, 
Will proved April 20, 1654, bequests to ^^^^^ Mary 
and sons Thomas, Samuel, and Nathaniel). 

Boyn at Albany, N.Y., July i, 1849 ; Rector of 
St. James', Fordham, N.Y., St. John's, Detroit, 
Mich., and St. James', Philadelphia ; Deputy 
to General Convention Episcopal Church, 
1886-9, '92, '95 ; Graduated at Amherst College, 
B.A. 1871, M.A. 1874, D.D. 1S95 ; '« June 3, 
1880, Harriet Louise, daughter of William Anderson, Pastor 
Reformed (Dutch) Church, Fordham, N.Y. City, and Sarah Louisa, 
daughter of Abraham Ry arson. 

Arms — Gules, a chevron between three crosses crosslet argent. 
C^est—A helmet resting on an eagle's head. 

Residence— 2,2s, West 57th Street, N.Y. City. 

C/tt6— Alpha Deha Phi, of N.Y. 

Societies — Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa, Loyal Legion 


flDattbews' Hmerican armoury 

of N.Y. City (Son of William Rhinelander 
Renwick, 1816-83, m May 20, 1840, Eliza S., da. 
of Wm. B. Crosby, of N.Y., and Harriet A., da. of 
Rev. W. Clarkson, D.D., M.D., and Cath., da. of 
Gen. Wm. Floyd, signer of the Declaration of 
Independence ; grandson of James Renwick, founder 
of first line of Packets between N.Y. and L'pool. 
— Desc'd from the Renwicks, of Roxburghshire, 

Born at N.Y. City, May 30, 1845 ; Dir. of The 
Summit Bank, Summit, N.J., and of Battelle 
and Renwick, N.Y. City ; ;// (i) June 19, 1872, 
Harriette McDoual ; /// (2) July 17, 1879, 

Gertrude Camilla Sears. 


{By 1st. III.) 

i. Mary Watt, m Feb. 7, 1901, Fredc. Kent Dohrman, of Summit, N.J. 

{2nd m) 

i. William Rhinelander. 
ii. Howard Crosby. 

iii. SusA Evelyn. 

Arms — Gules, two thistles in chief, in base a lion rampant betw. a chevron argent. 
Crest — An arm in armour embowed holding a scimitar.. 
Motto — Contide rate acens. 

Residence — Summit, N.J. 

of N.Y. City (Son of Matthew H. Cooper, 
J. P., 1812-94, of Wantage, N.J., m 1835, Emily 
Howell, 1815-98, da. of William Coe and Susan 
(Howell) Smith, of Sussex Co., N.J. ; son of Elias 
and Sarah (Dodge) Cooper, of Dutchess Co., N.Y. ; 
son of Obidiah Cooper, came from Somersetshire, 
Eng., civ. 1750, settled in Sussex Co., N.J., 
m Mary Van Benschoten, of Holland. — Descended 
from Tristram Dodge, who came to America 1700). 

Born at Wantage, N.J., Jan. 28, 1853; Capt. 7th 
Regt. N.G.S.N.Y. ; /// Rosalie Martindale, 
da. of Alfred Seaman and Anne Sanford 
(Martindale) Purdy, of N.Y. City. 


i. Dudley Martindale, b July 18, 1884. 
i. Marion Dodge. 

Arms — Argent, three bulls passant sable armed or. 
Crest— On a cap of maintenance a bull passant. 

Residence — 29 West 70th Street, New York City. 
Clubs — University, Larchmont Yacht, Merchants. 

anb Blue iBook, 


of Mill Rock Ct. and Tucson Arizona (Eldest 
son of Elihu Blake of Worcester Co. Mass. 1793- 
1875, in June 6, 1825, Adeline Nancy 1805-83, 
daughter of Captain Jonathan and Mary Elizabeth 
(Phipps) Mix of New Haven ; son of Elihu, 
m Elizabeth Whitney ; son of Ebenezer, vi Tamar 
Thompson ; son of Ebenezer, vi Patronella Peck ; son 
of Jonathan, in Elizabeth Candage ; son of Edward, 
m Patience Pope; son of William 1595-1663 of 
Asholt, Co. Somerset, settled at Dorchester Mass. 
1630, Mem. Ancient and Hon. Artillery Co. ; son 
of John of Plainsfield ; son of Humphrey Blake 
of Tux well, d 1558, great-grandfather of Admiral 

Robert Blake. Also in descent from Deputy Governor Danforth 1622-99 
of Massachusetts, and from James Phipps, the father of Sir William 
Phipps, Knt., and Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony). 

Born in N.Y. City June i, 1826 ; Graduated Yale University 1852 ; United 
States Mineralogist and Geologist Western Surveys 1853; Mining 
Engineer and Instructor in Science for the Government of Japan 
1861-62 ; Santo Domingo Commission 1871 ; Commissioner Inter- 
national Expositions 1867, '73> '7^, '78; Director Arizon School of 
Mines, Professor of Geology 1896-1904 ; Chevalier Legion of 
Honour, France, 1878; ;// Dec. 25, 1855, Charlotte Haven Lord, 
daughter of Hon. W^m. Allen Hayes, of South Berwick Me., Judge 
of Probate and many years President of the York County Bar Associa- 
tion, who ni Susan, daughter of General Lord of South Berwick, 


i. William Phipps, b 1857, d 1863. 
ii. Francis Hayes, b Jan. 30, i860. 

iii. Joseph Augustus, M.D., b Aug. 31, 1864, "' Catharine Ketchum. 
iv. Theodore Whitney, b May 3, 1866, ni Lilian Kesley. 
V. Danforth Phipps, b 1874, ^ 1896. 

i. Constantia, ;« James Wm. Toumey of Yale Forest School, d Jan. 1904. 

Anns — Quarterly ist and 4th (Blake) argent, a chevron between 3 garbs sable; 
2nd and 3rd (Phipps) sable, a trefoil within an orle of mullets argent. 

Crest — On a chapeau gules, turned up ermine, a martlet argent. 

Residences— Mill Rock, New Haven, Ct. ; " The Arches," Tucson, Arizona. 

Societies— Am. Philosopchial, of Lend., Geological of Edin., Natnl 
Geographic, Am. Inst, of Mining Engineers, Felbw Amer. Assoc. Advct. 
Science, Sons of Am. Revoln., Berzelius, Yale ; Cosmos, Tucson. 


ni>atthe\V6' aincrican annomi^ 

late of Albany, N.Y. (Son of Ebenezer 
Learned, 1780-1858, of New London, Ct., w 
Lydia, 1787-1877, da. of Joshua and Ann Boradil 
(Hallam) Coit, of New London. — Descended from 
William Learned, of Charlestown, Mass., circa 

Bovn at New London, Ct., July 24, 1821, d Sept. 
20, 1904 ; Grad. Yale Univ., A.B., 1841, A.M. 
1844, LL.D. 1878 ; Justice of Supreme Court, 
3rd Jud. Dist., N.Y. State ; Pres., Board of 
Public Instruction, Albany ; m (i) May 29^ 
1855, Phebe Rowland, 1830-64, da. of Alex, 
and Mary (Pepoon) Marvin, of Albany ; ;// (2) 
Jan. 15, 1868, Katherine, da. of Clinton and 
Elsie (Van Dyck) De W^itt, of New York. 


{By 1st 111.) 

i. Mary Marvin, h April 16, 1856; d Nov. 23, 1888; m John De Witt 

Peltz, of Albany, N.Y. 
ii. Grace Hallam, h Oct. 31, 1859; /// Jan. 3, igoo, Brig-Gen. John H. 

Patterson, U.S.A., retired, 
iii. Mabel, h Jan. 6, 1863, d Nov. 25, 1898. 

Arms — Azure, a saltire engrailed or, between four lozenges argent. 
Crest — A griffin rampant. 

Residence — ^(Mrs. John Henry Patterson), 244 State Street, Albany, N.Y. 

of Brooklyn (Son of John Atley Kunkel, 
b 1835, Col. in Penna Mil., one of Lincoln's body- 
guard from Harrisburg to Balto, ;// 1863, Susan 
E. Sharp, 1835-83.— [Desc'd from Capt. James 
Sharp, in French and Indian Wars, and from Lt. 
Robt. McConnell, Alex. McClintock and George 
Eichelberger, Revol. War] ; son of Aaron, 1800-78, 
in Rebecca, da. of Michael Long, of Lancaster, 
Pa.; son of John, 1777-1855, m Susanna Coover ; 
son of Leonhard, (/ about 1778, of Ephrata, 
m Rosina Stumpf ; son of John Michael Kunkel, 
b Germany, 1727, d Lancaster Pa., ciy. 1780). 

Born in Cumberland, Co., June 8, 1864 ; m Nov. 5, 

1890, Anna, da. of Saml. Read and Ann (Laverty) Hetherington, of 

Jersey City. 


i. John Atley, 1894-95. li. Lorraine, b June 10, 1898. 

Arms — Per fcsse or and sable, on mound vert a lion couchant or, supporting a 
mullet argent in base. Crest - A demi-lion or. 

AVi/i/c/ztcs— 357 Jeffcrsou Av., Brooklyn, N.Y., Pennington, N.J. 

Societies— Co\onvA Wars, Sous of the Rev., Mcrcautilc Exc, Creucent Club. 

au^ Blue 3oo\{. 


-T of N.Y. City (Son of Rev. Wm. Findley, D.D., 
1 808-86, of Newcastle, m 1 837, Elizabeth , da. of Thos. 
Scott and Matilda (Cook) Cunningham, of Mercer, 
Pa. — Decended from William Findley ; son of John 
Findlay, 1773-1855, of Mercer Co., Pa.; son of 
William Findley, 1741-1821, b at Londonderry, 
Ireland, settled in Pa. 1763, Capt. in Revol. 
Army, Mem. U.S. Congress, i7gitoi8i7, m 1772, 
Mary Cochran. His grandfather, William Findley, 
emigrated from Scotland to Londonderry 1682, 
assisted in defence of Derry 1689). 

Born in Butler Co., Pa., Aug. 23, 1843 ; Atty. to 
N.Y. Fire Dep., 1880-98; Grad. Westminster 
Coll. A.B. 1863; Law Dep. Columbian Univ. 
1868; Admitted to the Bar of Supreme Court 

State of N.Y. 1869; in Oct. 22, 1877, Carliebel, da. of Lucien B. 
Chase, of N.Y,, Mem. Congress, 1845-49, and Julia Anna, da. of John 
F. Delaplaine. 

Chase Delaplaine, h Jan. 21, 1881. 

William Van Brunt, b Sept. 6, 1887. i. Ethel Anna. 

Anns — Argent, on a chevron between three roses gules two daggers, chevronways 

points downward of the field hilted or. 
Crest— A boar passant argent. Mottn — Fortis in arduis. 

Residence — 31 East 63rd Street, New York City. 

Clubs — Union League, Lawyers, Ardsley, KepubUcan. 

Societies — Sons of the Revolution, Pennsylvania of N.Y., Assn. of the Bar. 


of N.Y. City (Eldest son of Thomas Belknap, 
of Hartford, Conn., 1833-83, ;// 1858, Catherine 
Heyer, da. of Henry Suydam and Elizabeth 
Brinckeroff (Suydam) Wyckoff, of N.Y. ; son of 
Thomas 1805-90, ;« Frances Waterhouse; son of 
Joseph 1761-1807, /// Sarah Clements; son of 

Joseph 1732-1813, in Phoebe (?) ; son of 

Thomas 1698-1755, ni Sarah Hill, (Wright) ; son 
of Thomas 1670- 1755, w Jane Cheney ; son of Joseph 
1630-1712, ;// Hannah Meakins ; son of Abraham 
Belknap, settled Lynn, Mass., 1637, d Lynn 1643, 
m Mary ?). 

Born in New York City, May 18, i860. 

Arms — Azure, on a bend cotised argent three eaglets displayed of 
Crest — A dragon statant vert, ducally gorged and lined or. 

the first. 

Residence — 40, Chestnut Street, Salem, Mass. 

Clubs — Players, National Arts, New York City, Grosvenor Club, London. 

Societies — St Paul's School, Concord, N.H., Alumni Association. 


flDattbcws' american Brmour\) 

of Belvidere, 111. (Son of Hon. John J. 
Foote, h 1816, Auditor N.Y.P.O., m 1839, Mary 
Crocker; son of Dea. John 1786- 1884; son of 
Judge Isaac 1746-1842; son of Daniel 1717-1801 ; 
son of Capt. Nathl. 1682-1774; son of Nathl. 
1647-1703; son of Nathl. 1620-55; son of Naihl. 
Foote, b Eng., 1593, d Wethersfield, Ct. 1644 ; 
? son of Robert Foote of Shalford, Essex). 

Born at Hamilton, N.Y., Sept. 20, 1841 ; Grad. 
Colgate Univ. A.B., 1864; ?// April 24, 1867, 
Helen, da. of Saml. B. Garvin, Judge and 
Dist. Atty. of N.Y., and Julia M., da. of Hon. 
Henry Mitchell, M.D. 

i. John Garvin, h Feb. 7, 1877 ; d May 17, 1903 ; /// Mary A. Watrous. 

i. Mary Helen, m July 21, 1897, Rev. H. E. Purinton. 
ii. Maria Garvin, m June 22, 1905, Alfred A. Engstrom. 
iii. Florence Annette, m June 12, 1901, Prof. E. W. Engstrom. 

Arms — Argent, a chevron sable in the dexter chief a trefoil slipped. 

Crest — An oak tree proper. Motto — Loyalty and Truth. 

Residence — Belvidere, Boone Co., 111. 

Societies — Sons of the Revolution. Colonial Wars, Mayflower Descendants, 
Founders and Patriots, Pilgrim John Rowland of Mayflower. 

of Baltimore, Md. (Son of Young Parran 
Dawkins, Judge, Commissioners and Orphans' 
Court, Assessor, etc., h Oct. 3, 1820, d Jan. 23, 
1883, in Aleathea Elizabeth, b 1824, d Oct. 25, 
1878, daughter of Walter Dorsey, and Ann Ireland, 
of Calvert County, Md.— Descended from \\'illiam 
Dawkins, who came from England to America 
early in the i8th Century). 

Born at Leonardtown, St. Marys Co., Md., 
Oct. 21, 1858 ; Graduated at St. John's College, 
Annapolis, Md., Pr.D., A.M. 1883; admitted 
to the Bar 1883. 

Arms — Gules, a lion passant guard, or, between two 
roses in pale argent and as .Tiany flaunches of 
the second, each charged with a lion ramp, sable. 

Crest — A dexter arm couped at the shoulder proper, holding a battleaxe bend- 
wavs, on the blade a rose gules. 

Residence— St. James Hotel, Baltimore, Md. 

Club — University, &c. 

Societia — Maryland Historical, Geographical, Art, Amer. Hist., Amer. Bar, 
Amer. Political Science, Nat. Geographic, Miniicipal Art Md. State Bar, 
Balto Citv Bar., &c. 

an^ Blue 1iBoo\\, 


of Philadelphia (Son of Edw. Owen Jones, 
1808-72. of Nass. and Newnham, Glouc. Eng., 
J. P., D.L., m Cath. S.,^ 1897, da. of John Fortescue- 
Brickdale; son of Rev. Edward, d 1847; son of 
Roynon, h 1738; son of William Jones of Nass, 
/// 1735 Cholmeley, da. of Sir John D'Oyley, of 
Cheselhampton, who was 15th in descent from 
'King Edward III.). 

Boni at Newnham, Jan. 30, 1852; B.A., Magdalen 
Coll., Oxford, 1876, M.A., 1878 ; 111 (i) Sept. 29, 
1880, Almira Gambault, d 1886, da. of the 
Rev. W. H. Gilder, of Flushing, L.I. ; ni (2) 
Oct. 9, 1889, Sarah Teresa, da. of Francis 
Haggerty, of Philadelphia. 

i. Edwin Owen Nigel, b Mar. 10, 1883. i. Catherine Jeannette. 

ii. William F. Roynon, [ . r^ . q no 
iii. Richard Gilder, [ ^ O^^' ^' '^^^' 

{By 2 ltd 111.) 

i. Reginald Fortescue, b July 3, 1893, ^ March 23, 1903. 

ii. Charles Gerald, b May 16, 1895. i. Mabel Frances. 

iii. Arthur Montagu, i Aug. 21, 1897. ii. Constance Helena. 

iv. Edwin Grove, b Sept. 23, 1901. iii. Sarah Dorothea. 

Anus — Argent, a lion rampant gules. 
Crest— A Cornish chough proper. Motto— Ardua. peto. 

Residence— BroomaM, Del. Co., Penna. 

Club — Universitv. 

of Brooklyn, N.Y. (Son of the Rev. Orrin 
Bishop Judd, LL.D., 1816-92, ;// Susanna, b at 
Ryde, I. of W., Eng., da. of Capt. Francis 
Reynolds, R.N., son of Rev. Owen Reynolds, 
Rector of Aber, Wales ; son of Jotham, 1773- 1850 ; 
son of Elnathan, 1738-1808 ; son of Joseph, 1707- 
88 ; son of Joseph, 1672-1757 ; son of Lieut. John, 
1640-1715; son of Thomas Judd, of Cambridge, 
Mass., 1633, Deputy for Farmington Ct. 27 years. 
Also 8th in descent from Gov. Thomas Welles, 1598- 
1660 ; 7th from Anthony Hawkins, d 1674, Pat. in 
Royal Charter of Ct. ; 4th from Henry Playford, 
b 1740, of London). 

Born at Kingston, N.J., Nov. 4, 1870; B.C.S. N.Y. Univ. 1902; LL.B. 
1904; Certified Public Accountant; Counsellor-at-Law ; Lect. in 
N.Y. Univ. School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance; in Oct. 4, 
1905, Bertha R., da. of Rev. Julius C. Grimmell, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Anus — Gules, a fesse raguly between three boars' heads erased argent. 
Crest — On a ducal coronet or a cockatrice wings displayed proper. 
Motto — Fide sed cui vide. 

Residence — Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Society — Colonial Wars. 


riDatthcwa' aincrican Hnnourv) 

of N.Y. City (4th son of Hon. Anderson G. 
Dana, LL.D., 1791-1861, m Eliza A. Fuller, whose 
ancestor came to America in the " Mayflower." 
Desc'd from Richard Dana, bap. Manchester, 
Eng., 1617, to Cambridge, Mass., 1640, /// Annie 
Billiard, grandson of Edward Dana of Kendal, 

Bovii Jan. 10, 1S24 ; A.]\I. Univ. of Vermont; 
came to N.Y. 1845; later he went to St. Louis 
Mo. as a Commission Merchant ; in 1854 went 
to San Francisco and Hawaiian Islands, where 
he established the First Bank in the Kingdom ; 
returned to N.Y. in 1864; Vice-Pres. of The 
N. Amer. Steamship Co. ; Vice-Pres. De=; Moines and Fort Dodge 
R.R. ; Pres. Standard Gas Co., N.Y. ; Dir. of the Erie R.R., N.Y. 
and New Eng. R.R., Indiana and Illinois R.R., New Amsterdam 
Casualty Co. ; Woman's Hospital, etc. For forty years the Union 
Club and the Manhattan Chess Club were his favourites ; ;// June 5, 
1879, Laura, da. of Dr. J. S. Parkin of N.Y. 

i. Charles A., b April 25, 1881, A.M. Columbia Univ., Lawyer. 

Arms — Sable, on a bend argent three chevrons vert. 
Crest — A. bull's head affrontee. 

Residence — New York City. 

of Albany (Son of Hon. John van S. L, 
Pruyn, 181 1-77, S. Senator, Mem. 38th and 40th 
U.S. Congresses, Chancellor, Univ. of S. of N.Y., 
m 1844, Harriet Corning, da. of Thomas and Mary 
R. (Weld) Turner, of Albany. — Descended from 
Samuel Pruyn, 1677-1752, Alderman, 1729-31 ; 
son of Frans Pruyn ; son of Jan, who came from 
Holland and settled in what is now Albany, N.Y.). 

Born in Albany, N.Y., Mar. 14, 1859; Grad. at 
Union Coll., B. A., 1880; Albany Law Sch., 
LL.B., 1882; Alderman of Albany, 1886-90; 
Atty. and Counsellor-at-Law ; /»June 11, 1895, 
Cornelia van Rensselaer, da. of John Erving 
and Cornelia van Rensselaer, da. of Wm. 
Paterson van Rensselaer, of Manursing Island, Rye, N.Y. 


John van Schaick Lansing, Jr., h June 6, 1896 ; d May 17, 

Erving, h Oct. 26, 1897. 

Hendrik, h Dec. 28, 1900. 

Arms — Or, three (Dutch) martlets sable. 

Ci'cst — A (Dutch) martlet, sable, with beak and feet, in a vol-a-l'antique 






Residences — Albany, N.Y. ; 70 W. 4gth St., N.Y. 

Clubs — Fort Oranj^e, of Albany; Union, Uni\orsity, Metropolitan, of N.Y 
Reading Room, of Newport, R.I. 

Societies — Holland, St. Nicholas, Colonial Wars, Sons of the Revolution. 

ant) Blue 1Boo\\, 


of Hackensack, N.J. (Da. of Washington 
Jeflferson Lane 1807-64, of Arlington, Mass., 
m Cynthia Clark, 1810 ; son of Ebenezer, 1771-1846 ; 
son of Samuel, b 1736 ; son of James ; son of John ; 
son of Job, 1620-97, settled at Maiden, Mass., cir. 
1650 ; son of James Lane, of Rickmansworth, 
Herts., grandson of Thomas Lane, d 1587). 



Born at Arlington, Mass.; m Jan. 17, i860, Edward 
E. Poor, 1837- 1900, of N.Y. and Hackensack ; 
son of Benj. b 1794 ; son of Benj. b 1760 ; son 
of Jeremiah, b 1719; son of Benj. b 1696; 
son of Henry, b 1650 ; son of John Poor, 
b 1615, of Darrington, Wiltshire, to New 
Eng. 1635. 


i. Edward E., b 1861, m 1888 Sarie Grimes, 

ii. James H., b 1862, ;// 1885 Evelyn Bolton, 

iii. Charles L., b 1866, ni 1892 Anna Easton. 

iv. Frank B., b 1868, in 1892 Bessie Hamilton. 

V. Horace F., b 1878, rn 1904 Helen Hartshorse. 

i. Helen F., m 1892 William C. Thomas, 

ii. Emily C, m 1900 William S. Montgomery. 

Arms — (Poor) Or, a fesse azure between three mullets gules. 

Crest — A cubit arm erect, vested sable, slashed argent, cuffed ermine, charged 
with two mullets in fesse or, grasping an arrow. 

Residences— " Fo\[{\y,'' Hackensack, N J.; N.Y. City, 


* of Syracuse, N.Y, (Son of Samuel R. Vann, b New Brunswick, 
N.J., Sept. 4, 1804; d Ulysses, N.Y., Oct. 14, 1872 ; ;/; Dec. 24, 1837, 
Catherine, da. of Joseph Goodwin, of Ulysses, N.Y^.). 

Born at Ulysses, Tompkins Co., N.Y., Jan. 3, 1842 ; Mayor of the City 
of Syracuse, N.Y. ; Justice of the Supreme Court, N.Y.S., and now 
Judge of the Court of Appeals in same State ; Graduated B.A. Yale 
University, 1863; Albany Law School, LL.B. 1865; M.A. Y^ale, 
1871 ; LL.D. Hamilton, 1882 ; LL.D, Syracuse Univ., 1897 ; LL.D. 
Yale, 1898; m Oct. 11, 1870, Florence, da. of Henry Augustus 
Dillaye, of Syracuse. 


Irving Dillaye, b Oct. 17, 1875. 
Florence Dillaye. 



-Otium cum libris. 

Resilience — 316, James Street, Syracuse, N.Y. 

Clubs — Century, Citizens (Syracuse, N.Y.), Fort Orange (Albany, N.V.). 

5(ir(i7/i'.s— OuondaiM Historicab Alb;ui\- Historical. 


HDattbcwe' American Brmour\) 

of Simsbury, Ct., N.Y., and London (Eldest 
son of David Stuart Dodge, of Bellehurst, Simsbury, 
h 1836, ;// i860, Ellen Ada, h 1838, d 1880, da. of 
John Jay Phelps, of Bushey Hill, Simsbury, and 
N.Y. — Descended from William Dodge, of Salem, 
Mass, 1623). 

Born at Beyrout, Syria, June 13, 1869; Barr.-at- 

Law, Mid. Temple, i8g8 ; Alumnus of Yale, 

and Oxford Univs. ; Author of " The Life of 

Piers Gaveston," 1899; "From Squire to 

Prince," 1901 ; F.R.G.S., 1896 ; m (i) 1888, Ida 

R, Nelson Cooke, m dissolved ; m (2) Ethel, 

da. of the late Percy Harmer-Adlard, of Staver- 

ton Court, Gloucestershire. 

i. Stuart Phelps, h Feb. 19, 1891. 
i. Ellen Ada Phelps. 
ii. Rosemary Phelps. 

Arms — Barry of six or and sable, o\er all on a pale gules a woman's breast 

distilling milk all proper. 
Crest — A demi-sea dog azure, collared finned and purpled or. 
Motto — Leni perfruar otio. 







Residences — The Grange, Simsbur}-, Conn. ; 46, Green St., Park Lane, London, W. 
Clubs — Reform, Wellington, of London ; Authors, Racquet, of New York. 
Societies — Sons of the Revolution, Royal Geographical, American Geographical. 

of New York City (Son of John Stillwell 
Jenkins, 1818-52, m Minerva Porter Fellows, 
d 1883 ; grandson of Edmund B. and Polly 
(Kellogg) Fellows, of Sheffield, Mass., and gt.- 
grandson of John Fellows, 1733-1S08, Capt. Berk- 
shire Militia 1760, Maj.-Genl. 9th Div. Mass. Militia 
1789. — Descended from Herman Jenkins, of Coey- 
mans, N.Y., ist Lieut. 5th N.Y. Militia, 1812-14). 

Born at Weedsport, N.Y., July 28, 1844; served 
throughout the Civil War, 1861-65 ; ist Lieut. 
126th U.S. Volunteers ; Capt. Old Guard of 
N.Y. ; ni July 11, 1889, Adelaide Eliza, da. of 
George Montgomery, M.D., of Newburyport, 

Arms — Or, a lion rampant reguardant sable. 

Crest — On a ducal coronet or, a lion rampant reguardant sable. 

Residence — Larchmont, N.Y. 

Clubs — N.Y. Athletic, Larchmont ^'acht. 

Societies — Sons of the Revol., Colonial Wars, Mil. Order of Foreign Wars, Societ)- 
of the Cayugas, Order of Jamestown 1607, St. Davids, New Eng., New 
Hampshire Society, Empire State Society Sons of the Revolution, Hotel 
Association of N.Y., Am. Science and Historic Preservation Society. 

anb Blue Boo??. 


RICE, Mrs. NORA CLAIRE (nee Grant), 
of Gardiner, Me. (Da. of Wm. Sullivan 
Grant, of Gardiner, /; 1S25, by and wife, Ellen C. 
Woods; son of Samuel Clinton 1797-1853, of Hallo- 
well, Me., ;// Eliz. Frances, da. of Benj. Vaughan, 
M.P., b 1751, 111 Sarah, da. of Sir Wm. Manning 
and aunt to Cardinal Manning, grandson of Benj. 
Vaughan of Golden Grove, Wales ; son of Maj. 
Peter, 1770-1836, of Gardiner, ;// Nancy, da. of 
Wm. Barker, of Liverpool, Eng. ; son of Capt. 
Samuel, 1740-1805, in (i) Abigail Jones, ui (2) Eliz. 
Seaward; son of Lieut. Peter 1696- 1756, m (i) 
Lydia Frost, in (2) Mary Lord ; son of James, 
Representative in General Court, 1725-28-32, 
m Mary Nason ; son of Peter Grant of Boston 1657 of Kittery, Me. 
1659, d 1718, ni Joanna, da. of Lieut. George IngersoU, of Falmouth, Me. 
Also from elder Wm .Went worth, progenitor, of New Hamps. Wentworths. 
Also descd. from i, William Manning, b 1702 ; 2, Sir William Manning, 
b 1729, m Elizabeth Smith, sister of Robt. ist Baron Carrington ; 3, Sarah 
Manning, b 1754, '" i^enj. \'aughan ; 4, Eliz. F. Vaughan. Also from 

1, Thos. Smith of Nottingham, Ld. of Key worth ; 2, Abel, in Jane 
Beaumont ; 3, Abel, Banker of Nottingham, ni da. of Thos. Bird ; 
4, Eliz., d 1789, in Wm. Manning, Esq. Also from i, Benj. Vaughan, 
b 1679, of Golden Grove, Caermarthen ; 2, Sam). Vaughan, M.P., b 1720, 
m Sarah, niece of Sir Robt. Hallowell ; 3, Benj. Vaughan, M.P., b 1751, 
em. to America with wife, Sarah Manning, 1797 ; 4, Eliz. F. Vaughan. 
Also from i, Benj. Hallowell, keeper of the Eng. Customs, Boston; 

2, Sarah Hallowell, m Saml. Vaughan ; 3, Benj. Vaughan, ;// Sarah 
Manning ; 4, Eliz. F. Vaughan, in Saml. C. Grant. Also from Nathan 
Lord, of Kittery, Me., 1652. Also from Sampson Woods, War of 181 2, 
and Maj. Henry Woods of Pepperell, Mass. Served in Amer. Revolution). 

Boi'ji at Tudor Place, Georgetown, D.C.,;h May 23, 1887, Colonel William 
Powell Rice of Washington D.C. 


i. Vaughan Manning, b at Aberdeen Wash., Sept. 12, 1890. 

Arms — (Grant) Argent, three lions rampant azure, a chief of the second. 

Crest — A demi-lion argent. Motto — Stand sure. 

Anus — (Manning) Gu. a cross florj^ betw. four trefoils slipped or ; Crest — Out of 
a ducal coronet an eagle's head sa. betw. two ostrich feathers. A mis — 
(Smith) Or, on a chev. cotised betw. three demi-griffins the two in chief 
respectant ; Crest — An elephant's head erased gu., on the neck a fleur-de-lis. 
Anus — (Vaughan) Per fesse sa. andarg. alionramp. counterchanged, armed 
and langued gu. Arms — (Hallowell) Arg. on a chev. sa. three annulets of the 
fieM ; Crest — A boar's head erect betw. two ostrich feathers. 

Residence — Grant Place (Farmingdale), Gardiner, Me. 

Societies — Daus. of Am. Revol., Samuel Grant Chapter D.A.R. of Gardiner, 
Sons and Daughters Nathan Lord of Kittry, Me. (1632), Maine State 
Sanitorium, Paul Jones Chapter D.A.R of Boston, Gardiner Library 
Assoc, Grant Family Assoc, of Boston. 


riDattbcwt?' amcrican armoury 

of Yonkers (Son of Alanson J. Prime, 1811-64, 
m Ruth H. Higbie; son of Nathaniel S. ; son of 
Benj. Y. ; son of Ebenezer ; son of James ; son of 
James Prime, from Yorkshire to New Haven, Ct., 
1638. Also descended from Capt. Ralph Earl, 
1600-78, of R.I. ; from Rev. John Wheelwright, who 
came to Mass. cir. 1638 ; from Edward Howell, of 
L.I. ; from Henry Pierson and John Higbie). 

Bom at Matteawan, N.Y., Mar. 29, 1840; Bellevue 
College. D.C.L. ; Wooster Univ., LL.D. ; 
Lt.-Col. N.Y. S. Vols.; nom. Brig.-Gen. 1863 ; 
served during Civil War ; Trustee of Village 
of Yonkers ; City Atty. 1875-76 ; Dep. Atty.- 
Gen. of N.Y. 1895-96; m Aug. 9, 1866, Annie 
Richards- Wolcott. 


i. Ralph E., Jr., h July 9, 1868, m Jessie Heermance. 
ii. William C, b Oct. 21, 1870, ni Charlotte Lovell. 
iii. Gardner W. 1872-90. iv. Edward D.G. 1881-93. 

i. Katharine, iii. Julia A., m Wm. White Knapp. 

ii. Ruth H., 1874-1905. iv. Arabella D. (Pansy). 

Arms — Argent, a man's leg erased at the thigh gules. 

Crest — An owl proper, in mouth a scroll with motto, on a collar two mullets. 

Motto — Nil invita minerva. 

Residences — 63 Hawthorne Av., Yonkers, N.Y.; Fishers Island, Suffolk Co., N.Y. 
Societies — Loyal Legion, War 1812, Col. Wars, Sons of the Am. Rev., Frs. and 

Patriots Am. Frs. and Defrs., Army of the Potomac, Am. Bar Ass'n., Met. 

Mus. of Art, Westchester Hist., Huguenot of London, Am. Flag Asso.,&c. 

JOHNSON, EDWARD (deceased), 
of Boston, Mass. (son of Alfred Johnson, 
1 789- 1 852, of Belfast, Me., Judge of Probate, 
Waldo Co., Me., ;// Nancy Atkinson, of Newbury, 
Mass. ; descended from son of Rev. Alfred, 1766- 
1837 ; son of Jacob, 1739-40-1816 ; son of Obediah, 
1702-65; son of Obediah, h 1664; son of John, 
/; 1635 ; son of Capt. Edward Johnson, 1599-1672, 
of Heme Hill, Kent, Eng., settled in Mass., 1630). 

Born at Belfast, Me., June 30, 1840, rf Jan. 18, 1906, 
at Boston, Mass., m Sept. 15, 1870, Georgiana 
Parker, da. of Erasmus Darwin and Louise 
(Clarke) Miller, M.D., of Dorchester, Mass. 
He was a Mem. of the Somerset and Exchange 
Clubs, Maine Historical and Bostonian Society. 


i. Alfred, b June 28, 1871. ii. Ralph, /; Aug. 25, 1872. 

iii. Edward, Jr. 1 

iv. Louise, m Apr. 15, 1902, Lt. Wm. I b December 4, 1876. 
V. Pratt, U.S. Navy. J 

Arms — Gules, three spear heads; a chief ermine. 
Crest — A pair of raven's wings sable. 

Motto — Servabo fidem. 

Residences — (Family), Boston, Mass.; Belfast, Waldo Co., Me. 

anb Bine Boof;. 



-*- of Chicago (Son of Ralph N. I sham, M.D., 
1831-1904, of Chicago, m 1856, Kath. E., da, of 
George W. and EHzabeth Ann (Manniere) Snow ; 
son of Nelson Isham, 1805-95 ; son of Noah 
Isham, 1764-1819 ; son of John Isham, b 1720 ; 
son of John, h i68r ; son of John Isham who emi- 
grated from Warwickshire and settled at Barnsta- 
ple, Mass., 1670). 

Born in Chicago Feb. 13, 1865 ; Grad. Harvard 
Univ., 1889 ; Sec. and Treasurer of Chicago 
Union Transfer Railway Co. ; Dir. Natl. Ware- 
house and Transfer Co., Chicago Union Transfer 
Railway Co. ; m (i) Jan. 4, 1893, Lucy Gunn, 
1868-94, da. of x\lbert Keep, Chairman of Board of Directors of 
Chicago and N.W. Railway Co., also Director in Merchants' Loan 
and Trust Co. ; m (2) June 24, 1902, Mary Louise, da. of Major- 
Gen. E. S. Otis, U.S.A. 


i. Albert Keep, b Jan. 9, 1894. 

Arms — Gules, a fesse wavy, in chief three piles also wavy, points meeting in 

fesse argent. 
Crest — A demi-swan, wings endorsed proper. 

Motto — Ostendo non ostento. 

Residences — 11 Ritchie Place, Chicago, 111.; Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. 

Clubs — Univ., Athletic, Onwentsia, Saddle and Cycle, Lake Geneva Country, 

South Shorn Country. 
Societies—Sons of the Revol., Delta Kappa Epsilon, National Geographic Society. 


'- -'• of Poughkeepsie (Son of Rev. Joseph B. 
Hill 1796-1864, of Mason N.H., m 1845 Harriet 
Brown, g.-gr.-da. of Hope Brown of Sudbury, 
soldier in War of Revol. ; son of Rev. Ebenezer, 
b iy66', son of Samuel, b 1716; son of Capt. 
Samuel, b 1676; son of Capt. Ralph, d 1695; son 
of Ralph Hill of Plymouth Mass. before 1638). 

Born a.t Colebrook, N.H. Feb. 17, 1857; Prof, of 

Biblical Lit., Vassar Coll. ; A.B. Harvard 

Coll. 1879 ; admtd. to Balto. Bar 1882 ; Prof. 

of Ethics and Philosophy, Park Coll. 1883 ; 

Grad. at Union Theol. Semy. 1886 ; Minr., 

Dutch Refd. Ch., Athens and Poughkeepsie 

till 1902, when apptd. Prof, at Vassar Coll. ; 

D.D. Rutgear College, 1905. Author of " Present Problems of New 

Testament Study," "Guide to Lives of Christ"; m Dec. 29, 1892, 

Elise Weyerhaeuser. 

Arms — Gules, a saltire vaire between four mullets argent. 

Crest — A demi-leopard argent, spotted of all colours, ducally gorged or. 

Motto — -Per deutn et ferrum obtinui. 

Residences — Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. ; Temple, Hillsboro Co., N.H. 
Clubs — Phi Beta Kappa, University, Poughkeepsie; Harvard, N.Y. 


nDattbevv5' anicrican armoury 

OTEVENS, CHARLES E., Rev., LL.D., D.C.L. {ihc\i), 
^ of Philadelphia (Eldest son of James Edward 
Poole Stevens, of Boston Mass., and heir male of 
Sir Edward Stephens, Knt., of Sodbury, Co. 
Gloucester, Member of the Long Parliament, 
Knighted by King Charles II. 1660 ; eventual 
heir of the family of Stephens, of Eastington, 
Chavenageand other Manors in Gloucestershire, of 
which family Sir Philip Stephens was created a 
Baronet 1795; lineal representatives of the 
Norman house of FitzStephen, through Airard 
FitzStephen, who came over with the Conqueror 
and was at Hastings 1066). 

Bovn at Boston Mass. July 5, 1853, ^ Aug. 28, 1906 ; 
Ord. Deacon 1875; Priest 1877; Rector of Christ 
Church, Phila. ; Sometime Archdeacon of 
Brooklyn, N.Y. ; Special Lectr. in St. Stephen's 
Coll., Univ. of Wooster, Univ. of the City 

of N.Y., and Univ. of Penna ; Chaplain-Genl. of the Soc. of 
Colonial Wars, and of the Order of Foreign Wars of the 
United States, and Commander of the Penna. Commandery of the 
latter; author of "Sources of the Constitution of the United States 
considered in Relation to Colonial and English History," and 
other works; Hon. Degrees of LL.D. and D.C.L., conferred 1888; 
received from the King of Portugal the honour of Knight- 
Commander of the Order of Christ of Portugal 1894, ^^"^ from 
the Queen-Regent of Spain, Knight of the Order of Isabella the 
Catholic of Spain, for rendering distinguished services in Political 
Science ; Officer of the Academy, of France, and other foreign 
decorations ; m May 23, 1878, Ella Monteith, eldest da. of W^alter 
Monteith Aikman, F.S.A., and Julia, da. of Robert Aikman, of 
N.Y. City, descendants of the Aikmans, Lairds of Carney and 
Brambleton, Scotland. 

i. Margery Airman. 

Anns — Per chevron a^iire and argent, in chief two falcons volant or ; suspended 
from shield the decoration of Knight-Commander of the Order of Christ of 


Crest — A demi-eagle displayed or. 

Motto — Byde Tyme. 

Residences — (Mrs. C. E. S.) 62 Willow Street, Brooklyn, New York ; " Edgcmere," 

Lake George, N.Y. 
Club — (Late mem.) Union League. 

Societies — ^^Late mem.) Fellow Royal Geographical, Am. Geographical, Antiquaries 
of Scot., Mem. Am. Ethnological, Royal Archieological Inst, of Great Britain, 
Col. Wars, Sons of the Revoln., Mil. Order of ForeigQ Wars. 

anb Blue Bool^. 



of N.Y. (Son of Maj. James B. Wash- 
ington 1839-1900 of Virginia, m 1864 Mrs. Jane B. 
Cabell, da. of Maj, Wm. L. and Virginia (Armisted) 
Lanier of New Orleans; son of Col. Lewis Wm., 
1812-71, in Mary Ann BarroU ; son of Hon. 
George C, 1789-1854, /// Eliza R. Beall ; son of 
Hon. Wm. Aug., 1757-1810 [/« his cousin Jane da. of 
John Aug. Washington, bro. to Gen. George 
Washington] ; son of Augustine, b 1720, in Anne 
Aylett ; son of Augustine 1694-1743, ni Jane 
Butler; son of Laurence 1661-97, in Mildred 
Warner; son of Col. John Washington 1627-77. 
b at Warton, Lane, Eng., settled in Bridges Creek, 
Va., in 2nd wife Anne Pope ; son of Leonard, 

i2th from Robert of Welleburne, Co. Westmoreland 1265, grandson of 
Robert de Washington, Lord of Welleburne, b 1195. Also desc. from 
Lewis Lanier of Bordeaux, France, to America ciy. 1650). 

Boyn at Montgomery Ala., Mar. 30, 1865; Grad. Western Univ. of Pa. 1886; 
Pres. Elliott- Washington Steel Co. ; Chairman Pittsburgh Sheet Steel 
Manuf. Co. ; Pres. Laurel Land Co. ; Pres. United Oil Cloth Co. 

Anus — Argent, two bars gules in chief three mullets of the second. 

Crest — A raven with wings endorsed proper issuing out of a ducal coronet or. 

Motto — Exitus acta probat. — 

Residence— The Windsor, 54th St. and Broadway, N.Y. City. 
C/mZ)S— Calumet of N.Y., Pittsburgh Golf. 

Cs.\ ,.\..\.-\~,vTj 


of Albany, N.Y. (Son of John Pettit Douglas 

of Theresa N.Y., in Henrietta, daughter of Levi 

and Elmina (Tucker) Hughson of Pulaski, N.Y.). 

Boi'ii at Watertown, N.Y,, May 28, 1856 ; Gradu- 
ated Rochester University, A.B. 1877; Member 
of Assembly 4th District Albany County 1894; 
Senator Albany Co, 1899 and 1900 ; in June 24, 
1886, Nancy Sherman, daughter of Lemon 
and Abby G. (Sherman) Thomson, of Albany, 


i. Thomson Douglas, b Feb. 26, 1889. 
i, Dorothea, 
ii. Gertrude Thomson, 

Arms — Argent, a human heart gules crowned or, on a chief azure three 
mullets or 

Crest — A human heart crowned or. 

.Uo//t>— Jamais arriere. 

Residences — 4 Elk Street, Albany, N.Y. ; Thomson, N.Y. 

Clubs — Fort Orange, Country, of Albany ; Adirondack League, Calumet, 

Democratic, St, Anthony, of N.Y. City. 
Society — St Andrews. 


riDattbew^' anicrican Brmourv) 

of N Y. City (Son of Junius S. Morgan, 
1813-90, m 1S36, Juliet, da. of the Rev. John 
and Mary Sheldon (Lord) Pierpont, of Litchtield, 
Ct., of Boston, Mass. — Descended from Capt. 
Miles Morgan 1616-99 ; grandson of Sir William 
Morgan, of Tredegar, S. Wales, settled at West 
Springfield 1632 ; and sixth in descent from the 
Rev. James Pierpont 1659-1714, Minister at New 
Haven, Ct.). 

Born at Hartford, Ct., Apr. 17, 1837; Grad. at 
Gottingen Univ., Germany ; ;// (i) Oct. 6, 
1861, Amelia, da. of Jonathan and Mary P. 
(Cady) Sturges, of N.Y., she d Feb. 17, 1862, 
at Nice; m (2) May 31, 1865, Francis Louisa, 
da. of Charles Tracy, and Louisa, da. of Genl. 

Joseph Kirkland, of Utica. 

i. John Pierpont, Jr., h Sept. 7, 1867, m Jane Norton Grew. 
i. Louisa Pierpont, /// Herbert Livingston Saiterlee. of N.Y. 
ii Juliet Pierpont, m William Pierson Hamilton, of N.Y. 
iii. Anne Tracy. 

Arms — Or, a griffin segreant sable. 

Crest — A reindeer's head couped or, attired gules. Molto — Onward and 


Resiliences — zig Madison Avenue, N.Y. City; " Cragston," Highland Falls, N.Y. 

Clubs — Union, Knickerbocker, Un'oa League, Metropolitan, Centiuy, Lawvers, 
N.Y. Yacht Club, Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht. Tuxedo, Racquet, Hiding, 
Players, Grolier. Jekjd Island, Metropolitan of Washington, Eastern Yacht 
and Somerset of Boston. 

' of Philadelp'iia, Pa. (Son of Joshua Ballinger 
Lippincott, of Phil., 1813-86, ;« Josephine, 1823-99, 
da. of Seth Craige, of Phila. ; son of Jacob Wills, 
1783-1834; son of Levi, 1749-1813; son of 
Jonathan, d 1759; Son of James, 1687-1760; son 
of Restore, 1653-1741 ; son of Richard Lippincott, 
of New Jersey, d 1683). 

Born at Philadelphia, March 21, 1849 ; in Oct. 21, 
1879, Elizabeth Trotter, daughter of Sigmund 
H. Horstmann, of Philadelphia. 


i. Bertha Horstmann. 

A rms — Per fesse, embattled gules and sable, three leopards passant argent. 
Crest — Out of a mural crown gules, five ostrich feathers, alternately arg. and az. 
Motto — Secundus dubiisque rectus. 

Residences — 2101 Walnut St, Philadelphia; " Alscot," Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Clubs — Union League, Rittenhouse, University, Art, Merion, Country, Racquet. 

Radnor Hunt, Franklin Inn. 
Societies — Colonial, Mayflower, Penua. Historical. 

ant) Blue Book. 


of Islington, Middlesex, Eng, (Eldest son of 
Frederick Blasson Carritt and Edith his wife, 
dau. and co-heiress of the late John Blount Price 
of Islington, J. P. for Middlesex, London and 
Westminster, sole heir of his maternal imcle Peter 
Clarke Blount of Islington Priory. Great-great- 
grandson of Edward and Frances Carritt of Great 
Grimsby, Co. Lincoln. Descended also from the 
ancient family of Blount and [through more than 
one line] from Rhodri-Mawr, Cadwalader and 
Beli-Mawr ; Heir presumptive, brother Edgar 
Frederick Carritt, M.A., h 1876; next to succeed 
latter's son Michael John, h 1906). 

Boi'ii at Islington Feb. 19, 1872 ; admitted to domi- 
cile in France Oct. 10, 1903. 

Anns — Quarterly of six : — i and 6, or on a chief indented sable three roses argent 
(for Carritt) ; 2, or, a lion rampant regardant sable (for Price) ; 3, sable, 
three scaling-ladders argent, between the upper two a spear-head of the 
last, point imbrued proper, on a chief gules a tower triple-towered of the 
second (for Lloyd) ; 4, barry nebuly of six, or and sable (for Blount) ; 
5, gules, a griffin segreant or, a chief ermine (for Short). 

Crest — A two-headed eagle displayed sable, crowned with one four-balled 

coronet or. — 

Residences — France; and 5, South Grove, Tunbridge Wells, Eng. (temp). 

Clubs and Societies — Several British and Foreign, Learned and other. 

of Washington, D.C. (Son of Francis Edwin 
Bigelow, of Concord, Mass, 1809-73, "^ Ann, 
1813-98, da. of Nathan and Sally (Travis) Hagar, 
of Weston, Mass. ; son of Converse, d 1858 ; son of 
Capt. Converse, d 1829; son of Lieut. Josiah, 
d 1810; son of Lieut. Thomas, (f 1756; son of 
Samuel, d 173 1 ; son of John Bigelow [or BigulahJ, 
of Watertown, Mass., 1617-1703, m Mary Warren. 
He served in the Peqaot and Kmg Philip's Wars). 

Bovn at Concord, Mass., Aug. 28, 185 1 ; Grad. at 
Harvard Univ., M.A., B.A., 1873 ; Episcopal 
Theological School, Cambridge, Mass., B.D., 
1880 ; Columbian Univ., Wash., D.C, Hon. 
L.H.D., 1899; Prof, of Meteorology, U.S. 

Weather Bureau ; Assist. Min. St. John's Episcopal Church ; and 
Prof, of Solar Physics, Columbian Univ., Wash. D.C. ; m Oct. 6, 
1881, Mary Ellen, da. of the Rev. Amos Fletcher Spalding,, of 
Warren, R.I., and Norwich, Conn., and Caroline Elizabeth, da. of 
Daniel Saunderson and Almira Stevens. 

i. Marian, h April 29, 1884 ; d June 5, 1884. 

A rms — Or, three lozenges azure. 

Crest — A ram's head erased azure, charged with three lozenges, attired or. 

Residence — 1625 Mass. Avenue, Washington, D.C. 

Club — Cosmos. 

Societies - Washington Academy of Sciences, Philosophical, Deutsche Meterol 
Gesells, &c., tic. 


ni>atthew6' american Bnnonr^ 


of Washington, D.C. (Only son of Watson Sumner, 
M.D., of Constantine, Mich., on Commission to 
determine boundary of Mich., b 1794, d 1847, 
;// 1841, Hester Ann, h 1820, d Dec. 14, 1877, 
daughter of Samuel Le Page W'elling, of New 
York and Coldwater, Mich., and Hannah Hussey, 
his wife, of Baltimore, Md. — Descended in the 
5th gen. from William Sumner, of Bicester, 
Oxfordshire, Eng., who came to America in 1636, 
and settled at Dorchester, Mass). 

Born at Constantine, Mich., December 31, 1841 ; 
entered Naval Service in 1858, retired in 
1903; Educated at Naval Academy, Annapolis, 
Md. ; served in the War of the Rebellion ; in the Spanish American 
War, and on various sea and shore stations ; Honorary Member of 
the Regular Army and Navy Union ; Charter Member Naval and 
Military Order, Spanish-American War ; Member of the Associated 
Veterans of Farraguts Fleet; m (istly) Nov., 1868, Henrietta Eliza, 
d 1885, daughter of John Ruan, M.D., of " Hannah's Rest," Santa 
Cruz, W.I., and Henrietta Krause, daughter of William Henry 
Krause, and Eliza Farrington Barnes, his wife; m (andly) Feb., 
1886, Maudthilde, daughter of William H. Willis and Joanna (White) 


i. Geo. Albert, h Aug 8, 1874, "' Carrie R. Wanser, d Dec. 25, 1899, 

III (andly) Viola Ketcham. 
ii. John Saxton, b Sept. 22, 1876 ; in Eloise Peckham. 
i. Florenxe Watson, b Oct. 4, 1869, in Walter Newell Giles, 
ii. Alice Blythe, b Nov. 29, 1872, d April 18, 1905, in Clay John 

iii. Helen Louise (Georgine L.), b Oct. 14, 1881. 
iv. Mary Elizabeth (Maude C), b February 20, 1883. 

Anns — Ermine, two chevrons gules. 

Crest — A lion's head erased argent, ducally gorged or. 

Motto — In medio tutissimus ibis. 

Residence — "The Pines," Patchogue, Long Island, N.Y. 

Societies— Sons of the American Revolution, Regular Army and Navy Union, 

Military Order Foreign Wars, Naval and Military Order Spanish- American 

War, and Associated Veterans of Farragut's Fleet. 

ant) Blue IBooh. 


of N.Y. City (Son of Henry Barclay, of 
Astoria, L.I., 1794-1865, in Sarah A. Moore, 
1809-73, ^^- of Daniel Sackett and Hannah Moore, 
of Newtown, L.I., son of Anthony, of Newtown, 
L.I.; son of Rev. Henry, 1714-64, Rector of Trin. 
Ch., N.Y. ; son of Rev. Thos. Barclay, 1667-1725, 
of St. Peters, Albany, Ord. Priest by Bp. of 
London, 1707, in 1709, Anna Dorothea, da. of 
Rear-Adml. Drauyer and Gertrude \'an Schaick). 

Boyn at Astoria, L.I., Dec. i, 1850; /// Oct. 

19, 1871, Cornelia, da. of Henry Anthony 

Waldburg and Cornelia (Cochrane) Barclay. 

Mrs. Barclay descends from Dr. John 

Cochrane, 1730-1807, Surg.-Genl. of the Revol. 

Army, son of James Cochrane, founder of 

Cochranville, Pa. 


i. Harold, b Aug. 14, 1872, in 1906 Helen Fuller Potter of New York. 

ii. Robert Cochrane, b Mar. 26, 1874, '"- 1906 Anita Caldwell 
i. Beatrice Waldburg, ;// Stockton Beekman Colt. [Goldsborough. 
ii. Ethel Netherclift, in Thornton Chard, 
iii. Cornelia Cochrane. 

Arms — Gules, a chevron argent, betw. three crosses pattte of the second. 
Crest — A sword in pale ppr. Motto — Crux Christi nostra corona. 

Ar;;)s — (Cochidne) ar. a chev. gu. betw. three boars' heads erased az. 
Crest — A horse pass. Motto — Victute et Lahore. 

Residences — 37 West 46th Street, N.Y. City; Thorufield, Cazenovia, N.Y. 
Clubs — Union, St. Nicholas. Society — Colonial Order. 

of N.Y. City (Son of Reuben Wing Howes 
1813-97, founder of Nat. Park Bank N.Y. , in 1837 
Melissa A. Townsend ; son of Daniel 1763-1824 ; 
son of Moody 1724-1806; son of Thomas 1699 -1764; 
son of Ebenezer, d 1726, ;;/ Sarah, grand-da. of 
John Gorham the Puritan Captain ; son of Jeremiah 
1637-1706, /// Sarah, da. of Thomas Prence, 4th 
Gov. of Plymouth Colony; son of Thomas 1590-1665 
of Yarmouth Mass. 1639; son of Thomas; son of 
Robert Howes of Carlton Rode, Co. Norfolk, Eng.). 

Bnrn at N.Y. City January 31, 1841 ; A.B.A.M. 
Columbia Univ., S.T.D. Racine Coll. Wis- 
consin ; in Nov. 15, 1864, Emilie, da. of 
B. F. Breeden. 

Frederick Reuben, b 1865, d 1900, in 1892 Augusta Schieffelin. 
Reuben Wing, b Aug. 12, 1867. 
Leander Townsend, b July 19, 1872. 
Irene Horton, b 1870,^ 1872. 

/I r/HS— Argent, a chevron between three griffins' heads erased sable. 
Crest ~A dcmi-uaicorn issuing out of a ducal crown all proper. 

Mutto — Stat fortuna domus. 

ResiJence—'H.Y. City. Society— Leha. I'hi. 






flDattbewB' Bmcrican Hrmouri^ 






^ Lt.-Col., Uep.-Sur.-Gen., U.S.A. (Son of Wm. 
Morrison Corbusier 1819-80, m 1841, Mahala Myers; 
son of James H. 1795- 1846, m Eleanor Sloat 1818 ; 
son of Thomas Pullein 1761-96 of Harris's Bay, Ber- 
muda, w 1782, Alice Peniston ; son of James, ^ 1766, 
in 1748, Ann, da. of Col. Wm. Outerbridge, Chief 
Justice of Bermuda ; son of Col. Henry Corbusier, 
mem. of the Assembly and Council, Col. of Colonial 
Troops, b 1700, in Bermuda, d April 24, 1764). 

Boi'ii April 10, 1844; served in War of Rebel'n. 1864- 
65, in Philippines, Spanish-Amer. War, and 
Philippine Insurrection ; in Mar. 22, 1869, 
Fanny, da. of the late Geo. Towers Dunbar, 
Engr. Bd. of Public Wks, and Dep.-Surv.-Gen. 
of Louisiana, and Surveyor of New Orleans. 

i. Claude Romeyn, b Aug. 3, 1871. 

ii. Harold Dunbar, b Jan. 14, 1873, B.S. and M.D., U.S. Army, 

iii. Philip Worthington, b July 4, 1875, ist Lt.i4th Cavalry U.S. Army, 

iv. Francis Addison, i Mar. 15, 1877. v. Wm. Tremaine, ^ Jan.31, 1882. 

Anns — Vair arg. and az., on a canton a lion ramp. Crest — A demi-lion ramp. 

Residence — See Army Stations. 

Societies — Colonial Wars, Sons of the Am. Rev., War of 181 2, Nat. Soc, of the 
Army of the Philippines, Am Flag Assn., Mil. O. Moro Campaigns. 

of Phila. (Son of Edward C. Knight, 1813- 
1892, Mem. Pa. Constitutional Convention, ist 
Pres. Amer. S.S. Co., Pres. Del. and Bound Brook 
R.R. Co., Pres. N. Pa. R.R. Co., Pres. Guarantee 
Trust and Safe Deposits Co., m 1841, Anna M. 
Magill ; son of Jonathan, 1788-1823, ni Rebecca 
Collings ; son of William, ;// 1784; son of Jonathan, 
ni 1756; son of Isaac, ni 1728; son of Thomas, 
settled in N. Jersey 1683 ; son of Giles, ni Eliz'th, 
da. of Thos. Williams of Whitenhurst, Co. Glou- 
cester ; son of Edward of Woodends ; son of John 
of Cromehall Manor; son of John Knight, b 1540; 
a Gloucester Recusant 1577). 

Born in Phila. Dec. 14, 1863 ; Pres. Dela. and 

Bound Brook R.R. Co. ; Mem. First Troop Phila. City Cavalry ; 
Pres. N. Pa. R.R. Co.; m June 3, 1886 Clara Waterman, da. of 
Edmund Parsons Dwight. 

i. Clara Waterman. 

^n»s— Sable, a griffin segreant or. Crest— A talbot's head erased bezantee. 

Residences— idzg Locust Street, Phila. ; " Claradon Court," Newport, R.I. 
C/m65— Philadelphia, Ritteahouse, Rabbit, Racquet; Union, Brook, New York 

Yacht. - - 

an^ Bine IBooK 


of N.Y. (Son of Col. Joseph Plympton, 
U.S.A., 1787-1860, of Sudbury, Mass., vi Eliza M. 
1801-73, da. of Peter Wm. and Eliza (Beekman) 
Livingston; son of Ebenezer 1756-1834 ; son of 
Thomas 1723-89; son of Peter 1666-1743; son of 
Thomas Plympton, b Sudbury, Suffolk, Eng., ciy. 
1620, founded Sudbury, Mass., killed 1676, a 
descendant of the Plympton family of Knares- 
borough, Yorks., the Eldred de Plympton was a 
landowner there temp. Domesday Survey). 

Born in N.Y. City, Jan. 15, 1835 ; Grad. at N.Y. 

Univ. LL.B., 1863 ; retired from the Law 

1889, entd. Banking, founder of Redmond, 

Kerr & Co. ; m May 3, 1864, Mary A., da. of 

Linus W. Stevens of N.Y. 

i. Gilbert Livingston, b March 8, i86g, d Dec. 2, i86g. 
i. Mary Livingston, m Robert M. Tarleton. 

A fins — Azure, five fusils in fesse or, each charged with aa escallop gules. 
Crest — A phoenix or, out of flames proper. Motto — Sufficit meruisse. 

Residences — 30 West 52nd Street, N.Y. City ; Wyndtryst, Great Neck, L.I. 
Chihs — Metropolitan, Union, St. Nicholas, N.Y. Yacht, Larchmont Yacht, Riding, 

Down Town Association, Westchester Country, Laurentian of Canada. 
Societies — Sons of the Rev., Colonial Wars, War of 1812, Colonial Order of the 

Acorn, St. Nicholas, Met. Mus. of Art, Botanical, Zoological, N.Y. Hist., 

Am. Hist., N.Y. Geneal., M. Ch. of Commerce, Mus. of Nat. Hist., St. 


of Walton, N.Y. (Son of Julius Roswell Pond 
of New Hartford Ct., 1822-91, m Martha A. 
Watson 1821-84; son of Roswell 1772-1826; son 
of Roswell 1746-76; son of Josiah b 1710; son 
of Samuel, 6 1679; son of Samuel 1648-1718 ; son 
of Samuel Pond, came with Gov. John Winthrop 
1630, m 1642 Sarah Ware, (/ 1654. Also descd. 
from Gov. John Webster, Gov. Thomas Welles, 
and John Watson, 1650. Also 12th from John 
Warren, of Hadbury, Devonshire, who was 21st 
from Rollo, ist Duke of Normandy, d 927). 

Boyn at New Hartford Ct. June 17, 1853; ^^- 
Vestryman of Christ Ch., Walton, N.Y. ; 
Pres. of the Village of Walton, N.Y., 1903, 
1904, 1905 and 1906; ;« Feb. ri, 1886, Florence, 

da. of Samuel Henry St. John, of N.Y. 

i. Samuel Henry St. John, b Aug. 24, 1891. 
i. Martha Watson, b Dec. 26, 1886, d Apr. 16, 1888. 
ii. Emily St. John, b Mar. 14, 1888, d Apr. 19, 1888. 
iii. Sarah Elizabeth.- 
Arms — Argent, a fesse gules between two boars heads, in chief, erased sable, 

and a cross pattee in base of the second. 
Crest — A fleur-de-lis gules. Motto — Fide et amore. 

Residence — Walton, Delaware Co., N.Y. 

Society — Colonial Wars. 


flDattbews' amcrican armoury 

*- of N.Y. City (Son of Joseph. L. Partridge, 
1804-19C0, ;// Zibiah N. Will son ; son of Cotton, 
1765-1846; son of Lieut. Samuel, 1730-1809; son 
of Cotton, 1705-33 ; son of Samuel, 1672-1736 ; 
son of Colonel Samuel, 1645-1740; son of William 
Partrigg, of Hartford, Ct., 1640, who came from 
Berwick-on-Tweed. Also 7th in desct. from Gov. 
Simon Bradstreet.) 

Born at Newton, Mass., Sept. 27, 1853 > Grad. Coll. 
of Physicians and Surgeons (Med. Dep. 
Columbia Univ.), 1875; Hon. A.M. Williams' 
Coll., 1880; Consulting Phys. N.Y. Hosp., 
N.Y. Inf. Asylum, N.Y. Maternity Hos., and the Sloan Maternity 
Hosp.; Ill Sept. 18, 1884, Gertrude Edwards, da. of Hon. Theodore 
W. Dwight, LL.D. 

i. Theodore Dwight, b December 26, 1890. 

Anns — (Bradstreet) Argent, a greyhound passant gules, on a chief sable three 
crescents or. 

Crest — An arm embowed in armour the band grasping a scimitar. 

Motto — Virtute non vi. 

Residences — ig Fifth Avenue, New York City ; " Storm King," Cornwall, N.Y. 
Cluhs — Century, University, Riding. Society — Colonial Wars, Huguenot. 


■- of Baltimore (Son of Dr. John Hanson 
Thomas), 1813-37, tn Annie C. Gordon, 1819-86, 
of Falmouth, Va, ; son of John Hanson, 1779-1815 ; 
son of Dr. Philip, 1747-1815 ; son of James, d 1760 ; 
son of James Thomas, h in \\'ales ; settled in Kent 
Co., Md., 1702; 111 Elizabeth Hacket). 

Born at Balto., Jan. i, 1847; Capt. and Major 
5th Regt. Nat. Guard, 1868-77; Cashier 
Marine Nat. Bank, 1878-80; Cashier Mer- 
chants Nat. Bank, 1880-86; Pres. 1886 to 
present time; Finance Commissioner, 1886- 
92; Commissioner, Public Parks, 1886-92; 
m Jan. 25, 1870, Alice Lee, da. of Dr. John 

Whitridge, of Baltimore. 

i. Douglas Hamilton, Jr., h Mar. 5, 1872. 
ii. John Hanson, b Mar. i, 1876. 

Arms — Sable, a chevron and canton ermine. 

Crest — A demi-unicorn ermine, armed and crined or, supporting a shield sable. 

i. Alice Lee. 


-Virtus invicta gloriosa. 

Residence — loio St. Paul Street, Baltimore, Md. 
Societies — Colonial Wars, Order of Runnemede. 

Cluh — IVfarvland of Baltimore. 

an^ Blue Bool^. 


of Florence, S.C. (Son of Hon. Thomas 
Evans, of Marion, S.C, State Senator for 12 years, 
Comr. in Equity, Presidential Elector for S.C, 
1832, I) 1790, d 1845, III 1816, Jane Beverley, 
b 1795, d 1861, da. of George and Martha Daniel, 
of Oxford, N.C ; son of Lieut. Nathan Evans, 
1760-1810, III Edith, da. of. Thomas, son of John 
Godbold, R.N., of Kent, England ; son of Nathaniel 
Evans, of Rydwillin, Caemarthen, came to 
Pennsylvania 1701-12, joined Society of 
Baptists under Rev. Thomas Griffiths, removed 
to " Welch Tract," Cravan Co., S.C, 1735, 
VI Ruth Jones, of the Evans family, ofNorthorpe, 
Co. Flint, descendants of Ethelystan Glodrydd, 
Prince of Ferlys, founder of the 4th Royal Tribe of Wales). 

Bom at Marion, S.C, Sept. 2, 183 1 ; Sec. State Board of Health of 
South Carolina; late Surgeon 3rd S.C. Reg. C.S.A. ; State Engineer 
of Arkansas, 1856-8; Graduated at Univ. of Penna. M.D., 1861 ; 
m Jan. 4, 1865, Maria Antoinette, daughter of William Alexander 
Powell, Esqr., of Leesburg, Va., and Lucy Peachy, daughter of 
Hon. Daniel Lee, of Winchester, Va. 

i. Powell, in i8g8, Julia Estelle Merchant, of Phila. 
ii. William Alexander. 
iii. James, Jr. 
iv. Thomas. 

V. Llewellyn Stuart {deed.) 
i. Jane Beverley. 

ii. Maria Lee, m 1897, Hon. Frank B. Gary, of Abbeville, S C 
iii. Marie Antoinette, ;// 1901, Henry Carrington Riely, of Richmond, 

iv. Lucy Peachy,;// 1904, Rev. Caleb Brecknall Kneaoles Weed (P.E.), 

of East Orange, New Jersey, Rector of St. John's Church, Fort 

Smith, Arkansas. 

Arms — Argent, a chevron between three boars' heads conped sable. 
Crest — On a ducal coronet or, a boar's head fesseways erased sable. 
Motto — Libertas. 

Residence — " Florence," Florence Co., South Carolina. 

Societies — Southern Sure;, and Gynl., Am. Med.. Am. Med. Congress, Am. Social 

Science Assn., Instn. of Arts, Sciences, and Letters, late Presdt. S.C. 

Med. Assn., United Confed. Veterans, Alumni Assn. Univ. of Penna.. 

S.C. Chapter Sons of Amer. Revolution. 


ni>attbcw6' amciican armoury 

of Brooklyn, N.Y. (Son of Robert Randall 
Story, 1806-74, of Boston, ;» Nov. 5, 1829, Adelia 
Ann, 1813-86, da. of Hon. Reuben Munson, of 
N.Y. City ; son of William, 1782-1812, vi Anna 
Randall; son of William, 1748-1806, vi Bathsheba 
Gray ; son of William, 1720-99, Clerk in the Probate 
Court and Registrar of the Court of Admiralty, 
Boston, /// Joanna Appleton ; son of Elisha Story, 
1683-1725, from Cumberland, Eng., to Boston, 
Mass., 1700). 

Born in Brookl}n, Mar. 18, 1836 ; Colonel 1880, and 

Asst. Adj.-Genl. S.N.Y. (Brevet Major.-Genl. 

1904) ; ;// Oct. 28, 1863, Emma, da. of Henry P. 
and Lucy (Kendall) Freeman, of Brooklyn. 

i. Henry Grafton, b Aug. 22, 1869, in Marion Massey. 
ii. Frank Randall, b Dec. 17, 1871. 
i. En^l-v Louise, b 1867, d 1868. ii. Josephine Beatrice. 

Ariits — Argent, a lion rampant double queued gules. 

Crest — A demi-lion rampant gules. Motto — Fides vincit et Veritas custodit. 

Residence — 21 Herkimer Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Societies — Colonial Wars, Sons of the Revolution, War of 1812, Lafayette Post 
No. T40, G.A.R. 

JONES, E. clarence, 
of N.Y. City (Son of John Parry Jones, b in 
Wales, 1830, d in New York, 1871, in 1885, Ellen 
Jane, da. of George Stephenson Hovey, of Notting- 
ham, England. — A descendant of the Jones family 
from whom was descended John Parry Jones, of 
Llwyn-Oun, Denbighshire, who assumed the addi- 
tional surname of Parry on his marriage to his 
cousin Margaret, da. of Love Parry). 

Born in N.Y. City, May 6, 1865; Banker, of the 
firm of E. Clarence Jones and Co., Nassau 
Street, N.Y. City and Philadelphia ; ;;/ Jan. 24, 
1894, divorced igoo, Adelaide Estelle, da. of 
Alfred Storms, of N.Y. City. 

Arms — Ermine, a lion rampant sable. 

Crest — On a cheapeau gules turned up ermine a demi-lion rampant or. 

Motto — Gofal d\'n duw ai gvverid. 

Residence— i6s West 58th Street, N.Y. City. 

C/;/^s— Manhattan, Republican, Lawyers, Larchmont Yacht, Indian Harbour 
Yacht, Riverside Yacht, Suburban Riding and Driving, Metropolitan, 
Stock Exchange. N.Y. Riding, Ardslev, Cercle du Rois du Boulogne Paris, 

an& Blue IBool^. 


of N.Y. (Son of Chas. W. Blossom of 
Brooklyn, b 1827, vi Mary Webb, da. of Miles 
Cook of Brooklyn, N.Y, [descd. from Francis 
Cook, b 1577, Blyth, Notts., came in the " May- 
flower " 1620] ; son of Benjamin 1790-1877 ; son of 
Benjamin 1753-1837; son of Benjamin 1721-1797; 
son of Joseph 1673-1749; son of Peter 1627-1700 ; 
son of Thos. Blossom, b Eng., em. to Amer. 1629, 
d Plymouth Mass.). 

Boyn at Brooklyn, May 20, 1858, in (i) Oct. 7, 1886, 
Sarah Briggs, 1862-95, da. of Thos. and Ellen 
(Masterson) Smith; in (2) Nov. i, 1898, Mrs. 
Howard Meyer, da. of Charles and Ellen 
Rowena (Pettigrew) Cole. 

Arms — Quarterly : ist and 4th, azure, three wiverns displayed ermine (Blossom) ; 
2nd and 3rd, or, a chevron between two lions passant guardant sable (Cooke). 
Crest~Oi\t of a ducal coronet, a hand holding a swan's head and neck erased. 

Residences — 884 Fifth Avenue, N.Y. City ; 955 Orange Grove BouL, Pasadena, Cal. 
Chibs — Union League, N.Y. Yacht, Riding, Nassau Co., Suburban Riding and 

Driving, N.Y., California, Los Angeles Co., Pasadena Co., Anandale Co., 

Automobile Club of Southern California. 
Societies — Sons of the American Revolution, Amer. Museum Natural History, 

Veteran Assn. Co. A 23rd Regt. N.G.N.Y., Hon. Mem. Companies A and 

J. 23rd Regt. N.G.N.Y. and Veteran Assn. 23rd Regt. N.G.N.Y. 

of Atlanta Ga. (Son of George and 
Elizabeth (Staigg) Atkinson of Boston, Mass., 
b May ig, 1822 ; son of Amos, b 1792, of Boston ; 
son of Lt. Amos, b 1754, of Newbury ; son of 
Ichabod, h 1714; son of John; son of John 
Atkinson, b 1640, of Newbury Mass., nephew of 
Theodore Atkinson, from Bury St. Edmunds, 
Suffolk, to Boston 1634). 

Born at Brookline, Mass., Nov. 13, 1862 ; Banker; 
m April 5, 1888, May, da. of Richard Peters. 

i. Henry Morrell, b Feb. 23, 1892. 
i. May Peters, b Oct. 15, 1889. 

Anus — Vert, a cross voided between four lions rampant or. 
Crest — A dove with wings expanded. 
Motto — Nil pacimus non sponte Dei. 

Residence — Atlanta, Georgia. 

C/»/;s— Union, Brook, Harvard, of New York; Union, Tennis and Racquet, of 

Boston ; Capital City Club, Atlanta. 
Society — Sons of the Revolution. 


ni>attbc\V6' Binerican Bnnour^ 

of St. Louis, Mo. (Second son of 
Elisha De Wolf, of Blue Earth, Minn., 
h 1816, m 1840, Sabra Sherman ; son of 
Ehsha, 1 772- 1 855; son of Elisha, 1748- 
1838; son of Simon, 1718-55; son of 
Josiah, 1689-1767; son of Simon, 1648-95; 
son of Belthasar De Wolf, one of the first 
settlers of Lyme, Conn., 1666, d 1696). 

Born at Walpole, N.H., Sept. 19, 1844; 
m Oct. 17, 1877, Margaret Harding, 
da. of Hon. John Marshall Krum, 
(Mayor of Alton, 111., 1837 ; Mayor of 
St. Louis, Mo., 1848 ; Judge of the 
Circuit Court), and Mary Ophelia, da. 
of Chester Harding. 

i. Herbert, h Nov. 14, 1883, d Feb. 17, 1903. 
i. Ophelia, h May 21, 1881 ; d May 8, 1888. 

j{r,ns — Or, three wolves' heads erased sable borne on the breast of an Imperial 
Eagle sable beaked or, the shield surmounted by a Baron's coronet. 

Crest— Owi of a ducal coronet a demi-wolf gules holding in the dexter paw a 
fleur-dedis. Motto — Vincit qui patitur. 

Residence — 5459 Bartmer Avenue, St. Louis, Mo. 

Sociff'^s— Mayflower Descendants, Colonial Wars, Sons of the Revolution. 

of N.Y. City (Son of Jonathan Bascom, 
1806-78, in Feb. 2, 1842, Mary Ann, 1812-96, da. of 
Joseph and Elfrida (Crosby) Holbrook. — Descended 
from Thomas and Avis Bascombe (Batiscombe) 
from Dorsetshire, England, circa 1634, to \\'indsor, 
Conn., probably of Combe Keynes, Dorsetshire, 
d 1682). 

Born at Brooklyn, N.Y., April 14, 1845; Major 
171st Regiment N.G.S.N.Y. ; formerly Captain 
in 71st Regiment N.G.S.N.Y.; m Sarah 
Virginia, daughter of Isaac More Tyson, of 
N.Y. City, and Esther, daughter of Timothy 
Ide and Esther Armington. 

^yjns — Gules, a chevron between three bats displayed sable. 
(;,,g5;_Aii olive branch proper. Motto — Non omnis moriar. 

Residence — New York City. 

C/»/,5— New York Yacht, Atlantic Yacht, Riverside Yacht of Conn., Mecox Yacht 

of L.I., Saratoga, Saratoga Golf, Army and Navy. 
Societies— Co\oma\. Wars, Sons of American Revolution, 71st Reg. Veteran 

Ass'n., A. and H. Artillery of Boston, Old Guard, London Numismatic. 

ant) Blue IBooK 

of Brookline, Mass. (Son of Thomas Edward 
Moseleyof Boston, 1823-90, ;// Mary 1827-97, da. of 
Edward Crehore of Milton; son of Thomas M., 
1796-1877; son of Thomas, b 1759 ; son of Mr. 
Thomas, 1728-96; son of Ebenezer, b 1695 ; son of 
Ebenezer, 1673-1740; son of Thomas, 1636-1706; 
son of John and Cicily Maudesley, of England ; 
d 1661). 

Boni at Roxbury, Mass., March, 1854; "' April 29, 
1880, Martha A.," da. of Charles H. Hawes, 
1828-62, grandson of Deacon Joseph Hawes, 
1758-1850, who /// Thankful, a grand-da. of 
John Matthews, 1682- 1776, of Boston, Mass. 


i. Elise. 

Anns — Quarterly, ist and 4th sable, a chevron between three battle-axes argent ; 

2nd and 3rd or, a fesse between three eagles displayed sable. 
Crest — An eagle displayed sable. Motto — Mos legem regit. 

Residence — 1053 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass. 

Clubs — Algonquin. Boston Art. 

Societies — Colonial Wars, Bostonian. Sons of the Am. Kevol., Bunker Hill Mon. 
Assn., "Descendants of Colonial Governors, '■= Mayflower Descdts. 

of N.Y. City (Son of Charles Collins, of Hart- 
ford, Conn. — Descended from John Collins, 1616-70, 
to Boston, Mass., 1644; son of John Collins, of 
London and Brampton, Co. Suffolk, Eng. — Desc'd. 
from Richard Lyman, b High Ongar, Co. Essex, 
1580, to America 1631, related to Sir John Lyman, 
Knt., Lord Mayor of London 1616. From Thomas 
Tracy, of Norwich Ct., grandson of Richd. Tracy, 
of Stanway, Glouc. 1559. From Govr. William 
Leete, b 1612, grandson of Thomas of Ockington, 
Cambs., and from Govr. William Bradford). 

Born at Hartford, Conn., Feb. 22, 1848 ; in Oct. 12, 
1870, Marie Louise Clark, daughter of the Hon. 
Horace F. and Marie Louise (Vanderbilt) 
Clark, of N.Y. City. 

i. Edith Lyman, ni Rechid Bey, Count Czaykowski. 

Arms — Sable, on a chevron betw. three doves argent, five guttees de sang. 
Crest — A dove close argent. Motto — Volabo ut requiescam. 

Residence— The Ansonia, New York City. 

Clubs— Lambs, Merchants, City, New York Yacht, Suburban Riding and Driving 

Club, and Gentlemen's Driving Club. 
Societies — Colonial Wars, Mayflower Descendants, Mem. Chamber of Commerce, 

Sons of the Revohition!^ Metropolitan Museum of Art, Founderand Patriots, 

New England, Sculptors, Trade and Transportation. 



riDattbews' Binerican armoury 


^^■^ of Chicago (Son of George Manierre, 
1817-63, in Ann Hamilton, da. of William Reid, 
Barrister, of Glasgow, Scot. ; son of John, 1782-1823, 
w Nancy Lee; son of Louis Manierre, 1757-1794, 
b in Normandy, 1757, to America temp. French 

RevoL, settled in New London, Ct., 1785; served 
in American Revol. with Genl. La Fayette, 
III Rebecca Miner, a descendant of Captain Thomas 
Miner, of Pequot, New London, Ct., 1608-90, 
Dep.-Gen. Ct., 1650-1, Chief Military at Mystic, 
Ct., 1665). 

Born in Chicago, April 25, 1847; Grad. of the Union Coll. of Law, 1878, 
Chicago Univ.; served in Civil War, 1864; Mem. of the 134th 111. 
Vols.; City Alderman 1883 to 1897; County Commr., 1891-92; 
111 April 1875, Julia Orr, da. of Cyrus Edson, of Albany, N.Y. 


i. George, b May 15, 1876. 

ii. William Reid, b Aug. 31, 1885; i. Marguerite. 

d March 30, 1891. ii. Julie Edson, 

iii. Edson, b Nov. 19, 1892. iii. Wilhelmine, 

iv. Harold, h Jan. 22, 1897. iv. Aline. 

Anns — D'argent a un pin de sinople a dexter d'une tete de more. 

Residence — 399 Superior Street, Chicago, Illinois. 

Clubs — City, Onwentsia, South Shore Country Club, Saddle and Cycle. 

Society — Grand Army of the Republic. 

of Pasadena, Cal. (Son of John Fletcher 
Byington, 1832-72 ; grandson of Justus Byington 
1763-1839, who served in Capt. Ambrose Sloper's 
Coy. of Conn. Militia 1779. — Descd. from John 
Byington (Byntone), weaver, who came from 
Dublin to Bradford, Conn., 1699 ! ^^so from 
Robert Hinsdale, d 1765 ; and Joseph Loomis, 
1616-87, member of Windsor Troop of Horse, King 
Philip's War). 

Born at Newton, Michigan, Mar. 14, 1861 ; Adjut. loth Battalion (ist 
Lieut.) N.G.N.Y., Honourably discharged March 16, 1893 ; in Jennie, 
da. of Charles Stanford. 

i. Chloe Castle, b at Albany, N.Y., May 3, 1896. 

/I n;rs— Argent, an eagle displayed sable, on a chief vert three roses of the field. 

Residences — Pasadena, Calif., and Boston, Mass. 

Clubs — The Country Club, Brookline, Mass. ; Pasadena Country Club. 

Societies — Colonial Wars ; Sons of the Revolution; Old Guard, Albany Zouave 

anb Blue "Booh. 


of Albany (Eldest son of His Exc. Gen, 
John Meredith Read, 1837-96; Knt. Or. Cross, O. 
of the Redeemer; F.S.A., F.R.I.A. ; U.S. Con.- 
Gen. to France; U.S. Min. to Greece; Adj. -Gen. 
N.Y. State with rank of Brig. -Gen. at outbreak of 
the \Var of the Rebellion, m Delphine Marie, da. 
of Harmon Pumpelly, [Pres. Albany Savings Bk., 
Albany Insur. Co., Albany Gas Co.,] and Delphine, 
da. of Hon. John R. Drake, County Judge, Mem. of 
N.Y. S. Assly. and Mem. of Cong. ; son of Hon. 
John M. Read, LL.D., 1797-1874, Ch. Just, of Pa., 
m Priscilla. da. of Hon, Josiah Marshall, of Boston ; 
son of Hon. John Read, 1769-1854, State Senator, 
apptd. by Pres. John Adams, Agt.-Gen. U.S., 

;// Martha, da. of Brig. -Gen. Saml. Meredith, Mem. Contl. Cong, and First 
Trea. of the U,S., and Margaret, da. of Thos. Cadwalader, M.D.,[descd. 
from Rhodri-Mawr, King of all Wales, d 876] ; son of His Exc. Hon. 
Geo. Read, 1733-98, Atty.-Gen., one of the six Signers of the Decl. of 
Indep., was also Vice-Pres. of Delaware, became Governor on the capture, 
of McKinley during Revol., U.S. Senator, Judge of the Ct. of Admiralty, 
in Gertrude, da. of Rev. Geo. Ross, M.A., Rector of Immanuel Ch. 
grand-da. David Ross, Laird of Balblair, Scot. ; son of Col. John Read, 
b in Dublin 1688, d 1756, Proprietor of Kingsley Manor, Md,, Commr. of 
Charlestown, Md. ; son of Henry Read, Esq., b 1662, of Dublin, m Mary 
Molins (MacMollins) ; son of Sir Charles Read, bap. 1622, of London and 
Dublin; son of Richard Read, Esq., 1579-1659, w Helen, da. of Sir Alex. 
Cave of Rotherby ; son of Thos. Read of Barton Court, H. Sh. of Berks 
1581, in Mary Stonhouse ; son of Thos. Rede of Barton Ct. Ar., in Anne, 
da. of Thos. Hoo, of the Hoo ; son of Thomas Hoo, Ar., son of one of the 
Knights present at Agincourt ; son of Wm. Rede, gent. ; son of Edwd, 
Rede, Ar. ; son of Edwardus Rede, Ar., H. Sh. of Berks 1439). 

Boini July 13, i860 ; former Inspector of Rifle Practice 5th Brig. 
N.G.S.N.Y. rank of Major; Pres. of Young Men's Assn. 1886; 
Regent of Philip Livingston Chapter, Sons of the Revol. ; Gov. -Gen. 
Knts. of Albion; in Aug. 24, 1889, Cath. Marguerite, da. of Mons. 
Jacques Frederic de Carron d'Allondans, 

Anns — Qtly. i and 4 gr. qts., qtly. i and 4 a saltire betw. four garbs or (Read) ; 

2 and 3 gu. three lions ramp. arg. (Ross) ; 2 and 3 gr. qts. arg. a lion 

ramp. sa. coll, and chained or (Meredith). 
Crests — I, on the stump of an oak tree erect a falcon rising ppr. belled and 

jessed or (Read) ; 2, a demi-lion ramp. gu. (Ross) ; 3, a demi-lion sa. col, 

and ch. or (Meredith). 

Motto — Cedant arma togas. 

Residence — 236 State Street, Albany, N.Y. 

Clubs — Fort Orange, Unconditional, Albany. 

5otkiiiJs— Geographical, France ; Histl., N.Y. ; Knts. of Albion; Delta Psi; 32". 
Masonic ; Ciucinuati of Del. ; Sous uf the Revl.; Col. Wars. Mayil'r. Desc's. 


nn>attbew0' american armoury 

J of N.V. (Son of Chas. Jesup, of Saugatuck, 
Ct. /;/ Abigail, da. of Hon. Saml. B. Sherwood; 
son of Major Ebenezer, of Saugatuck, Ct. ; son of 
Dr. Ebenezer, of Green's Farms; son of 
Edward ; son of Edward of Green's Farms ; son 
of Edward Jessup, of Fairfield, Ct., 1639, one of 
the two original Patentees of West Farms, West- 
chester Co., N.Y., 1664, of the Jessops, of Brome- 
hall, Sheffield, Yorks., Eng.). 

Born at Westport, Ct., June 21, 1830; Hon. A.M. 
Williams Coll. and Yale Univ. 1881, A.M. 
Columbia Univ. 1900, and LL.D., Princeton 
Univ. 1902 ; Pres. of the Chamber of Com- 
merce, N.Y., 1898 ; Pres. Amer. Museum of Nat. Hist. 1881 ; m April 
26, 1854, Maria Van Antwerp, da. of Rev. Thos. De Witt, D.D., 
of N.Y. 

^rms — Barry of six argent and azure, nine mullets gules, three three and three. 

Crest — A dove standing on an olive branch proper. 

RcsiJenccs — 195-7 Madison Avenue, N.V. City : Lenox, Mass. ; Bar Harbor, Me. 
Clubs — Century, Metropolitan, University, Jekyl Island, New York Yacht, Metro- 
politan of Washington, Rittenhouse of Philadelphia. 

of Columbus, Ohio (Son of Rowland P. 
Mackenzie, of Trinidad, 1841-77 ; son of Lt.-Col. 
Alexr. Wm., of London, Eng. ; son of Major Alex- 
ander, d in Canada, 1S52 ; son of Colonel George, 
of Murray Keith's Highlanders, present at the 
Storming of Seringapatam 1783 ; son of John, 
of Lochend 1741 ; son of Alexander, of Gairloch, 
d 1694 ' ^^^ o^ Kennith ; son of Alexander, d 1638 ; 
son of John R ; son of John ; son of Hector " The 
Red " ; son of Alexr. Mackenzie, of Kintail, d 1488). 

Born at Port of Spain, Trinidad, July 15, 1868; 
Banker ; Ed. at Queen's Royal Coll. ; m April 
5, 1899, Winifred E. ^ da. of Capt. Thos. Lee 
Brent, of Columbus, Ohio. 

i. Alexander Kenneth, b March 30, 1905. 
i. Margaret Louise, b March 17, 1900. 

Arms— Azure, within a bordure engrailed, chequy of three gules and or, a stag's 

head cabossed, attired with ten tvres or. 
Crest— A stag's head cabossed as in Arms. Motto— Data, fata secutus. 

Residence— ^6^ Town Street East, Columbus, Ohio. 

C//(/«s— Ohio, Arlington Country. 

Societies— Old N.W. Geueal., *Colomal Dames, ^Daughters of the Amer. Revhi. 

anb IBhxc 'Boo\\, 


of Hackensack, N.J. (Son of Hon, Wm. W. 
Phelps, 1839-94, °f Englewood, N.J., U.S. Min. 
to Germany, 111 Ellen Sheffield : Son of John J., 
1810-69 ; son of Alexander, 1769-1802 ; son of 
Capt. David, 1733-95; son of Lieut. David, 1710-60; 
son of Captain Joseph, 1667- 1750 ^ son of William 
Phelps, from Tewkesbury, Eng., to America in 
ship " Mary and John," 1630, one of five Commissrs. 
to govern Colony of Conn). 

Born at Paris, France, Sept. 27, 1861 ; Grad. at 
Yale Univ., B.A. 1883 ; Chosen Freeholder of 
Bergen County, N.J.; Ensign U.S. Navy; Capt. U.S. Merchant 
Marine, May, 1898; in April 26, 1888, Rose J. Hutchinson. 


i. Dorothy. ii. Rose. 

Aynis — Argent, on afesse azure, betw. four lions ramp. ppr. three mullets or. 
Crest — A fish naiant proper. Motto — Respice finem. 

Residences — " Red Towers," Hackensack, N.J.; " Yoncomis," Stony Creek, Conn. 

Clubs — Univ., Un. League, New Haven Yt., N.Y, Yacht, Atlantic Yacht, Seawan- 
haka Cor, Yacht, Oritani Field, Englewood Field, Hamilton, Gent's, 
Driving Assn,, Sachems Head Yacht, 

Societies — U.Sp. War Vets., Psi Upsilon, Scroll and Keys, Military Order of 
Foreign Wars, Founders and Patriots of America, New England, Am. 
Geographical and Am. A. A. 

/^OOKE, JAY, Jr., 

^-^ of Philadelphia (Son of Jay Cooke of Sandusky 
Ohio, settled in Phila, 1837, ft i82i,/« 1844, Dorothea 
Elizabeth Allen ; son of Eleutheros, b 1 787, in Martha 
Carswell ; son of Asaph, 1748-1826, ni Thankful 
Parker; son of Asaph 1720-92, ni Sarah Parker; son 
of Samuel, h 1668, in Hannah Ives ; son of Samuel, 
b 1641, in Hope Parker; son of Henry Cooke of 
Salem Mass,, 1638, d 1661, ;« 1639, Judith, da. of 
Henry Burdsall of Salem), 

Boyn in Phila., Aug. 10, 1845, in April 22, 1868, 
Clara Alice, da. of Joel Barlow Moorhead. 

i. Jay Cooke (3rd), in Nina Louise, daughter of 

Edwin North Benson, 
i. Caroline Clara, in Robert Wilder Bush, of Brooklyn Heights, N.Y. 

Anns — Or, a chevron gules between two lions passant guardant sable. 
Crest — Out of a mural crown argent, a demi-lion guardant issuant sable gorged 
with a mural coronet or. Motto — Tutum monstrat iter. 

Residence — 2204 St, James Place, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Clubs — Union League, Country, Morion Cricket, 


ni>attbc\v5' American Bnnouii> 




of Baltimore, Md. (Eldest son of George Ross 
Veazey of Baltimore, Attorney and Counsellor-at- 
Law, b 1820, d 1856, /// 1S50, Eliza, b 1824, d 1870, 
da. of Rev. John Mason Duncan and Eliza McKim, 
of Balto., and grand-da. of John McKim, Jr., of 
Balto., and of Capt. Matthew Duncan of Phila., 
and 3rd in desct. from Rev. John Mason of N.Y., 
and 8th in desct. from Cornelis Barentse Van 
Wyck, who came from Holland to N.Y., in 1660, 
and 6th in desct. from Col. David Provoost, of 
N.Y., who was Mayor of N.Y. 1699, Mem. of Genl. 
Assembly of N.Y., 1702-11-12, Col. in Colonial 
Mil. Force of N.Y. 1718, Mem. of Council 1709-10, 
Collector of Duties 1724, and 8th in desct. from 
Sergt. David Provoost, who came from Holland to 
N.Y. in 1639, and was Comder. of Fort Good Hope 1642-47, Sergt. in 
Burgher Corps of New Amsterdam 1653. — Descd. from Col. John \'eazey, 
Senr., of "Essex Lodge," Cecil Co., Md. 1701-77, Justice for Cecil Co. 
1734-57, Col. in Provincial Mil. Force in Cecil Co. 1756-58, Comder. of 
Cecil Co. 1755-58, grandson of John Veazey of "Cherry Grove," who 
was of the family of Vesey of " Wickes," Essex, derived from the 
family of Vesy of Hintlesham, Suffolk, England, and settled in Cecil Co. 
in 1687 ; also descd. from Col. John Ward, of Cecil Co. 1673-1747, Col. 
in Provincial Mil. Force in Cecil Co. 1717, Mem. of Md. House of 
Burgesses 1708-09- 11 ; also descd. from William Ward of " Woodlawn," 
Cecil Co. 1727-76, Mem. of Md. House of Burgesses 1762-72, Deputy 
from Cecil Co. to Convention of Provl. Deputies of Md. 1774, grandson 
of William Ward, who settled in Cecil Co. in 1674 ! ^'^^ descd. from Rev. 
George Ross 1679- 1754, the first Rector of Immanuel Church, of New- 
castle Del. 1705-54, 2nd son of David Ross, 2nd Laird of Balblair, Co. 
Ross, Scotland). 

Born at Baltimore, Md., Feb. 16, 1851, Grad. at Univ. of Md. School of 
Law 1877 ; Lawyer; Mem. of House of Delegates from Cecil Co. in 
Legislature of Md., session of 1882 ; now Auditor of Customs, Balto. 
Md. U.S. Civil Service ; in Nov. 24, 1880, Annie Veazey''' Knight, 
daughter of William and Arabella (Veazey) Knight, of Cecil Co., 
and grand-daughter of Thomas Brockus and Ann (Ward) Veazey, of 
" Essex Lodge," 5th in desct. from Stephen Knight, of Cecil Co., 
who was a Mem. of the House of Burgesses of Md. 1720-31, and one 
of the Justices of the Provincial Court of Md. 1738-43. 

i. George Ross, b April 19, 1890. 
Anns — Ermine, on a cross sable five martlets or. 

Crest — An arm embowed couped at the shoulder, erect from the elbow, habited 
gules, cuff ermine, holding in the hand proper five leaves vert. 

Res Uiaice— 2907 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, Md. . . 

Societies — Colonial Wars, 'Colonial Dames of America. 

an^ Blue 1^oo]\, 


of Oswego, N.Y. (Son of Col. John W. Judson, 
1810-78, of Ashford, Ct., ;// Emily E., 1820-88, da. 
of Philo Pierson, of Killingworth, Ct. She was 
i2t;hin desc't. from Sir Giles Capel, 1450-1510, and 
5th in desc't. from Rector Abraham Pierson, Founder 
of Yale Coll. 1701. He was 7th in desc't. from 
Lt. Joseph Judson, 1620-90, of Lancaster, Eng., 
and Stratford, Ct., from 1634, son of Wm. Judson, 
d New Haven, Ct., 1662 ; and 7th in desc't. from 
Thos Welles, Gov. of Ct. 1655-58). 

Boi'u in Oswego, May 20, 1849 ; Consulting Engr. ; 
U.S. Civil Engr. on Forts, Harbours, etc., from 
1867; Dep. State Engr. of N.Y. 1899-1905 ; 
Mem. Am. Soc. C.E. of N.Y. ; Mem. Inst, of 
C.E. Lond. ; Asso. Mem. Am, Inst, of Elec. E. ; ;//. Oct. 9, 1888, 
Mrs. Anna L. McWhorter, '^da. of R. H. Thompson, M.D., of Albany, 
and Anna M. Littlejohn, who was 7th in desc't. from Hon. Richd. 
Treat, 1584-1669, Deputy Gov.'s Asst. and Mem. Gov.'s Council 
of Ct., and 7th in desc't. from Hon. Hen. Wolcott, of Tolland, 
Somersetshire, Eng., and Windsor Ct., Deputy 1639, and Gov'r's.- 
Assist. 1643-55. 

Anns — Per saltire azure and ermine, four lozenges counterchanged. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet two dexter arms in saltire vested ppr. holding 
two scimitars in pale. Motto — Vincit que se vincit. 

Residences — Oswega, N.Y. ; Broadalbin, Fulton Co. N.Y. ; Punta Gorda, Florida. 

Clnbs — Fortnightly, Yacht, of Oswego ; Fort Orange of Albany. 

Soc/f//t's--Colunial Wars, Sons of Revol., War 1812, Oswego Hist., Buffalo Hist., 
N.Y. Genealogical and Biographical, Masonic, National Geographical. 
'•'• Colonial Dames. 

of Brooklyn, N.Y. (Son of William 
Francis Hyatt, in (i) Emeline M. Ogden, vi (2) 
Julia S. Merrill ; son of Lancelot ; son of Abraham ; 
son of John; son of Ebenezer ; son of Thomas; 
son of Caleb ; son of Thomas Hyatt, who settled 
in Stamford, Conn., 1640, served in King Philip's 

Doi'ii -dt Brooklyn, N.Y., April i, 1862; in Oct. 30, 
1889, Katharine Estelle, daughter of Eliphalet 
William and Emma Jane (Smith) Stratton, 

of New York City. 


i. Royal Ogden, b April 12, i8g8, d August 22, 1899. 
ii. Paul Whitney, b February 22, 1901. 

Anns — Argent, a lion rampant sable, a chief per fesse indented of the first and 

Crest — A demi-lion rampant proper. . . Motto — Fac et spera. 

Residence — Brooklyn, N.Y. . 

Societies — Colonial Wars, Sons of the Revolution. 


ni>attbc\v6' Hnierican Hrmourp 

of Buffalo, N.Y. (Son of Pemberton Smith, 
1S16-73, of Phila. ; ui 1838, Margaretta E., 1817- 
1900, da. of Thomas and Hannah (Ogden) Zell. — 
Descended from Ralph Smith, of Norfolk, who 
settled in Mass. Bay Colony, 1635; at Eastham, 
Mass., 1655; his son Ralph, of Eastham, was 
father of Ralph, of Burlington, N.J., who m Olive 
Clark, and had Ralph, b cir. 1721 ; /// 1749, Marjory, 
grand-da. of Jedidiah Allen, member of the N.J. 
Colonial Assembly, 1703, the grandson of George 
Allen, of Somerset, settled at Lynn, Mass., 1636. 
Also descd. from David Ogden, who came to 
America with William Penn, 1682, settled in 
Chester Co., Pa., d 1705 ; and descd. from Walter 
Newbury, Quaker, at Newport, R.I., 1676, mem. 
of Council of Gov. Sir Edmund Andros ; also from Henry Howland, 
of London, Eng., at Duxbury, Mass., 1633, whose brother John came in 
the " Mayflower," 1620 ; also from Nathaniel Sylvester, of Shelter Island, 
N.Y., 1652, who ;;/ Grizzel, da. of Thos. Brinley, of Staffordshire, b 1591, 
and Auditor of Revenue for Charles I. ; and also descd. from William 
Swift, of Bocking, Suffolk, came to Mass. 1634; from John Eastwick, of 
Boston, 1700 ; James Lloyd, of Boston, 1675 ! ^^^ from John C. Meng, a 
noted German from Mannheim to Germantown, Pa., 1728 ; also from 
Jacob Zell, from Germany to Merion, Pa., 1740; from Wigard Levering, 
from Mulheim, Germany, to Penn's Colony, 1685 ; and from Abraham 
Innes and Arent Klincken, founder of Germantown, Phila., Pa., 1685). 

Boi'ii at Phila. Aug. 27, 1839 ; Grad. at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst., 
Troy, N.Y., C.E., i86i ; A.M., LL.D., Hobart Coll. and Alfred 
Univ. ; Regent of N.Y. Univ. ; Pres. Charity Organization Soc, 
Buffalo; Pres. Buffalo Socy. of Natural Sciences; ;// July 14, 1864, 
Mary Stewart, da. of Chauncey P. Ives, of Lansingburgh. N.Y. 


i. Pemberton, C.E., b June 3, 1865 ; ni Edwina W. Winter. 

ii. Chauncev Pelton, M.D., b Oct. 27, 1869. 

Anns — (for Ogden) Gyroniiy of 8 arg. and gu. in dexter chief an oak branch ppr. 

Cfest — Oak tree ppr., supported by lion ramp. Motto — Et si ostendo non jacto. 

Arms — (for Newberry) Ar., three bars az. a chief gu. ; Cres^— Issuant out of a 
wreath in full blossom ppr., a Moor's head in profile ppr. Arms — (for 
Howland) Ar., two bars sa., in chief three lions ramp, of the second; Crest 
—A leopard pass, ducally gorged or. Anns — (for Sylvester) Per fesse 
dancettee gu. and ar. ; C;vs/— Two eagle's wings addorsed. Arms — (for 
Lloyd) Gu., a lion ramp, or ; Crest — A pelican feeding its young ppr. Arms 
—(for Meng) " Barre contre barre," d'az. et d'ar. de quatre pieces ; Cnst^ 
Un vol coupe alternativement, d'ar. et d'az. Arins—[ior Levering) Az., 
three hares in pale ar. Motto — Ducit amor patrie. 

Residence— 48g Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, N.Y. 

C/»(6s— Buffalo, Univ., Buffalo. 

Societies— Am. of Civil Engrs., Am. Inst, of Mining Engs., Sons of the Rev., 
Colonial of N.Y., Colonial of Pa., Hist, of Pa., Am. Protective Tariff League, 
Bulfalo Hibtl., Buffalo Fine Arts Acad., etc. 

an^ 'Bhxc 36ook. 


Bishop of Ohio (Son of W. Boardman 
Leonard 1820-93, of Brooklyn, N.Y., Presdt. King's 
Co. Bank and Homneopathic Hospital, in Louisa D. 
Bqlkley 1823-igoo (a descdt. of Rev. Peter Bulkley. 
of Concord 1636) ; son of Hon. Stephen B. ; son of 
Silas; son of Joshua; son of Stephen; son of 
James ; son of James ; son of Thomas ; son of 
Henry Leonard from Pontypool, Wales, 1626, to 
Lynn, Mass., later of Taunton). 

Boi'ii at Southport, Ct., July 15, 1848; Student at 
St. Stephen's Coll., Annandale ; Grad. Ber- 
keley Div. School, Middletown, Ct., 1871 ; 
Chaplain of 23rd Regt. N.G.S.N.Y. ; Rector 
Church of the Redeemer, Brooklyn 1872-80; 
St. John's, Wash. D.C., 1880-89; Consecrated Bishop of Ohio, 
Oct. 12, 1889; 11! April 17, 1873, Sarah L., da. of Thos. Sullivan, 
Presdt. Brooklyn City R.R. Co. 

i. Sarah Louisa, d 1887. 

Arms — Or, on a fesse azure three fleurs-de-lis argent. 

Cnst— Out of a ducal crown a wolf's head. Motto — Pour bien desirer. 

Residence — 840 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Clubs — Universit}- of Cleveland, Ohio ; Church of Cleveland, Ohio. 

Societies — Old Colony Historical, American Historical, Sons of Colonial Wars. 

of N.Y. City (Eldest son of Joseph Henry 
Evans, b in Bledsoe Co., Tenn., Dec. 13, 1835, 
d Yazo City, Miss., Feb. 3, 1863, Colonel in the 
Confederate Army and First Aid. on Gen. Wall's 
staff commanding the Texas Legion, ;// April 6, 
1859, Cora Wilbur, da. of Edward Wyllys Taylor, 
and Caroline B. Porter, of Houston, Texas. — 
Descended from Governor John Haynes, of Old 
Holt, and Copford, Co. Essex, i 1594, (/ 1653-4; 
m second wife, Mabel Harlakenden, dau. of Richard, 
second son of Roger Harlakenden, b 1541, d 1602, 
who purchased of the Earl of Oxford the Manor and 
Park of Earl's Colne, Essex, 1583. Also eleventh 
in descent from Governor William Bradford, of 
Austertield, England, b 1589, d 1667. He ;// Alice 
(Carpenter) Southworth). 

Born at Houston, Texas, April 14, i860; /// June 21, 1892, Mary Roland 
Lopez, of Greensboro, Ala. 

Anns — (Harlakenden)- Azure, a fesse ermine betw. three lions' heads erased or. 
Crest — Between the attires of a stag or, an eagle reguardant with wings expanded. 

Residence — 20 Fifth Avenue (address, P.O. Box 2038), New York City. 
Clubs — Players, Lawyers. 
Society — Mayflower Descendants. 


ni>attbews' Htnerican armoury 

of Reading, Pa. (Son of Hon. J. Glancy Jones 
1811-78, U.S. Min. to Austria 1858-61, m Anna, 
da. of Hon. Wm. Rodman ; son of Jehu 1778- 1864, 
m Sarah Glancy; son of Col. Jonathan, 1740-82, 
m Margaret Davis; son of David 1709-84, settled 
at Caernarvon Township Pa. 1721, m Elizabeth 
Davies; son of Rev. William Jones, b 1662, of 
Llang-wch-llyn, Maesyfallen, Bala, N. \\ales. 
Rector of Llangower ; son of Hugh Jones of 
LUangar, co. Merioneth). 

Born at Ouincy, Fla., Feb. 17, 1840; Atty. and 
Counsellor-at-Law ; Capt. of Pa. Vols., War 
of the Rebellion 1863 ; Mem. of Penna. Legis- 
lature 1867-69; 111 Nov. 26, 1870, Margaret 
E., da. of James and Rebecca (MacVeagh) McCarty. 

i. Anna R. Jones, b Nov. 24, 1872 ; m June 19, 1895, Nath. Ferguson. 
Ayins — Or, a lion ratnpaiit within a bordure azure. 

Crest — A lion rampant azure holding a shield or, within a carved bordure. 
Motto — Prorsuin et sursum. 

Residence — 113 North Fifth Street, Reading, Pa. 

Societies — Sons of the Revolution, Colonial Wars, Colonial of Penna., War of 
1812, Grand Army of the Republic. 


-*- of San Francisco (Son of Albert Alex. Phillips, 

#- 4- ^ 

1827-71, of Scituate, R.I.,;/? Almira Rice [a descdt. 
of John Rice, of Warwick, R.I., 1650, and wife, 
Eliz., g.-gr.-da. of Lewys Lathame, gent., Sergeant- 
Falconer to Charles I.] ; g.-g. -son of Joseph Phillips, 
1 773- 1 852, and wife, Nancy Williams [a descdt. of 
Roger Williams, founder of Rhode Island, son of 
James Williams, of Conwyl Caro, Carm., and Alice, 
gr.-da. of Sir John Pemberton, of Durham, b 1599, 
and of Wm. Arnold, Esq., of Co. Dorset, emigrated to America, 1635]. — 
Desc'd. from Michel and Barbara Phelips (or Felipe) who desc'd. from 
ancient Israelitish stock of Spain, via Portugal and Holland, of Newport, 
R.I. 1668). 

Born at Summit, R.I., June 5, 1850; ni Henrietta, da. of Wm. F. Cooper, 
Mayor of Santa Cruz. 

i. Stanley Cooper, b Dec. 10, 1892; d March 7, 1901. 

i. Alice Willktta. ii. Edith Henrietta. 

/I HHs— (Williams) Azure, a lion rampant gules surrounded by nine pheons or. 

/I HHs— (Lathame) Or, on a chief indented azure three plates. 

Anns — (Arnold) Gules, a chevron ermine between three pheons or. 

Residences— Berkeley, and San Francisco, California. 

Soc/^/j— California Genealogical. Club— Union of Berkeley. 

an^ Blue Bool^. 


of Kansas City (Son of James H. Meri- 
wether, M.D., 1814-90, of Todd Co., Ky., m Lucy 
E., da. of James McClure, of Pa.; son of Dr. 
Ch'as. N., 1766-1843 ; son of Colonel Nicholas, 
1736-72; son of Thomas, 1714-56; son of David, 
1690-1744; son of Nicholas, 1647-1744; son of 
Nicholas Meriweather, b Wales, 1631, Clerk of 
Surrey County Ct. Va., 1655 ; Judge of Colonial 
County Ct. 1672, d 1678). 

Born at Pecan Grove, Ark., July 21, 1861 ; Atty. 
for the Collector of the Revenue ; Grad. Van- 
derbilt Univ., B.S. 1883, B.L. 1885 ; m Sept. 28, 
1887, Lucy U., da. of Capt. Wm.W. Western, Special Envoy to 
England in behalf of Confederacy, and Juliet B., da. of Warner L. 
Underwood, U.S. Consul to Scotland. 

i. William Western, h 1888. 


i. Juliet B. Blanche. 

Arms — Or. three martlets sable, on a chief azure a sun in splendour proper. 
Crest — An arm embowed in armour garnished or, holding:; in the hand ppr. a sword 
entwined round the blade with a snake. Motto — Vi et consilio. 

Ri'sidenccs — Kansas City, Mo. ; Eupedon Farm, Montgomery Co., Tenn. ; Pecan 
Grove Plantation, Arkansas; Macatawa Park, Michigan. 

Society — Colonial Wars. 



of Baltimore Md. (Son of George W. Cranwell 

of Baltimore Md. 1830-84, m 1854, Clara B., da. of 

George C. Halton ; son of John, who settled in 

Baltimore, 1796 ; son of Patrick, 1740- 1828, 

inherited his father's lands and held in addition 

part of the townland of Mount Howard in County 

Wexford, in a sister of Captain Smith of the 

Camolin Cavalry; son of John Cranwell, 1700-72, 

who settled in Wexford before 1735, held lands of 

Ballynamoney and Ballyfin, Wexford, by lease, 

dated Dec. 12, 1746, m Miss Byrne, of County 

Wexford, Ireland). 

Born at Baltimore, Md., April 3, 1864; m April 8, 
1903, Grace, daughter of John and Susan 
(Clayton) Philips, of Waynesboro, Pennsyl- 

Arms — Gules, three cranes close argent. (Seal on deed dated Dec. 12, 1746.) 
Cvcst — A crane close argent. 

Residence — Baltimore, Maryland. 
Society— M aryland H istorical. 

Cluh— Green Spring Valley Hunt. 

riDattbewe' amcrican Hciuourv 

ROGERS, Mrs. TALBOT MERCER {nee J. Elizabeth Slocum), 
of Philadelphia (Da. and heiress of James 
Slocum, of Brownsville, Pa., Z) Nov. 7, 1811; 
d March 15, 1891 ; in Oct. 28, 1833, Caroline 
Elizabeth, b Nov. 3, 1810, da. and heiress of 
Samuel Pitkin, M.D., of Ballston Springs, N.Y., 
Surgeon in the American Army, War of 181 2; 
great grandson William Pitkin, Attorney-General 
of the Colony of Conn., appointed by the King 
1676, and grandson of Hon. William Pitkin, Chief 
Justice of the Supreme Court of Connecticut, and 
also grandson of Colonel Joseph Marsh, Continental 
Army, War of the Revolution, first Lieut. -Govr. 
of Vermont. — Descended from Giles Slocombe, or 
Slocum, of Somersetshire, England, who held lands 

in Portsmouth, R.I., ciira 1638 ; also 9th in descent from John Webster, 
Govr. of Connecticut, 1656, and Thomas Welles, Govr. of Connecticut, 
1665, and John Mason, appointed by Charles II. Deputy-Govr. in the 
Charter of Connecticut, 1662, Commander of Colonial Troops in the 
Pequot \\''ar; 9th in descent from Rev. Samuel Whiting, b Boston, 
England, the seat of his family from time Edward III. Rector of Lynn 
Regis, emigrated to America 1638, settled in Lynn, Mass., which is 
named in his honour; he entered Emanuel College sizar, 1613, A.B. 1616, 
A.M. 1620, ;;/ 1629 Elizabeth, da. of Sir Oliver St. John, of Cayshoe, 
Bedfordshire, 9th Lord Beauchamp of Bletso ; created first Lord St. 
John of Bletso by his cousin, Queen Elizabeth, Jan. 15, 1559). 

Born aX Keesville, N.Y., Sept. 3, 1834; m Aug. 31, 1858, Talbot Mercer 
Rogers, of Philadelphia ; educated at Jefferson College ; descended 
from Robert Rogers, who came from Wales to Pennsylvania, where 
he held lands, in the 17th century. 

i. James Slocum, b Nov. 21, 1871 ; B.A. Princeton Coll., 1893 '■> LL.B. 

Univ. of Penna., 1896 ; Attorney-at-Law ; m April 26, 1904, Agnes 

Gertrude, da. of J. George Klemm. 
i. Caroline Pitkin, ni Louis Joseph, son and heir of Louis A. J. 

Papineau, Lord of the Manor of " Monte Bello," Prov., of Quebec, 

ii. Eleanor Slocum, m Strachan Hallowell Bethune, of Montreal, Ca., 

d Oct. 12, 1906. iii. Mary Mercer. 

Arma — Qtly., 1st and 4th argent, on a fesse gules, betw. three griffins' heads 
couped sable, as many sinister wings or 1 Slocum) ; 2nd azure, on a bend 
argent, betw. two swans of the second, collared and chained or, a crescent 
gules, betw. two mullets sable (Pitkin) ; 3rd per fesse azure and or, a pale 
counterchanged, three plates, two and one, each charg-ed with two bars 
wavy vert, and as many lions' heads erased, one and two, gules (White). 

Crest — A griffin's head gules between two wings expanded or. 

Residence — 3917 Spruce Street, Philadelphia. 

Societies — Colonial Dames of America, Historical See. Pennsylvania. 

ant) Blue Book. 


of Baltimore Md. (Son of Wm. C. Gilman 
1795-1863, Mayor of Norwich, Ct., m 1820 Eliza 
Coit 1796-1868 ; son of Benj. C. 1763-1835 ; son of 
Maj. John 1712-70; son of Col. John 1677-1740 ; 
son of Hon. John 1624-1708, a founder of Exeter, 
N.H.; son of Edward Gilman, 1587-1681, from 
HinghRm, Norfolk, to Hingham, Mass., 1638, and 
thence to Exeter, N.H.). 

Born at Norwich, Ct., July 6, 1831 ; Pres. of the 
Johns Hopkins Univ. 1875-1901, and since 
1901 President Emeritus ; Pres. of Carnegie 
Inst., Wash. 1902 ; Grad. Yale Univ. B.A. 
1852, A.M. 1855, LL.D. 1889 ; LL.D. 
Harvard 1876; St. John's, Md., 1876, Columbia 
1887, Princeton 1896, etc. ; Pres. Univ. of 

California 1872-5, etc.; President Amer. Civil Service Reform 
League since 1901 ; President Amer. Oriental Society 1893-1906; 
III (i) 1861 Mary Ketcham, d 1869 ; in (2) 1877 Elisabeth Dwight. 
da. of John M. and Jane W. (Andrews) Woolsey of Cleveland, Ohio. 


i. Alice, ;// Hon. Everett P. Wheeler, of N.Y. ii. Elisabeth. 

Anns — Sable, a man's leg couped at the thigh in pale argent. 
Crest — A demi-lion issuing from a cap of maintenance. 
Motto — Si Deus quis contra. 

Residences — 614 Park Ave., Baltimore, Md. ; North East Harbor, Me. 

Clubs — University and Maryland, Baltimore ; University, Century, Authors, 
Grolier, N.Y. Citv: Cosmos, Washington. 

of Chicago, 111. (Son of Joseph Wait, of 
N.Y. City, and Harriet H. Whitney ; son of Lieut. 
Marmaduke, b 1774, i6th U.S. Inf. ; son of 
Lt.-Col, Joseph, /; 1732 ; son of John, of Brook- 
field, Mass ; son of Joseph ; son of Thomas, 
b 1641 ; son of Richard Wait, b prob. at Wethers- 
field, Essex, Eng., 1608, received grants of land at 
Watertown, Mass.). 

Born at N.Y. City, Aug. 8, 1836; Lieut. -Comdr. Paymaster, U.S.N., 
1862-70 ; Master in Chancery, Circuit Court of Cook Co., 111., since 
1876; ni May 7, i860, Chara Conant, da. of James and Cerusa C. 
(Conant) Long, of Chicago, 111. 


i. James Joseph, ni Ada Waldron. ii. Henry Heileman. 

A mis — Argent, a chevron betw three bugle horns gules stringed sable garnished or. 

Residence— ^giq Madison Avenue, Chicago, III. Clubs — Literary, Church. 

Societies—LoyA Legion, Naval Order of the U.S., Colonial Wars, Sons of 
American Revolution, Farragut Naval Veteran Association. 


riDattbcws' american armoury 

of N.Y. City (Son of Danl. De Witt Warner, 
i8o8-88,ofRockstream, Justice of Sess, m Charlotte 
G., 1831-90, da. of John and Eunice (Taft) Coon, of 
Salem, N.Y. ; son of Dr. John, 1772-1839, m Mary 
De Witt; son of EHphaz 1742-1818, m Mercy 
Drinkvvater; son of Jabez, 1710-87, m Hannah 
Warner; son of John 1671-1743, Dep.-Gen. Ct. and 
mem. Col. Legis., m Anna Ward ; son of Andrew, 
d 1682; son of Andrew, of Cambridge, Mass., 1632, 
d Hadley, 1684 ; son of John Warner, of Hatfield, 
Glouc, Eng.). 

Born near Watkins, N.Y., 1851 ; Ph.B., LL.B. 

Grad. Cornell Univ. 1872 ; Union. Univ., 1876; 

Mem. of Congress, N.Y. City Dt., 1891-95 ; 

Mem. and Pres. Art Commiss'n. N.Y., 1902-5 ; 

m 1877, Lilian A., da. of Joseph Parshall and Harriet C. (Phelps) 

Hudson, of Oneonta, N.Y. 

i. Joseph De Witt, h 1881. i. Charlotte Lilian. 

Anns — Or, a bend engrailed between six roses gules, barbed vert. 

Crest — A man's head ppr. couped below the shoulders, habited chequy or and 
azure, wreathed or and gules, on the head a cap argent. 

Residences — 301 W. 109th Street, N.Y. City ; " Locust Lodge," Rock Stream, N.Y. 
Clubs — Reform, N. Arts, Del. Ka. Epsilon, Cornell, Shakespeare. Playgoers. 
Societies— 'i^ . Mural Painters, N. Sculp., M. Art, Bar Assn., Met. Art Mus, &c. 

of N.Y. City (Son of Isaac Kendall, 1812-67, 
of Charlestown and Boston, ;// Mary Elizabeth 
Beals ; son of Loamin, h 1783, in Nancy L. Roberts ; 
son of Jonathan, 1751-1805, m Joanna Brooks; son 
of Joshua, h 1720; son of Joseph, h 1688; son of 
Jacob, 1660-1743 ; son of Francis Kendall, Select- 
man of Woburn, Mass, 1640, m 1644, Mary Tidd). 

Born at Charlestown, Mass., Jan. 5, 1857; Banker 
and Broker, N.Y. Stock Exchange ; m Feb. 6, 
1883, Kate Varnum, [descended from Genl. 
James Varnum] da. of Rufus Hayden Whitney, 
of Boston. 


i. William Floyd, h Nov. 8, 1883. 

i. Katharine Varnum, ii. Helen Marjorie Stevens. 
iii. Elinor Whitney. 

Arms — Gules, a fesse chequy, or and azure, between three eagles displayed of 
the second. 

Crest — An eagle displayed or. 

Motto — Virtus depressa resurget. 

Residence — 12 Gramercy Park, New York City. 
Clubs — Westchester Co., Players, Racquet. 

anb Blue IBook. 


of St. Joseph Mo. (Eldest son of James W. 
Atwill 1823-45, of Boston, Mass., /// 1843 Sophia 
1818-94, da. of Solomon and Sophia (Webb) 
Hutchings ; son of James ; son of Nathan, /; 1744; 
son of Nathan ; son of John ; son of John Atwill, 
from Devonshire, Eng., settled in Casco Bay, 

Born at Boston, Mass. Feb. 8, 1844 ; Lieut. -Col. 
ist N. Carolina Infty. during Civil War ; 
Pres. Free Public Library, St. Joseph, Mo. ; 
in (i) March 16, 1865, Eliza M. Wiswall, 
d April 17, 1867 ; "' (2) Sept. 17, 1870, Carrie 
Frances, da. of Edward Richard, late Trea. 
Inst, for Savings at Roxbury, Mass. for 25 
years, and Annetta, da. of Jonas Wallace of 
Henniker, N.H. 

(By 1st m.) 
i. Eliza M. 

(By 2nd ni.) 
Frank Russell, h Oct. 7, 1872. 
Helen Richards, h Feb. 27, 1874; '^ J'^^y 24, 1874. 
Esther W. 

Avuis — Argent, a pile in point sable and a chevron counterchanged. 
Crest — A lion ramp, erniinois holding in the paws an annulet. 



Residences — St. Joseph, Mo. ; Boston, Mass. 

Societies — Mayflower Descendants, Mil. Order of Loyal Legion, Colonial Wars, 
Sons of the Revolution. 


■*■ of Orange, N.J. (Son of Daniel H. Truman, 
1806-70, of New Haven, Ct., /;/ Cordelia Mead, 1822- 
g6 ; son of Daniel, 1766-1832, ;// Mary Thompson ; 
son of Daniel, 1717-91, ni Deborah Dennis; son of 
Joseph,;// Mary Shapley ; son of Joseph Truman, 
who settled in New London, 1666, (/ 1697. 

Born at Greenwich, Conn., Feb. 7, 1847 ; Mayor of 
Orange, N.J., 1890-92 ; Warden of St. 
Andrew's Parish, So. Orange; /// Nov. 18 
1874, J^^i® Maria, daughter of Charles Gideon 
Judson and Fannie A. Marvin, of N.Y. City. 

i. EuLALiA, ni Feb. 5, 1902, Percy H. Bradshaw. 
ii. Gertrude. 

Ay)ns — Or, a chevron betw. three human hearts gules ducally crowned of the first. 
Crest — A human heart ducally crowned. 

Residence — Orange, N.J. Club — Orange Lawn Tennis. 

Societies — New England, Mayflower Descendants, Young Men's Christian Assoc, 
Colonial Wars. 


ni>attbe\v0' Bmecican Hrmour^ 



-L J- of Brookline, Mass. (Son of Henry Prince 
Rowland, 1820-63, of South Maiden, Mass., m Eliza 
Townsend, 1821-70, da. of Benj. and Eliza Town- 
send Brintnall, of Maiden, Mass. ; son of Pelag B., 
1783-1841; son of Prince, 1745-1825 ; son of Robert, 
b 1707; son of Prince, 1685-1713 ; son of Arthur, 
1645-1720; son of Arthur Howland, d 1675, of 
Marshfield, Plymouth Colony ; son of Humphrey 
Howland, Citizen of London, Eng., d 1646, brother 
of " Pilgrim " John Howland, 13th Signer of May- 
flower Compact, 1620 ; 6th in descent from Samuel 
Sprague, Secy. Plymouth Colony ; 7th in descent 
from Thomas Prince, Gov. of Plymouth Colony, 
and Commissioner of the United Colonies ; 8th in 
descent from Gov. William Bradford). 

Born at South Maiden, Mass., Aug. 10, 1856, m June i, 1892, Maude 
Mary, da. of William Charles Dustin Grannis of Chicago, 111., and 
Clarissa Jane Brown, his wife, da. of Lucius and Susannah Brown. 


i. Clarissa Mary Louise. ii. Isabella Blackstone. 

Arms — Argent, two bars sable, in chief three lions rampant of the last. 
Crest — A leopard passant sable, ducally gorged or. 

Residence — 'EiTookWne, Mass. 

Club — Exchange. 

Societies — Colonial Wars, Sons of the American Revolution, Pilgrim, New England 

Historic Genealogical. 

-L- ' of Lake Forest 111. (Son of Samuel Julius 
Learned 1823-92, ni 1849 (i) Mary A. Gilbert 
1850-55, (2) Ann E. da. of Jas. Barr Lowry of 
Yorkville 111., son of George Lowry of Co. Down, 
Ireland, and Mayville N.Y. ; son of Rev. Erastus 
1775-1834 of Westminster Ct. ; son of James 
1733-1811 of Killingly Ct. ; son of William 1688- 
1747; son of Isaac, b 1655, of Chelmsford Mass; 
son of Isaac, d 1657 ; son of William Learned of 
Bermondsey, Surrey, England, settled at Charles- 
town Mass, d 1645). 

Born at Chicago 111. Feb. 8, 1858; Treasurer of 
Reid Murdoch & Co. 

Arms — Azure, a saltire engrailed or between four lozenges argent 
Crest — A griffin rampant. 

Residence — Lake Forest, 111. 
Club — Onwentsia. ^^ 

Society — Chi Psi (Anihurst Coll.) 

ant) Blue BooF^. 


of N.Y. City (Son of Rev. Richard K. Todd, 
M.A., 1814-94, m Martha, da. of Lewis P. Clover ; 
son of Wallingford, b 1778, m Hannah Todd ; son of 
Benjamin, Z) 1744, "^ EHzabeth Saunders; son of 
John, h 1688, ?;; Mrs. Abigail (Perleyj Jewett ; son 
of John, h 1661, m Elizabeth, da. of Capt. Samuel 
Brocklebank, who was killed at the battle of 
Sudbury 1676 ; son of John, h at Bradford, Yorks, 
1621, settled at Rowley Mass. 1643, Mem. of the 
Gen. Court of Mass. 1664 ; son of John, h at Pon- 
tefract, Yorks., 1594, ;« Alice Clayton of Bradford, 
Yorks, 1626; son of William, of Pontefract, Yorks, 
m Isabel Rogerson, 1592 ; probably son of Reginald 
Todd, Freeman of York, 1605, and collateral 
descdt. of Sir Wm. Todd, Lord Mayor of York, 1487). 

Bovn at Woodstock, 111., Mar. 13, 1854; B.A. Princeton, 1876, Ph.D. 
Johns Hopkins Univ. 1885 ; sometime Fell, and Tutor of Princeton 
Coll.; Prof, of Romance Philology in Columbia Univ.; ;// 1891, 
Miriam, da. and co-heiress of John S. Oilman, of Baltimore. 

i. Wallingford, h Aug. 2, 1897. ii- Paul W., h Nov. 15, 1899. 

i. Lisa Oilman. ii. Martha Clover. 

Arms — Vert, a fox rampant argent. Crest — A dove rising argent. 

Mottoes — By cunning not by craft ; Astute cum virtute. 

Residences— S24. West End Avenue, N.Y. City; "Brocklebank," Norfolk, Conn. 
Clubs — Century, Independent. 

Societies — Pres. Mod. Lang. Assn., Met. Museum of Art, Phi Beta Kappa, Am. 
Oriental, Soc. des Anciens Textes Frangais, Am. Philological Assn. 

of N.Y. City (Son of Reuben Curtis Moffat, M.D., 1818-94, of 
Brooklyn N.Y., m Elizabeth Virginia Barclay 1822-92 ; son of John 
Little 1788-1865, of N.Y. City, m Hannah Curtis; son of John Little 
1753-88, of Ooshen N.Y., in Mary Yelverton ; son of Rev. John Moffat, 
b in North of Ireland, settled at Little Britain N.Y., d 1788, m Margaret 

Born at Brooklyn N.Y. Jan. 7, 1861 ; Orad. at Harvard Univ. B.A. 1883, 
Columbia Univ. LL.B. 1885 ' '" J^^^ 5' i895> Ellen Low, da. of 
Henry E. and Ellen A. (Low) Pierrepont. 

i. Jay Pierrepont, b July 18, 1896. 
ii. Abbot Low, b March 12, 1901. 
i. Elizabeth Barclay. 

Residences — 12 East 66th Street, N.Y. City ; " Birchwoods," Northeast Harbour, Me. 
Clubs — Century, University, Harvard, Down Town, Democratic, 

Societies — N.Y. Historical, N.Y. Genealogical and Biographical, Colonial Wars, 
N.Y. Bar Association, N.Y. State Bar Association. 


riDattbcwtV Bincrican armoury 

(Marquis D'Oyley), 
of Paris, France, heir apparent of the Evans 
family and heir presumptive of the D'Oyley family, 
(Eldest son of Rudolph H. Evans, of Washington, 
D.C., Genl. Commissr. of Deeds for all States and 
Territories, &c., h 1814, /;/ 1836 Elizabeth Josephine, 
1818-66, da. of Sir John and Anna M. (Welsh) 
D'Oyley, Bart, of Wexford, Ireland, and of Phila- 
delphia, Pa.; son of James Monk Doyley 1732-89; 
son of William, h 1707; son of Sir John D'Oyley, 
d 1746; son of Sir John 1640-1709; son of John 
1601-60, Ld. High Sheriff of Oxfordshire; son 
of Sir John Cope 1 571 -1633 ' ^o^"" o^ Sir John 
1545- 1623 ; son of John D'Oyley, Ld. H. Sheriff 
of Oxfordshire and Berkshire 1560, a direct desct. 

of Nigell D'Oyley, Knt., who accompanied \\'illiam of Normandy to 
England 1066). 

Boni a.t Phila., June 17, 1838; Grad. Balto. Coll., M.D.S. 1867; name 
D'Oyley assumed at the request of his uncle, Sir Peter D'Oyley, 
legalised by the Court of Common Pleas at Phila. June 4, 1879 ; 
Hereditary Knt. of the M.O. of the " Cincinnati"; Grand Cross of 
the Most A. M.O. of the "Holy Sepulchre"; Grand Cross of the 
"Lion and Sun" of Persia; Comdr. "Legion of Honour" of the 
Order of " Christ," of " St. Gregory the Great " of " Carlos ML," 
&c. ; Hereditary Marc^uis of Rome, 7th Oct. 1879; ;// Sept. 8, 1868, 
Annie Alexis, da. of Alastair Macdonald, of Keppoch, Co. Inverness, 

i. Reginald Donald, b Aug. 9, 1869, d May 20, 1889. 
ii. Raoul Gilbert, b Feb. 13, 1875, /// Terry Hainsworth. 
iii. Alastair Ivan, b Feb. 2, 1880, d May 22, 1904. 

/Jr;;;.s— Or, two bends azure. 

Crest — A denii-dragon proper. 

Motto — Ostendo non ostento. 

RisidciiCL-s — Manuir Sans Souci, Bellevue Seine-Oise, France ; 25 Rue Franklin, 
Paris, France. 

Societies — New England Historical and Genealogical (Boston, Mass.), Literature, 
Science and Art (London, Eng.), Roman Academy of Literature, Science 
and Art (Ilalyj, Honorary President of the Academy of Music (France). 

anb Blue 1iBoo]\, 

of N.Y. City (Son of Major-Gen. Amiel 
W. Whipple 1818-63, killed at the battle of Chan- 
cellorsville Va., in Eleanor M. Sherburne; son of 
David Whipple, b 1783, ;;/ Abigail Pepper; son of 
David 1759-1842, m Arethusia Brooks ; son of 
James 1732-67, in Lydia Powers; son of Jacob 
1707-89, in Jerusha Leland ; son of James 1681- 
1766, ;// Mary Fuller ; son of Joseph, d 1708 ; son of 
Mathew, 1605-47, settled at Ipswich, Mass., 1638; 
son of Matthew \\'hipple of Bocking, co. Essex, 
Eng., d 1618). 

Born at Portsmouth, N.H. Sept. 28,1846; Major 
U.S.A. retired; Grad. West Point 1868; 2nd 
Lt. of Artillery, 1874 ; ^^t Lt. Ord. Dept. 1875, 
Capt. 1885 ; Insp.-Gen. of Vols, with rank 
Lt.-Col. 1898; in April 3, 1877, Josephine K. Jones. 


i. Walter Jones, b July 17, 1878. 
ii. William, b Jan. 27, 1880. 
iii. Sherburne, b May 2, 1881. 
i. Annette Bailey, /« November 14, 1906, Arthur Morris Collens, of 
Hartford, Connecticut. ii. Eleanor Sherburne. 

^r;»s— (Sherburne) Quarterly : i and 4, vert an eagle displayed argent ; 2 and 3, 

argent, a lion rampant guardant vert. 
Crest — A unicorn's head argent armed or. 

Residences — 181 Madison Avenue, N.Y. City; Massapequa, L.I. 

Clubs — University N.Y., Army and Navy of Washington. 

Societies — Sons of the Revolution, Mil. Order of the Loj^al Legion. 

of Boston Mass. (Son of Phinehas Jones Stone 
1810-91 of Boston, in Ann Maria Lindsey ; son of 
Phinehas 1775-1852, in Hannah Jones; son of Silas 
1742-1827, m Eunice Fairbanks ; son of Joseph 
1702-77, VI yiary Prescott ; son of Simon 1656- 1741, 
in Sarah Farnsworth ; son of Simon 1631-1708, 
in Mary Whipple; son of Simon 1585-1665, came 
in ship "Increase" from London to Watertown, 
Mass. 1635, in Joan Clark ; son of David and Ursula 
Stone of Much Bromley, Essex, England ; son of 
Simon Stone). 

Born at Boston Jan. 4, 1848; B.S. IMass. Institute 
of Technology; ;// Feb. 10, 1880, Minnie, da. 
of Horatio Harris of Boston. 


i. Harris, b 1880, d 1881. i. Marion. 

Arms — Argent, three cinquefoils sable, on a chief azure a sun or. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a griffin's head betw. two wings gules bezantee. 

Residence — 1731 Beacon St., Brookhne, Mass. Clubs — University, Technolog\-. 


fIDattbcwe' Htncrican Brmour\> 

MINER, CHARLES ABBOTT, Hon. (deceased), 
of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. (Son of Robert Miner, 
1805-42 ; son of Asher, 1 778-1841 ; son of Seth, 
1742-1822; son of Hugh, 1710-82 ; son of Clement, 
1668-1741; son of Clement, 1640-1700; son of 
Thomas Minor, 1608-90, from Bristol, Eng., in 
the "Arabella," 1630, to Mass.; son of Clement, 
1640; son of William Mynor, 1585). 

Born at Plains, Pa., Aug. 30, 1830 ; Pres. of 
Wilkes-Barre City Hospital ; Mem. of Pa. 
House of Reprs. ; Comr. of Pa. to World's 
Fair at Vienna ; Vice-Pres. of Wyoming Nat. 
Bank; m Jan. 19, 1853, Eliza R. Atherton ; 
rf July 25, 1903. 


i. Robert, 1855-56. ii. W^illiam Ross, 1858-67. 
iii. Asher, b Nov. 14, i860 ; Col. 7th Regt., N.G. 

Hetty Lonsdale, 
iv. Sidney Roby, A.B., /) July 28, 1864; Counsellor-at-Law. 
V. Charles Howard, S.B., M.D., h July 5, 1868 ; Asst. -Surgeon 9th 

Regt. Pa. Vol. Infy., U.S.A. 

i. Elizabeth, 1853-1902. 

Arms — Gules, a fesse argent between three plates. 

Crest — A mailed hand holding a battle-axe armed at both ends proper. 

Residence — (Family), 264 S. Frankhn Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

-*--*■ of Utica, N.Y. (Son of George Washington 
Hart, 1814-78, 111 Sarah Jeannett Gay ; son of 
Ephraim, 1774-1839 ; son of Thomas, 1749-1811 ; 
son of Thomas, 1714-1801 ; son of Lieut. Hawkins, 
1677-1735; son of Capt. Thomas, 1644-1726; son 
of Stephen Hart, b Braintree, Essex, 1605, of Mass. 
Bay Colony, 1632; served in Pequot War, 1637; 
Representative of Farmington, 1647-60). 

Born at Utica, N.Y., March 26, 1848 ; ?n Aug. 29, 
Lucy Lord, da. of Reuel Kimball. 


i. Henry Gilbert, Jr., b Jan. 25, 1879. 
ii. Merwin Kimball, b June 25, 1881. 
iii. Richard Seymour, b March 13, 1887. 

Anus — Gules, a bend between three fleur-de-lis argent. 

Crest — A castle triple towered, thereon a flaming heart proper. 

Motto ~C(£ur fidele. 

Residences— Utica, N.Y, ; and Harts Hill, Whitestown, N.Y. 

Club — Fort Schuyler, of Utica. 

Societies — Sons of the Revolution, Colonial Wars. 

ant) Blue Booh. 


of Kansas City (Son of Rev. J. Trumbull 
Backus, D.D., LL.D. of Schenectady N.Y., 
m Annie E. Walworth, da. of Chancellor R. Hyde 
Walworth, LL.D. of N.Y. State, Col. in War of 
1812 [whose father Benj. Walworth was an officer 
in War of Revol. ; descndt. of Sir Wm. Walworth, 
Lord Mayor of Lond. temp. Rich. ILJ, and Maria 
Ketchum Averill, of Plattsburgh N.Y.— Descen- 
dant of Lt. Wm. Backus, of Norwich Ct. 1660, 
whose father Wm. Backus, came from Norwich, 
Eng. to SaybrookCt. 1635 ; gt-gt-grandson of Hon. 
Joseph Backus, who represented Norwich in the 
Legislature ; and grandson of Major Ebenezer 
Backus [whose sister Eunice Backus in Governor 
Jonathan Trumbull], who m Elizabeth Fitch, da. of 

Col. Eleazor Fitch, a lineal descendant of Rev. James Fitch, of Norwich 

Ct., and gt-grand-da. of Rev. Sam. Whiting, of Windsor Ct., whose 

wife, Elizabeth Adams, was da. of Rev. W. Adams, of Dedham Mass., 

who m Alice Bradford the grand-da. of Gov. Wm. Bradford of the 

" Mayflower," grandson of Col. John Chester of Wethersfield Ct., a 

descendant of Leonard Chester, from Lond., Eng., in 1633, a descendant 

of Sir Wm. Chester, and through his gt-grandfather Rev. James 

Pierrepont is a descendant of the Duke of Kingston-upon-Hull). 

Born at Schenectady N.Y. April 20, 1846; Grad. Union Coll. 1870; 

Princeton Theol. Sem. 1873; ist Lt. 97th N.Y. St. Vols. 1864-65, 

A-de-C. to Gens. Martin D. Hardin and Wesley Merritt ; Clergyman 

in the Presbytn. Ch. 1873-igoi, and Congregl. Ch. since; D.D. 

Univ. of Omaha 1893 ! "^ April 30, 1873, Susan M. Livingston, 

da. of James Aug. Washington, M.D. (first cousin three times 

removed of Gen. Geo. Washington) and Anna White Constable, 

grand-da. of Gilbert Livingston, of Red Hook Manor N.Y., a 

descendant of Bp. Livingston who crowned Canute about 1000 a.d., 

also gt-grand-da. of John Constable, M.D., descendants of Sir Wm. 

Constable, of Erringham Park and Holderness Manor, Eng. 

Robert Livingston, h March 6, 1875, ^ May 3, 1875. 
Jonathan Trumbull, h Oct. i, 1878, m July 25, igoo. Alma Teresa 
Dickson (da. of Judge Henry De la Cossette Dickson of Emporia 
Kansas, and his wife Margaret), 
iii. John Chester, h Oct. 28, 1885, d May 24, 1887. 
i. Anna Eliza, 1874-87. 
ii. Mary, 1881-83. 

Arms—hznve, a chevron ermine, between three doves argent. 
Crest— k dove argent. A/0/^0— Confide in Deo. 


Residence— igoo Central Avenue, Bunker Hill, Kansas City, Kansas. 
Societies— Sons of the Revolution, Missouri ; Military Order of Foreign Wars, 
Missouri ; Military Order of the Loyal Legion, Missouri ; Masonic, N.Y. State. 


ni>attbe\v6' Bnierican armoury 

of N.Y. City (Son of Horatio M. Henry, 
1820-90, of Phila., Pa., ;;/ Sarah Ann, 1820-87, da. 
of Richard and Sarah (North) Nugent ; Son of 
WilHam H., b 1787, ni Ann E. Neal; son of Hugh 
Henry, h in Coleraine, Ireland, 1744; settled in 
Phila., 1765, ni Phoeba A. Morris; son of John 
Henry, of Coleraine, descended of an Ayrshire fam. 
of " Henry," who accompanied Sir James Hamilton, 
from Scotland to Ireland in 1615). 

Born at N.Y. City, Oct. 15, 1845 ; Business Manager, 
" N.Y. Herald " to 1884 ; Justice of the 
Peace, New Mexico, 1902 ; w April 13, 1868, 
Mary A., da. of Garrett and Sarah (Snedeker) 
Sarvent, of Nyack, N.Y. 

i. James, vi Florence Hand. v. Garrett. 

ii William, ;// Louise Ackerman. vi. Hamilton. 

iii. Richard, ;// Louise Brockway. i. Alice, m William T. Hall, 

iv. Sterling, vi Jessie McQueen. ii. Maud. 

Arms — Azure, a fesse betw. three pelicans argent, vulned ppr. 
Cyest — A pelican's head erased, vulning ppr. Motto — Fideliter. 

C/!/&— (address) New York Press Club. 

Socisties — Sons of the American Revolution, Scotch-Irish of America, Masonic. 

of N.Y. City (Son of Abraham Gould 
Jennings, of N.Y., b Aug. 28, 1821, in April 17, 
1851, Cecilia Matilda, d Jan. 6, 1890, da. of John 
Post Douglas. — Mr. A. G. J. is 6th in descent 
from Lieut. -Govr. Gould, of Conn. ; 5th from 
Major Peter Burr ; Colonel Abraham Gould, killed 
in Revol. ; 7th from Lt.-Col. Talcott ; 6th from 
Col. John Burr ; 5th from Capt. John Burr). 

Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., Oct. 13, 1869 ; Grad. at 
Princeton Univ., 1890; ;// Oct. 24, 1894, 
Susie Beatrix, da. of John D. Crimmins, of 
N.Y. City. 

i Albert Gould, Jr., b Nov. 15, 1897. 

A niis — Argent, a chevron gules between three plummets sable. 
Crest — A griffin's head or, in the beak a plummet sable in pale. 
.U()//() — II buon tempo verra. 

Residence — 2 East 82nd Street, N.Y. City. 

Clubs — Union, University, Tuxedo, Country of Westchester, Racquet and Tennis. 

Societies — St. Nicholas, Sons of the Kevohition, Colonial Wars. 

an^ Blue 1iBoo]\, 


SHIELDS, Rev. CHARLES W., D.D, LL.D., (deed). 
(Only son of James Read Shields 1799-1876, 
m Hannah Woodruff, d 1856 ; son of Patrick Henry, 
of Virginia, 1798, m Mary Nance ; son of James, of 
Virginia, 1772, m Eliz. Graham ; son of Thomas, 
of Delaware, 1752, w Anne Bayard ; son of Archibald 
Shields, who emigrated from Scotland 1725). 

Born at New Albany, Ind., April 4, 1825 ; d Aug. 26, 
1904; Grad. Princeton Univ., D.D., Columbia 
Univ. LL.D.; Chaplain, N.J. Soc, of Colonial 
Wars; Prof, in Princeton Univ.; ;« (i) 1846, 
Charlotte E. Bain, in (2) 1861 Eliz. Kane da. of 
Judge John Kane, of Phila. 


i. Albert J., 1849-60. ii. Charles W., 1853-77. 

i. Charlotte J., d 1891, /// Bayard Stockton of Princeton. 

[By 2nd m.) 
i. Jean Leiper, h 1862, d 1865. iii. Thos. L. K., h Feb. 25, 1869. 
ii. James Read, /; Feb. 25, 1867. i. Helen Hamilton, vi Bayard Stockton. 

Arms — Gules, on a bend or three shields azure. 

Crest — A dexter arm embowed in armour holding a shield azure. 

Motto — Vincit qui patitur. 

Residences — (Family) " Morven," Princeton, N.J.; Ochre Point, Newport, R.I. 

of Baltimore, Md. (Second son of Charles 
Frederick Bevan, 1819-85, of Baltimore, Md., 
Captain in State Militia, ;;/ 1S47, Sarah J. da. of 
Elisha and Sarah Carback, of Baltimore, Md. ; 
Son of Thomas H., 1791-1863 ; son of Charles, 
1756-1829 ; son of Charles, d 1761 ; son of Charles ; 
son of Richard, (/ 1738; son of Charles Beaven, 
who settled in what was then Charles Co., Md., 
afterwards Prince George County, Maryland, 1666, 
d 1699, m Mary, da. of Richard Marsham). 

Born at Baltimore, Md., September 15, 1854; 
Attorney-at-Law ; Student at University of 
Virginia ; Graduated at Univ. of Maryland, 
B.L., 1876. 

Arms — Azure, a dove arg. beaked and legged gules betw. three gem rings or, in 

chief a mullet charged with a mullet. 
Crest — On a mount verj; a dove rising, in the beak a gem ring. 
Motto — Semper virtute constans. 

Residence — 1301 Linden Avenue, Baltimore, Md. 

.<?ociVhVs— Bahimore Bar Association. Maryland Historical, Sons of the Amer can 
Revolution, Past Master in A. F. & A. Masonrv. 


fIDattbcws' Hinerican Bnnourv 

of Boston (Son of William Sohier, of Boston, 
1822-94, II! Susan C. 1823-68, da. of John A. 
and Susan (Cabot) Lowell ; son of William D., 
b 1787, in Elizth. Dexter; son of Edward, in Mary 
Davies ; son of Edward Sohier, b 1724, Island of 
Jersey, em. to America, ni Susan Bummer, gr.-da. 
of Andre Vigoreux. — Descended from Sohier, sur- 
named Roux de Vermandois, 3rd son of Eudes, 
7th and last Count of Vermandois, living 1080 ; 
m Adele de Malvoisin, da. of Hugh Seigneure de 

Bovn at Boston, Oct. 22, 1858 ; Counsellor-at-Law ; 

Mem. of the Mass. Legis. ; Pres. Rep. Club of Mass. ; Pres. of the 
Journal Newspaper Co., Boston ; Col. and A.D.C. on the staff of 
Gov. Roger Wolcott during the War with Spain ; Grad. at Harvard 
Law School, 1879; vi Dec. 13, 1880, Edith F. Alden. 


i. William Davies, Jr., b Jan, 10, 1889. 
i. Eleanor. 

Arms — Gules, a mullet argent. 

Crest — Between the antlers of a stag a cross argent. 

ii. Alice. 

Motto — Stella xpi duce. 

Residences — 79 Beacon Street, Boston ; Beverley, Essex Co., Mass. 

Clubs — Republican, Union, Puritan, Boston Athletic Assn., Country, Myopia 
Hunt, Essex County, Montserrat Golf, Eastern Yacht. 

of Morristown, N.J. (Son of Wm. Almy 
Wheelock, b 1825, in 1850, Harriet Efner ; son of 
Joseph, 1 788- 1 857 ; son of Capt. Moses, 1 738-1 801 ; 
son of Ephraim, 1696-1785; son of Eleazer, 1654- 
1731 ; son of Rev. Ralph, 1600-83, of Medfield, 
Mass., 1645, supposed to be Ralph Wheelock, who 
Matric. A.B. at Clare Coll., Cambridge Univ., 1626). 

Born at Manchester, Eng., Jan. 26, 1852 ; Grad. 
A.B., Yale College, 1873 ; M.D. Coll. Phys. 
and Surgs., N.Y., 1876 ; LL.B. Columbia Coll. 

Law School, 1885 ; in October 27, 1885, Emily Charlotte, da. of 
Rev. John Hall, D.D., of N.Y. 

i. John Hall, b Sept. 9, 1886. 
ii. \ViLLiAM Almy, b May 9, 1888; rf June 19, 1897. 
i. Emily Hall. 

Arms — Argent, a chevron between three Catherine wheels sable. 
Motto — Non omnis moriar. 

Residences — Morris Avenue, Morristown, N.J. ; " Wuthering," East Hampton, L.I. 

Clubs — Morristown Field Club, Torrey Botanical, N.Y. City. 

Societies — N.Y. County Medical, L. M. New Eng., N.Y. ; Washington Assn., N.J. 

an^ Blue 1iBoo\{, 


of Rockford (Son of Norman C. Thompson, 
1828-98, III Laura J. Blackmer ; son of Norman 
Brace, 1801-74, m Serefh H. Ruggles; son of Judge 
Amos, 1771-1849, VI Dotha Brace ; son of David, 
1731-1807, III Hannah Griswold ; son of Deacon 
Gideon, 1704-59, m Lydia Punderson ; son of Capt. 
Samuel, 1669-1749, m Rebecca Bishop; son of 
John, 1632-1707, m Ann Vickers ; son of x\nthony 
Thompson, 1637, settled in New Haven Ct.). 

Born at Perry, Georgia, June 27, 1856; A.B. Yale 
Univ. ; Pres. of The Manufrs. Natl. Bank ; 
111 Jan 10, 1883, Adaline E. Emerson. 

i. Norman Frederick, b March 14, 1884. 
ii, Ralph Emerson, b Feb. i, 1888. i. Adalyn. 

^ ,,,j,s — Or, on a fesse indented azure, three stars argent ; on a canton of the 

second the sun in his splendour. 
Crest — A cubit arm erect vested gules cuffed argent, holding in the hand five ears 

of wheat. Motto — In lumine lucem. 

Residence — Rockford, Illinois. 

Clubs — Graduates of New Haven Ct., Twentieth Century, Bankers, University of 

Chicago, Country, Rockford Automobile, Beefsteak of Rockford. 
Societies — Mayflower Descendants, Colonial Wars, Order of Runnemede. 

of N.Y. City (Son of William Hillhouse, 
h 1820, in 1854, Frances Julia, da. of Hon. Samuel 
Rossiter Betts, Judge U.S. Dist. Court, N.Y.— 
Descended from Rev. James Hillhouse, b London- 
derry, Ireland, 1687, d Montville Ct. 1740, M.A. 
Glasgow Univ., em. to N.E. 1720, m Mary Fitch; 
son of John, of Free Hall, Londonderry ; son of 
Abraham Hillhouse of " Artikelly," served during 
the siege of Londonderry). 
Born at New Haven, Ct., Sept. 12, 1859 ; Grad. at 

Yale Univ. 1879, ;// July 14, 1897, Sarah 

Griswold Fitch, of Norwich, Ct. 

i. Mary Fitch. 
ii. Francis Betts. 


Arms — Sable, a chevron between, in chief, a lion rampant on the dexter side, 
and a unicorn on the sinister side, between them a star of five points, 
facing each other, in the base a human heart surrounded by three bezants. 

Motto — Time deum. 

Residence — Mount Kisco, New York. 

Clubs — Calumet, St. Anthony, Baltusrol Golf. 

Society — Colonial Wars. 


flDattbew6' Bmcrican Bnuour^ 

of N.Y. City (Son of Costi Ralli 1824-89 of 
Manchester, England, ;;/ 1851 Xanthippe Frang- 
hiadi ; son of Pandia Ralli, 1782-1859, ;// Alarigo 
Schilizzi ; son of Ambrose Ralli 1 731 -1820, 
m Despino Maximo ; son of Stephen and Julia Ralli. 
— Descended from the Ralli family, of Genoese 
origin, who settled in the Island of Scio about the 
15th century, where they resided until the massacre 
of its inhabitants by the Turks in 1821). 

Born at Manchester, England, April 28, 1854, 
;// April 16, 1884, Daisy Whele. 

i. CoNSTANTiNE Pandia, h March 22, 1885. 
ii. Theodore Pandia, b Feb. 21, 1886. 
iii. Victor Pandia, b Aug. 16, 1889. 
i. Elaine Pandia. 

A nils — Azure, a lion rampant argent semee of lozenges of the field, in chief a 
crescent between two crosses coiiped of the second. 

Crest — A lion rampant argent, semee of lozenges, holding between the paws a 
cross couped azure. 

Residence— 167 West 88th Street, N,Y, City. 
Clubs — Riverside Yacht, Underwriters. 

Society — Masonic. 

J—' of N.Y. City (Son of Warner Horace Baldwin, 
of Rutland, \t., b 1837, m 1858, Mary Olive, da. of 
Philander Barton and Lydia C. (Bryant) Hatch, of 
Brandon, Vt. ; son of Noah, 1772-1855; son of 
David, 1740-1808; son of Moses, 1705-56; son of 
James, & 1664-8, rf 1756; son of Joseph, 1640-81; son 
of Joseph Baldwin, of Milford, Conn., d 1684; son 
of Richard Baldwin, of Cholesbury, Co. Bucks., 
Eng., Will proved 1633 — Desc'd on the maternal 
side from Lieut. Nathaniel Wentworth, Sergt. in 
Capt. Jonathan \\'entworth's Company, Wrt of 
the Revolution). 

Son2 at Rutland, Vt., Oct. 31, 1864; ;;/ Oct. 10, 
i88g, Ettie Lucile, daughter of Lucien W. 
Field, and Etta \\'right. 

i. Ettie Lucile. 

Anns — Argent, six oak leaves slipped in pairs, two in chief and one in base vert, 
stalks sable, their points downwards. 

Crest — A squirrel sejant or. Motto — Vim vi repello. 

Residences — 8 East 70th Street, N.Y. City ; Rutland, Vt. ; and Monmouth Beach, N.J. 
C/!(6i— Metropohtan, Turf and Field, Lawyers, Suburban Riding and Driving. 

an^ Blue Booh. 


of N.Y. City. (Only son of Albert Horatio 
Gallatin, A.B., M.D., New York Univ., who 
never practised medicine, but was Lieut. -Surgeon 
in the field during the Civil War; was a well- 
known Chemist, studying under best masters 
at home and abroad ; published some of his dis- 
coveries in Chemical Journals ; at one time was 
Prof, of Chemistry in N.Y. Univ. ; h March 7, 
1839; d March 25, 1902; m Sept. 11, 1877, Louisa 
Belford, da. of Lieut. INIaskell Ewing (West Point), 

and Cornelia Lansdale, his wife, of Maryland ; grandson of Albert Rolaz 
Gallatin, h 1800 ; ;;/ 1837 ; d 1890 ; and great-grandson of Albert Gallatin, 
who came to America in 1780, b 1761 ; /// 1793 ; d 1849 ; Secretary of the 
Treasury under Jefferson and Madison (two terms) ; Ambassador to Russia, 
took the leading part at Treaty of Ghent ; Minister to France for period of 
seven years; Minister to England. — Descendedthrough Albert, who was only 
son of Jean, h 1733, Member of Council of Two Hundred in Geneva; 
only son of Abraham, b 1706, Auditor; only son of Jean, b 1668, Member 
of Council of Two Hundred ; eldest son of Jean, b 1639, Envoy at Venice ; 
eldest son of Louis, b 1612, Member of Council of Two Hundred ; son of 
Aime, b 1577, Member Council of Two Hundred ; son of Morin, b 1546, 
Member Council of Two Hundred ; brother of Claude, Seigneur Syndic, 
as was his son, grandson, and great-grandson ; son of Pierre, d 1558 ; son of 
Jean, d 1535, Burgess of Geneva, 1510 ; son of Jean ; son of Henri ; son of 
Guillaume, f/ ('//Yd 1360; son of Humbert; son of Guillaume Gallatini, 
1 3 19. The Gallatins were a noble family in Savoy in 1258, and settled in 
Geneva in 15 10. They were officially recognised nobles in Austria in 
1710, and the Arms appear in the " Deed of Recognition," confirmed by 
d'Hozier de Serigny, Judge-at-Arms of King Louis XV. [Galiffe, 
Armorial Genevois, 14. Galiffe, Notices Genealogigues sur les Families 
Genevoisses. Baron le Zur Laubin, Tableaux Pittoresques de la Suisse 
II, 534. Etrennes de la Noblesse, ou Etat Actuel des Families Nobles 
de France pour I'annee 1778. Etat de la Noblesse, 1781, 1783. 
Encyclopaedia Britannica.] 

Anns — Azure, a fesse argent between three bezants. 
Crest — A French Count's coronet. 
Motto— 'Pvo patria devoti. 

Residence — 25 Gramercy Park, New York City. 

Clubs — Union; Tuxedo; Automobile; Turf and Field; Strollers; Grolier ; 
Ardsley ; Badminton. 

Societies — Colonial Wars ; St. Nicholas; N.Y. Historical ; Metropolitan Museum 
of Art. 


flDattbews* American annour^ 


of Pittsburgh (Son of Benj. McDowell Hall, 
1808-73, of St. Mary's Pa., m 1837, Susannah Geary; 
son of James Hall, 1766-1826, of Belfast, Ireland, 
;;/ Margaret Miller). 

Born at Karthaus Pa., Oct. 7, 1861 ; educated at 
Dickinson Seminary, Lewisburg Univ., Gregory 
Coll., Yale Univ. A.B. LL.B ; Admtd. to the 
Bar 1881 ; Mem. Pa. Senate 1890 ; U.S. Atty. 
W.D. of Pa., 1893; Capt. Co. H. i6th Pa. 
Infty. U.S.V. in Spanish-Am. War ; Judge- 
Adv.-Genl. ist Corps on Staff of Gen. Wilson, 
promoted Major for gallantry at battle of 
Coamo, Porto Rico; Genl. Counsel for Austro- 
Hungary and Italy ; President Judge 25th 
District of Pa., 1906 ; m June 10, 18S6, Currin 
McNairy, of Nashville, Tenn. 

Arms — Azure, a chevron argent between three cranes' heads erased or. 

Crest — A crane or standing on a hill vert, a stone in the dexter clav. 

Motto — Cura quietem. 

Residences — Pittsburg, and Ridgway, Pa. 

Clubs — Yale, Players, Manhattan, Lambs and Reform of N.Y. City ; Art, Racquet, 
Penn., of Phila ; Duquesne, Univ., Union, Country and Crucible of Pitts- 
burg; Buffalo of Buffalo. 

Societies — Past V.C. -in-Chief National Assoc, of Spanish-Am. War Veterans, and 
Past Comdr.-in-Chief Naval and Mil. Order, Spanish- Am. War, Fellow of 
Am. Geographical Society, and Member of Archsological Society of Pa., 
Member of Military Service Institute. 

of Southport, Ct. (Son of Lt. John D. Bradley, 
1819-1905, Rep. in State Legislature, 1868, in Mary 
Cath., da. of Capt. Cyrus and Sally Bradley (Hull) 
Sherwood, of Southport, Ct. ; son of Alja, 1 782-1 861, 
of Easton, Ct.; son of Levi, 1758-1829; son of 
Seth, 1735-98, of Greenfield, Ct. ; son of John, 
1705-47 ; son of Francis, d 1716, of Fairfield, Ct. ; 
son of Francis and Ruth (Barlow) Bradley, of 
New Haven, Ct., 1650. — Also descd. from Andrew 
Warde, d Fairfield, Ct., 1659 ; son of Richard 
Warde, of Homersfield and Gorleston, Co. Suffolk, 
Eng., in Ann, da. of Sir Richard Gunville, 13th from 
William de Varde, of Givendale, Yorks, 1150. 
Also descd. from Rev. Peter Bulkley, D.D., of 
Concord, Mass., 1635, 13th from Robert de 
Bulkley, 1199-1216). 

Born at Southport, Ct,, Oct. 21, 1869, late Secy. Soc. of the Sons of the 
Revolution, State of Connecticut. 

Anns — Gules, a chevron argent, between three boars' heads couped or. 
Crest — A boar's head couped or. Motto — Liber ac sapiens esto. 

Residence — " Westfield," Southport, Connecticut. 

Societies — Sous uf the Re\olutiou (N.Y. and Ct.), Colonial Wars, War of 1812. 

anb Blue "Booix. 


of Balto. Md. Barrister-at-Lavv (Son of 
George Norbury Mackenzie 1824-87, m 1850, 
Martha Anna, 1829-94, da. of Howell and Hannah 
(Gorsuch) Downing, of Windham Co., Conn. ; son 
of Thomas of Calvert Co. and Baltimore City, Md., 
in Tacy Burgess Norbury ; son of Cosmo of 
Calvert Co., in Sarah Taylor Mackall ; son of 
Thomas of Inverness, Scot., a cadet of the House 
of Ssaforth, and a lineal descendant of Sir Kenneth 
Mackenzie, ist Baron of Kintail, who emigrated 
to Maryland in 1745 and settled in Calvert Co., 
he in (i) Rebecca, sister of Gov. Thomas Johnson, 
m (2) Anne Johns, da. of Richard Johns, Esq., of ^_^ 

England and Calvert Co., Md. — Also descended from the Baron Saher de 
Quincey, one of the Sureties for the observance of the Magna Charta 1215, 
King Alfred the Great and the Emperor Charlemagne). 

Born in Baltimore May 4, 1851 ; LL.B. University of Maryland, 1890; 
Registrar-General, Soc. Colonial Wars ; Lieut. -Gov. Maryland Soc. 
Colonial Wars ; Registrar Maryland Soc. Sons of the American 
Revolution ; Grand Marshal Colonial Order ; Asst. Historian General 
Military Order of the French Alliance ; Secretary, Maryland Branch 
American National Red Cross; Vice-President for Maryland, "Old 
North- West "Genealogical and Historical Society; in (i) April 15, 
1874, Lucie Tennille, d June 27, 1900, da. of AmbroseMarechal and 
Mary Jane (Tilyard) Emory, of Baltimore, Md. ; ;/; (2) June 15, 1902, 
Mary EUzabeth, da. of William Smithson Forwood and Rebecca 
Glenn, his wife, of " Glenn Wood," Bel Air, Harford Co., Md. 

{By 1st in.) 
i. George Norbury (3rd), b April 2, 1875; in Dec. 2, 1898, Sara 
Roberta Maynadier, Issue (i) George Norbury (4th) b May 6, 1900, 
(2) John Moores Maynadier, b Sept. 21, 1902, (3) Colin Fitzgerald, 
b May i, 1904. 
ii. Colin Evan Williams, b June 11, d Oct. 11, 1882, 
i. Mary Gertrude Mackall, ;;z Sept. 19, 1903, William Louis Jenkins. 
Issue : Louis William, b Aug. 25, 1904 ; George Kenneih 
Mackenzie, b Nov. 5, igo6. 
ii. Anna Vernon. 

iii. Katharine Tennille, b Nov. 22, 1889, d July 4, 1890. 

{By 2nd in.) 
i. Thomas (4th) b Jan 28, d July 17, 1906. 
i. Rebecca Forwood, b Jan. 28, d July 11, 1906. 

Arms — Azure, a stag's head cabossed or. 

Crest — A dexter naked arm embowed grasping a sword proper. 

Motto — Fide parta fide aucta. 

Residence — 1808 Park Avenue, Baltimore, Md. 

Clubs — University, Baltimore Country, Maryland, Merchants . 

Societies— St. Andrews, Colonial Wars, Sons of the American Revolution, Colonial 
Order, War of 1812, Maryland Historical, Maryland Bar Association, 
Baltimore Bar Association, Order of Runnemede, Military Order of the 
French Alliance, National Genealogical, Old North West Genealogical 
and Historical, American Historical. 


HDattbews' Hincricau armoury 

of Haverhill, Mass. (Only living son of Rev. 
Alfred Brittin Baker, D.D., b Aug. ii, 1836, Rect. 
of Trinity Ch., Princeton, N.J., Dean of the Con- 
vocation of New Brunswick, N.J., Pres. of the 
Standing Committee of the Dioc. of N.J., ;// Emilia 
Stubbs. — [Desc'd. from Sir Ralph Houghton, Knt., 
1603-98] ; son of Elisher, 1802-75 ; son of Daniel, 
1753-1814; son of Henry, 1727-80; son of Daniel, 
1692-1740; son of Nathaniel, 1655-1739 ; son of 
Thomas, 1618-1700, of Milford, Ct., 1639 ; probably 
son of Thomas, who m 1580 a da. of Sir Thos. Eng- 
ham ; son of John Baker, of Battel, Sussex, 1547). 

Boi'H at Princeton, N.J., Aug. 18, 1871 ; Rector of 

Trinity Church, Haverhill : Rector of St. 

Saviour's Ch., Bar Harbor, Me., 1899-1903; 

Grad. M.A. Princeton Univ. 1893 ^ Genl. Theol. Semy., N.Y., 1896; 

/// Aug. 3, 1899, Elizabeth, da. of Charles Carroll and Maria (Coster) 

Jackson, of N.Y. Descended from Charles Carroll of Carrollton, 

a Signer of the Declaration of Independence. 

i. Ch\ C.\RROLL, /) May 15, 1900. ii. Mary Osborne, /^ Oct. 6, 1906. 

Atnn'i — Argent, a tower between three keys erect sable. 

Crdst — On a tower sable, an arm ctnbowed in armour holding in the hand 
a flint stone ppr. 

Residences — Trinitv Rectory, Haverhill, Mass.; Princeton, N.J. 
Club — Princeton of New York. 

of " Dolobran," Haverford, Pa. (Son of [ohn Denn Griscom, M.D., 
b at Salem, N.J., March 25, 1809; d July 23, 1890; ;// at Salem, N.J., 
Nov. 6, 1839, Margaret Woodnutt, only da. of Clement and Hannah 
Acton. — Descended from Andrew Griscom, who is supposed to have come 
from Rochdale, Lancashire, probably descended from Francis Griscomb, 
of Spotland, Lanes. Settled in Phila. 1680, /// 1685 Mary Dole, d 1694). 

Boi'Ji March 15, 1841 ; Delegate of the U.S. to the International Maritime 
Conference, held at Washington, D.C., 1889 ^ '" Frances Canby, 
da. of W^ Canby Biddle, of Phila., June 20, 1862. 

i. JOHN AcTOX, b March 31, 1863 ; d July 15, 1864. 
ii. Clement Acton, Jr., b June 20, 1868; /« Genevieve Ludlow, Sept. 18, 

iii. Rodman Ellison, b Oct. 21, 1870, ;;/ Anne Starr, Feb. 17, 1897. 
iv. Lloyd Carpenter, b Nov. 4, 1872 ; in Elizabeth Daer Bronson, 
Nov. 2, 1901, at Saint Margaret's, London, 
i. Helen Biddle, b Oct. 9, 1866 ; in Samuel Bettle, June 20, 1889. 
ii. Frances Canby, b April 19, 1879. 

Residence — " Dolobran," Haverford, Pa. 

Clubs — Union, Metropolitan and N.Y. Yacht, of N.Y. ; Philadelphia. Kittenhouse, 

Union League, Country, Corinthian, Rabbit, Radnor Hunt, of Phila. ; 

Marlborough and St. James', of London ; Metropolitan, of Washington, D.C. 
Society- — Colonial Wars. 

anb Blue Book. 


of St. Louis, Mo. (Son of Horatio Nelson 
Spencer 1798-1S76, of Port Gibson, /// Sarah 
iNIarshall ; son of Israel S., 1762-1837; son of 
Israel, 1732-1813 ; son of Isaac, 1678-1751 ; son 
of Samuel, 1648- 1705; son of Gerard Spencer, 
/; in England 1614, d 1685). 

Ijovii at Port Gibson, Miss., July 17, 1842 ; Prof, of 
Otology, Med. Dept. of Wash. Univ. ; Gov. 
of Soc. of Colonial Wars, Mo. ; Grad. Alabama 
Univ. 1862, A.B., A.M.; Coll. of Phys. and 
Surg., N.Y. ; M.D., 1868; Hon. LL.D., 
Westminster Coll., 1897 ; m (i) Sept. 28, 
1868, Anna, da. of Isaac B. Kirtland, of N.Y. ; 
in (2) July 6, 1887, Elizabeth, da. of Isaac 
M. Dwight, of South Carolina. 

i. Selden, A.B., M.D., h Mar. 23, 1873. 
ii. Horatio N. (3rd), A.B., b Nov. 28, 1875. 
i. Laura, m Bernard C. Edmunds. 
ii. Blandina, m Rev. Wm. H. DuBose. iii. Anna, 111 W 

/I r;»s— Quarterly, argent and gules, in 2 and 3 a fret or, over all on a bend sable 
three escallops of the first. 

Crest— Owi of a ducal coronet or, a griffin's head argent gorged with a bar 
gemella gules between two wings expanded of the second. 

S. Hancock. 

Residence — 2725 Washington Avenue, St. Louis, Mo. 
Cliilis — St. Louis, St. Anthony, Missouri Athletic. 

Societies — American Otological, Amer. Med. Assn., Colonial Wars, Foreign Wars, 
Sons of the Revolution, Confederate Veterans, Delta Psi. 

of Baltimore, Md. (Son of Charles Tiernan, 
of Bait., 1797-1886, m Dec. 20, 1836, Gay Robert- 
son, 1817-68, da. of John Hipkins Bernard, of " Gay 
Mont," Va., and Jane Gay Robertson, gr.-son of 
Luke Tiernan, immigrant, /; Co. IMeath, Ireland, 
1758, d 1839, gr.-gr.-son of Paul Tiernan, who died 
in Dublin in 1819. 

Born at Baltimore, Md., Sept. 4, 1840; Educated at 

St. Mary's and Loyola Colleges, A.B., A.M. ; 

Johns Hopkins Univ. ; Member Baltimore Bar 

and Maryland State Bar Assns. ; Pres. of 

Cathedral Branch, St. Vincent de Paul Society ; 

Pres., Cathedral Branch, Young Catholic Friends' Society ; Trustee 

of the Cathedral; Vice-Pres. Alumni Assn. of Loyola Coll. 
Anns — Azure, a chevroij between three leopards' heads, facing, erased or. 
Cnst — A leopard's head as in Arms; or, a griffin statant gules, wings erect vert. 
Motto — Virtute res parvas crescunt; 

Rtsidence—^i-] North Charles Street, Bakimore, Md. C///i— Maryland. 

SociV//«— Colonial Wars, Sons of the American Revolution, Hibernian, Maryland 


riDatthcw^' Bincricau aniiour\> 

VI70LC0TT, Hox. ROGER {deceased), 

' ' Ex-Governor of Massachusetts (Only sur- 
viving son (by ist wife) of Joshua Huntington 
Wolcott, who m (istly) Cornelia Frothingham, 
and (2ndly) Harriet Frothingham ; grandson of 
I'rederick Wolcott, h 1767, Member of the Con- 
necticut Senate ; great-grandson of General Oliver 
Wolcott, 1726-97, Signer of the Declaration of 
Independence, Brigadier-General, 1777, Lieut. - 
Governor of Connecticut, 1786-96, Governor, 1797 ' 
great-great grandson of Governor Roger \\'olcott, 
1679-1767, of Windsor, Conn., Major-General in 
Sir William Pepperell's Expedition against Louis- 
burg, Gov. of Connecticut, 1750. — Descended 

from John and Agnes Woolcott, of Tolland Co. Somer?:et, Eng., d 1572, 
whose grandson, Hon. Henry Wolcott, 157S-1655, sold estates, realising 
^8,000, and joined the Dorchester Company, settling at Windsor, Conn., 
1636 ; in Elizabeth (daughter of Thomas Saunders, of Lidyard St. 
Lawrence); Member of the Lower House of Assembly, 1637; Deputy, 
1639; Magistrate to the Assistant-Governor, 1643-55. His eldest son, 
whose male line became extinct, succeeded to the English Property ; 
his 7th son, Simon, 1625-87, Captain of Fort and Deputy of Simsbury, 
m 1661, Martha [sister of William Pitkin, Attorney-General and Treasurer 
of Connecticut] ; father of Governor Roger Woolcott). 

Born in Boston, Mass., July 13, 1847, r/ Dec. 21, 1900; Governor of the 
State of Massachusetts, 1 897-9 ! Member of Massachusetts Legislature, 
1882-4; Graduated at Harvard University, 1870; Chief Marshal on 
the 250th Anniversary of the founding of Harvard College, 1886; 
;// i''^74, Edith Prescott, grand-daughter of the historian of that 
name, and a lineal descendant of Colonel William Prescott, of 
Bunker's Hill Fame. 

i. Roger, h 1877. 
ii. \\'iLLiAM Prescott, h 1880. 
iii. Samuel Huntington, b 1881, 
iv. Oliver, h 1891. 

i. CoRNELLA Frothingham. 


Anus — Argent, a chevron between three chess-rooks ermine. 

Crest — A bull's liead erased, argent, ducally gorged, armed, lined and ringed or, 

Motto — Nullius addictus inraro in verba inatristri. 

Residences — (Family) 173 Connnonvvealth Avenue, Boston. Mass, ; " Hill Farm," 
Readville, Mass, 

ant) Blue Booh. 


of N.Y. (Eldest son of William Rhine- 
lander, of N.Y., Manager of T^amily Estates, 
/; 1827, m Matilda C, da. of Hon. Thomas J. 
Oakley, Chief Justice of the Superior Court, 
III Matilda C, da. of Henry Cruger, M.P., Mayor 
of Bristol, Eng., 17S1, and Senator of the State of 
N.Y. 1792 ; son of Lieut. William C, 1790-1870, in 
Col. Steven's Regt. War of 1812 ; son of William, 
1 753- 1 825, ;// Mary, sister of Col. Robert, on 
Gen. Washington's StaflF, descd. from Daniel Robert 
a Huguenot who settled in America 1686; son of 
William, 1718-77 ; son of Philip J. Rhinelander, 
h 4 miles from Oberwesel, Germany, a Huguenot 
who settled in New Rochelle, N.Y. 1686. The Castle of Schonberg, on 
the Rhine, was purchased in 1884. by Mr. T. J. O. R., and his brother 
Philip, on account of its propinquity to the land which the family 
originally possessed). 

Born in N.Y. June 5, 1858 ; Grad. at Columbia Univ. A.B. LL.B. 1878 ; 
Att. and Counsellor-at-Law ; Manager of Family Estates; in June 6, 
1894, Edith C, da. of Charles E. and Letitia L. fCampbell) Sands. 

i. Philip, b March 16, 1895. 

Anus — .\rgent, two anchors in fesse. tlcrok to Hook, between a star of eight points 
in chief and three in base, within a bordure azure; the escutcheon sur- 
inouiiti-'d bv a crest coronet. 

Risideiiccs — 36 W. 52nd Street, N.Y. City. ; Castle Schonberg, Obcrwesel-ou-Hhine. 

Clubs — Union, Metropolitan, Delta Phi, Country, Turf and Field. 

Societies — Colonial Wars, Sons of the Revol., War of 1812, St. Nicholas, Colonial 
Order, Foreign Wars, Huguenot of America. 

of St. Louis, Mo. (Eldest son of Samuel Gilbert 
Sands, 1816-70, m Ann Maria Wright, 1823-74 ; 
son of Col. James, 1785- 1825 ; son of Col. Samuel, 
1636-92 ; son of John, b 1610; son of Capt. James, 
1672-1731 ; son of Capt. James Sandes, b 1622, 
settled at Portsmouth, R.I., 1640, prob. son of Col. 
John Sandys ; son of Sir Samuel Sandys ; son of 
Edwin Sandes, Archbishop of York, temp. Eliza- 

Born at St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 22, 1S44. 

Anus — Or, a fesse dancettee betw. three cross crosslets 
fitchee gules. 

Crest — A griffin segreant per fesse or and gules. 

Motto — Probum non pcenitet. 

Residence — St. Louis, Mo. 

Clubs — University, Country (St. Louis), Strollers (New York). 
Societies — Colonial Wars, War of 1S12, Sons of the Revolution, Foreign Wars, 
Founders and Patriots, New England, Missouri Historical. 


ni>attbcw9' ameiican Hrmonr^ 

of Lake Forest, 111. (Son of judge Moses M. 
Granger, h 183 1, of Zanesville, O., Ch. Judge 
Supreme C. Commission Ohio, 1883-85, in Mary 
Hoyt Reese; son of James, h 1788; son of Oliver, 
h 1747; son of John, h 1706; son of Samuel, 
/; 1668 ; son of Launcelot Granger, emigrated to 
America 1643, m Joanna, da. of Robert Adams, of 
Newbury, Mass., 1654, 7th in descent from Sir 
John Adams, Knt.). 

Born at Zanesville, O., May 31, 1867; Class of 
1887, Kenyon College, Gambler, O., took a 
special course in Architecture at Mass. Inst, 
of Technology ; studied two years in Paris, under M. Pascal ; 
111 Oct. 4, 1893, Belle, da. of INIarvin Hughitt, Prest. Chicago and 

i. Elisabeth Sherman. iii. AIartha McCullough. 

ii. Barbara Hughitt. 

Anns — Gules, a pomegranate slipped or. 

Crest — A dexter arm couped and embowed, holding three ears of wheat ppr. 

Motto — Honestas optima politia. 

Residence—'- Woodleigh," Lake Forest, 111. 

Clubs — Uni\-., Chicago ; Caxton, Onwentsia ; Rowfant, Cleveland ; Grolier, N.V. 

ELDREDGE, Mrs. CRESSIDA {nee Peruzzi de Medic 
of Boston, ]\lass. (Da. of Marchese Simone 
Peruzzi de Medici, of Florence, Italy, Master of 
Ceremonies to the late King Humbert of Italy ; 
Commander of the Order Manriziana and of the 
Corona d'ltalia ; Isabella the Catholic of Spain ; 
the Red Eagle, and the Crown of Prussia ; the 
Danebrog of Denmark ; St. Stanislaus of Russia ; 
St. Michael of Bavaria ; Ofhcier of the Legion of 
Honor of France ; Cavalier of Salvatore of Greece ; 
St. Anne of Russia ; the Sun and Lion of Persia, 
and of the Ottoman Medjidich, etc. ; ;// Feb. 9, 1875, 
Edith Marion, da. of Wetmore Story, of Salem, 
Mass. (living at Rome, Italy), and Emelyn Eldredge, 
of Boston, Mass.). 

Born at Florence, Italy ; ;;/ November 29, 1900, Major Edward Henry 
Eldredge, of Boston, Mass., son of James Thomas Eldredge, and 
Ellen Sophia Williams, of Roxbury, Mass. 

Arms — (Peruzzi de Medici) Per pale, ist azure, six pears, stalked and lea\ed or, 
three, two and one ; 2nd or, a hurt in chief charged with a fleur-de-lis and 
five torteaux, two, two and one. 

Residence — Boston, Mass. 

anb Blue Book* 


TRWIN, BERNARD J. D., General U.S. Army, 
J- of Chicago, 111. (Eldest son of James Irwin 
1803-58, of Roundfort, Roscommon, Ireland, and 
N.Y. City, 111 Sabina M. Bowling 1803-68, of 
Rahara, Roscommon ; son of William Irwin and 
Mary Norton, of Linster, Ireland. — ^Descended 
from John Irwin, who served in the Parliamentary 
Army under Cromwell, and settled in Ireland). 

Born at Roundfort, June 24, 1828 ; Grad. N.Y. 
Med. Coll., M.D. 1851 ; Assist. -Sur.-Gen. U.S. 
Army, Medal of Honour for gallantry in action 
against Apache Indians ; ;// June 20, 1864, 
Antoinette Elizabeth, da. of Daniel Stahl, 
M.D., Surg, and Brevet Lt.-Col. U.S. Vols. 


i. George le Roy, h Aug. 26, 1868, in Maria Elizabeth Barker, 
ii. Stafford Dowlixg, h Aug. 11, 1874, ^ May 6, 1875. 

i. Ida Stella, /« (1) David L. Barnes (2) Arthur A. Small, M.D., of Toronto, 
ii. Amie de Houle, /// Edward Shields Adams, of Chicago. 
Arms — Argent, three holly leaves slipped vert. 

Crest — A hand issuing out of a cloud grasping a branch of thistle proper. 
Motto — Nemo me impune lacessit. 

Residences — 575 Division Street, Chicago; Ne-su-na Cottage, Cobi:)urg, Canada. 
Clubs — Onwentsia, Winter, Union League (Chicago), Cobourg Golf (Canada). 
Societies — -Loyal Legion, Army of the Cumberland, Army of the Tennessee. 

of Toledo O. (Son of Geo. Eltweed Pomeroy 
1807-86, in Helen E. 1816-95, '^^- of Dr. Gain 
Robinson of Wayne Co. ,N.Y.; son of Sethi 777- 1 86 1 ; 
son of Ouartus 1735-1803; son of Gen. Seth 
1706-77, a hero of the Louisburg Expedition 1745, 
Sen. Brig. -Gen. in Rev. War; son of Ebenezer 
1669-1754; son of Medad 1638-1716; son of 
Eltweed, b at Beaminster 1585, in at Crewkerne, 
Somersetshire, 1629, Marg. Rockett, emigrated 
to Mass. 1630; son of Richard Pomerye. 

Born at Clinton, Mich. Nov. 28, 1848; Pres. first 
Nat. Bank, Bellevue O.; Pres. Bd. of Trustees 
of the Sinking Fund of City of Toledo O. ; 
Ex-Gov. O. Soc. Col. Wars ; Ex-Pres. Ohio 
Soc. Sons of the Revol. ; Pres. of Geo. E. 
Pomeroy Co. ; ;;/ 1883, Matilda, da. of John T. Worthington of Md, 

Anus — Or, a lion rampant gules holding in the dexter paw an apple proper, 

within a bordure engrailed sable. 
Crest — A lion rampant gules holding an apple as in Arms. 
i\/o/<o— Virtutis fortuna comes. 

Residences — Toledo, Ohio ; Tillula Lake, Michigan. 
Clubs — Toledo, Country, Middle Bass, Castalia Trout, Yacht Club. 
Societies — Ohio in N.Y., Colonial Wars, Sons of Revolution, Colonial Wars of 
N.Y., Sons of the Revolution of N.Y., Sons of the American Revolution. 


HDattbcwe' ainciican armour\> 


' * of Wessyngton, Ten. (Son of George 
Augustine Washington, 1815-92, mem. of Tenn, 
Legislature, 1873, ^'ice-Prest. L. and N.R.R., 
;// jane, 1830-94, da. of Joseph D. and Mary (Hanna) 
Smith, of Florence. Ala. ; son of Joseph 1770- 1848, 
of Southampton, \'a. ; son of Joseph 1710-60; son 
of George 1680- 1730, of Surry Co. Ya.. ; son of 
Richard 1650-go; son of John 1615-52, of Surry 
Co. Va ; second son of Sir John Washington of 
Thrapston, Eng.). 


Born at Wessyngton, Tennessee, Nov. 10, 1851 ; 

Grad. Georgetown Coll., A.B., Hon. A.M., 

1873; mem. General Assembly of Tennessee, 

1877; Presidential Elector on Hancock-English 

Democratic Ticket, 1880; INI em. of Congress 

6th Dist. of Tennessee, i886-g6 ; in Jan. 15, 

1879, Mary, da. of judge Wyndham Kemp 

and Seigniora Peyton, da. of John Peyton and Ann Field (Gilliam) 

Boiling, of Petersburg, \'a. 

i. Geo. Augustine, b Oct. 27, 1879. i. Anne Bollinc. 

ii. Joseph Edwin, b Nov. 8, 1883. ii. Bessie Adelaide. 

Anns — Argent, two bars gules, in chief three uiullets of the second. 
C'V5/— Out of a ducal coronet or, a raven issuaut wings endorsed sable. 
Mottoes— Virtus sola nobilitas ; exitus acta probat. 

Rtsiihiicc — Wessyngton, Tennessee. 


-L' of Westchester (Son of Hon. Robert H. 
Ludlow, 1802-82, of Black Rock, N.Y., /// Cornelia 
Le Roy, 1809-86; son of Gabriel 1 768-1825: son of 
Col. Gabriel 1736- 1808; son of Gabriel b 1704 ; son 
of Gabriel, b 1663; son of Gabriel Ludlow b 1634, of 
Frome, Somersetshire, emigrated to New York 1694; 
son of Thomas; son of Thomas Ludlow, of Dinton 
and Baycliffe, Wiltshire, brother of Sir Edmund 
Ludlow, Commander-in-Chief of the Forces in 
Ireland ; of the Ludlows of Hill Deveral, Wilts). 

Born at Westchester, N.Y., June i, 1835; Justice 
of the Peace ; Vestryman of St, Peter's 
Church ; Trustee of Public School No. 4, at 
Westchester; served in the 71st Regiment 
N.Y.S.M. during Civil War; ni Oct. 2, 1873, Lydia Cowgill Ellis. 

i. Cornelia Le Roy, /;/ (1) Arthur Ludlow Clark, d March 12, 1905, 
;// (2) John S. Gaines, of Virginia. 

Anns — Argent, a chevron between three bears' heads sable. 

Crest — A Hon rampant. Mutto — Spero infestis, inetuo secundi.--. 

Risiitaicc — '• Cedarhurst," Westchester, N.Y. 

Club — Westchester Golf. 

5()ru/;Vs— St. Nicholas, G.A.R. 

an& Blue 1Boo\\. 


of New York City (Eldest son by ist wife 
of Noadiah Moody Childs, of Syracuse, N.Y. ; 
President of Syracuse Salt Co. and Board of 
Education; b at Stillwater, 1806-96; in (i) 1839, 
Martha, 1821-63, da. of Simeon and Eunice (Macy) 
Brewer, of Providence, KM., a " Mayflower " 
descendant of John Rowland 13th Signer of the 
" Mayflower" Compact ; also from Daniel Brewer, 
who emigrated to America in the " Lion," 1632, 
and settled at Roxbury, Mass. ; in (2) 1865, Sarah 
Elizabeth, da. of Dr. Ebenezer and Sarah Cooke 
(Shepard) Dawes, of Taunton, Mass. — Descended 
from Deacon Ephraim Child, who came over with 
Gov. John Winthrop, 1630 ; settled at Watertown, Mass. ; Deputy, 
Representative, Selectman and Town Clerk, and from Benjamin Child, 
Roxbury, Mass. Grandson of Dr. Ephraim Child, Surgeon 41st Saratoga 
Regt., 1810-T2, and great-grandson of Captain Increase Child, soldier in 
French and English \\'ar 1756-8, and Captain in Revolution 1776). 

Born at Syracuse, N.Y. , May, 5, 1843 ; Counsellor-at-Law ; Graduated at 
Yale, A. B. 1863; Albany Law University, B.L. 1864; A.M. 1866; 
admitted to the Bar ; Vice-President and one of the projectors of the 
Law Telegraph Co., 1875-85 ; Director Manhattan Quotation Tele- 
graph Company, 1874-75, &c. ; Director Law Telephone Co. ; 
Attorney and Counsel for these companies and in the Telephone Arbi- 
trations, also for the N.Y. Elevated R.R. in its inception, and 
Executor, Trustee and Receiver in several large estates ; ni 1888, 
Kathryn, da. of Dr. Jonathan Cass, Surgeon in the United States 
Army; Chief on Staff of Alexandria Va. Hospital; served throughout 
the Ci\'il War, 1861-65, and Mary Peet, of Great Barrington, Mass. ; 
descended from John Cass, of Hampton, N.II., 1644, and John Peet 
of Stratford Ct., 1635. 


i. SxiiKLiNG Cass, (j May 12, i88y. 
ii. Hakoi.d Winthkoi', b October 20, 1891, 
i. Kathkvn Cass. 
ii. Isabella Cass. 

Anns — Gules, a clievron en_^railcd eriuiue, between three eagles clobc aryeiit. 

Cnst — An eagle with wings expanded argent, enveloped round the neck with a 

snake proper. 
Motto — Iniitari quain Jnvidere. 

Residences — 76 East 8ist Street, New York; "Cass Cottage," Great Barrington, 

Clubs — University, Lawyers, Locustwood, " Wyantenuck," Berkshire. 

Societies — Yak- Alumni, Psi Upsilon, 


fll>attbew0* Binerican Hrmouri^ 

of Middletown (Son of Reuben Lowell, 
1812-93; son of Abram, h 1774; son of Moses, 
&1726; son of John, b 1683; son of Benjamin, 
h 1642 ; son of John; son of Percival, h 1591, of 
Newbury, Mass, 1639 ; son of Richard, of Clyvedon, 
Somersetshire, 9th in desct. from William Lowle, 
of Yardley, Co. Worcester). 

Born at South Valley, N.Y., Nov. 29, 1844; served 
in Civil War, 1864-65 ; Chaplain and Major, 
U.S.A.; Grad.Wesleyan Univ. 1873; D.D.Ohio 
Wes. Univ., 1888 ; Chaplain Ct. Ho. of Repre- 
sentatives, 1901-3; Alderman of Middletown, 
Ct., 1902-3 ; Chaplain-in-Chief I.A.R. ; 111 (i) 
1876, Irene E. Maynard, rf 1877 ; ;// (2) June 
26, 1879, Harriet A. Davis, of Middletown, Ct. 

i. Roy D., h Sept 16, 1884. ii. Percival D., h Mar. 1893. 

i. May I., b Dec. 16, 1881. 

...* T- A f ^ 1887 (deed.). iv. Alwilda G., h Oct. 14, 1880. 

ni. Eloise a. ) ' ^ ' ' t» y 

Anns — Sable, a dexter hand couped at the wrist grasping three darts, one in pale 
and two in saltire argent. 

Crest — A stag's head cabossed or, between the attires a pheon azure. 

Residence — 407, University Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. 

Societies — New Eng. Hist. Geneal., Mass. ; C. M. Oneida Hist., N.Y. ; Charter M, 
Middx. Co. Hist., Ct. ; Charter M. and first Reg. Utah. Sons of the Am. 
Revol., Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Kappa Epsilon, I.A.R. 




of Brookline Mass. (Son of Charles Greenough 
Chase of Northfield N.H., 1827-94, m 1853, ReHef 
Judith, 1827-1901, da. of Alvah McQuesten of 
Plymouth N.H., descd. from William McQuesten, 
who emigrated from Belfast, Ireland, and settled 
in Litchfield, N.H., 1745. Descd. from William 
Chase, planter, of Roxbury, Mass., who with his 
Avife Mary and son William came to New England 
with Governor Winthrop, sailing from Yarmouth 
1630, d 1659. 

Born in Boston, May 30, 1859; Grad. at Harvard 

Univ. 1882, Harvard INIed. Sch. 1900; ui Oct. 

20, 1906, Frances Scott Hubbard, of Wiscasset 

Maine, da. of Joseph Hubbard and Fannie 

Thaxter Scott. 
Arms — Gules, four crosses flory or; on a canton azure a lion passant of the second 
Crest — A demi-lion rampant or, holding a cross of the shield. 

Motto — Ne cede malis. 

Residence — 483 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass. 

Clubs — University, Country, University of N.Y. 

an^ Blue "Booli^. 



* of New Orleans La. (Son of Colonel 
Jules de la Vergne, 1818-87, of New Orleans, 
Member of the House of the State of La. 1844, 
Senator in 1856, on Staff of Gov. Alex. Mouton of 
La. and Lieut. -Col. and A.D.C. on Staff of Gov. 
Thos. O. Moore of La. during War of Secession, 
in Emma Josephine, da. of Judge Joaquin 
Bermudez ; son of Colonel Hugues de la Vergne, 
1792-1843, Major on Staff of Commanding General 
at Battle of New Orleans, 1815 ; Secretary of State 
of La. in 1820; Colonel on Staff of Thos. B. 
Robertson third Governor of La., ;;/ Marie Adele 
de Villere, da. of Maj.-Gen. J. P. Villere, second 
Governor of La. ; son of Count Pierre de la \'ergne, 
ChevaHer de St. Louis, b at Brive, France, came 
to New Orleans as an Officer in a Royal MiHtary Company, 1767, 
d 1813, III Elizabeth, da. of Guillaume du Verzer ; son of Seigneur Jean de 
la Vergne, b at Brive and descendant of the de la Vergne Seigneur de 
Juillas, in Limousin. The de la Vergne family is one of ancient chivalry. 
Castle de la \'ergne, cradle of the family is situated at St. Priest-Ligoure, 
Limousin, now Haute Sienne, France). 

Boynat New Orleans, La., July i, 1867; Lawyer; Grad. from Jesuits' 
Coll., New Orleans, A.B. 18S5, A.M. 1887, Ph.B., 1893 ; Grad. 
Tulane Univ. LL.B., 1888 ; ran for Senate of the State of La., 1904, 
and Commissioned Major and A.D.C. by Gov. Blanchard of 
Louisiana July 9, 1904, promoted Lieut. -Colonel March 12, 1905 ; 
III May 2, 1895, Marie Louise, da. of Charles Edouard Schmidt, 
Lawyer, and Leda Hincks, both of New Orleans. 

i. Marguerite, b September 23, 1896. 
ii. JuiLLAC Hugues, b November 24, 1897. 
iii. Charles Edouard, b August 18, 1904. 

Arms — D'or a la rose de gueules ; surmounted by a Count's helmet and coronet. 
Motto — Honneur at Vaillance. 

Residences — 823 Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans ; Villa de la Vergne on Bogue 
Falia, near Covington, La. 


-Bogne Falia. 

Societies — Louisiana Bar Assn., Commercial Law League of Amer., Louisiana 
Hist. Assn., Jesuits' Alumni, Tulane Alumni, Hon. Mem. Batt. Washing- 
ton Artillery. 


flDatthews' anieiican Brmour^ 

Pay Corps, U.S. Navy, (deceased), 
of Washington D.C. (4th son of Fortunatus Cosby, 
1801-71, of Louisville, Ky., in 1825, Ellen Mary 
Blake, 1 80^.-48, of Roxbury; son of Judge Fortunatus 
1 765- 1 846, HI Mary Ann Fontaine ; son of Charles, 
d 1802, 111 Elizabeth Sydnor ; son of David Cosby, 
1700-70, from England, settled in Louisa, Co. Va., 
1720, /// Mary Overton, 1705-85, of Louisa Co.). 

Boyn at Louisville Ky. April 10, 1840 ; entered the 
Navy 1857 ; commissd. in Pay Corps, Aug. 24, 
1861 ; retired April 10, 1902, with increase of 
rank for service during Civil and Spanish Wars, 
III Dec. 6, 1864, Charlotte M. Spencer, of 
Chestertown Md. He died Feb. 8, 1905. 


i. Spencer, b Oct. 2, 1867. 

ii. Frank Clark, b Oct. 10, i86g, /// Carolyn Du Bois. 
iii. Arthur Fortunatus, b May 22, 1871, ;// Virginia Rolette Dousman. 

Anns — Ardent, a chev. betw. 3 leopards' faces sa. ; on a canton or. a saltire \ert 
betw. a cross-crosslet in chief gu., a lizard erect in the dexter and a sahiioti 
in the sinister fesse point gu., and a dexter hand couped in the base gn. 

Crest — A griffin segreant gu., supporting a broken spear or, headed arg. 

Motto — Audaces Fortnna Jinat. 

Residence — (Family) 1808 Mass. Ave. Washington D.C. 

of New York City (Third son of Dr. Solon 
Philo Sackett, 1818-93, of Ithaca, N.Y., ;// Lovedy 
K. Woodward; son of Philo, 17S8-1863; son of 
Major Buel, 1763-1840: son of Benjamin, b 1736: 
son of Jonathan, 1696- 1773 ; son of William. 1662- 
1700: son of fohn, 1632-1719, of Northampton, 
Mass ; son of Simon Sackett, from Isle of Ely, 
Cambridgeshire, Eng., b 1585, to New Eng., 1630). 

Boyn at Enfield, N.Y., Aug. 31, 1853 ' Grad. Cornell 
Univ., 1875: admtd. to the Bar, 1879; apptd., Governor Black's Staff N.Y.S., 1896 ; 
Pres. of Cornell Univ. Club, N.Y. in 1897-98; 
Secretary Hudson- Fulton Celebration Com- 
mission, igo6 ; /;/ Nov. 17, 1886, Elizabeth Titus 
law firm of Sackett, Chapman & Stevens. 

Senior member of 

Anus — Argent, a chevron between three mullets of six points sable. 
Crest — An eagle's head and neck, erased, or. 
Motto — Aut nuncjuam tentes, aut perfice. 

Residences — 515 Madison Av., N.Y. City ; and Mamaroneck, Westchester Co., N.Y. 
Clubs — University, Cornell Uni\ersity, Republican. National Arts, Hardware, 

New York Bar Association, City, Phi Beta Kappa Alumni, St, Nicholas. 
Societies — Sons of the American Revolution, Order of Founders and Patriots 

of America, St. George's. 

an^ Blue HBooh. 


of Milwaukee (Son of Rev. Caleb J. Fair- 
banks, 1821-99, /// Lydia Franklin, 1822-78 ; son of 
Caleb, b 1798; son of John, /* 1766; son of Lt. 
Joshua, b 1727 ; son of Dr. Jonathan, b 1689 ; son 
of Dr. Jonathan, b 1662 ; son of Capt. George, 
b 1619 ; son of Jonathan Fayerbanke, /// 161 7, at 
Halifax, Yorks, came to America, 1633. — Descended 
from John Coolidge, /; 1604, of Watertown, 7th in 
descent from Thomas Colynge, of Arrington, Co., 
Camb., d 1495 ; from John, son of Peter and 
Marabella Livermore, of Co. Suflfolk, in 1594 ; and 
from Jonathan Adams, b 1619, son of Henry 
Adams, ancestor of Presidents John Adams and 
John Quincey Adams). 

Born at Leon, N.Y., May 25, 1845 ; Author of 
" A Visit to Europe and the Holy Land," &c. 

Rector of three different Catholic Churches in the Archdiocese of 
Milwaukee, Wis., during 34 years ; studied at Lawrence Univ. and 
St. Louis Univ. ; Graduated at St. Francis Theological Seminary ; 
ordained Priest, 1868. 

Anns—(iov CoUynge) Vert, a griffin segreaut or. Crest— A grit'tin scgrcant ur. 

Residence— Rectory of St. Patrick's Church, Milwaukee, Wis. • 

of Piedmont, W. Va. (Son of Dr. John and 
Sarah, ni (Rutherford) Briscoe of Piedmont ; son of 
Dr. John, 1752-1818, in Eleanor Magruder ; son of 
Dr. John, 1717-88, ni Elizabeth MclNIillan, grand- 
daughter of Burr Harrison, of Chappawamsic Creek, 
Va. ; son of Dr. John, of St. Mary's Co., Maryland, 
ni Ehzabeth DeCourcy, gr. -grand-da. of Col. Henry 
De Courcy, of Maryland ; son of Dr. John Briscoe 
who came to America in the " Dove and Ark," 
1634, settled at St. Mary's, Md. ; son of Leonard ; 
son of Richard of Crofton, Cumberland, Eng. ; son 
of Robert Briscoe). 

Born at Piedmont, W. Va., 1835 ; late Capt. in the 
Confederate Army ; Planter ; /// E\a Pendleton 
Goodloe, of Spottsylvania Co., Virginia. 

i. John Pendleton. 
ii. Frederick. 
i. Sallie de Montargis. ii. Katherine. 

Arms — Argent, three greyhounds couraut in pale sable. 
Crest — A greyhound courant sable, seizing a hare proper 
Mottoes — Grata sume manu ; Alter altero. 

^1 I ^ Ill, ^ 

iii. Louisa. 

Residence — " Piedmont," Jefterson Co., West Virginia. 


flDatthews' atnerican Hnnouri? 

late of Baltimore (Son of Allen Perrie Bowie, 
1807-56, of Prince George's Co., Md., ;/; Melvina 
H., da. of Dr. John E. and Rachel W. (Harper) 
Berry; sonof Capt. Eversfield, 1773-1815, w Elizth., 
da. of Capt. and Barbara (Brooke) Lane ; son of 
Capt. Fielder, 1745-94, ;// Elizath., da. of Rev. John 
Eversfield; son of Allen, 1719-83, of Nottingham 
Dist., Md., /// Priscilla, widow of Capt. Wm. Finch ; 
son of John Bowie, 1688-1759, b in Scotland, settled 
near Nottingham, P.G.'s Co., Md.). 

Born in Prince George's Co., Md., Aug. 10, 1846, 
d Feb. 26, 1900 ; Grad. Med. Univ. of Mary- 
land, 1870 ; Clinical Assist., later Assist. 
Physician Balto. Infirmary ; Mem. Medical 
and Chirurgical Faculty and Curator ; ni Oct. 7, 
1879, Laura Virginia, da. of Edris Berkley, 
of Fairfax Co., Va., and Virginia, da. of John Enders of Richmond, 

i. Edris Berkley, b May 8, 1882. 
ii. Allen Strafford, b Nov. 13, 1884. 

A nns — Argent, on a bend sable three buckles or. 

Crest — A deini-lion azure, holding in dexter paw a dagger. 

Motto — Quod non pro patria. 

Residences — (of Mrs. H. S. B.) 811 Hamilton Terrace, Balto; "An Darach," 
Catonsville, Md. 

Virginia Berkley. 
Eleanor Howard. 

of San Francisco, Cal. (Son of Dr. George 
William Huie, of San Francisco, 1824-77, ni 1848 
Sarah Elizabeth, da. of Hon. Robert Augustus 
Thompson, Mem. of Congress from Virginia, 
ni Mary S. Slaughter, of Culpeper, Va. ; Son of 
James Huie, who came from Dumfries, Scotland, 
and settled in Dumfries, Virginia, Master in the 
U.S. Navy in 1803, ni Helen Grant, da. of Judge 
Cuthbert Bullitt. Also descd. from Rev. John 
Thompson, b at Muckamore Abbey, near Belfast, 
Ireland, came to Maryland 1740, vi 1742 the widow 
of Governor Spotswood). 

Born in Sonoma County, California, March 24, 

1855 ; Merchant. 
Arms — Azure, an eagle displayed or. 
Crest — A demi-eagle displayed or. Motto — Respice fiueni. 

Residence — 2201 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, Cal. 

Societies — Sons of the American Revolution, of Cal. ; Cal. Hist. Genealogical; 
National Geographic Society. 

anb Blue Booh. 


of N.Y. City (Second son of John Wise 
Shoemaker, of Tamaqua, Pa., and his wife, Mary A., 
da. of W'iUiam Brock; son of Henry, served in 
War of 1812 ; son of John, served in War for 
Independence ; son of Peter Shoemaker, one of the 
founders of Germantown, Penna., 1685, served in 
the Indian Wars). 

Born in Schuylkill Co., Pa., Mar. 28, 1845 ; Grad. 

from Genessee Seminary, Lima, N.Y. ; ap- 
pointed to U.S. Naval Academy, 1861 ; Capt. 

of Vols, in Union Army during Civil War ; 

vt April 22, 1874, Blanche, only da. of Hon. 

James W. Quiggle, LL.D., of Phila., formerly 

State Senator and Deputy Atty.-Genl. of Pa., 

and American Consul at Antwerp. 

i. Hexrv Wharton, b Feb. 24, 1881. 
ii. William Brock, b July 29, 1883, d igo6. 

Anns — Sable, three chevronels ermine. 

Crest — A demi-lion rampant gules, guttee argent, holding in his dexter paw a 
regal mace. Motto — Sapere aude. 

i. Blanche Le Roy, 

Residences— 26 West 53rd Street, New York City ; " Cedarcliff," Riverside, Conn. 
C/;rfo— Metropolitan, Union League, Riding, Lawyers, Lotos, Riverside Yacht, 

Automobile of America, New York Yacht, Army and Navy. 
Societies — Sons of the Revol., Pennsylvania, Grand Army of the Repubhc. 

of Detroit Mich. (Son of Silas Wadsworth 
Brewster, of Hannibal N.Y., 1813-1882, m 1837, 
Mary A. Walden ; son of Elias of Mexico N.Y., 
;;/ Lucretia Edgerton ; son of Dea. Wadsworth of 
Lebanon, Ct. ; son of Oliver of Bernardstown, 
Mass. ; son of William of Lebanon ; son of William 
of Duxbary, Mass. ; son of Love of Duxbary ; son 
of William Brewster, 1566-1644, Elder of Plymouth 
Colony, 1630, drafted " Mayflower " Compact, 
Mem. and Chaplain of the ist Military Company 
organised at Plymouth under Capt. Miles Standish. 
Also descended from Governor \Mlliam Bradford). 

Born at Hannibal, N.Y., Feb. 10, 1846, m Feb. 10, 
1867, Amy da. of William Harrison and Emily 
Elmira (Miller) Doud of Brooklyn, Pa. 


i. A son, b and d 187J. i. Mabel Dorothy. 

ii. BiRNEY N., b 1873, d 1874. "• Lucretia Edgerton. 

Anns — Sable, a chevron ermine between three estoiles argent. 
Crest — A bear's head erased azure. Motto — Verite soyez ma garde. 

Residence — 215 Forest Avenue W., Detroit, Mich. 


flDattbewe' Hmerican armoury 

of Washington, D.C. (Second son of Eleroy 
Curtis, D.D., 181S-86, m Harriet Eliza, 1822-94, 
da. of Rev. Harvey and Deborah (Eddy) Coe, D.D., 
of Hudson, O. — Descended from William Curtis, 
from Appledore, Canterbury, Kent, settled at Rox- 
bury, Mass., 1632. 

Born at Akron, O., Nov. 5, 1850; Grad. Western 
Reserve Univ. 1871, A.B., B.A., D. Lit. ; 
Commr. to the Republics of Central and South 
America ; Special Envoy to Spain ; Special 
Envoy to the Vatican ; Dir., Bureau of the 
American Republics ; ;// Dec. 23, 1874, Cora, 
da. of Simon Peter and Isabella Forbes 
(Liddell) Kepler of Erie, Pa. 


i. George Kepler, b June i, 1877; d May 23, 1896, 
ii. Eleroy Curtis, b June i, 1879. i. 

Elsie Evans. 

Arms — Ermine, a chevron sable between three fleurs-de-lis or. 

Crest — An arm embowed in armour holdin,^ in the hand proper a scimetar, hilt 

and pounnel or. 
Motto — Wile bene Facrre. 

Kdsidt'iic^-- 1801 Connecticut Avenue, Washington, D.C. 

Clubs — Union League, Alpha Delta Phi, Press, Gridiron, Cosmos. 

Societies — Sons of the American Revolution, National Geographic, Americanistas 
(Madrid), Anthropological, Columbia Historical, Association for the 
Advancement of Science, American Historical, &c., &c. 

-^ of Milton, Mass. (Son of Edward Elbridge 
Floyd, merchant, of Boston, ;// (i) Mary Jane 
Spalding, ni (2) June 6, 1877, Lisbeth Henrietta 
Whitney ; son of Daniel, 1799- 1845 ; son of Daniel, 
1760-1808; son of Daniel, 1728-66; son of Daniel, 
1702-48; son of Daniel, 1675- 1750; son of Capt. 
John Floyd, 1636-1701, of Lynn, Maiden and 
Rumney Marsh, an officer in King Philip's W^ar, 
and Indian and French War of 1690). 

Born at Brookline, Mass., Sept. 28, 1878, Grad. 
Harvard S.B., 1903. 

J ;-/«i- — Argent, on a cross sable a rose of the first. 
Crest — A griffin sejant vert holding in the dexter paw a 
torch argent, lighted proper. 

Residence — •' Cedar Ridge," Milton, Mass 

Cliihs — Hoosick Whisick, Harvard of New York. 

Societies — Sons of American Revolution, Bostonian. 

an^ Blue l&ooh. 

1 1 1 



L/ of New York (Son of Dr. Wm. F. Lindsay, 

1826 1900, III Sarah A., da. of Aug. \^an C. Vreden- 

burgh ; son of Rev. John, 1788-1850, of Lynn, 

Mass.; son of Daniel, 1753-1827; son of Eleazer, 

1716-93 ; son of Ralph, 1684-1747 ; son of Eleazer, 

1644-1716 ; son of Christopher, em. to America, 1629, 

settled in Lynn, (/ 1669 '■> son of Christopher of 

Pitscottie, Scotland, b 1571 ; son of Robert, 1532-78, 

the chronicler ; son of William of Pyetstone, d before 

X584 ; son of Sir Patrick Lindsay, 4th Lord of the 

Byres, d 1526, loth in desct. from Sir William de 

Lindsay, of Ercildnn, Luffness and Crawford, 

il. 1 161 -1200). 

Boi'ii in New York, Dec. 31, 1865; Admitted to the Bar, 1887; Dep. 

Asst. Dist. Atty. 1887-93; Asst. Dist. Atty., N.Y. Co., 1894-98; 

Pres. N.Y. Soc. Prevention of Cruelty to Children, 1903 ; iii June 3, 

1895, Stella, da. Dr. Elisha Hall and Jael Kavanagh (Smallwood) 

Gregory, of St. Louis. 

Arms — Gules, a fesse chequy ardent and azure, three stars in chief and a mascle 

ia base argent. 
Cr^st — A swan with wings expanded proper. Mottn — Love lint dreid. 

Residence — 34 West nth Street New \ork. 
Clubs — Calumet, Manhattan of N V., Fort Orange of Albany. 

Societies—St. Nicholas, NY. Bar Assn., N.Y, State Bar Assn., N.Y. Historical, 
Alumni N.Y. Univ., Colonial Wars, Sons of the Revol., etc., etc. 

^ of Phila. (Son of Oscar C. B. Carter, 1809- 
63, of Nashua, N.H., in 1B56, Mary L., da. of 
Daniel R. Brower, of Norristown, Pa. ; son of 
Oscar C. B., of Nashua, N.H., b 1809; son of 
Charles, of Keene, N.H., b 1788; son of Elijah, of 
Lancaster, Mass., /; 1764; son of Ephraim, b 1713 ; 
son of Samuel, of Woburn, Mass., b iGyy ; son of 
Samuel, of VVatertown, Mass. ; son of Rev. Thomas 
Carter, b 1610, of Watertown, Mass., 1635, brother 
of James Carter, of Hinderclay, Suffolk, he is 
supposed to have matriculated at Cambridge Univ., 
A.B., 1629, A.M., 1633). 

Born in Phila., March i, 1857; Prof, of Geology 
and Mineralogy, Central High School, Phila ; 
m Oct. 23, 1882, Elenora da. of John L. Martin, of Harrisburg, Pa. 

i Oscar Skdc,i;\vick, b Nov. 14, 1884. 
Anns — Argent, a chevron between three cartwheels vert. 

Crest— On a mount vert, a greyhound sejant argent, sustaining a shield of the 
last, charged with a cartwheel vert. 

Residence — 1930 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. 

C/»6s— Priestly Chemical of Univ. of Penna., Verein der Bohrtechniker, Vienna. 
Societies — Section Geology and Mineralogy Acad, of Nat. Sciences, National 
Geographic of Washington, Geographical of Phila. 


flDattbcw0* american Hrmourp 

DE pEYSTER. JOHN WATTS, Brig. -Gen., S.N.Y., Brev. 

^ Major.-Gen., N.Y., 
of Rose Hill (Son of the late Frederic de Peyster, 
LL.D., 1796-1882, Pres. of the N.Y. Hist. Soc, 
etc. " Probably connected as an active officer with 
more societies than any other New Yorker who 
ever lived," in Mary Justina, 1801-21, da. of the 
Hon. John Watts, d 1836 ; Speaker of the 
Assembly, N.Y., 1791-94; Mem. of Congress, 
1793-95 ; first Judge of Westchester Co., 1806, etc. ; 
last Royal Recorder of N.Y., Founder of the 
Leake and Watts Orphan House). 

Born at N.Y. City, March 9, 1821 ; Brev. Major- 
Gen, N.Y. by " Concurrent resolution," or 
" Special Law," N.Y. State Legislature, April, 
1866, "for meritorious services rendered to the 
Nat. Guard and to the U.S. prior to and during 
the Rebellion," first and only General officer 
receiving such an honour from S.N.Y., and 
only officer thus brevetted (Major-Gen.) in the 
U.S.; M.A., Litt.D., LL.D., F.R.H.S.G.B., 
Lond. ; Hon. F.S.S.L. and A., Lond. ; Hon. 
Pres. of the Colonial Soc. of Am. ; Hon. Vice- 
Pres. of the Numismatic and Antiquarian Soc. 
of Phila. ; M. Maatsschappij der Nederlandsche 
Letterkunde, Leyden, Holland, etc., and Hono- 
rary, Corresponding, Life Mem. of the Amer. 
Mus. of Nat. Hist., Life Mem. and Mem. or 
Fell, of over fifty Hist., Literary, and Scientific 
Societies and Institutions. 

i. JoHM W^ATTs, Jr., Brev.-Col. U.S. Vol. and Col. N.Y. Vol.; Major of 

ist N.Y. Vol. Artillery ; b Dec. 2, 1S41, d April 12, 1873. 
ii. Frederic, Jr., Brev.-Col. N.Y.V., and Major U.S.V., b Dec. 12, 1842, 

(/ Oct. 30, 1874. 
i. Estelle Elizabeth (Prudence), b June 7, 1843, d Dec. 12, 1889. 

ii. Maria (Beata), b July 7, 1852, d Sept. 27, 1857. 

Anns — (for de Peyster) Argent, a tree eradicated proper surmounted by a 
Netherland Count's helmet. 

Anns — (for Watts) Argent, on a mount an oak tree all proper; debruised of a 

fesse azure charged with a crescent between two mullets argent. 
Crest — A dexter hand issuing from a cloud holding a branch of laurel all proper. 
Motto — Forti non deficit telum. 

Residence — Rose Hill, near Tivoli, P.O. Township of Red Hook, Duchess Co., 

Club — Century. 

Societies — Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the U.S., St. Nicholas, Holland, 
Hon. Corresponding, Life or Regular, Fellow or Member of numerous 
Societies in the United States and abroad. 

an^ Blue Bool^. 



^ of Brookline, Mass, (Son of Captain Lionel 

Charles William Henry Fitzgerald, K.T.S. 1812- 

94, ;» Sarah Caroline, (f 1856, daughter of Hon. 

Patrick Brown, President of Her Britannic 

Majesty's Council of the Bahama Islands ; son 

of Lieut. -Colonel Edward Thomas Fitzgerald, 

/; 1784, served with the Guards at the battle of 

Waterloo, vi Emma Green, d 1845 ; son of 

Charles Lionel Fitzgerald, Lieut. -Colonel North 

Mayo Militia, 111 ijjy, Dorothea, daughter of 

Sir Thomas Butler, Baronet ; son of George 

Fitzgerald, in Lady Mary Hervey ; son of 

Thomas Fitzgerald, of Turlough, 1661-1747 ; son 

of John Fitzgerald, of Gurteens, Co. Waterford, 

in the widow of General Harrison, by whom he 

acquired the estates of Turlough, Co. Mayo. 

This ancient family descended from the Barons 

of Burnchurch, also reputed to be descended from Strongbow- Desmond 

line of Fitzgerald. 

Born at Nassau N.P., May 20, 1846; Consulting Civil Engineer; Past 
Department Engineer Metropolitan Water Board of Boston ; Past 
Chairman Massachusetts Topographical Survey Commission ; Chair- 
man Brookline Park Commission, etc. ; Past President Boston Society 
Civil Engineers ; Past President American Society Civil Engineers ; 
Past President New England Water Works Association ; ?« June 21, 
1870, Elizabeth P.C. Salisbury, daughter of Stephen Salisbury, M.D., 
of Brookline, Mass. 

i. Harold, b May 19, 1877, m Oct. 3, 1903, Eleanor Fitzgerald, 

ii. Stephen Salisbury, h Sept. 19, 1879, ni Sept. 9, 1906, Agnes Blake. 

i. Caroline Elizabeth, ni Chas. Augustus Van Rensselaer, 

ii. Harriot, ui Robert Jones Clark of Boston. 

Arms — Ermine, a saltire gules. 

Crest — A boar passant. 

Motto — Honor probataque virtns. 

Residence — Brookline, M^ss. 
Clubs — Union, Country, St. Botolph. 

Societies — Am. Civil Engrs. N.Y., Boston Civil Engrs., Colonial Wars, Sons of the 
Revol. ; Descendants of Colonial Governors, etc. 


ni>atthe\vtV ameiican Bnnour\> 

of Washington, D.C. (Son of Edgar Huide- 
koper, 1812-62, m Frances Shippen, 1818-97. — 
Descended from Harm Jan, son of A.nne and 
Gesiena F. Wolters Huidekoper, Hogeveen, Hol- 
land, 1776, to America, 1796, 7th from Wm. Shippen, 
of Methley, Yorks, Armiger). 

Born at Meadville, Pa., Sept. 12, 1840; Grad. 

Harvard Univ. A.B., '62, A.M., '71 ; Capt. 

Co. F, 58th Pa. Mil. 1863 ; Pres. C. and E. 

111. R.R., '77-'82 ; Pres. E. and T. H. R. R., 

'81-82 ; ist Vice-Pres. R. and D. R. R., and 

Vice-Pres. R. and W. P. T. Ry. and Ware- 
house Co. ; Pres. Va. Mid. R.R., '86-'87 ; 

Pres. and Receiver, P., S., and L. E. R. R., '89-'9i ; Pres. S. A. 

and O. R. R. '9o-'92 ; Governor of the Society of Colonial Wars (D.C.) 

1901-2 ; m Jan. 22, 1867, Anna Virginia*, da. of Fitzjames Christie, 

of Erie, Pa. 

i. Frederic Louis, h March 8, 1874. 
ii. Reginald Shippen, b May 24, 1876. 
i. Gracie, h July 5 ; d July 6, 1872. 

Anns — Party per pale, azure and argent, ist, a sword ppr., hilted or, in pale, a 
mullet of six points in chief of the last ; 2nd, three arbalets all ppr. 
surmounted by a Hitter's coronet (Friesland). 

Residence — 1614 Eighteenth Street, Washington, D.C. 

Clubs — Meti-opolitan, Country (Washington), University, Harvard, fN.Y. City). 
Societies — Sons of the Revolution, Colonial Wars, "Huguenot (N.Y.), -Colonel 
Dames, * Daughters of the American Revolution. 

of Rome, N.Y. (Son of John Stryker, 1808-85, 
of Orange, N.J., ni, Frances E. Hubbard; son of 
Daniel P., 1783-1816; son of John, 1740-86; son 
of Pieter, 1705-74; son of Jan, 1684-1770; son of 
Pieter, 1653-1741 ; son of Jan Van Strycker, 
1615-97, from Holland to Flatbush, L.I., 1653). 
Born in Rome, N.Y., Nov. 14, 1847 ; Grad. A.B 

and A.M. Hobart Coll., Geneva, N.Y. 1868; 

Chairman Bd. of Fire and Police Commissrs., 

Rome, 1894 ; Pres. Rome Locomotive and 

Machine Works ; Director in various Local 

Companies and Institutions. 

Arms — Paly of four or and gules three boars' heads sable armed argent. 
Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a griffin's head sable between two palm branches 
in orle, vert. Motto — In extremis terribilis. 

Residence — 112 E. Liberty Street, Rome, New York. 

CliiJis — Rome, University, New York City. 

Sdcieties — Colonial Wars, Founders and Patriots, Sons of the American Revolu- 
tion, Sigma Phi. 

anb Blue Bool^. 



of New York (Only son of William Fearclo 
Shirley, 1833-1903, ?/; Caroline Chester Sidell, 1848- 
1903; son of Wm. Wright, 1797-1865, in Elizbth. 
G. Coddington ; son of William, d in London 1827, 
in Augusta, da. of Sir George Hastings ; son of 
William, d 1780, in Margaret, da. of Sir Alexander 
Bathurst, Bt. ; son of Laurence, 1693- 1743, "^ Ann, 
da. of Sir Walter Clarges, Bt. ; son of Sir Robert, 
Bt., 1650-1717, created Viscount Tamworth and 
Earl Ferrers 171 1, /// Elizth. Washington; son of 
Sir Robert, Bt., 1629-56, Lord of Eatington, ;// Kath. 
da. of Sir Humph. Ockeover ; son of Sir Henry, Bt., 
1588-1632, Ld. of Eatington, m Lady Dorothy, da. 
of Sir Robt. Devereux, E. of Sussex ; son of Sir 

George, Bt., 1559-1622, Ld. of Eatington, ni Frances, da. of Henry, 
Lord Berkeley ; son of John, 1535-70, of Staunton Harolde, Esq., 
711 Jane da. of Thomas, Lord Lovett ; son of Francis, 1515-70, of 
Staunton Harolde, Esq., m Dorothy da. of Sir John Giftbrd ; son of 
Sir Ralph, Knt., 1487-1516, vi (4th wife) Jane, da. of Sir Robert 
Sheffield ; son of John, d i486, Ld. of Eatington, vi Elianor da. of 
Hugh, Lord Willoughby ; son of Ralph, d 1466, Ld. of E., in Margaret da. 
of Thomas Staunton of Staunton Harolde, Esq. ; son of Sir Ralph, Knt., 
of Eatington, /// Jane (Joyce) da. of Thomas Bassett, Esq., of Brailesford ; 
son of Sir Hugh, Ld. of E., Chief Warden of Hingham Ferrers, Constable 
of Donnington Castle 1399, in Beatrice da. of Sir Peter Broase ; son of 
Sir Thomas, Knt., d 1363, ;// Isabell da. of Ralph Bassett ; son of Sir 
Ralph, Knt., Ld. of E., d 1326, gov. of Horston Castle, in Margaret da. of 
Walter de Waldershef; son of Sir jarres de Eatington, living 1278, adopted 
the name Shirley being Lord of Sirlai, co. Derby, in Agnes de Waunton ; 
son of Sir Sewallis de Eatington, Knt., living 1251, ;;/ Isabell da. of Robert 
Meysnl ; son of Henry, Lord Eatington, 1205 ; son of Sewallis de Scyrle, 
Ld. of Eatington, living 1192, /// Matilda Ridel ; son of Fulcher, held land 
in Shirley, d 1169; son of Susunalo, Ld. of E., living 1079-86, the first 
recorded owner of Nether Eatenden, the original seat of the "ancient 
family of Shirley." — On the maternal line Mr. R. G. S. is descended from 
Hester, /; in Canterbury, Eng., da. of Pierre du Bois of Artois, France, 
who in 1652 Glaude De La Maistre). 

Born in N.Y. City Aug. 7, 1873; late Naval Cadet U.S. Navy, Class of 
1895; Veteran 4th Division ist N.B.N.Y. ; ist Lieut. Company H, 
9th Regiment N.G.N.Y. 

Arms — Paly of six or and azure ; a canton ermine. 

Crest — A Saracen's head couped ppr. wreathed about the temples or and azure. 

Motto — Honor virtutis prcemium. 

Residence — 716 Madison Avenue, New York City. 

Clubs — North Lake Fish and Game of Montreal, Delta Chi of New York. 

Societies — St. George's of N.Y. Veteran Corps of ArtilL, N.Y. Hist., New Eng., 
War of 1812, St. Nicholas, Sons of the Revol., Sons of the Amer Revol., 
Colonial Wars, Huguenot, Met. Mus. of Art, Amer. Mus. of Nat. Hist., 
\'eteran Vol. Firemen, Co. of Richmond, N.Y. Athletic, Delta Chi. 


fIDattbews' Hmerican Brmour^ 


^-^ of Waynesboro', Va. (Son of Hugh Laffert 

Gallaher, 1812-86, of Shepardstown, W. Va., 

711 April 19, 1837, Elizabeth Catherine, da. of 

Wm. Bowen, of Jefferson Co., Va. ; son of Hugh 

Gallaher, who settled at Lebanon, Penna., 1798, 

m Sarah, da. of Hugh Lafferty, of Donegal, Ireland ! 

son of John O'Gallagher, of Clagneely, Donegal, 


Born at Shepherdstown, W. Va., Feb., 10, 1840 ; 

Educ. at Georgetown and Virginia Mil. Inst. ; 

Lieut. Co. E. ist Virginia Cavalry under 

General Joseph E. Johnston, C.S. A.; m Aug. 8, 

1864, Amelia Frances, da. of Maj. Thos- 

Briscoe, of Jefferson Co., Virginia. 


i. Thomas Briscoe, b Nov. 27, 1865. 

ii. Charles James, b Aug. 17, 1868. 
iii. Wm. Bowen, b Sept. 22, 1880. 
i. Juliet Hite. ii. Eleanor Magruder. 

Arms — Argent, a lion ramp, sable, treading on a serpent in fesse proper, between 

eight trefoils slipped vert. 
Crest — A crescent gules, out of the horns a serpent erect proper. 

iii. Frances Amelia. 

Residence — " Springdale," near Waynesboro', Augusta Co., Virginia. 

of Dansville, N.Y. (Second son of James Caleb 
Jackson, 1811-95, in Lucretia E., 1810-90, da. of 
Elias Brewster [a descendant of Elder William 
Brewster, of the " Mayflower"]; son of James, 
b 1778; son of Col. Giles, b 1732; son of John, 
b 1703 ; son of Lieut. John Jackson, 1645-95, of 
Cambridge, Mass., from Stepney, London, nephew 
of Richard Jackson, whose lands at Cambridge, 
Mass., he inherited). 

Born at Peterboro', N.Y., June 11, 1841 ; Grad. 
from Bellevue Hospital Med. Coll. M.D. 1876 ; 
Proprietor of the Jackson Health Resort ; 
ni Sept. 13, 1864, Kate, da. of Hon. Emerson 
and Hannah (Arnold) Johnson, Mem. of Mass. 
Senate, 1865, of Sturbridge, Mass. 

i. James Arthur, M.D., b May 4, 1868, w Ethelwyn McMulIen 

Anns — (For Brewster) Azure, a chevron ermine between three estoils 
Crest — A leopard's head erased sable. Motto — Verite soyez ma 


Residence — Jackson Health Resort, Dansville, N.Y. 

Societies — Sons of the Amer. Revokition, Mayflower Descendants, Colonial Wars, 

anb Blue 1iBoo\\. 



^-^ of Caryl- Yonkers N.Y.(Son of Ephraim Wilkes 

Leonard, 1823-82, of Taunton, Mass. ; ui Melancie 

D. Godfrey, of Taunton, Mass. ; son of James, 

1797-1875 ; son of Ephraim, 1764-1819; son of 

Philip, 1718-85; son of Joseph, 1692-1775; son of 

Benjamin, b 1643; son of James Leonard, d 1691, 

of Providence, R.L, 1645, built the first Iron 
Works in Plymouth Colony. — Descended from 
Edward IIL, through the Dacre family in two 

Boi'ii at New Bedford, Mass., Feb. 10, 1854; 
in Oct. 6, 1875, Lizzie Standish, da. of Joseph 
and Ann M. (Hathaway) Wright, of Taunton. 

Clarence A., 1877. 

Ralph M., b June 28, 1881. 

Clarence T., b Sept. 8, 1887. 

Nina E., 1878-85. 

Pearl M., b Jan. 25, 1880. 

Faye a., b Feb. 15, 1883. 

Lola L, 1885-1902. 

Arms — Or, on a fesse azure three fleurs-de-lis argent. 
Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a tiger's head argent. 
Motto — Memor et fidelis. 







Residence — Caryl-Yonkers, New York. 

Societies — Sons of the Revol., Mayflower Descendants, Founders and Patriots of 

Am., Sons of the Am. Revol., Old Colony Hist., New Eng., Long Island 

Hist., N.Y. Genealogical, etc. 

-^ -^ of Brookline, Mass. (Son of Bradford Reed 
Holmes, b 1825, in 1848, Mary Elizabeth, da. of 
Noah Perry Ford, of North Abington, Mass. ; son 
of Jonathan, b 1794; son of Jonathan, b 1755 ; son 
of Job, b 1728; son of Eleazer, b 1688; son of 
Nathaniel, b 1643 ; son of John, who settled in 
Plymouth, Mass. ; son of Thomas Holmes, of 
Colchester, Essex, Eng., Will proved 1637). 

Bovn at N. Abington, Mass., Jan, 3, 1853 '■> Most Worshipful G. M. of 
A. F. and A. M. of the Commonwealth of Mass., 1895-96, in Jan. 12, 
1880, Sarah Frances, da. of Isaac Reed Pratt, of N. Abington, Mass. 


i. Edwin Pratt, & Feb. 9, 1886. 
ii. Francis Bradford, b Dec. 27, 1887. 
i. Mary Frances. 

Arms — Barry of six or and gules ; on a canton of the second a chaplet of the first. 

Residences— :i^ Winthrop Road, Brooldine ; and Nantasket Beach, Hull, Mass. 
Club — Exchange, of Boston. 


riDatthcwe' Bntcricau Bnnour^ 

^^-^ of Philadelphia, Pa. (Second son of Alex- 
ander McClure, of Centre, Pa., d 1855, in Isabella, 
d 1867, da. of William Anderson, of Andersonsburg, 
Perry County, Pa., who /// Miss Johnson, of 
Andersonsburg. — Descended from John McClure, 
of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, b N. of Ireland, d in 
Mifflin, Penna., circa 1795, a cadet of the McClures 
of Balmagie, Scotland, a branch of which family 
settled in County Down after the battle of the 

Boni at Centre, Penna., Jan. 9, 1828 ; LL.D., 
Washington and Lee Univ., 1888 ; State 
Supt. of Printing, 1855 ; State Representative, 
1858-9,65; State Senator from Franklin, 1860-2, 

from Philadelphia, 1872-4 ; Asst. Adj. Gen. U.S. 1862-3 ; Protho- 
notary of Supreme Couit, 1903 ; ;// Feb. 10, 1852, Matilda S. Grey, 
d 1877 ; 111 (2ndly) 1879, Cora M. Gratz. 


i. William A., b Dec. 24, 1852. 

Ayins — Argent, on a chevron engr. azure, betw. two roses in chief and a sword in 
base point down of the second, a mullet or. 

Cnst — A tower domed ppr. from the top a flig arg. thereon a rose crowned or. 

M0//0— Spectemur agendo. 

Residences — 1828 Spruce St., Philadelphia ; Wallingford, Pa. 

Clubs — Philadelphia, Union League, Clover, Penna., Lawyers, Pen and Pencil. 

of St. Paul, Minnesota (Only son of Wm. 
Henry Harrison Doty, 1839-98, of Dover, N.J., 
m 1861, Anna Bergevin, da. of Paul Bergevin de 
Langevin, of Quebec, and Margaret Bruyere, of 
Montreal. — Descended from Edward Doty, b in 
London, Eng., 1599, d Aug. 23, 1655, Pilgrim 
passenger of the " Mayflower," Signer of the 
" Compact," took part in " first encounter," 
Dec. 8, 1620). 

Boyn at Hoboken, N.J., May 30, 1869 ; Dep. Gov.- 
Gen. Soc. of Mayflower Descendants ; 
Graduated at Stevens Inst, of Technology. 
1888, M.E. ; ;// Feb. 10, 1892, Theodosia, da. 
of Israel Newton and Jeanette M. W. (Coney) 
Stiles, Brig. -Gen. U.S.V., 1861-65, of Chicago. 

A rms — Argent, two bars between as many mullets sable pierced or. 
Crest — A mullet sable. Motto — Palma non sine pulvere 

Residence— 286 Laurel Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Clubs — Minnesota, Town and Country. 

Societies — Amer. Soc. Mech. Engrs., Amer. Assn. Adv. Science, Aniciicau Gas 
Institute, Mayflower Descendantb, Colonial Wars. 

anb Blue BooF^. 


of N. Y. City (Son of Edmd. Hurry, 1807-75, 
;// Elizabeth, 1818-82, da. of James Flanagan, 
Counsellor-at-law, J. P. ; son of Saml. Hurry, 
1778-1820, agent between U.S. and Eng. Ship- 
owners in the adjusting Claims, War of 181 2, third 
son of John Hurry, of Liverpool. — Descd. from the 
Hurrys of Gt. Yarmouth, Eng., who descended from 
the Cliftons, Ives, Coopers, Bracy, Winn, Watts, of 

Born at N.Y. City, Aug. 8, 1839; Grad. Columbia 
Coll. i860; Columbia Law Sch. 1862, M.A., 
LL.B.. U.S.N., 1863-64 ; m Nov. 17, 1868, 
Emily Ashton, da. of Wm. Rhinelander Ren- 
wick, of N.Y. and Eliza S., da. of Wm. Bedlow 
Crosby, of N.Y. City. 


i. Renwick Clifton, h Sept. 7, 1874, m 1904, Lucy Washington Morss. 
ii. Rutgers Ives, b Nov. 17, 1883. 

i. Edith Renwick. ii. Bessie Crosby. 

iii. Helen Schuyler, m 1893, Wm. Vandervoort Draper, 
iv. Mary Crosby, in 1899, Walton C. Peckham. 
v. Emily Ashton, ;// 1904, Louis Gross Smith. 

Arms — Argent, in chief a lion ramp, gules, in base two mullets voided azure. 
Crest — A harpy proper. Mottoes — i, Sans tache ; 2, Nee arrogo, nee dubito. 


Residences — " Clifton." Barclay Hts., Saugerties-on-H.; 122 E. 39th St., N.Y. City. 

Clubs — University, Union League, Church, Saugerties. 

Societies — New York Genealogical and Biographical, St. Nicholas, American 
Geographical, St. George's, Alumni of Columbia Univ. N.Y. 

-L^ of Alexandria, Virginia (Daughter of Rev. 
James H. and Sarah F. (Blackman) Nourse, of 
Washington, D.C. ; son of James, 1805-54, of 
Washington, D.C, ;« Sarah North Harvey ; son 
of Michael, 1778-1860, m Mary Rittenhouse ; son 
of James, 1731-84, who settled at Charleston, West 
Virginia ; son of John and EHza (Gregory) Nourse, 
of Hereford, England). 

Born at Charleston, West Virginia, m Albert Doyle 
Brockett, of Alexandria, Virginia, son of 
Edgar Longden Brockett and Georgiana 
Katherine Seymour. 

Arms — (for Nourse) Gules, a fesse between two chevrons 

Crest — An arm embowed, vested azure, cuffed argent, grasping in the hand 

proper a snake of the last, environed round the arm. 
Motto — By courage, not by cunning. 

Residence—'' Aspen Grove," 318 Washington Street, North Alexandria, Virginia. 


riDattbews' amcrican Hnnouve 


of NA'. City (Son of Rev. James Newton 
Shaffer, 1811-1901, m Jane E. Hale, 1814-66; son 
of William 1773-1823; son of William Shaffer, who 
came from Holland to New York in 1760, d 1778). 

Born at Kinderhook, NA^, Feb. 14, 1846; Asst. 
Res. Surg. Hosp. for Ruptured and Crippled, 
1867-68 ; Surg.-in-Chief N.Y. Orthopedic 
Disp. and Hosp. 1876-98; Orthopedic Surg. 
St. Luke's Hosp. 1873-88; Prof. Orthop. Surg. 
N.Y. Univ. 1882-86, and 1896-98; now Con- 
sulting Orthopaedic Surg. St. Luke's and 
Presbyterian Hosp. ; Prof, of Orthopaedic Surg. 
Cornell Univ. Med. Coll.; Surg.-in-Chief N.Y. 
State Hosp. for Crippled and Deformed 

Children ; Grad. N.Y. Univ. Med. Dept. M.D., 1867; m Oct. 15, 1873, 
:\rargaret H. da. of Wm. Perkins, Ivlem. of Maine State Legislature, 
and Mayor of Gardiner, Me. 

i. Newtox ]\Ielman, Jr., h May 2, 1878. 

^,.„js_.For Hale) Gules, three broad arrows or, feathered and barbed argent. 
Crest— X dexter arm embowed in armour ppr. garnished or, bound with a ribbon 
gules, holding an arrow. 

Residences— zS E. 38th Street. N.Y. City ; Beacon Hill Cottage, Ridgefield, Conn. 
Clubs— Century, University, Ridgefield Country, Ardsley. 

St;ciV/iVs —Academy of Medicine, Congress of Amer. Physicians and Surgeons, 
Amer. Orthopaedic Assn., etc. 



-^ of Boston, Mass. (Son of John Tyler, 1813-81, 
of Boston, in Martha Willis Alger ; son of John, 
1 788- 1 853, III Elizth. Thompson ; son of John Steel, 
175I-1813, III Sarah W^hitwell; son of Royall, 1724- 
71, Mem. of King's Council, m Mary Steel ; son of 
William, 1688-1754, in (i) Sarah Royall, iii (2) Jane 
Pepperell ; son of Thomas Tyler, d 1703, from 
Budleigh, Devonshire, to Boston, Mass., 1680, 
in Miriam, 1663- 1730, da. of Pilgrim Simpkins. 

Born at Boston, Sept. 26, 1854; "' J^"- ^o, 1881, 
Jennie Louise, b Mar. 14, 1852, rf May 4, 1892, 
da. of Barney and Eliza A. (Glynn) Cory. 


i. Edith Rovall, b at Boston, ISIarch 4, 1882, in Jan. 31, 1903, Herbert 
Thorn King, of N.Y. City. 

A I'lltS — (Granted 21st November, 1774, to the descenciants of Aitdrezv and William Tyler, of 

Boston, New Eng.) -Sable, on a fesse erminois, between three cats passant 
guardant ermine, a cross moline enclosed by two crescents gules. 
Crest — A demi-cat rampant guardant ermine. Motto — Nee aspera terrent. 

Residences — Cimiez, Nice, France, and Boston, Mass. Club — Algonquin. 

Societies — Mayflower Descdts., Colonial Wai's, The Cincinnati, Sons of the Am. 

Revol., N.E. Hist, and Geneal., Bostonian, Harvard Musical Assn., 

St. Bernard Commandery, Knights Templar. 

au^ Blue 'Boo\\, 


of Philadelphia (Son of Rt. Rev. Mark 
Anthony De Wolf Howe, D.D., 1808-95, of 
Reading, Pa., by his 2nd wife Elizabeth Smith, 
1822-55, d^- of Rev. Herbert and Ann (Smith) 
Marshall, of Middleburgh, Va. ; son of John, 1783- 
1864, of Killingly, Ct. ; son of Capt. Perley, 
1742-93 ; son of Rev. Perley, 1710-53, of Killingly, 
Ct. ; son of Capt. Sampson, 1683-1736 ; son of 
Abraham, 1649-1718, of Ipswich; son of James, 
1607-1702, of Roxbury, Mass.; son of Robert 
Howe, of Broad Oak, Essex, Eng., b circa 1580). 

Bovn at Roxbury, Mass., July 16, 1844; Grad. 
Penna. Univ., 1865 ; Prest. Allentown Rolling 
Mills Co., Ogden Mine R.R. Co., Cranbury 
Furnace Co., etc.; m Nov. 28, 1871, Mary 
Wilson Fell. 


i. John Fell, b December 3, 1875, d December 31, 1895. 

i. Mary Herbert. ii. Edith. iii. Grace 

iv. Rhoda, ni April ig, 1902, William Gilman Low, Jr., of Brooklyn 
V. Elizabeth Amanda. 

Arms — Argent, a chevron between three wolves' heads cooped sable. 
Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or a unicorn's head gules. 


Residences — 1622 Locust St., Phila., Pa.; Ferrycliffe Farm, Bristol, R.I. 

Clubs — Union League, Rittenhouse, Country, of Phila.; N.Y. Yacht, Squantum. 

Societies — Colonial Wars, Sons of the Revolution. 

■pvODGE, JOHN H. PRENTISS, LL.B. (deceased), 
-L>' of Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass. (Only son 
of John Crowninshield Dodge, 1809-89, First Sec. 
of the Board of Trade, and Alderman of Chicago 
in 1852, in Catharine Lucretia, 1817-1901, da. of 
Col. John Holmes Prentiss, of Cooperstown, N.Y. ; 
son of John, 1784-1820; son of Joshua, 1752-1814; 
son of George, 1726- 1808, of Beverly ; son of Joshua, 
1694-1771 ; son of Joshua, 1669-95 ; son of William, 
1 640- 1 720 ; son of William Dodge, who came from 
England, 1629, on the " Lyon's Whelp," and 
settled at Beverly, Mass.). 

Born at Chicago, 111., Oct. 13, 1850, d Feb. 19, 1904 ; 
Grad. Columbia Coll. Law School, Columbia 
Univ., N.Y. City, LL.B., 1870; Counsellor- 
at-Law; Mem. of the N.Y. Bar and Boston 
Bar, Counsellor of Supreme Court, U.S.A. 

Anns — Barry of six or, and sable, on a pale gules a woman's breast gouttant. 
Crest — A demi-lion mar3-n sable, langued and armed gules, about his neck a 
gemel gold. Motto — Veritas. 

(In 1306 King Edxcurd I. gave to Pierre Dodge the Coat of .\rin<:. In J5J6 King Henry VIII . 
gave the Crest to John Dodge, of W rot ham, Kent.) 

Residence — (Family), Manchester-by-the-Sea, Essex Co., Mass. 


ni>attbcw0* american Htmouri? 

of Newport R.I. (Son of Samuel Aug. and 
Estelle (de Laussat) Willoughby of Brooklyn, N.Y.; 
son of Augustus, b at Cornwallis, Nova Scotia ; son 
of Samuel Willoughby who went to CornwalHs 
from Virginia ; probably desc'd from Thomas 
Willoughby, who settled in Virginia 1626 ; son 
of Thomas of Wateringham, Kent ; son of Thomas 
Willoughby, Dean of Rochester, 1581). 

Born at Solitude, Del. Co, N.Y. ; Grad. at Pa. 

Univ. ; Lt. Comdg. the R.I. Naval Reserve, 

U.S.N.R ; m 1878 Augusta de Peyster, da. of 

James B. and Jane (McClelland) Harrison of 

Derbyshire, Eng. 

i. Hugh de Laussat, ]x.,h May ig, 1895. 
i. Estelle de Laussat. ii. Kate. 

Arms— Or, a fretty azure. 

Cres/— The bust of a man, couped at the shoulders, and affrontee proper. 

Motto — Verity sans pcur. 

Res'dencc—''The Chalet," Newport. R.I. 

Cl^jjs — N.Y. Yacht, St. Augustine Yacht, Biscayne Bay Yacht, Newport Golf, 

St. Augustine Golf. 
Socieii«s— Alumni University of Penna, Academy of Nat. Science. 

-L' of Asheville (Son of Thomas W. Lockwood, 
i8ii-95,of Troy, N.Y. , ;« Mary Scott, 1817-85, da. 
of Fred. S. and Mary Bruen (Goble) Thomas, of 
Newark, N.J.; son of Handford N., /// Rachel 
Wildman ; son of Isaac, 1 761 -1838, ni Aner Nichols ; 
son of Isaac, m Ruth W'hitney ; son of Joseph, 
m Mary Wood ; son of Ephraim Lockwood and 
Mercy St. John, of Watertown, Mass., 1630, in 
descent from Rev. Richard Lockwood, Rector of 
Dingley, Co. Northampton, 1530). 

Bovn at Troy N.Y. Oct. 2, 1859 ; Grad. Union 
Univ. LL.B. 1883, /// April 30, 1889, Isabel 
Dwight, da. of Daniel Wesley and Marian 
(Ward) IngersoU, of St. Paul, Minn. 

i. Hanford Nichols, Jr., h Nov. 9, 1895. 
i. Isabel Wildman. ii. Mary Thomas. 

iii. Marian Dwight. 

Arvis — Argent, a fesse between three martlets sable. 

Crest — On the stump of an oak tree erased proper a martlet sable. 

Motto — Tutus in undis. 

Residences — Asheville, N.C. ; La JoUa, California. 

Socidlis — Founders and Patriots, Sons of the American Revolution. 

anb Blue Booh, 


of N.Y. City (Son of Michael Rorick Sutton 1797-1881, of Hardy- 
ston, N.J., m 1822 lilizabeth Forrester ; son of Jacob 1773-1852, 
m Hannah Rorick; son of Capt, Jonathan 1735-1818 of Revolutionary 
Army, /// Rachel Collier ; son of Zebulon of Bernard Township N.J., 
b 1707; son of Daniel of Piscataway N.J., h 1681, ;// (i) 1704 Patience 
Martin,;// (2) 1724 Lydia Collier; son of William Sutton, ;// 1666 at 
Eastham Mass. Damaris, da. of Richard and Alice Bishop, d at Piscata- 
way 1715). 

Bovn at Hardyston N.J. July 15, 1827; Grad. Rutgers Coll. 1852, 
A.M. 1855; Grad. B.D. 1857, D.D. Marysville Coll. 1881 ; Chaplain 
102nd Regt. N.Y. Vols. 1862, /// (i) April 10, 1859, Eliza Storrs, 
da. of Horace Holden, who served on Staff of Gen. Colfax in War of 
1812; son of Lieut. Levi Holden of Gen. Washington's Body 
Guard, m (2) April 10, 1866, Kate Judson Holden, ;// (3) Mrs. Joanna 

Bates Sutton. 


i. Horace Holuen, b 1867, d 1874. 
ii. Joseph Holden, b 1869, d 1902, A.B. 1890, A.M. and LL.B. 1903 

Princeton Univ. 
iii. Daniel Judson, b 1872, d 1874. 
iv. Edward Forrester Holden, h Feb. 15, 1874, A.B. Princeton 1895, 

M.D. Columbia Univ. 1899. 
v. Frederick Judson Holden, b June 3, 1876, A.B. Princeton 1898. 

Residence— Or:a.nge, New Jersey. 

Clubs — The Presbyterian Union, Rutgers Coll., N.Y. Alumni, Zeta Psi. 
Societies — American Geographical, Comrade of the Loyal Legion of the U.S. 
* (By mistake this record was published in a former Edition in incorrect form.) 

of New York City (Son of Sydney Lyman 
Brewster, of Bowling Green, Ohio, ;// Oct. 10, 
1850, Mrs. Catherine Smith (widow). — Descended 
from William Brewster, 1566- 1654, Elder of 
Plymouth Colony, 1630, who drafted the " May- 
flower " Compact ; Member and Chaplain of the 
ist Military Company organised at Plymouth under 
Captain Myles Standish. He served against the 

Bovn at Bowling Green, Ohio, Aug. 6, 1851, 
VI April ig, 1893, Isabel Erskine, da. of Robert 
Hall Parks, and Isabel Beecher, his wife, da. 
of Colonel John Erskine. 

i. Sydney Erskine. ii, Warren Dwight, 

Arms — Sable, a chevron ermine between three estoiles argent. 

Crest — A bear's head erased sable. Motto — Verite soyez ma garde. 

Residence — 45 West 49th Street, New York City. 

Clubs — Union League, Merchants, N. Y. Yacht, N. Y. Athletic, Nassau Countrj'. 
Societies — -Mayflower Descendants, Huguenot, Colonial Wars, New Eng., Sons of 
the Revolution, New York Histoiucal. 


riDattbewe' Hincrican annour^ 

of Clermont (Son of Wm. Henry Wilson, 
1791-1884, M.D., A.B., Grad. Union Coll. Schenec- 
tady, 1810, Coll. of Phys. and Surgs. N.Y., 1812, 
Surg. U.S. Army, War of 1812, m 1829 Anne, da. 
of Thomas and Alice (Cunliffe) Hulme, of Lanca- 
shire, England ; son of William Wilson, 1756- 1828, 
M.D., Glasgow Univ., from Berwick, Eng., 
)ii Mary Howey, of Northumberland, Eng., settled 
at Clermont, N.Y., 1784). 


Bovii at Clermont, N.Y., Jan. 7, 1836, ;;; June 25, 
1863, Mary Elizabeth Livingston, da. of Judge 
John Sanders, of Schenectady, N.Y., and 
Jane, da. of Walter Tryon and Elizabeth 
(McKinstry) Livingston of Clermont. 


i. William Henry, b Dec. 26, 1875. ii. Harold, b Nov. 6, 1881. 

i. Anne Hulme. ii. Jane Livingston. 

iii. Sarah Hulme, /// Sept. 7, 1905, Wm. Ten Broeck, son of Barent A. 
Mynderse and Albertina S. Ten Broeck. 

Anns — Sable, a wolf salient or, ducally gorged and chained gules, in chief a 
mullet of the second between two mullets argent. 

Crest — A wolf's head erased erminois gorged with a collar sable charged with 
three mullets argent, 

Motto — Ego de meo sensu judico. 

Residence — Clermont, Columbia Co., N.Y. 

Society — War of 1812. 


■^ ^ of Cambridge (2nd son of James S. No yes 
1816-93, /// Mary B., da. of Robert Ball and Sarah 
(Barker) Edes of Charlestown, Mass. — Descended 
from Nicholas Noyes, of Newbury, Mass., 1634). 

Born at Brooklyn, N.Y., Oct. 2, 1857; Ph. B. 
School of Mines, Columbia Univ., 1878; A. B. 
Harvard Univ. 1883; Editor Harvard Quin- 
quennial Catalogue ; Mem. Harvard Univ. 
Council ; in Feb. 4, 1890, ='=Constance, d Jan. i, 
1895, o"ly child of Justin Winsor, LL.D., 
Librarian of Harvard Univ. 

i. Penelope Barker. 

Arms — Azure, three crosses botony in bend argent. 

Crest— Oa a chapeau azure, turned up ermine, a dove argent, in the beak an 
olive branch vert. 

Residence— ji Sparks Street, Cambridge, Mass. 

C/!«fts— University, Harvard of N.Y.; Union of Boston; Oakley Country of 

Watertown ; Hasty Pudding, Institute of 1770, D. K. E. of Harvard Univ. ; 

Phi Beta Kappa, Harvard. 

Societies— Colonial Wars, Sons of Kevol., Mayflower Descdts., Colonial of Mass., 
^Colonial Dames of America. 

anb Mnc Book, 


of San Francisco, Cal. (Son of Capt. William 
Hume 1794-1868, of Augusta, Me., vi (i) Harriet 
Hunter, ;// (2) Elizabeth F., i8og-8g, da. of 
Jeremiah Webber, of Vassalboro, Me.; son of John 
1770-1830, 111 Nancy Webb; son of John Hume, 
in Helinor Manson, of Aberdeen, Scotland, served in 
the Revol. War ; son of George Hume, who settled at 
Culpepper, Va., 1721, second son of Sir George 
Hume of Wedderburn, who was engaged in Rebel- 
lion of 1 7 15). 

Born at Augusta, Me., Oct, 31, 1845 ; Mem. House 
of Representatives for Oregon, igoo, Mem. 
elect of same igo2 ; m (i) Cecilia Ann Bryont ; 

m (2) 1877, Mary Ann, da. of George Duncan, Provisional Treasurer 
under Sir Julius Vogel, of N.Z., and Elspeh Wilson, of Aberdeen, 

{By 1st m.) 
i. Robert Deniston, d s.p. ii. Amelia, d in infancy. 

A rms — Vert, a lion rampant argent. Crest — A lion's head erased or. 

Residences — 2421 Pierce Street, San Francisco, Cal. ; Wedderburn, Oregon. 
Societies — Sons of the American Revolution, Masonic. 

-L-' of Philadelphia (Son of Henry Mifflin Linnard, 
1848-84, of Phila., m Harriet Elizabeth Brown ; son 
of Eugene, m Maria Amelia Gibbs. [^See Gibbs 
family, of Warwickshire, beginning from Thomas 
Gybbys, temp. Richard H. to Sir Henry Gibbs, 
living 1612, whose son Robert came to Boston 
1658] ; son of Thomas Mifflin, m Adelaide Tauzin ; 
son of Colonel \Mlliam Linnard, 1749-1835, Officer 
in Artillery during Revolution, served as Colonel 
in War 1812). 

Born at Philadelphia July 27, 1873 ; Grad. Prince- 
ton Univ. A.B., Univ. of Penna. LL.B., Mem. 
Phila. Bar, and of the firm Graham & Co., 
Bankers; /// Oct. 16, igoi, Mary Wallace 
Audenried of Phila. 


i. Anna Louise. 

Arms — (Gibbs) Sable, three battleaxes in pale argent. 

Crest — Three broken tilting spears or, two in saltire and one in pale, enfiled with 
a wreath argent and sable. 

Residences— ^j^x St. Martin's Lane, Philadelphia; Castine, Me. 
Clubs — University, Union League, Philadelphia Cricket. 
Society — Sons of the Revolution, 


riDattbews' Bincrican armoury 

of New York (Son of Samuel Powel, 1818-85, 
111 Mary, da. of Robert, gr.-da. of Dr. Alex. Johnston, 
whose wife, Elizabeth, was da. of Capt. John 
Gilbert, R.N., killed 1756 ; son of Col. John Hare 
Powel, 1786-1856, his maternal aunt, Mrs. Elizth. 
(Willing) Powel, wife of Sarn'l. Powel, " Patriot 
Mayor" of Phila., 1775 and 1789, adopted him, 
transposing his name from John Powel Hare, he 
succeeded to entailed estate including Powelton in 
Phila. ; Secy, of Legation at Court of St. James, 
1808-11 ; Insp. General U.S. Army, 1814-15 ; 
Penna. Senator, 1827-30; sold Powelton in 1853, 
built and resided in the present Hist. Soc. building, 
Phila., Ill Julia, da. of Col. Andrew de \'eaux, who 

m Anna M.,da. of Philip, son of Philip ver Planck of Manor of Courtlandt, 
N.Y. ; son of Robert Hare, b at Woolwich, Kent, Eng., 1752, settled at 
Phila., 1773, a framer of the first Constitution, and Speaker of the first 
Senate of Penna., m Margaret, da. of Chas. Willing, who m Anne, da. of 
Joseph, son of Edward Shippen, 1639-1712, the first Mayor of Phila. 
son of Richard and Martha (Harford) Hare, Esquire, 1700-76, of Lime- 
house, London). 

Bom at Newport, R,L, May 4, 1855; Grad. Harvard Univ. B.A. 1878; 
Mem. of Phila. Bar, 1882, and xM.Y. 1886 ; Trustee of Estates ; 
Director and Counsel for Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, 
N.Y., since 1898; in June i, 1887, Elisabeth Butler, da. of John 
Player Crosby, who in Margaret Barker, da. of Benj. Franklin Butler, 
of N.Y. ; Atty. Gen. for U.S. 1833-38, Acting Secy, of War, 1837. 

i. John Hare- b and d July, 1893. 

ii. Robert Johnston Hare- b Nov. 23, 1895. 

i. Elisabeth Hare- b Nov. 11, 1889. 

Arms — Per fesse, argent and or, a lion rampant gules. 

Crest — On a cloud argent an estoile of eight points each point divided gules and 

Motto — Proprium decus et patrum. 

Additional Bearini;s — (Hare) Gu. two bars and a chief iiidented or; Crest, a demi-lion ramp, 
arg. holding a cross crosslet fitchee gules ; Motto, Non Videri sed esse. (Johnston) 
Arg. a saltiie sa. on a chief gu. three cushions or ; Crest, a spur erect or, winged arg. ; 
Motto, Nunquam non paratus. (Gilbert) Arg., on a chev. az. three roses seeded and 
leaved ar. ; in base an eagle displ., a chitf erm. ; Crat, a squirrel sejant gu. ; Motto, 
Mallem mori quam mutare j 

Residciices — Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. ; Newport, R.I. 

Clubs— Hiirviivd D.K.E. (Apha) and Rifle Club, formerly of the Rittenhouse, 
Germantovvn Cricket and Phila. Barge, of Phila. ; Ardsley, N.Y. 

Societies — New York Bar Assn., Pennsylvania Hist. Society of Phila. 

anb Blue Bool^, 


of N.Y. (Son of Richard L. Schieffelin, 
i8oi-8g, m Margaret H. McKay, h Aug. 2, 1813 ; 
son of Jacob, 1757-1835; son of Jacob, 1734-69; 
son of Jacob, d 1750, from Weilheim-an-der-Teck, 
in Wurtemberg, to Penna, 1735 ; son of John 
George Schieffelin, 1666- 1725). 

Born in N.Y. July 27, 1836 ; Counsellor at Law ; 
Columbia Graduate 1855 ; /// May ig, 1866, 
Julia M., da. of the Hon. Isaac C. Delaplaine, 

of N.Y. 

i. George R. D., h Feb. 20, 1884, /// April 5, 1904, 

Louisa Scribner, of N.Y. 
i. Julia F., m Dec. 4, 1888, Joseph B. Ismay, of Liverpool, Eng. 
ii. Margaret H., m Dec. 10, 1890, Henry G. Trevor, of N.Y. 
iii, Matilda Constance, m Jan. 13, 1900, Charles Bower Ismay, of 
Yorkshire, Eng. iv. Sarah Dorothy. 

Arjuf. — Tierce per fesse sable and or, on thi-ee piles, two conjoined with one betw., 
transposed invected counterchanged, as many cross crosslets sable. 

Crest— A holy lamb passant bearing cross staff and pennon proper. 
Motto — Per fidem et constantiam. 

Residences — 22 W. 52nd Street, N.Y. City ; " Plas-ar-Llyn," Southampton, L.I. 
Clubs — Union, Century, Hiding, Down Town (N.Y. City), Shinnecock Golf, 
Meadow of Southampton, L.I. 

Societies — Colonial Wars, St. Nicholas, New York Historical, New York Geo- 
graphical, War of 1812, Colonial Order. 

of Fort Totten, N.Y. (Son of Bre^et- 
Brigadier- General Joseph Nekcn Gaih nd W hittler, 
U.S.A.,grandsonof Col.Wm."V\ histlerar.d^t.-giard- 
son of Major John Whistler, a £cldier in the 
British Army which surrendered at Saialcga 
under Burgojne; after the Revoluticraiy War he 
remained in America and served, with great 
distinction, in the U.S. Army, he 111 Anna, da. of 
Sir Edward Bishop). 

Born at Schenectady, N.Y., August 10, 1847 ; 
Lieut.-Col. Artillery CorpsU.S. Army ; ;« Ellen 
Wharton, da. of Dr. Stirling B. Everitt, of 
Wilmington, N.C. 

Arms — Gules, a bend of five mascles betwe en two lions 

passant argent. 
Crest — A harp or, stringed sable. 
Motto — Honor et fidelitas. 

Residence — Fort Totten, N.Y. 

C/«/js— Army and Navy (N.Y. City), Artillery (Fort Munroe, Ya.). 

Societies — Loyal Legion, Spanish-American War, War of 1812, Colonial Wars. 


fIDattbcw6* amcvican Bnnour^ 

of College Park, Md, (Son of Charles Bene- 
dict Calvert, 1808-64, of Riversdale, Prince George's 
Co., Md. ; Mem. of the State Legislature, 1839, of 
Congress, 1862 ; ist Pres. of Md. State Agr'l. 
Society, and Mem. of U.S. Agr'l. Society, m 1839, 
Charlotte Augusta, 1816-76, da. of William Norris, 
of Baltimore, by Sarah Martin, his wife, of Worcester 
Co. Md. — -Descended from Charles Calvert, 5th 
Baron Baltimore). 

Bom at Riversdale, Md., Feb. 5, 1843, d Aug. 31, 
igo6 ; Grad. at Maryland Agricultural College 
A.B., June 26, 1863 > elected to the State 
Legislature, 1864, served in the Special 
Session, 1866, re-elected 1867 ; Trustee of 
State Agricultural College; m June 14, 1866, 

Eleanor,* da. of Richard Creagh Mackubin, M.D., Member 
of the State Legislature, of Strawberry Hill, Ann Arundel 
Co., Md., by Hester Ann, da. of Brice John and Ann Lee (Fitzhugh) 
Worthington. Mrs. Calvert is 6th in descent from Zachariah Mac- 
cubbin, 1756, High Sheriff of Ann Arundel Co., Md. ; 6th from 
Charles Carroll, 1691-1755 ; 9th from Capt. James Neale, 1615-84, 
Mem. Prov. Council, Md.jAtty. of Lord Baltimore; 9th from Edward 
Lloyd, 1695, Burgess from Lower Norfolk Co., Va. ; 6th from 
Capt. John Worthington, 1650-1701, &c. 

566 lie. 

i. Charles Benedict, h November 8, 1871 ; d July 2, 1872. 

li. Richard Creagh Mackubin, h Dec. 31, 1872., m Zoe Ammen Davis, 
iii. George Henry, h Oct. 2, 1874, ;;/ Cornelia Russell Knight, 
iv. Charles Baltimore, h October 9, 1878. 

i. Eleanor, m W. Gibson Carey, 
ii. Hester Virginia, m Dr. Henry Walter Lilly. 
iii. Charlotte Augusta, ;// Thomas Humphrey Spence. 
iv. Rosalie Eugenia Stier. 
v. Elizabeth Steuart, m William Douglas N. Thomas. 

Arms — Paly of six or, and sable a bend counterchanged ; quartering (Crossland) 
Quarterly, argent and gules a cross flory counterchanged. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, two pennons the dexter of the first the other 
sable, staves gules. 

Motto — Fatti maschi, parole femine. 

Residence — " MacAlpine," College Park, Md. 

Societies — "-CGlonial Dames, Daughters of the American Revolution, Daughters 
of the Confederacy. 

an^ :Blue BooK?, 


of N.Y. City (Eldest son of Joseph Wm. 
Cone, of Hartford, Ct., b 1841, in 1864, Julia- 
ette C, 1841, da. of William and Maria (Clark) 
Buckland, of Hartford, Ct. ; son of Cyrenius O., 
1820-58; son of Joseph W., 1775-1848 ; son of 
Sylvanus, 1731-1812 ; son of Lt. James, 1698-1775 ; 
son of Nathaniel, 1675-1730; son of Daniel Cone, 
b in Edinburgh, 1626, d 1706 ; Freeman of Hart- 
ford, i66g ; one of the purchasers of a 30 mile tract, 
now comprising part of Middx. Co., Ct. Also 
descd. from Stephen Hopkins, 14th Signer " May- 
flower " Compact, 1620). 

Born at Hartford, Ct., Nov. 8, 1865; Veteran, Co. 
"K" ist Regt. Ct. Nat. Guard; Secy. N.Y. 

Soc. of the Order of Founders and Patriots of America; Grad. 
Hartford Public High School, 1884. 

Arms — Gules, afesse engr. betw. a cinquefoilin chief and crescent in base argent. 
Crest — A pine cone. Motto — Truth with trust. 

Residence — 61 West 50th Street, New York City. 

Club — Calumet. 

Societies— Ma.yi\ower Descendants, Order of Founders and Patriots of America, 
Sons of the American Revolution, New England, of New York. 

of New York City (Son of Henry Augustus 
Booraem, 1815-89; ni 1838, Cornelia Van Vorst, 
1818-90, a descendt. of Cornells Van Vorst, who 
settled in New Netherlands 1636, apptd. Superin- 
tendent of the Colony.- — Descd. from W. Jacobse 
Van Boerum, who emigrated from Amsterdam 
1649, settled in Flatbush L.L, Magistrate there 
1657-62-63. Also descd. from John Aylmer, Ld. 
Bp. of London under Q. Elizabeth). 

Born at Jersey City, March 28, 1856; Engineer of 
Mines; Columbia Graduate, 1878. 

Arms — Or, a moor's head sable wreathed about the head argent, between three 
trefoils slipped vert. 

Crest — A helmet of nobility, round the neck an order of Knighthood. 

Resid-ence — ig West 31st Street, New York City, 
Club — Union. 

Societies — St. Nicholas, Colonial Wars, American Institnle Mining Engineers, 
Sons of the Krvulution, 


riDattbcwe' American Brmouri? 

of N.Y. City (Da.of Aman T. M. A. Rodrigue, 
M.D, [Baron de Curzay], 1809-57; of Phila., Pa., 
m 1835, Ann Caroline, 181 1-88, da. of Hugh Bellas, 
Esq., 1780-1853, of Sunbury, Northumberland Co., 
Pa., m Esther Anthony, 1786-1869. — Desc. from 
the celebrated Don Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar, " the 
Cid," of Spain, and Rodriguez del Fuente, through 
the Sieur Michel Rodrigue, Baron and Comte de 
Curzay, of Quebec, Ca., and La Rochelle, France 
(recorded at his decease, 1777, " Chevalier Con- 
seiller du Roi, Pres. Tresorier de France, Seigneur 
de Curzay," etc., the family being borne on the 

rolls of " La Noblesse convoquee pour les Etats-Generaux, du Depart- 
ment de la Charente Inferieure, 1789"), and his wife. Marguerite, 
da. of the Seiur Jacques L'Artigue, of La Rochelle, whose son, 
Andre Jacques Rodrigue, of La Rochelle, 1759-1845, m 1798, Marie 
Jeanne Francoise, 1782- 1874, ^^- of the Sieur Marie Dominique 
Jacques d'Orlic, . of Bordeaux, France, and Fort Dauphin, San 
Domingo, W.L 1748-1825 (styled " Ancien gendarme de la Garde du 
Roi," serving under Monseigneur le Mareschal de Rohan, Prince de 
Soubise, 1770-77, and afterwards Capt. of Dragoons at Fort Dauphin, 
1783), and of Dame Marie Lorraine Carrere, of San Domingo, his wife, 
grand-da. of the Chevalier Jacques Gratian Benoist d'Orlic, styled 
" Ecuyer, et Avocat au Parlemenr de Bordeaux," and of Dame Marie de 
Caillan, his wife (/« 1747), and 7th in descent from the Sieur Jehan d'Orlic, 
of Guyenne, who in 1602 had Letters Patent issued appointing him 
" Conseiller Secretaire du Roy et Controlleur en la Chancellerie de 
Bordeaux." The family was ennobled five times in the iSth century. 
Andre Jacques and Marie Jeanne Francoise Rodrigue were parents of Aman 
Theodore Michel Aristide Rodrigue as above, being emigrees of the 
French Revol. to San Domingo, W.L, and thence to the U.S., 1793. 
Also fourth in descent from Hugh Bellas, Esq., Co. Antrim, 1717-89, of 
the noble family of Bellasis of Bellasis (anciently written Bellasys, 
Belasise, and Belasyse), originally of Normandy, and of Co. Pal. Durham, 
in nth century, and afterwards of Cos. York and Westmoreland, Eng., 
and of Antrim and Londonderry Cos., Ireland (the latter of " Ulster 
Plantation " in reign of James I.) ; created Barons Bellasis and Barons, 
Viscounts, and Earls Fauconberg, temp. Charles L). 

Born in Hollidaysburg, Pa.; m Dec. 23, 1885, FitzGerald Tisdall, Ph.D., 
of New York City. 

A mis — (Rodrigue) Argent a f esse gules between three leopards' heads couped gules 

two in chief and one in base, a crescent for mark of cadency. 
Crest — A baron's coronet. 
Motto — Intaminatis. 

Supporters — Two lions rampant proper. 
Anns — (d'Orlic) Azure, three lilies ppr., a crescent for difference. 

Residences — "The Buckingham," New York City; "Bellasylva," Woodbridge, N.J. 
Club — Quid Nunc, of New York City. 

Socitfies — Hai'lem Philharmonic, Ladies' Auxiliary of Harlem Eye, Ear, and 
Throat Infirmary, Salmagundi of Woodbridge. 

anb Blue 1Boo\\. 


K ^ ,s WvWWW\W-3 

of San Francisco, Cal. (Son of Orrin Calkins 
Baldwin, 1809-61, of Amsterdam, N.Y. ; son of Dr. 
Harvey, 1784-1852, of Lexington, N.Y., vi Nellie 
Calkins ; son of Samuel, 1755-1818, of Goshen Ct. ; 
son of Samuel, 1725-1804; son of Hon. Nathaniel, 
1693-1760, of Guildford ; son of Samuel, 1655-96, 
of Guildford Ct. ; son of Nathaniel, h Cholesbury, 
Co. Bucks, Eng., settled in Milford Ct., 1639, 
m 2nd wife Mrs. Joanna Westcoat ; son of Richard, 
of Cholesbury, d 1630 ; son of Richard ; son of 
Richard Baldwin, 1500-52, of Aston Clinton, Bucks, 
nephew of Chief Justice Sir John Baldwin). 

Born at Renslaerville, N.Y., Aug. 18, 1843, Banker ; 
111 MiUie Eva, da. of Chas. Fredk. Wehn [son 
of Charles and Dorothea (von Glode) Wehn, 
of Prussia] and Eva Catherine, da. of Michael 

Rohe, of Alsace Lorraine. 

i. Orville Raymond, b Feb. 6, 1876, in Anna Deuprey. 
i, Blanche Evelyn, m John McGaw, of England. 

Anns — Qtly. i and 4, arg. six oak leaves in pairs vert (Baldwin) ; 2, cheqiiy or 
and az. (Warren), Wm. de Warren, ist Earl of Surrey; 3, ar. an eagle 
displ. sa. (Bruen). 

Crest — A squirrel sejeant holding hazel sprig. 

Mottoes — Vim vi repello ; ex vide fortis. 

Residence — " Beaumont," 1000 Green St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Societies — Sons of Amer. Revol., Colonial Wars, Barons of Runnymede, etc. 

of N.Y. City (Son of William Woodward, 
1835-89, one of the founders of the N.Y. Cotton 
Exchange, vi 1865, Sarah Abigail, da. of Hon. Saml. 
and Mary Peckham Rodman ; son of Henry 
Williams, 1803-41, ;« Mary Edge Webb; son of 
Capt. Henry, 1770-1822, m Eleanor Williams 
Turner, Wid. ; son of William, 1742-1807, ni Jane 
Ridgeley ; son of William, ni Alice Ridgeley ; son 
of Abraham, ni Priscilla Ruley ; son of William 
Woodward, of London, England). 

Born in New York City, April 7, 1876 ; Grad. 
Harvard Univ., A.B. 1898 ; A.M. 1899 ; 
LL.B. Harvard Law School, 1901, ni Oct. 24, 
1904, Eliz. Ogden, da. of Duncan and Eliz. 
(Ogden) Cryder, of New York. 

i. Edith, b October 8, 1905. 

Anns— Argent, two bars azure ; over all three bucks' heads cabossed or. 
Crest — On a ducal coronet a boar's head couped argent. 
Motto — Virtus semper viret. 

Residence — 11 West 51st Street, New York City. 
Cliil>s — Union, Knickerbocker, Coaching, Racquet, 
St. James' (London) 

(N.Y. City), Bachelor's. 


ni>attbc\\)6' Bmcncan Brmonr^ 

of N.Y. City (Son of Rev. George D. Cheno- 
weth, 1811-80, m Francis A., da. of Capt. Wm. 
Bradford Crawford; son of John, 1770- 1865; son 
of John, 1728-1820; son of Arthur Chenoweth, 
of Maryland, 1700, who was descd. from John 
Chenoweth of Mogion, Cornwall, living 1620 ; also 
6th in desct. from William Cromwell, 1671 ; 6th 
from Mary Calvert, gr-da. of Lord Baltimore ; and 
5th from John Davenport). 

Born at Baltimore, Md., June 5, 1849 ; Engineer in 

charge of the Croton Aqueduct, i8go to 1896 ; Grad. Dickenson 
Coll ; m April 19, 1876, Catharine R., da. of Hon. Fernando Wood. 

i. Alexander Fernando Wood, /; Oct. 8, 1883. 
i. Maud, h March 24, 1881 ; d Aug. 22, 1882. 
ii. Katharine, h Sept. 22, 1886 ; d May 5, 1892. 

Arvts — Sable, on a fesse or three Corrish choughs' heads of the first. 
Motto — Might makes right. 

Residence — 41 East 5gth Street, New York City. C/»6— Manhattan. 

Societies — Member of N.Y. City Chamber of Commerce, Colonial Wars, War of 

the American Revolution, War of 1812, Veteran Artillery Corps, Veteran 

Washington Continental Guard. 

of Princeton (Son of Charles G. Rock- 
wood, h July 19, 1S14, d July 17, 1904, ;;/ Sarah 
Smith, 1812-93; son of Ebenezer, 1781-1815; son 
of Dr. Ebenezer, 1746-1830; son of Lieut. Elisha, 
1716-88; son of Nathaniel, 1665-1721 ; son of 
Nicholas, d 1680, of Dorchester, Mass. ; 7th in 
descent from Roger Rokewood, of Euston, Suffolk). 

Born at N.Y. City, Jan. 11, 1843 ; Grad. Yale Coll., 
1864; Prof, of Mathematics, Bowdoin Coll. 
1868-73 ; Rutgers Coll., 1873-77 ; Princeton 
Univ., 1877; Emeritus, 1905; /// June 13, 
1867, Hettie Hosford, da. of Simeon P. Smith 
of N.Y. 

i. Katharine Chauncey, 


Arms — Argent, three chess rooks sable, two and one, a chief of the last. 
Crest — A lion sejant guardant, argent. 

Residences — 34 Bayard Lane. Princeton, N.J. ; "Sunset Hill." Durham Centre, Conn. 
Clubs — Nassau, Princeton. N.J. ; University, Yale, and Princeton of New York. 
Societies — St. Nicholas, Sons cf the Revohi., Colonial Wars, Fel. Am. Assn. Adv. 

Science, Am. Mathematical, Nat. Geograph. N.J. Hist., Am. Metrological, 

Seisuiol,, Italv. 

an^ Blue 1Boo\\. 


of Chicago, III. (Son of Rev. Wm. Salter, 
D.D,, of Burlington, Iowa, b 1821, iii Mary Ann 
Mackintire, 1824-93 ; son of William F., 1787-1849, 
son of John Salter, 1740-1814, of Portsmouth, N.H., 
///Jane, da. of Joseph Frost, 1717-66 ; son of Joseph 
Frost, 1681-1732, /// Mary, sister of Sir Wm. 
Pepperrell ; son of Charles Frost, 1631-97; son of 
Nicholas Frost, 1585-1663, of Tiverton, Devon- 

Born at Burlington, Iowa, Jan. 30, 1853 ; Lecturer 
of the Society for Ethical Culture, Chicago ; 
Grad. Knox Coll., A.B. 1871 ; Harvard Univ., 
B.D. 1876 ; Gottingen Univ., 1876-7 ; Co- 
lumbia Univ., 1881-2, m Dec. 2, 1885, Mary 



i. John Randall (adopted), b April 16, 1898. 
i. Eliza Webb, b Jan. 20, 1888, d Dec. 2, 1889. 

Arms — (Pepperrell) Argent, a chevron gules betw. three pineapples vert 


canton gules a fleur-de-lis argent. 

Crest — Issuing from a mural coronet or, an arm embovved between 

branches, grasping a staff, thereon a flag argent. 
iVo^/ot's— Peperi ; Fortiter et fideliter. 

; on a 


Residences — Chicago, 111.; Silver Lake, N.H. 

Club — Chicago Literary. 

Society — The Pepperrell Association of Kittery Point, Me. 


^-^ of N.Y. City (Eldest son of Richard Cuyler 
Churchill, ist Lt. 4th Artillery, U.S.A., 1845-79, 
;// 1866, Josephine, da. of Henry Young ; son of 
William H., b 1819, /// Elizabeth M., da. of Richd. 
Cuyler; son of Brig. -Gen. Sylvester, b 1783, 
;// Lucy da. of William Hunter; son of Joseph, 
1748, of Woodstock Vt. ; son of Joseph,/* 1712 ; 
son of Barnabas, /// 171 1 Lydia Cushman ; son of 
Joseph ; son of John who settled in Plymouth, 
Mass., /// 1644, Hannah, da. of William Pontus, 
Grantee of Plymouth ; son of Jasper Churchill, of 
London, 1628, who supplied Gov. Endicott, of 
Mass. Bay, with arms; i8th in des. from Gitto de 
Leon, 1055). 

Born at Fort Delaware, Sept. 12, 1867 ^ Graduated 
at Princeton University, 1888. 

Arms — Sable, a lion rampant argent, debruiscd with a bendlet gules. 
Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a dcmi-lion rampant argent. 
Motto — Dieu defend le droit. 

Residence — "A Dieu Vale," Dinard, France . 

Clubs — Calumet, Racquet and Tennis, of N.Y. City. 


nDattbew6' amcricau Bnuouri? 

of Brooklyn, N.Y. (son of Stephen G. Taylor, 
A.M., Ph.D., 1819-84, of Sanbornton, N.H., 
m 1856, Mary A., da. of Robert and Sarah (Wilson) 
Cobb, of Portland, Me. : grandson of Jonathan 
Taylor, 1739-1816, of Stratham, N.H. ; son of 
Edward Taylor, grantee of Sanbornton. — Descd. 
from Gov. Simon Bradstreet, 1603-97, Secy. Mass. 
Bay Colony. Also 8th in desct. from Gov. Thomas 
Dudley, of Mass., and from Gov. Thomas Wiggin, 
first Gov. of Maine and N.H. under Lord Saye and 
Sele and Lord Brooke). 

Boyn in Brooklyn, N.Y., Dec. 13, 1864; Grad. at Columbia Coll., A.B. 
1887; A.M. 1888; LL.B. cum lande, 1888; Ph.D. 1889; Capt. and 
Inspector of Small Arms Practice 13th Regt. Coast Artillery, 
National Guard, State of New York. 

Arms — (For Bradstreet) Argent, a greyhound passant gules, on a chief sable 

three crescents or. 
Crest — An arm embowed in armour holding in the hand a scimitar proper. 
Motto — Virtute et non vi. 

Residence — 40 Wall Street, N.Y. City. 

Societies — Colonial Wars, Sons of the Revolution, Military Order of 18 12, Veteran 
Corps of Artillery, Military Service Institute of U.S. 

of N.Y. City (Eldest son of the late Edward 
Coles, 1 809- 1 900, m Hester Bussing, da. of Wm. 
White and Elizabeth Mesier Moulton, tenth in 
descent from Robert Moulton, of Salem, Mass. ; 
27th in descent from Roger de Coigneries, temp. 
William the Conqueror ; 14th from Fulk Woodhull, 
15th Baron of Woodhull Castle, Bedford ; 13th 
from William Underbill, of Wolverhampton, Co. 
Stafford ; 15th from Ri'cus Colles, of Powick, 1442. 
— Descended from Robert Cole, of Suffolk, England, 
to America with Gov. Winthrop, 1630, one of the 
first settlers of Ipswich, Mass., and Providence, 

Born at Dosoris, L.I., June 30, 
1867, Helen Blanchard, da. 
Emma (Manning) Brown. 

i. Lillian. 

1843 ; m Jan. 23, 
of Louis B. and 


ii. Gertrude Schermerhorn. 

Arjtis — Quarterly, ist and 4th argent, a bull passant gules armed or, within a 
bordure sable bezantee (Coles) ; 2nd argent, a chevron sable between 
three trefoils slipped vert (Underhill) ; 3rd sable, three bells argent, a 
canton ermine (Porter). 

Crest — A deini-dragon vert, holding in the dexter paw an arrow or, headed and 
feathered argent. Mottj — Deuni Cole regem serva. 

Residences— ■]i West 55th Street, New York City ; Elberon, New Jersey. 

anb Blue :i6ook. 


of Allenhurst N.J. (Son of Samuel 
Wetmore 1812-85, m Sarah T. Boerum 1820-99; 
son of Samuel, 1 775-1 851, m Eliz. W. Warner ; son 
of Seth, 1744-90, m Mary Wright; son of Judge 
Seth, 1700-44, m Hannah Whitmore ; son of 
Izrahiah, 1657-1702; son of Thomas 1615-81, to 
Boston, Mass. 1642 ; son of Sir Wm. Whitmore, 
Bt., who descended from Sir John, Lord of 
Whytemere, b circa 1185). 

Born at London, Eng., Dec. 7, 1849, Cadet at U.S. 
Mil. Acad. West Point 1867-72, Grad. June 14, 
1872, and promoted to 2nd Lt. 6th Cavalry; 
served on Staff of Gen. Pope 1873-76, A.D.C. 
to Gen. Miles in Indian War of 1874 and battle 
of Red River, recommended for brevets of ist 
Lt. and Capt., resigned Dec. i, 1876, Major 9th Regt. N.G.S.N.Y. 
1879-82, m (2) Kath. B. Havercamp. 

%B5\\C. (By 1st m) 

i. Louis H., h Sept. 19, i88g. i. Wenonah. ii. Dagmar. 

Arms — Argent, on a fesse azure three martlets or. 

Crest — A falcon close proper belled or. Motto — Virtus, libertas et patiia. 

Residence — Allenhurot, N.J. 

Clubs — Union, University, N.Y. Yacht, Larchmont Yacht, Manhattan, Army and 
Navy N.Y., Aero, N.Y., Newport, R.I., Army and Navy of Washington. 

Societies — Cincinnati, War of 1812, Naval Order, Order of Veterans Indian Wars 
of U.S., New Eng., Chamber of Commerce N.Y., Am. Geographical, Am. 
Numismatic, Nat. Acad, of Design, Metropolitan Mus. of Art, US, Mil. 
Service Inst., U.S. Naval Inst., Navy League, U.S. Cavly. Assn. 

of N.Y. City (Son of John H. Jones, 1785- 
1859, of Cold Spring Harbor L.I., m Loretta 
Hewlett, 1791-1838; son of John, 1755-1819, 
m Hannah Hewlett; son of William, 1708-79, of 
S. Oyster Bay L.I., w Phebe Jackson ; son of 
Thomas Jones, 1665-1713 [tradition says that he 
participated in the Battle of the Boyne], Major 
Queen's Co. Regt., High Sheriff and Ranger-General 
of L.I., from Strabane, Ireland, to South Oyster 
Bay L.I., 1692, m Freelove Townsend, 1674-1726J. 

Born at Cold Spring Harbor Feb. 20, 1830; Grad. 
Columbia Coll. 1850 ; m Oct. 10, 1854, Anna 
Pierson, 1831-82, da. of Rear-Adml. Theodorus 

Bailey, U.S. N^vy. 

i. Theouorus Bailey, h Oct. 11, 1863, d March 27, 1879. 
i. Josephine Katherine, ;« 1877, Lieut. Charles William Whipple, U.S.A. 

Arms — Gules, a lion rampant within a bordure or. 

Crest — A demi-lion rampant. ■ Motto — Trust in God. 

Residences — 181 Madison Avenue, N.Y.City ; Masapequa, L.I. 
Clubs — Union League, University, Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht. 
Societies — St. Nicholas, Geographical, Assn. of the Bar of N.Y. City. 


nOatthcwi?' antciican annour\> 


^-^ of Oxford (Second surviving son of the Hon. 
Charles Volney Dyer, M.D. — son of Daniel Dyer, 
h W. Greenwich R.I. Oct. i6, 1764, d Brattleboro' 
Vt. Feb. 14, 1842 ; son of Geo. Dyer, /; W. Green- 
wich R.I. Dec. 26, 1736, d Clarendon Springs Vt. 
Jan. 18,1817; son of Samuel Dyre [the eldest great- 
great-grandson of Roger and Mary Williams], h S. 
Kingston R.I. 1670, d W. Greenwich, R.I. soon 
after March 25, 1760 ; son of Edward Dyre [name- 
sake and grandson to Capt. Edward Hutchinson, 
Mrs. Ann Hutchinson's eldest son], h S. Kingston 
R.I. 1670, d W. Greenwich R.I. after 1760; son of 
Samuel Dyer, h Boston Mass. 1635, d Newport R.I. 

1678 ; son of William Dyre [great-nephew of Sir James Dier, J.C.B., and 
a founder (1638) of Portsmouth R.I. and (1639) of Newport R.I., where he 
was the first " Clerk" of the Colony, and in 1653 " Commander-in-Chief 
upon Sea" against the Dutch], h Co. Somerset 1587,^ Newport 1676; 
son of George Dyer of Bratton Seymour, Co. Somerset, d before i'639 and 
after 1623, son of John Dyer of Roundhill (Wincanton, Somerset) ; son of 
Richard of Wincanton, d 1623 —a founder (1836) of Chicago 111., judge 
(1863-65) of the International Mixed Court at Sierra Leone and Rome, 
b Clarendon Springs Vt. June 12, 1808, d Chicago 111. April 24, 1878, 
in Nov. 7, 1837, Louisa Maria [agreat-great-granddau. of Stephen Gifford, 
the youngest of the founders (1660) of Norwich Ct., and a gt.-gt.-gt.- 
grand-dau. of Capt. Samuel Talcott, who was graduated at Harvard in 
1658, and whose father, John Talcott, one of the founders of Hartford Ct., 
came from Braintree, Eng., 1632, to Boston] b Sherburn N.Y. Sept. 20, 
1812, d Chicago April 5, 1875). 

Bora at Chicago 111. Sept. 30, 1851 ; Grad. A.B. Harvard Univ. 1874; 
B.A. Oxon, 1878 ; M.A. Oxon, 1893 ; ^^st. Prof, of Greek at Harvard 
Univ. 1878-87; Acting Prof, of Greek at Cornell Univ. 1895-96; 
Hearst Lecturer at the Univ. of California 1900-01 ; Lecturer in 
Modern Languages at Balliol Coll., Oxford Univ. 1893-96 ; on 
Machiavelli at the Royal Institution in 1898; on Council of Hellenic 
Soc. since 1891 ; since 1901 Mem. for America of the London 
Committee of the Egypt Exploration Fund ; m Nov. 23, i88g, 
Margaret Ann, da. of the late Alexander Macmillan, Hon. M.A. 
Oxon (Joint Founder with his brother Daniel of Macmillan and Co.), 
of Portland Place, London, and Bramshott Chase, Hants., and 
Caroline Brimley, of Cambridge, Eng. 

i. Charlks Volnev, b Dec. 22, 1890. i. Rachael Margaret. 

ii. Cecil Macmillan, b Jan. 17, 1894. 

Anns — Sable, on a fesse between three goats passant argent, a martlet. 
Crest — A Saracen's head in profile proper, on the head a cap or, verged round the 
temples chequy argent and azure. Motto — Terrere nolo, tiniere nescio. 

Residence — Sunbury Lodge, Banbury Road, Oxford, England. 

Club — Royal Societies. Societies — Society of Col. Wars, Hellenic, Dante Society. 

au^ Blue IBool^. 


-L -■• of Phila, (Son by 2nd w. of Judge Wm, 
Lucas Hirst, 1804-76 and Lydia Barton, 1837-95, 
da. of Barton and Sarah Emily (Camac) Cooke. 
— Descended from John Hirst, who came from 
Mirfield, Yorks, Eng., 1749, to the Moravian 
Colony at Bethlehem, Pa., to teach German 
Moravians the methods of manufacturing woollen 
cloth; son of Joshua and Elizth. Hirst of Mirfield), 

Boi'ii at Chestnut Hill, Pa., July 20, 1861 ; Grad. 
Univ. of Pa., M.D., 1883, Prof, of Obstetrics 
1889; 111 April 22, 1890, Elizabeth H. Dupuy, 
da. of Thomas and Elizth. H. (Dupuy) 
Graham of (Graham Bros.) Glasgow, Liver- 
pool and N.Y. 

i. Barton Cooke, Jr., b May 13, 1891. 

ii. Thomas Graham, b July 23, 1892. 

iii. John Cooke, b April 13, 1894. 

A mis — Gules, a sun in splendour or. 

Crest — A hurst of trees proper. Mott 

i. Elizabeth Graham, 

b July 19, 1900. 


Residence — 182 1 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Clubs — University, Philadelphia Cricket. 

Societies — American Gynecological, College of Physicians. 

^ALLANT, Mrs. JENNIE. S. {ncc Stilwell), 
-■- of Butte Montana (Da. of John Thomas 
Stilwell 1819-95, in Nancy Beaumont 1825-87, da. 
of Truman Abraham Warren 1800-25; son of 
Lyman, b ij'ji ; son of Abraham, b 1747; son of 
Abraham, b ijij ; son of Benjamin 1670-1745 ; son 
of Joseph, b 1626; son of Richard Warren, who 
came to Plymouth, Mass., in the " Mayflower " 
1620 ; son of Christopher Warren, of Heads- 

Elected State Regent of the Daughters of the 
American Revolution of Montana in 1901, 
serving four years, then elected Honorary 
State Regent by the 13th Continental Congress 
of the D.A.Rr; m Feb. 4, 1880, Walter Stout 


i. Henry Stilwell, b Nov. 28, 1880; Graduated from State School of 

Mines in Butte, Montana, 1904. 
Arms — (Warren) Gules, a lion rampant argent, a chief chequy, or and azure. 
Crest — Out of ducal coronet a demi -eagle. 

Residence— 'B>\iiie, Montana. 

Society — Daus. of the American Revolution. 


flDattbewe* American Bnnour\) 

of Albany, N.Y. (Son of the late Edwin 
Henry Griffith, h 1830, d 1875, and Mary Louisa 
Knowlton, his wife, h 1833, of Albany and Castle- 
ton-on-Hudson, N.Y. ; tenth in descent from Capt. 
Wm. Knowlton, of Cheswick, Eng., 1584-1632; 
grandson of Smith Griffith, 1793-1878, of Nassau, 
N.Y., m Lemira Herrick, 1793-1859, seventh in 
descent from Sir William Herrick, of London, 
Leicester, and Beau Manor Park, and eighteenth in 
descent from Eric, King of Danes ; great-grandson 
of Major Joshua Griffith, 1763- 1830, served in War 
of 1812, m Ruth Paine, sixth in descent from Hon. 
Stephen Paine, of Rehoboth, Mass., subscriber to 
King Philip's War, a descendent of Hugh de Payen; great-great- 
grandson of William Griffith, who came to America from Cardigan, 
Wales, 173 1, with his wife, Ruth, served in the War of the Revolution, 
settled in Oneida Co., N.Y., a lineal descendant of Llewellyn, Prince of 
North Wales). 

Born at Castleton-on-Hudson, N.Y., January 27, 1866 ; Secretary and 
Treasurer of the Knowlton Association of America ; Past Regent, 
Philip Livingston Chapter, Sons of the Revolution ; Registrar- 
General and Genealogist of the Heraldic and Chivalric Order of 
Albion ; m February 3, 1892, Grace Elizabeth Clute, h June 12, 1865, 
daughter of the Hon. Matthew Henry Robertson, of Albany, N.Y., 
and Elizabeth Clute, his wife (both deceased). 


i. Margaret Frances, h December 27, 1892. 

Arms — Quarterly, ist and 6th gules, three lions passant argent in pale, armed 
azure (for Griffith) ; 2nd argent, a fesse vaire or, and gules (for Herrick) ; 
3rd argent, a chevron gules, between three ducal coronets sable (for 
Knowlton) ; 4th azure, three lozenges or (for Freeman) ; 5th argent, a 
chevron between three cross-crosslets sable (for Southworth). 

Crests — I. A bull's head couped argent horned and eared sable, gorged with a 
chaplet of roses. 2. A demi-lion rampant sable, armed gules. 

Motto — Virtus omnia nobiUtat. 

Residence — 445 State Street, Albany, New York. 

Societies — Sons of the Revolution, Baronial Order of Runnymede, Order of 
Founders and Patriots, Colonial Wars, Mayflower Descendants, Order of 
Colonial Governors, Order of Old Guard of Illinois, War of 1812, New 
England Historic Genealogical, Albany Institute, Albany Historical and 
Art, 32nd degree Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, N.Y. State Historical 
Association, Old North-west Genealogical Society, Knowlton Association 
of America, Order of Albion. 

ant) Blue IBooU. 


of N.Y. City (3rd son of Professor Wm. 
Phipps Blake, of Mill Rock, near New Haven, 
Conn. — Descended from William Blake, 1595-1663, 
of Asholt, Somersetshire). 

Boyii at San Francisco, Cal., August 31, 1864 ; 
Graduated at Yale University, B.A., 1885 ; 
Ph.B., 1886 ; Columbia University, M.D., 
i88g ; Surgeon St. Luke's Hospital; 
Surgeon Roosevelt Hospital ; Professor of 
Surgery, Columbia University; 111 Dec. 17, 
i8go, Catharine, da. of Landon Ketchum and 
Ann Augusta Burrit, of New York City, a 
lineal descendant of the family of Gov. Lewis 

Morris, Governor of N.J., 1738-46; Chief Justice New York; and 
one of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence ; and of James 
Graham, Attorney-General of Province of New York in 1685. 

i. Joseph Augustus, b Oct. 29, 1891. 
ii. Francis Hayes, b Nov. 11, 1900. 

Arms — Quarterly, ist and 4th argent, a chevron between three garbs sable 
(Blake) ; 2nd and 3rd sable, a trefoil within an orle of mullets argent 

Crest — On a chapeau gules, turned up ermine, a martlet argent. 

Residence — 601 Madison Av., New York City. 
Clubs — University, Yale, Riding. 

Societies — Fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences, Amer. Surg. Assn., 
Academy of Medicine, Member various Medical Societies. 

of N.Y. City (Son of Robert Halsey, of 
Ithaca, N.Y. — Descended from Thomas Halsey, 
1592-1681, b in Hertfordshire, England, settled at 
Southampton, L.I., served in Indian Wars, 
Deputy to General Court, Colony of Conn., 1664). 

Born at Ithaca, N.Y., March 28, 1847; Graduated 
at Harvard University, A.B. 1868; Paymaster- 
General of the State of N.Y. ; m April 24, 
1872, Emma Gertrude, da. of Henry Keep and 
Emma A. Woodruff, his wife, of Watertown, 

Arms — Argent, on a pile sable, three griffins' heads 

erased of the first. 

Crest— A cubit arm gules, cuff argent, holding in the hand a griffin's leg erased or. 
Motto — Nescit vox missa reverti. 

Residences — 22 West 53rd Street, N.Y. City; " Egeria," Tuxedo Park, N.Y. 

Clubs — Union, University, Racquet, Grolier, Harvard, Manhattan, Westminster 
Kennel, N.Y. Athletic, Tuxedo, Automobile of America, Automobile de 
France; Cercle de I'lsle de Puteaux, Paris; Royal Societies Club, 
St. James' Street, London. 

Societies — St. Nicholas, N.Y. Historical Society. 


fIDatthews' Bmerican armoury 

•^ ^ of N.Y, City (Son of Solomon Townsend 
Nicoll 1813-65 ; son of Edward H., b 1784 ; son 
of Henry, ^ 1756; son of Benj., b 1718; son of 
Benj., b 1694; son of William, b 1657; son of 
Matthias Nicoll, b 1631, M. of Inner Temple, 
appted. Secry. of Commission to N. E. Colonies, 
1664 ; son of Rev. Matthias, of Plymouth, Devon- 
shire ; son of John ; son of William ; son of John ; 
son of Henry ; son of John Nicoll, of Islip, 
Northants, who died 1467). 

Born at Shelter Island, N.Y., June 24, 1854 ; Grad. 
Princeton Univ., 1874, i^-A., M.A., Columbia 
Law School, 1876; Dist. Att., N.Y. City, 
1890-93 ; Mem. of Constitutional Convention, 
1887 ; "' Dec. II, 1890, Maud, da. of Lt. 
Richard Cuyler Churchill, U.S. Army. 

i. De Lancey, Jr., b May 19, 1892. i. Josephine Churchill. 

Arms — Azure, three eagles displayed in bend, between two cotises engrailed and 

crosses crosslet fitchee or, 
Crest — An eagle rising or, holding a cross-crosslet, crosslet again, fitchee of the last. 

Motto — Fide sed cui vide. 

Residences — 2^ East 39th Street, N.Y. City ; " Windymere," Southampton, L.I. 
Clubs — Union, Metropolitan, University, Manhattan, Calumet, Tuxedo, Rockaway 

Hunt, Down Town, Riding, Lawyers, Ardsley, etc. 
Societies — St. Nicholas, Bar Association. 


■*--*- of San Francisco (Son of Chas. O. Hall, 
1832-93, of Boston, ;// Mary A. Dale; son of Eli, 
1785-1856 ; son of Timothy, 1758-97 ; son of 
Timothy, b 1732 ; son of Preserved, b 1706 ; son of 
Benj., b 1668; son of Edward, b 1670, of Reho- 
bath, Mass. ; son of Francis, d 162 1, of Henbury, 
Glouc, Eng. ; son of Francis, d 1611, of Bromyard, 
Heref. ; son of Thomas, of Ledbury, d 1611 ; son 
of Anthony Hall, of Henwick, Wore, Eng.). 

Boni at Nice, France, Mar. 17, 1863 ; Grad. Univ. 
of Leipzig, 1882 ; Consul Gen. of Turkey ; 
Comdr., Orders of Lion and Sun, Persia, 
Osmanie and Medjidie, Turkey; Order of 
Christ, Portugal ; Pres. San Francisco 
Chapter, Soc. of Colonial Wars. 

Arms — Argent, three talbots' heads erased sable betw. nine 
Crest — A dragon's head couped azure, collared argent. 


cross crosslets azure. 

Residences — Pacific Union Club, San Francisco. 

Cltibs — Pacific, Union. 

Societies— Colonial Wars, Sons of the Amer. Revolution, Soc. of the Cincinnati. 

an^ Blue 'Boo\{. 


of N.Y. City (Son of Henry Sheldon Anable 

of Long Island City N.Y. 1815-87, /// 1855, 

Rosanna Prick of Williamsville, N.Y. 1831-1901 ; 

son of Joseph 1773-1831 ; son of John 1744-1815; 

son of Cornelius, b 1704; son of John, b 1673 ; son 

of Samuel 1646-78 ; son of Anthony Annable, 

/; 1599, of Plymouth 1623, represented Barnstable 

for 14 years as delegate to the General Court of 

Mass., d Barnstable Mass. 1674, probably son of 

John Annable of Bury St. Edmunds, Co, Suffolk, 

England, whose ancestor, William Annable, of 

Dunstable, used the arms for a seal to a deed dated 


Born at Newtown L.I. Sept. i, 1857, d Oct. 18, 1904; Grad. Union Coll. 
A.B. 1878; Columbia Univ. Law School LL.B. 1880; ;// Dec. 22, 
1891, Annie Housel, da. of the late William G. Schenck of N.Y. City. 


i. Anthony, b Jan. 11, 1897. 

Anus — Argent, two bars engrailed gules. 
Crest — A stag at gaze proper. 

Residence— {Mrs. Eliphalet Nott Anable) Morristown, N.J. 

of N.Y. City (Fourth son of James Hamilton, 
of Silver Hill, Enniskillen, Ireland, who settled at 
Stratford, Ontario, Ca., 1845 ; son of Douglas ; son 
of John James ; grandson of James, 7th Earl of 
Abercorn, rf 1743; son of James, Baron of Mont- 
castle and Visct. Strabane, 1701, 5th in desct. 
from Sir Claude Hamilton, Lord Paisley 1587). 

Born at Stratford-on-Avon, Ca., Nov. 20, 1861 ; 
Graduate Trinity Univ., Toronto; Western 
Univ., London, Ontario; Trinity Coll., Cam- 
bridge, Eng. ; Minister for N.Y. City Gov., 
Department of Charities and Corrections ; 
became a Member of N.Y. State Bar, 1900; 
VI June 24, i8g6, Augusta Rosalie Stevenson. 

Anns — Qtly., i and 4 gules, three cinquefoils pierced ermine (Hamilton) ; 
argent, a ship with sails furled and oars, sable (Earls of Arran). 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, an oak tree penetrated transversely in 
a frame saw proper, inscribed " through," frame gold. 

Motto — Sola nobihtas virtus. 

2 and 3 
stem bv 

Residences — 61 East 55th Street, New York City ; Newport, R.I. 


flDattbew6' anierican Brmour^ 

LEWIS, SILAS WEIR (deceased), 
of Phila. (Son of John Fredk, Lewis, 1791- 
1858, m Eliza, 1788-1865, da. of Jacob and Esther 
(Zebley) Mower. — Descended from the patrician 
family of Ludewig, who in 13th century were 
citizens in the Free Imperial City of Hall, Suabia, 
and of the Holy Rom. Emp. ; fourth in desct. from 
Johann D. Ludewig, Impl. Notary of Germany, 
was Johann Andreas P. Ludewig, who was father 
of John F. Lewis ; came to America from Crailsheim 
1777, and upon his settlement in Phila., 1783, 
Anglicised his name to Lewis). 

Born in Phila., 1819-88; in 1850, CaroHne A., 
1831-gi, da. of Lewis and Sarah L. (Hynson) 
Kalbfus ; Treasr. Pa. Inst, for Deaf and 
Dumb, Northern Home for Friendless Child- 
ren, The Athenaeum Un. Benev. Assn., and St. John's Evangelical 
Luth. Church ; Sec. Southern Home for Destitute Children ; Dir. 
Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank. 


i. Rev. Louis K., b July 8, 1851, ni Amy Lewis. 
ii. R. Howard W., b Sept. 8, 1855, m Mabel Potter, 
iii. John Frederick, b Sept. 10, i860, ni Anne H. R. Baker. 

i. Caroline L. J., in Edward S. Sayres. 
ii. Mary Adele, m J. Franklin McFadden. 

Anns — Or, three bars azure interlaced by a pike in pale, sable, head downwards. 
Crest— An eagle's wing or, charged as in Arms. Motto — Unbestechlich. 

Residence — (Of issue) Philadelphia, Penna. 

of Utica, N.Y. (Son of Audley W. 
Gazzam 1836-84, Maj. 103rd Regt. Pa. Vols., 
Brev. Brig.-Genl., Atty.-at-Law, in Mary E. Van 
Deusen b 1841, d 1871 [8th in desct. from Abraham- 
son Van Deursen, of N. Brabant, who came to 
America 1650] ; son of Dr. Edward D.,ot Elizabeth 
A. de Beelen, a descendant of Baron Fredc. E. F. 
de Beelen Bertholff ; son of William ; son of 
William Gazzam, Jr., an English Journalist, b in 
Cambridge, who espoused the American cause, 
arrived in Philadelphia, and went thence to Pitts- 
burgh, of which port he was appointed first 
Collector by Pres. Madison ; d in Pittsburgh 181 1). 

Born at Utica, N.Y., Feb. 5, 1866; Grad. at Univ. of Pa. M.D. 1892; 

Mem. of the Empire State Soc, Sons of the Amer. Revolution. 
Arms — (de Beelen Bertholff) Per fesse argent and sable, in chief a bull's head 

cabossed thereon three rooks sable, in base a wheel supported by two 

billets or. Motto — Deus major columna. 

Residence — 8 Rutger Street, Utica, N.Y. Club — Utica Medical. 

Societies — Sons of the Amer. RevoL, Wash.-Continental Guard, Metropolitan 
Mus of Art, Amer. Art, N.Y. Med. League, Phys. Mutual Aid, Masonic, 
A. A. A. of S., Alumni of N.Y. , Post Grad. Hospital, Alpha Mu Pi Omega 
Med. Fraternity, Alumni of the Univ. of Pa., Med. Soc. County of Oneida, 
N.Y. State Med. Soc, Am. Med. Assn., The Penn. Soc. of N.Y., &c., &c. 

ant) Blue 'Booh. 


of N.Y. City (Eldest son of Robert Sewell 
1833-98, Attorney and Councillor-at-Law, of N.Y. 
[brother of the late Major General William Sewell, 
thrice returned a Member of the U.S. Senate], 
in i860 Sarah, da. of Cornelius Van Vorst, of Van 
Vorst, Jersey City, N.J., and Ehzabeth Brower of 
Jersey City, and grandson of Thomas Sewell, 
Collector of Inland Revenue for County Mayo, 
Ireland, 1838-40). 

Born in N.Y. City May 9, 1861 ; Associate Nat. 
Acad, of Design, 1901 ; Nat. Soc. Mural 
Painters, 1896; ist Acad., Prize i8go; Silver 
Medal Pan Amer. Exposition, 1902, etc. ; 

Grad. Columbia Univ. B.A., 1880; m April 12, 1889, Lydia Amanda, 
da. of Benjamin and Julia A. (VVashburne) Brewster. 


i. Robert Brewster, b 1896. ii. William Joyce, b 1902. 

A rms — Sable, a chevron betw. three butterflies argent ; quartering (Van Vorst) 
or, a ram rampant sable, horned argent. 

Crest — An arm embowed in armour holding a staff surmounted by a cap of liberty. 

Motto — Scattered we endure. 

Residences — 25 W. 67th St., New York City ; " Dar el gebel," Tangier, Morocco. 

Clubs — Century, Union League, Lotos. 

Societies — Architectural League, Nat. Academy of Design, Mural Painters. 


* * of Niagara Falls, N.Y, (Son of Major Solon 
M. W. Whitney, h 1815, m Frances E. Drake, 
1822-83. — Descended from John Whitney, of Isle- 
worth, Middx., 1 589- 1 673, settled in Watertown, 
Mass., 1635 ; son of Thomas, gent., d 1637 ; son of 
Robert ; son of Sir Robert Whitney, d 1567, 6th in 
descent from Sir Robert, of Castle Cliflford, (i' 1441, 
who was 7th in descent from Eustace de Whitney, 
of Whitney-on-the-Wye, 1200; gt-grandson of 
Thursten the Fleming, who came with William the 
Conqueror, 1066). 

Born at Niagara Falls, N.Y., Aug. 23, 1843 ; Grad. 
C.E., Troy Polytechnic, 1864 ; Goethingen 
Univ., 1866, Hanover, and Freiberg Mining 
Acad., 1868; Ecole des Mines, Paris, 1869; 
Corporation Engineer, m Oct. 15, i8g6, Grace 
Virginia (Oatman) Whitney. 

A rms — Azure, a cross chequy or, and gules. 

Crest — A bull's head couped sable, armed or, the points gules. 

Motto — Magnanimeter crucem sustine. 

Residence — Niagara Falls, N.Y. 

C/m6s— Civic, Theta Delta Chi, Graduate of New York. 

Societies — Colonial Wars, Sons of the Revolution, Mayflower Descendants. 


nDattbc\v£>* Hnicrican Bnnour^ 

^ -^ % 

of Phila. (Son of Albert Philip Francine 
1841-79, in Anne French Hollingshead, a descd. of 
John Hollingshead, Mem, of Assembly, N.J., 1683, 
and Richd. Stockton of L.I. 1665; son of Jacques 
Louis de Francine, Seigneur de Grandmaison, 
Comte de Villepreux, b in France Feb. 29, 1786, 
d Dec. 10, 1866, settled in New Jersey, m Catherine 
Lohra ; gt.-gt.-gt. -grandson of Francois de Fran- 
cine, Seigneur de Grandmaison, Comte de Ville- 
preux, who was successively Comisiare Genl. des 
Guerres, Marechal de Bataille (1658), Major de la 

ville de Paris (1660), Conseiller d'Etat, etc., and 9th in decent from 
Giovanni Francini, of Florence, one of the " Prieurs de la Liberte," 
Florence, 1318). 

Born at Phila. Dec. 8, 1873; A.B. Pa. Univ. 1894, A.M. Harvard Univ. 
1895, M.D. Pa. Univ. 1898; Instructor in Medicine Pa. Univ., cvc. 

Ajvis — Azijie, issuing from the sinister side an arm in armour holding in the 
hand a cone between three fleur-de-lis or, an estoile of seven points in chief, 
surmounted by a count's coronet of nine balls. 

Residence — 218 South 15th Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Clubs — Rittenhouse, Huntingdon Valley Country. 

Societies — Fellow Coll. of Physicians of Phila., Colonial Wars, Pennsylvania 

of Vonkers, N.Y. (Son of Adolphus Morse, 
of Rochester, New York, and Mary E. Grant, 
sixth in descent from Christopher Grant, one 
of the founders of Watertown, Massachusetts. — 
Descended from Samuel Morse, who settled at 
Dedham, Massachusetts, 1635 ; son of Rev. Thomas 
Morse of Foxearth, Co. Essex, Will proved in 
London, 1597). 

Born at Rochester, New York, March 13, 1859; 
Councillor-at-Law ; Palisade Commissioner, 
State of New York ; m Adelaide, da. of 
Albert Cook, of Seneca Falls, N.Y. 

Arms — Argent, a battle-axe in pale proper between three pellets. 

Crest — Two battle-axes in saltire proper banded with a chaplet of roses. 

Motto — In Deo non armis fido. 

Residence — Yonkers, New York. 

Clulis — Lawyers, Reform, Ouill. df New York Citv : Amackassin, Saegkill Golf, 
of Yonkers. 

Societies— Morse, Am. Academy of Political and Social Science, Am. Bar Assn., 
N.Y.S. Bar Assn., Bar Assn. of the City of New York, Colonial Wars, Sons 
of the Revol., New Eng., Genesee, Rochester Alumni. 

ant) Blue Bool^, 


of N.Y. City (Son of William Rhinelander, 
of N.Y., h Sept. 20, 1827, m Matilda C, da. of Hon. 
Thomas J. Oakley, Justice of the Superior Court, 
in Matilda C, da. of Henry Cruger, M.P., Mayor 
of Bristol, Eng., 1781 ; son of Lieut. William 
Christopher, 1790-1878, in Col. Steven's Regt. War 
1812 ; son of William, 1753- 1825, /// Mary, sister 
of Col. Robert, on Gen. Washington's Staff, descd. 
from Daniel Robert a Huguenot who settled in 
America 1686 on the Revocation of the Edict of 
Nantes; son of William, 1718-77; son of Philip 
Jacob Rhinelander, h near Oberwesel, Germany, settled at New 
Rochelle, N.Y., i686j. 

Bovii at Greenfield Hill, Ct., Oct. 8, 1864; Grad. Columbia Grammar 
School, 1882; m April 11, 1888, Adelaide B. Kip. 

i. Isaac L. Kip, h 1895, d infant. iii. T. J. Oakley, b Sept. 20, 1898. 

ii. Philip Kip, h Aug. 11, i8g6. iv. Leonard Kip, i May 9, 1903. 

i. Adelaide Kip. 

A rms — Argent, two anchors in fesse, flook to flook, between a star of eight points 
in chief and three in base, within a bordure azure ; the escutcheon 
surmounted by a crest coronet, a distinction granted to a few landed 
proprietors of the Rhine provinces. 

Residi'Hce — 32 East 39th Street, N.Y. City. Clubs — Union, Delta Phi, Country. 

Societies — Colonial Wars, Sons of the Kevol., War of 1812, St. Nicholas, Foreign 
Wars, Huguenot. 

-*- of Boston (Son of Arthur Malcolm Thomas 
1844-79, III Mary S. Sargent of Boston ; son of 
Alexander 1802-74 ^ ^o" ^^ Thomas K. 1771-1849 ; 
son of Alexander 1747- 1800 ; son of Elias 1718-88 ; 
son of Peter, b 1682, in Elizabeth Burrows ; son of 
George Thomas of Boston, 1660-70, //; Rebecca 

Born at Dorchester, Mass., Oct. 5, 1864 ; w June 
12, 1889, Gertrude Stuart, da. of George 
Francis Fabyan of Boston. 


i. Arthur Malcolm, b March 25, 1890. 
i. Elizabeth Whitwell, b June 21, 1891. 

A mis — Or, on a cross sable five crescents argent. 

Crest — A greyhound's head couped argent. Motto — Nee elatus, nee dejectus. 

Residence — Boston, Massachusetts. 

C/H/^i— Eastern Yacht, Union^ Tennis and Racquet. 


fIDattbews' Bmciican armoury 


-*-^ of Milwaukee, Wis. (Son of Genl. George D. 
Ruggles, Adj. -Genl. U.S.A., b Sept. ii, 1833, vi 
Jan. 1867 Alma H., da. of Stephen Satterlee and 
Alma (Hammond) L'Hommedieu, of Cincinnati ; 
son of David, h 1783 ; son of Joseph, b 1757 ; son 
of Capt. Lazarus 1730-97; son of Joseph, b 1701 ; 
son of Rev. Benjamin 1676-1708; son of John of 
Roxbury ; son of John of Nasing, Essex, settled at 
Roxbury, Mass., 1635; son of Thomas; son of 
Nicholas ; son of Thomas Ruggles of Sudbury, 
Norfolk, Eng., d 1547). 

Born 3.1 Omaha, Neb., Dec. i, 1870; Grad. Ren. 
Polytechnic Inst. C.E. 1892 ; m Dec. 3, 1895, 
Virginia Cath., widow of Benj. H. Tyson, and 
da. of Dr. R. H. and Cath. E. (Bailey) Cabell, of Richmond, Va. 

i. Anna Christie. 


ii. Ai.MA L'Hommedieu. 

Anns — Ari^ent, a chevron between three roses gules. 

Ciest — A tower or, inflamed ppr., transpierced with four arrows in saltire, points 
downwards., argent. Mottoes — Struggle ; Nee forte nee fato. 

Residence — Milwaukee, Wis. 

Societies — Colonial Wars, Descendants of Colonial Governors, Order of Runne- 
mede, Order of The Constitution, Theta Zeta. 

'-^ of Albany (Son of Thomas D. Bennett, of 
Albany Co., N.Y., b 1812, and grandson of Daniel 
Bennett, of Falfield, Gloucestershire, England, 
came to America Feb. 14, 1782). 

Born at Albany, N.Y., February 29, 1848; 
ni Eleanor, da. of Noel Earl Sisson. 

i. Noel Sisson, b 1878. 

i. Emeline Sisson, 
ii. Elizabeth Campbell. 
iii. Eleanor Margaret. 

Arms—Ver bend dancettee argent and sable, a bend between two martlets 

Residence — 88 Lancaster Street, Albany, N.Y. 
Club — Fort Orange, Albany, N.Y. 

ant) Blue Bool^. 


J-^ of New York (Son of Jeremiah Richards, 
1818-44, of Boston, Mass., iii Lydia A. Peck ; son of 
John, 1781-1829 ; son of Ebenezer, 1744-84 ; son of 
Ebenezer, 1718-99; son of James, 1683-1760; son 
of Nathaniel, 1648-1726; son of Edward Richards, 
from London to Boston in 1632, d Dedham, 1684, 
ill Susan Hunting. Also descd. from Degory Priest, 
of London, who came in the " INIayflower," 1620). 

Born at Boston, Mass., Oct. i, 1844; m May 30, 1871, 
Susan A., da. of Jacob Monfort, a descendant 
of Peter Monfort, of Long Island, 1635. 


i. Charles Spielmann, b June 11, 1876, /// Lida C. Darrah. 
ii. William Stiger, b Sept. 12, 1881. 
i. Anna, 1872-97, ;« Forest H. Parker, Jr. {deed.). 
ii. Harriet Montfort, in Geo. Stillman Ryer. 
iii. Ethel Adelaide. 

Anns — Sable, a chevron between three fleurs-de-lis argent. 
Crest — A griffin's head erased argent. 

Residence — 352 West 87th Street, N.Y. City. 

Clubs — Un. Lea., Merchts., N.Y. Athletic, Columbia Yacht, Megantic Fish & Game. 
Societies — Mayflower Descendants, Colonial Wars, War 1812, Sons of the Revo- 
lution, American, New York, Long Island, and New Historical Socs. 

J- of Hartford, C. (Da. of Russell G. Talcott, 
1818-63, Dir., Hartford Bank and Aetna Fire Ins. 
Co., m 1846, Mary Seymour ; son of Russell, 1788- 
1818 ; son of George, 1755-1813 ; son of Col. Elezur, 
1709-97 ; son of Ensign Benjamin, 1674-1727 ; son 
of Capt. Samuel, b 1635 ; son of John Talcott, of 
Cambridge, Mass., 1632 ; son of John, d 1604, of 
Braintree, Essex, Eng. ; son of John Talcott, of 
Colchester, d 1606). 

Born at Hartford ; Registrar of the Connecticut 
Society of the Colonial Dames of America ; 
Registrar of the Ruth Wyllys Chap. Daughters 
of the American Revolution. 

Arms — Argent, on a pale sable three roses of the field. 

Crest — A demi-griffin argent, wing endorsed, gorged with a collar sable, charged 
with three roses. 

Residence — 815 Asylum Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut. 

.Sork'/it's— Colonial Dames of America, Daughters of the American Revolution, 
Connecticut Historical, American Historical, Mayflower Descendants, 
Descendants of Colonial Governors of Connecticut. 


fIDattbcwe* anierican Brmonrv 

-L^ of New York (Eldest living son of Robert 
Bonner, & Ramelton, Ireland, 1824, d 1899, Founder 
and Editor of the New York Ledger, Pres. of the 
Scotch-Irish Society, ;« Jane, 1829-78, da. of Adam 
McCanlis ; son of Andrew, 1783-1843, m Marian 
Allen ; son of William Bonner, of Castleshannon, 
Donegal, Ireland). 

Born at N.Y. City, July 26, 1854; Grad. at 
Princeton Univ., A.B., A.M. , 1876 ; m Oct. 20, 
1880, Kate Helena, da. of Edward Griffith 
by Anne, da. of Alfred Thomas, all of N.Y. City. 

i. Griffith. 

ii. CouRTLANDT, h June, 1887, d June, i88g, 
iii. Hampton. iv. Kenneth. i. Kate d'Anterroches. 

Arms — Quarterly, gules and sable, a cross pattee quarterly ermine and or; on a 
chief of the last a demi-rose streaming rays, betw een two pelicans vulning 
themselves of the first. 

Crest — A talbot's head argent collared azure, studded edged and ringed or. 
Motto — Semper fidelis. 

Residence — 563 Madison Avenue, N.Y. City. 

Clubs — University, Metropolitan, Lotos, Princeton. 


-■— ' of Chicago, 111. (Son of Jedediah Hyde 
Lathrop, h July 3, 1806, d 1889, m 1843, 
Mariana, daughter of Daniel Bryan, of Alexandria, 
Va., she died 1893. — Descended from Rev. John 
Lathrop, Queen's College, Cambridge, 1605, 
Clergyman of the Church of England, later 
renounced his Orders and became Pastor of the 
First Independent Church of London, 1623, was 
subsequently imprisoned by Archbishop Laud, on 
being released settled in New England, 1634, and 
became the Minister of Barnstaple, Mass., 1639). 

Born at Alexandria, Virginia, August 6, 1844 ! 
m April 21, 1876, Helen, da. of Judge Asa 
Owen Aldis, of Washington, D.C. 

Arms — Gyronny of eight azure and gules, an eagle displaved argent. 
Crest — A game cock proper. 

Resiliences — 77 Belle\ue Place, Chicago ; York Harbour, Maine. 

C/»/^s— Century of New York ; University, Chicago, Union^ Washington Park, 
Athletic, Onwentsia, Literar}-, Chicago Golf, MetropoUtan, uf Wash. 

anb Blue 'Booh* 


ALBRO, ADDIS, Rev., M.S., LL.B., DD., 
of Detroit, Mich. (Son of William Bliss 
Albro, b May 2, 1800, d Aug. 31, 1879, ui March 28, 
1854, Ann Elizabeth Wood, /) May i, 1819, </Feb. 3 
1878. — Descended from Major John Albro, 
b England, 1617; d Portsmouth, Rhode Island, 
Dec. 14, 1 712 ; Colonial Militia, 1644-76 ; Member 
Sir Edmund Andros' Council, 1686; Member 
Council of War, 1676; in charge of Rhode Island 
during King Philip's War, 1676; Member of 
Committee 1679, to give true account to His 
Majesty the King of the territory of Mt. Hope, and 
of the late war with the Indians ; also from Benedict 
Arnold (Eldest son of William Arnold), first Gov. 
of the Colony of Rhode Island, 1663-78 ; Member of Council of War, 1676 ; 
111 Dec. 17, 1640, Damaris, da. of Stukely Wescott ; and from Hugh le 
Bigod and Roger le Bigod, Sureties for the Observance of the Magna 
Carta of King John, dated at Runnemede, June 15, O.S., 1215. Name 
variously spelled in England, Aldborough, Aldburg, &c.). 

Boi'ii at Middleburgh, N.Y., Feb. 18, 1855; Educator and Lecturer; 
Clergyman Methodist Episcopal Ch. ; m Feb. 19, 1878, Mary Alice 
Scribner b April 6, 1859, d Aug. 12, 1905, daughter of Myron Eugene 
and Mary (Kromer) Scribner, Schoharie, N.Y. ; Coll. Pres. and Prof., 
1879-86; Pastor 1887-1900 ; Chaplain Michigan Military Academy, 
1901-3 ; General Secretary American Reform Association since 1896 ; 
Chaplain New York State Senate, 1893-94; Delegate to National 
Republican Conventions in 1880 and 1900; Editor American Reform 

i. Addis Bliss, b March 22, 1879 ; Graduated from Wesleyan Univ., 
Middletown, Conn. (A.B.), 1899; in Elizabeth Alice Atkeison, 
Dec. 19, 1901. 

ii. Ames Scribner, b Oct. 7, 1882 ; Sophomore (1902), in Wesleyan 
Univ., Middletown, Conn. 

iii. Ward Sloan, b Sept. 27, 1889 ; Cadet Michigan Military Acad., 
Orchard Lake, Mich. 

i. IvA Dell, b April 20, 1881 ; d May 24, 1883. 

ii. Ruth. 

Arms — Azure, a fesse argent between three cross-crosslets or. 
Crest — An ibex passant or. 

Residence — Detroit, Mich. 

Chib — Michigan. 

Societies — Order of Runnemede, Colonial Wars, Sons of the Amer. Revolution, 
Founders and Patriots of America, Mayflower Descendants, Descendants 
of Colonial Governors, Mason, Knights Templar, A.A.S.R-, Supreme 
Council, 33". 


ni>attbc\v6' Bmerican armoury 


-'-^ of N.Y. City (Son of Frederick Kiihne, b at 
Magdeburg, Germany, a prominent banker of N.Y. 
City, and for over sixteen years representative as 
Consul-General of most of the German States, 
///Josephine, da. of George J. Miller, of N.Y. Ci'y). 

Bo I'll April 6, 1861 ; Mem. of Knauth, Nachod &: 
Kiihne, Bankers ; Trustee and Mem. Exec. 
Com., Colonial Trust Co., N.Y. ; Trustee, 
Mutual Alliance Trust Co. ; Palisade Guaranty 
and Trust Co. ; Citizens' Savings Bank ; 
Lincoln Safe Deposit Company ; Colonial Safe 
Deposit Company ; Empire Trust Company ; 
Vice-Pres. and Dir. Regina Music Box Co. ; 

Mem. N.Y. Chamber of Com'ce. ; /// Jan. 31, 1893, Lillian Middleton, 
da. of Hamilton Robinson and Emilie W. (Smith) Kerr. 

Arms — Per fesse or and azui'e two cross swords in saltire points downwards and 
an arrow in pale point upwards. 

Cresi — Between a pair of eagle's wings cross swords and arrow as in Arms. 

Residence — 7 East 78th Street, N.V. Citv. 

Clubs — Union, Metropolitan, Union League, Calumet, Down Town Association. 

5o<:/V/u'5— Veteran Co. " K" 7th Regt. N.G.N.Y., Holland Lodge No. 8. F.A.M., 

N.Y. Botanical, N.Y. Zoological, Amer. Acad Political and Social Science, 

Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

HENDRICK, Mrs. ELIZ'TH W. (//t'^ Campbell), 
of Washington, D.C. (Da. of Rev. Alex. W. 
Campbell, 1803-48, of Chesterfield Co., Va., 
/// Mary, 1805-45, '^a. of Dr. Bennett W'mson and 
Eliz'th (Winston) Moseley, of Bedford Co., Va. ; 
son of James Campbell, 1751-1814, of Tornavy, 
Dunnen, Scot., /// Marie Jean Victoire, 1769 1839, 
da. of Colonel Pierre de la Porte [served in Wars of 
Louis XV. and XVI.], of Toulouse, by Marianne, da. 
of Count Francois Tu Bouef, of Normandy, France. 
Alsodescd. from Lieut. William Winston, 1707-99, 
son of Isaac and Mary D'Aubigne). 

Boi'ii in Woodford Co., Ky., March 14, 1841 ; 
/// Aug. 7, 1861, Rev. Calvin Styles Hendrick, 
of Bourbon Co., Ky., b March, 1838, d Sept. 
14, 1865, son of the Rev. John Thilman and 
Jane Elizabeth (Bigelow) Hendrick, of Rich- 
mond, Va. 

i. Calvin Wheeler, b June 21, 1865, in Sarah Rebecca Herring. 

Anns — (Campbell) Gyronny of eight or and sable, within a bordure of the first. 
Crest — A lymphad with oars in action sable. 
Motto—Set on. 

Residence — 1619 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 

Sucuiics — Daughters of the American Revolution, Colonial Dames of Virginia. 

anb Blue 1iSoo\{. 


of N.Y. City (Son of Judge Henry Ebenezer 
Davies, 1805-81, m 1835, Rebecca Waldo, 1812-84, 
da. of John Tappan, of Boston, Mass. — Descended 
from John Davies, of Litchfield, Conn., 1735). 

Born at N.Y. City, March 21, 1842 ; Counsellor at 
Law; Trinity Coll., Hartford, i860; admitted 
to the Bar 1863; LL.D., 1906; Lecturer of 
Life Insurance Law in the University of the 
City of New York; iii Dec. 15, 1870, Lucie 
Carter, da. of the Hon. Alexander Hamilton 
Rice, of Boston, Mass. 

i. Augusta McKim, m April 25, 1900, Louis Marsfield Ogden. 

Anns — Quarterl)', ist and 4th, gules, on a bend argent a lion passant sable armed 
and langued gules; 2nd, argent, a lion rampant sable armed and langued 
gules; 3rd, or, a lion rampant gules armed and langued of the first. 

Crest — A lion's head erased quarterly argent and sable langued gules. 

Motto — Heb Dhuw heb ddym Dhuw a digon. 

Resilience — Tuxedo Park, New York. 

Clubs — Union, Century, University, Liederkranz, Grolier, Tuxedo, Lawyers, 

Manhattan, Democratic, Church, St. Nicholas. 
Societies — Sons of Revolution, Colonial Wars, Colonial Order, New England, 

Friendly Sons of St. Patrick ; Am. Bar Assn., N.Y.S. Bar Assn., etc. 

(Son of Capt. Jeremiah P. Schindel 1839-94, 
6th U.S. Infantry, m Martha Pintard da. of 
Samuel John Bayard [descd. from Rev. Nicholas 
Bayard of the Univ. de Paris, fled from Rochelle- 
to Holland after the Revocation of the Edict of 
Nantes, Cadet of the House of Bayard of 
Picardiej ; son of Rev. Jeremiah Schindel 1807- 
70, Chaplain in Mexican War 1845-47, and iioth 
Regiment Pa. Vols, in Civil War ; son of Rev. 
John Peter 1787-1853, in War of 1812 ; son of 
Johann Peter 1766-1829 of Lebanon Pa. ; son 
of Johann Peter 1732-84, from Airlebach, Prov. 
Erbach Germany 1751, settled at Lebanon 
Pa.; son of Johann C, 1685- 1752; son of Conrad 
Von Schindel, 1678). 

Born at Camden N.J., June 3, 1S71 ; Grad. U.S. Mil. Academy West 
Point (Artillery) 1893; 6th U.S. Infy. 1S95 ; m Nov. 11, 1903, Isa 
Urquhart, da. of John Thomas Glenn, of Atlanta Ga. 

Anns — Gules, three shingles argent set in the form of a triangle. 
Crest — Out of a crown or three shingles as in Arms within a wreath vert between 
two wings gules. 

Address — War Dept., Washington, D.C. 

Societies — Society of Santiago, National Geographical. 


riDattbcwe' Bmcrican Brmour\> 

of N.y. City (Son of Isaac S. Fowler, b 1822, 
tn 1847, Mary Ludlow Powell — Descd. from Wm. 
Fowler, from London, Eng. to Boston, with Rev. 
John Davenport 1637, d 1660, ist Magistrate of 
New Haven Ct.). 

Boni at Newburgh, 
Columbia Coll. 
N.Y., O. and 
Santa Fe R.R. 
N.Y. Life Insur. Co., &c 
Isabelle Dunning. 

Benjamin D., b Oct. 26, 1892. i 

Thomas P., jr., b Feb. 24, 1893. i' 
Augustus L., b July 20, 1896. iii 

N.Y., Oct. 26, 1851 ; Grad. 
Law Sch. LL.B. 1874 '■> Pres. 

W.R.R. ; Dir. A. T. and 

; Dir. Trust Co., N.Y. ; Dir. 

;// April 20, 1876 

Ruth D. 

iv. Alice D. 

Louisa 0. 

V. Katharine S 

Isabel W. 

vi. Eleanor G.R 

euardt. as many crosses 



Anns — Qtl)'., I, az., on a chev. betw. three lions pass. (^^ 

fonnee sa. ; 2, per fesse arg. and sa., a lion rainpt. counter-changed ; 3, arg., 
a chev. betw. three bears' heads erased sa. ; 4, arg., a fesse gu., in chief a 
label of four points az. 

Crest — An owl argent ducally gorged or. Motto — Watch and pray. 

Residences— ^g East 68th Street, New York City; Belair, Warwick, N.Y. 
Clubs — Metropolitan, Grolier, Down Town, Tuxedo. 
Society — Sons of the Revolution. 

of Montrose, S. Orange, N.J. (Son of Elbridge 
H. Souther, b 1813, in Mary D. W^hittier; son of 
Moses, b 1788; son of Jonathan, b 1761 ; son of 
Samuel, i 1730; son of Samuel, b 1696; son of 
John, b 1660; son of Joseph Souther, of Boston, 
nephew of Nathaniel Souther [Souter], of Scrooby, 
Lincolnshire, Eng., settled in New Eng., Clerk of 
Plymouth Colony, 1635-46). 

Born Sit Haverhill, Mass., Aug. 16, 1S44; Counsellor- 
at-Law, S.N.Y. ; Grad, A. B. Harvard Univ. 
1865; Columbia Law School, LL.B. 1869; 
Mem. Executive Committee, N.Y. Law Inst., 
elected Treasurer 1898 ; m June 30, 1877, Mary, 
da. of Tristam Burges, of Providence, R.I. 


i. Tristam Purges. 

i, Marion Page. ii. Eleanor Moore. 

Anns — Azure, a chevron cotised argent. 

Crest— A harpy guardant, wings displayed proper. 

Residence — Montrose, South Orange, New Jersey. 

Clubs — Union League, Essex County, Country of Orange, N.J. 

Societies — New Eng. of N.Y., New Eng. of Orange, Down Town Assn. Bar Assn. 
of N.Y., American Economic Assn. 

an^ Blue Boof^. 


of N.Y. City (Son of James Monroe McLean, 
1818-90, m 1840 Louisa Theresa Williams; son 
of Cornelius, h 1787, in Hannah Hammond ; son 
of Charles 1757-94 ; son of Charles 1714-59 ; son 
of William McLean, 1679-1749, of McLean Island, 
Stamford, Conn). 

Born at N.Y. City, Nov. 24, 1849; Vice-Pres. of 
Citizens' Insurance Co. ; Director Manhattan 
Life Ins. Co. ; Trustee Manhattan Savings 
Institution, &c. ; Captain in the Old Guard ; 
;// Nov. 21, 1878, Harriet Amelia, da. of Henry 
Dater, of N.Y. 


i. James Clarence Hammond, b Nov. 6, 1879. 
ii. Alan Dater, h Sept. 11, 1889. 

Arms — Quarterly, ist, argent, a lion rampant gules ; 2nd, azure, a castle triple- 
towered argent with flags displayed gules ; 3rd, or, a dexter hand couped 
fesseways gules holding a crosslet fitchpe azure ; 4th, or, a galley her sails 
furled sable flag gules, on a sea vert a sahnon naiant argent. 

Crest — A battle-axe erect in pale, crossed by a branch of laurel and cypress in 
saltire all proper. 

Motto — Altei-a nierces. 

Residences — 126 West 57th Street, N.Y. ; McLean Island, on the Sound, near 
Stamford, Ct. 

Clubs — Metropolitan, Calumet, Plavers, N.Y. Athletic, Lambs, Suburban, Atlantic 

Societies— "Si. Nicholas, S.A.R., M.M.A., A.M.N.H., S.P.C.A., DeUa Psi. 

-L) of N.Y. City (Son of Hon. Harvey Baldwin, 
b Ovid, N.Y., Feb. 4, 1797; d Syracuse, N.Y., 
Aug. 22, 1863 ■' Grad. Clinton Coll. ; Officer in War 
of 1812; ni Feb. 12, 1833, Ann Sarah, i Johnstown, 
N.Y., Sept. 28, 1816, d Brooklyn, N.Y., Dec. 20, 
1886, da. of Col. William Dodge, of Johnstown, 
N.Y., and niece of Washington Irving. — Descended 
from Captain Samuel Baldwin, of Windsor, Mass., 

Born at Syracuse, N.Y., July 2, 1846 ; served in 

War of the Rebellion ; Major on INIajor-General 

Mott's Staff, N.G.S.N.J.; Hon. Mem. of the 

Phila. City Troop and 7th Regt., N.G.S.N.Y. ; Gov. of the Soc. of 

Colonial Wars of N.J. ; m Feb. 6, 1872, Mary Nismith, da. of Robert 

James and Sarah (Parish) Dillon, of N.Y. City. 
Anns — Gules, a griffin segreant or. 
Crest— A lion rampant azure holding in the paws a cross crosslet fitchee, or. 

Residence — Edgewater Park, N.J. 

C/((6s— Union, New York Yacht. 

Societies— Colonial Wars of N.J., .Sons of the Revolution of N.Y., Yorktown 
Battalion of N.J., American Geographical Society. 


flDattbewe' Hmcrican Brmour^ 

of N.Y. City (Son of Asahel Clarke Geer of 
Washington, D.C., 1823-1902, ni 1856 Augusta, 
da. of Keyes and Mary (Bushnell) Danforth, of 
Williamstovvn, Mass. ; son of Walter, h 1792, 
in Henrietta Van Buren, a cousin of Pres. Martin 
Van Buren; son of Walter ; descendant of Thomas, 
b 1623 ; son of Jonathan Geere, of Heavitree, Co. 
Devon, Eng., came to Boston, 1635). 

Born at Williamstown Aug. 19, 1857 ' Grad. at 
Williams Coll. A.M. 1878 ; Law Sch., Nat. 
Univ. LL.M. 1882 ; /// Sept. 26, 1883, Mary, 
da. of Orlando B. and Martha G. (Wiley) 
Potter, of N.Y. 

i. Olin- Potter, b Feb. 5, 1886. i. Martha Wiley, 1887-88. 

ii. Walter, b May 27, 1889. ii. Helen Danforth. 

iii. Joseph White, b Jan. g, 1892. 

Ai'ins — Gules, two bars argent each charged with three mascles of the first, on a 

canton or a leopard's face azure. 
Crest — A leopard's head erased proper ducally gorged or, langued gules between 




<^> ^ 

# ^ ^ 

two wings gules. 

Motto — Non sans cause. 

Residence^ — 246 West 72nd Street, N.Y. City ; "Crow's Nest," Ossining, N.Y, 

Clubs — University, Manhattan, Lawyers, Strollers, Arts, Puritan (Boston), Art 

(Philadelphia), Maryland (Baltimore). 
Societies — New England, National Sculpture, Williams Alumni, Sons of the 

Revol., Municipal Art, Genealogical and Biographical, N.Y. Historical. 

of Rochester, N.Y. (Son of William W. 
Brewster, of New York City, and Julia Ann Noyes, 
d Aug. 27, 1869. — Descended from William 
Brewster, 1566- 1644, Elder of Plymouth Colony, 
1630, who drafted the Mayflower Compact). 

Born at N.Y. City, Jan. 5, 1850 ; /// June 29, 1875, 
Harriet Augusta, daughter of Junius Judson, of 
Rochester, N.Y., and Lavenda, daughter of 
Thomas Bushnell and Nancy Blood. 

i. Gwendolyn Lavenda Judson. 

Arms — Sable, a chevron ermine between three estoils 

argent; impaling (for Judson) per saltire azure and ermine four lozenges 

Crest — A bear's head erased sable. 

Motto — Verite soyez ma garde. 

Arms — (Bushnell) — Argent, five fusils in fesse gules, in chief three nuiUets sable. 

Crest— On a ducal coronet a wivern sans feet. Motto — ^Dum spiro spero. 

Residence — 408 East Avenue, Rochester, N.Y. 

Clubs — Genesee Valley, Country (Rochester), Republican (N.Y. City). 

Society— Sous of the American Revolution. 

aub Blue 'Boo\\, 


of N. Y. City (Son of Wm. Rowland Pell, b 
1833, in Adelaide, da. of Benj. and Anna M. 
(Schieffelin) Ferris, of N. Y. ; son of Morris Ship- 
ley Pell, 1810-81 ; son of Wm. Ferris Pell, 1779- 
1841 ; son of Benjamin, d 1828 ; son of Joshua, d 
1781 ; son of Thomas, d 1739 ; son of Major John 
Pell, 164.3-1702, 2nd Lord of Pelham Manor, N.Y., 
1669, styled Sir John Pell in the New Rochelle 
Town Records, and of Rachael Pinckney ; First 
Justice C. of Comm. Pleas, 1688, and First Mem. 
of the Genl. Assly., 1691-95, for Westchester Co., 
N.Y., on Comm. for Defence of frontier and Chair- 
man of the Grand Comm., Capt. of Horse, 1684, 
Maj. 1692, French Ind. W'ar. Only son of Rev. 
and Rt. Hon. John Pell, D.D., F.R.S. [1611-85; 

Grad. Trinity Coll., Camb., 1630, and Ithamar Reginoills. Dr. Pell 
invented the sign -^ for division, was apptd. Profr. at Breda by Prince of 
Orange, and coat-of-arms placed in City Hall of Harlaem ; Cromwell 
apptd. him Min. Res. to Switzerland, 1654-58 ; at the Restoration took 
Holy Orders, i65i, and held the livings of Fobbing, Laindon, and Orset 
in Essex. W^as one of the first F.R.S., Eng., 1663; took deg. D.D., 
Lambeth, being Domestic Chap, to Archbp. Canterbury ; his private and 
public papers are preserved in the " Pell Papers " British Museum ; used 
coat-of-arms borne by his American descdts. ; was son of Rev. John Pell, 
d 1616, Rector of Southwick, Sussex, and Mary Holland, and he in turn 
of another John Pell, descended from the ancient Lincolnshire family 
[Biog. Brit. Die. Natl. Biog., Lee, London, 1895 '■> Woods Fasti, Oxon, 
1691, Bolton's Hist. W^estchester Co., N.Y. State Records, &c.]). 

Barn at Flushing, L.J., Mar. 19, 1856 ; Stud. Sch. Mines, Columbia 
Coll., 1876; Vet. Comps. "I," " K," 7th Regt. N.G.S.N.Y. ; 2nd 
Lt. Co. "E"; ist Lt. Co. ''G"; Capt. Co. "A" 12th Regt. 
N.G.S.N.Y. ; Dep. Gov. Gen. Soc. Colonial Wars; m Apr. 12, 1887, 
Almy Goelet''', da. of Fred, and Almy G. (Gerry) Gallatin, of N.Y. 

i. HowLAND Gallatin, h Aug. 17, 1S89. 
i. Gladys Amy Howland. 

Anns — Ermine, on a canton azure a pelican or, vulned gules. 

Crest — On a chaplet vert flowered or, a pelican of the last vulned gules. 

Motto — Deus amici et nos. 

(Arms granted October ig 1594. — -Richard Lee, Clarenceux.) 

Residence — 450 Madison Avenue, New York City. 

Clubs — Union Tuxedo, New York Yacht. 

Societies — Colonial Wars, War of 1812, St. Nicholas, New York Historical, 
*Colonial Dames of America. 


ni>attbe\x)0' Hmerican Brmouri? 

of Boston (Son of John K. Porter, 180S-85, /// 
Mary P. Robertson, d 1848 ; son of Sylvanus 
1778-1821 ; son of Jonathan 1732-gi ; son of 
Joseph r/ 1750; son of Thomas 1671/2-1754; son 
of Thomas, d 1671-2 ; son of Richard Porter, from 
Weymouth, Eng., to New Eng. 1635. Also descd. 
on the maternal side from Duncan de Atholia ist 
Laird of Strov/an, b 1275). 

Born at Coalsmouth, \'a., Aug. 25, 1840; Pres. of 
Boston Real Estate Exchange ; Boston Lease- 
hold Co. ; Vice-Pres. Beacon Society ; in (i) 
April 27, 1865, Mary O. Gushing; in (2) April 
24, 1879, Frances W. Gushing. 

i. JAMBS O., b Feb. 25, 1870, ni Mabel Ballou. 

ii. Alexander S., Jr., b Feb. 6, 1873. 

i. Mary O. ii. Katharine G. iii. Elizabeth S. 

iv. Frances R. 

Anns — Argent, on a fesse sable between two barrulets or, three bells of the first. 
Crest— A portcullis argent chained or. Motto — Vigilantia at virtute. 

Residences — 22 Biumiuer Street, Boston, Mass., and Canipobello, N.B. 

Clubs — Union, Algonquin Country, Essex County, Chestnut Hill Golf, Salem 
Athletic, Exchange, Eastern Yacht, Campobello Golf. 

Societies — Bostonian, Beacon, Associated Board of Trade. 

of N.Y. Gity (Only son of Norman Boardman, 
of N.Y. Gity, d 1873, in Anne Waldron, da. of 
Thomas and Elizabeth (Waldron) Williams, of 
New York Gity ; son of Gapt. Jason, of Rocky 
Hill Gt. ; son of Gapt. John ; son of Lieut. Johna- 
than ; son of Lieut. Johnaihan Boreman, of 
Weathersfield Gt. ; son of Samuel Boreman (Board- 
man), of Glaydon, near Banbury, Oxford, Eng., 
settled at Ipswich, Mass., 1641). 

Born at New York Gity, Feb. 26, 1853 ! Lawyer; 

Graduated at Yale Univ. B.A., 1873; "' 1876, 

Georgina Gertrude, da. of John and Mary 

(Sewell) Bonner. 


i. Sydney Sewell, b 1878. i 

ii. Philip Waldron, /; 1883. ii 

Anns — Argent, a chevron vert bordured gules. 
Crest — A lion sejant, collai-ed and lined or. 

Mary Gecil. 
Geraldine May. 

Residences — 40 West 53rd Street, N.Y. City ; '• Idle Wild," Southampton, L.I. 
Clubs — University, Union League, Manhattan, N.Y. Athletic, Garden City of 

an^ Blue "Bool^. 


^r ^ 

of New York City (Son of Alexander 
Clinton, M.D., Lt. U.S.A. War of 1812, /;/ 
Adeline A., da. of Capt. Alex. J. Hamilton, of 
Inner wick, Scot., i8th in descent from John, son 
of Sir Wm. de Hamilton, feinp. King David 
Bruce ; son of Charles ; son of Brig. -Gen. 
Jaures, in War of Re vol., whose bro. George 
was Brig. -Gen., ist Gov. of N.Y., and twice 
Vice-Prest. of U.S. ; sons of Charles Clinton, 
who came to America, 1729, whose ancestor, 
William, was descd. from Sir Henry Clinton, son 
of the 2nd Earl of Lincoln). 

Born at N.Y. City, Nov. 9, 1836; Vice-Pres. N.Y. 
Chap., American Inst, of Archts. ; ist Sergt. 

" K " Co. 7th Regt. N.Y.S.N.G. 1863 ; vet. of " K " Co. 7th Regt. ; 
;// Aug. 25, 1886, Emily de Silver Gorsuch. 


i. Charles Kenneth, b Nov. 18, 1889. i. Margery Hamilton. 

ii. De Witt, 1893-96. 

Arms — Argent, six crosses crosslet fitchee sable; on a chief Rzvire two mullets 
pierced or. 

Crest — Out of a coronet gules five ostrich feathers argent, banded azure. 
Motto — Patria cara carior libertas. 

^^Ij^ ^^^^t ^^^^ 

^^^^T ^^^^^ ^^^^^ 


Residence — 39 East 57th Street, New York City. 

Clubs — Century, New York Yacht, Tuxedo, Rockaway Hunt, etc. 

Societies — Amer. Inst, of Architects, Soc. of Amer. Artists, Architectural League, 
Municipal Art. Soc. 


* * of New York City (2nd son of Rufus Weed, 
of Noroton, Conn., b March 7, 1802, d May 30, 1883, 
m Feb. 25, 183 1, Phebe, b Nov. 10, 1805, d April 10, 
1867, '^^- of John and Sarah (Fancher) Clock, of 
Noroton, Conn. ; son of Benjamin W^eed, soldier in 
War of the Revolution. — Descended from Jonas 
Weed, b at Stanwich, Northamptonshire, England, 
settled at Watertown, Mass., 1631, and Wethers- 
field, Ct., 1635). 

Born at Noroton, Conn., |an. 27, 1839. 

Arms — Argent, two bars gules in chief three martlets 

Crest — A martlet sable. 


Residences — 4th Avenue aad 17th Street, New York City; Noroton, Conn. 
Club — New England. 


flDattbcws' Hmciican Bnitour^ 

of Washington, D.C. (Son of George Draper, 
of Hopedale, Mass., 1817-87, by Hannah, 1817-83, 
da. of Benj. and Anna (Mowry) Thwing, of 
Uxbridge, Mass. ; son of Ira; son of Major Abijah ; 
Revol. War ; son of Capt. James, French and Ind. 
Wars ; son of James Draper ; son of Thomas 
Draper, of Heptonstall, Yorks., to America 1647). 

Born at Lowell, Mass., April 9, 1842 ; served in 
U.S.A. from 2nd Lt. to Brig. -Gen. inclusive ; 

wounded in Battle of the Wilderness ; Mem. of Congress, Foreign 
Affairs Committee; U.S Ambassador to Italy; Hon. D.L. Washington 
and Lee Univs. ; Grand Cordon of St. Maurice and Lazare ; ;// (2) 
May 22, 1890, Susan, da. of Maj.-Gen. Wm. Preston, Co. Army, Mem. 
of Congress, U.S. Min. to Spain, of Lexington, Ky. 

{By 1st 111.) 
i. William Franklin Jr., h Dec. 17, 1865. 

ii. George Otis, h July 14, 1867. 

iii. Arthur Joy, b Apl. 28, 1876, ;// Lily Duncan Voorhies. 
iv. Clare Hill, b Oct. 4, 1876. i. Edith ;// Montgomery Blair. 

{By 2nd m.) i. Margaret Preston. 

Arms — Or, on a fesse betw. three annulets gules, as many covered cups of the field. 

Residences—" K " Street and Conn. Ave., Washington, D.C. ; Hopedale, Mass. 
Clubs — Metropolitan, Chevy Chase, Army ajid Navy (Washuigton), Union, 

Athletic, New Algonquin (Boston). 
Societies — Sons of the Revol., Founders and Patriots, Loyal Legion, Colonial Wars. 

of Grand Rapids, Michigan (Son of Ralph 
Shepard. — Descended from the Rev. Thomas 
Shepard, b at Towcester, Northants, England, 1605, 
matriculated at Emanuel Coll., Cambridge Univ., 
Minister at Earl's Colne, Co. Essex, settled in 
Cambridge, Mass.). 

Born at Herkemer, New York, Nov 13, 1836; 
in Helen Anna, daughter of William Bell 

i. Charles William. 
ii. Harry Ledyard. 
i. Helen Louise. 

Ai'ins — Gules, three battle-axes or, a chief ermine. 

Crest — Two battle-axes in saltire or. Motto — Nee timeo, nee 


Residence — Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

anb Blue IBooli^, 


of Morristown (Son of Livingston Livingston, 
d 1872,;/? Mary Celia Livingston; son of Philip; 
son of Philip P. ; son of Philip [Signer of Declara- 
tion of Independence]; son of Philip; son of Col. 
Philip [2nd Lord of Livingston Manor] ; son of 
Col. Robert [ist Ld. of L.M.] ; son of Rev. John of 
Ancrum, Scotland ; son of Rev. William and Agnes 
Livingston, of Mony-a-brook). 

Born at N.Y. City, Nov. 9, 1861 ; Grad. Harvard 
Univ. A.B., 1884 ; LL.B. Columbia Law Sch., 
1887 ; Vice-Comdr. Harvard Canoe Club, 1883 ; 
Comdr. Mt. Desert Canoe Club, 1891-95, 1896 ; 
Veteran and Hon. Mem. Co. " K " 7th Regt. 

N.G.N.Y. ; Lieut, of loth Co. 7th Regt. Veterans, 1899; Gov. 
Soc. of Colonial Wars, 1893; Steward, 1899, etc.; in April 16, 
1890, Juliet B, Morris. 

A nils — Qrtly., i and 4 arg., three gilly flow ers gu. within a dble. tres. flory co.-flory ; 

2, qtly., I and 4 gu., on a chev. arg. a rose betw. two lions pass, combat. 

arg. ; 2 and 3 az., three martlets or ; 3, sa., a bend betw. six billets or. 
Ci't'st — A demi-savage ppr., wreathed head and middle with laurel, in the dexter 

hand a chib, and in sinister a serpent vert. Motto — Si je puis. 

Ri'SHit'iict's—gg2 Fifth Av., N.Y. City; "Oak Dell." Madison Av., Morristown, N.J. 
Clubs — Metropolitan of New York, Morristown, Morris County Golf. 
Societies — Colonial Wars, St. Nicholas, Sons of the Revolution, St. Andrews. 

of N.Y. City (Son of William Hillhouse, 
b Nov. 22, 1820, and Francis Julia, in Jan. 18, 
1854, da. of Hon. Samuel Rossiter Betts, Judge 
U.S. District Court for S. Dist., N.Y., and Caroline 
Abigail Dewey, his wife. — Descended from Rev. 
James Hillhouse, h 1687, of Montville, Conn., 
1721, d 1740, M.A. Glasgow Univ., Ordained 
1717, ;;/ Mary, da. of Capt. Daniel Fitch; son of 
John Hillhouse, of Free Hall, Co. Londonderry, 
Ireland, and grandson of Abraham Hillhouse, of " Artikelly," who was 
in the City of Londonderry during the siege). 

Born at New Haven, Conn., Nov. ig, 1854; Graduated at Yale Univ., 
1875 ; ni Oct. 3', 1894, Hildegarde, da. of Albert Speyers, of N.Y. City. 

Arms — Sable, a chevron between, in chief a lion rampant on the dexter side, and 
a unicorn on the sinister, between them a star of five points facing each 
other in the base a human heart surrounded by three bezants. 

Motto — Time Deum. 

Residence — Sachem's Wood, New Haven, Conn. 

Clubs — University, Church. Association of the Bar of N.Y. City, Country Club, 
Quinnipiack, Graduates' Club of New Haven. 


ni>attbc\v6' Hmcrican Brmour^ 


-*--'- of Cleveland, O. (Son of William J. Hayes, 

b Oct. II, 1837, Banker, m Sarah J., 1840-87, da. 

of George P. Burwell 1817-91, one of the original 

" Prohibitionists of Ohio," nominated for Governor 

of Ohio, descended from John Burwell, who came 

to America from Hemel Hempsted, Herts, Eng., 

and was made a Free Planter, settled in Wepawang 

(now Milford), Ct., 1639. A part of the township 

is known by the name of " Burwell's Farm." Also 

descended from John Hayes, the discoverer of copper in the Lake 

Superior region, and Manager of the first Copper Mine, " Cliff"). 

Born at Cleveland, O., June 6, i860; Vice-Pres., Nat. Arts Club, N.Y. ; 
/// Nov. 27, 1888, Grace Lucretia, da. of Hoyt H. and Julia (Moore) 
Green, of St. Louis. 

i. HovT Elmore, b Feb. 27, 1890. i. Helen. 

ii. Warwick James, b Nov. 17, 1892. 
iii. Kenneth Linton, b Sept. 16, 1894. 

Arms — (Burwell) Argent, a lion rampant sable, ducally crowned or, charged with 
eight roundels argent. 

Residence — 1500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Clubs — National Arts of N.Y., Union, Roadside, Golf, Tippecanoe, Political. 

Societies — Sons of the American Revolution, Arts Societies of Cleveland, Ohio. 

-^^^ of Chicago, Illinois (Son of the late Judge Asa Owen Aldis, of 
Washington, D.C. — Descended from John Aldis, who was born in England, 
came to America with his father, married Sarah Eliot, daughter of Philip 
Eliot, from Nazing, Co. Essex, in ship " Hopewell," and niece of the 
" Apostle " Eliot ; son of Deacon Nathan (and Mary) Aldis, yeoman, 
supposed to have come from Norwich, Co. Norfolk, England, 1636, settled 
in Dedham, Mass., 1638, d 1676). 

Born at St. Alban's, Vt., June 6, 1853; Graduated at Yale University, 
1874; Director of the World's Columbia Exposition, Chicago, 1892-93; 
;// Leila, d April 10, 1887, daughter of William Dezang Houghteling. 

i. Owen William. 


Residences— jj Eellevue Place, Chicago; York Harbour, Maine. 

Clubs — Union, Chicago Athletic, Chicago University, Literary, Chicago Golf, 
Union League, Ontwentsia, Caxton, University of N.Y., Century of N.Y.. 
Metropolitan of Washington. 

an^ Blue 'Booh. 


of Boston, Mass. (Second Son of William 
Amory 1804-88, of Boston, m Anna Powell Grant, 
1813-95, da. of Hon. David and Miriam (Mason) 
Sears' of Boston; son of Thomas C. 1767-1812, 
;// Hannah R. Lingee ; son of Thomas 1722-84, 
III Elizabeth Coffen ; son of Thomas Amory 
1682-1728, who settled in Boston 1720, /// 1721 
Rebecca Holmes). 

Born in Boston, Mass., Oct. 16, 1842 ; Grad. 
Harvard Univ., A. B., 1863; served as Captain, 
2nd Mass. Cavalry, War of the RebeUion ; 
Trea. of the Amoskeag Cotton Mills, Man- 
chester, N.H. ; in Oct. 23, 1867, Elizabeth, 
da. of George and Helen M. (Read) Gardner of Boston. 


i, William (2nd), h Sept. 19, 1869. 
ii. George Gardner, b June 22, 1874. 
i. Clara, 111 Thomas Jefierson Coolidge, Jr. ii. Dorothy. 

.'irnts — Barry nebuly of six argent and gules, a bend azure. 

Crest— Out of a mural coronet or, a talbot's head azure, eared of the first. 

Motto — Tu ne cede malis. 

Residences — 278 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass. ; " Mosquito Hut," Wareham, Mass. 

Clubs — Somerset, Country, Eastern Yacht, Exchange. 

Societies — Army of the Potomac, Military Order of the Loyal Legion, Humane. 

of Hastings-on-H., N.Y. (Son of Albert 
Chrystie, 111 1822, Frances, da. of Col. William 
Few, of N.Y., U.S. Sen. from Geogia, one of the 
framers of the U.S. Constitution, and grand-da. of 
Capt. James Nicholson, 1737-1804, Senior Officer 
U.S. Navy, War of Revol. ; son of Major James 
Chrystie, b in Edinburgh, Scotland, 1750, Lieut, in 
U.S. Army in Revol. War, d 1807). 

Born at Fishkill Landing, N.Y., July 5, 1823 ; 
Columbia Coll., 1839-40; Harvard Law Sch., 
Mass., 1842 ; in Jan. 11, 1855, Emily Harvey, 
da. of Western B. Thomas, of Augusta, Ga. 


i. William, b July 6, 1859. 
ii. Francis Few. 

i. Emily, m Oct. 23, 1884, Prof. M.M. Curtis, of Cleveland, 
ii. Mary Cath., in Oct. 7, 1896, C. de Witt Cochrane, of N. 

Arms — Argent, a chevron between three wells sable. 

Crest — A phoenix rising out of flames proper. Motto — Malo mori 




Residences — Hastings-on-Hudson, NA'. ; Sand Hills, Ga. ; and Greenport, 
Clubs — Union, N.Y. City; Ardsley Country, Town Ridge Yacht, Hastings 



fIDattbcwB' Bnicncan Bniiour^ 

•*■ of Warrior Run, Pa. (Son of Charles Plumb, 
1802-31, m Julia A., 1806-89, da. of Elisha and 
Anna (Hurlbut) Blackman ; son of Jacob ; son of 
Jacob ; son of Waitstill J. ; son of Joseph ; son of 
John; son of Robert; son of John, of Ridgewell Hall, 
Essex, Eng., one of the first settlers of Wethers- 
field, Conn., 1635; son of Robert, gent., d 1628; 
son of Robert, yeo., d 1613 ; son of John Plumbe, 
of Gt. Yeldham, Essex, England). 

Born at Hanover, Pa., Nov. 13, 1829; Counsellor- 

at-Law ; m (i) 1851, Emma L., 1835-59, da. of 

Ashbel and Angelina (Bennett) Ruggles ; m{2) 

April 24, 1900, Edith M., da. of WilHam G. and EHzabeth (Selby) 



i. George H. R., h June 12, 1854, "' 1887, Mary E. Van Buskirk. 
i. Martha, b and d Dec. 12, 1852. 

A mis — Ermine, a bend vaire or and gules cotised vert. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a plume of four ostrich feathers argent. 

Residence — Warrior Run, Luzerne Co., Penna. (P.O., Peely). 

Societies — Mayflower, Colonial Wars, Sons of the American Revolution. 

of Baltimore (Son of Henry S. Stockbridge 
1822-95, VI 1852, Fanny E., da. of Caleb Montague 
of Sunderland Mass; son of Jason 1780- 1860 
in Abigail Montague; son of David 1749. 1832, 
in Patience Bartlett ; son of Samuel, b 171 1, ;/? Sarah 
Tilden ; son of Samuel, b 1679, ni Lydia Barrell ; 
son of Charles 1634-84; son of John Stockbridge, 
1608-57, i^ ship " Blessing" to New Eng., 1635). 

fiom at Baltimore Sept 18, 1856; Grad. Amherst 
Coll. 1877 ; Law Dep. Maryland, Univ. 1878 ; 
Mem. of Congress 1889-91 ; Commissioner 
Immigration 1891-93 ; Assoc. Judge Supreme 
Bench Balto. 1896 ; m Jan. 5, 1882, Helen 
Maria, da. of Chester Smith of Hadley Mass. 

i. Henry, b Dec. 21, 1885. ii. Enos Smith, b May 3, 1888. 

Arms — Argent, on a chevron azure three crescents or. 

Crest — Out of a cloud two dexter hands in armour conjoined, holding up a heart 
inflamed all proper. 

Residence — 11 N. Calhoun Street, Baltimore, Md. 

Societies — Md. Hist., Am. Hist., Col. Wars, Sons of the Revolution, etc. 

an^ Blue BooJ^. 




^-^ of San Francisco (Son of Wm. Berry Cross 
1826-91 of San F., m 1858 Mary A. 1829-95, da. of 
George and Abigial (Ricker) Hilton of Parsonfield, 
Me. ; son of Samuel, b 1789, m (i) Abigial Richard- 
son, ;/; (2) Hannah Barrey; sonof Abijah 1758- 1848, 
served in Rev. War, m (i) Elizabeth Parker, m (2) 
Hannah Foster ; son of Wm. of Metheun ; son of 
William; son of John Cross of Metheun, Mass., 
from England in "Elizabeth" of Ipswich 1634, one 
of the proprietors of Hampton Mass. 1638). 

Born at Sacramento Cal. Dec. 14, 1864; Grad. 
Univ. of Cal. B.S. Class of 1887 ; ;;/ May 15, 
1893, Elsie Chapline, da, of Thos. Bailey and 
Josephine I. (Chapline) Pheby of Oakland, Cal. 


i. Arthur D., b April 24, 1898. 
i. Elsie Hilton. 

Arms — Sable, a fesse between three mullets argent pierced gules. 
Crest — A tower argent from the top flames of fire issuing. 

Residence — lyig Broderick Street, San Francisco, Cal. 

Societies — Colonial Governors, Sons of the American Revolution. 

Cltib — Zeta Psi Fraternity. 



-L^ of Denver, Col. (Eldest son of William 
Davis, of Boston, 1801-65, Jii (2), 1839, Maria, 
1817-70, da. of Charles and Harriet (Fellowes) 
Davis, of Roxbury, Massachusetts ; son of William, 
1770-1850 ; son of Moses, 1744-1823 ; sonof Aaron, 
1709-77; son of Ebenezer, 1678-1712; son of 
William Davis, of Roxbury, Mass., d 1683, aged 
66 years). 

Born at Boston, Nov. 24, 1840 ; ist Lieut, and 
Adjt. 30th Regt. Mass. Vet. Infy. Vols ; Chair- 
man of Council of City of Trinidad, Col. ; Pres. 
of Bank of Southern Colorado ; Chancellor of 
Commandery of State of Col., Mil. Order, 
Loyal Legion of U.S. ; Grad. at English High Sch., Boston, 1858 ; 
;// Sept. 4, 1874, Sarah Aug., da. of Abijah Davis, of Middlesex Co., 

N. J., and Jerseyville, 111. 

i. Joseph Swallow, b. Sept. 10, 1875, in June 6, 1900, Edith Wight. 
Arms — Gules, a griffin segreant or. Crest — A griffin segreant or. 

Residences — Boston, Roxbury and W. Medford, Mass. ; Trinidad, and Denver, Col. 
Societies— Loyal Legion, Sons of the Revolution, Army of the Potomac, 19th 
Army Corps, Grand Army of the Republic. 


flDattbewe' Hincrican armoury 



of Toledo, O. (Son of Aaron B. Spitzer 

1823-92, jii (i) Laura M. Perkins, m (2) Anna M. 
Collins; son of Dr. Nicholas de Spitzer 1783-1868, 
VI Nancy Bovee ; son of Dr. Garret de Spitzer 
1758-1801, ;// Annatje Sixbury ; son of Dr. Er- 
nestus, 1709-89, from Heilbronn, Wurtemburg, to 
Phila. 1747, settled in Schenectady, served in 
French and Indian War, m Barbara Wilfelin. — 
Descended from the knightly family of Von 
Spitzers in Lower Steiermarke, Germany). 

Born at Batavia, N.Y. Nov. 2, 1849 ; estab. 1871 
the Seville Exch. Bank, 1878 German- Amer. 
Bank of Cleveland, 1881 Spitzer & Co. 
(Bankers) Toledo and N.Y. ; Director Ohio 
Savings Bank and Trust Co., Security Trust 
Co., W. and L.E.R.R. Co. ; Pres. of Spitzer 

Bdg. Co. ; Quartermaster-Gen. of Ohio 1900; in 1884 Lilian Cortez, 
da. of Alex. McDowell, cousin of Gen. Irvine McDowell. 

Anus — Party per pale azure and or, a nude woman ppr. on a mound vert in the 
dexter hand a star or, the sinister on her hip ; impaling (McDowell) azure, 
a lion ramp, argent crowned or, on a canton arg. three piles gules. 

Crest — A nude woman affronte holding two proboscides couped issuing from a 
helmet crowned. Motto- 

-Ingenio ac labore. 

Residence — Toledo, Ohio. 
Society— Ohio of N.Y. 

Clubs — Toledo, Country, Middle Bass. 


of Canajoharie (Son of Roswell Wells, 
Richmond, 1813-72, m Caroline D. Hart; son of 
Roswell, h 1787; son of Rev. Benjamin, h 1750; 
son of Edward, h 1723 ; son of Benjamin, h 1695 ! 
son of Edward, h 1658 ; son of Capt. Edward, 
h 1632; son of John Richmond, 1594-1664, from 
Ashton Keynes, Wilts., Eng., to Taunton, Mass., 


Born at De Ruyter, N.Y., 1838 ; Pres. Canajoharie 
Nat. Bank and Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank, 
Fort Plain, N.Y. ; Hon. Curator of Archaeo- 
logical Dept., Univ. N.Y., m March 15, 1883, 
Helen A. Weaver. He died Nov. 13, 1899. 

i. Emily Adele. 

Arms — Argent, a cross patonce azure between four mullets gules. 

Crest — A tilting spear argent headed or broken in three parts one piece erect, 

the other two in saltire, enfiled with a ducal coronet of the last. 
Motto — Resolve well and persevere. 


Residences — (Family) Syracuse, New Woodstock, Chittenango, Mohawk. Cana- 
joharie, of New York State ; and Washington D.C. 

anb Blue 'Boo\\. 


of Brooklyn (Son of Hon. Horatio G. 
Onderdonk, 1808-86, Judge of the Court of 
Common Pleas under the former Constitution of 
the State of N.Y., of N. Hempstead, L.I., iii 1830, 
EHzth. Schenck Onderdonk; son of Joseph of N. 
Hempstead, L.I., 1766-1852, iii Dorothy Montfort ; 
son of Adrian, 1726-94, 111 Maria Hegeman ; son of 
Andries, 1686-1758, in Gertrude Lott ; son of 
Andries, m Maria Van Der VHet ; son of Dr. Adrian 
Van Der Donk b in Holland (Province of Breda), 
resident of Amsterdam 1656, Grad. LL.D. Univ. 
of Leiden, came to the New Netherlands, 1656, 
wrote "History of the New Netherlands "). 

Born at Manhasset, L.I., March 23, 1847 ; Grad. of Albany Law School; 
called to the Bar May 4, 1868 ; vi Oct. 12, 1880 Annie L., da, of 
Saml. H. and Louise (Ketteltas) Frost, State Senator, 1870-71, of 
Staten Island N.Y. 

Arms — Argent, a lion rampant sable. 

Crest — A royal helmet proper wreathed argent and sable. 

Residences — 171 Park Place, Brooklyn, N.Y. ; and Manhasset, L.I. 
Clubs — Lawyers, Riding and Driving, Atlantic Yacht, Manhasset Yacht. 
Societies — St. Nicholas, Holland, Long Island Historical, N.Y. Genealogical. 

of Garden City, L.I., N.Y. (Son of Brev 
Lt.-Col. and Elder John J. Parsons, 1827-94, of 
N.Y., /« 1846, Sarah Volinda Averill, of Buffalo; 
son of Aaron, 1797-1866 ; son of Aaron, 1761-1815 ; 
son of Aaron, 1736-99 ; son of Aaron, 1712-95 ; son 
of Daniel, 1685-1774; son of Capt. Joseph, 1647- 
1729; son of Cornet Joseph Parsons, 1618-83, of 
Springfield, Mass., m Mary Bliss, of Hartford, Ct.). 

Bovn at Sandusky, O., Sept. 16, 1847 ; Studied at 
Leipsic and Berlin, 1867-72 ; Pres. Am. Coll. 
of Musicians, Univ. of N.Y. ; elected at the 
International Congress of Musicians, Colum- 
bian World's Fair, Chicago, 1893; author of 
" Parsifal, or the Finding of Christ through 
Art"; Wagner's-" Beethoven," " New Light 

from the Great Pyramid," etc; ni April 23, 1874, Alice E. da. of 
Cornelius H. Van Ness, of N.Y. 

Anns — Gules, a leopard's head between three crosses pattee fitchee argent. 
Crest — A halbert, headed argent, embrued gules. 

Residence — Garden City, Long Island, N.Y. Club — National Arts. 

Societies — N.Y. Historical, Garden City Casino Assn., Sons of the Revolution, 
Colonial Wars, Wars of 1812, Soc. of the Cincinnati. 

1 66 

ni>attbew6* Hinericau Hnnour^ 

of Pasadena, Cal. (Son of Joseph Bassett 
Holder, M.D., of N.Y. City, 1824-88 ; Surg. U.S. 
Army, 1860-69 '» Curator of Zoology, Amer. Mas. 
of Nat. History, N.Y., etc. ; ;;/ 1849, Emily, da. of 
John Chase Gove, of Wash., D.C., descendant of 
Edward Gove, N.H. Assembly, 1683. — Descended 
from Christopher Holder, 1630-88, Missionary, 
founder of Quaker Societies in America, 1657, 
relative of Dr. William Holder, 161 6, and Sir 
Christopher Wren). 

Born at Lynn, Mass., Aug. 5, 185 1 ; entered U.S. 
Naval Acad., 1869 ; Asst. Curator Zoology, 
Am. Mus. of Nat. Hist., N.Y., 1875 ; Author 

of " Elements of Zoology," " Life of Charles Darwin," " Stories of 
Animal Life," " Big Game Fishes," etc. ; late Trustee, Throop Univ., 
State Normal Coll., Pasadena Pub. Lib. ; Pres. Bd. of Education ; 
;;/ Nov. 8, 1879, Sarah E. Ufford, of Brooklyn, a descendant of the 
Huguenot, Wilham Provost, of Paris, 1534. 


i. Emily Eaton. 

Arms — Sable, a chevron between three anchors argent. 

Crtst — Out of a five-leaved ducal coronet gules a lion sejant or. 

Residence — 475 Bellefontaine Street, Pasadena, Cal. 

Clubs — Valley Hunt, Country, Sunset, Tuna Club. 

Societies — Fel. N.Y. Acad, of Sciences, National Geographical, Pioneer Quakers. 

of Baltimore (Son of Rev. Harvey Stanley, 
1809-85, in Mary A. Kinney ; son of Hon. John W., 
d 1830, Pres. State Senate of N.C.; son of John, 
of Charles City, Va. ; son of Dancy ; son of Major 
John, Surveyor-Gen. of Maryland, Mem. Lower 
House of Assembly, d 1698 ; son of William Stanley, 
of Canterbury, Kent, Eng.). 

Born at Princess Ann, Md., Sept. 22, 1845 ; 
m Nov. 13, 1873, Caroline H., da. of Edward 
and Mary Jane (Cox) Schwartze, M.D., of 

i. Edward Schwartze, h Sept. 12, 1874. 
i. Mary. ii. Sarah Handy. 

Arms — Argent, on a bend azure three bucks' heads cabossed or. 
Crest — On a chapeau gules turned up ermine an eagle, wings endorsed or, feeding 
on an infant in its nest ppr. swaddled azure, banded of the third. 

Motto — Sans changer. 

Residence — 1318 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, Md. 
Clubs — University, Baltimore Country. Society- 

-Colonial Wars. 

anb Blue 'S^oo\{. 


of Charlottesville (Son of Col. Richard T. 

Walker Duke 1822-98, Col. 46th Va. Regt. C.S.A., 
Mem. 41st and 42nd Congress U.S.A., in 1846 
Eliz. S. 1820-96, da. of Wm. Scott and Marg. F. 
(Brown) Eskridge of Staunton Va. ; son of Richard 
of Albemarle ; son of Clivears ; son of Clivears of 
Hanover ; son of Clivears ; son of Henry of York ; 
son of Col. Henry Duke, Mem. Ho. of Burg's. Va. 
1696, descendant of George and Cath. (Braham) 
Duke, of Wandsworth, Surrey, England). 

Bom at Charlottesville Aug. 27, 1853 ; Grad. Univ. 
of Va. 1874 ; I^^^gs Corporation (Hustings) 
Court, Charlottesville ; G. M. of Masons, Va.; 
Ill Oct. I, 1884, Edith Ridgway, da. of John F. 
and Mary H. (Harker) Slaughter of Lynch- 
burg Va. 

566 lie. 
i. Richard Thomas Walker, b June 19, 1887. 
ii. John Flavel Slaughter, b Feb. 11, 1889. 
iii. William Eskridge, b Feb. 23, 1893. 

i. Mary A. 

ii. Helen Risdon. 

Anns — Azure, a chevron between three birds close argent membered gules. 
Crest — On a plume of five ostrich feathers, two argent three azure a sword argent 
hilt or. Motto — In adversis idem. 

Residences — 546 Park Street, Charlottesville, Va. ; Sunny Side, Albemarle Co., Va. 

Club — Democratic, N.Y. City. 

Societies — Colonial Wars, Sons of the Revolution, Zeta Psi, Phi Beta Kappa. 


of Dedham (Son of Samuel G. Snelling, of 
Boston, b Nov. 9, 1824, m Eleanora E. Paul; 
son of Samuel, b 1798 ; son of Samuel, b 1765 ; son 
of Col. Jonathan, b 1734; son of Capt. Jonathan, 
b 1696 ; son of Joseph, b 1667 ; son of John, b 1625, 
who came to New Eng. with his uncle, Dr. Wm. 
Snelling, 1647; son of John Snelling, gent., of 
Chaddlewood, Devonshire, England). 

Born at Forest Hills, Boston, 1861 ; Grad. Harvard Univ. B.A. 1881 ; 
wjune 12, 190P, Eva B., da. of Richard de Treville, of Charleston, 

i. Ella de Treville. 


Anns — Gules, three griffins' heads erased argent, a chief indented ermine. 
Motto — Ma force d'en haut. 

Residence — " Chaddlewood," Dedham, Mass. 

Clubs — University, Country, Eastern Yacht, Norfolk Country. 

1 68 

fll^attbew)a' Hmerican Hnnour^ 

of Newcastle, Me. (Son of \Vm. T. Glidden, 
of Newcastle, in Catharine Cottrell ; son of Col. 
John, 17S5-1864 ; son of Joseph, 1759-1810 ; son of 
Joseph, 1734-1829; son of Lt. Charles, 1713-1802; 
son of Capt. Richard, 1660-1728 ; son of Charles 
Glidden, of "Glidden," Hants., Eng., b 1630, 
settled in N. Hampshire 1656). 

Born at Liverpool, Eng., July 4, 1843 ; ni Oct. 21, 
1896, *Anna, da. of Hon. J. M. Warren, of 
Troy N.Y. (9th from Gov.. William Bradford). 

i. Joseph Warren, Capt. U.S.A. iii. John Montfichet. 

ii. Wm. Gernon, (deed.). iv. Arthur Boynton. 

i. Mary Warren, /// Geo. Scott Winslow of Boston, 
ii. Amy Gardner. 
iii. Susan A., m H. W. CUfford, of Newcastle. iv. Anna Warren. 

Arms — Or, on a bend azure three escallops of the field. 
Crest — A wolf's head couped azure collared and ringed or. 
Motto — Spe. 

Residence — " Gladisfen," Newcastle, Lincoln Co., Me. 

Clubs — Union N.Y., Phila., Cumberland Portland, Me., Lennox, Atlantic, &c. 
Societies — Cincinnati, Colonial Wars, (Depy. Gov. General) Sons of the American 
Revolution, Maine Hist., Hist, of Penna," Colonial Dames. 

of Phila. (Son of Fredk. R. Wilkinson 
1837-83, w Harriet S. Folwell ; son of Col. Ogden D., 
180566; son of Col. Elisha, 1772-1846; son of 
Lt. -Col. John, 1711-82; son of John, 1677-1751 ; 
Son of Capt. Samuel, d 1727 ; son of Lt. Lawrence, 
d 1692 ; son of William and Mary (Conyers) Wil- 
kinson of Harperly House, Lanchester, Eng.). 

Born at Trenton, N.J., May 2, 1863 ; late Capt. and 
Quartermaster N.G.P., ni Ap. 4, 1883, Sarah 
Jane, da. of Robert and Sarah J. (Corscaden) 

i. Sarah Dill. ii. Elizabeth. 

I I I I j 

Anns — Azure, a fesse erminois between three unicorns passant argent. 

Crest — Out of a mural coronet gules a demi-unicorn erminois erased of the first, 

armed and maned of the second. 
Motto — Nee rege nee populo, sed utroque. 

Residence — 2031 Walnut Street, Philadelphia. 

Clubs — Union League, Corinthian Yacht (Philadelphia), New York Yacht. 

Societies — Penna. Historical, Penna. Genealogical, Bucks Co. Historical, Penna, 
Colonial, Founders and Patriots, Foreign Wars, War of 1812, Sons of the 
Revolution, Order of Albion, Descendants of Colonial Governors. 

anb Blue "Booh. 


of NA^ City (Son of Gen. W. P. Trowbridge 

1828-92, LL.D,, Ph.D., M.A., /;/ Lucy Parkman ; 

son of Stephen van R., 1794-1859, iii EHz. Conklin ; 

son of Maj. Luther 1756- 1802, m EUz. TiUman ; 

son of Capt. Thos., /// Hannah Perry; son of 

Col. John, 1701-72, /// Mehetable Eaton; son of 

Thos., b 1677; son of Lt. James 1636-1717, Rep. 

of Dorchester at Gen. Ct., in Margt. Jackson ; son 

of Thos., settled at Dorchester 1634, w Eliz. 

Marshall; son of Edmund of Taunton, Co. Somerset; son of Thos., 

d 1620; son of John Trowbridge, d 1576, descd. from Peter de Trow- 
bridge of the Peverils of Sandford 24 Ed. L). 

Born at N.Y. City May 20, 1862 ; Grad. Trinity Coll. 1883 M.A. ; Columbia 

Univ. 1886 Ph.B. ; School of Classical Studies Athens, Greece, 1887, 

Ecole des Beaux x\rts, Paris 1890; Troop A ist Cavalry N.G.N.Y. 

1890; 2nd Lt. i2th Infy. 1894, ^st Lt. 1895 N.G.N.Y.; Pres. See. of 

Beaux Arts Architects 1903-04; Vice-Pres. Alliance Francaise N.Y. 

1904; Mem. Correspondant de la Societe des Architects Diplomes 

par le Govt. Francais ; Hon. Mem. British Inst, of Archaeology, 

Athens; ui Jan. 16, 1896, Sophia Pennington Tailer. 

Ai'ins — Or, a bridi;'e of three arches, towered embattled in fessc ,^ules masoned 
sable, three streams transfluent proper. 

Residence — 123 East 70th Street, N.Y. City. 

Clubs — Union, Ceatmy, Racquet and Tennis, St. Anthony, Ardsley. 
Societies — Colonial Wars, Sons of the Rev., Archas., Inst, of Am., Am. Inst, 
of Archts. 

of Allegheny, Penna. (Son of James Harrison 
Sewell, 1813-85, /;/ Matilda, d 1892, da. of Thomas 
(Segrave) Reeves, and Hannah of Phila. ; son of 
James H., d 1842; son of John, d 1805; son of 
Charles, d 1742; son of Nicholas, 1655-1737; son 
of Henry Sewell, from London to Maryland, 1661, 
Councillor and Secty. of Md., m Jane, da. of 
Vincent Lowe of Derby, Eng., she afterwards 
/// Charles Calvert 3rd Lord Baltimore). 

Born in Allegheny, Sept. 27, 1854 ; d Dec. 9, 1899 ; 

A.B., A.M., Lafayette Coll., 1876 ; Vice-Pres. 

of Pa. Soc. of Sons of the Am. Revol. ; Coun- 

cillor-at-Law ; admitted to the Bar, 1879 ; 

m Oct. 27, 1881 ; Martha, da. of Mark W. Watson, of Pittsburgh. 
Arms — Sable, a chevron between three bees volant argent. 

Crest — A dexter arm embowed in armour proper garnished or, holding an acorn. 
Motto — Frangas non flectes. 

Residence— [Mrs. W. R. Sewell; 709 Ridge Avenue, Allegheny, Pennsylvania. " 


flDattbews' American Brmour^ 

CORLIES, Mrs. CAROLINE {nee Atlee), 
of Phila. (Dau. of Edwin Pitt Atlee, M.D. 
1799-1836, III Margaret C. Bullock; son of Edwin 
Aug. 1 776- 1 852, M.D., III Margaret Snyder, niece of 
Gov. Simon Snyder ; son of Wm. Aug. 1735-93, 
Pres. Judge ist Dis. Ct. of Pa., in Esther Bowes ; 
son of William Atlee of Ford Hook House, Acton, 
Middx., Secty. to Lord Howe, he d April 24, 1744)- 
Boni in Philadelphia ; Mem. of the Penna. Soc. 

Colonial Dames of Am. ; in Sept. 25, 1851, 

Samuel Fisher Corlies, d 1888. 


i. Samuel Rowland, 1855-56. 

i. Clara, 1852-56. 
ii. Sarah Fisher, in April 30, 1874, John Buck Morgan, 
iii. Margaret Longstreth. 

iv. Caroline Atlee, in April 10, 1884, Fred. Lang Baily. 
V. Edith Atlee, in Nov. 9, 1887, Samuel F. Houston, d 1895 
vi. Florence, 1866-68. 

Arms — (For Atlee) Azure, a lion rampant argent. 
Crest— Two lions' heads erased addorced. 

Residence — 264 S. 21st Street, Philadelphia. 

Clubs — Acorn, Germantown Cricket, Sedgeley, New Century. 

Societies — Browning, Colonial Dames. 

of Philadelphia (Eldest son of William Row- 
land, 1813-72,;/? Elizabeth Harvey, 1816-80, descdt. 
of Benjamin Harvey, of Derbyshire, who came to 
Penna with Wm. Penn ; son of Benjamin, b 1777, 
III Elizabeth Brittian ; son of Captain Jonathan, 
b. 1 75 1, ni Sarah Maxwell; son of John, in Anne 
Smith ; son of John, who came to Penna. 1699 ; son 
of William and Kath. Rowland, of Rhosybayvil, a 
farm in the parish of Bayvil, Pembrokeshire, Wales. 
These Rowlands were at one time Lords of the 
Manor Llantood). 

Born at Frankfort, Pa., July 5, 1843 ; Univ. of 

Penna, 1865; Divinity School of the Prot. 

Epis. Ch., 1868; Asst. Minister of St. James' ; 

late Chaplain of the Educational Home and 

the Ch. Home ; ni Feb. 14, 1878, Anne, da. of Hon. John Cadwalader, 

of Philadelphia. 

i. John Cadwalader, b. Feb. 10, 1879. 
i. Elizabeth Cadwalader, b. May 7, 1888. 

Arms — A fesse between three Saxon heads. Crest — A lion rampant. 

Residences — 1607 Locust Street, Philadelphia ; Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. 

aub Blue Bool^. 


of Chicago 111. (Son of Elisha B. Gilbert, 
/// Jane Harris of Monaghan, Ireland ; son of Benj. 
b 1770 ; son of Nathl. b 1750 ; son of Capt. Nathl. 
1723-87; son of Lt. Nathl. 1689-1756; son of 
Jonathan 1648-98 ; son of Jonathan 1618-82 ; son 
of John of Little Ellington, Norfolk ; son of 
Thomas ; son of Richard, Lord of the Manor 
of Walcote, Norfolk ; son of William ; son of Otis, 
H. Sheriff of Devon. 1475 ; son of William of 
Compton ; son of William Gilbert of Compton, 
III Eliz. Champernon). 

Born at Toronto, Can. June 30, 1844; Sheriff, 
Alderman and Acting Mayor of Chicago ; 
admt. Barrister-at-La\v at Toronto 1865; in 
1867 admtd. to practice in Illinois, later in 
U.S. Dist. Courts, and in 1879 State of Kansas ; 
Delegate at large to Rep. Convention at Minneapolis in 1892, 
from Illinois ; Presdt. of the Met. Trust and Savings Bank ; m June 
15, 1870, Ella K.,da. of Silas Huntley of Chicago. 


i. Huntley Harris, b Feb. 10, 1887. i. Helen Richmond. 

Anns — -Argent, on a chevron sable three roses of the field. 

Crest — A squirrel cracking a nut proper. Motto— MaWem mori quain niutare. 

Residence — 2628 Prairie Avenue, Chicago, 111. 

Clubs — Union League, Bankers, Athletic and Ontwensia. 

Societies — Sons of the Am. Revo., Colonial Wars, Mil. Order of Foreign Wars. 

U.S. Secy, of Legation, Lima, Peru (Son of 
Major James Patriot W'ilson Neill, U.S. Army 
1821-99, m Alice 1819-56, da. of Richard Renshaw 
and Mary Irwin Johnston of Phila. and grand-da. 
of Col. Francis Johnston 1748-1815. — Descended 
from John Neill, Attorney, from Tyrone, Ireland, 
1739, his son Henry, by an act of the General 
Assembly of Del. June 21, 1780, commanded the 
2nd "Continental Regt. No. 38"). 

Boyn at Phila. Oct. 20, 1845 ; served in Civil War 

in Light Artillery, Phila., 2nd Lt. U.S. Marines 

1865, resigned ist Lieut. 1873; Appd. 1884 

Secy. U.S. Leg. Lima; ;// Nov. 2, 1870, Mary 

Cox of Chester Co., Pa. 


Richard Renshaw, b Nov. 12, 1876. 

Walter Herbert, b Aug. 21, 1882, Lieut. 13th U.S. Cavalry. 

Alice Johnston, 1872-97, m R. F. Mackenzie. 

Nadine Camac, ;;; Edward John Prew, d 1897. 
Arms — Azure, on a fesse argent three mullets gules. 
Crest — A demi-lion holding between the paws a mullet. 





Motto — Fortiter et recte. 

Residence — U.S. Legation, Lima, Peru, S. America. 

Societies — Cincinnati of Del., Order of Albion, Sons of the Rev., Lima Geo., etc. 


fIl>attbc\V0* Bmerican Hrmouri? 

U.S. Army (Eldest son of John Chipman 
Dorcy, b at N.Y. City, 1833 ; son of Laurence 
D'Arcy, b in Ireland, 1796, w Eliza Symmes, da. of 
Capt. Nathl. Holmes Downe, of Boston, grandson 
of Col. William Downe, one of H.M.'s Justices for 
Co. Suffolk). 
Born at Portland, Or., Oct. 28, 1869 ; Mem. of U.S. 

Classified C.S. Treasury, Interior and War 

Depts. ,1891-8; Lt. and Adjt.3rdRegt.0f Infty. 

Pa. Vols., Spanish Am. -War, 1898; 2nd Lieut. 

.|th Regt. of Cavalry, U.S.A., to rank from 

April 5, 1899 ; promoted ist Lieut., Feb. 2, 

1901 ; ;// June i, 1899, Linda, da. of Ben. and 

Lydia E. (Campbell) Holladay, of Kentucky, and half-sister of the 

late Comptesse Arthur de Pourtales-Gorgier, and the late Baronne 

Henri Renouard de Bussierre. 


i. Ben Holladay, Jr., b Aug. 23, 1900. 
ii. John Biddle, b May 9, 1902. 

Anns — Azure semee de crosses crosslet and three cinquefoils argent. 

Crest — A bull sable, horns and hoofs or. Motto — TJn Dieu, un Roi. 

Residences — Portland, Oregon ; Philadelphia, Pa. 
Club — Pen and Pencil of Philadelphia. 

Societies — Sons of the Revolution, Penna. Conimandery, Naval Order of the U.S., 
War of 1812, Veterans of Indian Wars of the U.S. 

of Milton, Mass. (Son of Charles Henry 
Hurd, Captain and Assistant - Adjutant - General 
during Civil War, 1861-65. — Descended from John 
Hurd, 1613-81, of Windsor, Conn., Deputy to 
General Court, 1657-58). 

Boyn at Charlestown, Mass., Sept. 30, 1864, Mem. 
of Dudley, Battell & Hurd of Boston ; ;;; Mary 
Claflin, daughter of George A. Newell. 

i. George Newell, b July 15, 1891. 
ii. Edmund A., b May 23, 1895. 
i. Dorothy. 

Arms — Gules, a lion rampant or. 

Crest — On a garb of wheat a crow proper. 

Motto — Bona bonis. 

Residence — Milton, Mass. 

C/uts— Reform of New York, N.Y. Athletic. 

Societies— Co\onia.\ Wars, Sons of the Revolution, Mihtary Order of Loyal Legion. 

an^ Blue IBook. 


of Chicago (Son of Wm. H. N. Magruder, 
A.B., LL.D., of Baton Rouge, La. ; son of Captain 
James Truman Magruder, d 1831, of Magruder, 
Prince George's Co., Md.,a naval officer, presented 
at Court of George III., 1790, m his 2nd cousin, 
Elizabeth Magruder. He was ist cousin of Geo. 
Eraser Magruder, of Virginia, to whom the arms 
were confirmed). 

Boi'ii at Mount Ararat, Miss., Sept. 27, 1838; Chief 
Justice of Supreme Court of 111. since 1885, 
representing the Northern Dist. ; A.M., 
LL.B., and LL.D. of Yale Univ. ; m Julia, da. 
of Phillip Clayton Latham, of Kentucky, son of Hon. James Latham, 
of London, Eng., and Culpepper, Va. 

i. Henry Latham, h Dec. 25, 1866. 

i. Ellen Latham, h May 26, 1865 ; d Sept. 26, 1896. 

Arms — Argent, a fir-tree on a mount vert, surmounted of a sword bendways, on 

its point an Imperial Crown proper; a canton azure. 
Crest — A lion's head erased pi'oper crowned with an antique crown. 
Mottoes — Srioghail mo dhream ; E'en do bot spair nocht. 

Residences — 7 Washington Place, Chicago, and Springfield, II 
Clubs — Universit}-, Union, and Union League. 

of N.Y. City (Son of Rev. Thos. McC. Peters, 
1821-93, m 1847, Alice, da. of Rev. William Rich- 
mond, of N.Y. City. — Descended from Andrew 
Peters, who settled in Andover, Mass., 1657, pro- 
bably related to Rev. Hugh Peters, who came to 
New Eng. with John W^inthrop, Jr., 1646, son of 
Thomas Dikewood Peters, Merchant of Fowey, 
Cornwall, England). 

Born in New York City April 13, 1850; vi 1879, 
Helen, da. of Henry Anthon Heiser, of New 
York City. 

*T-.\ WWy^v^^n Wn\^ 

i. Isabel Mercien. 
ii. Alice Richmond. 


i. William Richmond, b 1888. 
ii. Thomas McCLLrkE, b 1889. 

Anns — Gules, on a bend or, between two escallops ai'gent, a Cornish chough 

proper between two cinquefoils azure. 
Crest — Two lions' heads erased and endorsed, the first or the second azure, 

gorged with a plain collar counterchanged. 
Motto — Sans Dieu rien. 

Residences — 23 West 73rd Street, N.Y. City ; Oyster Bay, Long Island, 
Clubs — Century, Reform, Down Town. 


ni>attbcw6* Bnierican armoury 

-*- of Dobbs' Ferry, N.Y, (Son of the Rev. Isaac 
Ferris, D.D., LL.D. ; h October 9, 1798;^ June 
^3' ^§73' '" Letitia Storm, d February ^, 1902; 
Graduated at Columbia College, 1816 ; Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1820; Union College D.D., 1833; 
Columbia College LL.D., 1853; Chancellor of the 
Universityof New York, 1852; Chancellor Emeritus, 
1870 ; Pastor of the Middle Dutch Church, Albany, 
1824-36 ; Market Street Church, N.Y., 1836-40. 
Descended from John Ferris, of Leicestershire, 
England, settled in Fairfield, Connecticut, circa 
1640; one of the Proprietors of Throckmorton's 
Neck, in Westchester Co., N.Y.). 

Bom at New York City, Oct. 3, 1855 ; Graduated at the University of 
New York City, 1874; University Law School, 1876; Admitted to 
the Bar, 1876; Member of the Advisory Council of the Society of 
the Daughters of the Cincinnati ; Registrar of the Society of War 
of 1812 ; President Yonkers Historical and Library Association ; 
Treasurer Society of American Authors ; Secretary, Sons of 
Revolution; Secretary, N.Y. State Historical Association; 
Attorney-General of the Order of Founders and Patriots ; Secretary, 
Colonial War Lake George Monumental Committee ; ;;/ Sept. 4, 
1879, Mary Lanman, daughter of Colonel John de Peyster Douw, 
and Marianne Chandler Lamann, his wife, of Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 

i. Morris Douw, b February 12, 1884. 

ii. Van Wyck, h May 28, 1890. 

i. Mary van Rensselaer. 

Arms — Azure, on a chevron or three horseshoes of the first, between three 
cinquefoils argent. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet a hand proper between two wings. 
Motto — Multnm in florins artae. 

Residence — Dobbs' Ferry, Westchester Co., N.Y. 

Clubs — St. Andrew's Golf, Lawyers', Delta Phi, Ardsley. 

Societies — Foreign Wars, Colonial Wars, Sons of the Revolution, War of 1812, 
Founders and Patriots, Huguenot, Westchester Bar Ass'n., American 
Historical, Yonkers Historical, Long Island Historical, N.Y. Genealogical 
and Biographical, Society of American Authors, N.Y. State Historical. 

anb Blue 'Boo\\. 


of Portland, O. (Son of Franklin Freeman, 
1824-86, of Dover, N.H., State Rep., Magistrate, 
and City Treas.,;« 1847, Hannah Stevens, 1823-59, 
da. of Samuel and Phebe (Wentworth) Dame, of 
Dover, N.H. ; son of James, Z) 1790; son of Benja- 
min, b 1762 ; son of Isaac, h 1733 ; son of Ebenezer, 
b 1687 ; son of Edmund, b 1657 ; son of Major John 
Freeman, 1627-1719, served against the Indians, 
1677, Major of Barnstable Troop, 1685, etc.). 

Born at Dover, N.H., Feb. 22, 1859 ; Educated at 
Cornell Univ.; Capt. 2nd Regt. U.S. Vol. 
Engrs.; U.S. Assist. Engr. ; served in Spanish- 
American War; in Dec. 16, 1886, Mattie, da. 
of James Hearst and Martha J. (Gray) Foster of Albany, Oregon. 


i. George Foster, b Sept. 20, 1887. 
ii. James Wentworth, b Oct. 13, 1894. i. Martha Gray. 

Anns — Azure, three lozenges or. 

Crest — A demi-lion rampant gules holding in the paws a lozenge or. 

Motto — Liber et audax. 

Residence — 314 N. Grand Avenue, Portland, Oregon. 

Societies — Colonial Wars, Sons of the American Revolution, Mayflower. 

of New York City (Youngest son of Henry 
Hamilton Schieffelin and Maria Theresa, his wife, 
second da. of Samuel Bradhurst,M.D., of New York. 
— Descended from Jacob Schieffelin, of Weilheim, 
under Deck, Germany, who cam.e to Philadelphia 
in 1746, bringing with him the family Bible 
printed in 1560, which is still in the possession of 
the family resident in New York). 

Born in New York City, January 29, 1827; 
m. Catherine Tonnele, second daughter of 
Valentine Gill Hall, of New York City. 

Arms — Tierce per fesse sable and or. On three piles 
(two conjoined with one between, transposed) 
invected counterchanged, as man)' ci'oss-crosslets of the first. 

Crest — A holy lamb passant crowned with glory and bearing cross staff and, 
pennon proper. 

Motto — Per fidem et constantiam. 

Residences — 865 Maddison Avenue, New York City ; " Dryburn," Tivoli on Hudson, 

New York. 
Clubs — Union, St. Nicholas, City. 
Societies — Colonial Wars, St. Nicholas, Colonial Order. 


fll>attbe\v6' Bmerican Brmouri? 

of East Orange, N.J. (Son of Rev. Calvin S. 
Hendrick, 1838-65, in Elizabeth W., da. of Rev. 
Alex. Wheeler and Mary (Moseley) Campbell, of 
Bedford Co., Va. ; son of Rev. John S. 1811-98, 
III Jane E. Bigelow, of Richmond Va. ; son of Joseph 
W., of Hanover Co., Va., w Mary D. Shilman ; son 
of William Hendrick, of Holland, settled in Hanover 
Co., Va., 1750-60. Also descd. from Lieut. Wm. 
Winston and Sarah Dabney, grand-da. of Cornelius 
D'Aubigne, a refugee from France, after the 
Revocation of the Edict of Nantes). 

Born at Puducah, Ky., June 21, 1865 ; Assist. 
Chf. Engr., G.S. and F.R.R.; City Engr. of 
Macon, Ga. ; Engr. in Charge of Sewers ; 
Rapid Transit R. R. Comm., N.Y. ; ni Nov. 29, 1892, Sarah R., 
Wm. F. and Chloe P. (Conyers) Herring of N.Y. 

i. Calvin Wheeler, Jr., b Oct. 19, 1893. 
ii. Herring-de-la-Porte, b Jan. 13, 1896. 

Anns — Argent, a hind standing in a forest. 
Crest — Out of a ducal coronet a hind's head. 

da. of 

Residence — 129 Glenwood Avenue, East Orange, N.J. 
Societies— Colonial Wars, Am. See. Civil Engineers, N.Y. 

of N.Y. City (Son of Abraham Leggett, of 
N.Y. City, b 1805; son of Abraham; son of 
Ezekiel ; son of William, b 1715; son of Capt. 
William, i 1691 ; son of Gabriel Leggett, proprietor 
of an estate in Westchester Co., now the 23rd Ward 
of N.Y. City ; son of Hebmingius Leggett, High 
Sheriff of Essex, Eng., settled in America, 1640, 
via Barbadoes, W.I.). 

Born in N.Y. City, March 27, 1840; in Mrs. Besse 
Sturges, da. of John David L. Macleod. 

i. Frances Howard. 

{Children of Mrs. Leggett by 1st ni.) 
i. Hollister Sturges. ii. Alberta Sturges. 

Anns — Ermine, a lion rampant gules. 

Crest — Two lions' ganibs erect gules supporting a mitre or. 

Residences— 21 West 34th Street, N.Y. Citv ; Ridgelv Manor, Stone Ridge, 

Ulster Co., N.Y. 
C/»/;s— Metropolitan, Union League, Tuxedo, Riding, Grolier, Merchants, 

National Arts. 

an^ Blue Boo??, 


"P EAD, Mrs. MARGUERITE (nee De Carron 


d'Allondans), and Mademoiselle Louise 

Catherine de Carron d'Allondans, daughters of 

Monsieur Jacques Frederic de Carron d'Allondans, 

Municipal Councillor, b 1835, d 1870, and Catherine 

Marguerite, his wife, da. of Frederick Pillard, 7th 

in descent (last of the line) from le Sieur Pierre 

Carron, who held some minor office under the 

Princes of Montbeliard about 1650, he m Johanne 

Marthelot d'Allondans ; his father, Jehan Carron 

de Presentevilliers, was the brother of the learned 

Monsieur Pierre Carron, Maistre des Escholes 

Francaises a Montbeliard, and they both were sons 

of honorable homme Jacques Carron de Verroreille (a man of wealth in 

the city of Montbeliard) and this last was grandson of noble homme Jean 

de Carron, Lord of the Manor of Carron, 1521, who was enobled by 

Francis L, April 29, 1539, and whose father, le Sieur Antoine Carron, has 

been claimed as an ancestor by the Carrons, Counts of Cessens, and other 

notable families of the name). 

Born in France ; vi Aug. 24, 1889, Major Harmon Pumpelly Read, 
F.R.G.S., of Albany, N.Y., son of General John Meredith and 
Delphine Marie (Pumpelly) Read, G.C.R. 

Arms — (de Carron d'Allondans) Azure, three tiles or, surmounted by a ducal 

Motto — Loyaute. 

Residence— 2^6 State Street, Albany, N.Y. 

of N.Y. City (Fourth son of Rufus Weed, 
of Noroton, Ct., b Mar. 7, 1802, r/ May 30, 1883, 
in Feb. 25, 183 1, Phebe, b Nov. 10, 1805, d Apl. 10, 
1867, da. of John and Sarah (Fancher) Clock, of 
Noroton, Ct. ; son of Benjamin Weed, soldier in 
War of the Revolution. — Descd. from Jonas Weed, 
b at Stanwick, Northamptonshire, Eng., settled at 
Watertown, Mass., 1631, and Wethersfield, Ct., 


Born at Noroton, Ct., Feb. 6, 1844, ni Apl. 11, 1872, 
Adeline, b May 27, 1845, da. of James 
Waterbury and Xouisa J. (Wood) Stanton, of 

Stamford, Conn. 

i. Walton F., b Feb. 26, 1875. i. Florence L. 

Arms — Argent, two bars gules in chief three martlets sable. 
Crest — A martlet sable. 


ii. Louisa S. 

Residences — 17th Street and 4th Avenue, New York City ; Noroton, Conn. 
Club — New York Athletic. Society — Sons of the Revolution 


HDattbews' Emcvican Hrmour^ 


-^ of New York City (Eldest son of Joel Francis 
Freeman, of East Orange, N.J., late Treas. Stand- 
ard Oil Coy., and Chairman of the Board of the 
Missouri, Kansas and Texas R.R., b Oct. 12, 
1836, m Dec. 5, i860, Francis M., da. of 
Judge Seth Alden and Mercy (Hunt) Abbey, of 
Cleveland, O. — Descended from Henry Freeman 
1670-1763, of Woodbridge, N.J., m Elizabeth 
Bonue 1695. Descended, on the maternal side, 
from John Abbey, from England in ship " Bona- 
venture," 1634; one of the early settlers of Salem. 
His son, Thomas Abbey, fought in King Philip's 
War, and was wounded at the taking of the Indians' Fort at Narragan- 
sett, 1675 ; in 1683 Thomas Abbey became one of the founders of Enfield, 
Conn. His grandson, Thomas Abbey, was Ensign and Lieut, in French 
and Indian Wars, 1758-61 ; became the noted Captain Abbey of the 
American Revol., serving throughout the entire conflict with distinc- 
tion. In 1 861, his grandson. Judge Seth Alden Abbey, of Cleveland, 
Ohio, at the age of 63 years was made ist Lieut, of the and Ohio Cavalry, 
and served throughout the Civil War, part of the time as Brig. Quarter- 
master. The mother of Judge Abbey was Hannah Alden, gt.-gt. -grand-da. 
of Dep.-Gov. John Alden, 1599-1687, of Plymouth Colony, the 7th Signer 
of the Mayflower Compact. Other ancestors were William Vassall, Asst. 
Gov. of Mass. Bay Colony, son of John Vassall, Alderman of London ; 
William Harvey, Clarenceux King of Arms ; Capt. Miles Morgan, the 
" Hero of Springfield," grandson of Sir William Morgan, of Tredegar, 

Born at Cleveland, O., May 25, 1862; Grad. N.Y. Univ. B.S., 1882, 
M.S., 1887 ; one of the founders and incorporators of the Hereditary 
Patriotic Order of "Settlers and Defenders of Amer."; M. of Councils 
Soc. of Colonial Wars, and Order of Founders and Patriots, N.J. 

Arms — (Abbey) Gules, five fusils conjoined in fesse, betw. three escallops argent. 
Crest — An eagle's head erased proper. Motto — Alte fert aquila. 

Residences — Metropolitan Club, N.Y. City; Elm Gate, East Orange, N.J. 

Clubs — Metropolitan, Players, National Arts, Church, New York Yacht, Reform, 
Opera, Psi Upsilon, Nineteenth Century, Twilight, Baltusrol Golf, Essex 
County, Country, Riding and Driving (Orange N.J.), Republican. 

Societies — Mayflower Descendants, Founders and Patriots, Colonial Wars, Sons 
of the Revol., St. Nicholas, Ohio, Phi Beta Kappa, National Steeplechase 
and Hunt Assn., N.J. Historical; New Eng. of Orange, N.J., Huguenot, 
Sons of Amer. Revol., Revol. Memoiialof N.J., Colonial Governors. 

ant) Blue Booh. 


of N.Y. City (Son of Wm. W. Gould, of 
Woodstock, Ct., b 1826, Jii iSj^j, Electa Moulton 
Pratt ; son of Jedediah ; son of Ophir ; son of 
Bezaleel ; son of Eliez^r ; son of Zaccheiis ; son of 
Capt. John Gould, 1635-1710, of Great Messenden, 
Bucks., Eng., chosen Selectman of Topsfield in 
1663, served in King Philip's War). 

Boyn at Batavia, N.Y., Jan. 13, 1849 ; Collector of 
Customs Buffalo Dist. 1881-85 ; Pres. Gould 
Coupler Co., Gould Steel Co., of Anderson ; 
founder of Depew ; Commodore Amer. Yacht 
Club ; ;// Julia Adelaide Stocking. 

Henry Colton, 1869-92, in Lillian Augusta Rockwell. 
Charles Moulton, b Sept. 7, 1873, m Lillie Bell. 
William Stocking, b Sept. 4, 1875, in Ethel Blanch Sanders. 
Celia Adelaide, iu George G. Milne. 

Arms—Pev saltire, azure and or, a lion rampant counterchanged. 
Crest— A demi-lion rampant or, holding a scroll argent. 
Motto — Probitate et labore. 



Residences — 714 Fifth Avenue, New York City; " Greystone," Rye, N.Y. 
Clubs-'Union League, Republican, Engrs., Lawyers, Larchmont Yacht, Amer. 
Yacht, N.Y. Yacht, Atlantic Yacht, N.Y. Athletic, Lotus, Reform. 

Societies — Colonial Wars, Sons of the American Revolution. 

-■■ of N.Y. (Son of Charles Peck, 1830-1903, 
m Mary Folger Davis ; son of Elnathan 1803-65, 
m Mary Dewey; son of Michael, 1773-1861, 
in Mary Marshall; son of Samuel, 1736-1822, 
m Mehitable Smith ; son of Samuel, b 1716, 
m Hannah Jennings ; son of Samuel, b 1690, 
m Martha Clark ; son of Joseph, b 1653, "' Mary 
Camp ; son of Joseph, of Conn. 1635 ; son of 
Robert Peck, of Beccles, Suffolk,- England). 

Born at New Britain Ct. June 30, 1858; Grad. Yale 
Univ. B.A. 1881 ; m Jan. 30, 1884, Bertha T., 
da. of Edward Napoleon Pierce, of Plainville 

i. Elena Marjorie. 

Arms — Or, on a chevron gules three crosses formee of the field. 

Crest — Two lances in saltire or, headed argent, with pennons of the first, each 

charged with a cross formee gules, enhled with a chaplet vert. 
Mottoes — (i) Crux Christi salus mea ; (2) Probitatem quam divitias. 

Residences — 12 East 58th Street, N.Y. City; Sachem's Head, Conn. 

C/m6s— Fulton, Barnard, University, N.Y. Yacht, Montclair Golf, Sachem's Head 

Yacht, Grads. of N.H., Maple Hill Golf. 
Societies — New England, Sons of the Revolution. 


ni>attbcvv0* Bmcrican Brmour^ 



of Phila., Pa. (Son of Benj. EUicott 1796- 

1869, of Ellicott City and Balto., Md., m Mary 
1819-54, da. of Wm. Carroll, of " Rock Creek," 
Md., a descendant of Charles Carroll, Atty-Genl. 
of Md., 1689, who was in descent from the 
O'Carroll's of King's Co., Ireland. — Descended 
from Andrew Ellicott, from Devonshire r//ra. 1700). 

Born at Balto., Md., Dec. 8, 1846 ; U.S. Coast and 
Geodetic Surv. 1864-90 ; Asst. to Prov. Univ. 
of Pa. 1895-1901 ; Capt. ist Regt. U.S. Vol. 
Engrs. 1898-99, served in Porto Rico and 
Cuba; m (i) Jan. 17, 1877 Margt. Ingersoll, 
da. of Richd. W. and Annie (Smith) Tyson ; 
in (2) June 6, 1895, Eleanor C, da. of Joseph 
Patterson and Jane, da. of Rev. Cornelius C. Cuyler, of Phila. 


i. Daniel, deed. 

i. Mary Carroll. ii. Ruth Clement, deed. iii. Margaret Tyson. 

Arms — Lozengy or and azure, a bordure argent. 
Crest — A hawk with wings expanded and belled ppr. 
Motto — Esto super vias antiquas. 

Residence — 2031 Locust Street, Philadelphia, Penna. 

Chths — Faculty, Phila. ; Metropolitan, Wash. ; University, Balto. 

Societies — Sons of Revel. ; Spanish-Am. War ; Pa. His. ; D. of Columbia Hist. 

of New Haven, Ct. (Da. of John Williams 
Quincy, of N.Y., 1813-83, w (2) LucretiaD. Perkins, 
1832-83 ; gt. -grandson of Judge Edmund Quincy, 
father of Dorothy, who m John Hancock, Pres. of 
the Continental Congress, 1776, and Govr. of 
Mass. ; son of Judge Edmund Quincy, Colonial 
Envoy to Court of St. James's ; son of Colonel 
Edmund Quincy, whose descdt., Abigail Smith, 
m John Adams, 2nd U.S. Prest., whose son, John 
Quincy Adams, was 5th Prest. ; son of Edmund 
Quincy, 1602-35, of Mass. Bay Colony, 1633 ; son of 
Edmund and Ann (Palmer) Quincy of Wigsthorpe, 
Northamptonshire, Eng. — Also descd. from Govr. 
John Haynes, 1594-1654, and Govr. George Wyllys, 
of Connecticut, 1642). 

Arms — Gules, seven mascles conjoined three, three, and one or. 

Crest — Three ostrich feathers argent. 

Motto — -Sine macula macla. 

Residences — 47 Hillhouse Avenue, New Haven, Conn. ; New York City. 
Societies — Colonial Dames, Colonial Governors, 

anb Blue Boof?. 


-*- of Santa Barbara Cal. (Second son of Col. 
John Addison Thomas, U.S.A. [son of Isaac Jeton 
Thomas], Adjut.-Genl. State of N.Y., Asst. Sec. 
of State 1855-57, ^ 1810, d Paris, France, 1858, 
III Catherine, d Paris, France, 1885, da. of Thomas 
A. Ronalds, i783-i832,;« 1815, Maria D. Lorillard; 
son of James Ronald, h at Paisley, Scotland, 1752, 
d 1812, emigrated to America, in Margaret Ritchie 
of Paisley ; son of Alexander Ronald, b Paisley 
1692, d 1784, a descendant of the Earl of Orkney). 

Born in N.Y. City Nov. 3, 1848, m (i) April 1881, 
Daisy, d May igoo, da. of John C. and Mary 
(Potter) Richards, M.D. ; Physician and 
Surgeon in Civil War ; in (2) April 1902, Julia, da. of the late Thomas 
Trowbridge and Adelia (Edson) Hayes, of N.Y. City. 

A nus- 

-Sable, a chevron and canton ermine. 

-A unicorn's head erased. Motto — Virtus invicta gloriosa. 

Residence — " The Roses," 1926 Santa Barbara Street, Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Clubs — N.Y. Union League, N.Y. Athletic. Country of Westchester Co., Santa 
Barbara Country. 

Societies — Life Mem. Holland Lodge F. and A.M., Mem. 7th Regt. Veteran Assn. 

"^ '-L of New York City (Son of James Lancaster 
Morgan (2nd), b 1845, in Alice M., da. of John J. 
Hill, of Albany, N.Y. ; son of Abijah, 1783-1869 ; 
son of Charles, 1756-1833 ; son of Charles, 1720-60; 
son of James, 1683-1764 ; son of Charles and 
Elizabeth Morgan, of Flushing, Long Island, 1683). 

Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., April 27, 1867 ; Grad. 
Ph.B. School of Mines, Columbia Univ., N.Y., 
i888; in November 2, 1892, Maria Letitia, da. 
of Hon. Alex. T. Goodwin, of Utica, N.Y. 

i. James Lancaster (4th), b July 24, 1893, 
d Sept. 14, 1894. 

i. Helen Ridgley,7» May 26, 1896. 

Arms — Vert, a lion rampant or; impaling (Goodwin) or, a lion passant guard. 

sable, on a chief gules three lozenges vaire. 
Crest — A reindeer's head cabossed proper. Motto — Dum spiro spero. 

Residences — 201 West 55th Street, N.Y. City ; "Lanmore," Larchmont Manor, N.Y. 
Clubs — University, Larchmont Yacht, Chemists'. 
Societies — Colonial Wars, Psi Upsilon. 


nftattbews* anteiican Hrmour^ 

of N.Y. City (Son of Prof. James J. Mapes, 
A.M., LL.D., 1806-66, one of the Founders of the 
National Agricultural Society, m Sophia, d 18S5, 
da. of Judge Garrett Furman, of N.Y. City. — 
Descended from Thomas Mapes, of Mape's Neck, 
Southold, Long Island, N.Y., 1649, a descendant 
of John Mapes, of Feltham, Co. Norfolk, Eng., 
who m Joice, grand-da. of Sir Hugh Blount). 

Born at N.Y. City, July 4, 1836; A.B. Harvard 
University, 1857; m Martha Meeker, da. of 
Oliver Spencer Halsted. 

i. Charles Halsted, h June 8, 1864. 
ii. James J., h Jan. 19, 1866, d April 10, 1896. 
iii. Herbert, h February 28, 1868, d August 23, 1891. 
iv. Victor, h March 10, 1870. v. Clive Spencer, i Sept. 9, 1878. 

Arms — Sable, four fusils in fesse or. 

Crest — An arm embowed in armour or, holding in the gauntlet a spur argent 
leathered sable. 

Motto — Fortis in arduis. 

Residence— bo West 40th Street, New York City. 

C/»6s— University, Lawyers, Players, City, Barnard, Harvard, Suburban Riding 
and Driving. 

of N.Y. City (Eldest son of Charles C. 
Colgate, h August 22, 1822, d January 7, 1880, 
m March 4, 1845, Frances Eliza, h March 21, 1826, 
rf June 8, 1888, daughter of Ira Perego ; grandson 
of Bowles Colgate, and great-grandson of Robert 
Colgate, of Filston, Seven Oaks, Kent, b Sept. 11, 
1758, d in America, July 20, 1826, grandson of 
Steven Colgate, of Horsham, Sussex, 1703-64).' 

Born at Brooklyn, N.Y., Jan. 13, 1846 ; m Oct. 21, 
1869, Annie A., daughter of Charles Shields 
and Mary M., daughter of Rev. Merritt 
Haviland Smith. 


i. Lathrop, h February 2, 1877. 

i. Florence. 

Arms — Argent, a chevron between three escallops sable. 

Crest — A demi-wolf rampant holding in the dexter paw a sword. 

Motto — Omne bonum desuper. 

Residences— ^0 East 57th St., N.Y. City ; '• Shorcham," Monmouth Beach, N.J. 

anb Blue IBooli. 



■*- of Brookline Mass. (Son of Charles Edward 
Thayer 1828-98 of Boston, m Mary Orr Hersey ; 
son of Dr. Joel P., b 1797, in EHzabeth Fessenden; 
son of Johnathan, b 1760, ;« Betsy Faxon ; son of 
Capt. Johnathan, 1725-1805, m Dorcas Hayden ; 
son of Shadrach, 1701-83, in Rachael White ; son 
of Ephraim, 1669-1757, vi Sarah Bass ; son of 
Shadrach, 1629-78, in (i) Mary Barrett, (2) 
Deliverance Priest ; son of Thomas Thayer, b at 
Thornbury, Glouc, Eng., m Margerie Wheeler, 
settled at Braintree, Mass., d 1665). 

Boyn at Boston, Oct. 11, 1865; Grad. Harvard 
Univ. A.B. 1889 ; ni March 23, 1892, Lucy 
R. Bouve. 

i. Charles Edward, b Feb. 18, 1896. i. Ad^le Bouv^. 

ii. Robert Fessenden, b May 24, 1899. 

A HHs— Per pale ermine and gules, three talbots' heads erased counterchanged. 
Crest — A talbot's head erased or. 

Motio — Foecundi galices. 

Residence — Brookline, Mass. 
Society — Sons of the Revolution. 

Clubs — University, Boston Yacht. 

of N.Y. City (Son of Thos. Hamilton Burch, 
of Alabama, b 1820, ni 1848, Charlotte Clancy, da. 
of Patrick Gray, of Dublin, of the Grays of Belfast, 
Ireland, ;// Edith Bird of Alabama ; son of Girard 
Birch, of Girard, Ala., descd. from Rev. Peter 
Birch, D.D., Canon of Westminster Abbey, 1710). 

Born at Girard, Russell Co., Ala., Sept. 23, 1857 ; 
Grad. M.D. Univ. City of N.Y., 1880; Surg, 
of New Amsterdam Hospital ; m Sept. 13, 
1883, Martha Ann, 1862-92, da. of John and 
Matilda (Gieger) Slonaker, of Jersey Shore, 
Lycoming Co., Pa. 


i. Thomas Hamilton, Jr., b Sept. 8, 1884. 

Arms — Azure, three fleurs-de-hs or. 

Crest — A fleur-de-lis argent entwined with a serpent proper. 

Mntto — Prudentia simplicitate. 

Residence — 68 West 45th Street, New York City. 
Clubs— New York Yacht, New York Athletic, Atlantic Yacht. 
Societies— N.Y. Co. Medical, Fellow Academy of Medicine, Medical Jurisprudence 
Physicians' Mutual Aid Association, 32* Scottish Kite, Mystic Shrine. 


nf>attbew0' American Hrmour^ 


■L^ of N.Y. City (Son of Darius Lyman 1821-92, 
Chief Nav. Div. Trea. Dept., U.S.A., m Betsy C. 
Converse 1819-82 ; son of Hon. Darius Lyman, Judge 
of Probate 1789-1865 ; son of Col. Moses Lyman, 
son of Dea. Moses Lyman 1713-68 ; son of Captain 
Moses Lyman 1689-1762 ; son of Moses Lyman 
1662-1701 ; son of Lieut. John Lyman, b at High 
Ongar, Essex, Eng., 1623, d at Northampton, 
Mass. 1690; son of Richard Lyman 1580- 1642 of 
High Ongar, 111 Sarah Osborne of Halstead, Kent, 
4th in descent from Thomas Lyman of Navistoke, 
who in EUzabeth Lambert, gt. -grand-da. of Sir 
William Lambert of Owlton). 

Born at Parkman, O., April 12, 1852 ; 2nd Assist. Postmaster-General 
U.S. ; Pres. of Am. Surety Co. of N.Y. ; m Jan. 13, 1887, Laura 
McAllister; i Dec, 31, i902,da.of the late John AlexanderStevens,M.D. 

Anns — Qtly, i and 4, par chevron gales and argent, in base an annulet of the first 
2, gules, a chevron betw. three sheep ; 3, qtly. ermine and gules, a cross or 
Crest— A demi-bull argent attired and hoofed or, langued gules. 
Motto — Quod verum tutum. 

Residence— i^i West 73rd Street, New York City. 
Clubs — Union League and Lotos, New York. 

of Philadelphia (Son of Hon.JohnCadwalader 
1805-79, Judge, U.S. Dist. Court, ;/; (i) 1828, Mary 
Binney, of Phila., m (2) 1833, Henrietta Maria, 
1806-89, ^^- of Charles N. and Sarah Upshur 
(Teackle) Bancker ; son of Thomas, d 1841, Maj.- 
Gen. ist Div. Pa. Mil.; son of Gen. John, (^ 1786, 
son of Dr. Thomas, Prov. Councillor, Chairman 
of the Great Tea Meeting, Phila., 1733; son of John 
Cadwalader, came from Wales to Penna. 1697, 
settled in Merion). 

Bovn in Phila., Nov. 5, 1839; Grad. Penna Univ., B.A. 1838, M.A. i85i , 
M.D. 1861 ; Capt. 6th Pa. Cavalry (Lancers), and A.-de-C. on Staff of 
Generals Hooker and Meade in command of Army of Potomac in 
Civil War, with rank of Lt.-Col. ; w July 15, 1897, Mary Bridget, 
da. of Michael and Mary A. Ryan, of Limerick, Ireland. 

Atnns — Gules, a lion rampant argent, armed and langued azure. 

Residence — 240 South 4th Street, Philadelphia, Penna. 

Clubs — University, United Service, Germantown Cricket. 

Socu'^iVs— Cincinnati, Sons of the Revol., Colonial Wars, War of 1812, Aztec 
Army of Potomac, Loyal Legion, " Coll. of Physicians," Phila. Co. Medical 
Am. Med. Assn., Grand Army of the Rep., Historical. 

anb Blue Book. 


DAVIS, CHARLES H., Rear-Admiral, U.S.N, 
of Washington, D.C. (Son of Rear-Adml. 
Chas. H. Davis, U.S.N., 1807-77, '" Harriette 
Blake Mills, d 1892 ; son of Daniel, 1762-1835, 
Solr.-Genl. Mass.; son of Judge Daniel, 1713-99; 
son of Joseph, 1662-1729 ; son of Robert, d 1693 ^ 
son of Dolor Davis, from Benefield, Northants., 
Eng., who settled at Cambridge, Mass., 1634, in at 
E. Fairleigh, Kent, 1624, Margery Willard of 

Born at Cambridge, Mass., Aug. 28, 1845; Mid- 
shipman, Nov. 29, 1861, Civil War; Capt. 
U.S.N. ; War with Spain; Comendador de 
numero of the Royal Order of Isabella the 
Catholic, of Spain; /;/ Mar. 31, 1875, Louisa 
M., da. of Surg.-Genl. John Van Pelt and Eliza- 
beth (Wright) Quackenbush, M.D., of Albany. 


i. Charles Henry, h April 23, 1885. i. 

ii. Daniel, h Nov. 20, 1886. 

/\y,ns — Gules, a chevron engrailed between three boars' heads erased argent. 
Cy^^t — On a chapeau gales, turned up ermine, a boar statant. 
Motto — Virtute duce comite fortuna. 


Residences— 'i^-A\'a\ Observatory, Wash. D.C. ; Conanicut Island, Narragansett 

Bay, R.I. 
Clubs — University, Knickerbocker, New York Yacht. 
Societies— C'mcmnaXi, Military Order of Foreign Wars. 

^ of Washington, D.C. (Eldest son of 
Charles Oliver O'Donnell 1823-77, ;// Helen Sophia 
Carroll 1840-86 ; son of Gen. Columbus O'Donnell, 
;// Eleanor C. Pascault ; son of John ; son of John 
1715-80; son of Jacob, d 1765; son of John ; son 
of Jacob, d 1680 ; son of Edward, d 1651 ; son of 
Hugh, d 1610; son of John, d 1581, 8th in desct. 
from Aledh, 1333). 

Bovn at Baltimore, Md., May 15, 1868 ; m April 8, 
1896, Juha, da. of Major John Rufus N.Y. 
Ordnance Corps, of Washington, D.C. and 
Juha (McCaul&y) Edie. 

/I rms— Sable, two lions rampant, supporting a sinister hand between three 

mullets argent. 
Crest— Oni of a ducal coronet or, a dexter arm embowed holding a javelin proper. 
Motto — In hoc signo vinccs. 

Residence — 1629 i6th Street, Washington, D.C. 

C/m6s— Metropolitan (Washington), Baltimore, Chevy Chase (Baltimore), 
Knickerbocker (N.Y.). 


riDattbewe* Hmerican armouri? 


of N.Y.City (Sonof Wm. Earl Dodge, 1805-83 
M. of Congress, m 1828, Melissa Phelps, of N.Y. ; son 
of David Low, 1 774- 1852 ; son of David, 1742-1807; 
sonof David, 1723-82; son of Daniel, 1677-1740; 
son of Richard, 1643- 1705 ; son of Richard of 
Salem, Mass., 1638 ; son of John Dodge, of 
Somersetshire, Eng.). 

Born at N.Y, City, Feb. 15, 1832 ; Hon. A.M. Yale 
Univ. ; Pres. N. E. Soc. ; Pres. Nat. Arbitra- 
tion Soc. ; Vice-P. N.Y. Chamber of Com. ; 
Chairman Exec. Com. Met. Mus. of Art ; Vice- 
P. Am. Mus. of Nat. Hist. ; Dir. N.Y. Botanic 
Garden; Dir. U.S. Steel Corporation, etc., 
m April 5, 1854, Sarah, da. of David Hoadley, 

Pres. Panama R.R. Co. 


i. William Earl (3rd), b Oct. 17, 1858, d Sept. 14, 1884. 
ii. Cleveland Hoadley, b Jan. 16, i860, m Grace Parish, 
i. Grace C. ii. Mary M. H. iii. Alice Hoadley, m W. H. Osborn 

Arms — Barry of six or and sable, on a pale gules a woman's breast guttant. 
Crest — A demi sea-lion azure, collared finned and purfled or. 
Motto — Leni perfruar otio. 

Residences — 262 Madison Avenue, N.Y. City ; " Gre3'ston," Riverdale-on-Hudson. 
Clubs — Century, Metropolitan, City, Reform, Union League, Country. 
Societies — New England, Amer. Historical, Geographical, Continental Wars. 

CHUMASERO, WILLIAM (Judge), deceased, 
of Helena, Montana (Son of Isaac Chumasero, 
1786-1833, of Nottingham, England, m Frances 
Chamberlain 179 2- 1845. — Descended from Vasco 
Yanez Chumacero, who ;;/ Catalina Gonzalis, of 
Estramaduro, Spain, v^^hose ancestor Don Juan 
de Chumacero, Count de Guara, President of the 
Council of Castile, and Ambassador to Rome, was 
tortured in the Spanish Inquisition.) 

Born at Nottingham, England, July 9, 1818; 
d in California Feb. 25, 1893 ! "' J^"- 3°' 
1845, Mary Elizabeth, b Feb. 25, 1824, da. of 
Amos Denison and Cornelia (Leonard) Brown. 

i. Marv Elizabeth, widow of J. K. P. Miller. 
ii. Julia Kate, widow of C. A. Broadwater, 
iii. Antoinette. 

Arms — Azure, two arms in armour argent issuing from the dexter side holding a 
budding club all within a bordure or, charged with seven suns in splendour 
gules and seven crosses of St. Anthony azure alternately. 

Family Residence — 520 Bontou Avenue, Helena, Montana. 

anb Blue l&ool^. 


of N.Y. City (Son of Elbridge G. Dunnell, 
M.D., 1791-1827, of N. Y. City, ;// Sarah S. 
Nichols, 1793-186S, of Waterbury, Ct.— Descd. 
from Michail Dunnell, a French Huguenot, settled 
in America 1653). 

Born in N.Y. City, Feb. 3, 1825 ; S.T.D., GrisAvold 
Coll. ; Rect. Trinity Ch., Red Bank, N.J., 
1859-1871 ; Rect. All Saint's Ch., N.Y., since 
1871 ; Chaplain 22nd Reg. N.G.S.N.Y. ; Chap- 
lain Nat. Guard Ass., S.N.Y. ; Pres. Church- 
man's Assn. of N.Y, ; Prelate Palestine Com- 
mandery No. 18 ; Chaplain of Phoenix Chapter 
F. and A.M., and Roome Lodge F. and A.M.; 
m Harriet Hartland ; da. of Rev. Benj. Evans 
(Rect. Ch. of the Holy Evangelist, afterwards 
in charge of St. George's Chapel, N.Y.),and Harriet Hartland, of N.Y. 

i. William Warren, 1860-80. i. Harriet Hartland, 1858-75. 

Crest — Issuing from a castle in clouds an arm in armour holding in the hand 
proper a plain cross argent. Motto — ^Nec temere nee timide. 

Residences — 292 Henry Street, N.Y. City. Chib — Clericus. 

Societies — Sons of the Revolution, Colonial Wars, Knight Templars, Masonic. 

of Hoboken N.J. (Son of Henry Morton 

1836-1902 of Hoboken, N.Y., Pres. of the Stevens 

Inst, of Technology, ;;; Clara Whiting 1837-1901, 

da. of Samuel N. and Clara (Whiting) Dodge ; 

son of Henry Jackson 1807-90,7// Helen McFarlon ; 

son of Jacob 1761-1836, m Catherine Ludlow; son 

of John, who came to America with the British 

Army 1760, settled in N.Y. 1761, in Maria Sophia 

Kemper; son of John Morton, of Dawson's Bridge, 

Castledawson, Co. Antrim, Ireland ; son of John 

Morton, of Morton Hill, Ballynogher, Par. of l\Iayherafelt,Co. Londonderry, 

where he settled after the Restoration of Chas. II.). 

Born at Hoboken May 24, 1874; Patent Lawyer; Degree (M.E.) 
Mechanical Engineer, Stevens Inst, of Technology 1897 ; in April 23, 
1902, Sarah C, da. of Wm. White Bronson, Jr., of Phila. and 
gt.-gt. -grand-daughter of Rt. Rev. William White, ist Episcopal 
Bishop of the U.S. 

i. Henry, b January 27, 1906. 
A rms^-Or, a lion rampant sable. 

Residences— 52c) River Street, Hoboken, N.J. ; " Upenuff," Pine Hill, N.Y. 
Clubs — St. Nicholas, Baltubrul Golf, New York Yacht, Underwriters. 

1 88 

fIDattbewB' Hmerican Brmour^ 

of Washington, D.C. (Youngest son of 
Thomas Nelson Carter, 1800-84., of Annefield, Va., 
Ill 1836, Anne Willing, da. of John Page, of Page 
Brook, Va., and Evelyn Byrd Nelson, of York 
Town, Va. ; son of Dr. Robert, b 1774; son of 
Charles, b 1732; son of John, b i6go; son of 
Robert, 1663-1732, called " King Carter" ; son of 
Colonel John Carter, Member of Burgesses for 
Virginia, 1649-58, Council 1668, d 1669). 

Boyn at Annefield, Va., 1840 ; Surg., Confed. Army 
in Civil War ; Dir. and Vice-Pres., Peoples 
Nat. Bank, Leesburg ; Grad. Penna. Univ., 
M.D., 1861 ; m Oct. 22, 1867, Mary Mercer, da. of Gov. Thos. and 
Elizabeth G. (Sherlock) Swann, of Md. 

i. Charles Shirley, Jr., b Dec. 22, 1870, ;// Elizabeth Bentley. 
ii. William Page, b Mar. 6, 1884. 
i. Anne Page, in Dr. W. J. S. Stewart. ii. Louise Sherlock (deed.). 

Anus — Argent, a chevron betw. three cart wheels vert. 

Crest— On a mount vert a greyhound sejant argent, sustaining a shield of the last 
charged with a cart wheel vert. Motto — Purus excelleris. 

Residences— i^io " N " St., N.W. Washington, D.C; Bellegrove, London Co., Va. 

Clubs — Metropolitan, Washington Golf. 

Societies — Sons of the Revolution, Soc. of the District of Columbia. 

of Great Falls Montana (3rd son of George 
Ross Veazey, 1820-56, m 1850 Eliza, 1824-70, da. of 
Rev. John Mason Duncan ; son of Dr. John ; son 
of Dr. Thomas, of " Essex Lodge," Md. ; son of 
Col. John ; son of Edv/ard, of Essex Lodge ; son 
of John Veazey, of Cherry Grove, Md., 1687). 

Bovii at Baltimore, Md. Feb. 13, 1854; admitted to 
the Bar 1875; Pres. of ist Branch of City 
Council 1881-82; City Solicitor 1883; Post- 
master of Baltimore 1885 ; in April 13, 1875, 
Grace, d Feb. 24, 1900, da. of Thomas 
Stockton Gaddess of Baltimore, Md. 


i. Thomas Stockton, b Oct. 13, 1877. 
ii. Isaac Parker, Jr., b Jan. 9, 1882. 

i. Eliza, b 1878, d in infancy, iii. Sarah Ward, b 1881, d in infancy, 
ii. Elizabeth Revely. iv. Grace Gaddess, 6 1883, ii? in mfancy. 

Anns — Ermine, on a cross sable five martlets or. 

Crest — An arm embowed couped at the shoulder, erect from the elbow, habited 
gules, cuff ermine, holding in the hand proper four leaves vert. 

Residence — Great Falls, Montana. 

an^ Blue 1Soo\\, 


of Spokane (Son of Rev. Robert D. Brooke, 
of Md., 1824-98, w? Mary W. Smith ; son of Thomas, 
d 1824; son of Thomas, d 1785 ; son of Thomas, 
d 1768; son of Waher, d 1740; son of Thomas, 
d 1744 ; son of Col. Thomas, d 1730 ; son of Major 
Thomas, d 1676 ; son of Robert Brooke, of Manor of 
" De la Brooke," Md., b Whitchurch, Hants, 1602, 
M.A. Oxford, 1618-24, grandson of Richard Brooke, 
of Whitchurch, and Southampton, Hants, d 1594). 

Born at Dubuque, Iowa, Feb. 12, 1855; Mayor of 
Sprague, Wash., three terms; Pres. of the 
Fidelity Nat. Bank, Spokane ; Sen. Warden 
All Saints' Cathedral ; Grad. A.B. Griswold 
Coll., Davenport, Iowa, 1872 ; ;;/ 1882, Julia 
Isabella, da. of Joseph W. Hill, of Westport, Conn. 


i. Robert Dunbar, b 1882. i. Rebecca. 

ii. Philip Slaughter, b 1892. ii. Julia Eltinge. 

iii, George Magruder, b 1898. iii. Mary Watson. 

/l;'7«s— Chequy or and azure, on a bend gules a lion passant of the first. 
Crest — A demi-lion rampant erased or. 

Residence — Spokane, Washington. 

Societies — Colonial Wars, Sons of the American Revolution. 

of Boston (Son of EUis A. Hollingsworth, 
1819-82, of S. Braintree, Mass., ;;/ 1844 Susan J., 
da. of Rufus and Susan (Kingsbury) Sumner of 
Milton, Mass.; son of Mark, 1777-1855; son of 
Amor, 1739- 1826 ; son of Thomas, 1698-1753 ; son 
of Thomas,^ Winchester Va. 1732 ; son of Valentine 
Hollingsworth, came to America with William 
Penn in 1682, m Catherine Cornish, da. of the 
High Sheriff of London). 

Born at South Braintree, Mass., Feb. 9, i860 ; 
111 Oct. 2, 1895, Elsie Madeline, da. of John 
Henry Littlefield of Dorchester, Mass., by 
Susan Jane, da. of Joseph and Madeline 

A rms — Azure, on a bend argent three holly leaves vert. 
Crest— A stag couchant argent. 
Motto — Disce ferenda pati. 

Residfiiccs — 38 Fairfield Street Boston ; " Edgemere," Vineyard Haven, Mass. 
Clubs — Union, Athletic, New Riding. 

I go 

flDattbews' american Hiinourip 

of N.Y. City (Son of Col. Dwight Morris 
1816-94, Consul-Gen. to France, Sec. of State of 
Conn., ui 1868 Grace J. 1844-84, da. of Lewis W. 
Clark of Chicago 111. ; son of James 1754-1817 ; 
f on of James ; son of James; son of Eleazar ; son 
of Thomas Morris, Morris Cove N.H., 1637, signed 
the " Plantation Covenant " ; son of Thomas ; son 
of Roger ; son of Hugh ; son of Rees ap leven ; 
son of levan ap Philip of Carmarthen; son of Philip 
ap David ; son of Philip Dorddu ap Howel ; son 
of Howel ap Madoc ; son of Cadwgan ap Elystan). 

Born at Bridgeport, Ct., Nov. 19, 1969; Atty. and 
Counsellor-ot-Law ; Lecturer in Law Dep. 
Yale Univ.; Grad. at Yale Univ. 1890; 

Master of Laws 1892; Doctor of Civil Law 1893; Counsel for the 
U.S. and Venezuelan Claims Commission 1903 ; in June 24, 1890, 
Alice A., da. of Andrew Y. Parmelee, of New Haven, Ct. 

Arms — Quarterly, i and 4 gules, a lion rampant, guardant or; 2 and 3 argent, 

three boars' heads couped sable. 
Crest- — A lion rampant guardant, or. 
Mottoes — I. Gwell angau na chwlydd. 2. Marte et mare faventibus. 

Residences — 767 Fifth Avenue, N.Y. City ; Lakewood, N.J. 
Clubs — Yale, Republican, Tuxedo, Metropolitan, Lakewood Country. 
Societies — Cincinnati, Loyal Legion, Sons of the Revolution, Bar Association, 
International Law Association, Societ}' of Medical Jurisprudence. 

of N.Y. City (Son of James Mason Mott, 
1800-86, of Balto, Md., ni 1830, Caroline Jeannette 
Mecanger, 1816-99, o^ Balto.; son of Joshua, 
d 1832 ; son of Gershom, 1726-87 ; son of Gershom, 
1698-1758; son of Charles, rf 1741 ! son of Adam 
Mott, came from Co. Essex, England to New York 
1645, d 1690, vi Elizabeth Redman). 

Born at Baltimore, Md., March 29, 1841 ; Mem. 
N.Y. Stock Exchange; m 1871, Agnes Mary, 
da. of Joseph Marin Cooper, President of 
Chatham National Bank, of N.Y. City, and 
Agnes, da. of Hood Gibson. 


i. Joseph Cooper, b Feb. 25, 1872. 

i. Jeannette Le Brun, /// \\'. Eugene Parsons. 

Arms — Sable, a crescent argent. 

Crest — An estoil of eight points argent. Motto — 

Spectemur agendo. 

Residence — 20 East 55th Street, New York City. 

ant) Blue Boolh, 


of Atlanta, Ga. (da. of William W. Garrard, 
1818-66, of Columbus, m Frances J. G. Urquhart ; 
son of Jacob; son of Anthony, 1756-1807 ; son of 
Jacob, came to Virginia 1741 ; son of Jacob 
Antoine ; son of Peter Garrard, of Lille, France, 
who settled in Eng. 1687). 

Born at Garrard, Ga., /// April 23, 1873, John 
Thos. Glenn, 1844-99, son of Col. Luther J. 
Glenn, [descended from the Glens of Bar, Lin- 
lithgow, Scotland], who ni Mildred Lewis R., 
da. of John A. Cobb, who /// Sarah R., da. of 
Thomas Reade Rootes, of " White Marble," 
Va., grandson of Major Philip Rootes, of 

" Rosewall," Va., who in Mildred Read, grand-da. of Col. Geo. 
Reade, who came to Virginia 1637, grandson of Andrew Reade, of 
" Faccombe," Hampshire, Eng., 1585. 

1. John Thomas, d inf. 1876. iii. Luther Judson, d inf. 1881. 

ii, Garrard, b Aug. 17, 1878. iv. William L., h April 16, 1887. 

i. IsA Urquhart, m Capt. S. J. B. Schindel, U.S.A. 
ii. Helen M. 

Arms — (Garrard) Argent, on a fesse sable a lion leoparde of the field. 
Crest— h. leopard assis proper. 

Residence— a Forest Avenue, Atlanta, Ga. 

Societies— Cd\on\3\ Dames of America, Order of the Crown in America. 

of Boston, Mass. (Second son of Henry W. 
Eddy, h Oct. 17, 1826, m Jan. 3, 1850, Julia A. 
Foster, b Aug. 28, 1828, d April 6, 1883.— 
Descended from John Eddy, came to Plymouth in 
the "Handmaid," Oct. 29, 1630, removed to 
Watertown, Mass., i Oct. 12, 1684, ;« (i) Amy, 
m (2) Joanna, who d Aug. 25, 1683, crt. 80 ; son of 
Rev. William Eddy, Vicar of St. Dunstan's Church, 
Cranbrook, Kent, England, a native of the City 
of Bristol, Gloucestershire). 

Born at Worcester, Mass., October 5, i860. 

Arms — Sable, three old men's heads couped at the 

shoulders argent, crined proper. 
Crest — A cross-crosslet fitchee sable, and a dagger argent, hilt or, in saltire. 
Motto — Crux mihi grata quies. 

Residences — The Berkelej-, Boston, Mass. ; Sutherland Road, Aberdeen. 
Club — Puritan. 


nDattbew0' Bmeilcan armoury 

of Cornish N.H. (Son of Edward Spalding 
Churchill of Portland Me., h 1846, m 1871 Emma 
Bell Blaine of St. Louis; son of Edwin 1812-75, 
m Mary Phipps Carter ; son of James Creighton 
1 787- 1 865, in Eliza Walker Osborne ; son of Thomas 
1762-1807, in Alice Creighton ; son of Thomas, 
m Mary Stuart Ewes ; son of Barnabas, ;;/ Lydia 
Harlow ; son of Joseph, ;;/ Sarah Hicks ; son of 
John, settled at Plymouth Mass. 1643, d 1662, 
m Hannah Pontus ; son of Jasper Churchill of 
London, Eng., 1628, i8th in descent from Gitto de 
Leon, 1055). 

5o;';/at St. Louis Mo., Nov. 10, 1871 ; Grad. U.S. N. 
Acad. Annapolis 1894 ! Hon. A.M. Dartmouth 
1903 ; Author; Mem. N.H. Legislature 1903-4 ; 
VI Oct. 22, 1895, Mabel Harlakenden Hall. 

i. John Dwight Winston, h Dec. 21, 1903. i. Mabel Harlakenden. 

Arms — Sable, a lion rampant argent debruised with a bendlet gules. 
Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a demi-lion rampant argent. 
Motto — Robur ex parvo. 

Residences — Harlakenden House, Cornish, N.H. ; 28 The Fenway, Boston, Mass. 
Cliihs — Tennis and Racquet, Boston, Century N.Y., New York, Union N.Y. 

Cniv. St. Louis, Blue Mountain Forest Game, Tavern Boston, Pilgrims 

of London, &c. 

-'- of Islip L.I. (Son of David Thompson 
1798-1871, m Sarah Diodati Gardiner 1807-91; son 
of Hon. Jonathan 1773-1846; son of Judge Isaac 
1743-1816 ; son of Jonathan 1710-86 ; son of Samuel 
1668-1749; son of John, one of the original Pro- 
prietors of Brookhaven, d 1688; son of Rev. 
William Thompson, Grad. of Brazenose Coll., 
Oxford, 1619, settled in New Eng. 1634). 

Born Dec. 17, 1850; Grad. LL.B. Columbia 
Coll. ; Turkish Commissioner to the Chicago 
Exposition, decorated by the Sultan with the 
Orders of Medjidieh and Osmanlieh; Chevalier 
of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem; Chevalier 
of St. Maurice and St. Lazare; Comdr. Crown 
of Italy, created Italian Count 1902. 

Arms — Or, on a fesse dancette azure three etoiles argent, on a canton of the 
second the sun in his splendour. 

Crest — A cubit arm erect vested gules cuffed argent, holding in the hand five ears 
of wheat or. Motto — In lumine lucem. 

Residence — Sagtikos Manor, Apple Tree Wick, West Islip, L.I., New York. 
Clubs — Union, Knickerbocker, Metropolitan of New York. 

Societies — St. George, Colonial Wars, Sons of the Rev., Misencordia of Lucca, 
Italy, N.Y. Hist., L.I. Hist., Acad, of Design, Delta Psi, the Cincinnati. 

ant) Blue 3oo\\, 


of Chicago, 111. (Eldest son of Edward 
Goodrich Hyde, of New Orleans, La., b Sept. 20, 
181 1, d Sept. 4, 1888, VI Nov. 9, 1836, Hannah 
Huntington, da. of Henry Thomas, of Norwich, 
Conn. — Descended from William Hyde, of Hartford, 
Conn., 1616, d 1681, and from John Alden, 
1599- 1687, who 1)1 Prescilla Mullins). 

Born at Norwich, 
Assist. Surg., 

Ct., June 21, 1840, passed 
U.S. Navy ; Prof, of Derma- 
Rush Med. Coll., Chicago ; Grad. 
Yale Univ. A.B. 1861, A.M. 1865; Univ. of 
Penn. M.D. 1869; m July 31, 1871, *Alice 
Louise, da. of Alexander Griswold. 


i. Charles Cheney, b May 22, 1872. 

Anns — Azure, a chevron between three lozenges or. 

Crest — An eagle, with wings endorsed sable beaked and membered or. 

Motto — Deus nobis haec otia fecit. 

Residences— 24og Michigan Av., Chicago; "The Barnacle," Prouts Neck, Me. 
Clubs— The Onwentsia, Lake Forest, University, Athletic, Chicago. 
Societies— MiWtaxy Order of the Loyal Legion, Colonial Wars, Mayflower 
Descendants, ^Colonial Dames, -Daughters of the American Revolution. 

of Philadelphia (Son of Samuel Lyon Fiske 
1815-69, III Maria Louise Hodges ; son of Major 
Samuel 1773-1833; son of Deacon Daniel 1709-78 
of Sturbridge Mass.; son of Nathan 1672-1723 of 
Watertown ; son of Lieut. Nathan 1642-96 ; son of 
Nathan, b at Weybread, Co. Suffolk, Eng., settled 
at Watertown, Mass., 1640; son of Jeffery Fiske, 
who was descended from Symond Fiske, Lord of 
the Manor of Stadhaugh, Suffolk, temp. Hen. viii.). 

Born at Southbridge, Mass., Feb. 14, 1844, m (i) 

April 23, 1883, Mary, da. of Capt. John Dobson 

of Phila., ;;/ (2) May 10, 1894, Mrs. Katharine 

H. Tucker. 


i. Sarah Dobson, b Feb. 11, 1886. 

Arms— Cheqny argent and gules, on a pale sable three mullets pierced or. 
Crest — On a triangle argent an estoile or. 

Residence — 2042 Locust Street, Philadelphia. 

Clubs— Umon League, Phila., Country, Radnor Hunt, Rose Tree Fox Hunting, 

Germantown Cricket. 
SocjVitVs— Pennsylvania Historical, New England of Pa. 
















riDattbewe' Hmerican armoury 

KEMPER, ANDREW CARR, M.D. (deceased), 
of Cincinnati (Son of David R. Kemper, 
1793-1849, m Sarah Hall, 1799- 1868, da. of Hugh 
Fulton, of Kentucky, who m Jane Rogers of Dublin. 
— Descd. from John Kemper, of Virginia, 1714 ; son 
of Johann von Kemper, an Oberst in Palatinate 
Army, Com'dr of Stahleck Castle, Bacharach on 
Rhine, 1712). 

Born at " E. Walnut Hills," O., July 1 1 , 1832, d Aug. 
15, 1905 ; Grad. Centre Coll., Ky., 1855, 
Univ. of Louisville, 1866, B.A., M.A., M.D. ; 
Asst. Adj. -Gen., Capt. on Staff of Maj.-Gen. 
H. W. Halleck, 1861-65 ; m Jan. 10, 1865, 
Louisa A., da. of James and Caroline (Brown) 
Anderson, Jr., of Louisville. 


i. Carr Lawson, 1867-74. 

ii. Jas. Brown, Capt. U.S.A., b Jan. 5, 1876, m 1903, Mercer Mason. 
i. Caroline, m Louis Carlton Bulkley, of Bossier, Louisiana, 
ii. Sarah Hall, 1870-74. 

Arms — Party per pale gules and azure, on the ist a griffin rampant argent, on 
the 2nd a griffin rampant or, facing each other. 

Crest — A demi-griffin or, langued gules, holding a hammer or, headed argent. 

Motto — Die Kemper. 

Residence — (Mrs. A. C. K.) c/o L. C. Bulkley, Alden Bridge, Bossier Pa., La. 

of Cleveland, O. (Son of W^arren H. Corning, 
b 1841, m 1864, Mary Helen, da. of Henry Wick, 
of Cleveland. — Descended from Ensign Samuel 
Corning, Freeman of Boston, Mass., 1641). 

Born at Cleveland, Jan. 13, 1869 ; at St. Paul's Sch., 
Concord, N.H. 1882-87; Grad. of Harvard 
Univ., 1891 ; ist Lt., Troop A, Ohio, N.G., 
1896; Capt. ist Ohio Vol. Cavalry 1898; 
Commd. Troop B during Spanish-Am. War; 
m Nov. 2, 1897, Edith, da. of WilHam and 
Sarah (Bushnell) Warden, of Philadelphia." 


i. Warren Holmes, b Feb. 25, 1902. i. Mary. 

A rms — Argent, a saltire sable. 
Crest — A bugle-horn stringed gules. 

Motto— Crede cornu. 

Residence — 1147 Prospect Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 

C/h^s — Knickerbocker of N.Y. City, Union, Country, Roadside, Tavern of 
Cleveland, Hasty Pudding, A.D., Harvard Univ. 

an^ Blue Boof^. 


of Brooklyn, N.Y. (Eldest son of Lieut. 
Irving Montgomery Avery, of Brooklyn, N.Y. ; 
Lieut. 48th Regt. N.Y.S. Vols., 1861-64; Brigade 
Quartermaster 2nd Brigade loth Army Corps; 
/; Scipio, N.Y., July i, 1832; iii Auburn, N.Y., 
April 10, 1856, Jane Sabrina, h Dec. 18, 1835; 
d Oct. II, 1894, daughter of the Hon. Garret V. 
Orton, Judge, &c., and Rosamond Cooke, his wife, 
of Auburn, N.Y. — Descended from (i) Christopher 
Avery, b in England circa 1590 ; settled at 
Gloucester, Mass., 1630; removed to New Lon- 
don, Conn., 1663 ; Freeman of the Colony, 1669 ; 
d March 12, 1679 ; (2) Captain James Avery, 1620- 
1704 ; served in King Philip's and Frontier Wars; 

Judge, and Deputy to General Court ; (3) Captain James Avery, Jr., 
1646-1732 ; Guardian Pequot Indians; Judge; Deputy; (4) Captain 
James Avery, 3rd, 1673- 1754; Guardian Pequot Indians; Judge; 
Deputy; (5) Lieut. -Col. Ebenezer Avery, 1704-80; Ensign, Lieut, and 
Capt., and Lieut. -Col. 8th, Conn. ; Deputy ; (6) Lieut. Ebenezer Avery, 
Jr., 1732-81 ; Ensign and Lieut. 8th, Conn., killed in action. Fort 
Griswold, Sept. 6, 1781 ; (7) Col. Ebenezer Avery, 3rd, 1762-1842 ; 
served in War 1812 ; (8) Rev. Charles Eldredge Avery, 1794-1854. 
Also descended from Elder William Brewster, 1561-1644, who drafted 
the Mayflower Compact, and from Captain George Denison, 1619-94, 
wounded at the Battle of Naseby, served in King Philip's War and other 
Indian Wars in Connecticut). 

Bofii in Brooklyn, Nov. 22, 1857; Counsellor-at-Law ; Educated at 
University of Heidelberg, Germany ; Graduated LL.B., University 
of the City of New York, June, 1882 ; Judge Advocate General of 
the Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States ; m at 
Mannheim, Germany, Sept. 7, 1880, Therese Marie, daughter of 
George Craddock, of Philadelphia. 

i. Irving Montgomery, b June 8, 1881. 
ii. Henry Craddock, b Aug. 10, 1885. 
i. Marion Frances. 

Arms -Gules, a fesse between three bezants or. 
Crest — Two lion's gambs or, supporting a bezant. 
Motto — Fidelis. 

Residence — 108 Lincoln Place, Brooklyn, New York City. 

Club — Montauk. 

Societies— Co\onia.\ Wars, Sons of the Revolution, War of 1812, Sons of the 
American Revolution, Conn. Military Order of Foreign Wars, Military 
Order of the Loyal Legion, Bar Association, Fellow of the American 
Geographical Society. 


ni>attbe>x')6* Hmerican Brmour\> 

of N.Y. City (Son of Austin Ball 1819-99, 
m 1851, Mary A., da. of W. M. and Harriette 
W. (Holley) Brand of Lexington Ky. ; grandson of 
James Ball of Boston, who m Henrietta, da. of 
Elijah and Esther (Phelps) Austin, of New Haven, 
Ct., a member of the Austin family which received 
grant of land in Texas, prominently identified with 
its settlement, after whom the capital was named. 
Esther Phelps was da. of Judge John Phelps of 
Stafford, Ct., officer in Am. Rev., a Belegate to 
Convention at Hartford, Ct., that, 1788, ratified the 
U.S. Constitution. The wife of Judge John Phelps 
(and mother of Esther), Lady Mary Richardson, 
was a lineal descendant of Sir Thomas Richardson, Speaker of House of 
Com. temp. James I., L. C. Justice of Eng. under Charles L, buried in 
Westminster Abbey. — Bescended from W. Ball of Boston 1760, b in 
Forfar, Co. Angus, Scotland 1716, m Elizabeth Bradford 1751, d 1803). 
Born at Baltimore Md. May 21, i860. 

Crest — On a chapeau gules, turned up ermine, a lion passant crowned with a 
ducal coronet or. Motto — Coronat fides. 

Residence — 40 Garden Place, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

C/»6s— Crescent Athletic (Brooklyn), Church of the Diocese of L.I. 

Societies — New Eng.; 7th Regt. Vetn. Assn., Southern, N.Y. ; Maryland, N.Y. 

^-^ of East Hampton L.L (Eldest son of Isaac 
Underbill Coles, and Catherine S. Remsen, his 
wife. — Bescended from Robert Cole, of Suffolk, 
Eng., who emigrated to America in 1630). 

Born at Tarrytown, Westchester Co., N.Y., 
July 15, 1873, "^ at Geneva, Switzerland, 
Margaret Miller, da. of Sylvanus Miller 
Bavidson, gth in descent from Malcolm 
Bavidson, of Bingwall, Scotland. 

i. Henry Rutgers Remsen, b May 28, 1897. 

Arms— Qi\y., 1 and 4, argent, a bull passant gules 
armed or, within a bordure sable bezantee ; 
2 and 3, argent, a chevron sable between three 
trefoils slipped vert. 

Crest— A demi-dragon vert, holding in the dexter paw an arrow or, headed and 
feathered argent. 

Motto—Deum cole regem serva. 

Residences— 126 East 34th Street, New York City; East Hampton, L.I. 
C/«is— Union, N.Y. Athletic. 

Socielics—Sons of the Revolution, Colonial Wars, Old Guard of Chicago, 
Huguenot, Genealogical Biographical and Historical. 

anb Blue IBooJ^, 


of Shelburne Farms, Vt. (Son of James W. 
and Laura V. (Cram) Webb, grandson of Gen. 
Saml. B. Webb 1753-1807, who served as Lt.-Col. 
and A.-de-C, Staff of Gen. George Washington, 
a founder of the Soc. of the Cincinnati. — Descd. 
from Richard and EUz. Webb, from Gloucester- 
shire, Eng., with Rev. Thos. Hooker, settled at 
Hartford, Ct., 1635). 

Born in N.Y. City, Jan 31, 1851 ; Grad. Columbia 
Univ., M.D. 1875 ; Col. and A.-de-C. Staff of 
Gov. of Vt. ; Mem. of Vt. Legislature ; Chair- 
man and President, Rutland R.R. Co. ; Pres. 
St. Lawrence and Adirondack R.R. ; m Dec. 
20, 1 88 1, Lila O., da. of Wm. H. and Louisa 
(Kissam) Vanderbilt. 

i. James Watson, b July i, 1884. 
ii. William Seward, Jr., b May 11, 1887. 
iii. Vanderbilt, b April 23, 1891. i. Frederica Vanderbilt. 

Anns — Gules, a cross engrailed humettee between four falcons or. 
Cnst — Out of a ducal coronet a demi-eagle displayed or. 

/^esirfencfs— Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, Vt. ; 680 Fifth Avenue, New York City. 
C/,(/,s— Metrop., Un. League, Univ., Tuxedo, Racquet, Country, N.Y. Yacht, West- 
minster Kennel, Riding, Church, Grolier, Turf & Field, Somerset, St. James. 
Societies—St. Nicholas, Sons of the Am. Revol., Colonial Wars, Foreign Wars. 

of N.Y. City (Son of James Keyes Place 
1815-97, State Commissioner PubHc Works, Mem. 
Coffee Exchange, Director Mercantile Library 
Association N.Y. City, m Susan Angevine, da. of 
Nathaniel and Hannah (Angevine) Barker of N .Y. 
City; son of Dr. Charles 1793- 1858, m Dorothy 
Keyes ; son of Ephriam, 1774- 1840, in Ann Mclvor ; 
son of James 1753-93, m Mary Golden ; son of 
Aaron Place 1682-1770, born at Bristol, England, 
111 Mary Burtis). 

Boyn at N.Y. City July i, 1849 ; 7th Regt. Veteran ; 
III Nov. 19, 1872, Grace, da. of Samuel 
Newhall and Nannie Norwood Fenno (Bailey) 
Fuller of Boston. 

i. Marian, m June 8, 1904, Percy S. Hildreth. 
Arms — Per pale or and gules a lion passant guardant counterchanged. 
Crest— A tree proper. Motto — Vive revicturus. 

Residence — 127 East 26th Street, N.Y. City. 


nbattbcvoe' Bmcrican armoury 

of N.Y. City (Son of FitzGerald Tisdall of 
Greenwich, L.I., b 1813, d 1878, in April 11, 1837, 
Elizabeth Ann Clute, b 1820, d 1858, da. of Jacob 
Didymus Clute of Schenectady N.Y., a family of 
Dutch descent, settled there for over 250 years ; 
grandson of Michael Tisdall of Cork, Ireland, and 
Bristol, England, a cousin of the Rt. Hon. George 
Canning, First Lord of the Treasury and Premier 
of Great Britain in reign of George IV., and whose 
son, Viscount Canning, was Governor-General of 
India during time of Sepoy Mutiny ; great-grandson 
of Rev. FitzGerald Tisdall of Cork, Ireland, who 
was descended from the Tisdalls of Mount Tisdall 
and the Manor of Martry, county Meath, a branch 
of the ancient family of the same name in England which bore Arms 
" three pheons argent on a shield sable," which Arms, Richard St. George 
Ulster King-of-Arms in 1679, ratified and confirmed to Michael Tisdall, 
Esq., J. P., of county Meath, and his brothers, adding " a thistle or, for 
distinction," as is stated in the original certificate in Ulster's office. Also 
great-great-grandson of Colonel Robert Magaw of the Pennsylvania Line 
in the American Revolution, and great-great-great-grandson of Colonel 
Cluert van Brunt of the New York Assembly during the same period.) 

Born at Greenwich, N.Y. , March 15, 1840; Grad. N.Y. City College 1859; 
appointed Director of Cooper Union Schools of Science and Art 
1870; received honorary degree of Doctor of Philosophy, N.Y 
University, 1874; appointed Professor of Greek Language and 
Literature in College of City of New York 1879 ; J. P. of Woodbridge 
N.J.; III Dec. 23, 1885, Florence \'ictoire, da. of Aman Theodore 
Michel Aristide Rodrigue, M.D. (Baron de Curzay), of Philadelphia 
Penna. and of Ann Caroline, da. of Hugh Bellas, Esq., of Sunbury 
Northumberland Co. Penna., his wife ; descended from Hugh 
Bellas, Esq., of Co. Antrim, Ireland (1717-89), of the noble family 
of Bellasis of Bellasis, Co's. Durham and York, of peerage of Great 
Britain, temp. Charles 1. 

Anns — Sable, a thistle or, betweea three pheons, points downwards, argent. 

Crest — Out of a crest coronet or, an armed hand erect holding in the hand an 
arrow, all proper. 

Motto — Tutantur tela coronam. 

Residences—" Uadsit Wold" (" Bellasylva"), Woodbridge, N.J. ; 80 Convent 
Avenue, Hamilton Grange, N.Y. City. 

Cluhs — University, City College, Delta Kappa Epsilon and Schoolmaster's of 
New York City. 

Sociiiics — American Institute of Archaeologv, Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Association, 
American Philological (all of New York City), Salmigundiof Woodbridge, 
N.J., and Member of Managing Committee of American School of Athens, 

anb Blue Book, 


T3ENJAMIN, Mrs. JULIA KEAN {nee Fish), 
^-^ of Garrison, N.Y. (Da. of Hon. Hamilton 
Fish, 1808-93, Mem. of Congress, Gov. State of 
N.Y., U.S. Senator, U.S. Sec. of State 8 years, 
during Gen. Grant's Admin., Mem. Soc. of the 
Cincinnati, 40 yrs. its Pres.-Gen., m Juha, d 1887, 
da. of Peter Phihp Kean ; son of John Kean, of S. 
Carolina, Mem. rst C. Congress ; son of Col. 
Nicholas, 1758-1833 ; son of Jonathan, 1728-79 ; 
son of Samuel, 1704-67; son of Jonathan, 1680-1723; 
son of Nathan ; son of Jonathan Fish, of Mespat, 
Newtown, L.I., 1653). 

Born at N.Y. City, m Dec. 8, 1868, Maj. Saml. 
Nicoll Benjamin, 1839-86 ; Maj. and Asst. Adj.- 

Gen., Brev. Lt.-Col. U.S.A. ; Grad. W. Point, 2nd Lt. Artillery 1861 ; 
served through Civil War, twice brevetted ; apptd. Ch. of Artillery 
9th A. C. 1864 ; son of Wm. Massena and Sarah J. (Turk) Benjamin, 
of N.Y. City. 

i. William Massena, b March 9, 1874. 

ii. Hamilton Fish, \ , ^ 

.... A f ^ fan. 21, 1877. 

ui. Julian Arnold, j j ' // 

Arms— {Fish) Sable, a chevron wavy between three fleurs-de-lis argent. 

Crest — A tiger's head erased ermine, maned and tusked or. 

Residence — " lenia " Garrison, Putnam County, New York. 

of Smithtown, Suffolk Co., New York (Son 
of John Lawrence Smith b Sept. 16, 1816, deceased, 
and Sarah Nicoll, his wife, deceased, daughter of 
James Clinch, of New York. — Descended from 
Richard Smythe, "the Bull rider," of Myreshaw, 
Bradford, Yorkshire, Eng., Patentee, of Smith - 
town, L.I., 1650). 

Born at Smithtown, Long Island, New York, 
April 3, 1856, Counsellor-at-Law; Graduated 
Columbia College, LL.B., 1878; vt June 5, 
1895, Bertha Ludington, daughter of Charles 
J. and Mary (Ludington) Barnes, of Chic, 111. 

Arms — Sable, six fleurs-de-lis argent three two and one. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or a demi-buU salient argent armed of 

Motto — Nee timeo, nee sperno. 

the first. 

Residence — Smithtown, Suffolk Co., New York. 

Clubs— \Jmor\, Calumet, Metropolitan, New York Yacht, Sewanhaka Corinthian 

Yacht, Country, Riding, Larchmont Yacht, Meadow Brook Hunt. 
Society — Delta Psi. 


riDattbews' Hmerican Hrmour^ 

of New York City (Sixth son of the late 
General Lord Alfred Henry Paget, C.B., Member 
of Parliament, Chief Marshal of the Royal 
Household, b June 29, 1816, d Aug. 24, 1888, 
III April 8, 1847, Cecilia, second da. of G. T. 
Wyndham, of Cromer Hall, Norfolk, by Maria, 
his wife, Countess of Listowel. — Descended from 
Henry, ist Earl of Uxbridge, who in the lifetime 
of his father, 1711, was created Baron Burton of 
Burton, in Staffordshire, and Earl of Uxbridge, 
1714. — He was descended from (ist Lord) Sir 
William Paget, who in the 4th of Edward VI. 
was sent Ambassador to the Emperor Charles VL 
and was created Baron Paget of Beaudesert). 

Boi'ii in London, England, March 14, 1861 ; in Pauline, da. of the Honble. 
William C. Whitney, of New York City. 

Anns — Sable, on a cross engrailed between four eagles displayed argent, five 

lions passant guardant of the field. 
d'fst — A demi-heraldic tiger sable, maned ducally gorged and tufted argent. 
Motlo—Per il suo contrario. 


Residences — 11 East 6ist Street, New York City ; Great Neck, L.I. 
C/»^s— Metropolitan, Racquet, Lawyers ; Turf, and White's (of London). 

J- of N.Y. City (Son of Rear-Adml. Stephen 
D. Trenchard, U.S.N., 1818-83, m Ann O'Connor 
Braclay, 1819-78; son of Capt. Edward, 1787-1824, 
U.S.N. ; son of Curtis, b 1745; son of George, 
b 1706, Attorney-General under the Crown ; son of 
George, 1686-1728; son of George Trenchard, 
1535-1715. to W. Jersey in Wm. Penn's Company, 
kinsman of Sir John Trenchard). 

Born at Phila., Pa., Aug. 17, 1850; Recorder, 
Naval Order of U.S., N.Y, Com. ; Companion, 
Order of Bolivar, 3rd class, conferred in 
recognition of service rendered the Republic 
of Venezuela; m June 11, 1878, Mary, da. of 
William B. Stafford, Pres. of N. River Bank, N.Y. 

1. Edith Isabel. 

Anns— Per pale argent and azure ; in the first three palets sable. 

Crest— A cubit ana erect vested azure cuff argent, holding in the hand proper a 

sword of the second, hilt and pommel or. 
Motto — Nosce te ipsum. 

Residence— ^o W. 92nd Street, N.Y. City. 

5ocJe/jes— Colonial Wars, Mil. Order, Naval Order, Mil. Order Loyal Legion. 

anb Blue Book, 


of Roxborough (Son of Samuel V. Merrick, 
1801-70, of Hallowell Me., m Sarah Thomas ; son 
of John Merrick 1 766-1 861, of Hallowell, 
m Rebecca Vaughan ; son of Samuel Merrick 1726- 
67 of London, Middx., Eng., m Mary Riley). 

Bovn at Phila. Aug. 30, 1828 ; Vice-Pres. Phila. 
Zoological Soc. ; Pres. Free and Open Church 
Assn. ; Trustee Pa. Univ. ; Pres. Franklin 
Inst. 1867-70; m Oct. 23, 1855, Mary S. W., 
1834-97, da. of Samuel O'Brie. 

i. John Vaughan, h July 4, 1864, m Anne Harter. 
ii. James Hartley, b Sept. 5, i86g, m Edith 

i. Emilie Duval, m George A. Bostwick. 
ii. Mary Vaughan, m David E. Williams. 

Arms — Qtly : — i and 4 (Merrick) sable, on a chevron argent betw. three staves 
raguly or, inflamed ppr., a fleur-de-lis azure betw. two Cornish choughs 
ppr. ; 2, gules, two porcupines in pale argent ; 3 (Vaughan) azure three 
boys' heads couped at shoulders, snakes about necks ppr. 

Crests — (i) On a tower or a Cornish chough ppr., in the dexter foot a fleur-de-lis 
azure ; (2) a lion's head erased pierced through the neck with a spear. 

Motto — Christi servitus vera libertas. 

Residence — Roxborough, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Cluhs — Philadelphia, Union League Phila. 

Societies — Amer. Philosophical, Franklin Institute, Amer. Soc. of Mechanical 
Engineers, Phila. Zoological Society. 

of Burlington, Vermont (Son of WiUiam Wellington Wells, 
b Oct. 28, 1805, d April g, 1869, /// Jan. 13, 1831, Eliza, d Aug. 5, 1873, 
da. of Dan Carpenter, and Betsey Partridge, his wife, of Waterbury, 
Vermont. — Descended from Hugh Welles, who settled in Massachusetts, 
1635 ; son of Thomas Welles, merchant, of London, and co. Essex, Eng., 
a branch of Welles of Lincolnshire). 

Born at Waterbury, Vt., Oct. 30, 1835 ; City Representative of Legislature 
1890-91 ; m (istly) April 26, 1858, Martha Frances, d Nov. 25, 
1876; m (2ndly) Oct. 14, 1879, Efifie E., both daughters of Lucius 
Parmelee, of Waterbury, Vt. 

i. Anna Parmelee, (by ist m.). 


Residence — 61 Summit Street, Burlington, Vermont. 
Clubs — Algonquin, Ethan Allen, Nineteenth Century. 
Society —Colonial Wars. 


riDattbcvoe' Hmedcan Hrmouri? 

-^ of Alexandria, Va. (Son of John Park Agnew, 
1819-92, ;// Matilda E., da. of John L. Thomas of 
Lebanon, Pa. and Matilda E. Seeley of Vergennes 
Vt., a desdt. of Robert Seeley, founder New Haven 
Ct. 1630; son of John 1777-1849, m EHzabeth, da. 
of Dr. Robert Park ; son of David 1743-97' '" Mary 
Irwin; son of Capt. James Agnew, b 1711, 
in Rebecca Scott, from the Agnews of Lochnaw, 
presumably of Galdenoch, Scotland. Also from 
Christophers. Mayer b Carlsruhe, Germany, 1702). 

Bom at Cumberland Md. July 3, 1847 ; Collector 
of Internal Revenue for 6th Dist., Va. ; Chair- 
man State of Va. Republican Committee ; 
Pres. and Director of several Corporations ; 
m Oct. 26, 1871, Laura Richards, da. of Robert Bell of Alexandria. 


i. John Park. 

Matilda Bell, in Nov. 15, 1899, Walter Goodman Rogers. 

Mary Bell. iii. Laura Thomas, deed. iv. Margaretta Linton. 

Anns — Argent, a chevron between two cinquefoils in chief gules, and a saltire 

couped in base azure. 
.Crest — An eagle issuant and regardant proper. Motio — ConsiUo non impetu. 

Residence — Pitt Street, Alexandria, Va. 


St. Louis Mo. (Son of Eben Rickart Stoner, 
of Ohio, b Jan. 11, 1827, in Anu E. Whitaker, a 
direct descendant of George Salisbury, to whom 
George IV. gave a grant of land in Catskill Co., 
N.Y.; son of Joseph Stoner, 1795-1852,^ Margaret 
Fred; son of Philip, 1758-1838, of Penna. and 
Ohio; son of Joseph Stoner, 1695-1770, settled in 

Born in Illinois, Jan. 19, 1865 '■> Grad. B.S. Cornell 
Univ., 1886 ; LL.B. Washington Univ ., 1891 ; 
Attorney-at-Lavv ; in 1902, Evadne Gaty 

Anns — Per fesse sable and or, a pale engrailed between three eagles counter- 
Crest — Out of a ducal coronet sable a demi-eagle displayed or. 
Motto — Robur atque fides. 

Residence— ^27 i Westminster Place, St. Louis, Mo. 
Clubs — St. Louis, University, &c. 
Societies— Ka-ppa Alpha, Cornell. 

anb Blue Bool^. 


of Guerneville, Cal. (Son of Sherman Willard 
Bartholomew 1825-62, of Sangerfield, N.Y., 
m Mary EUza, da. of Stanton R. and Frances H. 
Kingsbury) Parke, of Hebron, Ct. ; son of Ira 
1798-1830; son of Ira 1753-1828; son of Joseph 
1721-81 son of Andrew, d 1755; son of Lieut. 
William, 1640-97, served in King Philip's War; 
son of William, d 1681 ; son of William, d 1634; 
son of John Bartholomew of Burghursh). 

Bovn at Sangerfield, N.Y., May 23, 1848 ; Grad. Eastman Coll., Pough- 
keepsie, N.Y., 1865; Iowa Wesleyan Univ. 1877; Charter Trustee 
of Dakota Coll. ; Atty-at-Law ; U.S. Commr. ; Trea. Lt. Wm. Bartho- 
lomew Assn. ; Naval Lt.-Comdr. armed cable Ship, " C. H. Tapper," 
in Wilcox Rebellion ; m Dec. 17, 1885, Helen Severance. 


i. Sherman Burghursh, b May 28, 1894. 

i. May Severance. ii. Yula Drury. iii. Stella Emily. 

Arms — Argent, a chevron engrailed between three lions rampant sable. 

Residence — Guerneville, Sonoma Co., California. 

Societies — Colonial Wars, Sons of American Revolution, Mayflower Descendants, 
Lieut. William Bartholomew Association. 

of Fishkill Landing, N.Y. (Fourth son of 
Morris Miller Davidson, 1810-54, m 1840, Elizabeth 
Shrimpton, h at Beaconsfield, Eng., da. of Dr. John 
Stratford, Physician in charge of the London 
Hospital. — Ninth in descent from Malcolm 
Davidson, of Dingwall, Scotland). 

Born at N.Y. City, Jan. 12, 1849; served in War 
of the Rebellion ; m at Yokohama, Japan 
Jan, 30, 1871, Angelica Malcolm, da. of William 
Ryan, of Phila., and Angelica Gilbert Malcolm, 
da. of Joseph Gibbons and Angelica (Gilbert) 


i. Malcolm, h March 24, 1882. 

i. Margaret Miller, m Henry Rutgers Remsen Coles, of N.Y. City. 

Arms—kzme, on a fesse between three pheons argent a stag couchant gules, 

attired with ten tynes or. 
Crest — A falcon's head couped proper. 
Afoifo— Sapienter in cinere virtus. 

Residence — Fishkill Landing, New York. 

Society — Sons of the Revolution. - - - - 


ni>attbe\v0* amerfcan Hrmouri^ 

of N.Y. City(Son of Rodney Dennis of Hartford 
Ct., /;Jan. 14, 1826, ;;/ June 6, 1854, Clara 1831-88, 
da. of Wm. Strong ; son of Rev. Rodney Gove, 
1791-1865, m Mary Parker 1793-1877; son of 
Arthur 1745-1825, ;;/ Mary Goodhue 1749-1819; 
son of Rev. John 1708-73, m 1736, Martha 
Wilcomb; son of John 1673-1712, m 1699, Lydia 
White, 1 673- 1 71 2 ; son of Thomas Dennis, 
h Eng. cir. 1638, d 1706, m Grace Searle). 

Bovn at Hartford Ct., Dec. 17, 1868 ; m May 9, 1890, 
Cecile, da. of Adolph and Barbara (Dix) 
Miellez, of Springfield, Mass. 

i. Rodney Gove. 

i. Dorothy, d April 25, 1896. ii. Faith. 

^^„;s_Ermine, three battleaxes in pale gules. 
Crest — A tiger's head erased ermine. 

Residence— 1^^ West 95th Street, N.Y. City. 

C/«6s— Calumet, Lawyers, N.Y. ; Exchange, Boston ; Baltimore, Germania, and 

Baltimore Country, Baltimore; Columbus Club, Columbus, Ohio. 
Societies— Sons of the Revolution, Sons of the American Revolution, Colonial 

Wars, Mayflower Descendants, New England, &c. 

of Norwalk, Ct. (Son of Geo. Gates Bellows, 
h Boston 1827, m 1864, Mary White, da. of Josiah 
E. and Harriet (Johnson) McClure, of Brookfield, 
Mass. ; son of John ; son of Col. Joseph ; son of 
Col. Benjamin, the founder of Walpole, N.H. ; son 
of Benjamin ; son of John Bellows, of Marlborough, 
Mass., 1635, d 1682, ;// Mary Wood, of Concord). 

Born at N.Y. City, Mar. 19, 1870; Grad. of Genl. 
Theol. Seminary, N.Y., 1893 '■> Rector of Grace 
Church, Norwalk, Ct. ; m June i, 1896, 
Katharine Gaillard,da. of Charles and Harriet 
(Cleveland) Hammond, of Cleveland, O. 

i4»'/us— Sable, fretty or, on a chevron azure three lions' heads erased of the second. 
Crest — An arm embowed habited, the hand proper grasping a chalice pouring 

water into a basin also proper. Motto — Tout d'en haut. 

Arms — (McClure) Arg. on a chev. engr., betw. two roses in chief and a sword in 

base, a mullet or. 
Crest — A tower domed ppr. from the top a flag, thereon a rose crowned or. 

/Resiliences— The Rectory, Norwalk, Conn. ; 267 Fifth Avenue , New York City. 
C/m6j— Calumet, N.Y. Clericus, Norwalk, Fairfield Clericus. . 

an^ Blue Book. 



of N.Y. City (Son of Samuel G. Doughty 
1818-69, m 1844, Jane Rebecca 1824-61, da. of 
Hon. Richard P. and Betsey A. (Howard) Hart, 
of Troy, N.Y. ; son of David S. 1786-1822 ; son of 
Joseph, h 1763; son of Joseph 1730- 1807; son of 
Joseph 1692-1733 ; son of EHas 1664-1744; son of 
Elias, h 1633, d at Flushing L.I., 1688 ; son 
of Francis Doughty, h 1605, at Hempstead, Glouc, 
Eng., m Bridget Stone, of Earlhouse, Bedfordshire). 

Born at Troy, N.Y., Aug. 14, 1847 ; Grad. at Coll. 
of Phys. and Surgs., 1869, M.D. ; ni Oct. 12, 
1868, Hannah, da. of Nathaniel Winthrop Starr. 

i. Augustus Durkee, h April 2, 1875, d Dec. 21, 1875. 
ii. Nathaniel Winthrop, b Sept. 11, 1879, ^ July 2, 1883. 
i. Frances Edna, m May 20, 1900, Frederic A. Lund, M.D. 

Arms — Argent, two bars between three mullets of six points sable, pierced or. 

Crest — A cubit arm erect, vested per pale crenelle or and azure, cuffed argent 
holding in the hand proper a mullet as in Arms. 

Residences — 512, Madison Avenue, New York City ; Eastern Point, Groton, Conn. 

Chihs — Fencers, N.Y. Yacht Club. 

Societies — St. Nicholas, Colonial Wars, Sons of the Revol., Mayflower Descdts. 

of New York City (Eldest son of Edward 
Brown, h June 2, 1815, d May 27, 1898, m March 11, 
1837 Eliza James Marsh, d Dec. 18, 1883 ! son 
of Robert and Sarah (Cox) Brown ; son of Robert 

Bovn in New York City, Aug. 17, 1838, Commodore 

of the New York Yacht Club ; ni Nov. 22, 

i860, Adelaide Eugenie, da. of John Mayher, 

and Jane Elizabeth McNally, his wife, of New 

York City. 


i. Clarence Eugene. 
i. Emily Louise. 

Arms — Per pale, argent and sable, a double-headed eagle displayed counter- 

Cvtst — An eagle displayed vert. 
Motto — Suivez la raison. 

Residence — 45 West 46th Street, New York City. 

C/m6s— Union, Union League, Manhattan, New York Yacht, Larchmont, Players, 


rif>attbcw6* Hnierican Hrrnourv 

of Binghamton, N.Y. (Son of Lt.-Col. John 
L. Broome 1824-98, served with the Bombay Vols. 
1842, India, Mexican War 1847, Civil War, 
;;; Mary Cochran ; son of John L. 1766- 1835, Capt. 
N.Y. Mil., War of 1812, ;;/ Mrs. F. A. Justic; son 
of John 1734-1810, Lt.-Col. 2nd Regt., N.Y. War 
of Revol., Lt.-Govr. State of N.Y., Broome Co., 
named in his honour, family Arms made its seal, 
III Rebecca Lloyd of Lloyds Neck, L.L ; son of 
John, /;/ Marie, da. of Count de la Tourette). 

Boi'ii at N.Y. City Dec. 7, 1866; Capt. N.Y. Militia 
1890; Capt. Hawaiian Army 1895; Capt. 4th 
U.S. Infy. Span. -Am. War ; 111 April 12, 1898, Mary Orme Keyworth. 

i. Mary Josephine Keyworth. 

Anns — Sable, on a chevron or three slips of broom vert. 

Crest — A demi-eagle or, wings sable, in the beak a slip of broom vert. 

Residence— Mount Broome, Binghamton, N.Y. 

Club — Metropolitan of Washington, D.C. 

Societits — Loyal Legion, Sons of the Revolution, St. Nicholas, Colonial Wars. 

of Boston, Mass. (Second son of James 
Thomas Eldredge, of Boston, Mass., b June i, 
1828, d Dec. 18, 1889, VI Oct. 24, 1855, Ellen 
Sophia, da. of John D. W. Williams, of Roxbury, 
Mass., and Ellen Sophia Bigelow, of Boston, 
Mass. ; son of Oliver 1789- 1857, of Boston ; 
son of James 1745-1811, of Brooklyn Ct. ; son of 
Charles, 1720-95; son of Daniel Eldredge, of 
Groton, Conn., m June 26, 171 1, Abigail Fish, of 

Groton. He is supposed to have been descended from John Eldred 
(Eldredge), of Buckinghamshire, b 1592, afterwards known as John 
Eldredge, of London, gentleman). 

Bom at Roxbury, Mass., Sept. 13, 1866 ; Major 8th Massachusetts 
Infantry, U.S.V. ; ;// Nov. 29, 1900, Mira Cressida Perruzzi de 
Medici, daughter of Marchese Simone Perruzzi de Medici, of 
Florence, Italy, and Edith Marion, his wife, daughter of William 
Wetmore Story. 

.InHs— Per chief, a lion rampant (Harl. MS. 506). 

Residence — Boston, Mass. 

C/«6s— Somerset, Country, Kennel of Boston, Army and Navy of N.Y. City. 

Societies—Sons of Amer. Revol., War of 1812, Foreign Wars, Spanish-Amer. War. 

ant) Blue Bool^. 


of Rochester, N.Y. (Second son of Philip 
Greene Almy 1818-73, of Rochester, N.Y., m Mary 
Elizabeth 1828-97, da. cf Nehemiah and Sarah 
Ann (Van Schuy ver) Osburn ; son of Dr. Job 
1782-1854; son of Thomas, h 1735; son of Job 
1696-1717; son of William 1665-1747; son of 
Christopher 1632-1713, Deputy from Portsmouth, 
R.I. and Assistant to Gov. Andros ; son of William 
Almy, b 1601, from Benenden, Kent, Eng., settled 
in Portsmouth, R.I., 1635, admitted a Freeman 1655, d 1677). 

Born at Rochester, N.Y. May 15, 1858; ni April 23, 1887, Jessie Louise, 
da. of Hartwell Start, of Rochester, N.Y., and Ellen Augusta, da. 
of George W'. Moon. 

i. Charles Osburn, b March 4, 1888. 
ii. Herbert Eugene, b May 3, 1890. 
iii. Philip Girard, b May 29, 1892. 
iv. Hartwell Start, b Aug. 11, 1895. 

Anns — Or, a turret in chief and crosskeys in base. 

Residences — 36 Oxford St., Rochester, N.Y. ; Beach Avenue, Ontario Beach, N.'^'. 
Society— Sons of the American Revolution. 

of Philadelphia, Pa. (Son of Caleb Fredk. 
Cope, 1797-1888, of Phila., iii Josephine Porter; 
son of William, b 1766 ; son of Caleb 1736-1824 ; 
son of John 1691-1773 ; son of Oliver Cope and his 
wife Rebecca, of Auburn, Co. Wilts., Eng., land 
granted to him by William Penn 1681 ; son of 
John, d 1649, of Marden, Wilts, who was 6th in 
descent from Sir William Cope, of Banbury, 
Oxfordshire, Eng., d 1513). 

Born in Phila., June 15, 1869, m June 14, 1900, 
Henrietta Bunting. 



ii. Loretta Porter. 

/I y;»s— Argent, on a chevron azure, between three roses gules slipped proper, as 

many fleurs-de-lis or. 
Crest— A fleur-de-lis or, issuing from the top thereof a dragon's head gules. 
Motto — /Equo adeste animo. 

Residence — 4806 Chester Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Societies— Tenn. Hist., Pa. Hist., Colonial of Pa., Hist. Geneal. of Pa., Am. 
Branch (Loudon) for Physical Research, &c. 


flDattbews' Hmerican Brmourp 

of Chicago (Son of John Custer Gross, 
1819-95, of Dauphin Co., Pa., m 1843, Elizabeth 
Eberly 1821-97 ; son of Christian 1788- 1843 ; son of 
Capt. John 1749-1823 ; son of John Gross, b at 
Manheim, Germany, 1712, of Montgomery Co., Pa., 
1745 ; grandson of John Christoph Gross, Electoral 
Magistrate of Bohl, a desct. of Seigneur Jean de 
Gros, of Dijon, France, d 1456. Also of Huguenot 
and Holland Dutch descent). 

Born at the Mansion Farm, Pa., Nov. 11, 1843; 
Capt. Co. "K" 20th Pa. Cavalry during the 
Civil War ; Capt. Chicago Contl. Gd. ; Comdr. 
111. Comdy. Mil. Order Foreign Wars; Vice- 

Pres. Gen., Sons of the Am. Re vol. ; Pres. 111. Soc. Sons of the Am. 
Revol. ; Dep.-Gov. Soc. of Colonial Wars ; Govr. Chicago Art 
Inst. ; 111 Jan. 15, 1874, Emily Brown. 

Anns — Qtly., i and 5, a^ure, a chevron betw. three saltires argent ; 2 and 6, argent 

three bends azure ; 3 and 4, argent a lion ramp, sable armed gules. 
Crest — A raven \olant sable. Motto — Teneo tenuere majores. 

Residence' — 48 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, 111. 

Clubs — Chicago, Union League, Union, Chicago Athletic, 20th Century, Caxton, 
Press, Iroquois, Marquette, Washington Park, Union Veteran. 

Societies— U.S. Grand Post No. 28 G.A.R., Pres. Soc. Western Army of the 
Potomac, Huguenot of Am., Foreign Wars of the U.S., Sons of the Am. 
Revol., Colonial Wars, Am. Wars, Pres. Holland Soc. of Chicago. 

of Bryn Mawr, Pa. (Son of William Henry Miller, b Dec. i, 1824^ 
d May 18, 1868, ;;/ EHzabeth Archer, b Aug. 10, 1825, d March 25, 
1866, daughter of John West Rulon, of Philadelphia; son of Daniel 
Leeds Miller, 1788-1858, of Philadelphia; son of Andrew 'Miller, b 1760; 
son of Andrew Miller, 1732-69 ; son of Ebenezer Miller, 1702-74 ; son of 
Joseph Miller, who came from the State of Connecticut to Fenwick 
Colony, New Jersey, 1698). 

Born at Philadelphia, Nov. 6, 1850; assumed the additional name of 
Rulon by decree of the Court, July 9, 1895; m Margaret Hansell, 
daughter of Clayton French, of Philadelphia. 

i. John, b March 11, 1883. 
ii. Sumner, b March 16, 1885. 
i. Emily Spring 
ii. Margaret Hansell. 


iii. Caroline French. 
iv. Mary Irvins. 

Resideiices~2i24 Pine Street, Phila. ; Wyola Mawr, Newtown Square, Penna. 
C/m6s— Rittenhouse, Art, Country, Radnor Hunt, Merion Cricket, Bachelors. 
Society — Colonial. 

an^ Blue IBool^, 


of Philadelphia, Pa. (Eldest son of Caspar 
Wistar, M.D., of Philadelphia, 1801-67, m Lydia 
Cooper Jones, 1804-78; son of Thomas; son of 
Richard ; son of Caspar Wister ; son of Johannes 
Caspar Wister, b 1696, at Wald Hilsbach, near 
Heidelberg, Germany; settled in Phila. 1717). 

Boni at Phila. Nov. 14, 1827; Brig.-Gen. Vols. 
U.S.A. ; Pres. of Natl. Acad, of Natl. Sciences 
of Phila., 1892-96; Pres. Am. Philosophical 
Soc. of Phila. ; Manager of Phila. Library 
Co. ; Founder of the Wistar Inst, of Anatomy 
and Biology; Educated at Haverford Coll., 
1841-3 ; Sc.D. Univ. of Phila. ; w July 9, 1862, 
Sarah, da. of Robert and Rebecca Price 
Toland, of Phila. 

Anns — Per pale, dexter, argent, on a bend azure two mullets of six points argent ; 

sinister, lozengy argent and sable, a bar or. 
Crest — ^Out of a crest coronet or, on a Knight's helmet full-faced with necklace, a 

demi-eagle wings displayed sable, in its mouth a spray of six olives. 

Residences—i-jth and Spruce Sts., Phila., Pa. ; " Stockdale," Claymont, Delaware. 

Clubs — Rittenhouse, University, Reform, of N.Y. City. 

Societies — American Philosophical, National Academy of National Sciences. 

of N.Y. City (Son of Wm. Alex. Smith, 
b 1820, ;// 1847, Clara M. Bull, 1827-57 ; son of 
Robert, b 1792 ; son of Capt. Robert, b 1752, 
111 Rebecca Hobart [6th in descent from Edmund 
Hobart, b in Hingham Norf. 1570, one of the 
founders of Hingham, Mass.] ; son of WiUiam 
Smith, i at Dumfries, Scotland, 1717, ^ N.Y. 1768). 

Bom at N.Y. City Feb. 22, 1848; Trinity Grad. 
1869 ; It! July 5, 1873, Dinah Watson, da. of 
Josias Dunn, of " Airfield," Co. Dublin 



i. Robert William Hobart, b March 30, 1876. 

Anns — (Hobart) — Sable, an estoile of eight points or between two flaunches 

Crest — A bull passant per pale sable and gules bezantee, in the nostrils a ring or. 

Residence — 542 West 150th Street, New York City. 
Cltib — Century. 


ni>attbe\V6* Bniertcan Brmourv> 

J^ of N.Y. City (2nd son of Rev. Henry 
Fairbanks, Ph.D., of St. Johnsbury, Vt., Prof, of 
Natural Philosophy at, and Trustee of, Dartmouth 
Coll., b 1830, m Annie Noyes, 1845-72 ; son 
of Thaddeus, 1 796-1 886 ; son of Joseph, 1763- 
1846 ; son of Ebenezer, 1734- 18 18 ; son of 
Eleasur, 1 690-1 741 ; son of Eliesur, b 1655 ; son of 
George, d 1682: son of Jonathan Fairbanks, of 
Dedham, Mass., 1633, mentioned in the will of his 
cousin, George Fairbanke, of Somerby, Yorks., 
Eng., 1650). 

Born at Hampshire, N.H., Nov. 19, 1866 ; Grad. at 
Dartmouth Coll., 1888; wjan. i, 1890, Camilla, 
da. of W. H. Van. Kleeck, of N.Y. 


i. Sydney Van Kleeck, b June 8, 1895. 

Arms— kvgeni, on a fesse azure between three hurts a bezant. 
Crest— Three arrows tied together, one in pale and two in saltire, points 
downwards. Motto — Finem respice. 

i. Beatrice Helen. 

Residence— '' Oaken Eaves " Hornsey Lane, Highgate, London, Eng. 
C/7<is— Engineers of N.Y., Automobile and Whitefriars of London. 
Societies—'' D.K.E.," Am. Mech. Eng'rs., Fell. R. Geographical Soc, American 
Society in London. 

of N.Y. City, daughter of Robert Gayoza 
Mott, who VI 1 87 1 Mary Agnes, daughter of Joseph 
Marin Cooper, 1813-77, who in Agnes Gibson; son 
of Joseph Cooper, of England, who ni Charlotte, 
daughter of Marin Le Brun, 1777-1863, of France, 
who m Charlotte De Beaumont ; son of Marin 
Le Brun, Magistrate of the Royal Valliage of 
Saint Sauveur Landelin and " Charge Conseiller 
du Roi Maison de France," i6go). 

Bom at N.Y. City, w Oct. 28, 1893, William Eugene 
Parsons of N.Y. City, son of William Chancery 
and Emeline (Booth) Parsons of Northampton, Mass. 

i. Le Brun. 

/1;'»(.9— (Le Brun) Per fesse aznre and sable, in chief ten bees or, in base two 
squares and a wolf or. 

Residence — 715 Park Avenue, New York City. 
Society — St. Margarets, N.V. 

anb Blue Booft. 


of Albany, N.Y. (Son of Maj. Hamilton 
W. Merrill, 1814-92, U.S., Dragoons, m Louisa 
Kauffman, 1820-97; so'^ of Asa, 1785-1873; son of 
Jared, 1754-1832 ; son of Israel, b 1716; son of 
Daniel, 1673-1750; son of John, 1635-1712 ; son 
of Nathaniel Merrill of Newbury, Mass., 1635). 

Bom in N.Y. City, April 30, 1861 ; Fellow in 
Geology Columbia Univ. ; Assist. Geologist 
Geol. Sur. of N.J. ; Dir. N.Y. Scientific 
Exhibit, Chicago Exposition ; State Geol. of 
N.Y. ; Dir. N.Y. State Mus. ; in Sept. i, 1888, 
Winifred, da. of Emmet Edgerton, of N.Y. 

i. Hamilton', b Dec. 21, 1890. i. Louise Edgerton. 

ii. Edgerton, b Apr. 21, 1901. ii. Winifred. 

Anns — Ardent, a bar azure between three peacocks' heads erased proper. 
Ci-c'st — A peacock's head erased proper. 

Rc'siilauYs — " Kushaqua Farms," Altamont, N.Y. ; 95 Washngtn. Ave., Albany, N.Y. 

Clubs — Fort Orange, University, Reform, N.Y. Athletic, Larchmont Yacht. &c. 

Sociftifs — Acad, of Sciences, Am. Fisheries, N.E. Hist, and Geneal. Albany Hist., 
Colonial Wars, Sons of the Revol., Mil. O. of Foreign Wars, &c. 

pECK, GEORGE, M.D., Capt. U.S. Navy (deceased), 
J- of Elizabeth (Son of Aaron Peck, of Orange, 
N.J., 1798-1865, VI Miranda Pierson, 1800-63. — 
Descended from Henry Peck, who came to Bosto 
with Gov. Eaton, 1637, settled in New Haven, Ct,, 
signed the Compact, June 4, 1639, d 1651 ; son of 
Robert Peck of Beccles, Suffolk. Eng.). 

Born at Orange, N.J., July g, 1826; Coll. of Phys. 
and Surg. N.Y., M.D., 1847 ; Hon. A.M. 
Princeton ; Commissd. Asst. Surg. U.S.N., 
Feb. 25, 1 85 1 ; passed Asst. Surg. 1856 ; Surg., 
1861 ; Med. Insp., 1871 ; Med. Dir. and 
Capt., 1878; retired, 1888; vi Sept. 20, 1847, 
Eliza A. Brewster, 1829-99. He d July 26, 
1906, at Mohonk Lake, N.Y. 

Arms — Or, on a chevron gules three crosses formee of the field. 

Crest — Two lances or, in saltire, headed argent with pennons or, each charged 
with a cross formee gules, enfiled with a chaplet vert. 

Motto — Crux Christi salus mea. 

/\«i(/fnff— (Mrs. G. P.), 926 North Broad Street, Ehzabeth, N.J. 


nDattbe\x)0' Htncrican armoury 

of N.Y. (Eldest son of Thos. Sullivan, 1817-80, 
of Brooklyn, Pres. Brooklyn City R.R., m 1839, 
Phebe S., 1812-1901, da. of Jarvis and Deborah 
(Saxton) Powell, of Bettspage, L.I. ; grandson of 
Arthur Bull Sullivan, b at Waterford, Ireland, 
1786; son of Thomas Sullivan, of Waterford). 

Boni at Brooklyn, N.Y., Jan. 15, 1842 ; m April 

23, 1867, Isabel, da. of James Keyes Place 

[5th in desct. from Aaron Place, h Bristol, 

Eng., 1682, d Hempstead, L.I., 1770], 

by Suzanne A., da. of Nathaniel Barker, and 

Hannah Angevine, of N.Y., a desct. of Andree 

Augevine from Poitiers, France, 1685, to New 



i. Arthur Bull, b Feb. 25, 1873. i. Florence S. 

ii. Leonard, b Mar. 11, 1886. 

Anns — Per fesse, the base per pale, in chief or, a dexter hand couped at the wrist, 
grasping a sword gu. entwined with a serpent ppr. betw. two lions ramp, 
respecting each other, gu.; the dexter base vert, charged with a buck trippant 
or; on the sinister base, per pale arg. and sa. a boar pass, counterchanged. 

Crest— On a ducal coronet or, a robin, in the beak a sprig of laurel ppr. 

Motto — Lamh foisdin-each an uachtar. 

Residence — 584 5th Avenue, New York City. 

Clubs— Union League, New York Yacht, Metropolitan. 

J- of Wilmington, Delaware (Son of Lucius Peters Thompson, b 1833, 
m Caroline, da. of Benjamin Sands Burling ; son of Newcomb B., b 1799, 
m Harriett L. Peters; son of Samuel, b 1766, iii Ruth Forster ; son of 
Benjamin, b 1735, m Phebe Davis; son of Benjamin Thompson, of 
Bridgeton, N.J., b 1705, m Amy Newcomb). 

Born 1857; Grad. at Princeton Univ., 1877; in 1891, Mary, da. of Major- 
Genl. James H. Wilson, b 1837, in command of the ist Army Corps, 
U.S.A., Macon, Georgia ; son of Capt. Harrison, Mem. of Govs. 
Council, Illinois, 1808-14, son of Sergt. Isaac G. Wilson, of Front 
Royal, Va., 9th Regt. Va. Line Continental Army, War of Rev. 


i. Henry Burling, Jr., b 1897. 

i. Mary. 

ii. Katharine. 

iii. Margaret. 

RcsidciiCi'—i^o^ Rodney Street, Wilmington, Delaware. 

C/)(/>i— University of New York, Philadelphia, Manheim Cricket, Delaware Field. 

Socid) — Historical of Delaware. 

anb Blue BooF?. 


^^-^ of New York City (Son of Andrew Pickens 
Calhoun, 1812-65, of "Fort Hill," Pickens Co., 
S.C., Cotton Planter and Commissioner from South 
Carolina to Alabama, i860, at the beginning of 
Civil War, /// 1836 Margaret Maria, 1816-91, da. 
of Duff Green, of Kentucky and Washington, D.C., 
by Lucretia Edwards, of Kentucky, sister of Ninian 
Edwards, first Governor of Illinois ; grandson of 
John Caldwell Calhoun, Secretary of War under 
President Monroe ; Vice-President of the United 
States under Presidents John Quincy Adams and 
Andrew Jackson ; Secretary of State under Presi- 
dent Tyler ; m Floride Calhoun, sister of John 
Ewing Calhoun, first Senator from the up country 
of South Carolina. — Descended from James Calhoun 

(Colquhoun), and Catherine Montgomery, of Donegal, Ireland, who came 
to America, 1733, with his son Patrick, who married Martha Caldwell, 
grandson of Sir James Colquhoun, Principal Clerk of Sessions, who 
m Mary Falconer of Edinburgh, a descendant of Sir John Colquhoun, 
Governor of Dumbarton Castle, temp. James II.). 

Bovn Sit Marengo Co., Alabama, July g, 1843 ; left South Carolina College 
(Sophomore year), 1861, to enter Civil War; Captain during the 
Civil War with brevet rank of Colonel ; Chairman of Dobbs Ferry 
Monumental Committee, 1894 ! Special Ambassador of Empire State 
Society, Sons of the American Revolution, to France, 1897, on the 
occasion of International Celebration of Franco-American Alliance, 
Feb. 6, 1778 ; m Dec. 8, 1870, Linnie, da. of David Adams, of 
Lexington, Kentucky, by Elizabeth Johnson, da. of Joel Johnson, a 
brother of Richard M. Johnson, Vice-President of the United States. 

i. James Edwards, b May i, 1878, Captain U.S. Army, 
ii. David Adams, b January 14, 1881. 
iii. John Caldwell, Jr., b April 22, 1887. 

i. Julia Johnson. 

Anns — Argent, a saltire engrailed sable. 
Crest — A hart's head couped gules. 
Supporters — Two greyhounds, collared sa. 
Mottoes — Si je puis ; Cnock elachan. 

Residences — 617 West End Avenue, New York City ; Hague, Lake George, N.Y. 

Clubs — Manhattan, Lawyers, Reform, Democratic. 

Societies — Southern, Sons of the American Revolution, Confederate Veterans. 


ni>attbevv0' Hincrican ^rmouri? 

of N.Y. City (Eldest son of Major Alfred 
Pierre Delcambre, of Mt. Vernon, N.Y., formerly 
Judge of Westchester Co., N.Y., and for 24 years 
an Officer of the 8th and 71st Regts., N.G.S.N.Y., 
h 1850, ;// 1877, Grace Margaret, h 1856, d igoi, 
da. of Thomas and Margaret Lane). 

Born at N.Y. City, 1878 ; Mem. of the 71st Regt. 

U.S. Vols., and served with the Regiment 

during Spanish-American W'sx ; Graduated at 

St. Francis Xavier Coll., 1898 : /// Dec. 2, 1899, 

Eugenia Gabrielle, da. of Count Louis Palma 

di Cesnola, late Gen. U.S. Army, Director-in- 

Chief of Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.Y. 

City, and Marie Isabel, Countess di Cesnola, 

da. of Admiral Samuel Chester Reid, U.S. 

Navy, a lineal descendant of Henry Reid, Earl of Orkney, and Lord 

High Admiral to Robert III. (Bruce), King of Scotland, 1393. 
Crest — An arm in chain armour embowed holding a flaming sword. 
Motto — Adhcereo virtute. 

Residences— 829 Park Avenue, N.Y. City; "Shady Dell," Mount Kisco, West- 
chester Co., N.Y. 


^^ of Tuxedo Park, N.Y. (Eldest son of George 
and Lydia (Alley) Griswold, of N.Y. City; son of 
George, b 1777; son of George, b 1726; son of 
Rev. George, b 1692, grad. Yale College, 1717 ; son 
of Matthew, Dep. Gen. Court ; son of Matthew, 
1620-98, Black Hall, Lyme, Ct., first Magistrate of 
Saybrook Colony, and agent for its Governor, 
Colonel Fenwick, the regicide, vi Anna Wolcott ; 
son of George Griswold, of Kennilworth, Warwick- 
shire, Eng). 

Boyii in New York City, April 3, 1857 ; Grad. 
Harvard Univ., B.A., 1880; m May 4, 1886, 
Emily O., da. of Edwin A. Post, of N.Y., 
and Margarett O., da. of Robert Oliver 
Gibbes, of Charleston, S.C. 

1. George, b. October 8, 1896. 

Anns — Argent, a fesse gules between two greyhounds courant sable. 
Crest — A greyhound passant proper. 
Motto — Volando reptilia sperno. 

Residence— Tuxedo Park, Tuxedo, N.Y. 

Clubs— Union, Metropolitan, Tu.xedo, Porcclliau of Cauibridge, Mass. 

anb Blue Book. 



J-^ of Chicago, 111. (Fourth son of the Rev. Daniel 


Rhodes, 1808-91, m (i) 1830, Elizabeth, 1810-53, 
da. of John and Mary Lowry, m- (2) 1855, Louisa, 
da. of John and Nancy Cunnard ; son of Henry 
Rhode?, m Sarah Willard ; son of John Henry 
Rhodes, m Catherine Dofler ; son of Henry Rhodes, 
who left Frankfort-on-the-Main, 1750, for America, 
and died on the way over, a descendant of 
Huges I., Count de Rodez, brother of Willemus 
Rode, of Rode, Co. Chester, England). 

Born at Brownsville, Pa., Sept, 14, 1850 ; knighted 
by the King of Portugal, and received the Royal 
INIilitary Order of Christ, 1895; '" Sept. 12, 1878, Margaret White, 
da. of John Paterson and Cornelia White of Portland, Ct. 

i. Joseph Foster, h November 18, 1881. 
i. Margaret Elizabeth. 
ii. Nellie, h April 8, 1886, d May 8, 1887. 

Anns — Quarterly, ist and 4th gules, a lion rampant or ; 2nd and 3rd argent, two 

bends gules, on a chief azure a label of three points or. 
Crest — A double-headed eagle displayed sable. Motto — Coelum non animum. 

Residences — Hotel Metropole, Chicago. 111. ; Woodstock, Vt. 

Clubs — Chicago, Chicago Athletic, Washington Park, Parmacheene of Maine, 
Lakota of Woodstock. Vt., Woodstock Country. 

1\/]"h:SIER, LOUIS [deceased), 
■'-'-*• of New York City (Son of Edward Sebring, 
Mesier, 1803-54, by his second wife Georgianna 
K., da. of Robert Hyslop, of Kelso, Scotland ; son 
of Peter A., 1773- 1847, m Mary Van Wyck ; son of 
Abraham, 1726-74, m Eliz. Robbins ; son of 
Peter J., 1698-1784, m Jannitji Wessels ; son of 
Abraham, h 1663, m Eliz. van Cowenhoven ; son 
of Peter Jansen Mesier, h in Normandy, France, 
1631, and Maritje Willems, of New York, 1660). 

Born in N. Y. City, July 26, 1844, d 1904, m Dec. 4, 
1878, Maria Louise, da. of Josiah H. Gautier, 
of New York. 

Arms — Quarterly, ist and 4th, or, three bars azure, 2nd 


3rd, gules a castle or, within a bordure gobony of twelve argent 


Crest — A helmet crowned proper. 

Motto — Tiens a ta foy. 

Residence — (Mrs. L. M.), 24 West 21st Street, New York City. 


mattbe\v0' Hincrican Hrmouri^ 

MOORE, Mrs. EVA {nee Carleton), 
of Annapolis, Md. (Da. of Major -General 
James H. Carleton, U.S.A., 1813-73, m Sophia 
Garland, 1829-1880, da. of Samuel and Maria A. 
(Garland) Wolfe ; son of John ; son of John ; son of 
Jonathan ; son of John ; son of John ; son of Lieut. 
John ; son of Edward Carleton, h England, 1605, 
of Rowley, Mass., 1639, Deputy in the General 
Court of Mass. Bay, 1642-45 ; great gr.-son of 
John Carleton, of London, who was 15th in 
descent from Baldwin de Carleton, viva 1066). 

Born at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas m Oct. 2, 1877, 
Edwin King Moore, h July 24, 1847, Com- 
mander United States Navy, son of Joseph A. 
and Nancy J. Moore. 

i. Maude Carleton, b May 12, 1884, d May 13, 1885. 

Anns — (Carleton) Argent, on a bend sable three mascles of the field. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a unicorn's head sable, the horn twisted of the 

first and second. 
Motto — Quasrere varum. 

Residence — Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. 

Societies — Colonial Dames, Daughters of the American Revolution. 

Rev., D.D., LL.D., D.C.L., 
Bishop of Springfield, 111. (Only surviving son of 
Isaac Newton and Elvira (Belknap) Seymour. — 
Descended from Richard Seymour, of Hartford, 
Conn., 1640). 

Born at N.Y. City, Jan. 5, 1829 ; Grad. from Colum- 
bia Coll., 1850; Racine Coll. D.D. ; Columbia 
Univ. LL.D.; D.C.L. Univ. of the South, 
Sewanee, Ten. ; Founder and First Warden 
of St. Stephen's Coll., Annandale, Dutchess 
Co., N.Y. ; Prof, of Ecclesiastical History in 
the General Theological Seminary, N.Y. City ; 
Dean of the same ; Consecrated Bishop of 
Springfield, 111., June 11, 1878; m July 23, 
1889, Harriet Atwood, da. of John Jay Downe, 
and Sarah Wentworth, of Strafford, N.H. 

Arms — Gules, two wings conjoined in lure, the tips downwards or. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a phcenix in flames proper with wings 
expanded or. 

Motto — Foy pour devoir. 

i?esjrfeHce— Bishop's House, Springfield, 111. 

ant) Blue Book. 


RUGGLES, Mrs. VIRGINIA {ncc Cabell), 
of Milwaukee, Wis. (Da. of Dr. Robert 
H. Cabell, d 1876, of Richmond, Va., by 2nd w 
Cath. Eyre Pelham ; son of Landon Cabell, 
w Judith Scott, da. of Col. Hugh Rose, b 1743, by 
Caroline M., da. of Col. Sam. Jordan and 2nd w. 
Judith S. Ware ; son of Rev. Robert Rose of Rich- 
mond, Va. 1725, b at Wester Alves, Scot., 111 Ann, 
da. of Col. Hen. Fitzhugh of Va., 8th from Hugh 
Rose of Kilravock and Lady Margaret Seaton, da. 
of Earl of Huntley. Landon Cabell was son of Col. 
Wm. Cabell of Union Hill, Va. ; son of Capt. Wm. 
Cabell of Liberty Hall, Va, and Bugley, War- 
minster, Wilts, Eng.). 

Born at Richmond, Va., in (i) B. Howard Tyson 
of Balto., Md., ni (2) Dec. 3, 1895, Charles 
Herman Ruggles of Milwaukee, Wis. 

(ist m) 
i. B. Howard, b 1887, d 1888. 
i. Virginia. 
ii. Julia Scott. 


(2nd //;) 
i. x\nna Crystie. 

Alma Hammond L'Hommedieu. 


Arms — (Cabell) Qrtly. ; ist and 4th sa., a horse ramp. ar. bitted and bridled or ; 

2nd and 3rd ( Rose) or, a boar's head couped gu. betvv. three water bougets sa. 

Crest — An arm in armour embovved grasping a sword all ppr. Motto — Impavide. 

Residence — Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Clubs — Acorn and Country of Phila. 

Societies — Va. Hist., Daus. of the Am. Rev., Daus. of 181 2, Daus. of the Con- 
federacy, Councillor for Wis. " Order of the Crown," Founder " Order 
of the Constitution," "Colonial Dames." 

SARGENT, Mrs. ELIA {nee Ledyard), 
of West Newton, Mass. (Youngest da. of the 
late William Stuart Ledyard and Frances Lavinia 

Bovn at Brooklyn, N.Y., m April 7, 1880, Prof. 
Dudley Allen Sargent, b Sept. 28, 1849, son of 
Benjamin Sargent, a desct. of William Sargent 
who came from Northampton, Eng., settled at 
Charlestown, N.E. 1639. 

i. Ledyard WortHingtox, b June 29, 1882, 

Arms — (For Ledyard) Ermine, on a chevron or three muUets pierced gules. 
Crest — A demi-lion rampant argent, holding in the dexter paw a mullet gules. 
Motto — Per crucem ad Stellas. 

Residence — Cambridge, Mass. C/«6— Newton Women Suffrage League. 

Societies — Mayflower Descendants, Daughters of the American Revolution, United 
States Daughters of 1812, Browning. 


riDattbewe' Hntcrican Bnnonr)? 

of N.Y. City (Son of Major Harry Cooke 
Cushing, U.S.A., b 184.1, m Martha W. Budd ; son 
of George W., b 1809 ; son of Daniel, b 1783 ; son 
of Benj. 1735-86 ; son of Benj., b 1706 ; son of John 
1660-1738 ; son of John 1627-1708 ; son of Matthew 
1589-1616, came in ship "Diligent" 1638, settled 
at Hingham, Mass.; son of Peter, d 1596; son of 
Thomas, d 1588 ; son of John of Hardingham 1531 ; 
son of William, of Hingham 1492 ; son of Thos. 
Cushing, of Hardingham, Norfolk). 

Bom at Fort Foote Md. May 14, 1869, Grad. Cornell 
Univ. 189 1, HI Adelaide B., da. of I. Albert 

Connfelt of N.Y. 

i. H.^RRV Cooke 3rd, b June 10, 1895. 
ii. Leonard Jarvis, b Oct. 20, 1900. 

Arms — Qtly., i and 4 gules, an eagle displ. argent; 2 and 3 gules, three dexter 
hands coupe 1 argent, a canton chequy or and azure. 

Ci'dst — Two bears' gambs erased sable supporting a ducal coronet or, from which 
is suspended a human heart. 

Residence — 102 Waverly Place, N.Y. City. 

C/!/is— Westchester Country, Cornell University, Strollers. 

Societies— Americsin Institute of Electrical Engineers, Colonial Wars. 

of N.W. City (Eldest son of Wm. Edward 
Earle, 1841-94, of Greenville, S.C., Captain and 
Major of Artillery, War of the Secession, Assis- 
tant U.S. Attorney of S.C., m Elizabeth Price, 
d 1878 ; son of Henry M., 1802-90 ; son of Aspasio ; 
son of Baylis, 1795-1844; son of Samuel, 1692-1771 ; 
son of Samuel, 1670- 1746 ; son of Samuel, 1638-99 ; 
son of John Earle, a Royalist, who came from 
Somersetshire, Eng., to Northumberland Co., Va., 
1649, d 1697, related to Sir Walter Earle, 
Knt., Mem. Board of Managers, Virginia Coy., 

Born in Greenville Co., S.C., March 28, 1870 ; 

Grad. at Georgetown Univ. L.B., 1893 ' 

m April 19, 1897, Mary Louise, da. of Elmore Frank Coe, of N.Y. 

Arms — Gules, three escallops within a bordure engrailed argent. 
Crest — A lion's head erased or, transpierced by a broken spear. 
Af o<<o— Vulneritus non victus. 

Residence — 239 Madison Avenue, New York City. 

Clubs — City, Lawyers, Country, of New York ; Metropohtan, of Washington. 

an^ Blue Book, 


of Milton, Mass. (4th son of Andrew H. 
Ward, of Allston, Boston, Mass., b 1824, in 1852 
Anna H. Walcott, da. of Isaac and Sarah A. 
( Walcott) Field, of Providence, R.I. ; son of Andrew 
H., b 1784; son of Thomas W., b 1758; son of 
Maj.-Gen. Artemas Ward, 1727-1800, Chief Justice 
of the Common Pleas Court, 1776, Comder. of the 
Army of New Eng. under Gen. George Washing- 
ton ; son of Nahum, b 1684 ; son of William Ward, 
b 1603, settled in Sudbury, Mass., 1639). 

Boyn at Newton, Mass., April 18, 1864 ; Graduated 
Harvard Univ., A.B. 1885, LL.B. 1892; 
m July 3, 1899, Margaret, da. of Geo. Stowe 
May, of Atlanta, Georgia. 

Anns — Azure, a cross flory or. 

Crest — A wolf's head erased proper 
langued gules. 

Mottoes — 1. Non nobis solum. 
2. Sub cruce salus. 

Residence — Milton, Mass. 

of New York City (Son of Dudley E. Salton- 
stall, b 1846, of Toledo, O., in Annie Parmelia 
Satterlee ; son of Dudley G., b 1808; son of 
Joshua; son of Dudley, b 1738, Commodore of the 
American Fleet, Penobscot, 1779; son of Gurdon, 
b 1708; son of Gurdon, b 1666; son of Nathaniel, 
b 1639; son of Richard, b 1610; son of Sir 
Richard Saltonstall of Huntwicke, b 1586, settled 
in New Eng. 1630). 

Born at New York City, June 22, 1874 ; Graduated 
at Peekskill Military Academy. 

Arms — Or, a bend between two eaglets displayed sable. 
Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or a pelican's head azure. 
Motto — Teneo tenuere majores. 

Residence — Rye, N.Y. 

Societies — Sons of the American Revolution, Naval Reserve Association. 


riDattbcwB' Hmerican armoury 


-'--' of Elkins, West Virginia (Eldest son of 
Philip Duncan Elkins, h July 4, 1812, ni Oct. 5, 
184c, Sarah Pickett Withers, h November 15, 1814, 
d November 10, 1865, daughter of Charles Withers, 
and Jane Pickett, his wife, of Fauquier Co., 
\'irginia ; son of Philip Elkins, b 1772. — Descended 
from Ralph Elkins, who received from Governor 
Francis Moryson, January 13, 1661, a patent of 
land in York Co., Virginia, but located shortly 
afterwards in what was then known as Westmore- 
land, but later King George Co., Va., between the 
Potomac and Rappahanock Rivers. He was one 
of the leading men of Virginia, and founder of the Elkins' family in 

Born in Perry Co., Ohio, September 26, 1841 ; Graduated at Missouri 
University, A.M., i860 ; admitted to the Missouri Bar 1863 ; Member 
of the Territorial Legislature 1864-5; U.S. Senator for West 
Virginia, elected 1895 for six years ; U.S. Secretary of War, 1890-92 ; 
Attorney-General and U.S. District Attorney for New Mexico; 
Member of Congress, two terms, 1873-77 5 Vice-President of West 
Virginia Central and Pittsburg Railway; m April 14, 1875, Hallie L. 
Davis, daughter of Honble. Henry Gassaway Davis, who served 
twelve years in the U.S. Senate, from West Virginia, by Katharine 
Bantz, his wife, of Elkins, West Virginia. 


i. Davis, h January 24, 1876. 

ii. Stephen Benton, Jr., h October 20, 1877. 
iii. Richard, h March 6, 1879. 
iv. Blaine, h September 14, 1881. 

i. Katharine. 

Arms — Per cross or and gules, a cross vaire between four tigers passant counter- 
changed, armed and langued azure, all within a bordure quarterly of the 
second and first charged with fleurs-de-lis and roundels counterchanged. 

Crcst~A dcnii-tiger rampant quarterly ermine and erminois, armed and langued 
gules holding between the paws a bezant. 

Residences— 1626 "K'" Street, Washington, D.C. ; 46 West 58th Street, New 
York City; " Halliehurst " Elkins, West Va. 

Clubs— Chevy Chase, Washington, Metropolitan ; KepubUcan, Union League 
(N.Y. City). 

anb Blue Boof?. 


of Berkeley Springs, W. Va., who by 
judicial decree assumed the name and arms of 
Saltonstall (Son of Geo. B. Mickle 1830-90, of 
Bayside, L.I., in Isabel, da. and co.-h, of Thomas 
M. Beare and Mary Susan, da. of Wm. Saltonstall 
of N.Y. ; son of Hon. Andrew H. Mickle, Mayor of 
N.Y. 1846 ; son of James Mickle, of Orange Co., 
N.Y., h Scotland, 1760; son of Archibald; son of 
Robert ; son of James viv. 1640, whose son Rev. 
Alexander was father of Wm. Julius Mickle, R.A., 
of Portugal, translator of the " Luciad " of Camoens. 
— Descended also from Sir Richard Saltonstal 
1586- 1 660, of Yorkshire, came to Watertown Mass. 

1628 ; in Grace, da. of Robt. Kaye of Yorkshire [gth in Hneal descent from 
Edward III.]; Proprietory Patentee and First Assist. Genl. Court Mass. 
Bay Colony, Chairman Committee to arrange transfer of Government of 
the Compy. to the Colony, 1629; original Patentee of Connecticut with 
Lords Say and Sele, Brooke, and others; whose son Richard, h 1610, 
m Muriel, da. of Brampton and Muriel S. Gurdo ; Serg.-Maj. in Colonel 
Endicott's Regt. 1641 ; Asst. and Depy.-Genl. Court. Mass 1635-49, whose 
eldest son. Col. Nathl. 1647-1707, was in command of troops sent against 
Gov. Andros 1680; whose son Gurdon 1666- 1724 was Gov. of Conn. 1708 ; 
whose son Gurdon of New London, 1708-85, m Rebecca Winthrop 
[gt.-gr.-da. of Maj.-Gen. Wait Still Winthrop, and gt.-gt.-gr.-da. of Gov. 
John Winthrop of Mass. ; and gt.-gr.-da. of Gov. and Maj.-Gen. Thomas 
Dudley, of Mass. 1576- 1653], whose son Rosewell had William of N.Y., 
whose da. was Mary Saltonstall aforementioned). 

Born at " Bay Lawn," Bayside, L.I., N.Y., Oct. 5, 1856 ; /// June 9, 1892, 
Susan, da. of Dr. John Harrison and Sophie (Forrest) Hunter, of 
Berkeley Springs, W. Va., of the Hunters of Hunterstown. 

i. Sophie Forrest. 


ii. Muriel Winthrop. 

Arms — Qtly. i and 4, or, a bend betw. two eaglets displ. sable (Saltonstall); 
2, gules, a chevron betw. three crosses pattee fitchee each cantoned with 
four cross-crosslets argent (Mickle) ; 3, argent, a bear rampant sable, a 
canton gules (Beare). 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, an eaglet's head azure, (Saltonstall) ; a stag's 
head, couped at the neck or (Mickle). 

Motto — Teneo tenuere majores. 

Residence — "Dalmeny," Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. 

Societies — N.Y. Genealogical and Biographical, Colonial Wars, Sons of the 
Revolution, Order of Runnemede. 


ni>attbe\v6' Bnierican Bnnour)? 

of Englewood, N.J. (Son of Rev. John G. 
Barton, LL.D., 1813-77, Pres. of St. Paul's 
Coll., L.I., ;// Anna Maria, 1824-94, da. of Captain 
George and Sarah (Graeff) Musser, of Lancaster, 
Pa. ; son of Rev. David Rittenhouse Barton ; son 
of Rev. Thomas Barton, h Co. Monaghan, Ireland, 
1730, studied at Dublin Univ., came to Phila. 
1 75 1, returned to England 1755 and was ordained 
by the Bp. of Chester, ;// Esther Rittenhouse, 
d 1780). 

Born at College Point, L.I., July 24, 1847; 
m May 25, 1870, Elizabeth Blanche, da. of Rev. 

Alfred Hinsdale and Elizabeth B. (Dominick) Partridge, Rector of 
St. Matthew's, Bedford, N.Y., 1S38-55, Rector of Christ Church, 

Brooklyn, N.Y., 1855-83. 

i. Howard Rittenhouse, h Sept. 28, 1871. 
ii. Alfred Graeff, h June 4, 1873, d Oct. 14, 1881. 
i Eleanor Graeff. ii. Ethel Louise. 

yi^His— Argent, three boars' heads couped gules, armed of the first. 

Crest — A boar's head as in arms. Motto — Crescit sub pondere virtus. 

Residence — Lydecker Street, Englewood, Bergen, Co., N.J. 
Club — Englewood. 

of Detroit (Son of Lieut. Edwin A. Skinner, 
U.S.A., 1822-76, Lieut, and Quartermaster of loth 
Mich. Inft. Regt., m Catherine S., 1830-81, da. of 
Major John Whipple; son of Richard, of Ohio, 
wCath. C. Hurin ; son of Daniel, m 1789, Elizabeth 
Todd; J., prob. son of Richard, d New Jersey, 
1772; son of John Skinner, of Hoodbridge, N.J.). 
Born June 8, 1852 ; L.S. Sp., Harvard Univ., 1891 ; 

6 years' service Detroit Light Guard, Co. "A" 

3rd Regt. Mich. State Militia ; ni June 25, 1892, 

Henrietta C. da. of Richard H. Dana, of 


i. Richard Dana, b April 21, 1893. 

Arms — Sable, a chevron or between three griffins' heads erased argent. 
Crest — A griffin's head erased argent, holding in its mouth a dexter gauntlet. 
Motto — Nunquam non paratus. 

Residence — 360 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, Mich. 

Clubs — University, Institute of 1770, Harvard Glee Club, Hasty Pudding, Harvard 

Univ., of Cambridge, Mass. 
Societies — Founders and Patriots of Am., Colonial Gov., Colonial Wars, Sons of 

the Am. Revol., War of 1812, Mil. Order of the Loyal Legion. 

anb ISlue 1Boo\\, 


of N.Y. City (Eldest son of Theodore H. W. 
Suse, 1823-gi, of Hamburg, Ger., jii Anna L. E., 
1828-83, da. of John E. and Christiane (Becker) 
Weber of Hamburg; son of Frederick H., 1789- 
1857, firm Suse & Co., Hamburg, Oberalter, St. 
MichaeHs, iii Sophia Magdalena, da. of Senator 
Claus H. and Jane (Hitchcock) Sonntag ; son of 
Hieronymus J. B., 1745-1809, Procurator judiciahs 
and advocati, of Hamburg, in (i) Maria Catharina 
and (2) Anna Lucia, both daus. of Hans H. and 
Maria (Moller) Wilhgmann ; son of Berend Suse, 
1715-45, Advocati, m Catharina Rebecca Wilhg- 
mann; son of Berend Suse, 1675-1726, Imperial 

Notary and Advocate of Hamburg, in Anna Moller ; son of Bernd Suse, 
of Hamburg, 1645). 

Born at Hamburg, Germany, May 12, 1852 ; m Oct. 31, 1883, Leontine, 

Catherine, da. of Philipp Emile Sauer and Leontine, da. Jean 

Baptist Marie of N.Y. City. 

i. Katarina Elise. 

ii. LfioNTiNE Mari^. 

Arms — Sable, a fesse argent. 

Crest — A pair of eagles' wings sable, each charged with a fesse as in Arms. 

Residence — N.Y. City, 


-L-/ of Phila. (Son of David Lewis, 1800-95, 
111 Camilla Phillips, d 1887; son of David, /; 1776; 
son of Ellis, b 1734; son of Robert; son of Ellis 
ap Lewis (Ellis Lewis), h Wales cir. 1680, of 
Kennett Township, Pa., 1708 ; son of Lewis ap 
Robert by his wife Mary, who m (2) Owen Robert 
Robert and settled in Gwynedd, Pa., where he 
d 1722). 

Boi'u in Philadelphia June 18, 1843 ; Treasurer of 

the Mutual Assurance Co., m Feb. 9, 1869, Ellen E., da. of 
Burn N. Cozens, of Philadelphia. 

i. David, b Dec. 12, 1869. 
ii. Clifford, Jr., /' Mar. 28, 1871. 
iii. William Burn Nash, h Dec. 29, 1872. 

i, Eleanor. 

Anns — Or, a hon rampant azure. 


Residences— ^i^ S. 12th Street, Philadelphia; Lakewood, N.J. ; Cape May, N.J. 


ni>attbew6' Bmerican Bnnour^ 

of N.Y. City (Son of George Wm. Warren, 
1828-1902, Mus. Doc, Prof, of Columbia Univ., 
N.Y., m Mary E. Pease, 1839-91 ; son of George, 
1789-1858; son of William, 1751-1831 ; son of 
Phineas, 1718-97 ; son of Joshua, 1668-1760; son 
of Caleb, b 1642 ; son of Richard, 1608-70 ; son of 
Richard Warren, Signer of the Mayflower 
Compact, 1620 ; son of Christopher Warren of 
Headbury, England, a direct desct. of William de 
Warrenne, ist Earl of \\'arren and Surrey. 

Boi'ii at Brooklyn, N.Y., April, 9, 1864 ; Major and 
Ordnance Officer ; Inspector Small Arms, 5th 
Brigade, N.Y. ; m April ig, 1892, Anna M. 



i. George William, b June 24, 1899. 
i. SusANXE Elizabeth. ii. Margaret Resslear. 

Arms — Gules, a lion rampant argent, a chief cheqny or and azure. 

Crest — Out of a coronet a demi-eagle displayed. Motto — Pro patria niori. 

Residences — 326 89th Street, N.Y. City ; Oyster Bay, L.I. 

Clubs — St. Nicholas, Union League, Lotos, Army and Navy, Seawanhaka. 

Corinthian Yacht, Columbia Yacht, Knollwood Country, Westchester 


Societies — 7th Veteran, Sons of the Revolution, Colonial Wars, Mayflower 
Descendants, Mil. Order of Foreign Wars, War of 1812. 

of Brooklyn, N.Y, (Son of Charles Christmas, 
of Manchester, England, and Brooklyn, N.Y., by 
Harriett Andrews). 

Bom in Brooklyn, N.Y., 1826 ; in 1849, Emily, 
da. of Captain Henry Davis and Abigail 
Robinson, his wife, of Southport, Ct. 

i. Charles WAKE^LA.N, b Dec. 24, 1851, ^Oct. 1895. 

i. Floren'ce Emily, b Sept. 9, 1855, r/ June, 1868. 

ii. Harriet Andrews, in Nov. 23, 1875, J^^^ 
Chester Eno, of New York City, and 
Simsbury, Conn., a descendant of James 

Eno, who came from England and settled in Windsor, Conn., 
1646, d 1682. 

Arms — Gules, on a fesse or, between three hares argent, a crescent of the second 
between two martlets of the first. 

Crest — An arm erect charged with two bars, one or, the other gules, holding in 
the hand a double branch of roses proper. 

Residences — Brooklyn, N.Y. ; New York City; Bridgeport, Conn. 
Club — Union League. 

aub Blue IBooh. 


of Philadelphia, Pa. (Son of John Fries 
Frazer 1812-72, of Phila., Vice-Provost Univ. 
of Penna, one of the Founders of the National 
Academy of Sciences, m 1838, Charlotte Jeffers, 
da. of Thomas and Sarah Hollingshead (Cave). 
— Descd. from John Frazer of Phila., 1735-65). 

Born at Philadelphia, July 24, 1844 ; B.A. Univ. of 
Penna, 1862; Acting Ensign U.S. Navy, War 
1861-5 ; Prof, of Chemistry, Univ. Penna, 
1872-4; Vice-Pres., U.S. Inter. Geol. Con- 
gresses, London, 1885, St. Petersburg, 1897; 
Docteures-Sciences Naturelles, Univ. de France, 1882, 
m Sept. 2, 187T, Isabella N., da. of Edward Siddons Whelen. 

i. Persifor (Junr.), m Mary, da. of John Lowber Welsh, 
ii. Laurence, deceased. iii. John. i. Charlotte. 

A nns — Azure three cinquefoils argent. 

Cn-st — Out of a ducal coronet or an ostrich's head and neck, between wings, 


holding in the beak a horseshoe. 

Motto — Je suis prest. 

Residences— gzS Spruce Street, Philadelphia; " Ardhe," near Milford, Penna, 

Clubs — University, Philadelphia Cricket. 

Soc/e^jVs— Cincinnati, N.J., Sons of the Revolution, War of 1812, Colonial Wars, 
Mihtary Order of the Loyal Legion, Naval Veteran Ass'n., Penna Hist., 
Am. Phil., Am. Inst, of M.E., Geologique de Belgique, Geologique du 
Nord, Life Fellow A.A.A.S., Life Mem. B.A.A.S., etc. 

of Rochester N.Y. (Son of Simon Latham 
Brewster, of Rochester, N.Y. — Descended from 
Elder William Brewster, 1566- 1644, who drafted the 
Mayflower Compact, Member and Chaplain of the 
ist Military Company organised at Plymouth, under 
Captain Myles Standish, and served against 
the Indians). 

Bovn at Rochester, N.Y., Sept. 7, 1845 ; Repre- 
sentative in Congress for 31st District of New 
York ; ;;/ Alice, da. of Louis Chapin. 

i. Rachel Alice. 

ii. Editha Colvin. 

Arms —Azure, a chevron ermine between three estoils argent. 
Cnst — A leopard's head, erased, sable. 
Motto — Verite soyez ma garde. 

Residence — 353 East Avenue, Rochester, N.Y. 

Clubs — Genesse Valley, Country of Rochester; Union League, New York City. 


ni>attbc\V6' anicrican Hnnoiir\) 

WHEELER, JOSEPH, Gen. U.S. Army {deceased), 
of Wheeler, Ala. (Son of Joseph Wheeler 
1787-1866, of Augusta Ga., m (i) Sally Bradley, 
m (2) Julia Knox Hull ; son of Joseph 1748- 1804 ; 
son of Capt. James 1716-68; son of Samuel 1681- 
1721 ; son of Moses 1651-1724 ; son of Moses 
Wheeler, h in Kent, England, 1598, settled in New 
Haven, Ct. 1638, d 1698 cstat 100). 

Born at Augusta, Ga., Sept. 10, 1836; d Jan., 
1906; Grad. West Point 1859; LL.D. George- 
town Coll. 1899 ; Gen. commanding Army 
Corps of Confederate Cavalry 1861-65 ; Mem. 
U.S. Congress 1880-1900 ; Major-Gen. U.S. 
Cavalry Divisions and Senior Mem. of Com- 
mission which negotiated surrender of Santiago ; 
Regent Smithsonian Institute 1886-1900; Pres. 
Board of Visitors to Military Academy 1895 ! '" Feb 
Daneilla Ellen, d 1896, da. of Richard Jones of Courtlandt 

i. Joseph, h March 23, 1872, Capt. U.S.A. 
ii. Thomas H., U.S.N., drowned Sept. 7, 1898. 

i. Lucy Louise. iii. Julia Knox. 

ii. Annie Early. iv. Ella, d 1872. v. Carrie Peyton. 

Arms — Vert, on a fesse or three lions rampant of the first. 
Crest -Owi of a mural crown or a griffin's head issiiant argent. 

Residence — (Family) Wheeler, Lawrence Co., Alabama. 



of Flatbush, N.Y. (Son of John Christie 
Giles, 1825-93, Captain on General Spicer's Staff 
of N.Y.C., m Isabella, 1825-90, da. of Stephen and 
M. J. (Lee) Weart, of New York City. — Descended 
from William Giles, h in the parish of St. Giles-in- 
the-Fields, London, d in New York, Aug. 13, 

Bovn in New York City, INIay 29, 1849, m Virginia^''-, 
da. of George Watson \\'alker, of Portsmouth, 

i. John Christie, h 1880. 

Arms — Gules, a cross between four uncovered cups or. on a chief of the last 

three pelicans sable. 
Crest — A cup or, out of it three pansy flowers proper. 

Residence — Newkirk Avenue, Flatbush, N.Y. City. 

Clnb — The Brooklyn League. ' 

So;i.-^i^s— Colonial Wars, New York Historical, Sons of the Revolution, St. 

Nicholas, -Daughters Am. Revolution, The Brooklyn of New England 

Women, Colonial Daughters of the 17th Century. 

anb Blue IBoolx, 


-*--'- of Baltimore, Md. (Daughter of Theophilus 
B. Horwitz, of Baltimore, Counsellor-at-Law, who 
d April 5, 1895 ; g--da. of Dr. J. Horwitz, M.D., of 
Berlin, Germany, who settled in Baltimore. On 
maternal side, da. of Mary Rebecca BarroU, g.-da. 
of James Edmondson Barroll, distinguished lawyer 
of Chestertown, Md., gt. -g.-da. of Wm. Barroll, 
Counsellor-at-Law ; gt.-gt. -g.-da. of Rev. William 
Barroll, b near Hereford, Eng., 1734, B.A. Cam- 
bridge Univ. 1757 ; Ordained Priest, 1759; Rector 
of St. Stephen's Ch., N. Sassafras Parish, Md., 
1760 ; in Anne, da. of Rev. Alex. Williamson, 
d 1778. Rev. Wm. Barroll was gr.-son of Sir 
James Barroll, Mayor of Hereford, Eng., a Colonel in British Army, 
killed in battle 1647. His psdigree and arms, granted 1585, were 
entered at Herald College 1642. Miss Horwitz is a gt. -gt.-gt. niece of 
Judge Gunning Bedford, of Delaware, one of the framers of the Declara- 
tion of Independence, but was prevented from signing by serious illness. 

Boni3it Holly Hall, Cecil Co., Md. ; Authoress of " Swanhilde," "Fairy 
Lure," and " Twentieth Century Chronology of the World," &c. ;?.a3 

Aniii — Per chevron argent and azare, a clisvron or, in base a lion rampant 

holding a staff. 
Crest — An eagle rising proper. Mottu — Veritate Victoria. 

Rcsidjiioi — Sjo Hamilton Terrace, Baltimore, Md. 

of Newark, N.J. (Son of Richard Stockton, 
1824-76, of " Springdale," Princeton, N.J., Trea- 
surer of Camden and Amboy R.R., in Oct. 4, 1S60, 
Susan, da. of Albert Baldwin and Caroline (Bayard) 
Dod, of Princeton, N.J. ; son of Robert F. ; son of 
Richard ; son of Richard, Signer of Declaration of 
Independence ; son of John ; son of Richard ; son 
of Richard and Abigail Stockton, came to America 
1656, in desct. from David da Stockton, of Chester, 

Born at Princeton, N.J., June 6, 1870 ; Midshipman, U.S.N. Acad., 
Annapolis, 1885-86, class of 1889, served in Cuba with Troop K, 
ist U.S. Vol. Cav. (Roosevelt's Rough Riders), 1898; ist Troop 
N.G.N.J., 1898-1905 ; ni Mar. 5, 1900, Mary Hampton Keen. 

Anns — Gules, -a chevron vaire sable and argent betvv. three mullets of the last. 
Crest — A lion rampant supporting an Ionic column. Motto — Omnia Deo pendent. 

Residenc:—25 James Street, Newark, N.J. 
Society — Army of Santiago. 


nOattbews' American Snitour\> 


of Boston, Mass. (Third son of the Rev. 
Israel Taintor Otis 1805-89, of Exeter, N.H., 
III Olive Morgan, h 1810, d Oct 6, 1906, da. of 
Erastus and Martha (Morgan) Osgood, of Lebanon, 
Conn. — Descended from John Otis, 1620-83, h at 
Glastonbury, Co. Somerset, in Mary Jacob, settled 
at Hingham, Mass., 1635, the ancestor of the great 
patriot James Otis, and of Harrison Gray Otis, the 
third Mayor of Boston). 

Born at Rye, N.H., Oct. 29, 1848; Grad. at 
Harvard College, 1871, A.B., M.D. ; ex-Presi- 
dent American Climatological Association ; 
m June 6, 1894, I^Iarion, da. of William 
Faxon, of Boston, INIass. 

i. John Faxon, b Jan. 29, 1898. 
ii. Edward Osgood, Jr., h Aug. 16, 1899. 
iii, William Faxon, h Oct. 12, 1903. 

Arms—kv^ei\\., a saltire engrailed, between four cross-crosslets fitchee azure. 
Crest — An arm embowed vested gules, the hand holding a laurel branch. 
Motto — Sapiens qui vigilat. 

i. Olive. 

Rcsidt'iicc—^Si, Beacon Street, Boston, Mass. Club — University. 

Societies — American Climatological Association, Sons of the American Revolution. 

of Portsmouth, N.H. (Son of George Hall 
May, of Savannah, Ga., b Sept. 2, 1815, d Oct. 3, 
1858, in Oct. 6, 1840, Louisa Catherine, b Nov. 7, 
1817, d Feb. 10, 1895, da. of James Rundlet, and 
Jane Hill, his wife, of Portsmouth, N.H.— Descd. 
from John May, who came from Mayfield, Sussex, 
Eng., settled at Roxbury, Mass., 1640). 

Boyn at Portsmouth, N.H., Nov. 2, 1841 ; Grad. 
at Harvard University, 1861, A.M., M.D. ; 
m April 26, 1881, Mary, da. of Horace Morison, 
of Baltimore, Md., and Mary Elizabeth, da. of 
Samuel Lord, of Portsmouth, N.H. 

1. Ralph, b June 22, 1882. 

Anns — Gules, a fesse between eight billets or. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a leopard's head couped proper. 

Motto — Vigilo. 

Residence— Fortsmouth, N.H. 

C//i65— University of Boston, Harvard of New York. 

au^ Blue 3oo]\. 


of Phila. (Only son of Talbot Mercer Rogers, 
of Phila., in J. Eliz., da. and h. of James Slocum, 
of Brownsville, Pa. — Descd. from Robert Rogers, 
who came from Wales to Penna. in the 17th cent. ; 
loth in desct. from William Pitkin, Atty.-Gen. of 
Conn., 1664-74 '■> 9th in desct. from William 
Pitkin 2nd, Chief Justice of Conn., 1713-23; also 
loth in desct. from Thomas Welles, Gov. of Conn. 
^^SS'': John Webster, Gov. of Conn. 1656; John 
Mason, apptd. by Charles II. ; Dep.-Gov. of Conn., 
1662 ; 13th in desct. from OUver St. John, ninth 
Lord Beauchamp of Bletso). 

Boyn Nov. 21, 1871 ; Grad. at Princeton Univ., B.A. 1893 ! Univ. of Pa., 
LL.B. i8g6 ; Attorney-at-Law; in April 26, 1904, Agnes Gertrude, 
da. of J. George Klemm, of Phila. 

i. Eleanor Eastwick Rogers. 


Anns — Qtly., i ar. on a chev. vert, betw. three stags courant sa., five ermine spots 
or, a crescent sa. for diff. (Rogers) ; 2 ar. on a fesse gu. betw. three griffins' 
heads couped sa., as many sinister wings or (Slocum) ; 3 az. on a bend ar., 
betw. two swans of the second collared and chained or, a crescent betw. 
two mullets sa. (Pitkin) ; 4 per fesse az. and or, a pale countercharged, 
three plates two and one, each charged with two bars wavy vert, and as 
many lions' heads erased, one and two, gu. (White). 

Crt'st — A stag's head erased sa. thereon 3 ermine spots and attired or. 

Residence — Haverford, Penna. 

C/»?).s— University, Princeton of Philadelphia. 

Society — Colonial Wars. 


-^ of New York City (Son of William Henry 
Fiske, of New Brunswick, N.J. — Descended from 
Nathan Fiske, of Watertown, Mass., 1643; Daniel 
Fiske, of Laxfield, Co. Suffolk, 120S). 

Born at New Brunswick, N.J., Nov. 22, 1840; 
Graduated at Rutger's College, 1 86 1 ; admitted 
to the New York Bar, 1865. 

Anns — Chequy argent and gules, on a pale sable three 

mullets pierced or. 
Crest — On a triangle argent an estoile or. 

Residences — 47 West Ninety-third Street, New York 

City; Netherwood, N.J. 
Clubs — Lotos, Rutger's, Dramatists, Penn. Press. 
Societies — American Authors, Foresters, Metropolitan Art. 




fll>attbe\V6' amcrican Hrmour^ 


^^ of Washington, D.C. (Eldest son of Sir 

Henry Howard, C.B., K.C.M.G. ; H.B.M. Secty. 

of Legation, Athens 1885, Copenhagen 1886, 
Pekin 1887, Minister at the Hague ; h Corby Castle, 
Eng., Aug. II, 1843, m Oct. 2, 1867, CeciUa, da. of 
George W. Riggs, of Washington, D.C. ; grandson 
of Sir Henry Francis Howard, G.C.B., K.C.M.G., 
m (i) Hon. Sevilla Erskine, da. of Lord Erskine ; 
m (2) Baroness Von der Schulenburg. — Descended 
from Sir Francis Howard, of Corby Castle, Cumber- 
land, son of Thos. Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk). 

Bovn at Munich, Bavaria, Nov. 26, 1869 ; in Nov. 5, 

1902, Mary, da. of Wm. H. Clagett, of Washington, D.C. 

Anns — Qtly., i, gu. on a bend betw. six crosses-crosslet fitchee ar. an escutcheon 
or, charged with a deml-lion ramp, pierced through the mouth with an 
arrow, within a double tressure flory counter-flory of the first (Howard) ; 
2, gu. three lions pass, guard, in pale or, in chief a label of three points ar. 
(Brotherton) ; 3, chequy or, and az. (Warren) ; 4, gu. a lion ramp. ar. armed 
and langued az. (Mowbray) ; 5, gu. three escallops ar. (Dacre) ; 6, harry of 
six ar. and az. three chaplets ppr. (Greystoke). 

Crest — On a chapeau gu. turned up erm. a hon statant guard, the tail extended 
or, gorged with a ducal coronet ar. Motto — Sola virtus invicta. 

Residence — 1008 ifith Street, Washington, D.C. 
Cliihs — Metropolitan, Chevy Chase, Alibi. 

of Phila. (Son of Edward Carpenter, 1813-89, 
m Anna Maria, da. of Benjamin M. Howey. — 
Descended from Samuel Carpenter, of Philadelphia, 
1683-1714, First Treasurer of the Province of 
Pennsylvania; Member of Colonial or Governor's 

Bovn at Kent Co., Md., March 6, 1841, d at New- 
buryport, Mass., Aug. 16, 1901 ; thirty years 
Treasurer of the Historical Society of Pennsyl- 
vania; Chairman Pa. Soc. Sons of the Revo- 
lution ; Capt. 8th Pa. Cavalry ; Brevet-Major 
of Vols, on Staff of Brevet Major-Genl. David 
McM. Gregg, Army of the Potomac ; eight years Officer of ist Troop 
Phila. City Cavalry ; ;;/ Harriet Odin Dorr. 

i. Edward, Capt. Artillery Corps, U.S. Army. 
ii. William Dorr. i. Helen Dalton, m Fred. S. Moseley, of Boston, 
iii. Lloyd Preston, ii. Grace, deceased. 

A rms — Azure, a greyhound passant a chief sable. 

Crest — A greyhound's head erased per fesse sable and argent. 

Motto — Audaces fortuna juvat. 

Risidence^-{¥ a.m\\y) " Pine Bank," Sahsbury Point, Amesbury, Mass. 

anb Blue IBool^* 






AUSTIN, EUGENE K., Colonel, 
of N.Y. City (Son of Stephen F. Austin, 
1837-91, of N.Y. City, 7» i860 Cecelia Kelly; son 
of John Phelps, 1791-1842, in Louisa S., da. of 
Luke Kip ; son of Elijah, 1751- 94, 111 Esther, da. of 
Judge John Phelps; son of Elias, 1718-76; son of 
Capt. Richard, 1666- 1733 ; son of Capt. Anthony, 
d at Sheffield Ct. 1708; son of Richard Austin, 
1598-1638, who settled at Charlestown, Mass., 1638). 

Born at Dresden, Germany, Feb. 17, 1872 ; Banker ; 
late Colonel io8th Inf. N.G.N.Y. ; m Dec. 28, 
1897, Mabel Grant, da. of Roswell D. Hatch. 


Eugenie van Voorhees, h 1906, 
Edith Hatch, 1899-igoo. 
Cecilia Kip, h 1899. 
Constance Mabel Phelps, /; 1902. 

Arms — (Used by Elijali A. 1775) Argent, on a fesse between two chevrons sable 
three cross-crossletsof the first, within a bordure of the same charged with 
a wreath of laurel and roses proper. 

Crest — A cross or between wings argent. 

4* *t* *f* 

Residences— 2^1 West 74th Street, N.Y. City; " Hearthstone," New Rochellc, N.Y. 
Societies — Sons of the Revolution, Vet. Assn. ist Signal Corps, Colonial Wars, 
St. Nicholas. 

of Baltimore Co. Md. (Son of Henry Carroll 
1796-1877, of " Clynmalyra," Balto. Co., ui Mary, 
da. of Col. Samuel Sterett ; son of Henry Hill, 
1768-1805, of " Litterluna," Md., in Sarah Rogers ; 
son of Charles, 1729-73, of " Duddington," Wash. 
D.C., 11! Mary Hill ; son of Daniel, 1707-34, m Ann 
Rozier ; son of Charles, 1660-1720, of " Doug- 
horegan Manor," Maryland ; son of Daniel Carroll 
of " Litterluna," Kings Co., Ireland). 

Born at " Clynmalyra," Balto. Co., Nov. 5, 1837, 
d Mar. 21, igo6 ; in 1867, Louisa, da. of Henry 
Cooke Tilghman, a descdt. of Richard Tilgh- 
man of "The Hermitage," Queen Anne's Co., Md., 1660. 

i. Henry, b Feb. 4, 1875, "^ Nov. 16, 1905, Anne Merryman. 

ii. William Sterett, b Oct. 13, 1877, m Nov. 21, 1906, Grace Harris. 

i. Mary Bordieu Sterett. 

ii. Louisa Tilghman, ;« Alfred Pleasants. 

Arms — Arg., two lions combattant gu. supporting a sword arg. hilt and pommel or, 
Crest — On stump of oak tree, sprouting, a hawk proper belled or. 
Motto — In fide et in bello forte. 

Residence— {Mrs. W. S. C), "Duddington," Baltimore Co., Md. 


flDatthewe' Hmcrican Brmouri? 

of St. Louis, Mo. (Eldest son of Samuel 
Selden Spencer, of Erie, Pa., h 1826, m Eliza D. 
Palmer; son of William, 1784-1871 ; son of Israel, 
1762-1837 ; son of Israel, 1732-1813 ; son of Isaac, 
1678- 1 75 1 ; son of Samuel, d 1705 ; son of Gerard 
Spencer, h in England, 1614, d 1685). 

Born at Erie, Pa., Sept. 16, 1862 ; Mem. of Legis- 
lature of Missouri, 1895-96; Judge, Circuit 
Court, for the 8th Judicial Circuit of Missouri, 
1897-1903; Grad. Yale Univ., 1884; M.A. 
Ph.D. Westminster Coll. ; LL.B. Wash. 
Univ. ; Hon. M.D. Missouri Med. Col. ; 
in Dec. 8, 1886, Susan Brookes. 


i. James Brookes. 
ii. Selden Marvin. 

iii. Oliver McLean, 

i. Susan Palmer. 

A nils — Quarterly, argent and gules, in 2 and 3 a fret or, over all on a bend sable 

three escallops of the first. 
Ci'csf — Out of a ducal coronet or, a griffin's head argent, gorged with a bar 

gemella gules between two wings expanded of the second. 

Residence — 4457 Washington Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri. 
Clubs — St. Louis, Mercantile, Field, Missouri Athletic. 

Societies — Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Nu Sigma Nu, Phi Delta Phi, 
Sons of the Revolution, Colonial Wars, New England, Foreign Wars. 

of Chicago, 111. (Son of William Hathorne 
Brooks, and Sarah Carter, his wife. — Descended 
from Henry Brooks, h circa 1625, by Susanna 
Richardson, his wife). 

Born at Salem, Mass., Aug. 25, 1837 ; m Rose, 
daughter of Samuel Thomas Hambleton, of 


i. Charles Richardson (deceased). 

ii. James Hambleton. 

i. Alice Hawthorne, in George J. Farnsworth. 

ii. Edith Gordon, ni Henry Blaksley Collins. 

Arms — Sable, three escallops or. 

Crest — A beaver passant. Motto — Perseverando 

Residence — 87 Cass Street, Chicago, 111. 
Clubs — Union, Athletic, Union League. 


*'3l)dpc then, CO holp bivgini rhicfc of nijnc, 
^hii iMcahcr j^^obicc to perfonnc thj} luill ; 

Jaj) forth out of thine ebevlasting scnjne 
ALhe antique rolls, U)hich there Inc hibkn still, 

(Of Jl;aerie knights, anb fanrcst ^anaquill." 

(Spenser's " Faerie Oueene.") 

Hrmorial Hbbenba. 




Henry Adams, of Braintree, Mass., 
1630, d 1646, ancestor of Pres. 
John Adams. 

Anus — Argent, on a cross gules five 
mullets or. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet a demi- 


John Aikman, of New York, 1783, 
and "Newhouse" Co. Stirling-, 

Arftis — Argent, a sinister hand in base 
issuing- out of a cloud fesseways, 
holding- an oaken baton paleways 
ppr. with a branch sprouting out 
at the tip, over all a bend engr. 

Crest — An oak tree ppr. 


I-loBERT Akerly, of Brookhavcn, 
L.I., 1655, from Lancashire, Eng. 

Anus — On a mound the stump of a 
tree, thereon a do\'e holding in 
the beak a branch of laurel betw. 
two pine trees. 


John Alden, 1599-1687, of Duxbury, 
Mass. Came in the " Mayflower," 
1620, from Uorking, Surre}', Eng. 

Anus— Gu\es, a bezant betw. three 

crescents within a bordure engr. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet, per 

pale gules and sable, a demi-lion 


armorial a^^enba, 


Isaac Allerton, 1583-1659, of New 
Haven, Ct. Came in the " May- 
flower," 1620. 

Ai^nis — Argent, a chevron betw. three 
lions' heads erased sable. 

Crest — A lion's head collared. 


Roger Alling, of New Haven Ct., 

Anns — Per bend rompu, argent and 
sable, six martlets counter- 

Crest — An eagle argent holding in the 
beak an acorn or, leaved vert. 


Joseph Alsoit, came in ship 
"Elizabeth and Ann," 1635, 
settled at New Haven, Ct., 
brother of John Alsopp, of Bon- 
sall, Derbyshire, Eng. 

Anns — Sable, three doves rising 
argent, legged and beaked gules. 

Crest — A dove rising holding in the 
beak an ear of wheat. 


Richard Ambler, settled in York- 
town, Va., 1730 ; son of John 
Ambler, Sheriff of Yorks, Eng., 

Anns — Sable, on a fesse or, between 
three pheons argent, a lion pass, 
guard, gules. 

Crest — Two dexter hands conjoined, 
holding a crown. 


Jonathan Amorv, of South C aro- 
lina, 1685, b at .St. Annes, Somer- 
setshire, Eng. 

Arms — Azure, on a bend or, three 
eagles displayed gules, within a 
bordure of the second. 


John Andrews, who came from 
Wales to Boston, Mass., circa 

Arms — Argent, two keys endorsed in 
bend or, a sword interposed be- 
tween them in bend sinister azure. 

Crest — A lion's head erased, 

armorial a^ben^a. 


John Andrews, came from Co. 
Essex, Kng-., to New England, 

An)is — Gules, a saltire or surniounled 
by another vert. 

Crest — A blackamoor's head in pro- 
file, couped at the shoulders and 
wreathed about the temples ppr. 


John Andrus, "The Settler" of 
Framington, Conn., 1635. 

Arms — Argent, on a chevron engrailed 
gules, between three mullets vert, 
as many quartrefoils pierced or. 

Crest — A greyhound's head couped 
per pale or and sable, on the 
neck a saltire counterchanged 
between a pellet and a bezant. 


Samuel Appleton 
Mass., 1635, 

of Ipswich, 
son of Thomas 

Appleton, of Little Waldingfield, 

Suffolk, Eng. 
Anns — Argent, a fesse sable between 

three apples, stalked and leaved 

Crest — An elephant's head couped 

sable, eared or, in the mouth a 

snake vert wreathed about the 



Charles Apthorp, son of John and 
Susan (Ward) Apthorp, of 
Bexley, Kent, Eng., b 1698, 
(/ Boston, Mass. 

Anns — Per pale nebulce argent and 
azure, two mullets counter- 

Crest — A mullet argent. 

C\\v.\.\ ■^^\^^^-.\\\^^V^^^W3 


Richard Ashhurst, of Philadel- 
phia, b 1784, grandson of Richard 
Lewis Ashhurst, who ni Miss 
Clitheroe, of Lancashire, Eng. 

Anns — Gules, a cross between four 
fleurs-de-lis or. 

Crest — A fox statant proper. 


Maj.-Gen. Humphrey Atherton, 
of Dorchester, Mass., 1637, from 
Winwick, Lancashire. Capt. of 
the A. and H. Artillery Company. 

Arms— Gu\es, three sparrow-hawks 
argent, belled and jessed or. 

Crest— A hawk proper, legged and 
beaked or. 

armorial H^benba. 




Richard Austin, of Bishopstoke, 
Hampshire, Eng-., settled at 
Charlestown, Mass., 1638. 

Anus — Argent, on a fesse, between 
two chevrons .sable, three cross 
crosslets of the first, within a 
bordure of the same charged with 
a wreath of laurel and roses 

Crest — A cross between wings argent. 


John Bagley, settled in New Eng- 
land, 1750. 

Anns — ;Or, three lozenges azure. 

Crest — On the top of a spear issuing 
a wix'ern, sans legs, tail nowed. 


Christopher Bainbridge, to New 
Eng., 1635, probably a grandson 
of Anthony- Bainbrigg, ranger of 
Teesdale Forest, 1557. 

Arms — Argent, a chevron embattled 
between three battleaxes sable. 

Crest — A goat sable, horned and un- 
guled argent, around the neck a 
collar of the last, standing on a 
mount vert. 


Edward Baldwin, of Brogdens, 

Maryland, d 1759. 
Anns — Argent, a che\ron ermines 

betw. three hazel sprigs \ert. 
Crest — A squirrel sejant or, holding a 

hazle sprig \ert. 


Edward Bangs, b Chichester, Co. 
Sussex, Kng., 1592, to Plymouth, 
Mass., 1623. 

Arms — Sable, a cross engrailed ermine, 
between four fleurs-de-lis or. 

Crest— A Moor's head full - faced 
couped at the shoulders ppr. on 
the head a cap of maintenance 
gules, turned up ermine, adorned 
with a crescent whence issues a 


j\MF,s Banks, A 1709, Northfield, 
Yorkshire, Eng., of Newark, 
New Jerse}', 1729. 

.1/'/;/^- — Sable, a cross engrailed or, 
between four fleurs-de-lis argent. 

Crest — A griflfin scgreant, implumed 
or, holding a cross formee fitchee 

armorial a^^en^a. 


James Barclay, of Bucks Co., 
Penna., d lygj, an officer of the 
Crown under thcj Proprietary 

Ainns — Ai:ure, a chevron between 
three crosses pattee argent. 

Crest — A bishop's mitre. 


Joel Barlow, poet, politician and 
miscellaneous writer, h in Con- 
necticut, 1756. 

Anns — Argent,onache\'ron engrailed, 
between three crosses - crosslet 
fitchee sable, two lions passant 
facing each other of the first. 

Crest — A demi-lion argent, holding a 
cross-crosslet fitchee sable. 


Stephen- Barnes, of Southampton, 
Long Island, and Branford, Conn. 

Arms — Quarterly or and vert. 

Cresf — An ape proper with broken 


Robert B \rtlett, h England, 1603, 
</ Plymouth, Mass., 1676. 

Anns — Azure, three doves with wings 
expanded argent. 

Crest — A do\-e rising argent, in ihe 
beak an oli\e branch. 


Richard B \rtlett, from Ernely, 
Co. Sussex, Eng., to Newbury, 
Mass., 1634. 

Arms — Sable, three falconers' sinister 
gloves pendent argent, tasseled or. 

Cresf — A swan couched argent, with 
wings expanded. 


Dr. John Barton, of Salem, Mass., 

Anns — Ermine, on a fesse gules three 

annulets or. 
Crest — A griffin's head erased proper. 


• .-. .-. .. .• 1 


1 1 






1 l 

i I I 

armorial Bb^cnba* 


William and Thomas Batt, of 
Virginia, 1667. 

Anns — Argent, a chex'ron between 
three reremice displayed sable. 

Peter B ward, of New York, 1674. 
Anns — Azure, A chevron between 

three escallops or 
Crest — A demi-unicorn argent. 


Colonel NiNiAN Beall, 1650-1717, 
Commander-in-Chief of the Pro- 
vincial Forces in Maryland. 

Arms — Sable, a chevron between 
three woolves' heads erased 

Crest — A demi-wolf sable, sustaining 
a half spear in pale tasseled or. 


Lieut. Wilhelmus Beekman, 1623, 
1707, from Hasselt Oberj'ssel, 
Netherlands, to New \'ork, 1647. 

Anus — Azure, a bend wavy argent 
between two roses or. 

Crest — Two wings endorsed. 


Andrew Belcher, of Sudbury, 
Mass., 1639; son of Thomas, of 
London ; son of Robert Belcher, 
of Kingswood, Wiltshire. 

Arms— Or, three pales gules, a chief 

Crest — A greyhound's head erased 
ermine, gorged with a collar gules 
rimmed and ringed or. 


Governor Richard Bellingham, 
to New England, 1634; son of 
William Bellingham, gent., of 
Brombe Wood, Lincolnshire, 
Eng., living 1592. 

Anjts — Argent, three bugle horns 
sable, garnished or. 

Crest- \ stag's head couped argent, 
attired or, gorged with a chaplet. 

armorial abt)ent)a. 



John Benham, gent , who seltkd in 
Dorchester, Mass., 1630, of Ben- 
ham Ho., Berkshire. 

Ar/us — Krmine, a fesse dancettee 

Crest — A chart proper. 


John Benjamin, 1598-1645, from 
Bristol, Eng., in the ship '' Lion," 
1632, settled at Cambridge, Mass. 

Arms — Or, on a saltire quarterly, 
pierced sable five annulets coun- 

Crest — On a chapeau turned up 
ermine a flame of fire proper. 


Governor Francis Bernard, 1765. 

Anns — Argent, a bear rampant sable, 
muzzled and collared or. 

Crest — A demi-bear muzzled and 
collared or. 


James Birnie, 1795-1864, of Aber- 
deen, Scotland, came to America 
1816, served in North West Pur 

A riiis — Gules, a fesse argent between 
a bow and arrow, in full draught, 
in chief, and three legs couped at 
thigh paleways of the second in 

Crest — A lion's head erased proper. 


Thomas Betts, from England 1639, 
founder of Guilford, Connecticut. 

Anus — Sable, on a bend argent, three 
cinquefoils gules. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a 
buck's head gules attired or, 
collared argent. 


Thomas Bibby, b Dublin 1740, Capt. 
7th regt. of foot, settled in New 
York, 1760. 

Anns — Azure, three eagles displayed 
double-headed or. 

Crest — An eagle displayed as in arms. 


armorial at)t)ent)a. 

G\\n\\\\'^'^-;^\^>^>j>^- ^ 



William Biddle, 1630-1712, Mem. 
of Council, Cienl. Assembly, New 
Jersey, son of Michael Biddle of 
Klmshurst, Staffordshire. 

Ar/i/s — Argent, three double brackets 

Ci'esf — A demi-hcraldic tiger rampant, 
ducally gorged. 


Williax Blake, from Little Baddow, 
Co. Essex, to New Eng., 1630, 
settled at Dorchester Neck. He 
was grandson of John Blake, of 
OverStowey, Gloucestershire. 

.4r^//.s-— Argent, a pale sable, over all 
a bend gules charged with three 
martlets or. 

Crest — A dragon's head erased argent 


Jan Jaxsen Bleekek, /) 1642, at 
>"leppel, in Province of Oberyssel, 
Netherlands, to New York, 1658. 

Arnis^Pev pale azure and argent, ist 
two chevronels embattled counter 
embattled or, 2nd a sprig of roses 
\ert flowered gules. 

Crest — A pheon or. 


Edwvrd fEdmon) Blivex, of Wes- 
terly, Rhode Island, 1685. 

.^;-/;/i-— Gules, a lion rampant sur- 
mounted by a bendlet argent. 


Capt. William Boercm, who served 
with the Continental .\rmy under 
Alaj.-Gen. Nathaniel Green. 

Ar)iis—Gu\es, three boars' heads or. 

Crcsf— Out of a mural coronet gules 
a snake entwined vert. 


JosKi-H, of Wells, Mass., 1665, 
from Nottinghamshire, E.ngland, 
brother of John Bolles of Clerk- 
enwell, Middx., Eng. 

Arms- Azure, out of three cups or as 
many boars' heads argent. 

Crest — A demi-boar wounded in the 
breast with a broken spear. 

armorial at)bent)a. 



Richard Boxythox, son of John 
Bonylhon, Co. Cornwall, Kng., 
settled on the Saco River, New 
Eng., 1631. 

Anus — Argent, a che\ron between 
three fleurs-de-lis sable. 


Jacob Bostox, of Accomac County, 

Virginia, and Jefferson Co., Con- 

nectieut, 1800. 
Anns — Vert, a lion rampant argent, 

crowned or. 
Crest — A horse's head in armour 



Arthur Bostwick, settled at Strat- 
ford, Connecticut, 1641, son of 
Arthur Bostwick of Tarporly, 
Cheshire, Eng. 

Anns — Sable, a fesse humettee argent. 

Crest — On the stump of ;i tree eradi- 
cated argent, a bear's head erased 
sable, muzzled or. 


James Bovtelle (Boutwellj, settled 
at Lynn, Mass., 1632. 

Arms — Per pale gules and sable, an 
estoil of eight points issuing from 
a crescent or. 


Richard Bowex, 1600-75, of Kittle 
Hill, Glamorganshire, \\'alc^, 
came to New Eng. 1640, Deputy 
to Plymouth General Court. 

Arms — Azure, a stag argent, vulned 
in the back with an arrow, attired 

Crest — A stag as in .\rms proper. 


Xi(ii(iL\s BowES, M.A., Harvard 
C oil., /' 171)6, of Boston, Mass. 

Arms — Ermine, three bows in pale 
gules, stringed sable, on a chief 
azure a swan between two 
leopards' heads argent. 

Crest — A demi-lion rampant holding 
a bundle of arrows banded \ert. 


armorial a^^en^a. 


John Boyd, from Coleraine, Co. 
Londonderry, Ireland, to New- 
castle, Delaware, 1791. 

Arms — Azure, a fesse chequy or and 

Crest — A dexter hand erect pointing- 
with the thumb and two fingers 


\\ ILLIAM Bradford, first Governor 
of Mass., came in the "May- 
flower " 1620, son of William Brad- 
ford, of Austerfield, Yorkshire. 

Arms — Argent, on a fesse sable three 
stags' heads erased or. 

.Crest — A stag's head erased or. 


Simon Bradstreet, Governor of 
Massachusetts, 1679-86, b at Hor- 
bling, Lincolnshire, 1603, d 1697. 

Arms — Argent, a greyhound passant 
gules, on a chief sable three 
crescents or. 

Crest — An arm embowed in armour 
holding in the hand a scimitar 


Sydney Breese, b at Shrewsbury, 
1709, settled in New York 1733. 

Arjiis — Argent, on a fesse azure three 

boars' heads couped or, in chief a 

lion passant gules. 
Crest — A boar's head argent pellettee 

between two oak branches vert, 

fructed or. 


Giles Brent, Lieut.-Governor of 
Maryland 1643, son of Richard 
Brent of Stoke, Sheriff of Glou- 
cestershire 1615. 

Arms — Gules, a wyvern or. 

Crest — A wyvern's head between two 
wings expanded or. 


William Brenton, Governor of 
Rhode Island, and Providence 
Plantations, 1666 to 1669. 

Arms — Argent, two bars gules, on a 
canton of the second a cross oi 
the hrst. 

Crest — A semi-savage affrontee hand- 
cuffed proper. 

— n — 


armorial a^benba. 



Francis Brett, of New York, 1707- 
66, son of Captain Roger Brett 
■ of H.M. Army. 

Ai'/its — Argent, a lion rampant be- 
tween nine cross-crosslets fitchee 

Cirsf — On a chapeau gales, turned 
up ermine, a lion passant of the 


Daniel Brewer, of Roxburg, Mass., 

Arms — Gules, two bends wavy, first 

argent, second or. 
Crest — A mermaid with mirror and 

comb proper. 


John Brice, from Haversham, 
Buckinghamshire, Eng. (origin- 
ally of Donnington, Somerset- 
shire), to Annapolis, Maryland, 
circti 1700. 

Artns — Sable, a griffin passant or. 

Crest — A lion's head erased ermine, 
pierced through the neck w itli an 
arrow or. 


Walter BRiGGS,from Norfolk, Eng., 

to Scituate, Mass., 1643. 
Arms — Gules, three bars gemelles or, 

a canton ermine. 
Crest — On the stump of a tree a 

pelican or, vulning herself proper. 


Henry Bright, b 1602, of Water- 
town, Mass., 1630; son of Henry 
Bright, of Bury St. Edmunds, 

A rms — Sable, a fesse argent between 
three escallops or. 

Crest — A dragon's head gules, vomit- 
ing flames proper, collared and 
lined or. 


Edward Bromfield, b 1648, at 
South Stoneham, Hampshire, 
d in Boston, Mass., 1734; grand- 
son of Arthur Bromfield, of Hay- 
wood House, New F"orest, Hants. 

Arms—SabXe, on a chevron argent 
three branches of brome vert, 
budded or, on a canton or a 
spear's head azure, embrued 

Crest — A demi-tiger azure armed 
and tufted or, holding erect a 
broken sword argent, hilted of 
the second. 

4 . ^ 



Brmorial H^benba. 


Hexry Brooks, b in Cheshire, Eng., 

settled in New England, i66n. 
Arms — Sable, three escallops or. 
Crest — A beaver passant. 


JoHX Broughton, merchant, of 
Marblehead, Mass., 1720. 

Arms — Argent, a chevron between 
three mullets gules. 

Crest — An eagle's head erased sable, 
holding a snake argent, on the 
breast two chevrons of the last. 


JoHX^ Browne, planter, of Talbot 
County, Maryland, d 1698. 

A r/iis — Gules, a chevron between three 
fleurs-de-lis or. 

Crest — A demi-lion rampant, chained. 


Xathwiel Browne, of Hartford, 
Conn., 1654, grandson of Sir 
William Browne, Lt.-Gov. of 
Flushing, Holland. 

Anns — Sable, three lions passant in 
bend between two cotises argent, 
in chief a trefoil slipped ermine. 

Crest — A griffin's head erased vert, 
eared beaked and collared or, 
charged on the neck with a trefoil 
slipped ermine. 


Obadiah Bruen of Plymouth Colonj-, 
1640, son of John Bruen of Staple- 
ford, Cheshire, England. 

Arms — Argent, an eagle displayed 

Crest — A fisherman per pale argent 
and sable each article of the attire 
counterchanged, in the dexter 
hand a staff, in the sinister a net 
thrown over the shoulder or. 


Frederick Wm. Brune, from 

Bremen, Germany, 1776, d in 

Baltimore, Md. 
Anns — Argent, issuing from a wood, 

on the sinister side, a stagcourant 


Crest — A pair of antlers proper. 

armorial at)t)ent)a. 



Rev. Petek Bulkley, of Concord, 
Mass., came from Odell, Bedford- 
fordshire, England, 1635. 

A ruts — Sable, a chevron between three 
bulls' heads cabossed argent. 

Cresf — Out of a ducal coronet a bull's 
head argent. 


George Wm. Burleigh, of Somers- 
worth. New Hampshire. 

Ar?ns — Paly of six argent and gules, 
on a chief paly six crescents all 

Crest — A stag's head erased gules. 


John Birrage, b Norton Subcorsc, 
Norfolk, England, 1616, settled in 
Charlestown, Mass., 1637. 

Arms — Argent, a crescent between 
three boars' heads gules. 

Crest — A boar's head gules. 


William Burrowes, Treasurer of 
the " Worshipful Company of 
Merchants Adventurers," Ham- 
burg, 1728. 

Ar))is — Argent, the stump of a laurel 
tree eradicated proper. 

Crest — A lion passant. 


Major Lewis Burwell, b Harting- 
ton, Co. Bedford, Eng., settled at 
Carters Creek, Virginia, 1640. 

Arms— A saltire between four griffins' 
heads erased. 

Crest— A griffin's claw grasping a 
twig of three leaves. 


John Bush, from London to Boston, 

Mass., 1634. 
Anus — Azure, a wolf rampant argent, 

collared and chained or, in chief 

three crosses pattee fitchee of the 

Crest — A goat's head erased argent. 



armorial a^bcn&a. 



Francis Bushnell, from Horsted, 

Co. Sussex, Eng., of Guilford, 

Conneticut, i6;;9. 
Arms- Arcent, five fusils in fesse 

gules, in chief three mullets sable. 
Crest— On a ducal coronet a wivern, 

sans feet. 


George Bussey, settled in Virginia, 
1635, later of Calvert County, 

^ 7' /«5— Argent, three bars sable. 

Crest — A sea dragon sans wings and 

legs the tail nowed, barry argent 

and sable. 

(WX \\\\\\'N\\W\\\\\\\Vvv-3 



Thomas Butler, b in Ireland 1674, 
settled at Berwick, jNIaine, 1692. 

Arms — Or, a chief indented azure. 

Crest— Ou\. of a ducal coronet or, a 
plume of five ostrich feathers 
argent, thereon a falcon rising of 
the last. 


Thomas Butler, h Dublin, Ire- 
land, 1720, settled in Lancaster 
Co., Pa., 1748, grandson of 
Edward Butler, 8th Bart., of 

Arms — Or, a chief indented azure and 
three escallops in bend counter- 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a 
plume of five ostrich feathers 
argent, a falcon rising of the last. 


Captain William Cabell, of Rich- 
mond, \'irginia, 1744. 

A r>/is — Sable, a horse rampant argent, 
bitted and bridled or. 

Crest — An arm in armour embowed 
grasping a sword all proper. 


Duncan Campbell, of Boston, 
Mass., 1688, Postmaster of the 

Arms — Gyrony of eight or, and sable. 

Crest — A boar's head couped. 


armorial a^^cn^a♦ 



Zaccheus Candee, 1640-1720, of 
New Haven, Connecticut, 1670, 
grandson of Jean de Cande. 

Arms — Argent, a lion rampant azure 
holding an escallop shell or, in 
chief three golphs. 

Crest — A stag's head erased ermine, 
horned or. 


Thomas Canfield, of New Haven, 

Connecticut, 1639. 
Arii/s — Sable, a fret engrailed, in chief 

dexter corner a cinciuefoil argent. 
Cresf — A cinqucfoil argent. 


Bernard C \pex, b 1552, at Dor- 
chester, Kng., Deacon of the first 
church at Dorchester, Mass., 
1632, d 1638. 

Anns — Sable, a chevron between 
three mullets or. 

Crest — A demi-lion gules. 


Samuel Thomas Carey, of New 
\'ork, b 1800, 5th in descent from 
Patrick Carey, b 1622, 4th son of 
Sir Henry Carey, 1st \'iscount 

Anns — Argent, on a bend sable three 
roses of the field. 

Crest — A swan with wings addorsed 
proper, beaked gules, membered 



Edward Carlkton, b in England, 
160S, settled at Rowley, Mass., 
• 1638. 
Arms— Erm'me, on a bend sable three 
pheons argent. 

Crest — A dexter arm embowed 
proper, vested to the elbow gules, 
doubled ermine, holding a javelin 


Timothy Carpenter, b \\'ales, 1665, 
Emigrated to America, 1678 ; son 
of Ephraim, b 1623, a gt -grand- 
son of Caleb Carpenter, of Prussia, 
1540, who settled in Wales. 

Anns — Paly of six azure and gules. 

Crest — A coney sejant argent, 



1 8 

armorial Bbbenba. 


William Carpexter, b 1576, Har- 
well, Berkshire, Eng., to Wey- 
mouth, N.E., 1638. 

Samuel Carpenter, b 1649, Eng., 
ist Treasurer of Prov. of Pennsyl- 

.-J r;;/i— Argent, a greyhound passant, 
a chief sable. 

Crest— \ greyhound's head erased, 
per fesse sable and argent. 


William Carr (Kerr), came from 
Antrim, Ireland, to Pennsylvania, 
buried in Neshaminy Presby- 
terian Cemetery, 1788. 

Arms — Qtly. ist and 4th azure, the 
sun in full splendour or ; 2nd and 
3rd gules, on a chevron argent 
"three mullets of the field. 

Crest — A unicorn's head erased 


Charles Carroll, Attorney-General 
to Lord Baltimore, settled in 
Marvland 1688, son of Daniel 
Carroll, of Litterluna, King's Co., 

Arms — Argent, two lions combatant 
gules supporting a sword argent, 
iiilt and pommel or. 

Crest— On the stump of an oak tree, 
sprouting new branches proper, a 
hawk of the last belled or. 


Thomas Chaffee, came from Eng- 
land to Hingham, Mass., 1637. 
.4/';;/5— Azure, a fesse lozengy argent. 
Crest -\ peacock in pride proper. 


R. Chamberlain, of New Hamp- 
shire, Justice of the Peace, 1684. 

Arms — Gules, an inescutcheon argent 
within an orle of mullets or. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, an 
ass's head argent. 


Captain Richard Chancellor, who 
served in army of Charles II., 
settled in Westmoreland Co., \'ir- 
ginia, 1682. 

Arms— Or, a lion rampant sable, 
armed and langued gules, on a 
chief of the last three mullets of 
the first. 

Crest— An eagle displayed sable. 



armorial a^^cn^a. 



Major Job Chandler, Receiver- 
General of Province of Maryland 
1651-6, descendant of Thomas 
Chandler of Cubbington, Wor- 
cestershire, Eng-. 

Ar}iis — Per chevron azure and sable, 
three cherubs or. 

Crest — Out of clouds proper a cherub 
as in arms. 


William Chandler, proprietor, of 
Roxbury, Mass., freeman 1640. 

Arms — Chequy argent and azure, on 
a bend sable three lions passant 

Crest — A pelican in her piety proper. 


Robert Chapman, 1616-87, of Say- 
brook, Connecticut, 1635. 

Arms — Per chevron argent and gules, 
a crescent counterchang^ed. 

Crest — An arm embowed in armour 
holding a broken spear encircled 
with a wreath proper. 


AauALA Chase, b at Chesham, Buck- 
inghamshire, Eng., 1618, settled at 
Hampton, Mass., 1646. 

Artns — Gules, four crosses patonce 
argent, on a canton azure a lion 
passant or. 

Crest — A lion rampant or, holding a 
cross patonce gules. 


William Chase, planter, of Rox- 
bury, Mass., 1630. 

An)is — Gules, four cross-crosslets 
argent, on a canton azure a lion 
passant or. 

Crest — A griffin's head erased holding 
in the beak a key. 


Rev. Charles Chauncey, b 1589, 
Yardley, Hertfordshire, England, 
B.A.Trinity Col., Cambridge, 2nd 
President of Harvard College, 

Anns — Gules, a cross patonce argent, 
on a chief azure a lion passant or. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a 
griffin's head brtween wings gules. 


armorial Hbbenba, 


Col. Samuel Checkley, h 1653, son 
of William Checkley, of Preston- 
Capes, Northamptonshire, Eng:., 
settled at Boston, Mass. 

Ar»is — Argent, a chevron between 
three mullets sable. 

Crest — A mullet sable. 


I.EON\RD Chester, /; 1610, at Blaby, 
Lancashire, F-ng., came to Water- 
town, Mass., 1633. 

Arms— ¥^rm\ne, on a chief sable, a 
griffin passant with wings en- 
dorsed argent. 

Crest — ^ dragon passant argent. 


John Chew, member of Virginia 
House of Assembly, 1623-42, 
descended from the Chews of 
Chewton, Somersetshire, Rng. 

Arms - Gules, a chevron argent, on a 
chief a/:ure three leopards' faces 


Lionel Chute, of Ipswich, Mass., 
1635, descended from Chewte of 
Taunton, Somersetshire, Eng. 

Arms — Gules, semee of mullets or, 
tliree swords barways proper, the 
middle one encountering the other 
two ; on a canton per fesse argent 
and vert a lion passant. 

Crest — A dexter hand couped at the 
wrist holding a broken sword 


John Cl\rk, of Great Munden, 
Hertfordshire, England, to New- 
ton, Mass., 1630, one of the 
Founders of Hartford, Ct., 1636. 

.1 /■///.-; — Gules, two bars argent, in 
chief three escallops or. 

Crest — An escallop quarterly gules 
and or. 


(Ieorge Clarke, of Swanswick, near 
Batli, Somersetshire, Eng., came 
to Colonial Office of New York in 
1 7 10, Governor of the Colonj' 

Arms — Azure, three escallops in pale 
or, between two flaunches ermine 
— Quartering " Hyde." 

Crest — A pheon proper. 

r. ^nX ^ .^V^v^,^^^^'\^^^^\^^^"3 

tl t> 


W t^v-,^ 

^4 rn \~^ ^ 

Hnnorial Hbbcuba. 



Matthew Clarkson, commissioned 
1689, by William III., Secietary 
of the Colony <>f New \'ork. 

Anns — Arg-ent, on a bend engrailed 
sable three annulets or. 

Cresi — A grittin's head between t 
wings sable. 


Colonel Willi \M Claiborne, Sec- 
retary and Treasurer of \'irginia. 
King's Surveyor of the Dominion 
1620, son of Sir Kdmund Cliburne, 
of Cliburne Hall, Westmoreland. 

A riiis— Argent, three chevronels inter- 
laced sable, a chief of the last — 
Quartering, a cross engrailed vert 

Crest — A clemi-wolf reguardant 


Robert Cl \v, b 1688, son of Robert 
Clay of Chesterfield, Derbyshire, 
Eng., settled in Philadelphia, 1710. 

,4 rwi-— Argent, a che\ron engrailed 
between three trefoils slipped 

Crest — A pair of wings argent, semee 
of trefoils sable. 


Moses Clevel wo, from Ipswich, Co. 
Suffolk, Kng., to New Eng. 1635. 
settled at \\ oburn, Mass., 1649 I 
son of Samuel C le\eland, son of 
William Clei\eland of Hinckley, 
^'orks, (/ 1630. 

Anus — Per chex'ron sabk'and ermine, 
<i chevron engriiiled counter- 

Crest — A demi-old man habited azure, 
on his head a cap gules, turned 
up with hair front, in dexter hand 
a spear from which a line passing 
behind and coiled-up in sinister 


Colonel Charles Clintox, of Little 
Britain, lister Co., New York, 
1729, son of James Clinton, of 
Longford, Ireland, a grandson of 
Sir Henry Clinton. 

Arms — Argent, six crcss-crosslets 
Htchee sable, on a chief azure two 
mullets or', pierced gules. 

Crest — Out of a ducal crown gules 
five ostrich feathers argent, 
banded azures. 


Dr. Coakley, of Richmond, X'irginia. 

.4r;7/5 — Ermine, on a chief sable a 
lion's head erased between two 
eagles displayed or. 

Crest — A lion passant or, in dexter 
paw an eagle's leg erased gules. 


— -/v-O Gv.^ 

"1 'j'^j^.H 
•?• ••• .1- .», .», 


armorial Ebbcnba. 


Thomas and John Cochran from 
Coleraine, Ireland, 1750- 

Anns— Argent, a chevron between 
three boars' heads erased sable 
within a bordure of the second. 

Crest— \ horse passant argent. 


Tristram Coffin, b 1609, Brixham 
nr. Plymouth, Devonshire, Eng-., 
settled at Haverhill, Mass., 1642. 

Ar))is — Azure, four bezants within five 
cross-crosslets or. 

Crest — A bird or, between two cinque- 
foils argent, stalked and lea\ed 


Samuel Cooley, settled at Milford, 

Connecticut, 1639. 
Arms — Or, a lion rampant gules. 
Crest — A dexter arm in armour proper 

holding a scimetar, hilt and 

pommel or. 


Edward Collins, merchant, gent. 

of Cambridge, I\Iass, 1636. 
Jr;;/5~Argent, a dexter hand gaunt- 

leted in sinister base grasping a 

sword in bend proper, pommel 

and hilt or. 
Crest — .An owl argent. 


Christopher Comstock, settled in 
Connecticut, 1635-40, son of Fred- 
erick Komstohk of Frankforl-on- 

Anns — Or, a sword point downwards, 
issuing from a crescent in base 
gules, between two bears rampant 

Crest— \n elephant rampant proper. 


Edward Cook, iSoo-59, of Stafford, 
England, settled in New York. 

Anns — Or, a chevron engrailed gules 
between three cinciuefoils a/ure, 
on a chief of the second a lion 
passant argent. 

Crest — An antelope's head or. 

Bnnorial Hbbcnba. 



George Cooke, of Cambridge, Mass., 
1679, grandson of Thomas Cooke 
of Pebmarsh, Essex. 

Arms — Sable, three bends argent. 

Crest — A demi-lion rampant. 


Re\-. Thomas Cradock, b Bedford- 
shire, England, came to Mary- 
land, 1744, brother of Rt. Rev. 
John Cradock, Archbishop of 

Anns — Argent, on a chevron azure 
three garbs or. 

Crest ~\ bear's head erased sable, 
billetee and muzzled or. 



Jasper Crane, 1605-81, from Co. 
Suffolk, England, to New Haven, 
Connecticut, 1639. 

Arms — Gules, on a fesse between 
three crosses pattee fitchee or, a 
crane between two annulets azure. 

Crest — A demi-hind or, ducally gorged 


Robert Grossman, of Taunton, 

Mass., 1645. 
J/-W5— Argent, a cross ermine 

between four escallops sable. 

Crest — A demi-lion ermine holding 
an escallop sable. 



CRO\VNENscHiLD,from Germany 
to New York, 1680, originally 
from Sweden. 
Arms — Azure, a crown argent. 


Andrew Cunningham, of Boston, 

Mass., 1660-17 15. 
Arms — Argent, a shake fork between 

three mullets sable. 

Crest — A unicorn's head couped 
gules, horned or. 


jHnnorial B^^en^(^ 


Captain George Curwex, 1610-84, 
of Salem, Mass. 

Arms— Argent, fretty gules, a chief 

Crest — A unicorn's liead erased. 


Thomas Cuthbert, of Philadelphia, 
Pa., 1750. 

Anns — \'ert, a fesse engrailed betwn. 
four mullets argent, an arrow in 
pale surmounting the fesse, point 
downwards proper. 

Crest — A demi-lion rampant azure. 


John Cutler, from Spranston, Co. 
Norfolk, Kngland, settled at 
Hingham, Mass., 1637. 

^-J/';;/5 — Azure, three dragons' heads 
erased or, langued gules, a chief 

Cr^st — A dragon's head erased azure, 
gorged with a mural coronet or, 
holding in the mouth a laurel 


A \Rox D.\GGE'rT, of Greene Corner, 
Maine, Justice of the Peace, d 

Ar)iis — Argent, on a chief azure three 
crescents or. 

Crest — An eagle displayed gules 
charged willi a bezant. 


• .• 


JoHX Davie, grad. of Harxard, 1681, 
son of Humphrey Davie, merchant 
of Boston, from Creedy, Devon- 
shire, Kng., son of Sir John Da\ie, 
Bart., 1641. 

Arms — Argent, a chevron between 
three mullets pierced sable. 

Crest — .A hol\- lamb proper. 


Robert D \v, I-i 1604, settled at Hart- 
ford, Conn., 1636. 

Anns — Per chevron or and azure, 
three mullets counterchangcd. 

Crest — Two hands conjoined proper 
fixed to a pair of wings, the de.xter 
or, the sinister azure, each charged 
with a mullet counterchangcd. 

armorial Bbbcuba. 




JoHX Delvfield, settled in New 

\'ork, 1783, Count of the Holy 

Roman Empire. 
Arms — Sable, a cross palnnce or, 

borne on the breast of the Imperial 

Eagle of Germany. 
Crest — A dove displayed, holding in 

the beak an oli\e branch proper. 


Philippe de la Noye, from Leydon^ 
Holland, to Plymouth, Mass., 
1621. His grandson Jonathan 
de Lano settled at Tolland, Conn., 

Anns — Argent, fretty gules, on a chief 
of the second, three wolves' heads 
erased or. 


Louis Philippe de Luze, b Frank- 
fort, Germany, 1793, of iNew 
York, 1 82 1. 

Arms — Quarterly ist and 4th argent, 
two eagles' wings endorsed sable; 
jnd and 3rd azure, a chevron or, 
in base a Heur-de-lis of the last. 

Crest — Out of a ducal crown or, a 
spear head of the same between 
two eagles' wings sable. 


William Denisox, h at Bishop's 
Stortford, Hertfordshire, Eng., 
settled at Roxbury, Mass., 1632. 

.lr/;/5— Argent, on a chevron en- 
grailed gules, between three tor- 
teaux, an annulet or. 

Crest — A dexter arm embowed, vested 
vert, the hand proper grasping a 


Edward Devotion (De \'aution), a 
Huguenot, from New Rochelle, 
France,, of Brooklyn, Mass., 1650, 
founder of the Eduard De\otion 
School Fund. 

Arms — Argent, on a bend azure be- 
tween two martlets sable three 
escallops or. 


Frederick Augustus de Zeng, of 
Red Hook, Dutchess Co., New 
York, 1784, son of Baron de Zeng 
of Riickerswalde - W'alkenstein, 

Anns — Sable, an Ionic column in bend 
imperially crowned or. 

Crest — Out of a crest-coronet two 
spears coupee, addorsed or, pen- 
nons gules, three cocks' feathers 
sable arising with each spear, 
between the spears an Ionic 
column imperially crowned in 
bend sinister of the first, base on 
the foot of the dexter spear. 


armorial ab^en^a. 


Edward Digges, Governor of Vir- 
ginia, 1656, son of Sir Dudley 
Digges of Chilham, Kent, Eng- 

Anns — Gules, on a cross argent five 
eagles displayed sable, armed 

Crests — 1st an eagle's leg coupcd, from 
the thigh sable three ostrich 
feathers argent ; 2nd an eagle's 
head sable. 


William Diodati, of New Haven, 

Conn., 1 717. 
Anus — Party per pale, ist gules, a lion 

rampant or, 2nd barry or and 

Crest — .A demi-lion rampant. 


Samuel Disbrow, of Guilford, 
Conn., 1639, son of James Dis- 
brow of Ettisley, Cambridgeshire. 

Anns — .\rgent, a fesse between three 
bears' heads and necks couped 
sable, muzzled or. 

Crest — A bear's head as in Arms. 


Edward Dodd, of Hartford, Conn., 
1683, son of John Dodd of North- 
amptonshire, England. 

Anns — Argent, on a fesse gules be- 
tween two cotises wavy sable, 
three crescents or. 

Crest — A serpent vert issuing from 
and piercing a garb or. 


Thomas Dongax, C^iovcrnor of New 

York, 1684. 
Anns — Argent, a fesse or between 

three fleurs-de-lis. 

Crest— Out of a baron's coronet a 
demi-lion rampant. 


Edward Dorr, 1648-1734, of Boston 

and Roxbury, Mass. 
Arms — Per pale gules and azure, 

three stag-beetles' with wings 

extended or. 
Crest — A demi-tiger azure holding 

between the feet an escallop or. 

armorial Hbbcnba. 



John Drake of Boston, Mass., 1635, 
son of William Drake, of Wys- 
comb, Devonshire, and grandson 
of John Drake, sheriff of Dover, 

Arms — Argent, a wivern wings dis- 
played and tail nowed gules. 

Ci'est — A dexter arm erect couped at 
elbow proper holding a battle-axe 


Captain James Draper, 1654-98, of 
Dedham, Mass., son of James 
Draper, of Roxbury. 

.l/-/;/5— Argent, on a f esse engrailed 
between three annulets gules as 
many covered cups or. 

Crest — A stag's head gules, attired or, 
charged on the neck with a fesse 
between three annulets of the last. 


Anthony Duane, b 1682, at" Cong, 
Co. Gal way, Ireland, Purser m 
English Navy, settled in New 
York, 1702. 

Arms — Ermine, a wild cat passant, in 
chief two crescents sable. 

Crest — A demi-wolf. 


Louis Du Bois, French-Huguenot, 
founder of New Platz, served in 
the Colonial forces, 1670. 

Arms — Argent, a lion rampant sable 
armed and langued gules. 

Crest — A lion rampant sable, between 
two tree stumps vert. 


Major - General William Duer, 
1747-99, o" l^'is Committee 
Government of New York, 1777. 

J rwi- —Ermine, a bend gules. 

Crest — A dove rising, holding an 
olive branch. 


George Duffield, of Ballymena, 
Co. Antrim, Ireland, settled at 
Pequca, Lancaster County, 
Penna, 1730. 

Arms — Sable, a chevron between 
three doves argent. 

Crest — A dove, in the beak an olive 
branch proper. 


Brmorinl B^^cnDa, 


Captain Philip DuMAREsauE, d at 
Boston, Mass., 1775; son of Elias 
and Frances de Carteret Uumar- 
csque, of Jersey, C.I. 

.Jr«/5— Gules, three escallops or. 

Crest — A bull passant guardant. 


Licut.-Cio\ern()r William Dummer, 

Arms — Azure, three Heurs-de-Iis or, 

on a chief of the second a demi- 

lion of the first. 
Crest — A demi-lion azure holding- in 

the dexter paw a fleur-de-lis. " 


^ i|k )\. 4 ^ 

>ii % i ij 


Larry Dunmore, came from the 
North of Ireland and settled in 
Pennsylvania, 1760. 

Arms — Vert, three Garbs or. 


JoHx Dwicjur, from Dedham, Co. 
Kssex, Kngland, to W'atertown, 
Mass., i6,1t. 

A/-//IS — Krmine, a lion passant or, on 
a chief gules a crescent of the 
second, in base a cross crosslet 

Crest — A demi-lion rampant. 


Willi \.M H \ger iF.ger'i, settled at 
Cambridge, Mass., i6_^u. 

Arms — Azure, a lion rampant or, 
armed and langued gules, gorged 
with an antique crown, a chief 

Crest — A demi-lion ramiiaiit a/ure, 
gorged with an antique crown 
ana charged on the shoulder with 
a mullet. 


Thomas Eames, 1618-80, came from 
Cornwall, England, settled at 
Framingham, Mass., ser\ed in 
Peciuot War. 

Arms — Argent, out of a fesse azure a 
demi-lion rampant issuant gules. 

Crest — A lion ranipant sable. 

Brmorial a^^cn^a, 



Daniel Eardeley, 1812-84, of New 

\'ork, son of Jolin Eardeley of 

Staffordshire, England. 
Ar»is — Argent, on a chevron azure 

three garbs or, a canton charged 

with a fret of the third. 
Crest ~ A stag in full course or. 


Rev. Joseph Eckley, D.D., b in 
London, Eng., I750,came with his 
father to New Jersey, 1767. 

.4r;».s-— Three swords proper, the 
centre sword piercing an incs- 
cutcheon charged with the bloody 
hand of I'lster. 

Crest — An arm couped at the elbow, 
hand open. 



Major Samuel Eells, of Milford, 
Conn., 1663, son of John Eells of 
Barnstaple, Devonshire, P'ngland, 
who settled at Dorchester, K'lass., 

J r;//.v— Argent, three eels naiant 

Crest — A dexter arm in armour fesse- 
ways, holding a sword enheld with 
a boar's head couped proper. 


ToM\s Egerton, 1540-1616, ancestor 
of the Egertons of Albanv, New 

Anus — Argent, a lion rampant gules 
between three pheons sable. 

Crest— On a chapeau gules turned up 
ermine a lion rampant of the first 
supporting an arrow or. 


Bagot Eglestox, /; in England, 1500, 

d at Windsor, Connecticut, 1674. 
Arms — Argent, a cross sable, in the 

first quarter a fleur-de-lis of the 

Crest — A talbot's head erased sable 

collared argent. 


Joshua Ely, of Dunham, Notting- 
hamshire, England, settled in New 
Jersey, 1685. 

Anns — Argent, a fesse engrailed be- 
tween six fleurs-de-lis gules. 

Crest — A pheon point upwards gules. 


armorial Hbbenba, 

o o o 




John Eliot, baptized at Widford, 
1604, settled at Roxbury, Mass., 
163 1, son of Bennett Elliott of 
Nasing-, Essex. Eng-. 

Arms — Argent, a fesse gules between 
two bars gemelle wavy sable. 

Crest — An elephant's head argent, 
collared gules. 


James B. Elliman, from Coventry, 
Warwickshire, England, to New 
York, 1820. 

Arms — Argent, a fesse gules between 

three eagles displayed. 
Crest — An eagle displayed. 


Richard Fllwood, came from Eng- 
land 1748, settled at Minden, New 

Arms — Azure, a che\'ron argent be- 
tween in chief two roundles or, in 
base a buck's head cabossed of 
the second attired of the third. 

Crest — A dexter arm embowed in 
armour, in the hand a battle-axe. 


Thomas Emerson, of Ipswich, Mass., 
1650, probably from Lincolnshire, 

Arms — Per fesse indented or and vert, 
on a bend engrailed azure three 
lions passant. 

Crest — A lion rampant vert bezantee, 
holding a battle-axe gules headed 


John Emery, of Romsey, Hampshire, 
England, to Newbury, Mass., 

Arms — Argent, three bars nebulee 
gules, in chief as manj' torteaux. 

Crest — Out of a mural crown a demi- 
horse argent maned or, collared 
gules studded of the first. 


LL.D., d in 

Thomas Emmet, 
New York, 1827 ; grandson of 
Dr. Christopher Emmet, 1701-43, 
of Tipperary, Ireland. 

Arms — Azure, a fesse eng-railed 
ermine between three bulls' heads 
cabossed proper. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a 
demi-bull proper. 

i ^ i '4 'i 

Hrmorial a^^en^a. 




LoTT Evans, emigrated to Penns}'!- 
\ania with William Penn, 16S1. 

.-lr;»5— Argent, three boars' heads 
couped sable, quartering- gules, 
a lion rampant reg^uardant argent. 

Crest — A demi-lion rampant reg-uard- 
ant holding between the paws a 
boar's head couped sable. 


George PIyre, from Nottingham- 
shire, England, 1727, to Burling- 
ton, New Jersey, gt.-grandson of 
Sir Ger\'ase Eyre, of Hope, 

Anns — Argent, on a chevron sable 
three quatrefoils or. 

Crest — On a cap of maintenance 
proper, a booted armed leg couped 
at the thigh, quarterly' argent and 
sable, spur gold. 


Rev. Bryan F"airfax, i 737-1802, 8th 
Baron, title confirmed by House 
of Lords, May 4th, 1800, grand- 
son of Colonel William Fairfax, 
of Virginia, 1720. 

Arms — Or, three bars gemelles gules, 
surmounted of a lion rampant 

Crest — A lion passant guardant sable. 


John Fairfield, one of the original 

proprietors of Wenham, Mass., 

Arms — Gules, a lion rampant crowned 

Crest— On a mound \ert two doves 

billing proper. 


Alexander Falls, served in the 
First Colonial Regiment from 
New York, 1 738, son of Alexander 
McFall, of New York, 1735. 

Arms — Or, a fesse sable between two 
eagles displayed in chief and a 
stag's head cabossed in base of 
the last. 

Crest — An eagle's head erased. 


Robert Adolph Farmer, of Penn- 
sylvania, 1790 ; son of Major-Gen. 
Robert Farmer, Governor of 

Arms — Argent, a fesse sable between 
three lions' heads erased gules. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or a 
cock's head gules. 




Brmorial B^^cn^a, 


Henry Farwell, of Concord, Mass., 

A 1-1)1 s — Sable, a chevron engrailed 
argent, between three leopard's 
heads or. 

Crest — Two oak branches orleways 


Thom\s Waring Fauntleroy, of 

Virginia, 1636. 
Anns — Ciules, three infant's heads 

argent, crined or. 
Ci'i'st — A fleur-de-lis or, between two 

wings expanded azure. 



Edward Fawconer, of Andover, 

Mass., 1648, from Kingsclere, 

Arms — Sable, three falcons argent, 

belled or. 
Crest — A garb of wheat or, banded 



Jdiix h"E\RX, of Pitsylvania Co., 
X'irginia, 1780. 

Arms — Per bend or and gules, two 
lions' heads erased and counter- 

Crest — A talbot's head argent, eared 
and collared gules, garnished and 
ringed or, issuing out oi a feme 


Captain Arthur Fenner, of Pro- 
vidence, R.I., 1646, served as 
Lieutenant in Cromwell's Army. 

.Jr/;/i — \'ert, on a cross argent, 
between four eagles displayed 
gules, a cross formee of the last. 

Crest — An eagle displayed argent, 
mcmbered or. 


George Fenwick, of Gray's Inn, 
London, and Co. Northumber- 
land, F^ugland, to Boston, Mass., 
1636, of Saybrook, Conn., 1656. 

.]/';;/.s- -Per fesse gules and argent 
six martlets counterchanged. 

Crest — A phoenix in flames proper, 
gorged with a mural crown. 



armorial a^^cn^a. 



James P'erguson, of South Carolina, 

Ani/s — Arg-cnt, a lion rampant azure, 

on a chief gules a star between a 

cross-crosslct fitchee and a rose 

of the field. 
Ci'est — A dexter hand grasping a 

broken spear bundways proper. 


Robert Feild, b 1605, son of William 
Feilde, of Sowerby, Yorkshire, 
Kng., came to New England, i645_ 

.4 /'/«i-— Sable, a chevron between three 
garbs argent. 

Crest — A dexter arm issuing out of a 
cloud fesseways, in the hand a 
sphere or. 



Captain Thomas Fitch, i6'5o-90, of 

Ni>r\valk, Conn., Deputy Go- 

,l;-;».'>— Vert, a chevron between three 
lions' heads erased or. 

Crest — A leopard's head cabossed or, 
in the mouth a sword proper 
hiked gules. 


Re\-. Peter de la Fontaine, Chap- 
lain to the \'irginia Commission, 

Arms — Argent, a fesse embattled be- 
tween two elephants' heads erased 
with tusks depressed in chief, in 
base a three-masted ship with 
sails spread and flying a pennant. 

Crest — An elephant's head erased 
with tusks elevated. 


Daniel Forbes (Forbush), b 1620, 
at Kinella, Aberdeen, Scotland, 
ser\'ed under Leslie at Dunbar, 
d at Cambridge, Mass., 1693. 

Arms — Azure, three bears' heads 
couped argent, muzzled gules. 

Crest — A stag's head proper. 


Newburgh, New 

Aberdeen, Scot- 

JoHN Forsyth, 

York, b 1784, 

Arms — Argent, a chevron engrailed 

gules between three griffins se- 

greant vert, armed and membered 

Crest — A demi-griffin segreant vert. 





armorial at)benba. 


J\MES Foster, of Dorchester, Mass., 

.l/';;/.s' — Argent, a chevron gules be- 
tween three bugle horns \'ert, on 
a chief of the second as many 
leopards' heads or. 

Crcsf — An arm embowed in armour 
holding a spear proper. 

Dr. Benjamin Franklin, 1758. 
.4 7-;;/s— Argent, on a bend engrailed, 

between two lions' heads erased 

gules, a dolphin between two 

martlets or. 
Crcsf — The head of a fish erased gules 

between two sprigs vert. 


John Frazer, of Philadelphia, 1735, 
/) in Glasslough, Co. Monaghan, 
Ireland, 1709. 

Anns — Azure, three cinqucfoils ar- 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, an 
ostrich's head and neck between 
wings, holding a horseshoe. 


John Frye, came from Devonshire, 
settled in Buck's County, Penn- 
sylvania 1700. 

Arms — Gules, two horses courant 

Crest — An arm embowed in armour 

holding in the hand; a sword 



Lieut. Thomas Fuller, of Dedham, 
Mass., 1635, son of Ralph Fuller, 
of \\'ort\vell, Co. Norfolk, Eng. 

.4 ;-;»i— Argent, three bars gules, on a 
canton of the second a castle or. 

Crest — A dexter arm embowed \-ested 
argent, cuff sable, holding a sword 


Lion Gardiner, 1509-1663, first Lord 

of the Manor of Gardiner's Lsland, 

New York, 
.ir;;^-— Argent, a che\ron between 

three bugle horns stringed gules. 
Crest— An arm in armour grasping in 

the hand a broken shaft of a 


Brmorial B^^cn^a. 




John Gay, settled at Dedham, Mass., 

1630, d 1689. 
Anns — Gules, crusily or, three lions 

rampant argent. 

Crcif — A demi-g-reyhnund rampant 
sable or. 


William Gayer, came from Corn- 
wall, England, to Nantucket, 1692. 
Arms — Ermine, a fleur-de-lis sable. 

Cresf — A lion rampant supporting a 


JoHx Gedn'ey, from Norwich, Co. 

Norfolk, England, to Salem, 

Mass., 1637. 
Anus — Or, three eagles displayed 

Cresf — An eagle as in arms. 


Captain Willi \M Gerrish, /; at 
Bristol, Gloucestershire, Eng., 
1617, d at Salem, Mass., 1687. 

.-i;-/;/.s-— Gules, between three escallop 
shells argent an arrow fesseways 

Crest — A bird rising holding in the 
beak an escallop shell. 


John Gibson, of Cambridge, Mass., 
1634, d 1694, o'f 93. 

Anns — Gules, a stork between three 
crescents ; cjuartering Davis. 

Cresf — On an embattled tower a stork 
rising gules, bsaked and mem- 
bered or. 


Joseph Gilpin, 1664-1741, settled at 
Chads Ford, Chester Co., Penna., 
son of Thomas Gilpin of War- 
borough, Oxfordshire, Eng. 

Arms —Or, a. boar statent sable. 

Cresf — A dexter arm embowed in 
armour holding in the hand a 
sprig of laurel \erl, 


Hrmorial Bbbenba, 


William Goodrich, b at Bury St. 

Edmunds, Co. Suffolk, Kng., 

settled at Wethersfield, Mass., 

.4 1'liis — Azure, semee of cross-crosslets, 

a lion rampant argent. 

Crest — A demi-lion rampant, couped 
argent, holding in the dexter paw 
a cross-crosslet fitchee. 


Colonel Charles Gookin, Governor 
of Pennsylvania, 1708, grandson 
of Sir Vincent Gookin, fenip 
James I. 

Daniel Gookin, of \'irginia, 1621, 
b in Kent, Eng., brother of Sir 
Vincent Gookin. 

Anns — Gules, a chevron ermine be- 
tween three cocks or. 

Crcsf — On a mural crown gules acock 
proper or, beaked and legged 
azure, combed and wattled gules. 


Gordon, of Brandon, Virginia and 
Louisville, Kentucky. 

Ai'iiis--Azuve, on a fesse argent, be- 
tween three boars' heads couped 
or, a wolf's head couped sable. 

Crest — A hart's head affrontee proper. 


Sir Ferdinando Gorge, Governor of 

New England, 1623. 
Arms — Argent, a whirlpool azure. 
Crest — A greyhound's head erased 

argent, collared gules. 


Edward Gove, h in London, 1630, 
settled at Hampton, New Hamp- 
shire, 1668. 

.-4 ;-;;/5— Argent, a cross lozengy be- 
tween four eagles displayed sable. 

Crest— Ovit of a mural coronet or, a 
demi-monkey sable. 


John Greene, from Southampton, 
Eng. to Boston, Mass., 1635, 
grandson of Robert Greene of 
Bowridge Hill, near Gillingham, 

.1 ;-;«5— Azure, three bucks trippant or. 

Crest — A buck's head or. 

armorial Bbbcnba. 



William Greenlees, of Cincinnati, 
Ohio, 1809, b \-]-j6 at Cambleton, 
Argylshire, Scotland. 

Arms — Argent, a fleur-de-lis vert, 
between three miilletsgules, within 
a bordurc engrailed of the last. 

Crest — A sprig growing out of a mount 


Miles Greenwood, of Norwich, 
Mass., 1627, son of Miles Green- 
wood, of Greenwood, Yorkshire, 
and Norwich, Co. Norfolk, Eng. 

Arms — Argent, a fesse sable between 
three mullets in chief and as 
many ducks in base of the second. 

Crest — A mullet sable between wings 
of the last. 

if if if 


Henry Gregory, of Springfield, 
Mass., 1640, son of Thomas 
Gregor}-, gent., of Nottingham, 

Anns — Per pale argent and azure, 
two lions rampant endorsed 

Crest — Two lions' heads endorsed 
erased, azure and argent, collared 


John Guild, of Dedham, Mass., 
1636, served in King Philip's 

Anns — Azure, a lion rampant or. 
Crest— A dexter hand holding a 


Ensign Robert Hale, of Charle-- 
town, Mass., 1630. 

Anns — Gules, three broad arrows 
re\ersed or, feathered and barbed 

Cr(st — A dexter arm embowed in 
armour proper, garnished or, 
bound with a ribbon gules, hold- 
ing an arrow. 


Willi \M Hanrury, Merchant, of 
Plymouth, Mass., 1642, came 
from Wolverhampton, Staf- 
fordshire, Eng. 

Anns — Or, a bend engrailed vert 
cotised sable. 

Crest — Out of a mural crown sable a 
demi-lion rampant or, in the paw 
a battle-axe. 


Brmorial Hbbcnba, 


William Hamersley, 1687-17^2, an 
officer in H.M.S. " Valeur," 
stationed in New York, 17 14-16, 
where he settled. 

Anns — Gules, three rams' heads 
couped or. 

Crest — A demi-griffin or, holding a 

cross-crosslet fitchee gules. 


Captain John Hamilton, of Charles- 
town, Massachusetts, 1651. 

Anus — Quarterly i and 4, gules, a 
mullet argent between three 
cinquefoils ermine ; 2 and 3, gules, 
a heart proper, between three 
cinciuefoils ermine. 

Crest — A boar's head erased proper. 


William H ambleton, from Poole, 
Dorsetshire, Eng., to Talbot 
County, Maryland, 1640. 

.•fr;;/5— Gules, three cinc[uefoils er- 


Willi VM Hancock, Proprietor, of 

Cambridge, Mass., 1634. 
.■Irw5— Gules, a plate, on a chief 

argent three cocks of the first. 
Crest — A cock's head erminois 

combed wattled and ducally 

gorged gules. 


John Hand, from Stanstead, Kent, 
England, one of the nine patentees 
of East Hampton, Eong Island, 

Arms — Argent, a chevron a/ure be- 
tween three dexter hands gules. 

Crest — A stag trippant. 


Robert Hare, /) at Woolwich, Kent, 
England, 1752, settled in Phila- 
delphia 1773, son of Richard Hare, 
Esq., of Limehouse, Middx. 

Anus — Gules, two bars and a chief 
indented or. 

Crest— A demi-lion rampant holding 
a cross-crosslet fitchee gules. 

Hrmorial at)t)ent)a. 

3 'J 


Nathaniel Harrison, Clerk of the 

Provincial Council of Virginia, 

d 1727. 
,-lr/«i-— Sable, three lozenges conjoined 

in fesse ermine. 
Crest -A demi-lion rampant proper, 

holding in the paws a lozenge. 


John Harwood, of Boston, Mass., 
1645, Will proved in London, 1685. 

Arms — Argent, a chevron between 
three stags' heads cabossed sable. 

Crest A stag's head cabossed sable, 
holding in its mouth an oak bough 
proper, acorned or. 

from Alan- 
t King- 


Abraham Hasbrouck, 
heim, German}', si ttled 
ston, New York, 1675. 

J/-;//.s- — Purple, a chevron between 
three hand-lamps or, in flame 

Cresf — A demi-negro wreathed, in the 
dexter hand an arrow, in the 
sinister a lamp, as in arms, held 
across the body. 


Thomas Hastings, of W'atertown, 
Mass., 1634, supposed to ha\e 
descended from the I'.arl ol 

.I/-///5- ,\rgent, a mauncli sable. 

Crcsf—A bull's head erased sable 

gorged with a ducal coronet, and 

.armed or. 



Edmi'ND Haws, b at Yarmouth, Co, 
Norfolk, came from London, 
Kngland, 1835, to Plymouth, 
Mass., d 1693. 

Arms — Azure, a fesse wa\y between 
three lions passant or, armed and 
langued gules. 

Crest — Out of a mural coronet azure 
a lion's head or. 


George Wright Hawkes, came 
from Dudley, Worcestershire, 
England, to New York, 1798. 

Ar))is—\zm-e, three bends or, a chief 
ermine;ciuartering (Wright) sable, 
on a chevron, between three uni- 
corns' heads or, as many spear- 
heads gules. 


armorial B^bcnba. 


Joseph Hawley, b at Parwich, 
Derbyshire, England, 1609, settled 
at Stratford, Conn., 1630, d 1690. 

Arms — Vert, a saltire engrailed 

Crest — A dexter arm embowed in 
armour proper, garnished or, 
holding in the hand a spear point- 
ing downwards. 


John H aynes, Governor of Mass., 
came to Boston, Mass., 1633, son 
of John Haynes, of Old Holt and 
Copford Hall, Essex, England. 

Anns — Argent, three crescents, barry 
undee^azure and gules. 

Crest — A heron volcnt proper. 

fssxsV^NS^ .^\.\^\^^\^.\^\\^^^^) 


Thomas Hazard, came from \\'ales 

to Boston, Mass., 1636. 
Arms — Azure, two bars argent, on a 

chief or three escallops gules. 
Crest — An escallop gules. 


Joshua Henshaw, of Dorchester, 
Mass., 1653, son of William 
Henshaw of Toxteth Park, Lan- 
cashire, England. 

Anns— Argent, a chevron sable be- 
tween three heronshaws of the 

Crest— A hawk close or, preying on a 
mallard's wing of the first, erased 


William Herxdox, /n 1677 Cathe- 
rine, da. of Governor Ed\\ard 
Digges of \'irginia, son ^of Sir 
Dudley- Digges. 

Anns — Argent, a heron volant be- 
tween "three escallops sable. 

Crest — An escallop shell. 


IIexkv Herrick, /' in London, 
>Lddx., 1604, son of Sir William 
Herrick, settled at Salem, Mass. 

Arnis—Argeni, a fesse vaire or and 

Crest— A bull's head couped argent, 
horned and eared sable. 

armorial H^bcnba. 



Charles H. Higginson, of New 
Jersey, son of Henry T. Higgin- 
son of Cornelia House, County 
Down, Ireland, whose ancestor, 
Colonel Higgin-on, fought at the 
battle of the Boyne. 

Anns— Sable, three towers in fesse 
argent, between six trefoils slipped 

Crest— Out of a tower proper a demi- 

griffin segreant vert, armed and 

beaked or. 

William Hill, of Boston, Mass., 

A ni/s— Gules, two bars ermine, in 

ch'ef a lion passant per pale or 

and azure. 
Crest — A lion passant or, supporting a 

cross gules. (Sometimes a boar's 

head sable, in the mouth a broken 



Samuel Hinckley, ti Tenterden, 
Co. Kent, England, to New Eng- 
land, 1634, of Barnstaple, Mass., 

Anns — Gules, a chevron engrailed 

Crest— A lion's head erased proper. 


Thomas Hinton, l> at Leydon, Hol- 
land, 1640, came to Baltimore, 
Md., 1665, son of Sir John Hinton, 
Physician to Charles I. and H. 

Ar/iis — Per fesse indented sable and 
or, six fleurs-de-lis counter- 

C/'t'^;'— An eagle's leg erased encircled 
by a serpent proper. 


Luke Hitchcock, of Weathersfield, 
Massachusetts, 1650. 

Anns — Argent, on a cross azure five 
fleurs-de-lis or, in the first quarter 
a lion rampant gules. 

Crest — A lion's head erased or, in the 
mouth a round buckle argent. 


William Hdadlev, 1630-1709, of 
Bradford, Conn., brother of John 
Hoadley, who received Letters 
Patent from Charles H., and 
aided in briiiging about his Re- 
storation in lending Gen. Monk 

Arms — Quarterly azure and or, in the 
first quarter a pelican of the se- 
cond vulning itself proper. 

Crest — On a terrestial orb or a dove 
rising proper, in the beak an olive 


••• •!• •.•• '.'• •.*• 
[♦ ♦ •if ♦ 



armorial B^^cn^a. 




John Hoare, h i6;5_>, of Scituate and 
Concord, Mass., son of Charles 
Hoare, High Sheriff of Gloucester, 

Ai'Dis — Sable, an eagle displayed with 
two heads, within a bordure en- 
grailed of tlie first. 

Crest — A deer's head erased. 


William Hodge, who (/ in Penn- 
sylvania, 1723. 

Ai-)ns — Argent, on a bend gules three 
roses of the first. 

Crest — A crescent resting on a cres- 
cent re\ersed. 


Colonel Martinis Hon. man, 1707- 
72, Justice of the Peace and 
a distinguished officer in the 
Colonial and_, Rexolutionary 

Anns — Argent, on a mount vert three 
pine trees propc'r. 

Crest — A cock proper. 


Justinian Holden, 1613-91, from 

Cranbrook, Kent, England, settled 

in W'atertown, Mass. 
,l;///i— Krmine, on a chief gules three 

pears or. 
Crest — A dove close holding in ihe 

beak an oli\e branch proper. 


William Hollins, cjf Baltimore, 
Maryland, 1797-181G, son of 
William Hollins of Newcastle- 
under-Lyme, Staffordshire, Eng- 
land, (/ 17O9. 

.4 /•;//.<— Argent, a chevron azure, in 
chief four crosses formee fitchee 
of the second. 

Crest — A dexter hand pointing with 
two fingers to a star proper. 


Rev. Edward Holyoke, of Lynn, 
Mass., 163S, d at Chelsea, INIass. 
1660, came from Tamworth, Staf- 
fordshire, England. 

.1/-///.S- — Azure, a chevron argent cot- 
ised or between three crescents 
of the second. 

Crest — A cubit arm erect habited 
gules, cuff argent, holding in the 
hand an oak branch \ ert, fructed 

armorial Bbbcnba. 




Mr. Stephen Hopkins, g-ent., of 
London, came in the "Mayflower" 
1620, settled at Plymouth, Mass. 

Anns — Sable, on a chevron, between 
tliree pistols or, as many roses 

Crest — A tower per bend indented 
argent and gules, in flames 


Dr. Jonathan Horwitz, of Berlin, 
a student of Goettingen Univ., 
came to Baltimore the latter part 
of the 1 8th century. 

Arms — Per chevron argent and azure, 
a chc\ron or, in base a lion ram- 
pant holding- a staff. 

Crest — An eagle rising proper. 


Richard Hni gh, came from Mac- 
clesfield, Cheshire, l^ngland, 16S3, 
settled in Bucks County, Penn. 

Ari)is — Argent, a bend sable. 

Crest— \ wolf's head erased sable. 


P \LPH Houghton, 1603-98, knighted 
by Charles I., fought under Crom- 
well, fled to America and became 
Recording Officer of Lanccishii"e, 

Arms — Sable, three bars argent. 

Crest — A bull passant argent. 


Abraham How u<i), b in luigland, 
came to New England with son 
James circa 1730, settled at 
iNIarblehead, Mass. 

Arms — Gules, a bend between six 
cross-crosslets Htchee argent. 

Crest — A lion rampant argent, hold- 
ing a cross of the shield. 


Edward Howell, of Marsh Gibbon, 
Buckinghamshire, England, sold 
the manor of Westbury, came to 
Boston, Mass., 1639. 

Arms — Gules, three towers triple 
towered argent. 

Crest— Qui of a ducal crown or a 
rose gules, stalked and leaved 
\-ert, between two wings endorsed 
of the last. 



ac QE 


Hrmorial Ht)^enba. 


Thomas Howard, of Boston, Mass.. 

Ar/iis — Per cross argent and sable, on 
a bend gules three lions rampant 

Cresf — A lion's head erased or. 


"Hubbard tomb" in the Granery 
burial ground, Boston, 1746. 

Anns — Quarterly argent and sable, 
on a bend gules three lions pas- 
sant or. 

Crest — A lion's head erased. 


Richard Hubbell, of New Haven, 
Conn., 1647, said to have come 
from Ipsley, Warwickshire, Eng. 

Arms — Sable, three leopards' heads 
jessant fleur-de-lis or. 

Crest — A wolf passant. 


George Hull, who came to New 
England circa 1700, in Esther 

Anns — Azure, an eagle displayed or. 

Crest — A hunting horn azure, gar- 
nished or. 


Of Boston, Massachusetts, 1701), came 
from W'ingerworth, Derbyshire, 

Anns — Azure, a fesse between three 
tigers' heads erased or. 

Crest— On a chapeau azure, turned 
up ermine, a cockatrice with wings 
expanded proper. 


Captain Uavid IIuniek, l> \]2^, of 
York Co., Penna., and Martens- 
burg, Virginia, descended from 
the Hunters of Hunlerston, Ayr- 
shire, Scotland. 

Arms — \"ert, ihrtie dogs oi the chase 
courant .argent, collared or, on a 
chief of the second as many 
hunting horns of the first, stringed 

Crest — A greyhound sejant argent 
collared or. 

armorial at)t)enba. 




Simon Huntington, came from 
Norwich, Norfolk, England, 
settled at Norwich, Connecticut, 

Anns — Argent, frctty sable, on a chief 
gules three mullets or. 

Crest — A griffin's head erased or, 
between two wings gules. 


John Hutchins, from Southampton, 
Hampshire, England, settled at 
Newbury, Mass., 1642. 

Anus — Argent, three lions passant 

Crest — A lion passant guardant sable. 


Richard Hutchinson, of Salem, 

Mass., 1647, son of Thomas 

Hutchinson, of Arnold, near 

Nottingham, England. 
Anns — Per pale gules and azure, 

semee of cross-crosslets or, a lion 

rampant argent. 
Crest— Out of a ducal crown or a 

cockatrice with wings endorsed 

azure, armed gules. 


George Jaffrey, of Portsmouth, 
New Hampshire, 1762, Judge of 
the Supreme Court of N. H. 

Anns— Pa\y of six argent and sable, 
on a fesse of ihe first three 
mullets sable. 


William Janes, from Kirkland, 

Cambridgeshire, England, to New 

Arms — Argent, a lion rampant azure 

between three escallops gules. 
Crest — Out of a coronet or a demi- 

lion rampant azure, holding an 

escallop gules. 


Peter Jaudon, a French Huguenot 
who fled to England on the Revo- 
cation of the Edict of Nantes, and 
later settled in Bucks County, 

Arms — Argent, on a mount vert a 
grape vine in fruit and leaf all 
proper, on a chief azure three 
mullets of the first. 

Crest — A phoenix proper rising from 
fleur-de-lis argent. 

i^ i^ %^ 


armorial B^ben^a* 


David Jeffries of Boston, Mass., 
1 718, son of l)a\id Jeffries of 
Taunton, Somersetshire, Eng-., to 
New England, 1677. 

Anns — Sable, a lion rampant or, be- 
tween three scalins: ladders of 
the second. 

Crest — A castle or, to\\ers domed. 


William Jeffrey, of Newport, 
Rhode Island, 1670, came from 
Sussex, England. 

Arms — Azure, fretty or, on a chief 
argent a lion passant gules. 









Henry Jocelyn, Chief Magistrate 
of Maine, to New England, 1635, 
son of Sir Thomas Jocelyn, of 
Co. Kent, England. 

Anns — Chequy gules and azure, on a 
fesse of the first an annulet or. 

Cresi—K bear's head couped at the 
neck sable, muzzled gold. 


Richard Johns, h Bristol, Glouces- 
tershire, 1645, came to America 
1675, settled'.-it The Cliffs, Mary- 

Anns — Argent, on a cross raguly 
azure, between four pheons gules, 
five bezants. 


.«. A .». .». .«. 

^^K ^^ '^^ ^^ ^^ 


John Johnson, of New I^.ngland, 
1637, came to America with John 

Arms — Gules, three spear heads ar- 
gent, a chief ermine. 

Cresi — A spear head argent, between 
two branches of laurel \'ert. 


Robert Johnson, who came from 
Kingston - on - Hull, Yorkshire, 
Eng., to New Ha\'en, Conn., 1637. 

Arms — Argent, a chevron sable 
between three lion'^' heads gules, 
crowned or. 

Cresi — An eagle rising proper. 

armorial a^^en^a. 



Dr. John Johnson, son of the Mar- 
quis of Annandale, b in Edinboro' 
Scotland, 1661, settled at Perth 
Ainboy, New Jersey, 1685. 

.4 r«/.s- — Argent, a cross of St. Andrew- 
sable, on a chief erules three wool 
bag-s or. 

Crest — A wing-ed sjiur or. 


Adam Kasson, from Belfast, Ireland, 

to Boston, Mass., 1722, later of 

( 'onnccticiit. 
.4;';//i— Argent, three chevrons and a 

canton gules, on each a nnillet of 

the field. 
Crest — On a lower a do\e rising 



Captain Robert Keayxe, Citizen of 
London, of Boston, .Mass, i6xs. 
fovuider of the Ancient and Hon. 
.Artillery Company of Boston. 

Anns — Azure, an eagle displayed 

Crest — A demi-griffin with wings en- 


Nathaniel Kay, of Newport, Rhode 

Island, 1727. 
.l;-///.s— .\rgent, two bendlets sable. 
Crest — A goldfinch proper. 


Thomas Kelley, came from Ireland 
to Pennsylvania, 1664, proprietor 
of a plantation called Ruffland. 

Arms — Gules, a tower triple-towered 
supported by two lions rampant 

Crest — A greyhound statent proper. 


Thomas Kendall, came from Settle, 
Yorkshire, England, settled in 
Pennsylvania, 1700. 

Anns — Per bend dancettee argent and 


Hrmorial Hbbcnba. 


Richard Kimball, from Rattlesden, 
Suffolk, Eng., settled at Water- 
town, Mass., 1634. 

Anns — Argent, ;i fesse within a bor- 

dure engrailed sable. 
Crest — A mermaid proper. 


Joachim von Ketel (Ketelshuyn'i, 
settled at Rensselaerswyck (now 
Albany), New York, 1642. 

A nns — Per pale i , chcqu}' sable and 
or, in four rows of three each : 
2, or, fifteen hurts in five rows of 
three each. 

Crest — Three lilies of the field argent. 

Cx^xsVxwV wW^WwWvJ 




V^ cop" 


Major RuFUS King, LL.D., United 
States Senator, L^S. Minister to 
England, 1796. 

Arms — Sable, a lion rampant guardant 

ermine, between three crosses 

pattee fitchee at foot or. 
Crest — A lion's gamb erect and erased 

sable, holding a cross patti'e 

fitchee or. 


Hexdrick Hendricksen Kip, came 
to New Amsterdam from Holland 
prior to 1643, Member of Governor 
Stuyvesant's Council. 

Arms — Azure, a chevron or, between 
two griffins sejant and confrontee 
in chief, and a dexter hand couped 
in ])oint argent. 

Crest— \ demi-griffin argent, holding 
in the paws a cross gules. 


Colonel Thomas Knowlton, of Con- 
necticut, 1740. 

Arms — Argent, a chevron gules be- 
tween three crowns sable. 

Crest — A demi-lion rampant sable, 
armed gules. 


George Lane, of Rye, W'estchester 
Co., New York, 1666. 

Arms — Or, a chevron ermines between 
three mullets pierced azure. 

Crest — A dexter cubit-arm erect 
vested ermines turned up indented 
argent, holding in the hand proper 
a mullet azure. 

Brmonal a^^en^a. 



Garrit Frepekick I.ansing, of 
Albany, New York, 1650. 

,-l ;-///.?— Or, three increscents azure two 
and one. 

Crest — Three ostrich feathers azure. 


Jean Pierre la Serre, fled from 
France at the Revocation of the 
Edict of Nantes, 1685. 

Ai-ms — Or, a mountain \-ert issuanl 
from the base, on a chief invected 
azure three estoils of the field. 

Crest — A stag proper attired or. 
semee of estoils, resting- the 
dexter hoof upon a bezant. 


Richard Latting, of I.attingtown, 
Long- Island, H 1670, son of John 
Latting, of Norwich, Co. Norfolk, 

Arms — Argent, three chrevonels be- 
tween three estoils vert. 


Henry Lawrence, came to New 
England from Wissett and 
Holton, Co. Suffolk, England, 
1630, settled at Charlestown, 
Mass, grandson of John Lawrence 
of Rumburgh, 13th in descent 
from Sir Robert Lawrence. 

Arms — Argent, a cross raguly gules. 

Crest — A demi-turbot, tail upwards. 


Thomas Lawton, of Portsmouth, 

Rhode Island, 1638, from 

Cheshire, England. 
Arms — \Tgcn\-, on a fesse, between 

three cross-crosslets htchee sable, 

a cinquefoil of the first pierced of 

the second. 
Crest — Ademi-wolf salient reguardant 

argent, vulned in the back gules, 

and licking the wound. 


John Ledvard, h in England, 1700, 
Justice of New London Court, 

,4r»?5^ Ermine, on a chevron or three 
mullets pierced gules. 

Crest — A demi-lion rampant argent, 
holding in the dexter paw a mullet 


Hrmorial B^^cn^a. 


D a a a Q 

D a a 


Colonel Richard, Secretary of 
State in Virginia, 1659, of Strat- 
ford Hall, \'irg-inia, and Cotton 
Hall, Shropshire, England. 

Ar}}is — Gules, a fesse chequy or and 
azure, between ten billets argent 
four in chief and six in base. 

Crest — On a staff raguly lying fesse- 
ways a squirrel sejant proper 
cracking a nut, from the dexter 
end of the staff a hazel branch 
\-ert, fructed or. 


Richard Leeds, 1595-1693, came 

from Great Yarmouth, Co. No- 
folk, England, settled at Dor- 
chester, Mass. 
Arms — Argent, a fesse sable between 
three eagles displaj-ed gules. 


Governor William I.eete, of Guild- 
ford, Conn., /; 16,^9, son of John 
Eccte, of Dodington, Huntingdon- 
shire, England. 

Arnis — Argent, on a fesse gules, be- 
tween two rolls of matches sable 
fired proper, a martlet or. 

Crest —On a duca.\ crown an antique 
lamp or, fired proper. 


Francis Linly, one of the founders 
of Newark, New Jersej-, 1655. 

Arms — Sable, a lion rampant between 
eight crosses pattee fitchee argent. 


Thomas Little, from County Essex, 
England, 16,^3, settled at Marsh- 
field, Mass., 1650. 

Arms — Sable, a pillarcrowned between 
two wings joined at the base or. 

O't'-Ti^— Standing on an arrow a cock 
or, beaked and wattled gules. 


\\'iLLiAM Livingston, Governor of 
New Jersey, 1776-90. 

Arms — Argent, three cinquefoils gules 
within a double treasure fiory 
counterflory \'ert. 

Crest — A ship in distress. 

armorial a^^en^a. 



Thomas Lord, /; 15S5, came to New 
England, 1635, probably from 
Sudbiuy, Co. Suffolk, England. 

Anns — Argent, on a fesse gules, be- 
tween three cinquefoils azure, a 
hind passant betw. two pheons or. 

Ci'est — A demi-bird sable on the head 
two small horns or, wings ex- 


Charles Lowndes, of South Caro- 
lina, 1730, descended from 
Lowndes, of Legh Hall, Cheshire, 

Anns — Argent, fretty azure, on a 
canton gules a lion's head erased 

Crest — A lion's head erased or, gorged 
with a chaplet vert. 


Roger Ludlow, of New England, 
1630, son of Thomas Ludlow, of 
Dinton, Wiltshire, England. 

Anus — Argent, a chevron between 
three bears' heads erased sable. 

Crest — A demi-bear, rampant sable. 


Philip Ludwell, of Green Spring, 
Virginia, Proprietory Goxernor 
of North Carolina, 1693-97, son of 
Philip Ludwell, of Bruton, Somer- 

Arms — Gules, on a bend argent, be- 
tween two castles of the second, 
three eagles displayed sable. 


John M'Calla, of Isle of !sla, Scot- 
land, settled in Pennsylvania, 
ha\'ing a grant of land from the 
Crown, 1750. 

Anns — Gules, two arrows in sallire ar. 

surmounted by a fesse chequy of 

the second and first, between three 

buckles, within a bordure in- 

- dented or. 

Crest — A boot couped at the ancle 
thereon a spur proper. 


Andrew McClary, from Gardin, 
Scotland, settled at Epsom, New 
Hampshire, 1726. 

Anns — Or, a chexron azure between 
three roses gules- 


armorial a^^cn^a. 


Robert McClellan, Laird of Bar- 

magachan, Bourge, Kirkcud- 
bright, Scotland, settled at Wood- 
bridge, New Jersey, 1685. 

Arms — Argent, two chevrons sable. 

Ci'est — A naked hand supporting a 
Moor's head on the point of a 


Captain Benjamin McCullough, 
emigrated from the north of Ire- 
land to New Jersey, 1720. 

Arms — Argent, on a cross azure fi\e 

Crest — A cubit arm, in the hand a 


Daniel MacDuffie, came from 
Londonderry, Ireland, settled in 
Nutfield, New Hampshire, 1720, 
son of Rufus MacDuffie of 
1 -ondonderrj-. 

Anns— Or, a lion rampant gules. 

Crest — A demi-lion rampant gules 
holding a sword in pale proper. 


— McGuiRE, from Fermanagh, Ire- 
land, settled in Marj-land, 1750. 

Arms — \'ert, a horse thereon a man in 
complete armour in the dexter 
hand a sword proper. 

Crest — A stag statant proper, collared 
and lined or. 


David Maitland, of New \'ork, 
d 1792, son of Rev. Alexander 
Maitland, of Tongland, Kirkcud- 
brightshire, Scotland. 

Anns —Or, a lion rampant within a 
double tressurc flory countcr- 
flory gules. 

Crest — A lion sejant affrontoe gules, 
ducally crowned, in the dexter 
paw a sword, in the sinister a 
fleur-de-lis azure. 


Hdward Manx, of Ipswich, Suffolk, 
England, came to New Hngland, 

Anns — Sable, on a fesse embattled, 
counter embattled, between three 
goats passant, as mary pellets. 

Crest — A demi-dragon, wings en- 
dorsed argent, guttle sable. 


Hrinorial Hbbenba. 


^ ^^ 


William Manning, came from 
Kent, Kngland, to Cambridge, 
Mass., 1630. 

.4;-/«5— Gules, a cross flory between 
four trefoils slipped or. 

Crest — An eag'le's head sable between 
two ostrich feathers arg-ent all 
issuing out of a ducal crown or. 


Deacon D \xiel Makkham, came to 
New England, 1666, settled at 
Middletown, Conn., 1676, grand- 
son of Sir Robert Markham, of 
Nottinghamshire, England. 

Anns — Azure, on a chief or a demi- 
liou rampant issuant gules. 

Ci'esf — A Hon of St. Mark sejant 
winged or, circled round the head 
argent, supporting a lyre or. 


Jean Paul Mascaren, 1684-1760, of 
Boston, Mass., 1706, b at Castras 
in I.anguedoc, France. 

Anns — Argent, a lion rampant gules, 
on a chief azure three mullets or. 

Crest — A mullet or. 


Richard Mather, b 1596 at 

Lowton, par. Win wick, Lanca- 
shire, settled in New England, 

.4 7'//25 — Ermine, on a fesse wavy azure 
three lions rampant or. 

Crest — On the trunk of a tree lying 
fesseways vert a lion sejant or. 





John Mave, of Maytield, Sussex, 
England, settled at Roxbury, 
Mass, 1640. 

Anus — Gules, a fesse between eight 
billets or. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or a 
leopard's head proper. 


Henry Me-SSInger, settled in Boston 
prior to 1640, Member of the 
Ancient and Hon. Artillery Com- 
pany of Boston, 1658. 

Anns — Argent, a chevron between 
three close helmets sable. 

Crest -A pegasus courant ducally 
gorged and chained or. 


Armorial Hbbcnba. 

Michael Metcalf, 

b 1586, settled 

in New England, 1637, son of 
Leonard Metcalf, of Tatterford, 
Co. Norfolk, England. 
Arms — Argent, on a fesse wavy, be- 
tween three caKes passant sable, 
a sword fesseways. 

Crest— \ talbot sejant sable the dexter 
paw supporting a shield or, 
thereon a hand issuingfrom clouds, 
holding a pen. 


Comte Cesar Michael de Milhau, 
b at St. Dominque, F.W.I., 1762, 
Citizen of the United States 1803, 
d at Baltimore 18 13. 

Anns— Argent, a fesse azure, in chief 
rising from the fesse the sun 
proper surrounded by three stars, 
in base a dove close holding in 
the beak an olive branch. 


David Milne, of Aberdeen, Scotland, 
settled in Philadelphia, 1827. 

Arms— Or, a cross molinc azure, 
pierced ovalways, between three 
mullets sable, within a bordure 
wa\y of the second. 

Crest — A galley with oars erect in 
saltire proper. 


Thomas Milner, of Nansemond 
County, Mass., Clerk of the House 
of Burgesses, 16S1-4, from Apple- 
ton, Yorkshire, England. 

Arms—Vcr pale or and sable, a 
che\-ron between three horses' 
bits counterchanged. 

Crest — A horse's head couped bridled 
and maned or. 


JoPEPH MoFFATT, M.D., of Brimfield, 
Mass., 1762, descended from 
Thomas Moffatt, of Exeter, Eng. 

Arms — Argent, a saltire azure, a chief 

Crest — A cross-crosslet fitchi'e gules. 


William Montgomery, of Brigend, 
Ayrshire, Scotland, settled in New 
Jersey, 1706. 

J/'w/i— Gules, three Heurs-de-lis or.; 
quartering— Azure, threeannulets 
or, stoned gules, all within a bor- 
dure engrailed of the second. 

Crest — A female figure, attired azure, 
in dexter hand an anchor or, in 
sinister a head. 

Hnnorial a^^cll^a. 



AxTHONY Morris, baptized, 1654, at 
St. Dunstans, Stepney, London, 
Mem. of Provincial Council of 
Pennsylvania, Justice of the Su- 
preme Court, 1694, son of Captain 
Anthony Morris of Stepney. 

Ai'Dis — Sable, a lion passant between 
three scaling ladders or. 


Richard Morris, of Morrisania 
Manor, New Jersey, 1660, son of 
William Morris of Tintern, Mon- 
mouthshire, S. Wales. 

Arms — Gules, a lion rampant or. 

Crest — A tower argent, in flames 


George Morton, b 1585, at Auster- 
field, Yorkshire, England, d at 
Plymouth, Mass., 1624. 

Ani/s — Argent, a chevron between 
three lozenges sable. 


Rev. Samuel Moseley, 1708-91, 
Chaplain to Governor Betcher. 

/lr;;/i-— Sable, on a chevron, between 
three mill pricks argent, three 
mullets gules. 

Crest — An eagle displayed ermine. 

%> ^ '%' 


Thomas Mumford, planter. Magis- 
trate of Rhode Island, d 1692. 

Arms— Or, semee of cross-crosslets 
azure a lion rampant of the last. 

Crest — A demi-cat guardant proper. 


Thomas Nelson, 1677-1745, of York- 
town, Virginia, son of Hugh 
Nelson of Penrith, Cumberland, 

Anus — Per pale argent and sable, a 
chevron between three fleurs-de-lis 

Crest — A fleur-de-lis per pale argent 
and sable. 


Hrmorial Sbbenba. 

'4^ i. 4. ^ J^ 

4 'Ji- i y Y 






Thomas Newton, Attorney-General, 
Judge of Admiralty, Secretary of 
New Hampshire, 1689. 

Ai'?iis — Sable, two shinbones in saltire 

Crest — An arm embowed holding a 


Dr. George Nicholas, Surgeon in 
the British Navy, b in Lancashire, 
England, settled in Virginia, 1722. 

Anns — Azure, a chexron engrailed 
between three owls or. 

Crest — On a chapeau azure, turned 
up ermine, an owl with wings 
expanded or. 


Christopher Nicholson, of Mary- 
land, 1750. 

^4/';// 5— Azure, two bars ermine, on a 
chief argent three suns proper. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a 
lion's head erased gules. 


Robert Nicholson, of Charles City 
County, Virginia, 1655. 

Ar?}is — Azure, on a cross argent, be- 
tween four suns or, a cathedral 
church gules. 

Crest — A demi-man habited in a close 
coat azure, the buttons, and cui?s 
turned up or, armed with a head- 
piece and gorget argent, the 
beaver open, holding in the dexter 
hand a sAord erect and in the 
sinister a bible open clasps argent. 


William Nicholson, b at Berwick- 
on-Iweed, England, settled at 
Annapolis, Maryland, d 1719. 

Anns — Ermine, on a pale sable three 
martlets or. 

Crest — A demi-lion issuing from a 
castle triple towered proper. 


George Norton, came to Boston, 
Mass., 1629, grandson of Thomas 
Norton, Esquire, of Sharpenhow, 
Bedfordshire, t^ngland. Also 
used by the descendants of Rev. 
John Norton, b at Bishops Stort- 
ford, Herts, 1606, settled in New 
Eng., 1634. 

Arms — Gules, a fret argent, overall a 
bend vaire. 

Crest— \ griffin sejant proper, winged 
gules, beak and forelegs or. 

armorial Hbbenba. 


V ' «>-^) 


Samuel Oaklev, of New York, 177-', 
son of John Oakley. 

Anns — Argent, on a fesse, between 
three crescents gules, as many 
fleurs-de-lis or. 

Ci'c'sf — A dexter arm embowed in 
armour proper, in the hand a 
scimetar of the last hilt or. 


David Offley, Mem. of the Ancient 
and Hon. Artillery Company of 
Boston, 1638, a descendant of Sir 
Thomas Offley, Lord Mayor of 
London, 1556. 

Arms- Avgent, on a cross flory azure, 
between four Cornish choughs 
proper, a lion passant guardant 

Cresf — A demi-lion rampant per pale 
or and azure, collared per pale 
counterchangjcl, liolding an olive 


J \mes Olmste vd, b. 1580, of New 
Kng., 1632, son of James Olmsted 
of Leighs Magna, Essex, Eng. 

Anns — Sable, a pheon between three 
crescents argent. 

Crest — .A stag's head gules, armed or. 


JoHX O'Neill, of Bradford, New 
Hampshire 1796, from Antrim, 
I reland. 

Arms — Per fesse wavy, the chief ar- 
gent charged with a sinister hand 
gules, in bjise waves of the sea 
proper thereon a pike fish naiant 
of the last. 

Crest— An arm embowed in armour 
proper, garnished or, grasping a 
sword of the first. 


Captain John Osgood, 1630-93, of 
Andover, Mass., served in King 
Philip's War. 

Anns — Argent, three garbs within a 
tressure fiory counter flory gules. 

Crest — A lion rampant gules holding 
in the paws a garb of the last. 


John Otis, planter, of Hingham, 
Mass., i) at (ilastonbury, Somer- 
setshire, Eng., 1581, came to New 
England 1635. 

Arms— Argent, a saltire engrailed be- 
tween four cross crosslets fitchee 

Crest — An arm embowed vested gules, 
in the hand a bunch of laurel 


Biinorial Hbbcuba. 


Isaac Overton, of Southold, New 

York, d i68S. 
Ayms—Ki\\xe.,dL bend within a bordure 

Crest— On a chapeau gules turned up 

ermine a martlet sable. 


Captain Thomas Owsley, 1663-1700, 
settled in Stafford County, Vir- 
ginia, 1690, son of Rev. John 
Owsley, of Glooston, Leicester- 
shire, England. 

Anns — Or, a chexTon sable between 
three holK^ leaves vert, on a chief 
of the second a lion passant or, 
between two fleurs-de-lis argent. 

Cresi — A demi-lion rampant or, hold- 
ing a branch of holly vert. 


Colonel John Page, 1627-92, from 
Co. Middlesex, England, settled 
at Williamsburg, Virginia, 1650. 

Arms — Or, a fesse dancettee between 
three martlets azure within a 
bordure of the last. 

Crest — A demi-horse per pale dan- 
cettee or and azure. 


William Paine, of Ipswich, Mass., 
1635, son of William Paine, of 
Novvton, Co. Suffolk, England. 

Arms — Argent, on a fesse engrailed 
gules, between three martlets 
sable, as many mascles or, all 
within a bordure engrailed of the 
second bezantee. 

Crest — A wolf's head erased azure 
charged with five bezants. 


Moses Paine, of Braintree in New 
England, gent., d 1643. 

Arms—h.zv\xQ, on a bend gules three 
arrow-heads, between a lion's 
head cabossed, and an eagle's leg 
couped holding a torteau. 

Crest — A demi-man couped in profile, 
in the dexter hand an arrow. 


Thomas Palmer, of Boston, Mass., 
1650, son of \\'illiam Palmer of 
Wanslip, Leicestershire, Eng. 

Anus — Argent, two bars sable charged 
with three trefoils slipped of the 
field ; in chief a greyhound courant 
of the second. 

Crest — On a mount vert a grejdiound 
sejant sable gorged with a collar 
or, rimmed gules, on the shoulder 
with a trefoil slipped vert. 

tlnnorial H^^cn^a. 




Walter Palmer, Deputy' to the 
General Court, Plymouth, Mass., 

Arms — Or, two bars gules, each 
charged with three trefoils slipped 
vert, in chief a grej^hound 

Crest — A demi- panther rampant 
guardant, flame issuing from ears 
and mouth proper, supporting a 
palm branch 


Edward Palmes, in New England 
1681, son of Andrew Palmes of 
Sherborn, Hampshire, England, 
who died at Stapleford, Notts., 
1666, aged 73. 

Anns — Gules, three fleurs-de-lis 
argent, a chief vaire. 

Crest~A hand holding a palm branch 


William Parker, b in England, d 
at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 
1736, son of Philip Parker. 

Anns — Argent, a chc\Ton between 
three bucks' heads cabossed 

Crest— A buck's head erased. 


John Parmelin, one of the founders 
of Guilford, Connecticut, 1639. 

Arms — Gules, two bars wavy argent, 
in chief three mullets of six 
points or. 

Crest— A covered cup or, between 
two wings sable each charged 
with a mullet of the third. 


William Parsons, of New York, 

Arms— Per chevron ai:ure and or, in 
chief two crosses pattee, in base a 
sea-lion sejant guardant counter- 

Crest — A sword erect proper, pommel 
and hilt or, between two crosses 
pattee of the last. 


Joseph Parsons, of Springfield, 
Massachusetts, 1646, d 1683.— 
Enoch Parsons, b 1769, son of 
Rev. Jonathan Parsons, of Lyme, 

Amis — Gules, two chevrons ermine 
between three eagles displayed or. 

Crest— An eagle's leg erased at the 
thigh or, standing on a leopard's 
head gules. 



Hnnorial Bbbeiiba. 


rr^^ © © « f^J^^- 
^" © Q » i» 


I>ieut. Frvxcis Peabody, /) at St. 
Albans, Hertfordshire, Flngland, 
i6i^, settled at Topsfield, Mass., 

Anns — Per fesse iiebuly gules and 
azure, in chief two suns in 
splendour, in base a garb or. 

Crest — An eagle rising or. 


Robert Pease, came from Ipswich, 
Suffolk, Eng., to Boston, Mass., 
1634, son of Robert Pease of 
Great Baddow, Co. Essex, Eng- 

Ai'Dis — Per fesse argent and gules, 
an eagle displayed counter- 

Crest — An eagle's head erased, in the 
beak a stalk of pea-haulm proper. 


Herbert Pelham, of Cambridge, 
Mass., 1635, grandson of Anthony 
Pelham, of Laughton, Co. Suffolk, 

Anns — Azure, three pelicans argent, 
vulning themselves proper. 

Crest — A peacock in its pride proper. 


Rev. I). Ebenezer Pembertox, 
1672-1718, of Pennsylvania. — 
Phineas Pembertox came from 
Boulton - le - Moors, Lancashire, 
England, 1682. 

Arms — Argent, a chevron between 
three buckets sable, hooped and 
handled or. 

Crest — Upon a coney argent an eagle 


Samuel Penhallow, 1005-1726, 
settled at Portsmouth, Hamp- 
shire, 1686, son of diamond Pen- 
hallow, of St. Mabyn, Co. Corn- 
wall, England. 

Arms — \'ert, a cony argent. 

Crest — A goat passant azure, hoofed 
and attired or. 


Bartholomew Penrose, who settled 
in Pennsylvania, 1702. 

Arms — Argent, three bends sable each 
charged with as many roses of 
the field. 

Crest— \ trout naiant or. 

armorial B^^en^a. 





John Perkins, h 1590, Freeman of 
Newent, Gloucestershire, Eng., 
1630, settled in Ipswich, Mass., 

Amis — Or, a fesse dancettee between 
ten billets ermine. 

Crest — A pineapple proper stalked 
and leaved \-ert. 


jAcauES Perot, b at Georgetown, 
Bermuda, settled in Pennsylvania, 

Anns — Quarterly per fesse dancettee, 
1st and 4th or a mascle azure 
2nd and 3rd azure, a mascle or. 

Cresf — A hen on a nest proper. 


William Perrine, !> 1743, served in 
Capt. Peter Perrine's Gompany 
Middx., Co. Militia, in Revolu- 
tionary War, descended from the 
Perrines of Island of Jersey. 

Anns — Arg-ent, on a chevron, between 
three escallops sable, as many 
crosses pattce or. 

Cresf — Out of a ducal coronet or a 
peacock's head proper. 


Robert Peter, 1726-1S06, from Glas- 
gow, Scotland, settled at George- 
town, Maryland, son of Thomas 
Peter of " Crossbasket," Glasgow. 

Anus — Argent, a lion passant gules 
surmounted of a sword paleways, 
on a chief sable a boar's head 
couped between a mullet and a 
crescent argent. 


David Phippen, of Hingham, Mass., 
1635, son of Robert Phippen of 
Weymouth, Dorsetshire, and 
brother of George Phippen of 
Truro, Cornwall, England. 

Anns — Argent, two bars sable, in chief 
three escallops of the last. 

Crest — A bee x'olant in pale or winged 


John Piatt, /; at Dauphine, France, 
emigrated from Holland to New 
Jersey, 1740. 

Arms — Azure, on a fesse argent a lion 
passant, in chief three spheres 


Brnional B^^cn^a. 


William Pinchon, founder of 
Springfield, Mass., came in the 
"Arabella," 1630, son of John 
Pynchyon, gent., of Wrattle, Co. 
Essex, England. 

Arms — Per bend argent and sable 
three roundles within a bordure 
engrailed counterchanged. 

Crest — A tiger's head erased argent. 


AxDREW Pitcher, of Kenton, Devon- 
shire, England, proprietor of Dor- 
chester, Mass., 1641. 

Arms — Or, a bend gules surmounted 
by another azure. 

Crest — A demi-man in military habit 
holding a flag displayed azure. 



Mary Pitt, daughter of Peter Pitt, 
sheriff of Bristol, England, 1650, 
711 Andrew Newell of Charles- 
town, Mass. 

Arms — Sable, a fesse chequy argent 
and azure between three bezants. 
Crest — A stork proper. 


John PoE,of Donegal, Ireland, settled 

in Maryland, 1743. 
Arms — Argent, a fesse between three 

crescents azure issuing flames 


Crest — A boar's head pierced by a 


Captain William Pole, of Dor- 
chester, Mass., 1639, son of 
Sir William Pole, of Colcombe, 
De\'onshire, who d 1635, son of 
William Pole, of Shute, Devon- 
shire, Eng., who ci 1587. 

Arms— -Azure, semee of fleurs-de-lis, 
a lion rampant argent. 

Crest — A lion's gamb erased gules, 
armed or. 


Charles Pollock, 1732-1795, settled 
in Northumberland County, 
Pennsylvania, son of Dr. Thomas 

- Pollock, M.D., of Coleraine, 


Arms — Vert.asaltireor between three 

Crest — A boar passant, ciuartcrly or 
and \ert, transpierced with an 
arrow proper. 

armorial Hbbcnba, 



Captain Edward Poole, b 1609, 
Weymouth, Dorsetshire, Eng-., 
founder of ^^'evmouth, Mass., 

Anns — Azure, a Hon rampant argent, 
between eig-ht fleurs-de-lis or. 

Crest — A stag's b.ead cabossed gules 
the attires barry of six or and 


John Poore came from Wiltshire, 
England, 1635, settled at New- 
bury, Mass., 1652. 

.4 r;»5— Argent, a fesse azure between 

three mullets, g'ules. 
Crest — A tower sable masoned argent. 


George Popham, d in New England, 
1698, a kinsman of Chief Justice 
Sir John Popham. — Descended 
from Popham, of Huntworth, 
Somersetshire, England. 

Anns — Argent, on a chief, gules two 
bucks' heads carbossed. 

Crest — A buck's head erased. 


Lieut. William Pratt, 1622-78, of 
Saybrook, Mass., served in the 
Pequot War, son of Rev. William 
Pratt, of Stevenage, Hertford- 
shire, England. 

Arms — Vert, a fesse dancettee argent, 
in chief two lions rampant of the 

Crest — A lion rampant between a 
branch of oak and another of 



Abraham Preble, from County 
Kent, England, to Scituate, Mass., 
1636, )n Judith, da. of Nathaniel 
Tilden, of Kent. 

Arms — Gules, on a pale or, between 
four lions' heads erased argent, 
three lozenges sable. 

Crest — A lion's liead erased or. 


James Preston, of Maryland, 1760. 

,4 r;;z5— Argent, three unicorns' heads 
erased sable. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet a 

unicorn's head proper. 


armorial a^^cn^a. 


David Provoost, a Frencli Hugue- 
not, who came from Holland to 
Amsterdam, 1639, in the Dutch 
West India Company. 

Arms — Party per pale, ist argent, 
three arrows' points upwards, 
each cnfiled through a mullet 
sable, 2nd azure, a bar between 
two che\Tons or. 

Crest — An arm embowed in armour 
in the hand an arrow fessewavs. 


Jean Pompilie, a French Huguenot 
refugee to America from Avignon, 
France, originally from Spoletto, 

Amis — Argent, chausse azure, a pale 
gules, charged with a fleur-de-lis 
or between two roses of the last 
on the azure, on a chief or an 
eagle displayed sable. 


John Pttxam, from Abbots Aston, 
Buckinghamshire, Flng., T634, r/at 
Danvers, Mass., 1662. 

Arms — Sable, crusily fitchec argent, 
a stork of the last. 

Crest — A wolf's head gules. 


John Pyne, planter, of Charlestown, 
South Carolina, b in Ireland 1766. 

Arms — Gules, a chevron ermine be- 
tween three pine-apples or. 

Crest — A pine-tree proper. 




Colonel William Randolph, I) 1651, 
settled in "Turkey Island," Vir- 
ginia, 1674, grandson of William 
Randolph, 1572-1660, of Little 
Houghton, Northamptonshire, 

Arms — Gules, on a cross or five 
mullets of the first. 

Crest — An antelope's head erased or, 
in the mouth a baton. 


/) at Kilsyth, Stirlingshire, Scotland, 
1773, settled in New York 1792. 

Anns — Gules, three boars' heads 
erased argent between a lance 
and a lochabar-axe of the second. 

Crest — A lance erect proper. 

Brmorial a^^cn^a, 



John Rhoads (Rodes), from Wain- 
grove, par. Pentrick, Derbyshire, 
England, settled in Penn., 1680. 

Ayms — Argent, a lion passant guar- 
dant between two acorns azure, 
cotised ermine. 

Crest — A cubit arm holding a branch 
of oak, fructed proper. 


Thomas Rich, of Springfield, Mass., 
1696, whose ancestor settled at 
Cape Cod, 1625. 

A rms — Gules, a chevron between three 
crosses botonnee or. 

Crest — On a mount vert a wivern ar. 


JoHANN Frederick Reichert, of 
Philadelphia, 1679, came from 
Augsburg, Wurtemburg. 

Arms — Quarterly i and 4, gules, an 
ostrich argent in the beak a horse- 
shoe, the ostrich in first quarter 
contourne ; 2 and 3, Per fesse azure 
and or, on a fesse argent three 
mullets gules, in chief a lion 
rampant issuing or royally 
crowned, and in base three stalks 
of wheat. 

Crest — Issuing out of a crest coronet 
three stalks of wheat proper. 


Thomas Richardson, of Dublin, 
Ireland, and New York, 1830. 

Arms — Or, on a fesse azure, between 
a bull's head couped in chief and 
a lymphad in base sable, a saltire 
couped argent. 

Crest — A lion rampant argent, holding 
between the paws a garland. 


Henry Ridgeley, came from Devon- 
shire, England, 1659, took up 6,000 
acres of land near Annapolis, 
Maryland. — Robert Ridgeley, 
of St. Mijoes Creek, Md., 1670. 

Arms — Argent, on a chevron sable 
three mullets pierced of the first. 

Crest — A stag's head erased. 


Richard Ridgway, from W'allford, 
Berkshire, England, who arrixed 
in the Delaware River, 1679, 
settled in Bucks County, Penna. 

Arms — Argent, on a chevron en- 
grailed gules, between three pea- 
cocks' heads erased azure ducally 
gorged or, as many trefoils slipped. 

Crest — A hawk proper. 


Bnnovial B^^en^a. 


John Roebins, of 1 heddingvvorth, 
Leicestershire, England, settled 
at Weathersfield, Connecticut, 
d 1660. 

Artns — Per pale sable and argent, two 
flaunches and three fleurs-de-lis in 
fesse all counterchanged. 

Crest — Between two dolphins haurient 
respecting each other or a fleur- 
de-lis per pale argent and sable. 


George Robinson settled in Kent 
County, Delaware, 1685. 

Arms — \'ert, on a che\Ton, between 
three bucks trippant or, as many 
cinquefoils gules. 

Crest — A buck trippant or. 


Rowland Robinson, b at Lay Bluff, 
Cumberland, England, 1654, 
settled in Rhode Island. 

Arms — Or, on a chevron gules, be- 
tween three stags trippant, three 
mullets pierced. 

Crest — A buck trippant. 


James Rogers, b in England, 161 s, 
arrived in New London, Conn., 
in the ship " Increase," 1635. 

.4 r;;/5— Argent, a che\ron between 
three bucks trippant sable. 

Crest — A buck as in Arms. 


James Rollins (Rawlins) came from 
Cornwall, England, 1632, settled 
at Ipswich, Mass. 

Arms— -Sable, three swords paleways 
points upwards argent, hilts and 
pommels or. 

Crest — An arm embowed in armour 
holding in the gauntlet a falchion 

Row John Rosse, M.A., Glasgow 
University, 1754, Rector of All- 
hallows, Worcester, Maryland, 
son of Andrew Rosse, Professor 
of Humanity at Glasgow Univer- 
sity, 1706-35. 

Arms— Or, a che\Ton chequy sable 
and argent between three water 
bougets sable. 

Crest — .\ hawk's head erased proper. 

armorial a^^en^a. 



Jacob RoYSTER(Roster),Z)in England, 
settled at Clarksville, Virginia, 
circa 1760. 

Arms — Argent, three annulets gules, 

two and one. 
Crest — A spear head proper. 


("aleb Russell, President of Morris- 
town Academy, 1792-97. 

Arms — Argent, a lion rampant gules, 
on a chief sable three escallops of 
the first. 

Crest — A demi-lion rampant gules. 


Thomas Saunders, b at Amsterdam, 
Holland, came to New Amster- 
dam, 1636, great grandson of the 
Re\'. Lawrence Saunders, M.A., 
the Martyr, burned at Co\-entry, 

Arms — Sable, a chexTon ermine be- 
tween three bulls' heads carbos- 
sed argent. 

Crest — A demi-bull erased gules. 


\\'iLLL\M Sargent, of Charlestown, 
Mass., 1639, ^^^'^ o^ Roger Sargent, 
of Northampton, who was son of 
Hugh Sargent, 1530-95, of Cour- 
teenhall, Northampton, England. 

Arms — Argent, a chevron between 
three dolphins embowed sable. 

Crest — A dolphin embowed sable. 


Captain Willl\m Satterlee, Eng- 
lish Navy, settled in New London, 
Connecticut, 1682, son of Rev. 
William Satterlee, Vicar of St. 
Ide, near Exeter, Devonshire, 

Arms — Gules, a fesse ermine between 
three round buckles or. 

Crest — A stork resting, holding in the 
dexter claw a stone proper. 


Captain Thomas Savage, came from 
St. Albans, Hertfordshire, settled 
at Boston, Mass.', 1635. 

Arms — Argent, six lions rampant, 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or a 

lion's gamb erect sable. 


Brmorial Ht)^en^a. 


RoELOF and Jan Martense 

ScHENCK, came from Utrecht, 
Holland, 1650, settled at New 
Amersfoort, Long Island. 
Arms — Sable, a lion rampant or. 

Crest — A demi-lion or langued gules 
armed azure, issuing from a 
German Baron's Coronet or. 


Philip Piterse Van Schuyler, 

b in Holland, 1628, </ at Albany, 
New York, 1684. 

Arms — Vert, an arm clothed or issuing 
from the dexter side holding in 
the hand a falcon proper, hooded 
of the second. 

Crest — A falcon as in Arms. 


Rev. William Screven, /; 1629, 
Somersetshire, England, founder 
of Georgetown, South Carolina, 
came to Boston, Mass., 1665. 

Arms — Argent, guttee de sang, a lion 
rampant sable. 

Crest — A buck at gaze proper attired 


Richard Sears, b 1590, member of 
Robinson's Leyden Congregation, 
came to Plymouth, Mass., 1630, 
son of John Bouchier Sayers, of 
Amsterdam, Holland. 

Arms — Gules, a chevron argent be- 
tween three pewits proper. 

Crest — A dexter arm embowed in 
armour proper, garnished or, 
grasping a griffin's head erased or. 


Major Nicholas Shapleigh, came 
from Kingsweare, De\onshire, 
England, to Kittery, Maine, 1650. 

Arms — \'^ert, a che\Ton between three 
escallops argent. 

Crest — An arm vested gules, turned up 
argent, in the hand proper a 
chaplet vert garnished with roses 
of the first. 


Daniel Shed (Sherd), 1620-1708, 
settled at Braintree, Massachu- 
setts, 1646. 

Arms — Argent, on a bend sable a rose 
of the field, in the sinister canton 
a bugle-horn strung of the second 

Crest— A bugle-horn argent strutig 
and garnished sable, 

Brmorial Bbbcnba» 



Isaac Sheldon, b 1629, in Co. Essex, 
England, Founder of North- 
ampton, Massachusetts, 1660. 

ArmsSahXe, a fesse between three 
sheldrakes argent. 

Crest — A sheldrake proper. 


John Sherman, of Watertown, Mass., 
Representative to the General 
Court, 1660, of the Shermans of 
Yaxley, Suffolk, England.- Hon. 
Philip Sherman, b at Dedham, 
Essex, England, 1610, d at Ports- 
mouth, R.I., 1687. 

Arms — Or, a lion rampant sable be- 
tween three o^ leaves vert. 

Crest — A sea-lion sejant sable, charged 
on the shoulder with three bezants. 


Clement Short, came from Eng- 
land, settled at Boston, Mass., 
removed to Berwick, Mass., 1666. 

Amis — Azure, a griffin segreant be- 
tween three estoils or. 

Crest — A griffin's head or between 
wings azure charged with estoils. 


John Sill, b 1610, probably at New- 
castle-on-Tyne, Northumberland, 
England, settled in Cambridge, 
Mass., 1637. 

Arms — Argent, a fesse engrailed sable 
fretty or, in chief a lion passant 

Crest — A demi-grifiin proper collared 


Rev. Samuel Skelton, Rector of 
Sempringham, Lincolnshire, came 
to Salem, Massachusetts, 1629. 

Arms — Vert, a fesse between three 
fleurs-de-lis or. 

Crest — A pea-hen's head erased sable, 
in the beak an acorn or, stalked 
and leaved vert. 


Francis and William Slaughter, 
of Essex County, Virginia, 

Arms — Argent, a saltire azure. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or an 
eagle's head argent between two 
wings endorsed sable. 


armorial B^^enba. 


Anthony Slocome, of Barnstaple, 
Devonshire, England, settled at 
Taunton, Massachusetts, 1643. 

Ai-ins — Argent on a fesse gules, be- 
tween three griffins' heads couped 
sable, as many wings or. 

Crest — A griffin's head gules between 
two wings expanded or. 


George Smith, of Old Haugh, 
Cheshire, England, to Dover, 
Massachusetts, 1645, claimed that 
he was son of Captain John Smith 
of Pocahontas fame. 

Ai'tns — Vert, a chevron gules between 
three Turks' heads couped proper 
turbaned or. 

Crest — An ostrich or, holding in the 
beak a horseshoe argent. 


Major-General Alexander Spots- 
wood, 1676-1740, Governor of 

,-!;-;«.';— Argent, a che\ron gules 
between three oak trees eradicated 

Crest — An eagle displayed looking to 
the Sun in splendour. 


Captain Mvles Standish, came in 
the " Mayflower," 1620, of the 
House of Standish of Standish, 
Lancashire, England. 

Anus — Azure, three standing dishes 
two and one argent. 

Crest— An owl with a rat in its talons 


Isaac Stearns, came from England, 
1630, with Gov. W'inthrop and 
Sir Richard Saltonstall, settled at 
\\'atertown, Mass. 

Ar/iis-Or, a chevron between three 
crosses flory sable. 

Crest— A cock starling proper. 


Rowland Stebbing, came from 
Ipswich, Suffolk, England, to 
Springfield, Mass., 1634. 

.4rwi-— Quarterly or and gules, on a 
bend sable five bezants. 

Crest — A liuu'b head crabcd ur. 

armorial Bb^enba. 



George Steele, came from Essex, 
Eng-land, 1630, settled at Cam- 
bridge, Mass., (/ at Hartford, 
Conn., 1663. 

Arms — Argent, a bend chequy sable 
and ermine between two lions' 
heads erased gules a chief azure 
(sometimes charged with three 
billets or). 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or a 
demi-ostrich with wings endorsed 


David Sterling, born 1622, settled 
at Charlestown, Massachusetts, 
son of James Sterling, of Hert- 
fordshire, England. 

Arms — Argent, on a bend engrailed 
azure three round buckles or, in 
chief a lion's head erased gules. 

Crest— A lion passant proper. 


Robert Stetson, 16 13-1703, came 
from Kent, England, settled in 
Scituate, Massachusetts, 1634. 

Arms — Argent, a bend azure between 
two grififins sable. 

Crest — A demi-griffin or. 


Benjamin Stevens, of Falmouth 
(now Portland), Maine, 1700. 

Arms — Gules, a sword erect between 
three mullets argent. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet a cubit 
arm vested, holding a book ex- 


John Stevens (,Stephensj of Guil- 
ford, ConnecticL'.t, 1640, cadet of 
the family of Stephens, of Easting- 
ton, Alkerton, and other manors, 
in Gloucestershire, England. 

Arms — Per chevron azure and argent, 
in chief two falcons with wings 
expanded or. 

Crest — A demi-eagle displayed or 
charged on the breast with a 
mullet sable. 


Lieut. Richard Stockton, 1606-1707, 
of Flushing, L.I., purchased 6,500 
acres of land in New Jersey. 

Arms — Gules, a chevron vaire and 
argent between three mullets of 
the last. 

Crest — A lion rampant proper, sup- 
porting an Ionic column. 


armorial Bbbenba. 



James Stokes, of Boston, Massachu- 
setts, 1642. 

Artus — Sable, a lion rampant double 

queued ermine. 
Crest — A dove with wings expanded, 

in the beak an olive branch. 


William Stoxe, Governor of Mary- 
land, 1648-55, nephew of Thomas 
Stone, merchant and citizen of 
London, England. 

Anns — Per pale or and sable a lion 
rampant counterchanged. 

Cresf — A unicorn's head sable, issuing 
from rays or, maned and armed 
of the last, between two wings 
displayed of the first. 


Samuel Storrs, b 1640, setded at 
Barnstaple, Mass., 1663, son of 
Thomas Storrs, of Sutton-cum- 
T.ound, Nottinghamshire, Eng- 

Anns — Or, a fesse dancettee gules 
between three mullets of six points 

Cyesf — A unicorn's head erased ar- 
gent, armed and maned or. 


JoHX Stowe, came from Co. Middle- 
sex, England, to Roxbury, Mass., 
1654, Member of the Ancient and 
Hon. Artillery Company of 

Ar/ns — Vert, a cross raguly between 
four leopards' faces or. 

Crest — On a ducal coronet or a leo- 
pard's face or between wings vert. 


John Stroxg, came to New England, 
1630, settled at Dorchester, Mass., 
son of Richard Strong of Taunton, 
Somersetshire, England. 

Ar))!s — Gules, an eagle displayed or 
within a bordure engrailed of the 

Crest — Out of a mural coronet or a 
demi-eagle with wings displayed 
of the last. 


John Stumpf, of Stafford, Harford 
County, Maryland, 1650. 

Arms — Per chevron argent and sable, 
three griffins' heads erased 

Crest — A gritlin's head erased per 
chevron argent and bable. 

Brmorial Bbbenba. 



Edward Sturgis, came from Har- 
mington, Northamptonshire, Eng. 
settled at Sandwich, Mass., 1635. 

Anns — Azure, a chevron between 
three cross-crosslets fitchee within 
a bordure engrailed or. 

Crest — A talbot's head couped or eared 


Heyndrycke Reycke Van Suyt- 
DAM, came from Holland, settled 
at New Amsterdam (New York), 

Ai'/iis — Argent, a chevron axure be- 
tween two crescents and a mullet 

Crest — A swan in water among reeds 


ToMYS SwARTWoi'T, Settled on Long 
Island, 1652, son of Rolof Swart- 
wout of Groningen, Holland. 

Anns — A stag rampant guardant in 
an enclosure of a forest sable. 

Crest — A demi-stag guardant. 


Nathaniel Sylvester, who married 
Grissell, da. of Thomas Brinley, 
Auditor to Charles I., settled at 
Shelter Island, N.Y., 1652. 

Anns — Per fesse dancettee gules and 

Crest — Two eagles" wings addorsed. 


Samuel Symonds, gent., of Ipswich, 
Mass., 1637, came from Yeldham 
Magna, Essex, England. 

Anns — Azure, a chevron engrailed 
between three trefoils slipped or. 

Crest — Out of a mural coronet, chequy 
argent and azure, a boar's head 
of the first, crined sable. 


Philip Taber, 1605-72, came from 
. England, settled in Watertown, 

Mass., 1633. 
Arms — Azure, on a chevron engrailed, 

between three lions' heads erased 

or, as many leopards passant 


Crest — A lion's head erased or. 



Hrmorial Bbben^a, 


Charles Taintor, came from South 
Wales to New Eng-land 1643, 
settled at P'airfield, Connecticut, 

^7';;/5— Sable, three tents argent. 


Thomas Talmage, settled at East 
Hampton, Long Island, 1630. 

Arms — Argent, a fret sable. 
Crest — A horse's head erased argent 
between wings or pellettee. 


Rev. Thomas Teackle, b in Glouces- 
tershire, England, 1624, d in Vir- 
ginia, 1695. 

Anns — Gules, a maunch argent. 

Crest — An arm erect couped at the 
elbow, habited gules, charged 
with three fleurs-de-lis argent, 
holding in the hand proper a 
fleur-de-lis or. 


Robert Temple, an oflicer in the 
British Army, who settled in 
Boston, Mass., 1717, and whose 
third son, (Sir) John, succeeded 
lo the Baronetcy of Stowe, 1786. 

Arms — Quarterly I and 4, or, an eagle 
displayed sable (Arms of the 
Heptarch Kingdom of Mercia) ; 
2 and 3, argent, two bars sable 
each charged with three martlets 

Crest — On a ducal coronet or a mart- 
let of the same. 


Major Dirck Wesselse 


Broeck, i63S-i7i7,first Recorder 
of Albany, N.Y. 

.4/';«5— Azure, a bull between a bear 
and a horse argent ; on a fesse 
or two apple-trees proper. 

Crest'— A demi-horse rampant. 


ToMAS and Antony Thacher, 1593- 
1667, of Yarmouth, Mass., sons 
of Rev. Peter Thacher, Vicar of 
Queen Camel, Somersetshire, 
England, 1574- 1624. 

.1 rii/s — Gules, on a fesse or, between 
three lozenge- ermine, a trefoil 
slipped azure between two eagles' 
heads erased of the field, beaked 
argent, and about their necks a 
leash of the last. 

Crest — A bittern sitting among reeds 










armorial Bbbenba. 



Clement Theobald, of Lower Nor- 
folk County, Virginia, i64i,(/at 
Charles Co., Maryland, 1678. 

Anns — Criiles, six crosses crosslet 

fitchee or. 
Crest — A phoenix with wings expanded 

sable in flames proper. 


John Thomas, of Portsmouth, Rhode 
Island, 1688-1728. 

Anns — Argent, a chevron lozengy or 
and sable between three ravens. 

Crest — On the branch of a tree lying 
fesseways, and sprouting from the 
dexter end proper, a ra\en with 
wings expanded of the last. 


Rev. John Thompson, b at Mucka- 
more Abbey, Belfast, Ireland, 
M.A. of Edinburgh Cniversity, 
Minister at York, Maryland, 

Arms — Argent, three lowers triple 
towered gules. 

Crest — An arm embowed in armour 
holding a sword. 


John Thorndike, of Beverly, Mass., 
1668, brother of Rev. Herbert 
Thorndike, Prebend of West- 
minster, sons of Francis Thorn- 
dike, of Scamblesbj', Lincoln- 
shire, Eng. 

Arms — Argent, six gouttes, three, two, 
and one gules, on a chief of the 
last three leopards' faces or. 

Crest — Ademi-lion rampant guardant 
holding a chaplet of laurel \'ert. 


WiLLL\M TiCKNOR, of Boston, 1646, 
and Scituate, Mass., 1656, served 
in King Philip's war, 1676. 

Arms — A chevron between three 
escallops in chief and in base a 
boar's head erased. 

Crest — A dcmi-lioii holding a sword. 


X ATiiANiEL TiLDEX, of Tenlerden, 
Kent, England, settled at Scituate, 
Mass, 1634, brother of Joseph 
Tilden, merchant and citizen of 

Arms — Azure, a saltire ermine 
between four pheons or. 

Crest — A battle-axe erect entwined 
by a 5erpent proper. 








armorial at)benba. 


Dr. Richard Tilghman, Surg-eon in 
the British Navy, purchased the 
Manor of Canterbury, Maryland, 
1659, son of Oswald Tilghman, of 
Holloway Court, Kent, England. 

Anns — Per fesse sable and argent, a 
lion rampant reguardant double- 
queued counterchanged and 
crowned or. 

C7'esf — A demi-lion sable crowned or. 


Thomas Timpson, of New York, 1 765. 

Anns — Per che\Ton gules and argent, 
in chief two lions rampant of the 
second, in base an oak tree 
fructed or. 

Crest — A piece of battlement argent, 
thereon an eagle rising proper, in 
the beak an oak branch fructed or 


Christopher Todd, came to New 
Haven, Connecticut, 1639, son of 
Willam Todd, 1593-1617, of Ponte- 
fract, \'orkshire, England. 

Anns — Argent, within a bordure \ert 
three foxs' heads couped gules. 

Cresf — On a cap of maintenance gules 
turned up ermine a fox sejant 


William Towne, b 1599, settled at 
Salem, Mass., 1635, son of 
Nicholas Towne of Yarmouth, 
Norfolk, England. 

Anns — Argent, on a chevron gules 
three cross-crosslets of the first. 

Crest — An oak tree proper. 


Thomas Townsend, baptized at 
Bracon Ash, Norfolk, 1594, settled 
at Lynn, Mass., 1635, son of Henry 
Townsend and INIargaret Forth, 
a cousin of Gov. John W'inthrop. 
— John Toavxsexd, from Nor- 
wich, Norfolk, England, to New 
England, 1635. 

Anns — Azure, a chevron ermine be- 
tween three escallops or. 

Crest — A stag trippant. 


Thomas Tracy, of Salem, Mass., 
1636, grandson of Richard Tracy, 
of Stanway, Gloucestershire, 

Arms — Or, an escallop in dexter chief 
point sable between two bendlets 

Crest — On a chapeau gules, turned 
up ermine, an escallop sable be- 
tween two wings or. 

armorial a^^en^a. 



Robert Tuck, settled at Watertown, 
Mass., 1635, came from Gorleston, 
Co. Suffolk, England. 

Arms — Argent, a chevron between 
three greyhounds' heads erased 

Crest — Three mullets in che\'ron or. 


John Tuttle, of Dover, New Hamp- 
shire, 1640, (/ at C'arrickfergus, 
Ireland, 1656. 

Ar»is — Azure, on a bend cotised or a 
lion passant sable. 

Crest — On a mount vert a Cornish 
chough proper in the beak an oli\e 


Edward Tyxg, b 1600, at Dunstable, 
Bedfordshire, England, came to 
Boston, Mass., 1639. 

Arms — Argent, on a bend sable three 
martlets or. 

Crest — A wolf's head erased sable. 


Captain John Underhill, 1597-1672, 
of Boston, 1630, Go\'ernor of 
Piscataqua Plantation. He had 
previously served in the British 
Army in the Netherlands, in 
Ireland, and at Cadiz. 

Arms — Argent, on a chevron sable, 
between three trefoils slipped vert, 
as many bezants. 

Crest — On a mound vert a hind lodged 



Colonel John Usher, Lieut.-Governor 
of New Hampshire, 1692. 

Arms — Argent, three lions' gambs 

Crest — A lion's gamb sable holding a 
wand argent. 


Colonel Oloff Stevenson \'an 
CoRTLANDT, b 1610, who came to 
the New Netherlands 1636, the 
last Burgomaster of New Amster- 
dam before the English took 
possession of the city. 

Arms — Argent, four windmill wings 
conjoined in saltire sable, voided 
gules, between five stars placed 
crosswise of the last. 

Crest — A star gules. 


Brniovial B^^cn^a. 


IviLiAEN Van Rensselaer, of Nykerk 
and Amsterdam, Holland, first 
Patron and Founder of Rens- 
selaerwick, in New Netherlands, 
;;/ 1627, Ann Van Weeley. 

An/is — Gules, a cross molin argent. 

Ci'esf — An iron fire basket from which 
issue flames proper. 


Cornelius Barentse Van Wyck, 
who emigrated from Holland. 
1660, settled at Long Island. 

A riiis— Sable, a cross or between eight 
thistles argent two in each quarter. 

Crest — A ducal coronet uplifted by 
two griffins proper. 



\\'iLLL\M Vassall, I) 1590, came to 
Salem, Mass., 1627, son of John 
N'assall, Alderman and merchant 
of London, 1588. 

Arms — Azure, in chief a sun in base 

a chalice or. 
Crest— A ship with masts and shrouds 



Daniel X'ernon, of Newport, Rhode 
Island, 1666, son of Samuel 
\'ernon, merchant, of London, 

Arms — Or, on a fesse argent three 
garbs of the field. 

Crest — A demi-Ceres affrontee proper, 
vested vert, holding three ears of 
wheat over her shoulder, in the 
right hand a sickle proper. 


Abraham Von der Sahle, came 
from Saxony, bought an estate on 
the Perkiomen, near Philadelphia, 

.l7-«7.'f- Sable, a female bust habited 
or, crowned, issuing from a re- 
versed crown. 

Crest — A female bust as in arms. 


Robert Vose, settled at Dorchester, 
Massachusetts, 1636. 

Ar?>is — Ermine, a chevron gules be- 
tween three roses. 

Crest — A demi-lion rampant holding 
a rose. 

Bnnorial Hbbenba. 



Christopher Wadsworth, of Dux- 
bury, Mass., 1632. — William 
Wadsworth, of Cambridge, 
Mass., 1632. 

Arms — Gules, three fleurs-de-lis ar- 

Crest — On a globe of the world, winged 
proper, an eagle rising or. 


Richard W'aldron (Waldernei, 
b i6i5,at Alcester, Warwickshire, 
Kngland, settled in New England. 
1635, son of William Walderne. 

Anns — Argent, a chevron ermines 
between three bulls' heads sable 
armed gules. 


Thomas Walmsley. came from 
Settle, Yorkshire, England, temp. 
William Penn, settled on Nesh- 
aminy Creek, Bucks Co.,Pennsyl- 

Arms — Gules, on a chief ermine a 
trefoil slipped between two hurts. 

Crest — A lion statant guardant ermine 
ducally crowned or, charged on 
the side with a trefoil slipped. 


Thomas Walter, from Youghal, Co. 
Cork, Ireland, to Boston, Mass., 
1679, originally of Lancashire, 

.47'7;75 — Azure, a fesse dancettee or 
between three eagles displayed 

Crest— K lion's head erased argent. 


Captain Willi \m Walton, mer- 
chant, of New York, trading with 
the West Indies and the Spanish 
Ylain, 1760. 

Arms — Argent, a chevron gules be- 
tween three hawks' heads erased 

Crest — A wild man, wreathed about 
the middle and temples proper, 
holding in the dexter hand a 
trefoil slipped or, in the sinister 
hand a spiked club or reclining 
on his shoulder. 


Willi \M Walworth, who came 
from England and settled in New 
h'.ngland, 1680. 

Anns — Gules, a bend engrailed be- 
tween two garbs or. 

Crest — A cubit arm erect holding a 

-\ ''«^\' 


Brmorial B^^cn^a. 














Arthur Warren, of Weymouth, 
Massachusetts, 1638. 

Arms — Chequy or and azure, on a 
canton gules a lion ramp, argent. 

Crest — On a chapeau gules, turned up 
trmine, a wivern argent wings 
expanded, chequy or and azure. 


John Washburn, came from Eves- 
ham, ^^'orcestershire, England, to 
Duxbury, Massachusetts, 1632, 

.1 r)iis — Argent, on a fesse, between six 
martlets gules, three cinciuefoils 

Crest — A coil of flax surmounted with 
a wreath, argent and gules 
thereon flames of fire proper. 


Thomas Weaver, Attorney-General 
in the Leeward Islands, settled in 
New York, 1701. 

Anns — Sable, two bars argent, on a 
canton of the last a garb of the 

Crest— A ram's head erased argent, 
armed or. 


Governor John Webster, b in War- 
wickshire, England, d at Hadley, 
Mass., 1 66 1, said to be a gt. 
grandson of John Webster, of 
Cambridge, and Huntingdon- 
shire, /'t*;;/^. Henry VI II. 

Anns — Azure, on a bend argent 
cotised or, between two demi-lions 
rampant ermine, a rose gules 
seeded and lea\'ed proper between 
two boars' heads couped sable. 

Crest — A dragon's head couped re- 
guardant, quarterly per fesse 
embattled or and vert, flames 
issuing from the mouth. 


Robert Weir, settled in New Ro- 
chelle, N.\'., 1790, son of Walter 
\\'eir, of Paisley, Scotland, son of 
William Weir, Magistrate, of 
Stirling, 1745. 

.-l;-/»5— Argent, on a fesse azure three 

mullets of the field. 
Crest — A demi-horse in armour 

proper, bridled and saddled gules. 


Captain Joseph Weld, 1595-1646, 
came from Sudbury, Co. Suffolk, 
England, of Roxbury, Mass., 1635. 

Arii/s — Azure, a fesse nebulee between 
three crescents ermine. 

Crest — A wivern sable guttee, ducally 
gorged and chained or. 



armorial B^^en^a. 



Governor Thomas Welles, 1598- 
1660, of Westersfield, Conn., 1635, 
son of Thomas Welles, Merchant, 
of London, and of Essex, England. 

Arms — Or, a lion rampant double 
queued sable, on a chief gules two 
annulets interlaced of the field. 

Crest — Out of a mural crown a demi- 
lion, double ciucued sable, holding 
between the paws two annulets 


Ebenezer Wells, of Brattleboro', 
\'ermont, 1750. 

Arms — Or, on a cross sable a sun in 
full splendour, in the first quarter 
a lion rampant of the second. 

Crest — A unicorn's head erased azure, 
crined armed and ducally 
crowned or, between two wings 
of the last. 


CivERT Jansen Wendel, of East 
Friesland, Netherlands, served in 
the Dutch East India Company, 
settled at Albany, N.Y., 1640. 

Arms — Per fesse azure and argent, 
in chief a ship in full sail of the 
second, in base two anchors in 
saltire rings downwards sable. 

Crest — A ship in fuH sail proper. 


Elder Willlam Wentworth, 1615- 
96, of Exeter, New Hampshire, 
son of William Wentworth, of 
Alford, Lincolnshire, who was des- 
cended from Oliver \\'entworth, 
of Elmsall, Yorkshire, 1522. 

Arms —Sable, a chevron between three 
leopards' faces or. 

Crest — A griffin passant argent. 


Robert West, of Providence, R.L, 
1645, Monmouth, N.J., 1667, a 
cadet of the family of West, 
Lords De La Warr. 

Arms — Quarterly, i and 4, argent, a 
fesse dancettee sable ; 2 and 3, 
gules, three leopards' faces re- 
versed jessant-de-lis or. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or a 
griffin's head azure beaked and 
eared or. 



VELT, came from Meppel, 
Dreuthe, Holland, 1662, settled 
at Flatbush, L.L 
Ar7ns—Y evt, three fleurs-de-lis argent. 

Crest — Out of a coronet or two arms 
in armour proper holding between 
them a fleur-de-lis. 


armorial a^^cn^a. 


Thomas Wharton, of Philadelphia, 
1688, son of Richard Wharton, 
of Orton, Co. ^^'estmoreland, 

Ar?us—Sah\e, a mauncli argent. 

Crest — A bull's head erased argent 
armed or. 


Moses Wheeler, born in Kent, 
England, 1598, settled in New 
Haven, Conn., 163S. 

Ai'?>is — \'ert, on a fesse or three lions 
rampant of the first. 

Cyest—Out of a mural crown or a 
griffin's head argent. 


Rev. John Wheelwright, founder 
. of Exeter, Mass., 1638, son of 

Robert Wheelwright of Saleby, 

near Alford, Lincolnshire, Flng- 

Anns — Ermine, on a fesse or, between 

three lions' heads erased, three 


Crest — A lion's head erased. 


Major John Whistler, officer in 
the British army which surren- 
dered at Saratoga under Bur- 
goyne, he settled in America. 

A riiis — Gules, a bend lozeng}^ between 
two lions passant argent. 

Crest — A harp or stringed sable. 


John White, of Canterbury, Kent, 

came to Philadelphia, Pa. with 

William Penn. 
Anns — Argent, a chevron engrailed 

between three roses gules. 
Ci'est — A demi-lion rampant gules 

holding a flag of St. George. 


Elder John White, b 1596, in Co. 
Essex, England, came to New- 
England 1632, settled at Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

Arms — Argent, a chexron between 
three popinjays vert, beaked 
legged and collared of the second, 
within a bordure azure charged 
with eight bezants. 

Crest — Between two wings argent a 
popinjay's h^ad vert, collared 
gules, holding in the beak a 
rose gules, slipped and leaxed of 
the second. 

Brmoiial Sbt^enba. 



Arthur W'hitelev, came from 
Northamptonshire, F) n gl a n d, 
settled in America 1676. 

Arms — Argent, on a cliicf gules three 
garbs or. 

Crest — A buck's head erased proper. 


Fraxcis Whiting, 1779-1826, of 
P^lmington, Gloucester County, 

Arms — A chevron between three 
\vo]\'es heads erased. 

Cresf — A wolf's head erased. 


Thomas Whitox, of Hingham, 
Mass., 1635. 

Arms — Gyronny of four azure and 
ermine, a leopard's head or, in 
chief three bezants. 

Crest— \ lion rampant. 


S \MUEL Wilbur (Wildborc), mer- 
chant, of Boston, Mass., 1633, 
one of the incorporators of Provi- 
dence, R.I, 

Ar/iis — Sable, on a fesse, between 
two boars' heads passant, a 
javelin head of the field. 

Crest — A boar's head erased, pierced 
by a spear argent. 


Samuel WiLGUS, of Monmouth, New 
Jersey, 1755. 

Ar7iis — Or, on a chevron sable, 
between three lions' heads erased 
of the second, as many ciuat re- 
foils of the field. 


Joiix WiLKixs, of Fromc, Somerset- 
shire, settled in Baltimore, Mary- 
land, 1846. 

Arms — Argent, on a pale engrailed, 
between two plain cotises sable, 
three martlets or. 

Crest — A martlet as in arms. 



jannorial abbent'a. 


Major Simon Willard, b 1605, of 
Cambridg-e, Mass., 1634, son of 
Richard Willard of Horsmonden, 
Kent, England. 

Anns — Argent, a clievron ermine 
between three flasks proper. 

Crest— A griffin's head erased. 


Captain Thomas Willet, merchant, 
came from Leyden, Holland to 
Plymouth, Mass., 1630. — John 
\\'iLLET, from Wales to Boston, 
circa 1660. 

Anns — Argent, three bars gemelles 
sable, in chief as many lions 
rampant of the second. 

Crest — On a ducal coronet or a 
moorcock with wings expanded 
sable, combed and wattled gules. 


Bragadier-General Otho Holland 
Williams, who ser\-ed during 
the American Revolution, son of 
Joseph Williams who came to 
America 1730. 

,4 /v;/5— Argent, a chevron between 
three boars' heads, couped gules. 

Crest — A boar's head couped argent 
pierced with an arrow. 


Robert Williams, 1600-90, settled 
at Roxbury, Mass., 1638, son 
of Stephen W^illiams, of Great 
Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. 

Arms — Sable, a lion rampant argent 
armed and langued gules. 

Crest — A fighting cock proper. 


George Willis, from Fenny Comp- 
ton, Warwickshire, England, 
settled at Hartford Conn., 1638. 
— Henry Willis, from Wilt- 
shire, England, 1675. 

Arms — Per fesse gules and argent, 
three lions rampant counter- 
changed within a bordure ermine. 

Ci-est — Two lions' gambs erased, the 
dexter argent the sinister gules, 
supporting an escutcheon or. 


Dr. Robert Wilson, born at Cupar, 
Fifeshire, Scotland, 1736, settled 
in Charleston, South Carolina, 


Arms — Gules, a chevron counter em- 
battled between three mullets 

Crest — A talbot's head erased argent. 

Hrmorial a^^cn^a♦ 



Colonel William Wilson, 1646-17 13. 
of Hampton, Virginia, naval 
officer of the lower district of 
James River. 

Arms — Sable, on a cross engrailed> 
between four cherubims or, a 
human heart of the first wounded 
on the left side proper and 
crowned with a crown of thorns 


Rev. John Wilson, of Boston, Mass., 
son of Re\'. William Wilson, 
D.D., Canon of Windsor, (/ 1587. 

Arms — Per pale argent and azure, 
three lions' gambs erased fesse- 
ways in pale counterchanged. 

Crest — A lion's head erased argent 
guttee de sang. 


Charles Wolvertox, of New 

Jersey, 1780. 
Arms — Sable, a fesse wavy or between 

three wolves heads erased argent. 


Andrew Woodbury, of Manchester, 
Mass., 1 73 1, Deputy to Spanish 
Convention, 1774.— Humphrey 
WooDBERY, of Beverley, Mass., 
1680, son of John Woodberye, of 
Somersetshire, England. 

Arms — Or, a fesse chequy sable and 
gules, a chief dancettee azure. 


Thomas Woodford, came from 
Lincolnshire, England, to Ply- 
mouth, Mass., 1632. 

Anns — Sable, three leopards' heads 
reversed jessant as many fleurs- 
de-lis gules. 


Charles Woodward, born 1775, in 
London, England, settled in 
Philadelphia, 1800. 

Arms — Barry of six or and sable, a 
canton gules. 

Crest — An heraldic tiger's head erased 


armocial aC)bent)a. 


Nicholas Worthixgton from Lan- 
cashire, Entrlancl, settled in New 
England 1649. 

Anns — Argent, three dung forks sable. 

Crest — A goat statant argent holding 
in its mouth an oak branch vert. 


William Wright, l^S. Senator for 
New Jersey, 1829, descended from 
Edward Wright, of Saybrook, 
Connecticut, 1630. 

Anus — Or, a fesse chequy argent aod 

azure between three eagles' heads 

erased of the third. 
Crest — A unicorn passant reguardant 

the dexter paw resting on a 

mullet or. 

H^ZfA i^'^5 \^"i^h 
(^ W W^ 


Deacon Samuel Wright, born in 
London, England, settled at 
Springfield, Mass., 1641. 

Anus — Azure, two bars argent, in 
chief three leopards' heads or. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or a 
dragon's head proper. 


James Wyatt, of Baltimore, ALiry- 
land, born 1748 at Bristol, Glou- 

.-1;';«5 — Sable, a fesse danccttec 
argent between three eagles dis- 
played or, a chief of the last. 

Crest— Out of park pales argent and 
sable, charged with escallops in 
fesse or, a pine-tree fructed 


General Robert Youxg, of Guilford 
Township, now Franklin Co., 
Pennsylvania, 1768. 

.4 7v;;j> —Argent, on a chevron azure 
three bezants, on a chief gules 
two cinquefoils or. 

Crest — Out of a mural coronet gules a 
goat's head or. 


Bridget, daughter of William 
Young, of Kenton, Warwickshire, 
Shropshire, married Gov. George 
Wyllis, of Hartford, Conn., 1642. 

Arms— Or, three roses gules. 

Crest —A wolf passant sable. 

. . . f . . . 

^16 (^ajeef)? (King (B^njarb f^e ^evenf0. 

%er (JlXaieefi? (Queen (^fe;ran^ra. 

3Ber fate (^ajeefi? Queen (Picforia. 

^. (R. ^. ^^e (j^tince an^ ^tinccBB of T2?afe6. 

g. (R. ^. ^3e fate ©ufte of ^are-Cofiurg an^ (Bof^a. 

^. (H. f . ^3e fafe ©ufte an^ 'Duc^ese of ^ecft. 

^fl permanent recorb of man^ feabing Rouses 
>0 of 6u6tne66 enjoj^tng (Hogaf (patronage, 
f^e po60e66ion of a TTarranf from Q^oj^affg 
fo uee an^ ^lepfag f^e (Rogaf (^rms, an^ in 
f^te itjag indicate f^e e;rceffence of f^eir njorfl. 

WTff^oug^ ^^eee (^p^joinfmenfe fo (Rogaffg 
Vo are of (Kncitni origin, f^e attendant 
prttjifege of t^u6 ueing f^e (Ropaf (^rms t6 nonj 
protected 6)? f^e (J^afenfe, 'JDeetgne, anb ^ra^e 
(^arfte (^ct 1883. 

[46 AND 47 \'lCTORIA, C. 57, S. I06]. 

IRoieal Marrant Ibolbers. 


BARBER & SONS, 12, High Street, Windsor, Berks, Eng. 

By Special Appo'uituieiit to Her Majesty the Qiteeu, also to Her late Majesty 
Queen Victoria. 

London Depot: 5, Pickering Place, St. James' Street, London, VV. 

WARING & GILLOW, Ltd., 164-180, Oxford St., W., London, Eng. 

Upholsterers and Decorators to H.M. King Edivard VII. ■ Double Grand Prix, 
Paris. 1900 ; Two Grand Prizes, St. Louis, 1904; Grand Prix, Milan, 1906. 

Also at Liverpool, Manchester, Lancaster, Paris, Johannesburg. 


LAMBERT, lo, 1 1 and 12, Coventry Street, Piccadilly, W., London, Eng. 
Jewellers and Silversmiths to His Majesty King Edward VII , 

Antique and Modern Table, Decorative and Ecclesiastical 
Silver Plate. Diamond Work and Pearls. 


BUCHANAN, Ltd., 15, Pall Mall, London, S.W., Eng. 

Telephone 5194 Gerrard. 

To His Majesty King Edward VII. ; His Majesty the King of Portugal, 


LIBERTY & Co., Ltd., Regent Street, W., London, Eng., Manufac- 
turers of Art Fabrics. 

To His Majesty King Edward VII. 

Also at Paris, .Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham. 


THOS. McLEAN, 7, Haymarket, W., London, Eng., Printseller and 

(Established in the Haymarket 1811). 

To His Majesty King Edivard VII. ; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria ; 
also H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, &c. 

THE FINE ART SOCIETY, 148, New Bond Street, London, Eng., 
Publishers to His Majesty The King. Printsellers to Her Majesty The Queen, 

Continuous Exhibitions of First-Class Water Colourb throughout the year. 

IRoval Marrant Ibolbcrs. 


ARTHUR ACKERMANN & SON, 191, Regent St., W., London, Eng. 

To Her Majesty Queen Alexandra ; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria. 

Genuine Old and .Modern Sporting Print Experts. 

P. & D. COLNAGHI & Co., 13 and 14, Pall Mall East, S.W., 
London, Eng. 
Printsellers and Publishers to His Majesty King Edward VII. 

" Koyal Warrant Holders since H.M. King George III." 

THE FINE ART SOCIETY, 148, New Bond Street, London, Eng., 

Publishers to His Majesty The King. Printsellers to Her Majesty The Queen. 

Special Collections of the works of .Axel Haig, Haden, .Meissonier, Whistler, Lord Lei^hton. cS:c. 


HOLLAND & SONS, 9, Mount Street, Grosvenor Square, W., London, 
Eng., also Sanitary Engineers. 

Upholsterers to His Majesty King Edward VII.; Her late Majesty Queen 


EDWARDS & SONS, 161, Regent Street, W., London, Eng. 

To His Majesty The King ; Her Majesty The Queen ; Her late Majesty 
Queen Victoria; T.R.H. The Prince and Princess of Wales. 


JOHN & E. BUMPUS, Ltd., 350, Oxford Street, W., London, Eng., 

To H.M. King Edward VII. ; also to H.R H. The Duchess of Fife ; H.I.M. 
The Empress of Russia ; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria. 


W. E. HILL & SONS, 140, New Bond Street, W., London, Eng. 
Workshops : London and Hanwell, Middx. 

Sole Violin and Bow Manufacturers to H.M. King Edward VII. ; also to H.M. 
The Queen Regent of Spain ; H.M. Queen Maria Pia of Portugal ; H.M. The 
late Queen Victoria; H.R.H. The late Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. 

(Mentioned in Pepys Diary, a.d. 1(560.) 


J. DENIS, Henry MOUNIE & Co., Cognac, France. 

(Established in 1S38I. 
To His Majesty King Edwan/ VII. 

IRo^al TOartant Ibolbere. 


LATCHFORD & Co., 59, St. Martin's Lane, W.C, London, Eng. 

To His Majesty King Edward VII. ; H.R.H. The Prince 0/ Wales, K.G. ; 
Her late Majesty Queen Victoria. 

"Royal Warrant Holders since H..M. King George III." 


ELKINGTON & Co. Ltd., 22, Regent St.,S.W., & 73, Cheapside, E.C., 
London, Eng., Goldsmiths, Silversmiths & Bronze Manufacturers. 

To His Majesty King Edivard VII.; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria; H.R.H. 
The Prince of Wales; H.R.H. The late Duke of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha ; 
H.M. The King of Spain; H.M. The King of Italy ; H.M. The King of the 
Belgians ; and the I. and R. Court of Austria. 

Also at Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle-on-Tyne and Birmingham. 
And at Calcutta, Rangoon, Montreal, &c. 


J. FLORIS, 89, Jermyn Street, St. James', London, S.W., Eng. 

To His Majesty The King; H.R.H. The Pnnce of Wales; Her late 
Majesty Queen Victoria ; T.R.H. The late Duke and Duchess of Teck. 


WARLMG & GILLOW, Ltd., 164-180, Oxford St., W., London, Eng. 

Upholsterers and Decorators to H.M. King Edivard VII. ; Double Grand Prix, 
Paris, 1900 ; Two Grand Prises, St. Louis, 1904; Grand Prix, Milan, 1906. 

Also at Liverpool, Manchester, Lancaster, Paris, Johannesburg. 


CHARLES HEIDSIECK, of Reims, France, and no, Fenchurch 
Street, E.C., London, Eng. 

To His Majesty King- Edward VII. 
VEUVE, POMMERY, FILS & Cie, Reims, France. 

To His Majesty King Edward VII. ; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria ; 
H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. 

LANSON FERE & FILS, Reims, France. 

(Established in 1760). 
To His Majesty King Edzvard VII., and Her late Majesty Queen Victoria. 


SQUIRE & SONS, 413, Oxford Street, London, W., Eng. (the only 

Clieniists on the EstablisJiment of His Majesty The Kin^, and of 
H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. 

IRo^al Marrant Ibolbcre. 


M. FEETHAM & Co., 9, Clifford St., Bond Street, W., London, Eng. 

To His Majesty King Edward VII. ; Her laic Majesty Queen Victoria, 
Chimney Pieces of all periods in .Marble, Wood and Stone. 


E. DENT & Co., Ltd., 61, Strand, W.C, and 4, Royal Exchange, 
E.C., London, Eng. 

To His Majesty King Edtvard VII. ; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria ,■ 
to the Principal Governments and Observatories throughout the world. Makers 
of the Great Westminster Clock, " Big Ben, " and sole custodians since its erection. 

M. F. DENT & Co., 34, Cockspur Street, S.W., London, Eng. 

Chronnmeter, Watch and Clock Makers to Her late Majesty Queen Victoria ; 
H.R.H. The Prince of Wales; H.I.M. The Emperor 0/ Japan ; The 
Principal Courts of Europe. 


S. SMITH & SON, Ltd., g. Strand, W.C, London, Eng. Speedometer 
and Motor Watch Makers. 

To His Majesty King- Edward \'II. 

(Established Half-a-Century). 

Chronometer Makers to the India 11 Government, etc. Watchmakers to the 
Admiralty, and Imperial Japanese Navy. 


BARKER & Co., 66, Chandos Street, 10, 11 and 12, Bedford Street, 
Charing Cross, W.C, and 67, Newington Causeway, 
S.E., London, Eng., Coachniakers. 

To His Majesty King Ed^vard VII.; H.R.H. The Prince oj Wales; Her 
late Majesty Queen Victoria, 

HOLMES & Co., 37, Margaret St., Cavendish Sq., W., London; and 
at Derby, Lichfield, Sheffield, Burton-on-Trent, Eng. 

To His Majesty King Edward WI.; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria. 

STOCKEN & Co., 144, Fulham Road, S.W., London, Eng. 

To His Majesty King Edivard VII.; H.R.H. Tlie Prince of Wales. 

IRo^al Marrant 1bol^cr6. 


J. BUTLER, 171 and 172, Sloane Street, Belgravia, S.W., London, Eng. 

Telephone: 665 Ken. (Established 1827). 

To H.R.H. The Princess C/in'stian. 

Hampers of Fruit in different stages of ripeness packed and delivered on board the American 
Liners at Southampton and Liverpool by oiu- own Agents. 


JOHN WISDEN & Co., 21, Cranbourn Street, W.C, London, Eng. 

Telephone: 'Jl'iO (ierrard. Telegrams: "W'isdcn, London." 
To H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. 


WOOLLEY & COWLEY, 36, Seething Lane, E.C., London, Eng. 

To His Majesty l\ini{ Edward 17/.; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria; 
H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. 

(Royal Warrant Holders since 1848). 


WARING & GILLOW, Ltd., 164-180, Oxford St., W., London, Eng. 

upholsterers and Decorators to H.M.King Edward VH.; Double Grand Prix, 
Paris, 1900 ; Tivo Grand Prizes, St. Louis, 1904 ; Grand Prix, Milan. 1906. 

Also at Liverpool, Manchester, Lancaster, Paris, Johannesburg. 


LAMBERT, 10, 11 and 12, Coventry Street, Piccadilly, W., London, Eng. 
Jewellers and Silversmiths to His Majesty King Edward VII. 

Antique and Modern Table, Decorative and Ecclesiastical 
Silver Plate. Diamond Work and Pearls. 



SPRATT'S PATENT, Ltd., 24 and 25, Fenchurch Street, London, Eng. 

Also at Paris, Newark U.S.A., and Berlin (Germany). 
Purveyors to His Majesty King- Edward 17/. 

of Dog Biscuits, Game Foods and Incubators. 

8 IRo^al IKIlarrant 1bol^er6. 


REDFERN, Ltd., 26 & 27, Conduit Street, and 27, New Bond Street, 
W., London, Eng. ; also at Paris, 242, Rue de Rivoli ; New 
York, 568 Fifth Avenue ; Edinburgh ; Monte Carlo ; Nice. 

To H.M. The Queen; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria; H.R.H. The 
Princess of Wales; H.l.M. TJie late Empress Frederick of Germany; 
H.I.M . TJie Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia ; The Dotvager 
Empress of Russia ; H.M. The Queen of Denmark ; H.M. The Queen oftlie 
Hellenes; H.M, Queen Mary of Portugal ; The Grand Duchess Vladimir. 


J. C. VICKERY, 179, 181 and 183, Regent Street, W., London, Eng. 

To H.M. The King ; H.M. Q^ieen Alexandra ; H.M. The King of Portugal ; 
T.M. The King and Oueoi of Douiiark ; T.R.H. TJie Prince and Princess of 
Wales; T.R.H. Tiie Prince and Pri)icess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein. 


DAINTREE & Co., 95, Mount St., Grosvenor Sq., W., London, Eng. 

Telephone No. 2625 Gerrard. 

To T.R.H. The Prince and Princess Christian. 
Speciality — Court Dresses chemically cleaned. 


WARING & GILLOW, Ltd.. 164-180, Oxford St., W., London, Eng. 

Upholsterers and Decorators to His Majesty, King Edward VII. ; Double 
Grand Prix, Paris, 1900 ; Tivo Grand Prizes, St. Louis, 1904 ,• Grand Prix, 
Milan, 1906. 

Also at Liverpool, Manchester, Lancaster, Paris, Johannesburg. 


M. FEETHAM & Co., 9, Clifford Street, Bond St., W., London, Eng. 

To His Majesty King Edward VII.; Her late Majesty Queen \Hctoria. 
Speciality. Reproductions from Original Models in all styles. 


HARDY BROTHERS, London & North-British Works, Alnwick, Eng. 

Makers to H.R.H. The Prince of Wales; H.M. The King of Italy ; and 
patronized by Her Majesty Queen Alexandra, Princess Royal , Princess 
Victoria, etc., etc. 

And the leading authorities i)i the Angling World. 

41 Highest Awards for Cane-built Steel Centre, Cane-built and Greenheart Rods and Taclcle. 

Branches: London, 61, Pall Mall; Edinburgh, 5, South St. David Street; 
Manchester, 12, Moult Street. 

Catalogues and "Hints to Anglers" free, 300 Illustrations. 

IRo^al HXIlarrant 1bol^cr0. 


J. C. VICKERY, 179, 181 and 183, Regent Street, W., London, Eng. 

To H.M. The King; H.M. Queen Alexandra ; H.M. The King of Portugal ; 
T.M. The King and Queen of Denmark ; T.R.H. The Prince and Princess of 
Wales; T.R.H. The Prince and Princess Cliristia)i of Sclilesivig-Holsfein. 


FELTON & SONS (Principal R. F. Felton, F.R.H.S., F.Z.S.), 7, 8 
and 9, Hanover Court, Hanover Square, W., London, Eng. 

Telephone: 908 Mayfair; 4998 Gen-ard ; 666 Mayfair. 

To His Majesty King Edzvard IT/. 

In addition to holding pei'haps the largest stock of fresh flowers in London, Mr. Felton 
is prepared to supply plants and pack same for export of every variety shown at 
their London establishments. 


ROSENBERG, LOEWE & Co., Succrs., 109, Fenchurch Street, E.G., 
London, Eng. 

To H.H. The Duke of Saxe-Afeiningen ; H.R.H. The late Duke of Edinburgli 
and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. 


G. ADAM & Co., 39, New Bond Street, W., London, Eng.; also Halles 
Centrales, Paris, France. 

To His Majesty The King. 

Hampers of carefully selected Fruits in different stages of ripeness, packed and placed on 
board the American Steamers by our own Agents at Southampton and Liverpool. 

WARING & GILLOW, Ltd., 164-180, Oxford St., W., London, Eng. 

Upholsterers and Decorators to H.M . King Edward VH. ; Double Grand Prix, 
Paris. 1900; Two Grand I'rises, St. Louis, 1904; Grand Prix, Milan, 1906. 

Also at Liverpool, Manchesttr, Lancaster, Paris, Johannesburg. 


REDFERN, Ltd., 26 & 27, Conduit Street, and 27, New Bond Street, 
London, Eng.; also at Paris, 242, Rue de Rivoli ; New 
York, 568 Fifth Avenue ; Edinburgh ; Monte Carlo ; Nice. 

To H.M. The Queen ; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria ; H.R.H. The 
Princess of Wales ; Her late Majesty The Empress Frederick of Germany ; 
H.LM . The Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia ; The Dowager 
Empress of Russia ; H.M. The Queen of Denmark ; H.M. The Queen of the 
Hellenes; H.M. Queen Alary of Portugal ; 'The Grand Duchess Vladimir. 

i -i 

lo 1Ro\>al Wlanant lbol^ev6. 


HEATON, BUTLER & BAYNE, 14, Garrick Street, Covent Garden, 
W.C., London, Eng. 

Artists in Stained Glass to His Majesty King Edward VII. 

Agents in New York— The GORHAM COMPANY, New York City. 
„ in Chicago— SPAULDING & COMPANY. 


BARKENTIN & KRALL, 289 and 291, Regent St., W, London, Eng. 
To H.R.H. The Prhicess of Wales fiwiv Her Majesty Queen Alexamhui). 

ELKINGTON & Co. Ltd., 22, Regent St., S.W., & 73, Cheapside, E.G., 
London, Eng., Goldsmiths, Silversmiths & Bronze Manufacturers. 

To His Majesty King Edward I'll. ; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria ; H.R.H. 
The Prince of Wales; H.R.H. The late Duke of Sa.xe-Coburg & Gotha ; 
H.M. The King of Spain ; H.M. The King of Italy ; H.M. The King of the 
Belgians ; and the /. and R. Court of Austria. 

Also at Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle-on-Tyne and Birmingham. 
And at Calcutta, Rangoon, Montreal, &c. 

LAMBERT, 10, 11 and 12, Coventry Street, Piccadilly, W., London, Eng. 
Jeivellers and Silversmiths to His Majesty King Edward VII. 

Antique and Modern Table, Decorative and Ecclesiastical 
Silver Plate. Diamond Work and Pearls. 

J. C. \'ICKERY, 179, 181 and 183, Regent Street, \V., London, Eng. 

To H.M. Tlie King ; H.M. Ouee)i Alexandra ; H.M. The King of Portugal ; 
T.M. The King and Queen of Denmark ; T.R.H. The Prince and Princess of 
Wales; T.R.H. Tlie Prince and Princess Christian of Schlesivig-Holstein. 


STEPHEN GRANT & SONS, 67A, St. James' St., S.W., London, Eng. 

To His Majesty King Edivard I'll.; Her late Majesty Queen ]'ictoria ; 
H.R.H. Tlie Prince of Wales; H.R.H. The late Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. 


ROBERT HEATH, Ltd., 37 and 39, Knightsbridge, S.W., London, 
England (only address). 

To Her 'late Majesty Queen Victoria; Her Majesty Queen Alexandra; 
H.I.M. The Empress of Russia ; The Court of Greece ; H.M. The Queen of 
Norway ; The Principal Courts of Europe. 

JOHNSON & Co., Ill, Regent Street, W., London, Eng. 

To Her late .Majesty Queen I'ictoria ; H.R.H. 'The Prince of Wales. 

IRo^al llinarrant Ibol^ciu 


HATTERS— continued . 

LINCOLN BENNETT & Co., Ltd., i, 2 and 3, Sackville St., and 40, 
Piccadilly, W., London, Eng., Gentlemen's Hats and Caps. 

To His Majesty The King; H.M. The Queen; H.R.H. The Prince of 
Wales ; The Royal Family ; The Sovereigns and Royal Courts of Europe, 

Gold Medals and Diplomas— London, 1851 ; Philadelphia. I87fi ; Paris, 1878 and 1889; 
Sydney, 1879; Melbourne, 1880; London, 1884; Calcutta, 1884: Adelaide, 1887; 
Chicago, 1893; Grand Prix, Paris, 1900. 


SWEARS & WELLS, Ltd., 190 and 192, Regent St., W., London, Eng. 

To Her Majesty The Queen ; Her late Majesty Queen \'ictoria ; T.R.H. 
The Prince ami Princess of Wales ; H.I.M. The late Empress Frederick of 
Germany; H.R.H. The Princess Royal ; H.R. & l.H. The Duchess of Edin- 
burgh ; H.M. The King of Spain ; H.I.M. The Empress of Russia ; H.I.M. 
The German Empress; H.M. The Queen of Siveden ; H.M. The Queen of 
Denmark ; H.M. The Queen of Greece; T.M. The King & Queen of Norway. 


H. MAXWELL & Co., 161, Piccadilly, W., London, Eng., Spur Makers. 
(Temporary Premises, 8, Dover Street, Piccadilly). 

To His Majesty King Edivard VII. ; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria ; 
H.R.H. The Prince of Wales : Tlieir late Majesties King George IV., King 
]]'illiam I]'. ; His Majesty the King of Portugal. 


ROBINSON & CLEAVER, Ltd., Belfast, Ireland; and 156 to 170, 
Regent Street, W., and loi, 102, Cheapside, E.C., London, 
Eng., Damask and Cambric Manufacturers. 

To His Majesty King Edward VII.; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria; 
H.M. The King of Spam; H.R.H. The Princess of Wales; H.I.M. The 
late Empress Frederick of Germany, 

PAULDING, STRATTON & Co., 67, New Bond St., W., London, Eng. 
Table Damask and Cambric Handkerchief Manufacturers. 

To His Majesty King Edward VII.; Her laic Majesty Queen Victoria; 
H.R.H, The Prince of Wales; His late Majesty King William IV. 

Table Linen and all Linen of the choicest character. 


ELKINGTON & Co. Ltd., 22, Regent St., S.W., & 73, Cheapside, E.C., 
London, Eng., Goldsmiths, Silversmiths & Bronze Manufacturers. 

To His Majesty King Edward VII.; H.R.H The Prince of Wales; Her late 
Majesty Queen 'Victoria; H.R.H. The late Duke of Saxe-Coburg & Gofha ; 
H.M. The King of Spain ; H.M. The King of Italy ; H.M. The King of the 
Belgians ; and the I. and R. Court of Austria. 

Also at Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle-on-Tyne and Birmingham. 
And at Calcutta, Rangoon, Montreal, &c. 

12 IRopal Wlarrant 1bol^er6. 

JEWELLERS— ronti nil fd 

LAMBERT, lo, 1 1 and 12, Coventry Street, Piccadilly, W., London, Eng. 

Jewellers and Silversmiths to His Majesty King Edivard VII. 

Antique and Modern Table, Decorative and Ecclesiastical 
Silver Plate. Diamond Work and Pearls. 

LIBERTY & Co. Ltd., Regent Street, W., London, Eng., Goldsmiths 
and Silversmiths. 

To Her Majesty Queen Alexandra. 

Also at Paris, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham. 

LONGMAN & STRONGI'TH'ARM, i, Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, 
S.W., London, Eng. 

To His Majesty The King ; Her late Majesty Queen J'ictoria ; H.R.H. The 
Prince of Wales; Tlie Prince Regent. 

J. C. VICKERY, 179, 181 and 183, Regent Street, W., London, Eng. 

To H.M. The King; H.M. Queen Alexandra; H.M. The King of Portugal ; 
T.M. The King and Queen of Denmark ; T.R.H. The Prince ami Princess of 
Wales ; T.R.H. The Prince and Princess Christian of Schlesivig-Holstein. 


SWEARS Sc WELLS, Ltd., 190 and 192, Regent St., W., London, Eng. 

To Her Majesty The Queen ; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria ; T.R.H. 
The Prince and Princess of Wales ; H.I.M. Tlie late Empress Frederick of 
Germany ; H.R.H. The Princess Royal ; H.R. & I.H. The Duchess of Edin- 
burgli ; H.M. The King of Spain ; H.I.M. The Empress of Russia ; H.I.M. 
The German Empress ; H.M. The Queen of Sweden ; H.M. The Queen of 
Denmark ; H.M. The Queen of Greece ; T.M . The King & Queen of Norway. 


J. C. VICKERY, 179, 181 and 183, Regent Street, W., London, Eng. 

To H.M. The King; H.M. Queen Alexandra ; H.M. The King of Portugal ; 
T.M. The King and Queen of Denmark ; T.R.H. The Prince and Princess of 
Wales; T.R.H. The Prince ami Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein. 


ELKINGTON & Co. Ltd., 22, Regent St., S.W., & 73, Cheapside, E.C., 
London, Eng., Goldsmiths, Silversmiths & Bronze Manufacturers. 

To His Majesty King Edivard VH ; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria; H.R.H. 
The Prince of Wales; H.R.H. The late Duke of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha ; 
H M. The King of Spain,- H.M. The King of Italy; H.M. The King of the 
Belgians ; and the I. and R. Court of Austria. 

Also at Glas.t;ow, Liverpool, Alanchester, Ne\vcastle-on-Tync and Birmingham. 
And at Calcutta, Rangoon, Montreal, &c. 

IRo^al OTarrant 1bolt)cr0, 13 


BARKENTIN & KRALL, 289 and 291, Regent St., W., London, 
Eng., Goldsmiths. 

To H.R.H. The Princess of Wales (iww Her Majesty Queen Alexandra). 


GAWTHORP & SONS, 16, Long Acre, W.C, London, Eng., Art 
Metal Workers 

By Appoiuftuent to His Majesty Tlie Ki)ig. 

Have executed Memorials, Church Fittings, and Wrought Iron VVorlf for Their Majesties 
King Edward VII.: Queen Alexandra, and the late Queen Victoria. Memorials in 
" Latten " Brass, .Marble, Alabaster, Bronze, Copper, Etc. 


ROBERT HEATH, Ltd., 37 and 39, Knightsbridge, S.W., London, 
England (only address). 

To Her late Majesty Queen Victoria; Her Majesty Queen Alexandra! 
H.I.M. The Empress of Russia; The Court of Greece; H.M. The Queen of 
Norway ; The Principal Courts of Europe. 

LINCOLN BENNETT & Co., Ltd., i, 2 and 3, SackviUe Street, and 
40, Piccadilly, London, Eng. 

To His Majesty The A'/",?; H.M. The Queen; H.R.H. The Prince of 
Wales; The Royal Family ; The Sovereigns and Royal Courts of Europe. 

Gold Medals and Diplomas— London, 1851 ; Philadelphia, 1876; Paris, 1878 and 1889; 

Sydney, 1879; Melbourne, 1880; London, 1884; Calcutta, 1884; Adelaide, 1887; 

Chicago, 1893 ; Grand Prix, Paris, 1900. 


BARKER & Co., 66, Chandos Street, lo, ii and 12, Bedford Street, 
Charing Cross, W.C, and 67, Newington Causeway, S.E., 
London, Eng., Coachmakers. 

To His Majesty King Edward VIL ; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria ; 
H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. 

HOLMES & Co., 37, Margaret Street, Cavendish Square, W., London, 
and at Derby, Lichfield, Sheffield, Burton-on-Trent, Eng. 

To His Majesty King Ed^vard VII.; Her late Majesty Queen ]^ictoria. 

STOCKEN & Co., 144, Fulham Rd., S.W., London, Eng., Coachmakers. 
To His Majesty King Edtvard VIL; H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. 
Garage: 97a, Drayton Gardens. S.W. 

14 IRo^al HXHarrant 1bol^cr6♦ 


THE DAIMLER MOTOR Co. (1904) Ltd., Daimler Works, Coventry ; 
also London, Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol, Eng., 
Motor Car Manufacturers. 

To H.M. King Edicard VII. ; T.R.H. The Prince and Princess of Wales. 

The English Daimler Co.. 1473 Broadway, corner of 56th Street, New York City. 


THE GODES-BERGER COMPANY, 17 and 18, St. Dunstan's Hill, 
E.C., London, Eng. 

To H.M. Kiiiif Eihimrd MI. ; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria since i8(,o. 

" (Jodes-herger " Natural Mineral Table Water from the Spring 
at Ciddesherg, a/Rhein, (iermany. 

OBJECTS OF ART (Italian, Ancient and Modern). 
WARING & GILLOW, Ltd., 164-180, Oxford St., W., London, Eng. 

Upholsterers atid Decorators to H.M. King Edward VII.; Double Grand Prix, 
Paris, 1900; Two Grand Prises, St. Louis, 1904; Grand Prix, Milan, 1906. 

Also at Liverpool, Manchester, Lancaster, Paris, Johannesburg. 


ELKINGTON & Co. Ltd., 22, Regent St., S.W., & 73, Cheapside, E.C., 
London, Eng., Goldsmiths, Silversmiths & Bronze Manufacturers. 

To His Majesty King Edivard VII. ,■ Her late Majesty Queen Victoria ; H.R.H. 
The Prince of Wales ; H.R.H. The late Duke of Saxe~Coburg & Gotha ; H.M. 
The King of Spain ; H.M. The King <f Italy ; H.M. The King of the Belgians ; 
and the I. and R. Court of Austria. 

Also at Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle-on-Tyne and Birmingham. 
And at Calcutta, Rangoon, Montreal, &c. 


J. FLORIS, 89, Jermyn Street, St. James', London, S.W., Eng. 

To His Majesty The King ; H.R.H. The Prince of Wales ; Her late Majesty 
Queen Victoria ; T.R.H. The late Duke and Duchess of Teck. 


ARTHUR ACKERMANN & SON, 191, Regent St., W., London, Eng. 
To Her Majesty Queen Alexandra ; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria. 

Old and Modern Sporting Prints always on \iew. 

P. & D. COLNAGHI & Co., 13 and 14, Pall Mall East, S.W. 
London, Eng. 

Pnntsellcrs and Publishers to His Majesty King Edward VII. 

" Royal Warrant Holders since H..M. King George IH." 

IRo^al Marrant Ibolbers. 15 


JOHN & E. BUMPUS, Ltd., 350, Oxford Street, W., London, Eng. 

To H.M. Ktw^ Edicard VII. : also to H.R.H. The Duchess of Fife ; H.I. M. 
The Empress 0/ Russia ; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria. 


STEPHEN GRANT & SONS, 67.^, St. James's Street, S.W., 
London, Eng. 

To His Majesty King Edward IV/. ,• Her late Majesty Queen Victoria ; 
H.R.H. The Prince of Wales; H.R.H. Tlie late Duke of Saxe-Cobiirg-Gotha. 


Carlton Street, Regent Street, London, S.W. City Agents, 
ROSENBERG, LOEWE & Co., Succrs., 109, Fenchurch 
Street, E.C., Forwarding Agents. 

To H.H. Tlie Dnl<e of .Saxe-Mciningen ; H.R.H. The late Duke of Edinburgh 
and Saxe- Cobu rg- Gotli a . 


DENT & HELLYER, 35, Red Lion Square, W.C, London, Eng. 

(Established 1730). The Originatoi-s of the Modern System of Sanitation. 

To His Majesty King Edivard VII.; Her late Majesty Queen I'icforia. 
All the Royal Palaces are fitted with Messrs. Dent & Hellyer's Sanitary Appliances. 


JAMES BUCHANAN & CO., Ltd., 26, Holborn, E.C., London; 
and at Glasgow, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, &c., Eng. 

To His Majesty The King; H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. 
Also at Paris, 217, Rue St. Honore ; Hamburg, 16 Neueberg ; New York, 29 Broadway, 


LONGMAN & STRONGI'TH'ARM, i, Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, 
S.W., London, Eng. 

To His Majesty the King ; Her late Majesty Queen \'ictoria ; II.R.II. The 
Prince of Wales ; The Prince Regent. 

Book Plates, Antique Seals, Die Sinking, Portraits of Animals engraved 
and painted in Crystal. 


SUTTON & SONS, Reading, Eng., Seedsmen. 

To His Majesty King Edward VII. 
"Consult Sutton's Guide and Catalogue for 1907. " 

i6 IRo^al Marrant Ibolbers, 


LIBERTY & Co., Ltd, Regent Street, W., London, Eng, Silk Mercers. 
To H.R.H. The Princess of Wales. 

Also at Paris, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham. 


EDWARDS & SONS, i6i, Regent Street, W., London, Eng. 

To His Majesty The King ; Her Majesty The Queen ; Her late Majesty 
Queen Victoria ; T.R.H. The Prince and Princess of Wales. 

ELKINGTON & Co. Ltd., 22, Regent St., S.W., & 73, Cheapside, E.C., 
London, Eng., Gold.smiths, Silversmiths & Bronze Manufacturers. 

To His Majesty King Edward VII . ; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria ; H.R.H. 
The Prin.ce of Wales; H.R.H. The laie Duke of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha ; 
H.M. The King of Spain ; H.M. Tlie King of Italy ,- H.M. The King of the 
Belgians ; and the I. atid R. Court of Austria. 

Also at Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle-on-Tyne and Birmingham. 
And at Calcutta, Rangoon, Montreal, &c. 

LAMBERT, 10, 11 and 12, Coventry Street, Piccadilly, W., London, Eng. 

Jewellers and Silversmiths to His Majesty King Edioard VIL 

Antique and Modern Table, Decorative and Ecclesiastical 
Silver Plate. Diamond Work and Pearls. 

J. C. VICKERY, 179, 181 and 183, Regent Street, W., London, Eng. 

To H.M. The King; H.M. Queen Alexandra ; H.M. The King of Portugal ; 
T.M. The King and Queen of Denmark ; T.R.H. The Prince and Princess of 
Wales; T.R.H. The Prince and Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein.. 


A. & F. PEARS, Ltd., 71-75, New Oxford Street, W.C, London, and 
Isieworth, Middlesex, Eng. 

To His Majesty King Edward VIL; Her Majesty Queen Ale.xandra ; 
Thar Majesties the King and Queen of Spain. 


S. SMITH & SON, Ltd., 9, Strand, W.C, London, Eng. 

(Established Half-a-Century). 
By Appointment to His Majesty The King. 
See Special Catalogue for these Instruments and other .Motor Accessories. 


H. MAXWELL & Co., 161, Piccadilly, W., London, Eng., Spur Makers. 
(Temporary Premises, 8, Dover Street, Piccadilly). 

To His Majesty King Edward VIL; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria; 
H.R.H. The Prince of Wales ; Their late Majesties King George IV., King 
William'/ V. ; His Majesty The King of Portugal. 

IRo^al Marrant 1bolt)cr6. 17 


HEATON, BUTLER & BAYNE, 14, Garrick Street, Covent Garden, 
W.C., London, Eng. 

Artists ill Stained Glass tn His Majesty King Edifard VII. 

Agents in New York— The GORHAM COMPANY, New York City. 
„ in Chicago-SPAULDING & COMPANY. 


EDWARDS & SONS, 161, Regent Street, W., London, Eng. 

To His Majesty Tlic King ; Her Majesty Tlie Queen ; Her late Majesty 
Queen Victoria; T.R.H. The Prince and Princess of Wales. 


EDE, SON & RAVENSCROFT, 93 and 94, Chancery Lane, W.C, 
London, Eng. 

To His Majesty King Edivard VII.; H.M. Queen Alexandra; H.R.H. The 
Prince of Wales ; H.R.H. The Princess of Wales. 

Robe Makers iind Tailors to Corporate Bodies, Legal, Clerical, and for all Universities. 


RIDGWAYS Ltd., 6 & 7, King William Street, City, and 182, Oxford 
Street, W., London, Eng. Sole Agent for U.S.A. Louis 
Sherry, Fifth Av., New York. 

To Her late Majesty Queen Victoria . 


ROBINSON & CLEAVER, Ltd., Belfast, Ireland; and 156 to 170, 
Regent Street, W., and loi, 102, Cheapside, E.C., London, 
Eng., Trousseaux and Irish Linen Manufacturers. 

To His Majesty Kim^ Edward VII. ; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria ; 
H.M. The King of Spam; H.R.H. The Princess of Wales ; H.I.M.The 
late Empress Frederick of Germany. 


HOLLAND & SONS, 9, Mount St., Grosvenor Square, W., London, Eng. 

To His Majesty King Edward VII. ; Her late Majesty Queen Victoria; 
The Royal Academy of Arts. 

i8 IRopl XXDiarrant Ibolbere, 


W. E. HILL & SONS, 140, New Bond Street, W., London, Eng. 
Workshops : London, and Hanwell, Middlesex. 

Sole Violin and Bow Manufacturers to H.M. King Edward VII. ; also to H.M. 
The Queen Regent 0/ Spain ; H.M. Queen Maria Pia of Portugal ; H.M. The 
late Queen Victoria ; and H.R.H. The late Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. 

(Mentioned in Pepys Diary, a.d. 16fi0). 


E. DENT & Co., Ltd., 61, Strand, W.C., and 4, Royal Exchange, 
London, E.G., Eng. 

Tu His Majesty King Edivard VII. ; Her late Majesty Oneen Victoria ; 
to the Principal Governments and Observatories throughout the vsorld. Makers 
of the Great Westminster Clock, "Big Ben," and sole custodians since its 

M. F. DENT & Co., 34, Cockspur Street, S.W., London, Eng. 

Chronometer, Watch and Clock Makers to Her late Majesty Queen Victoria ; 
H.R.H. The Prince of ]V<des ; H.I.M. The Emperor of Japan; The 
Principal Courts of Europe. 


BERRY BROTHERS & Co., 3, St. James's Street, S.W., London, 

To His Majesty King- Edward VII., and H.R.H. Tlie Prince of Wales. 
^Established at tlie above address in the XVII. Century.) 

GEORGE TANQUERAY & Co., 5, Pall Mall East, S.W., London, 

Telegraphic Address : "Tanqueray, London " Telephone: 3778 Gerrard. 
T0H.R.H. Tlie Prince of Wales. 


J. C. VICKERY, 179, 181 and 183, Regent Street, W., London, Eng. 

To H.M. The King; H.M. Queen Alexandra ; H.M. The King of Portugal ; 
T.M. The King and Queen of Denmark ; T.R.H. The Prince and Princess of 
Wales ; T.R.H. The Prince and Princess Christian of Schlesivig-Holstein, 


WARING & GILLOW, Ltd., 164-180, Oxford St., W., London, Eng. 

Upholsterers and Decorators to H .M. King Edward VII.; Double Grand Prix, 
Paris, 1900; T^vo Grand Prises, St. Louis, 1904; Grand Prix, Milan, 1906. 

Also at Liverpool. .Manchester. Lancaster. I'arib, Johannesburg. 




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